Train of Thought

Chapter 9 - Pet Girl

by DemonAzure

Tags: #cw:CGL #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #hypnosis #pov:bottom #scifi #drone_adjacent #growth #Human_Domestication_Guide #mind_control #multiple_partners

I crawl alongside Amaryllis' Mistress’ heel, a loop of her leash comfortably dangling below my neck. The moonlit grass feels cool between my hands paws, all the people we pass try get to pet me! Amaryllis My Mistress never returned loaned me the ability to speak since we started our floret trial I became her floret, so I’ve been learning how to use my new voice! Meaningless meows are the easiest, no amount of my thoughts can escape into the world outside of me! I never was psychic enough to know the correct thoughts to share, and after accidentally offending more people than I can count, any semblance of confidence in me has been killed. But I can’t go wrong with a helpless ‘Miaoowwwwwww!” 

We Mistress stops at a new park, I remember it being a parking lot for a really big hotel, which still stands but with giant vines tangling around it, like they were going to pull it back into the earth. I barely notice that I’m lifted onto a bench with Amaryllis Mistress, seated on her lap with an ice cream cone just inches from my face. It’s rainbowy, and there’s sprinkles all over it, even the cone! I try to reach for it with an open mouth, but Amaryllis Mistress makes a noise, or speaks a word in a language I’ve never heard and holds the cone away. I’m confused a good girl, so I look up at Amaryllis Mistress and she gives me a patient and predatory smile. My heart drops as I’m drowned in her rhythm, that ice cream vanishing from my concerns. 

Finally she makes an affirmative toned noise, and looks at the ice cream. My gaze follows her, and whoah! Ice cream! I take a big chomp out of the rainbow and start whining from how cold it is, Amaryllis Mistress deciding I need to be manually fed like a doll - One finger gently presses my chin to open my jaw, and then her thumb presses it back up, guiding me through the whole cone! It was so humiliating good!!! 

I’m left to lay on Amaryllis Mistress’ lap and watch the park’s occupants play, some people running around an adult sized playground and being chased by a huge tangle of vines. My body suddenly shivers in pleasure, washing my thoughts out of my head. Both of her hands squeeze my body, massaging all over me until I’m a completely limp, comfy pet! The world around me and any eyes watching me fade away with every touch. 

Amaryllis Mistress carries me to her hab home while I recover from her constant assault of squishes, strokes and headpats, half panting and purring. Her rhythm echoes notes of satisfaction and joy into me while my breathing matches its tune. It’s so unfair that just being held by her challenges disproves my free will. I curl up into her chest and grin from what might be my best day ever. 


“Enya, come back up.” 

We’re back in Amaryllis’ home, and we’re on her couch together.. I remember having ice cream with her and going for a walk - OHMYGOSH. My hands dart to my face and cover it, and I tumble to my side and roll in a horrifically hot fluster. My thinking patterns, my crawling, the training! It all felt normal

I begin whining and meowing before finally turning back to my affini, who is wearing the most powerful, smug grin ever! 

“Little one, if you want to talk you have to use your words.” 

She says while giggling, gently pressing a flower to my face. I breathe it in, and after a few moments my tongue stops feeling all twisty and confused! I’m already turning my body to lay against her, but only because her brainwashing rhythm makes me need it! 

“Ohmygosh. You - You didd.. Something!! It was.. Holy moley.” 

I’m too flustered or gay to even think straight! Amaryllis’ hand helpfully rubs along my back, sending those thoughts straight to oblivion and replacing them with giddy, thoughtless bliss. 

“Yes, sweetie. That was just a sample of what’s to come for our little floret ‘trial’ run. You’ll be coming up semi-often for after care, and so you can experience the humiliation you crave.”

A big sigh escapes me while I try to recollect my thoughts, thinking about all the people who saw me and faces I don’t remember, first hand embarrassment retroactively hitting me all at once. I squirm while I work through those emotions, Amaryllis patiently hugging around me. It feels goood! Could I ever want something less than.. This? 

“If you can make me think I’m a floret..” I drift off as a finger rubs my head, “What’s the point in resisting?"

Amaryllis’ body rumbles a predatory giggle, and she pulls me into tangles of her vines, “You were always going to end up as a floret, Enya. You’re the most submissive terran I’ve laid my eyes on, even outside of kink talks on your chat programs. You lack any direction of your own, and look the happiest when you aren’t expected to have your own direction.” 

She lists out all of my biggest flaws, and talks about them like they are the most precious parts of me - And stalked me?? Red flag machine half mast!! But she’s an invading evil conqueror, with alien values.. Centered around me. This should be wrong. Something inside of me says I’m not supposed to make kink stuff my life, but everything that ever held that value has been dismantled and crushed. Something that used to be important inside of me breaks like a strip of foil, like the purpose it served was no more important than tape holding something together. Amaryllis gasps while I’m silent and staring at her meadow dress. 

“Oh, darling.. Just like that, hmm? I promise, you’ll be mine forever.”

My brain refuses to put up any more resistance to its true owner, who had full control over it from the start. I’ve always just been along for the ride, and for the first time, my ride has been.. Really good?

“..Yes, Miss. I don’t want to be independent any more..”


eee they did it, and it only took one big power flex!

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