Train of Thought

Chapter 10 - Floret

by DemonAzure

Tags: #cw:CGL #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #hypnosis #pov:bottom #scifi #drone_adjacent #growth #Human_Domestication_Guide #mind_control #multiple_partners

My owner fed me and bathed me before she had to run out to get paperwork printed, I’ve never seen her move so fast in the two.. Three days. Being a floret doesn’t make me able to tell time effectively. I’ll probably get worse at it? That’s weirdly exciting. Amaryllis - Mistress?  I don’t know what to call her yet, left me with her data-pad with the chat app open, staring at the last things my friends talked about before Rattle went to sleep. Jennie made a friend! That’s great! Met some girl in a cafe - FOCUS! It’s time to come out again!

DazedandConfused has logged in.

Unwaver: Enya!!

DazedandConfused: Jennie! Hii! 

Unwaver: How have you been? You haven’t been on in awhile!

Heh. I’m awful at lying, but on the overnet I don’t need to make the truth face that everyone can see through anyway! 

DazedandConfused: You knowww… Stuff! Getting to know my prison warden!

Unwaver: Fuck, she’s been doing things to your brain again, hasn’t she?

AGHH! She always reads through me, if I didn’t know better I’d think I was the only non-psychic in the universe. I sigh. Truth time. 

DazedandConfused: Yes.. We started a floret trial run and I realized there’s no reason to keep going. She’s been making my thoughts not hurt, feeding me and bathing me. Annie was right, Amarararilis was right. I don’t want to fight any more. 

I stare at the screen as Jennifer types something, then the notification vanishes and reappears a few more times, before never coming back. Her status goes to offline. She’s just busy.. So my brain stays in waiting mode. 

Amaryllis bursts through the front door after about twenty minutes, guessing based off the timestamps on our messages. I can feel her rhythm beating as she makes her way to us with a massive stack of paperwork, setting it on the table and lifting me onto her lap. She took my spot!! Her rhythm eats into the edges of my mind as I’m surrounded by her, so I don’t really mind.

I stare up at my owner’s face, way easier to look at than any human’s, but she places a hand over my face. 

“Now, now, little one. We can’t have your adorable mind get lost just yet, as much as you would love to sign your rights away under my influence.” 

Her laugh hits me differently this time, purely at my expense just like the rest, but the air is drawn out of my lungs, and I can’t stop smiling. She’s laughing at me like a silly pet! This whole time, it’s been because I just didn’t know it! 

“O-Okay! We’re doing the contract then?” 

Amaryllis nods - I can’t see her do it, but I feel it in her rhythm somehow.. Neat! She points my head down towards my lap, and then removes her hand from my face! A stack of paper that’s big enough to be half of my blanket is resting on her knees, and a pretty flower pen finds its way into my hands. No biting the pen..

First one says something about being owned by Amaryllis Nemesia Twelfth Bloom, it’s a lot of words on paper and I have to start re-reading it half way through several times. Oh. That’s how it’s spelt. How old were blooms again? I think -

Enya, dear. Sign it.” 

A shiver goes down my spine as I’m ordered, shakily scribbling my name under it and filling out the checkbox. Her hand gently strokes over me while I read the next condition. Something about me being property, no political rights - Hey that’s just like it used to be, but hotter! I fill out the box, scribble my name and get showered in praise! Why wasn’t paperwork always like this??

The next few aren’t very hot, but are kind of comforting to read. I’ll be taken care of, loved and respected- Like a pet! Scribble name, fill out the box! It becomes a rhythm of my own until I read - ‘Your full name is Enya Nemesia, Seventh Floret going forward.’

My heart stops. A last name that isn’t just legally there. Enya Nemesia.. Enya.. Nem..Esia. Before I can even feel the tears hit my cheeks, my owner gently dabs them away with a tissue. She doesn’t do her flirty pressuring for this one, only patiently waits for me to process it. Fill out box, scribble new name. My new name. 

I distract Amaryllis with cuddles for a few minutes before she finally has to pull herself off of me and find a new pen, since I lost the last one after putting it down somewhere. Up next is stipulations and stuff, stuff just for me!! Oh. Oh.

‘Enya Nemesia, Seventh Floret has no and is allowed no free will, or illusions of free will.’

That poor pen almost bends under my grip as I stare at this clause, and I’m probably blushing hot enough to melt plastic. My owner holds back her laughter, but her rhythm plays all through my mind, fuck she’s as horny for this sort of thing as me. I write my name in the shakiest I’ve done, and settle with just doing a squiggle in the box this time. 

Good girl,” Amaryllis practically purrs while her rhythm threatens to break me a second time. “You didn’t need silly illusions like those now, did you?” Her tone is deep, slow and feels pointed entirely at my being. My mental checklist tells me that’s flirting. Thanks brain! 

The stipulations end there, and then I’m left with several pages of blank space. An idea pops into my head, and I jab my pen on the paper and scribble away!

‘Amaryllis Nemesia Twelfth Bloom is evil and is unfair!’

She plucks the pen out of my hand and writes her name in really pretty printing, then does a checkmark next to it. That flirting monster looks down at me with a smug grin, sets the paperwork back on the coffee table and carries me off to bed. I’m half melted in her arms, and I think I went nonverbal at some point. My owner keeps me in her grasp all night, my mind drifting away to the sounds of her rhythm. 


My eyes drift open sometime at sun o’clock, and to the sight of vines everywhere. I don’t think I had a single dream without vines in it, or my owner’s rhythm, but the details fade one by one. Oh yeah! I gave myself up!  Pride burns in me while Amaryllis stirs.

“Good morning, cutie.” 

My heart almost stops again, before I can say anything, a bunch of dumb giggles have to leave my system. 

“M-Morning, mis- Amaryl- I mean  Mistres-” 

A vine covers my lips, and fluster replaces my panic. “Use Mistress, little one.” 

Mistress.. The word bounces around a few times in my head before I can stammer it out, earning me more wonderful laughs! Ugh! I love it when my Mistress laughs at me! We spend a few more minutes cuddling in bed, before her golden eyes stare down into mine.. The pretty portals to the future that steal my mind, the pretty black specs almost forming a decentralized spiral- 

I find myself staring at my Mistress’ chest, held there firmly by one hand. A little shiver runs down me as I rebuild the context. Mistress is probably going to abuse this so much, and fuck it’s hot and convenient. Waiting mode is obsolete! It seems like she’s making me some kind of breakfast again, so she’ll probably be feeding me. I don’t hate that. 

While Mistress takes care of my body, I have a stupid amount of time to just think now that I don’t have to dedicate normal thinking to executive functions! Jennifer never replied last night, I have no idea if she did while we slept, or if she hates me-

“Tell me your thoughts, pet.” 

After I finish my spoonful of soup, I squirm around in her grip! She can’t read my mind, but she can still see I’m thinking hard stuff! Not fair!.. Oh yeah. Contract. No free will. Oh my gosh. It takes me a little bit to get the words out, but Mistress squeezes me the whole time!

“It’s about Jennifer.. I’m worried about her. I told her about being your floret, and I’m scared she’ll hate me.”

Another spoon is delivered to my mouth, and I wait for the touch commands, following them almost perfectly! 

“You aren’t allowed to worry. I will take care of it.” She commands, hugging me close. I can’t help but whine from her utter control, my stress vanishing with each note.

“Yes Mistress!” 


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