Train of Thought

Chapter 14 - Chapter in which Enya antagonizes feralists by accident!

by DemonAzure

Tags: #cw:CGL #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #hypnosis #pov:bottom #scifi #drone_adjacent #growth #Human_Domestication_Guide #mind_control #multiple_partners

I’m almost pulling my leash as I run into the clinic, bounce stimming every time it gets taut before running as far as I can again! Jennie stayed at the hab because she didn’t want to see it happen, but she’s getting ready to help take care of me when we’re back and I’m useless adorably immobile. A lot, like four people are being held to their chairs by two affini, and they all stare at me! The affini give their typical ‘oh gosh, adorable’ expressions, the terrans shoot me some upset ones! That’s weird! As Mistress reaches the crazy tall front desk, she lifts me up and I see some cute lady in a dog bed with a tablet on top of it. 

“Hello! Who are you here to see?” 

The definitely probably a floret lady only gives me a small look before asking my owner! I will never get over how great it feels to not have to respond to people-.. Are florets people? Am I people? I’ll ask Mistress-

“Conifer Birch, for my floret’s implant.” Mistress smiles down at the floret and pets her head, and the lady goes completely limp for a few seconds! Some of the terrans gasp, I wonder if they’re looking at us.

It takes her a little bit to get her thoughts back together, slurring out “R-Right! She’ll call you in a few minutes, miss!” Mistress splits one of her hands into more than a dozen vines, drowning her in a full body petting storm! By the time Mistress stops and takes a seat, the floret stares off into space, slowly returning to normal. “Thank you!” 

I tug on one of Mistress’ vines and look at her shoulder, and Mistress looks down at me with a smile. “Are florets people?” I ask in a half whisper, then blush as Mistress looks down at me with a predatory grin. “Not all of them, dear. Certainly not you.” My thoughts lock up as I try to process the answer, thoughts looping from please, heck, hot, oh no. I hardly even notice the terrans start to yell in our direction while the affini try to calm them down. After a few seconds, the yelling turns into meowing, bleating and whining. Oh, they’re probably florets too. Weird yelly ones. Before the animal noises actually begin to bug me, Mistress’ eyes look down into mine, quickly drawing them in. My awareness bounces off the black specs in her eyes, while the melty gold pulls me in. Baa..? 


Bright lights flicker past my eyelids while the familiar feeling of xenodrugs flushing from my body cools my skin. I groan and roll onto my front, slowly pushing myself up while vines gently stroke my back, destroying my climbing lucidity. My eyes open, and the lights feel.. Dimmer? They feel just bright enough, instead of the usual almost too bright. A green, red and white shape of something important - Mistress!! 

“Easy there, little one. Your implant has fully grown into you.” 

A tangle of vines around me keep me from bouncing on the bed in excitement, so the energy comes out into my flappy hands! Yes! It’s like.. Done! Wow, I feel empty headed. I try to look for my thoughts, but only intentional ones spark with a little focus. This is peaceful! Once I’m all calmed down and stimmed out, Mistress’ vines release me, letting me fulfill a compulsion to crawl over the bed to climb into her lap. She looks down at me with a knowing grin, and.. Nothing! Still struggle with context! 

As if reading my confusion, or maybe feeding off it, Mistress pulls me into a cuddle. “Cute, little oblivious pet.” I blush, but can’t even stop my silly grin instead of pouting! “Would you like to know what I’m smiling at, little one?” I nod really quickly into Mistress’ meadowy dress while she gently pets the back of my head with a finger. “You.” Mistress pauses, leaving me to squirm and whine at her bullying, then tips my head back to look up at her. “I promised you that I would utterly control you, as the mean, evil ‘villain’ that makes your heart flutter in that way you crave.” 

I slowly try to piece together her words, umm, something about no free will, being hers, no chance-  “So, I programmed a xenodrug blend just for you to put you entirely under my control with a mere thought, and grafted myself an overnet uplink.” Mistress stops speaking, giving me a chance to think again.. Oh, gosh. She made me crawl onto her lap with a thought..! My face never gets a break from blushing, Mistress’ utter delight at my emotions echoes through her rhythm. 

“Oh what, Enya’s awake?” 

Both of our attention is pulled to Jennie who’s standing in the door frame with a big pout! “Hogging my girlfriend’s first waking moments, rude!” Before I can even squeal about her, she’s running up to the bed and bounces up, climbing just below Mistress’ lap and hugging around my waist. Excitement burns in me and I turn to hug her back, while Mistress pets both of us! Wait, Jennie’s getting headpats too?? “Guilty as always, sweetheart. I just activated the counteragent and had to torment her a little bit.” Mistress says with an incredibly smug tone in her voice, getting a grin from Jennie! Heck, did they get closer while I was asleep? For.. Oh yeah, like nine days the surgery pamphlet said- OH my gosh, I remembered that random detail! 

Jennie giggles at how cute I am, and kisses my arm! Aaaa! I’m gay!! “There’s that she discovered something expression again. Cute.” She says to Mistress, not even addressing me..! I’m not a person! An intrusive thought manages to set off my fluster again, forcing me to squirm and whine while the two people giggle at how cute I am. Heck, I’m happy. Mistress and Jennie flirt at each other, tease me at my expense together. Either of them alone were powerful, and Mistress was always unstoppable, Jennie has rival energy! 

I finally manage to speak my mind, “What did I miss while I was napping??”  In an alarmingly whiny tone, aaa! The two both look at me, wearing mirroring predatory energy. Mistress pulls Jennie onto her lap next to me, clinging onto me while staring powerfully! “The two of us have spent a lot of time alone while you were recovering, Jennifer has synced with my rhythm without losing herself to me, unlike your adorable mind that gave itself to me in its entirety.” 

I squirm in both of their grips, while I wrap an arm around Jennie, my other settling with cuddling one of Mistress’ arms. Mistress made an explanation into a flirt! Aaaa! “We also shared notes on your kinks.” Jennie helpfully adds! Aaaaaaaaa! They’re literally in league together, this is no fair fairness is for people. One of those intrusive thoughts hit, and both of my hands leap to my face!.. The signal is sent, so they should move, but they stay wrapped around Mistress and Jennie!! They see my blush!! I could die dying is not allowed, little one of embarrassment. Oh, these thoughts are fun..

I can’t stop smiling, while the two laugh at how cute I am. My existence has become a nightmare that I never, ever want to wake up from.

okay this is like where we’re leaving it! Silly Enya went from a free spirited anarchist (lesbian) to an utterly controlled disaster (lesbian+)! Jennifer and Amaryllis are like gay roommates instead of just tolerating! 

 Uhhh, we plan on doing more but something else took our fancy so we’re going to be chasing that for a bit andddd more chapters will happen eventually, probably when we’re bored of the other thing, move back to this, and repeat! Thank you so much Rachel for helping us catch typos and grammar and unlocking google docs magic powers. 

I hope you've all had fun!

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