Wellness Check

Chapter 7 - Command

by Darkfalli

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Here's a slice of life chapter full of cute scenes!

"Are you sure she won't be mad at me? I acted awful towards her. She was just helping me and I made her job so much harder on purpose." I was nervous. I had mentioned off-handedly that I felt bad about how I treated Cyathea when she was my case worker. Next thing I know she's supposed to be here any minute.
Digitalis was petting me. "Flower, she only ever wanted what was best for you. She is not mad at you, if anything she is happy that I am taking care of you. Now fetch." She tossed something in a weird game sort of like catch except she was just throwing this object across the room and I had to go get it. I know that sounds like a boring game but it was oddly calming and fun.
I slowly walked over, slow because I went extra slow whenever we did this game. Luckily when I arrived I already seemed to be low to the ground making it easy to pick up. My nipples rubbed against the ground causing me to shudder and almost drop the thing. Standing back up, I made my way back over and dropped the object at Digitalis feet.
The affini said a word in her alien language, a language I could somewhat read but not speak. I raised my hand and she shook it and then said. "Good girl~" While petting my head. I did enjoy people recognizing how much of a good girl I was and Digitalis's pets were amazing. Basically any touch based pampering by her or my girlfriend was simply the best.
My girlfriend walked up to me, while towering over me for some reason. Her synth body was only like two inches taller than me, but I was like up to her waist. She patted me on the head too and said that same weird affini word. I held up my hand for her too.
Ding-Dong. “Hey cutie~! You have a visitor!”
"I should really change that door chime from the default." I commented while my affini roommate and girlfriend were holding my hands.
Digitalis got up to get the door. Her strides quickly crossed the room.
Meanwhile Nora scooped me up and carried me to the couch. There used to be a terran sized couch and an affini sized one. At some point while I was distracted working on my super-secret mega project, my terran sized couch got replaced with another affini sized one. Basically at this point my computer room and bathroom were the only things sized for me. Also, turns out my bed was not orgy sized, but affini sized. I actually mentioned the orgy size thing out loud and uh Nora found it hysterical.
I got set down on one and Nora got up there with me. I looked nervously towards the doorway as Digitalis let a familiar giantess of my least favorite plant type into the room. Her green eyes found me immediately. "Hello Aster, It's so good to see you again."
I waved. "H-Hey Cyathea." I sort of tried hiding behind the automaton known as my girlfriend. My girlfriend easily thwarted the attempt with a strong side hug that held me in place.
Digitalis came over and carefully placed Nora and I on her lap. Cyathea followed and pet me on the head which felt really good before they sat down on the other couch. "So, how have you been Aster? I heard you had a rough patch sometime after I left."
I looked down. "Y-Yea, but I'm good now! I got a girlfriend and her owner Digitalis decided to be roommates with me." I heard Nora snort a laugh before she managed to step back.
Cyathea looked positively shocked. "Roommates?" Her eyes looked at Nora and I before drifting up to Digitalis.
I proceeded to flawlessly explain the relationship dynamic of my home. "Yea, I think. I mean she sleeps in my habitation unit so I assume that makes us roommates. I like her a lot, but I already have a girlfriend and I can't have two girlfriends. It'd also be more awkward if one of my girlfriends owned the other one of my girlfriends. Still, I can't have a second girlfriend, because you only get one at a time, so Digitalis is just a roommate."
My girlfriend was still reeling over whatever she found hilarious, sitting stock still in a hug beside me. I turned to her. "Nora, you didn't introduce yourself to Cyathea." I poked her cheek.
Nora snapped back to physicality barely holding in giggles. "H-Hi, I'm Nora Lutea, First Floret." She then turned to me full of mirth. "Hey, Aster, you should tell her your full name." She went still again but not before a small happy noise escaped.
"Why? She took care of me for like three months. She knows my full name." I pouted. This was because of whatever Digitalis did to my name.
The fern lady looked at me. "While I know what your name was when we last met and your current legal name, I would very much like to hear what you refer to yourself as."
"Flower, introduce yourself properly." Digitalis commanded.
I looked up at her. "And what do I get if I do?"
"The satisfaction of seeing Cyathea's surprise." Damn, Digitalis had a good point. I never did get a quality reaction out of either of them.
"I'm Aster Lutea, Second Floret." I glared at my girlfriend and roommate. "And as far as I know, I haven't gotten my name changed since I changed my first name to Aster years ago. I suspect someone-" I jabbed a finger into Digitalis's torso. "did something to mess with what I think my name is."
I took in the full breath of Cyathea's shock which was more than I thought. "I thought-" She looked up to Digitalis, "Does she not know?"
I pouted, but my affini started petting me on the head which I melted into. I leaned back against her warm chest and nuzzled her. My eyes were closed and I was enjoying being pampered when I asked. "Know what?"
Digitalis with her beautiful voice said, "I just sent you the relevant information in a message." She silenced my attempt to ask again with chin scritches. The evil scheming affini roommate. Jokes on her I was getting a bunch of pampering and I still wasn't gonna be her pet.
The petting that silenced me stopped and I found my girlfriend back in her own body. I also saw my previous case worker reading through a bunch of information on her tablet. Nora seemed to have something to say to me. I could tell because she said. "Aster look, I know you're oblivious to romance stuff, but you can definitely have more than one girlfriend at once. Polyamory is a thing."
"But isn't that cheating? I don't want to cheat on you." I pouted.
Nora groaned. "My silly little princess, no. It's not cheating if everyone involved is aware of it and okay with sharing their partner."
"Really?! I could have had a second girlfriend this entire time and you waited until now to tell me?" I felt cheated out of a relationship. "Well, Nora, I want to date your owner, is that okay?"
I could barely make out a "Yes" before my girlfriend went back to wherever she went to vent her laughter.
I looked up. "Hey, Digitalis?"
She smiled down upon me so beautifully I got stuck looking at her for a second. "Yes, Aster?"
"W-Would you uh, would you like to like be my um, g-g-girlfriend?" Fuck, I got super nervous. What if she said no? Did I just fuck up things with my roommate? Oh stars and dirt, I hope I didn't.
The affini of giant flower petals ran a hand through my hair. "Little one, I would very much like to be in an intimate romantic relationship with you." I received a big smile before she continued. "Would you like to be my pet?"
My brain did a stop for a moment. "N-No! I'm not gonna be your pet. I've told you that like a dozen times. I want to like be romantic and stuff with you not-not… Nora what do pets do?" She would know since my girlfriend was already an Affini pet.
Nora was not in that synthetic body on the lap next to me. Of all the times I needed her, this was one of the big ones and she was off on the other side of the overnet in an uncontrollable giggle fit or something. Girlfriend why u do dis to me?
I looked to my case worker and… I didn't even know affini did the slackjaw thing. I guess they did have very human facial expressions.
Cyathea regained a semblance of composure. "Hon, how exactly do you see your relationship with Digitalis?"
That was a question I hadn't actually thought about deeply beyond, my affini roommate who takes care of me, gives me drugs, hypnotizes me, and gives me pets, hugs, and cuddles. I guess there was also the part where I wanted to be like romantic partners with her, but I didn't want to be her pet. "I really like her even though she hypnotizes me without my consent, and I want to like stay with her forever just like my girlfriend who-" Turned to the frozen purple haired husk of a robot maid while continuing. "vanished on me when I needed her help."
A hologram text box popped up in front of me.
[GhostExMachina]: Sorry princess, I'm just a little out of sorts over everything. Please forgive me?
"Fine, but can you please explain what florets do and why it's different from being a girlfriend." I stared at the display.
[GhostExMachina]: Aster… this is really hard for me to tell you okay?
[GhostExMachina]: Being a floret is having an affini watch over you and take care of you even when you don't want them too. You are expected to obey them and they’ll reshape you into the kind of obedient loving pet they want you to be. You still get all the intimacy of a partner but more.
I read over that a few times because the text kept getting edited every like five seconds. I mulled the wording over. So it was similar to dating but like they reshape you mentally into whoever they want you to be… Also obedience. "Yea, I don't want to be a pet. I'm not going to obey an affini or let one reshape who I am. I love who I am! I'm cute, adorable, smart, clever, the best hacker ever, etc. I can't even think of one bad thing about myself."
[GhostExMachina]: dsakjhbfaslkdjgbfal;fjbnaselkjgvbdsalkjgbaskjbadfjknhvbdafjkgabdhfokjbhadflkjgdbhfgklvjdsfhbgkjdbfgkjdfbhgkjdhfbgkldfhbglkjdsnbgkljdsfgkldjsglkjdfglkjdfsnhfkgjflsaddjnkajfkljasnfkajl;kjgbalkjgblakragoujnberouiajnboiuhnalkjgbldsfjhga;poihnrdfp;gaonh;oerdijngop;jdfhnogijfoweijnfhvsdojhngvfosujhngosdgfoh
[GhostExMachina]: Aster stop! I'm going to suffocate from laughter.
"Nora, that doesn't even make sense! You don't need to breathe! You literally can't suffocate." My very smart digital girlfriend was being very silly right now.
[GhostExMachina]: ☠️☠️☠️👻👻👻
Cyathea was just staring at me. Right, she couldn't see the messages when it was backwards, small, and far away. "So… Aster, are you happy here?"
"Yea! I love it here. I'm so glad that I managed to land the best girlfriend and roommate on the planet!" I cheerfully confessed before remembering Cyathea's role in all of this. "Also uh, sorry I acted so awful and rude to you before. You didn't deserve that. You were amazing and I'm thankful that you were the one to like uh, save me from that apartment." My eyes watered a bit. She really was amazing and awesome and a tear just leaked. "Thank you Cyathea for helping me. I missed you a lot. You look beautiful even if I don't like ferns."
The fern affini finally relaxed from all of the shocking revelations she had and looked genuinely happy. "You are very very welcome, Aster. I am overjoyed to hear you say all of that. Adorable sophonts like you are the reason I love my job. Would you like a hug dear?"
I nodded and she came and gave me a big hug. Just like the ones during my breakdowns that she was there for. They did so much for me and I'd forever be thankful for their help. "You’re the best case worker ever."
"Flower, it means the universe to me to hear you say that. I love the way you bloomed." Why did she have to say the corniest things and why was I crying because of it? I was just nestled in her fern leaves sobbing. I really really missed her.
We stayed like that for a while. Long enough for my girlfriend to join us in the physical. When she stopped hugging me she set me back in Digitalis's lap next to my girlfriend who hugged me.
Cyathea then asked me, "So honey what have you been up to?"
I got excited. "Well, I've been breaking into a bunch of secure systems, including a few that I know weren't left open for sophont hackers to play in. I've been cuddling with my girlfriend." I pulled her in for a big hug now that she was back. "We do other uh, intimate things together. We also play games together. I also have this fun game with Digitalis that sounds kinda dumb but is actually really fun, uh Digitalis has been doing stuff to my head which is kinda rude but it's not a big deal. I watch game streams, I was thinking of getting into digital art a bit. I've been working on my magnum opus which is very secret and no one is allowed to know about it until I finish it. It's going to be amazing!"
"Wait, what magnum opus?" Nora asked.
Digitalis placed a hand on my head. "Flower, you aren't supposed to be breaking into those systems… but good job not getting caught. I'm proud of you."
"Nora, the big thing is off limits. If you peak at it I'll never talk to you again. Same with you Digitalis." I paused a moment. "Oh yea! Digi, I need a more powerful version of my current system for my magnum opus. I don't think I can botnet secure affini supercomputers, people might get mad. So I need a system as powerful as a massive botnet. I'll just reroute traffic through open network nodes. What's the maximum bandwidth for this habitation unit?"
My girlfriend hugged me. "Aster, that was a lot of concerning things you just mentioned. I know you like being silly but this isn't dangerous is it?"
"Only if I get caught!" I declared proudly.
Digitalis calmly said. "I'll get you your more powerful machine, but it won't fit in your little room up there. I am planning on moving us into a new habitation unit where I'll make sure to allocate an excess of bandwidth for us."
I got excited and jumped up in her lap and gave her a hug. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You're amazing Digi. I hope you like what I do with it."
Cyathea's joy had vanished into concern. "Digitalis, are you sure that's legal?"
My new favorite affini said, "As long as she doesn't get caught. I have a feeling I know what this is about. Aster would never intentionally harm another sophont. However." She looked down at me. "Perhaps, I should teach you more actively."
"Yes please, there's still a lot of stuff I need to learn. I think getting brain implants is basically necessary just to understand some of the stuff I need to." I really wished I could get some of the fancier brain implants. I even had a wishlist if I ever find a way to get around the pet implant requirement. "The only problem is that I think I need a Haustoric Implant to interface with the other implants. Is there a way to get around that? I really want some of those implants."
"I'll take care of it, little one. How about you settle down with your little game, okay?" She reached over and grabbed the thing she liked to throw around. "Aster fetch." She threw it and set me on the ground so I could go get it and bring it back. I made it back and dropped the thing at her feet. "Good girl!" She then threw it again and said fetch. I did it a few times while Cyathea, Digitalis, and Nora talked about stuff. I was busy getting that thingy!
I got a lot of 'good girl's. Cyathea even threw it once telling me to fetch. It was so relaxing getting that thing and bringing it back. I dropped it and she said something in affini. I raised my hand and she told me, "Good girl!" I smiled a lot at that. I was truly a very good girl.
They had all settled into more normal talk. Digitalis yoinked me off the ground and back into her lap next to Nora. I nuzzled my girlfriend and my roommate a bunch and got lots of affection.
I got pets and gave Cyathea a hug before she left. I even got her username on a normal affini chat app. There was a promise that I'd actually message her sometime. Overall, It was a good time and I was very happy I got to see her once again.

"Private, any sign of the enemy?" Captain Nora asked while I sat at my station.
I looked over my many screens. Another Theoflowers stream was on in the corner, but that wasn't important for the roleplay. "No, Ma'am not a single leaf or vine of the weeds anywhere within scanner range."
A bright flashing alarm dialog box came up on my screen. It read Affini presence detected aboard the Sapphic Dawn. I snorted a tiny bit at the ship name. "Shit Ma'am, we have an affini aboard!"
In a very dry voice Captain Nora replied. "I can see that Private. This might be the end, and if it is I just want you to know I lov-" A vine reaching into the room wrapped around her. "-e you."
Captain Nora got pulled out of the room rapidly before the doors closed behind her. I looked out my window into the main room and found the holoprojector was running full tilt showing a starscape instead of my hab unit.
I grabbed my toy sword in lieu of a prop gun. "C-Captain? I'm uh, coming for you!" I opened the doors and wow Digitalis and Nora must have done some serious work. I didn't even know my holoprojector could do this. The stuff was actual holograms too, I took off my glasses to check in case it was a VR thing. They must have modified my hab unit just for this, those lovely sneaky ladies.
Instead of my home, I opened my door to a staircase through a terran cruiser hallway. The entire place had been turned into a holographic navy ship set. Worse, I was the only one without tech implants to see that this was all fake. It all looked and sounded very very real. It felt like I had just left my house for the first time in 8 months only to find myself in space!
I called out, "C-Captain! Where are you?" I was actually shaking as I held up my prop sword and walked through a spaceship for the first time ever. "Stars, damn weeds."
I heard a noise echo down the hallway. A chill went down my spine. I slowly approached the bend and looked. An unconscious Captain Nora lay in the vines of an insidious and evil affini. I stepped out, fangs extended and prop sword pointed. "L-Let go of the captain you w-weed. I'm not afraid to use this."
I slowly approached until the affini menace turned to face me. Thorny teeth, many eyes, a completely inhuman shape and body language. From the viney mass reverberated a beautiful and yet terrifying chorus of sinister delight. "Greetings, little one. Why don’t you be a good girl, lay down your weapon, and become my pet." Several needled flowers pointed at me.
I was legit trembling, I never knew Digitalis could look scary. "N-Never, I'll never surrender. Give me back the love of my life you-you fiend!"
The chilling alien harmony bounced off the ship's steely hull. "Oh, a pair of little ones, how delightful. I'll take great care breaking you into a happy~ little~ pet~" She lunged and I could do little more than jump in terror as vines coiled around me and needles poked into me. "Sleep now little one, you are safe with me."
I woke groggily to find myself cuffed and collared on the bed next to Captain Nora. "M-Ma'am?" I deserved all the good girls and head pats for not breaking kayfabe even when waking up! The captain didn't stir. I placed my hands on her and shook. "Captain, Ma'am wake up. P-Please! I need you to tell me what to do!"
Digitalis approached as a pair of leafy doors parted, letting her into the bedchamber. Her form wound and wove until she had her familiar beautiful flower humanoid form. "She won't be awake for a bit longer, little one. Rest assured you are safe with me." She gracefully sat at the edge of the bed.
"W-What are you going to do with us?" I asked. Kinda a dumb question but eh, private Aster wasn't that bright.
A sweet yet insidious smile danced on her lips. "I'm going to play with you, I'm going to break you, and I'm going to rebuild you into a perfect docile pet."
I would have flipped off an affini who gave me that spiel, but private Aster was very timid but brave in the face of love. "I-I won't let you. I'll protect the captain and our love!" My arm was out shielding captain Nora from the affini.
"Then perhaps I'll start playing with you first." She pulled out a flower needle. "See this one is called a class-C, with this you'll fall for my natural hypnotic rhythm nice and fast. And this flower is a class-A that will make this all a very fun time for both of us."
I had never heard of class-Cs or a natural hypnotic rhythm, but that all sounded really fucking hot. "I-I won't let you."
Her arms reached out and vines coiled around me. "You don't get a choice, little one." The needles slid into me and I was flooded with a familiar rush of sensitivity to her touch. She shifted her vines on my arms and I whimpered and trembled in pleasure. I was glad she was holding me up at that point.
Captain Nora woke right after. "P-Private! Free my subordinate you filthy weed!"
"Ma'a-aaahhh!" A vine tickled the sensitive bit on the back of my neck under my long locks that were held out of the way by more vines. A few more followed and I was left flustered and painting. "C-Captain."
Nora's face twisted into rage. "What did you do to her!"
"I made her oh so happy. Isn't that right, little one?" She went full tilt rubbing stroking and caressing my exposed skin. She had me a twitching gasping mess. "Now little one, don’t you think your Captain should get to experience all the lovely things you are?"
I was really struggling to stay in the scene, Digitalis went a little overboard there. It was like she was actually trying to break me or something. I of course would never break, but well I'm supposed to be a weak willed private who just got hypno-drugged. "Y-Yea… Captain j-join me." I put on a lazy smile like the ones the florets on my camera feeds did. It actually felt really natural.
"N-No!" Nora really laid the anguish on.
Vines wrapped around her as she struggled. "You heard your precious little private. You get to enjoy this too." Needles slid into Nora and she went through what I just did. Her gasps and moans had me getting wet. Dirt and roots this whole thing was just too hot. I may have wiggled against a vine to feel more.
"First the play, and now the breaking." Digitalis was going way into this and I loved it.
We were both helpless messes held down to the bed and she wrapped herself around me and a sound hummed while her body flowed to a rhythm. I lost myself in it. I felt like I could sense her the way she moved and felt and existed like I was a wireless receiver for her signal. I existed only to listen and obey. She left me a dazed little mess on the bed and did the same to Nora.
"Now little ones aren't you so adorable and sweet and docile. I should keep you like this forever shouldn't I?" She got me to nod without thinking. "Oh what good little pets. That’s what you are isn't it? Say it."
"We're pets!" I happily did as I was told and Nora did the same.
Digitalis came in close and her large hand rested on my jaw as a thumb rubbed sensually against my lip. "You don't know how long I've waited to hear you say that flower." Huh, that didn't make sense in the roleplay, we only just met the affini. Whatever improv comes with mistakes. "Now you'll call me Mistress like a good pet won't you."
"Yes Mistress!" I chirped. It felt so natural and easy to say that. It sort of slipped out. I was a natural at this whole acting thing! It really just felt right to be a little pet for my glorious Mistress…
"And you will call me Miss Talis." Mistress said to captain Nora
"Yes Miss Talis!" Nora had that same enraptured tone I had. It felt almost like our voices came out to the same tune she exposed me too before.
"To help you relax into a fun dreamy state here's a little something extra." She slipped another needle in and I felt very hazy and floaty. Mistress was so nice to us. She placed Nora and I right next to each other staring into each other's eyes, our mouths less than an inch apart. "Kiss darlings. You do love each other don't you?"
It was tough to focus but I saw her. Nora, my love. I needed to kiss her like our Mistress said. I clumsily moved forward and we bumped faces and giggled. It took a few tries before Mistress said. "Oh you poor girls here let me help." Her vines coiled around us and coordinated us as we were assisted into a drug fueled kiss.
We made out. Each kiss sent a wave of heat and pleasure until I couldn't think anymore and vines just carried me into each next kiss. I drifted off in happy pleasure soaked bliss.

I stretched and found myself in Mistress' no Digitalis's vines next to my girlfriend. I just scooted closer to Nora's body. She appeared to be sleeping. I really should ask about her digitalization stuff. Did she even need to sleep? Fuck if I knew, but she did.
"Morning little one!" Mistress… Digitalis sang.
"Morning Mistr-Digitalis!" I answered happily. "That was a lot of fun! How did you do all of that with the holograms?"
Digitalis had a smile but it wasn't her full smile, like something brought it down a notch. "A large amount of additional audio and visual projectors installed in the walls. If you look around you can see the additional ones.”
In true plantech fashion there were large flowers mounted all over the walls and a few on the ceiling. "Wow, affini tech gets crazier every time I interact with it." I mean some of the stuff I'd seen and interacted with was probably more advanced, but this felt crazier.
"Our technology is rather impressive. How are you feeling my little Aster?"
"Great. A little fuzzy from all the intense drug kisses, but great! That whole pretending to break into a docile pet thing was fun. How did you come up with that whole natural hypnotic rhythm thing?" I was really curious because that was pretty weird and hot.
Digitalis blinked. "Flower, I didn't make that up. It is a natural trait of affini." She sounded serious which didn't make a lot of sense to me.
"Really? That's uh…" I had to ponder. I obviously couldn't say I liked it, because while it was hot, I wasn't supposed to let horny thoughts dictate if something was okay… Hmmm, the weird tingly bits were making it hard to focus. "My head feels a little fuzzy, can you make it clear again?"
She injected me with my proper class-A for focusing. "Feel better?"
"Yup!" I looked at my girlfriend. "Is she going to wake up soon?"
Digitalis confirmed. "Yes, she'll be up soon. So no other thoughts or feelings you'd like to share after that?"
I thought about it for a moment. "I don't think so…" Wait, I noticed it. "Oh you forgot to take off this collar. Since, I'm not actually a pet."
She muttered something in affini. "You don't wish to be a pet?"
"How many times do I have to say no. If you want to like be girlfriends we can but I don't want to like obey or anything." I was really confused why she was confused. "That was a roleplay, it was like acting."
"...Right.” Her vines reached around and pulled the collar off.
I gave her a hug. "Thanks for the fun time, but also you were kinda really scary in the hallway scene. I was actually sorta terrified."
She hugged back, "I'm sorry petal, I'll be less scary next time."
Nora then woke up. Her eyes did a weird rapid flicker thing I hadn't seen before for a few moments. "Morning princess! Morning Miss Talis!" She joined the hug squad. She pulled back a moment later and I got the vibe she was chatting with Digitalis about their private stuff. I'd never admit it to them but I did feel left out when they did that.
They didn't do it for long and Digitalis made us pancakes and bacon! She fed us and cleaned up before I went up to check on my computers with Nora.
I was just sitting there in Nora's lap as I checked on everything I was in the middle of right before Nora suggested a roleplay. Everything seemed fine. I might have to check that stream VOD later. I just went about my normal business in my girlfriend's arms. She mentally accessed the overnet so she could just hold me.
After a bit she asked. "So, do you not like wearing a collar?" That was an odd question from my girlfriend. Normally that'd be something Digitalis would ask, and the affini was clearly not my girlfriend. She said so. I've asked her out like five times so far and she kept turning it around into asking me to be a pet.
"I don't want to be a pet. Also, after wearing one yesterday, it just felt a little tight. If we do that again I want a loose one. Preferably with a little nameplate like yours." I reached out and poked the little heart-shaped name plate that said 'Nora Lutea, First Floret'. It was golden, shiny, and metal.
"Uh huh… You don't want to be a pet, but you have your ideal pet collar already thought out." She eyed me suspiciously.
I got flustered. "W-Well duh, I mean we do like roleplays and stuff. Plus you two are always mentioning stuff, so I uh put thought into it. I don't want to be a pet, but like if someone forced me to be one then that'd be the kind of collar I'd wear, but I don't want to be one." Okay that rambling got away from me. I feel like I said too much, but also I made it clear I didn't mean any of it seriously.
"That makes sense." She told me. I leaned in and gave her a peck on the cheek and she returned one. "I guess we do definitely mention it a bunch. You probably think about being a pet all the time because of it."
"N-No, er… I mean yea! Because of that. Exactly that. You're smart." And I was shoving my foot in my mouth. Gah! "Are you bullying me again?"
She gave a shit eating grin, "Will you bite me if I am?"
"Well then, maybe I am." She teased.
I flashed her my fangs as they extended and she opened up a spot between her collar and shoulder to munch on. I bit in and she did her cute noises and squirms, but not enough to unseat me. I let go.
"And you wonder why I bully you so much with love bites like those."
I rolled my eyes. "You and your biting kink."
She huffed and then we laughed together. "My silly little vampire princess." She said that just to make me smile more. Nora then shifted a bit serious. "Miss Talis really likes you, and she does get sad sometimes that you don't want to be her pet."
"I really like Mistr-Digitalis too, but I don't know. You explained being a pet and I just didn't click with it. I like that she takes care of me, I like the xenodrugs, I like playing with her, I like the hugs, and cuddles and head pats, and being called a good girl. There's the hypnotism thing. I like what we have now, and I don't want to just be her pet." It made sense to me.
"Aster, you realize that's basically like 99% of what being a pet is right? Like, the only differences are like calling yourself a pet, the collar, and the undying adoration of her as like a big loving being that tells you what to do and makes decisions for you."
"Well, uh I have hang ups with being called a pet, and the collar is sort of with that. The last one, uh I kinda feel that but not like completely I guess. I still like deciding things, like my body mods, and deciding to do my big project. Uh. I guess I don't pick my meals anymore… Oh and the xenodrugs. I like having a say in which ones I'm on, because if I don't then I'll get put on the class-E and be all clumsy, or the class-D which'll make me say stuff I don't mean, or uh… I really should just look up the list."
She raised an eyebrow, "You never looked at the list of xenodrug classes?" She put a finger under my chin and turned me to face a monitor that she brought up. "Read them." she commanded and I obeyed.
My face got red on some of them. "S-So the class-C was real?" I read through the common effects.
"Yea, I'm surprised you aren't still like calling her Mistress." My girlfriend mused. "You must be really stubborn."
"Maybe. So H are hypnotics… Digitalis used those on me right? For like the name thing and whatever else she did?" The answer was obvious but still. I also never figured out what the name thing was.
She nodded. "Yup, also the class-B a few times, you tend to ask when you figure out what she did with the class-H." Uh wait what? I looked back. Memory alteration & amnesiacs…
"I did what now?!"
Nora sighed. "So princess, you seem to really like being unaware of what she did… I guess it's like part of the fun. You found out a few times about different things and got so embarrassed at the knowledge of what you were doing you begged to have your memories erased."
It took me a second to piece that together. "That's why you're always giggling at me, because I’m doing embarrassing stuff." Wow, I was glad I didn't know. I did not handle embarrassment well at all.
"Why did you think I was giggling?" My girlfriend pried.
"I guess, I figured it was just funny because I didn't know what was going on."
She giggled. "Okay, yea, that's part of the fun. You just look up and go ‘did I just do something weird’ and you're just… Nope. Not gonna tell you that because I want you to remember this conversation." It took me a moment. Oh, she almost spoiled stuff I asked to get mind wiped on.
"Thanks." I oddly meant that. I trusted her. I trusted Digitalis too. Maybe I shouldn't, but I did. I trusted them and loved them a whole lot.
"So to get you to be a proper floret, you need to get over your hang-up with being a pet, and you need more devotion to your Mistress." My girlfriend was conspiring to my face.
I leaned against her. "But I don't want to be a pet. I just want to be your girlfriend and Mistre… I mean Digitalis's girlfriend too." Nora laughed at me. "You mentioned it, and it got a little bit in my head from the roleplay."
"Uh huh. You could just call her that. She'd be so happy."
"... Do you think she'd call me a good girl?" I asked. I had a thing.
I tapped her head. "So how much of this conversation did you secretly tell her?"
"All of it." She confessed sheepishly.
I rolled my eyes. "Figured." The two of them and their secret chatting. I didn't actually care that Digitalis listened in, but I decided to be cheeky now that I knew for sure. "Love you Mistress."
I heard something get dropped downstairs. Nora and I started laughing. Even if Digitalis owned her, she was still my girlfriend and I loved her a lot. Gosh Nora was the best. "I love you."
"Love you too." She leaned in and we kissed in front of my computers.
Yup, just a slice of life aster chapter. Gotta have some good times before the actually heavy emotional stuff that definitely totally isn't coming up. I hope you all enjoyed; Love, Darkfalli❤️
Also, special thanks to my beta readers, who are wonderful and provided me with good feedback on all 15 chapters of Wellness Check (plus the super duper top secret extra bit):
Simulated Beehive
Glitchy Robo
And more!

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