A collection of shorts

Cult worship

by Ellie Lobelia

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #humiliation #hypnosis #multiple_partners #sub:female #bondage #exhibitionism #fantasy #microfiction #mind_control #sadomasochism #urban_fantasy #vampire

CW: Worship, harem, graphic sexual descriptions

Kneeling, just like you were taught. All those cushions covering the black marble floor of the dimly lit room you are currently in. Many others of varied gender expressions are around you, on other cushions. None of you are wearing clothes, as is expected of you. He demands it. We are His things, after all.

You are gathered for a single purpose. To worship and serve Him. To do His bidding. You were selected to be in the inner circle, a rare privilege granted to a rare few.

As He comes in to the room, at the usual time, you feel elated by His presence. Your heart beats fast in your chest, as you wait for His commands. You hope to be selected first this time. To be granted a chance to bask in His greatness, His words, His prowess.

And today was the day. You were first. He beckoned you over. You gleefully obeyed and presented yourself. You know what to do. You proceed to lustfully suck His cock until it is hard and strong inside your mouth. You feel it pulsing with each motion of your tongue, of your lips.

As you do, He motions another girl towards you. The entire room is permeated in a strong scent of lust, of need. Your ass is lifted upwards, as the girl presses her lips on your genitals expertly, herself dripping with excitement and need.

The night only begun, and all of you will feed His hunger.

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