The Quiet Collection

Story 2- Undying Desire

by DitzyDoll

Tags: #dom:male #f/m #microfiction #mind_control #sub:female #urban_fantasy #futanari #mindbreak #resistance

Dying often leaves behind the wishes and desires that went unfulfilled. For most, these remain as lingering regrets, and post-death dreams. For others, the more powerful of will and mind, they become goals to seek out even eons after their physical form had turned to dust and bone. On their own, they're wandering spirits, but when forming a collection, they become known as the driven; entities whose desires have been amplified by the collection of like minded spirits. Their desire becomes so powerful that it cannot be fulfilled, and so they continue to grow until forced to split apart. Although dangerous, they can be banished by those who have studied them deeply, there are many groups dedicated to obersving them and banishing them before any harm is brought to the general population.

A soul passing on in the midst of pleasure has a chance of spawning a Driven, specifically one that seeks out more of that feeling. If dealt with immediately, it can proceed to the afterlife, but the Driven that now clawed its way across the city skyline had not been dealt with quick enough. It sought out more and more of what had created it, infesting other sex-craved bodies throughout history, overtaking more and more souls until it had become a mass of nearly 15 powerful collective sex drives, and it was intent on finding more of itself.

Passing over the city streets illuminated a great many bodies that would be perfectly suited to house it, but most of them were defended by one thing or another, either divine blessings or holy wards that would prevent them from entering. Still, they looked on. Eventually, they did find someone they knew would be perfect. She was a female of about 23 years, dressed in a fancy black suite and a pencil skirt with a pair of low platform heels and a head of brown hair done back in a bun. She was perfect.

They followed her through the city, keeping careful watch as she made her way towards her appartment, almost unaware of how many men and women alike were taking glances at her ass, outlined by her skirt. She was attractive, desireable, which only made the Driven more eager to take her. 

When she did make it back to her appartment, it was clear that was a successful woman; the one bedroom living space was well furninshed, with a large window and decorating kitchen and dining room, even boasting a small upstairs area. She was attractive, AND wealthy. 
The door had been closed not even one minute ago, but the Driven were unwilling to wait for much longer. 

They did wait, however, as she entered her room. She slipped herself out of her heels, and undid the restrictive suit and skirt she wore. The rest of her clothing fell away from her, and her hair fell down to her lower back, as she entered her luxury bathroom to turn the shower water on. It was right then that the Driven decided they'd wait no longer. 

After a long day of work, Sophie Langford was eager to wash the stress from her skin, to relax in the warm cascade of water that would cleanse her for the rest of the day. She'd stripped herself in preperation, and even took a few seconds to look at herself in the mirror, her bronze skin dotted with freckles, her small breasts with their inverted nipples, her green eyes, the blond highlights laid sparingly on her head, and the stretch marks just beneath her stomach and on her hips; a sign of progress. 

Content with what she saw, she stepped to the shower, but stopped. She felt something behind her, like a breeze, or a pressence.
"Hello?" She called, turning herself about to face the opposite direction. Nobody was there, and even if someone had been there, maybe calling out to them hadn't been the best idea. It was more than likely just her imagination. She turned back to her shower, and prepared to step in when she was stopped again, but not of her own will this time.

Her limbs wouldn't move, but they weren't just stuck, they were being grabbed. There was a strong and invisible grip on her ankles and wrists, one that kept her almost perfectly still, even as her head threw itself about to try and shake her attacker off, but it was far stronger than she was, so much so that it was able to lift her off of the ground. The longer it held her, the more she could hear its whispers.

"A perfect vessel, she shall make." It said. "Desires fulfilled, desires sated, she, the future, our heart's will." It was like a discordant chorus of many voices, each one trying to talk over the other, and just as she could then hear it, she began to see it as well.

It was a mass of black gas with small spots of pink floating about within it, and it was constantly shifting. It's arm would be on the top of its body before moving down and severing at the elbow, at which point another arm would burst forth and overtake what remained of it. There were no eyes, no mouth, only the occasional vaguely head shaped object that would burst from, and then sink back down into, the mass.

The arms that weren't holding her began to touch her, like gusts of wind that had taken shape to molest her body as she tried to pull herself away. The mass carried her back into her bedroom, setting and pinning her down to the bed while spreading her limbs. It continued to speak about how she was their future, how their desires would continue on, how she would continue on with them.

"Get off of me!" She screamed, trying her best to thrash about. "Help, He-" Another hand wasn't thrust onto her mouth, but into it, stuffing it to prevent her from making anything more than a muffled noise. 

"Shhh, the future, no fighting, time will progress." It said. "Join, as one, we live, as one, we thrive, as you, we love."

It kept her mouth forced open, but it began to push more of itself into her, surrounding her as it did so. It felt like taking a long breath in, but the air around her began to close in on her. It pushed her arms and legs together and pressed her already small breasts so deep that she looked almost flat.

The black mist continued to push itself into her, but it could only do so a little bit at a time, but even those little bits felt as though they were having a major impact. Out of the blue, she began to hear those same voices as before, except now they were in her head, and she felt them tugging away at her thoughts. Her job was fresh on her mind, she'd just gotten off. She worked a short ways down the street, she was a-
The thought vanished from her mind, and for a moment she didn't even remember thinking about it, but the effect that this creature was having on her was amplified as more of it snaked into her mouth. She began to forget things, pictures and people slipped from her mind as one thought began to emerge above the rest; sex.

It didn't make much sense to her; even as a virgin she had a fairly high sex drive, and having accidently broken her hymen a few years back, she wasn't too keen on getting out there when the many toys she had did her just fine. Even so, that one idea continued to grow in her head. She'd always enjoyed playing on her own, but now she could see herself with other men and women, sometimes both, or multiple of each. In every thought that passed through her, she was a horny mess with swear-matted hair, always with something in her mouth, and someone inside her. The pictures were vivid, she could feel everything as though the details in them were actually memories. When she was bound in leather and metal, she felt the restrictions on her body. When her holes were full, she felt them being used.

Her assaulter had altered itself, now passing through her mouth, and her vagina and ass. It slinked through her, slowly, and it brought with the a firey sensation that caused her body to writhe. She started to cling to her thoughts, grabbing them and holding them tight, but even the thoughts at the forefront of her mind were plucked with ease, replaced with another vulger act that she was finding more appealing as more of them appeared. By the time the entire creature had entered her, its thoughts loud and clear inside her mind, the only thought she had to hold onto now was the concept of her own identity. With this thought, however, they used a slightly different method of alteration.

Sophie Langford. Her name repeated over and over, coupled with her job, her age, her net worth, her interests and hobbies, her dreams, but the thought was slowly chipped away.

"Release." Said the voices. "Sanctuary, security, joy, as one, we move forward."
Sophie Landford, her name repeated over and over, along with her job, her age, her dreams,  her hobbies, but the voices spoke again.

"As one, we are whole, as one, we thrive. Join the one, accept us, accept joy."
Again, Sophie Langford kept the thought of her identity close to her, but while her name was clear as ever, everything attached to it was becoming fogged, as if looking through misty glass. 

Her name was Sophie Langford, she worked downtown in an office building, she enjoyed being alone, she loved playing with her toys, but there was something so fucking irresistable-

She stopped herself mid-thought and tried to keep herself straight, but the feeling that was overtaking her mind, a feeling of hot desire, was unrelenting. She was leaking between her legs, drooling from her mouth, and her body was shaking as her hands reached down, eager to play with her pussy. 

She still couldn't control her body, her muscles seemed to obey the rest of her, that invader, while she was left only able to control what she thought about, and even that was fading from her grasp. Pictures continued to pass thought her, images that, before, would've been unappealing, somehow called out to fantasies she didn't even realize she had. Her hands still weren't under her control, but she was now joining in with the others, moving the fingers to toy with herself as more of her mindscape was lost to the one single idea that was winning out above all others. After all of the resistance she'd put up, she was starting to do more than just enjoy herself. A craving began to grow in her chest. She wanted to get up, to get out, to find someone to enact these new ideas with; someone to play with until the both of them had had their brains fucked out of them. Her fingers moved faster, the voices spoke again.

"As one, we find pleasure. As one, we explore."
Yes, the words rung true in Sophie's mind. As one, they would find pleasure, as one, they would live in joy.
As one, Sophie toyed with herself, her hands moving all over her body as she fully gave into the feeling that had consumed her. There was no point in denying it; she'd always loved pleasure, she'd even skipped some work days to indulge in it more, but there was so much more she had yet to explore, so much she had yet to experience.

As one, she was finally brought to orgasm, and the feeling was enrapturing, tearing through her and leaving a puddle on her bedsheets. 
Sophie Langford awoke some time later. She felt... full, whole, as though a missing piece of her had been returned. There was a sense of relief that had overcome any panic or resistance she'd had before. This thought made her laugh; she didn't know why she resisted, but the foolish notion that she could resist to will of her collective soul was now gone.

When she was fully awake, she took another look in the mirror. Even seeing her own body was enough to make her hunger for more. Her mouth almost immediately began to salivate, and she decided right then and there that she would get ready to go out and about. It was time for her to step out of her comfort zone.

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