Train of Thought

Chapter 13 - The rebellious act of doing exactly what you’re told

by DemonAzure

Tags: #cw:CGL #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #hypnosis #pov:bottom #scifi #drone_adjacent #growth #Human_Domestication_Guide #mind_control #multiple_partners

I accidentally pasted the entire chapter into the foreword. Oops.

Jennie spent an entire week with me and my Mistress, gosh, we’re like the gayest roommates. If historians found our bones, we’d be called close friends. I don’t think I’m allowed to die, so that probably won’t ever happen though! Mistress has been going back to work, as some kind of kinky hypnotherapist, except it’s the serious kind. At this point, I’m used to them both giggling at how cute I am whenever I share my thoughts. It’s really one of my favorite things ever! 

Mistress gave me a few dozen more triggers for me and Jennie to play with, I only really notice the one that makes me cuddly and suddenly feel good, some of them just do stuff and I never notice, except for when Jennie giggles at how cute I am! 

“Hey, drone, two hot chocolates please!” 

My body goes rigid, and I proudly declare “Affirmative!” while I mechanically walk to the compiler, to ask it for a hot chocolate. The hab cheerily chirps, “Say please!”, and I’m programmed to follow orders! “Please compile me a hot chocolate, please hab, please please please!” Jennie is rolling on the couch and giggling loudly while the hab calls me a good girl and earns me dopamine! Success! 

I return Jennie her drinks, she has to reach down the couch to actually headpat me, and she calls me a good girl!! My hands get all flappy once she takes the drinks, and I climb up onto the couch with her. After, she gives me a hot chocolate! She’s so nice to me! Gosh! 

Rattle has been bullying the two of us ever since I was on J’s, filling our group chat with floret memes. Jennie’s even related to a few of them, I wonder if something awakened in her. Mistress has been sending me a picture of the brainwashing implant she’s going to get put inside of me as it grows, but Jennie doesn’t like to look at it. I still feel so lucky to have a girlfriend who kinks off me being a brainwashed pet! 

Me and Jennie spend most of the day cuddling and playing some kind of puzzle game on the data-pad. I’ve never been good at puzzles because most of the people who made them don’t think the way I do, but sometimes I notice the solution right away! 

“So.. When you get that thing stuck in you, are you scared at all?” 

It takes me a few seconds to figure out what ‘that thing’ means, but once I do I shake my head fast! “Not really! Mistress said it’s safe, and I’m kind of just fixated on how hot it is that Mistress could do whatever she wanted with it.” I flop on the couch and roll around excitedly, then reach into the cushions to find one of my bite stims and chomp it! 

Jennie sets the tablet down and lays next to me, gently feeling my body. Oh wait, that’s petting! “Yeah.. The haustoric implant really scares me, even if it has a lot of medical benefits. Which sucks, because one of the body mods I was looking at requires one.” 

That gets my brain gears turning as I try to imagine Jennie with cat ears and a tail, or something! “What ones need that?” She hugs around me and stays quiet, muttering something about getting her legs replaced with a snake tail. That’s even more intense than Rattle’s mods! “Bet it would cuddle good..!” 



Mistress comes home at late o’clock, with a bunch of groceries again! Something about living with other people means you use more groceries. Weird! 

“Sorry I’m late, little ones. I was helping someone set up a Class H cafe and instructing them.” 

While Mistress puts the groceries away, I try to remember which alphabet drug H was, Jennie whispers to me “Hypnosis.” OH! So instead of cuddle pets, everyone’s - 

“What goes on there?” Jasmine cuts my train of thought off by just asking, gah, other people just asking questions instead of getting lost in thought is weird! 

“Well Petal, a few cute florets wanted to run a cafe where they follow programming instead of silly free will. They’ll be focusing more on affini visitors and their florets, since they think independents would avoid the place.”

Me and Jennie both look at eachother, and yup! We’re both blushing really hard. Jennie bites her lip, “I might go visit..” Oh no, she’s kinking again. “I’ll take you two when they’re set up, then, after Enya’s implant.” I can feel Mistress’ rhythm from the kitchen radiate joy, me and Jennie both giggle at the feeling! 

Mistress cooks us some kind of sliced cheesy potatoes and tofu and feeds me, while Jennie feeds herself and reads. I never get to see what she’s reading, because Mistress’ eyes stare into mine and I slowly drift away, only left with her rhythm to follow. We have our baths together, sharing some of that brainwashing shampoo, Jennie still laughs whenever I call it that! 

The three of us go to bed shortly after, Jennie and Mistress both cuddling me while I’m drowned in her rhythm. It’s crazy that Jennie hasn’t been affected by it at all, even if I’m like ‘super susceptible’ or something. My thoughts spin around aimlessly while I try to fall asleep, constantly returning to tomorrow those images of my implant. 


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