The Quiet Collection

Story 1- Skyline Vigil

by DitzyDoll

Tags: #dom:male #f/m #microfiction #mind_control #sub:female #urban_fantasy #futanari #mindbreak #resistance

This is an experimental thing, my first story with multiple chapters. 

Vahlia sat on the edge of the building, kneeling with her arm resting on her knee. She was a Silth, a humanoid creature with sea-green translucent glass-like skin, long flowing hair of the same shade, pointed ears and pointed pixie wings on her back, as well as a large cock and two bountiful breasts on her chest. These were the two main reasons she remained on the rooftops, away from the prying eyes of the humans below. Well, most of the humans at least. 

"If you spend anymore time watching the streets, you might just be able to draw them from memory." Vahlia sighed, a hint of frustration in the long and drawn out breath. She stood, and walked closer to the center of the rooftop.

"We have to remain vigilant." She said, although her voice wouldn't betray her lack of general humanity, it sounded just as smooth as the voice of a beautiful earthen woman. "That damn shadow could be anywhere." Her walk brought her to the middle of the rooftop, where a man sat in an unfolded lawn chair, watching her from afar. 

"Didn't you say you could sense him? Why not use that as a radar or something?"

Rick was just about the opposite of Vahla; he was a human, tan skin and black hair with dark eyes and a casual pair of jeans with a green t-shirt. For whatever reason, he'd been given his magic from a source that not even Vahla could assertain. He was useful, if not ignorant. His lips closed for a moment before they parted again as an energy drink was brought to his lips.

"The Silence can alter reality in a planetary radius, use people's fantasies as signal towers to expand his influence. I could be on Jupiter and still sense his pressence. It's not easy to pinpoint."

"And have you considered my idea of sleeper agents?" Vahla stepped towards a second lawn chair, and sunk down into it.
"Messing with the minds of humans is immoral, I shan't bring myself to the same practices as my sisters."

"I don't mean to play devil's advocate here, but having people who can warn us about reality altering events or items sounds pretty helpful." Vahla had no response to this. "Vahla, you need to take a break. I don't have your sensing abilities, and I can still tell you're stressed without even looking at you."

"I don't have time for a break. WE don't have time for a break." She snapped up from her chair, grabbed its legs, and folded it inward. "Come on. It's time we left."

"Vahla," Rick called without rising from his seat, "this much stress isn't good for you, I-"

"Stress isn't good for a human. In case you've not noticed, I am not human." She continued to walk forward, her eyes scanning the city skyline for another vantage point. She was so focused that she didn't hear Rick's footsteps as he approached her from behind.

"Sorry about this Vahla." He said, and before she was able to turn around, he had his thumb pressed against the base of her spine.

Her body went rigid, arms bound to her side and legs pressed together as even the tiny glass fibers on her skin were standing on end. Her mouth opened, but the only sounds that emerged were something along the lines of,
"Ah-e-e-e-e n-"

She was cut off as Rick slowly dragged his thumb down the length of her spine, and every inch wiped a bit more of Vahla's mind clean as her body began to quiver and shake. She fell, first to one knee and then to her other. By the time Rick's finger had slid down to and off of her tailbone, her body could've been classified as a liquid. Arms and legs were spread outside of her control, and it was more than easy for Rick to turn her body over, and press his thumb against her forehead. The Silth's body reacted by throwing its hips into the air, mouth and eyes opening wide as every endrogenous zone in her body was activated all at once. Even if she hadn't been under Rick's influence at the moment, she wouldn't have been able to tell up from down, but the human had his thumb pressed against her forehead. Deep in the back of her mind, she knew that she was being manipulated, and she wanted to snap at the man with her claws, but her thoughts were trapped beneath an ocean of physical numbness as Rick pulsed energy through her body. 

"Vahla, can you hear me?"

"Yesss." She moaned, biting her lip as her eyes fluttered slightly.

"Good. You're tense, stressed, you need to relax. I'm going to help you do that, ok?"

"Oh... kay." She muttered, then moaned, then gasped. Rick lifted his finger from her forehead, and lifted her head to set it in her lap. She was just barely able to recognize what he was doing as he tapped both of his hands against her temples. With that, she lost any and all semblance of control.
Before, at least she might've been able to maintain slight control over her limbs, but now they lay limp by her sides, same with her legs.

"Vahla, what do you normally do to relax?" He asked. The voice in the back of her head screamed at her, 'get fucked, asshole'.

"I masturbate." Her spoken words were slurred, spoken more with her mind than her body. 'oh fuck you Rick, unhand me!'
"Ok, I don't know what else I expected." Rick muttered. "Vahla, can you do that here?" Without providing a physical answer, her hands moved to wrap around her rod, and both hands slowly moved up and down, pushing moans from between her lips. "Is there anything you would like me to do to help you?" He asked her almost unconscience form. 'Yeah, go fuck yourself.'

"Rub my wings." Her speech was just barely understandable, but Rick knew Silth biology well enough to piece together the words he couldn't head. He focused for a moment, and channeled his power down to his legs. It allowed his hands to move to the side and rub the very tips of her wings. The voice in her mind was quickly altered from yelling at Rick, to just yelling out with shock. She was never able to stimulate her body and wings at the same time. Now she understood why her sisters all enjoyed playing together, where they could help enhance each others pleasure. The words faded, giving way to moans and shouts as even the most solid of her resistance began to melt under the heat of constant stimulation.

Her body shook, as well, her hips starting to raise and lower just opposite the motion of her hands. Her darkened eyes rolled to the back of her head, her tongue flicked from her mouth and her moans only grew louder as Rick massaged the tips of her wings deeper and deeper. Her hands moved faster, her hips bucked harder, and Rick had trouble keeping his hands on her wings as they started to flutter. It was mind breaking, and now every portion of Vahla's mind was screaming and moaning, giving into the constant pleasure as it built further and further up.

Before long, the feeling had built up at the base of her dick, and after seconds of rising she exploded in a long stream of Silth semen that shot into the air like a geyser. She released one strained moan as it happened, one that was slow to fade as her body sunk into Rick's lap, her eyes softly closing.

It took Vahla's body a few minutes to even begin to recover, her body covered the gell that she'd spurt minutes before, taking in deep and heavy breaths as her mind returned to her.
The first thing she did was rise from Rick's lap, cross her arms over her chest and scowl. He moved himself forward enough to run his hands through her hair, gently tugging her fingers through the glass forest on her head. Eventually, she was the first to speak.

"That was unnecessary." She growled.

"Would you have taken even a moment's break otherwise?" She refused to answer that question. "I know you don't need to sleep, but it still does you some good, doesn't it?"

Exhausted, she groaned and fell backwards, her head landing in Rick's lap once again. Rick witheld a small groan of pain at the sudden weight on his crotch, and his hands messaged her temples without pouring any energy into her mind. She took a moment to breathe.

"Thank you." She said, after a great deal of hesitation. Rick grinned down at her.

"What are partners for?" Then his expression became less smug. "We will catch this guy. But if you don't take care of yourself until we do, you're not gonna have an easy time fighting him." She remained silent, tilting her eyes away from his until he gently pushed her into a sitting position. "Come on Vahla, let's report back to the others, ok?" The Silth looked up. The sky had the faintest tint of orange across its horizon; the sun was beginning its descent. Reluctantly, she rose from the floor and took Rick's outstreched hand. The two of them walked to the other end of the building, preparing to take flight back to the others as the day came to an end. 

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