Train of Thought

Chapter 15 - Date night!

by DemonAzure

Tags: #cw:CGL #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #hypnosis #pov:bottom #scifi #drone_adjacent #growth #Human_Domestication_Guide #mind_control #multiple_partners

Enya is a very controlled thing now! This idea got trapped in my brain, so I had to start writing sooner than I planned! It's here! 

I’ve finally finished the affini ship model that I started while on J’s, it turns out those ‘missing pieces’ were actually just stuck in the wrong place, so the ship has a bunch of weird brick growths coming out of it. But Mistress doesn’t mind at all, and I got lots of praise from her and Jennie!! We have it on one of the shelves in the living room, and I started a terran ship to put in it’s vines, but it has to wait! My body’s moving out of my control again, and Mistress has been teasing me about it for the last few days, getting me to dance, beg random affini for headpats, and other humiliating and fun things!

My arms go through the motions of putting me into a complicated companion dress that’s way more exposed than what I’m used to, with lots of spots that need tying together. I’ve gotten a lot shorter since starting class G’s, so my body had to climb a floret accessibility ladder instead of a stool to reach the sink. It’s deep enough that I can just sit on the ledge with my legs inside of it. I'd almost be afraid of getting my leg stuck if it wasn’t for Mistress controlling me! My hands open some kind of pencil case for skin, and takes out a pretty pink pencil, moving it to my cheek. 

As the makeup stuff traces a star around my cheek, I almost squeal-moan from the pointy sensation on my skin while my thoughts slip out of me into the void. The simple shape alone almost sent me unconscious, but as Mistress’ control fills in the shape my consciousness crumbles. 


Mistress cuddles me while my mind slowly assembles again, the random fuzzy sensations and thoughts getting identified. Ever since Mistress got me implanted, her rhythm has been vibrating in my head, but having it outside and in hits different. The only desire I feel is to stare up at her beautiful vines and flowers, filling me with a giddy glee. Gosh.. I’m one of those brainwashed florets. Even though the ability to imagine myself as anything other than Mistress’ pet is gone, the idea still feels new and exciting!

My girlfriend comes out of her bedroom with her data pad in arm, looking at me with a smile! Oh yeah, makeup doodles! Before Jennie can get a word in about it, My body kisses one of Mistress’ flowers, and then runs up to Jennie, holding her hand! “Heyy, you-” We’re both around the same height now, making it easy for Mistress to have me kiss her cheek without having to bend, causing a big blush from both of us. Suddenly, I start making words with that confident, capable tone that slips in when I’m not the one speaking, 

“Jennie! We’re going on a date together!” 

I guess me talking like that completely shocked her, because she dropped her data pad and stammers while looking back at Mistress, but my body’s already dragging her towards the front door. Mistress calls out to us as we step out the door, “Good bye, Little ones. Have a good time.” In her lovingly condescending tone. 

While we walk somewhere, the two of us are reduced to being pulled along and equally confused, even if my body has a weird different smile and posture. That’s confidence. Oh! Thanks, intrusive thoughts! Jennie eventually manages to ask what is going on, but she doesn’t ask me, “Amaryllis, what is going on??” Mistress stops my body, and has me look off into the distance, but keeping Jennie in my view. 

“Enya’s been desiring a date with you in her own little adorably oblivious way, so I’ll be handling the ‘people things’, as she calls it.” 

Almost babbling, Jennie does a really big smile and hugs me, it takes me a moment to realize I’m able to and hug her back! The two of us return to walking, getting stopped several times to let some affini pet me! My evil villain Mistress stops controlling me after making me act all excited, so I end up whining and squirming, before controlling me and politely thanking them! I can feel Mistress delighting in Jennie getting flustered at how much I’m reduced to some cute pet thing!

We get onto the tram, me and Jennie literally sharing an affini sized seat. I’m allowed to move again, so I cling up against Jennie and try to ignore the fact Mistress wrote ‘pet me’ on my arm. For the entire ride, I get lots of headpats from affini coming on and off of the tram. We eventually make it to one of the affini districts, and Mistress hasn’t managed to get Jennie to stop wearing anarchist clothes. She had to have planned that!

The look on the affini faces is priceless, my controlled floret body confidently dragging the technically feral looking girl along the road. I think one actually is following us, I can see Jennie getting uncomfortable. Mistress picks up on that, turning my body around to look up at the wooden limbed, masculine palm-tree looking affini. They almost freeze in place while Jennie holds an arm around me and fidgets. 

“Petal, is that feral bothering you?” My body shakes it’s head and hugs around Jennie. “No, do you want to pet me?” The affini stares at us, completely perplexed before surrendering to my Mistress’ competence! They give an awkward headpat before we leave, and Mistress whispers through me, “Sorry, Jennifer.” Jennie’s smiling again, “Thanks.. I’d still pick an overbearing affini over accord cops any day.” 

We finally make it to a small cafe with posters of girls with swirly eyes, and a big sign saying ‘Cafe Trance’. OH, it’s the hypno cafe! Jennie’s doing her horny face again, and she’s pulling me in to the building! I can feel Mistress drop her control of me when Jennie takes the lead, finding us a nice booth to sit together in, on the same end! The cafe feels like a normal, comfy cafe until a floret waiter with wing arms and wearing some kind of visor with rainbow lights flickering through. He clumsily hands us some menus, smiles and introduces himself! It almost sounds like he’s following a script.. “Would you or your owner like something to drink-” He cuts himself off as he looks around the table, and blushes a little bit. “Sorry, the wrong trigger went off. We’re still working out the bugs.” 

Jennie winces at the floret before smiling at them. “We’ll get a coffee for both of us first.” The floret nods and runs off, navigating around another floret sitting on the floor by the kitchen with their visor flashing brightly. She turns back to me after, and once I realize Mistress has dropped control entirely, I dig in my bag for my chew stim and gnaw on it, taking a few glances at my girlfriend before looking away again. “Hey, you don’t have to say anything. I’m happy to just be here with you.” 

It’s hard not to smile, and I cuddle right up to Jennie. “Thanks.. I don’t have any idea what I’m doing.” She pets my head, and we both look over the menu. It turns out cuddles are on the menu during non busy hours, literally! I pick a grilled cheese and Jennie picks a soup, she texts the cafe our requests. 

Jennie does most of the talking for our date, she tells me about how she saw a cop who had it for her in the past doing one of those propaganda videos about how good it is to be a floret, how she had to let the mutual aid center get shut down or be put on wardship, and how she found out about having several notices of intent for domestication on her.. We actually get distracted talking to some of the cafe staff about kinky hypno stuff, with one of their owners even joining in! The rest becomes a blur, and I go nonverbal about half way through the talk.

At the end, Mistress is waiting outside to carry me home, Jennie walking beside her while I fall asleep. 


Makeup would be way more interesting if drawing pretty shapes on your self didn't get weird looks from people.

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