Train of Thought

Chapter 12 - Another Petday!

by DemonAzure

Tags: #cw:CGL #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #hypnosis #pov:bottom #scifi #drone_adjacent #growth #Human_Domestication_Guide #mind_control #multiple_partners

Enya does J's!

I wake up in the dark, with something pressing on my face and try to look around. My face doesn’t move very much, and my body feels like it’s covered in lead weights. Once the tired dust settles, I realize I’m laying face down and incredibly high. My arms and legs don’t move at all when I try, and any time I think the thoughts just float out of my skull, instead of bouncing back in once or twice! It’s rude! 

All my condition allows me to do is make a semi-loud ‘aaaaaaa’, once or twice, and suddenly light comes back to my eyes! Oh! I’m being lifted! Time becomes a little blurry while I’m carried across the room, and my sounds slur, “Did medication happen?” Some words got out! I can’t even think if they’re in the correct order or not, but Mistress smiles down to me! Happy mistress!! 

“Yes, little one, and also a ramp up for your Class - J’s for Jennifer. It’s actually time for your second dose, as well.” 

I try to focus on the pretty sounds she makes, and clumsily nod at her. Jennifer Drugs! Something pricks me, and all of my senses abruptly climb into a washing machine and spin. Words slip out of my head faster than I can think them, and if I want anything more complicated than vague concepts, I have to think super hard. 

Mistress handles my care routine again, but the bath feels even more intense than last night, barely letting me form more than a few thoughts at all. I’m not even allowed to handle a fork during breakfast and lunch! It must have been my comment about seeing two pointy ends, because I can still move. After I’m all taken care of, Mistress leaves me on the floor with some kind of connecting building block affini war ship model? I can’t count right now, but I’m pretty sure her giggling is pointed at me sticking the pieces together and pulling them apart when I follow an instruction wrong! 


Affini building sets are the best, any time I’m missing a piece I can just beg the compiler to make more!! My genius is interrupted by a knock on the door, the drugs must have done something to my reaction time because before I could turn around JENNIE IS HUGGING ME!!! I make an excited squeal and flap my hands, too excited, no words!! Mistress is crouching down and petting me while Jennie hugs me!!

“Wow, how stoned is she-?” Time stretches between her and Mistress’ words, and I’m left watching a slow moving pair of really pretty women!!! “She’s on her second dose-” Oh no, I’m staring at Jennie?? “-Third” Something pokes me again -

 Everything that used my thinking stops, beyond single words sticking to whatever I look at. There’s a house around me, filled with stuff! I’m on a comfy floor and - Pretty girls!! A massive plant lady and a normal sized human lady both stare at me like they might melt, so I crawl over to the huge one and climb onto her lap! Gentle noises echo over me while I rest my head on one of her legs, and stare at the other pretty lady! 

Before I can get any more invested in that thought process, something huge rubs along my back and turns my muscles into jelly, making me forget all about my sight! A second toucher touches me, and some kind of mewl comes out of me! I liked the sound a lot, and made it again, again, and again as the two pet me non-stop!

They eventually get distracted by each other with some kind of mouth noises- Oh! Talking! They’re way too fast for me to understand, but eventually the smaller one is plucked onto the bigger one’s lap with me!! “Hey, Enya.” Pretty girl says really pretty words - Wait! I’m Enya! Oh, she’s hugging me! I eventually manage to get my arms to move and cuddle the girl, while the plant lady covers us in vines and pretty nature noises!  

The plant coils around me and the other girl, who makes a bunch of sharp noises, trapping the two of us in a big comfy pile! I spend the next who knows how long staring at the pretty girl and hiding my face in her shoulder! Once in a while, I remember something about a thing called speaking and moan out whatever is on my mind, like girls! A vine touches me all over and blows my dusty thoughts out of my head, starting the process over again. 


My cute floret and her pinnate cuddle over my lap while I pet the two, every little noise they make causes my core to thrum in joy. For such a raging feralist, Enya’s little friend has been so well behaved in my vines. Over the day I’ve been snapping pictures with my data-pad of the two any time I catch them being adorable, even catching a picture of Jennifer blushing at the noises Enya makes. 

Part of me wishes self control got easier over my blooms, it would be so easy to skip to injecting Jennifer’s cute arm with some Class C’s and squeeze her against my core for a half hour, but I’m not on a warship. Sophonts on pacified planets get a few more ‘dignities’. My core shudders at the thought. What an awful thing.

Enya eventually rolls onto her back and stares up at me, babbling some silly noises in an attempt to speak, before settling with opening her mouth and pointing at it while her pinnate giggles. “Aww, Are you hungry, petal? What about you, little one?” I ask the two getting a nod from both, forcing me to do the unthinkable. Setting them both down on the couch, out of my vines. 

I split one of my arms into an unassociated mass of vines, reaching over to the kitchen to begin compiling ingredients while my other hand pets the two until I’m forced to leave their side. Poor Enya clings to her friend who strokes her on the back. I vaguely remember something about social feralists abhorring the idea of exploiting animals, one of the more adorable traits in that type. “Jennifer, I’m making tacos, are you vegan, or is lab cultured meat fine?” 

The feral thinks while I mix seasonings, “I’d like meat substitute again please, compiled cheese is fine though.” I have to hold back on giggling while they think, as adorable as terran cognition is, they don’t appear to enjoy attention being brought to that part of their existence. Every sophont culture has its quirks! 

While I cook, I move one of my eyes through my woven head, partially hidden behind some of my graftings to keep watching the cuties play. Enya makes some cute ‘Aaaaa!’ noises, and Jennifer plays along like she knows what she means, “Oh yeah? Is that so?” And getting all sorts of giggly joy from Enya. 

Once the meat substitute is on the stove, I check my datapad and look over Jennifer’s bureaucratic data. Still one statement of intent for domestication from me, she’s collected a couple more red flags on the overnet the last few days, but what catches my eyes the most is her visit to a J-Cafe, with a suspicious lack of complaints about her! That explains her fixation on my silly little Enya while she can barely form a thought. 

I bring the plate of tacos over to the two and sit on the couch, taking Enya’s spot and replacing her onto my lap. While I practice my little Enya’s touch training and feed her, Jennifer gives me a dangerous, cold stare. “Would you like to be fed too, little one?” I’ve never seen a feral go from baring their fangs to blushing so fast, but I relent for now. 

“N-No! I’m not drugged, I can handle myself!” 

After the two cuties are fed, my little pet falls asleep on her pinnate’s lap, leaving me and the feral to both dote on her. Jennifer breaks the silence first, turning her head to me. “So.. How did this happen? You making Enya your.. Pet.” My rhythm beats in delight at the recent memories, and I smile down at the feral. 

“Well little one, I found my sweet Enya on a tram struggling to carry some heavy blankets.” I almost lose control of my rhythm’s intensity while thinking about my pet’s seedling behavior, “My silly petal got lost in my eyes after I said hello to her, after just a little glance. It was the most adorable thing, and once I found out she had ten different statements of intent all commenting about how easily she drops into rhythms, I had to make her mine.” 

The feral’s own little rhythm becomes too sour, hugging my floret tightly. “So you brainwashed her because she was cute and easy??” 

I amplify my rhythm and stare down the little feral, “No.” She almost freezes on the spot, so delightfully still and quiet. “She stayed in her home for a month, and I found her on the tram after work. The lovely seed needed groceries, so I made a move and helped her get the food she needed. When I saw how she lived, I took her as my ward for her safety.” 

Jennifer stays quiet and well behaved while I speak, petting my little sleeping Enya gently. “She very quickly asked for a floret trial and to show her ‘the worst’ I could do.. And after our play, she agreed on the spot.” Oh, how I wish I took a video of that first time on the tram.  

At about nine at night, I convince the feral to take a bath with Enya, even though she insists on cleaning herself while I handle my floret. I even manage to convince her to spend the night in my vines to cuddle her pinnate, and spend a little bit of time showing off how easily Enya falls into trance for me. Jennifer’s flustered reactions are almost as delightful as Enya. 


I spend a few days in a routine of waking up, getting bathed and fed by the giant plant, and then get to beg the pretty girl for more cuddles! Pyramid of needs success! The human and plant spent a lot of time together, talking about things like ‘cute’, or ‘rules’, ‘Enya’s’ - Wait that’s me! Once my thinky power begins to return, I find myself laying stomach first on Jennifer’s lap while she watches something  on the tv about girls battling for friendship! It’s really gay and after some number of episodes, I can finally string together ten word thoughts! Progress! 

“Jenniiiieee! How long’s it beeeen?” 

My voice comes out a bit more slurred than I expected, getting a startled giggle from her - AND headpats?? While I melt in her lap, she tells me all about the absolutely embarrassing things I’ve done, like struggling to put those building blocks together, staring at her for hours, and lots of moaning!! It takes me a few minutes of hand flappies and meowing to calm myself, and once I stop moving she hugs me again! 

“I had a lot of fun playing with you and getting to know Amaryllis. How were the drugs?” 

Gears turn in my head before I realize Jennie and Mistress are getting along! Yes!! “They uh, they were really intense. I liked it a lot, and things got really simple.” Jennie giggles at me how cute I am, then rolls me onto my back, looking down at me with that look she gave me when I first ramped up. 

“Good. You were really blanked out there..” She pauses and looks away from me, “It was really hot.”

I can feel my face catch on fire as she says that, my hands dutifully covering it while I wiggle and whine! Jennie giggles at me how cute I am again, then she asks, “..If that’s okay! I don’t want to be -”

She’s cut off by a loud meow from me, and I roll over to hug her as best as I can. “I-It’s fine! I love that sort of attention from you, Annie and Mistress.. If I can live out my brainwashing kink, and get really cool drugs, and my friend who I really like is into those sorts of things, that’s really good, right??”

Jennie stares at me in silence for a little bit before lifting me up so I’m hugging her proper! “You’re so sweet, you know that?” We spend a few hours laying down on the massive couch until Mistress notices I’m lucid, joining us in night long cuddles!  


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