Train of Thought

Chapter 11 - Glassey Eyes

by DemonAzure

Tags: #cw:CGL #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #hypnosis #pov:bottom #scifi #drone_adjacent #growth #Human_Domestication_Guide #mind_control #multiple_partners

I think this is the first chapter with first person changing hands multiple times!

The next few days felt like one vague blob of happy, they had the normal fading in and out of awareness between activities. Mistress hasn’t let me make a single choice ever since I signed the contract! I’ve had way more energy to spend doing things like snuggling, going for brainwashed walks, and getting clothes tried on! Mistress made the things I hated doing fun!

Mistress had me wrapped up in a few towels after my bath and was gently drying my hair off by hand- vine? With several cloths in her split up vines that were hands! While I did my normal squirming in her grasp, Mistress took my attention with her voice.

Enya, cutie. Jennifer agreed to my invitation and will be coming soon.” 

She pauses and gives me enough time to think over what she just said, whatever xenodrug cocktail Mistress gave me today made thinking very slow! Friend.. Coming.. TODAY??  My squirming levels skyrocket and my hands flap a whole ton, 

“Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer! Jennifer!” 

I’m rewarded with a rumble from around my Mistress, who’s staring down at me with the softest and prettiest smile! I’m so gay. A few taps to my chin brings my attention back.

“Roots, you’re too cute to share. I’ll handle everything.”


The plants picked today to schedule a light shower, and of course they have umbrellas tucked away in all the tram stations are floret-dress styled. A few days ago Enya’s abductor pulled the plug on her wardship and now she’s officially a pet. They’ve been reaching out to me on the anarchist forum I use to get a hold of me after I was ignoring her overnet messages. She wants me to visit Enya. Enya hasn’t asked. 

Affini districts are a lot further away on foot when you don’t use the tram that’s filled with affini’s biorhythms and accessibility nightmares, so I’ve been left with lots of time to think about what I’ll see. My mind alternates between that girl in the terran ‘cat’ cafe, completely disengaged from reality, to glossy eyed stumbling people, with their eyes glued on their owner. 

All of the garbage cans are replaced with public compilers, so there’s no inanimate objects that might not take me apart atom by atom if I take my frustrations out on it. Several affini stop me on the way out of concern for ‘my body being tense’, or just trying to get a head pat out of me. I try to gracefully navigate through without getting myself put on wardship. They’ve already shown they can just do that, get you addicted to their presence and then call it consensual. Amaryllis doesn’t even value consent. 

I find myself in front of a hab block of several connected homes, their walls entirely covered in gardens. Instead of address numbers, the hab units just have their owner’s names on them, so after walking up to a few front doors, reading the wrong name and trying another, I’m finally able to find that bloody plant’s home. She doesn’t even have the grace to let me knock on the door, affini SURE DO love their surveillance!

“I’m so happy that you’ve come, little one!” 

I catch a glimpse of her golden eyes as she looms above me and turn my head away. A vet used that trick on me before, and I’m not going to fall for it again. “..Hey there.” Is the best I can get out before she finally steps out of the door to let me in. After it closes behind me, she leads me into her living room where Enya lays on the couch, her eyes staring off into an alternate reality. I healthily bury any thoughts about how hot she is right now, and squeeze my fists.

“Why did you invite me if she’s not even lucid?” I can almost taste the poison in my voice.

But, the alien is already sitting next to Enya and petting her like a cat, leering at me like a job interviewer. The only other seat is an affini sized recliner. I bend my knees and jump as high as I can before she can judge me, catch on the seat’s cushion and struggle my way up, getting a sick giggle from that monster. 

“I’ll give her a counteragent once we have our chat, for now, I’ve got a very adorable sophont to check over and make sure she doesn’t spread feralist lies to my new floret.” 

She says it so sweetly, like I’m some kind of animal she’s introducing to.. Her animal. I sigh and lean myself on one of the recliner’s arm rests. My eyes drift back to Enya, watching her squirm and moan whenever she’s touched by her owner. The jealousy comes back worse than before, and the plant smells it or something. 

“You want some xenodrugs, Jennifer?” I don’t even get a chance to refuse before she laughs and lifts Enya to her chest, coming to me. 

“No, I don’t want to get-” Suddenly, there’s an Enya on my lap. My body locks up, my face gets hot, and the cute girl turns her head up to me and drops her mouth open. Oh fuck she’s cute. 

“Jen.. Jennieee!!” 

Enya slurs at me, making Amaryllis giggle some more. “Oh, you two are the sweetest.” 

I try to not give the alien any more ammunition and simply hug my close friend, almost dropping her when skin contact to her arm makes her let out another one of those desperate moans. This is officially too much for me to handle, and I’m forced to look at that smug affini face, and plead. 

Please undrug her before I drop her..! I won’t say a single ‘feralist’ thing, I promise.”  

That stupid monster almost melts at me as I beg, and I’m forced to watch her develop a tantelizingly authoritative smile. “Oh, sweetie. Of course you can have your friend.” Her voice oozes implication, but one of her dress flowers pokes Enya in the knee. 


All the colours around me go from intense and wavy to crisp and clear after a single poke, sound coming back to normal shortly after. I try to slowly build context back up before realizing something big - I’m laying on Jennie!!!!

I hug all around her while I try to get myself together, voice still coming out a little slurred. “Jennie! O-Ohh gosh, Jennie! Hii! Did Mistress move me?” My hands are flapping again!!

Jennie’s face goes from some kind of pitiful stare to bright happy! I think I made her happy! My train of thought is promptly derailed into oblivion as she rubs my head, and I drop limp over her, mewling my pathetic adorable fluster noises!

“O-Oh fuck, sorry. I didn’t realize you were still on stuff.” She bites her lip and stares at my face as I try to regulate facial expressions again. I don’t think I’ve seen that kind of stare before. 

“That’s- That’s okay! I’m.. Getting used to being on drugs all the time.. I don’t mind it when you pet me, though!” 

She blushes really hard after that, and after a few seconds of hesitation, amazing feelings jolt from my head and any control of my body is replaced with warm blankness. As I come to again, Jennie’s making some kind of weird expression, and still covered in blush. 

“You look just like one of those J-girls right now..” Her tone says fluster, I’m really familiar with that one!! Mistress shoots Jennie a look after that, making her stammer.  “N-Not that there’s a-anything wrong with that!” 

Gears in my head turn while my thought factory provides zero helpful thoughts! Something about her gives off horny vibes, but my thoughts drift off after a few seconds! Mistress steps in and saves me though!

“I could get Enya put on Class - J’s for you, little one.” 

I try to remember which alphabet drug was the J one, but can barely remember the ones I normally use. G’s are for my body.. A’s make me high -

“N-No, that’s not right! Does Enya not get to choose anything??”

Mistress scoops me back up, and Jennie reaches up like her favorite plushie was stolen. All I can do is blush at the objectification, but an expression I make gets Jennie to turn away quickly.  I messed up Mistress will handle it! 

“No, little one. I’m freeing her from her struggles and making choices she wants on her behalf. Her adorably distracted head can’t keep up with social nuance like your adorable pattern recognition can. She would be-”

Jennie cuts my Mistress off, oh no, this is bad but Mistress will handle this!

“You’re telling me she can’t decide for herself because she’s neurodivergent?? That’s wrong - You’re wrong!” 

Whoah, that’s a lot of yelling. I feel weirdly relaxed, because Mistress will handle it. 

“No, Jennifer. Enya is Tired of over working her executive functions. Tired of making mistakes and blaming herself for them. I will never let her get stressed over a single thing ever again,” 

I remember moments like this should be terrifying and tense, like they will cost me every ounce of social good will I’ve ever earned if navigated incorrectly. Any thoughts my mind makes in that direction feel plucked out before they even fully form. Mistress will handle this. 

Jennie stares at the floor and doesn’t say anything else before she looks up to me. Friend pretty!! Whoah!  

“I don’t want to lose you..” She says straight at me, activating all of my blush circuits all over again! Mistress lowers me to my friend, and I climb out of her grip to go hug her again!! I’m so gay!!! 

Mistress’ biorhythm goes soft as she watches, emitting a gentle ‘aww..!’ before speaking up over me. “My, my, you two are adorably inseparable. Enya. Give her your thoughts.”

Her rhythm amplifies around us as she orders me, her words looping in my head until all my thoughts are forced out of me! 

“Jennie!! You’re so pretty and cool and fuck, you look at me really good and I never want to stop being your friend and I wanna try J’s if you think they’re cool and whatever other fun things because we can’t get hurt any more and Mistress will take care of everything!!” 

It takes me a little bit to catch my breath while Jennie processes.. That. Gosh, not having free will actually kind of is awesome when Mistress takes care of everything! I hide my face in an arm rest Next to Jennie and squeal into it! All of my thoughts scatter as human hands stroke over me, with my friend’s voice ringing in the background. “Fuck, that’s hot..”  


Jennie and I spend the next few hours cuddling on my Mistress’ lap mostly silent. I’ve tried to talk with her a few times, but when one of us adjusts our position, my mind crumbles and I’m left all lost in her grip! I think she gave up and talked to Mistress a bit more, she handled it!

Once night comes around, Jennifer ended up not staying the night after Mistress invited her to, I was too out of it to really understand. Something about visiting when I got my implant? Mistress will handle it! 

“Petal, it’s bath time.” Mistress’ voice lifts me out of my thoughts. In the void where I normally hold my social cues, her rhythm instructs me on what I’m supposed to say, and how I’m supposed to behave. knowing what to do feels good!

“Yes Mistress!” I say in my most excited-est voice while she holds me in her vines, removing my clothes piece by piece. 

I’m gently sunk into the bath, Mistress at the outside with two masses of vines in place of her arms tangling around me to make sure I don’t slip in the pool of a bathtub. The warm, salty water floods my drug filled body with all sorts of good feelings, and my tension completely melts! It even has floral smells, like a garden or something!

First, Mistress uses some kind of scrubby bar on me, oh right, it’s soap! My skin burns in bliss from the slippery contact, forcing me to squirm and whine as it’s scrubbed all over me. My head doesn’t dip under the water once no matter how liquid-like I feel! Mistress stares down at me with her predatory smile as she touches all over me with her vines, and reaches with a single vine for a bottle too blurry for me to read. 

At first, the shampoo feels cool on my warm skin, but as Mistress begins rubbing it in.. All the colours around me begin to swap places, and her vines rubbing at my scalp eradicate my thoughts all at once. Gravity becomes light, and Mistress’ touch activates something. Dizziness takes me while my pretty Mistress finishes cleaning me.

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