The Quiet Collection

Story 3- Stress Relief

by DitzyDoll

Tags: #dom:male #f/m #microfiction #mind_control #sub:female #urban_fantasy #futanari #mindbreak #resistance

Vahlia stared down at the pages of the open book before her. To her tired eyes, the black ink on its pages was all beginning to blur together into a single unending word that she would read a few pages of before snapping back to her senses. The dim lights from above her shone off of her sea-green glassy skin, and in the safety of her own quarters she was free to leave herself bare, her tits and dick both free to hang as she slumped in her chair. Every once in a while, her hand would idly slink down to her legs, and she would stroke herself without even realizing it before taking her hand away while cursing her sex drive. It was already a very powerful sensation when she wasn't stressed, but when she was, there was a fire in her chest constantly calling on her to let herself go, but she couldn't; not yet. There was far too much to do before she would let herself go.

"I can sense your stress from three rooms over, Vahlia." Hissed a voice from the shadows of the room. The Silth's eyes narrowed and snapped over to the door of her room as a black and red mist swirled its way through the crack between the door and the ground.

"Then go away." She snaped. "Nobody assigned your room to you, you're free to go where you please."

"I don't feel very free to be here." The mist replied.

"That is because I do not want you here, Ka'avi. The only reason I haven't expelled you is because I'm not allowed to, but it certainly wasn't my choice to have an Ahlurha in our midst. You devourers have no place here."

"Wow, rude." Ka'avi shot back, his form still a hanging cloud of mist slowly wandering through the air. "I suppose it hasn't crossed your mind that I'm actually here to help?" Vahlia scoffed.

"An Ahlurha doesn't often provide much help, in my experience."

"I could help you, if you let me."

"Why should I?"

"Because it would help you."

"That seems oddly selfless of a stress demon." Vahlia muttered.

"Does it make you feel any better to know that I have a selfish goal in this as well, seeing as how stress IS my main source of food?"

"It's more align with what I would expect from your kind."

"Again, rude." Said Ka'avi. "I AM here to help you, Vahlia. An Ahlurha's nature does not prevent it from having a heart." Vahlia's eyes locked onto the mist, narrowing and attaching themselves to Ka'avi for a few moments before she finally breathed a resigned sigh.

"How long will it take?"

"Minutes. Half an hour, at max, depending on how stressed you are." Again, Vahlia sighed.

"Fine. Do your work, but make it quick."

"So I have permission?"

"What do you think 'do your work' means, Ka'avi?"

"I prefer a direct expression of consent before I do anything." Vahlia rolled her eyes.

"Fine. I offer consent for you to do your work. Just make it-" She didn't get to finish her order before the red mist poured itself into her, diving straight through her ears and overtaking her thoughts in the span of a second.

All at once, Vahlia's body tensed up, her eyes rolled back and her mouth hung open. It was the first stage of Ka'avi's work, devouring the first layer of stress on the Silth's mind before moving deeper in.

Her muscles were all contracting, and her limbs were quaking as she felt small bolts of relief pass through her. She couldn't so much as remember her own name while it was happening, so keeping track of time was impossible, but each second felt like a minute as small muscle spasms worked to relieve any and all tension in her body. 

When that finally ended, Vahlia was in a state between slumber and consciousness. Her eyes fluttered, a small trail of drool was beginning to form a puddle in her lower jaw, and all of her limbs lay slack at her sides. She was dazed, evidenced by the soft swaying of her body as her mind tried, and failed, to produce a single collected though. 

She didn't even realize that her limbs had started to move on their own, but the soft feeling of her hands on her glassy skin was unmistakeable. When fully awake, she would only very rarely form a smile or grin, but here the corners of her mouth had twisted upwards as her eyes struggled to remain open. A soft giggle escaped her, something unbecoming of Vahlia on an average day, and her hands began to massage her chest. 

Her thoughts being burried only served to make the feeling more intense, and there wasn't an effort made to hide the moans that flew from her mouth. Although she didn't have enough control over her limbs to start massaging herself, she didn't even try to stop her hands from doing so. 

She was leaking from the tip of her length, too, a small stream that reflected the faint glow of the overhead light as it fell drop by drop to the floor. One of Vahlia's hands took itself from her tit, and swiped a small drop of the stream. Her finger entered her mouth, and for almost half a minute her tongue wiped itself over every inch of the skin, digging in to extract even the smallest drop as her mouth begged for more of the lovely taste.

Again and again, she reached a hand down to her crotch, took a few drops of the stream, and swirled her tongue around her finger to take it all in. She wasn't in control, but she thought to herself that it had been far too long since she'd tasted any of her own fluids. They were so good, she wanted more, and so her hands reached down more, one of them stroking her cock up and down to coax more of it from the tip. 

Deep in the back of Vahlia's mind, she knew that she wasn't in control, that Ka'avi had shattered her mental barriers and reduced her to... this, but even deeper than that thought was the knowledge that she didn't much care. Every taste of her fluids was better than the last, and she couldn't remember the last time she'd touched herself so... thouroughly. Her hands moved faster as her touch felt better, and both of her hands were now occupied, one with her breasts and the other with her crystaline cock, stroking the skin up and down as she pinched and poked at her nipples. 

She was losing more control by the second. Her mouth remained open, her long tongue falling out as her eyes rolled up even harder, fluttering with each short burst of pleasure that was brought from her touch. She was close. On a normal occasion, she would stop herself here, deny herself, train herself, but this wasn't a normal day, and she wasn't in control. Her touching continued, her hands kept moving, and the pleasure built up pressure in her chest faster and faster until she was finally about ready to burst. She stroked herself faster, and then she stopped.

She stopped, and waited for the feeling to fade, bringing herself to the edge before letting it fall off. She did this again, about three more times in fact, and it felt better with each edge. Finally, after the fourth edge, her hands stroked her without the intention of stopping.

Her voice rose up into one unending moan as the pleasure built in her chest again. Her hand moved faster and faster, her voice rose further, and there was just a moment of silence as before she burst. A long stream of clear colorful cum was ejected, launching itself like a spear across the room. More than just a few drops even landed on the opposite wall, and Vahlia was frozen in the afterglow. 

Her body was tense, but the tension was slowly seeping out of her as her body began to relax again. Her breaths grew deeper, her eyes fell, and her body leaned forward onto the book before her as she slipped into a deep slumber.

It was only a few minutes later that Ka'avi snaked out from Vahlia's ears, gazing over the sleeping Silth as her back softly rose and fell with slumbering breaths. 

"Sleep well, Vahlia." Said the Ahlurha, very much sated after having devoured the stress in Vahlia's mind. "May the 'morrow bring you peace." He didn't wait for a reply. His form evaporated into a barely visible cloud, and he slipped back beneath the door he'd entered from, leaving the Silth in a peaceful sleep, temporarily cured of the stress that had been keeping her awake.


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