Wellness Check

Chapter 8 - Submission

by Darkfalli

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Aster has more fun with her girlfriend and roommate~

Nora's synthetic body left. She left me. I had been left!!! Okay, I was being dramatic. She left to visit people on the outside. A dreadful fearful place full of other sophonts, particularly humans. She offered to take me to meet her physical friends but fuck that. I was a shut-in for life and I was perfectly fine with that.
It helped that Mistr-Digitalis was here. We didn't get much alone time. I spent a lot of time in my computer room which was Aster sized and thus not accommodating of a giant flowery beautiful affini whose appearance I could and did get lost in sometimes.
After all, my habitation unit was designed for a single non-affini sophont. We were planning on moving into a new one soon. I had been assured I'd still have a cozy computer spot and a big bed to sleep with my favorite affini/floret pairing in the universe.
I was on the lap of said affini who was pampering me to keep me from being whiny that my girlfriend left me. I had long long given up on not leaning into the touch of affini. I loved it and I was a good girl who deserved it.
My new necklace jingled as I nuzzled her. It was a bit weird for a necklace. It was thick and tight enough I couldn't take it off, but I kinda liked it… a lot. Digitalis gave it to me and it even had my name engraved into the little bone-shaped bit in front. It was a thoughtful gift. The necklace was even the right shade of blue to match my eyes and tattoos. There was something off about it, but I couldn't figure out what. I liked it, so it probably didn't matter.
Something had been on my mind since Cyathea visited. "Hey Digi, when you said you suspected what my magnum opus was… what do you think it is?" I really hoped I hadn't slipped up, or worse that she looked.
My affini ran some vines through my hair while patting me on the head. "Well my intelligent and adorable little flower. While I have left your little project alone as you asked, I remember mention of an orbital weapon system you seemed to have a strong fixation on. I assume your project is obtaining access to something similar, which in this instance would have to be one of the two affini warships in orbit. At least the weapon systems in either case."
Fuck, she was on to me based on something I said forever ago. "A-Are you going to stop me?"
She chuckled slightly. "No, little one. Not as long as you follow the rules I established back when I first gave you the tools to break in."
I recited our favorite line. "Don't get caught!" I then added the second part. "And don't hurt anyone."
"Exactly!" She leaned down and kissed me on the head before saying. "Good girl!" I flapped my hands a little. She then ruined the mood with what would happen if I failed. "If you were to get caught there would be… consequences for both of us. In the form of a tremendous amount of paperwork and you would be taken to be questioned outside of our habitation unit, to determine if you are a danger to yourself and others."
Oh fuck! I really didn't want to get dragged out of my home by strange affini, that sounded like a nightmare. "I really need those implants, and the new computer."
"You also need to learn more, and I would be happy to teach you." Mistress, uh Digitalis was just unfair. This was a step beyond normal affini kindness. Cyathea would have thrown a fit if she knew I was planning to gain access to the weapon system of an affini warship to both flex and to just see if I could. Also, I wanted to be in control of a big gun. Big guns are cool!
It left a question. "Why are you helping me? Even back when we first started chatting, you were so helpful to me trying to do things that aren't exactly Compact legal… I think." I never looked up affini rules and regulations.
She gave me a little warm hug. That same glorious noise which I had learned was her rhythm reverberated through the air. "Because I love you, flower. I’ve known you very well since I first took notice of the little system admin solving my ever increasingly complex network intrusion puzzles. Cyathea messaged me about your desire to break into digital spaces you weren't supposed to be in and I wanted nothing more than to let you play around and enjoy yourself. Looking through the records I never found anything to indicate you did so maliciously."
"But I did do malicious stuff, like mess with the phones and emails of shitty people to make their days worse." I wasn't the harmless saint she was making me out to be. I used to be a very nice and kind woman. Wait…
She scritched under my chin drawing my thoughts away from questioning whatever felt off about  that. "And those were minor inconveniences not active harm, further you haven't done that once since the Compact arrived here."
It took a bit to not be silenced by her well placed scritches. "But I've been messing with feralists! I do the same stuff to them. I even sent one into a domestication center twice."
She laughed heartily and I got lost in her until she snapped her fingers in front of me. "I did watch that. It was a very silly prank and he did eventually go in on his own weeks later and is now a happy pet for a loving affini."
"Gah, really?! I have to tell Nora about that one." I was so excited. I pranked a feralist until they decided to become a pet. Like that was some serious bragging material.
A floating holographic bust of my girlfriend appeared next to me. "You know I can still like listen in, right? But yea stars that's hilarious."
"Nora! I wanted to tell you!" I whined and pouted. If she was going to leave me then she could do me the courtesy of not still spying on me. "Plus this is Mistress and me time, you do your outside stuff."
She snorted and I realized I had slipped up. "K later, you have fun with Mistress~" She vanished.
"So I'm your Mistress now?" The evil insidious affini teased. I knew she always lit up when I slipped up. Ever since that roleplay it had been like an insidious tumor in my head attempting to gain more real-estate.
"N-No! I just slipped up. I'm not a pet! Your name is Digitalis, or Digi when I'm being lazy." I definitely wasn't some pet. I didn't wear a collar or obey an affini or anything.
Digitalis laughed at me. "As you say little one." She kept petting my hair as I rested in her lap. The next thing she mentioned caught me by surprise. "I did want to inform you, I signed you up for some of those implants you wanted."
I blinked. "But I thought I needed the pet implant first to like interface with them?"
My xeno roommate merely smirked in that condescending affini way. "I'll take care of everything. Don't you worry, my smart little flower. If you want your little implants for your magnum opus, I will get you them." That was suspiciously vague.
Unfortunately, I couldn't tell if she was saying she was getting me the pet implant, or if she found a way around it. She said not to worry and she upped the petting so I wasn't able to think or worry too much about it. I could only think about how Digitalis was an amazing roommate. I was definitely going to make this affini my girlfriend at some point. She couldn't deflect my advances forever. I knew she loved me.
I had gotten pretty good at just overlooking the weirdness that was my life. She kept doing things to my head and I was probably really different than I thought I was at this point. Did the thought of that turn me on… maybe~. It was still like wrong or something but gah. I wished I could know, but then I'd just end up asking for my memory to be erased again.
A thought then hit me. "Nora didn't hear about the magnum opus thing did she?" Fuck if she had overheard.
"She did, but if it'll make you feel better, I'll take those memories from her." She made me pause for a second before I remembered Nora was literally her property. I mean I guess she took memories from me at my request.
I looked up at her. "Please?"
"It is done." She stated. Wow, it must be easier with Nora being digitized… or I guess I didn't know how easy it was for her to do it to me since I couldn't remember. I just let her continue to pet me and play with my hair for a while.
"Little one, I'm going to give you a little something to loosen up your thoughts for a bit." Digitalis thankfully respected my desire to not be on a number of xenodrugs. That didn't mean she didn't sometimes slip me stuff. Like the class-Hs.
"Whatever." I dismissed. She didn't ask me, it was just so I'd know. Wait, she said loosen thoughts. The needle slipped in before I could say, "It's not a class-D is it? Because I love when you give me those! It makes me say things I can't admit to." I really did like it when she gave me the class-D. Lol. I giggled to myself.
She turned me around to face her, but kept petting me which I loved. "Aster, I'm going to get you implanted with your Haustoric Implant in a few days."
"Really?! But I thought I needed you to make me your pet first. I really want to be your pet and floret. I mean I want the implant and with it I can get all the other implants I want too." I really did want to be hers. I didn't know why I kept saying no to her requests and insisting otherwise.
Mistress just smiled down on me. "My adorable little pet. Cover all the words on your nametag except the last one and read it out loud."
I obeyed and positioned my finger just right. "Floret…" I did a double take on the word. "Wait, I'm a floret already?" I got excited and squealed. "Yes! Thank you Mistress!" I burrowed into her warm vines.
She pulled me back out and set me down folding my legs under me. "Now flower, you get very upset when you find out while you aren't on this particular class-D xenodrug."
It took me a second. I did act like that, even if I couldn't understand why right now. I mean, I've wanted to be hers for a long time, so my insistence otherwise made no sense. On the other hand, there was an appeal to not knowing I was a floret. I blurted out. "Oh stars, that's hot. I don't even know I'm a pet. You're going to take away my memory of this aren't you?" I was excited.
She gave me a head pat and I wiggled, but remained right where she placed me. "I am, I merely wanted to make sure you were okay with getting your implant and I’m making it special just for you so you only need the one."
"Gah! Yes! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Mistress for putting up with me even though I'm a really smart pet. Wait…"
"You are a very smart and very adorably oblivious pet." She corrected for me. "Now before I make you forget, do you want to play fetch, cuddle, or do you want me to help you learn what you need to know for your big project?"
I had to think on it. Oh wow, she had me playing fetch. I never even realized… Anyway, I loved all of those things. "All of them? I want all of them."
"As you wish, my adorable little pet." Mistress slipped a needle into my neck and slowly made me forget my most recent memories…
*     *     *
My girlfriend poked the dangly bit on my necklace. "You ready to move to the new hab unit?" We were sitting in the big spinny chair together in the computer room.
Yea, we were supposed to move tomorrow. I really didn't want to move again. This place was home, but there were issues. First, I couldn't fit my new computer in my computer room. Second, I couldn't hang out with Digi in my computer room. Third, there wasn't really space for Digitalis's and Nora's stuff since the open floor plan didn't leave much in the way of storage. I didn't know how much Nora even had in the physical world. She wore a variety of maid outfits but she compiled and decompiled those as needed. Mistress supposedly had a computer that mine was based off of which was definitely not in here.
"Sort of, I'm gonna miss this place. I have a lot of good memories of this hab unit with you two. Also, I just hate moving."
My girlfriend laughed at me. "Princess, you hate going outside."
"Hey, I'm a proud shut-in." I folded my arms over my chest which uh squished the big bits.
"I know princess, and you should still take something for your anxiety." Yea, Nora had been on my case about that for a while. The problem was with the affini class-Es that she was talking about.
I huffed. "But I need my coordination for typing, and my mind for the things I'm trying to type. I already have bad reflexes. I don't need them any worse." There were reasons I had her and Digi carry me a bunch. I was lazy, it was fun, it was hot, my center of gravity was a little awkward cause short with massive boobs, and I was a wee bit clumsy, probably from barely walking on my own. I skipped every leg-day.
"But my silly princess, wouldn't it be fun to have you be extra silly and clumsy?" The digitized woman made an interesting proposal. "Try it, for me?" Gah! She knew I always fell for her begging.
"Fine, but not when I'm doing tech stuff, and not for the move. I want to be completely unconscious and unseen until it's just us in the new habitation unit."
Nora bit her lip. "Maybe I should have Miss Talis keep you under a bit longer and play with you while you're all unconscious.” She then quickly added, “It’s just a thought, consent check?" Wow, she must have been sorta nervous about that if she pulled out the consent check stuff.
"Go for it. Uh, green, full consent" I trusted her and she knew where I didn't want to be touched ever. Plus, it made her happy. I loved making her happy. That's why I followed up with fangs. She noticed the moment I was going for it and had a spot of skin cleared for biting. She got all into it. My girlfriend was such a beautiful cuddly pervert maid roleplayer.
I gave her a few bites and she just melted and squirmed underneath me until we accidently fell over. I yelled out in pain as her body fell and crushed my torso. It hurt! I shoved her off of me to stop the crushing as she regained her senses.
Gentle firm vines wrapped us up and pulled us out. "Aster, are you alright?" My affini said. I shook my head. A needle came and took the pain away as Mistress took off my dress to inspect me for injuries. "Nothing's broken, but it looks like you'll bruise a lot without treatment."
Nora got up and went over to the compiler and returned with stuff while I laid there injured but unfeeling. Digitalis ran a scan thing over me and then started sticking these flowers to my nude torso. The flowers sealed tight to my skin and it felt a little tingly for a moment before it felt normal.
"There, you'll just need to wear those for a while and you'll be fine." Mistre-Digitalis assured me. "I hope you two learned your lesson about playing with each other in inappropriate places."
"Yes, Miss Talis." Nora confirmed.
I opened my mouth and then made the typing gesture on one of Digitalis's vines. A tablet was placed in my hands a moment later. I felt bad. We had been told before to hold back on the kinky stuff in the computer room because of falling hazards. Also, that Digitalis generally isn't in there because it's a small space for an affini.
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: Yes, Digitalis
I may have accidentally started typing Mistress and then deleted it and started over. I didn't even think of it until I was basically done typing and rapidly deleted it. They totally both didn't see that.
The affini pulled us in close for hugs but wasn't as tight with me as normal. "And that is why I had to redesign your little tech space so my silly little florets don't hurt themselves."
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: I'm not a floret!
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: Not a pet.
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: Date me!
My girlfriend right on que started laughing her digital butt off.
"Flower, you dislike going on dates. Wouldn't you prefer to just submit?" Mistr-Digitalis sounded amused. It wasn't like we hadn't had this exact conversation almost daily.
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: Never!
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: I am an independent sophont!
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: Also a good girl
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: No submitting
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: but pets please
"I'll give you pets and call you good girl if you submit." The sinister alien crossed the line, withholding good girls from me. Joke's on her, she said the words in reference to me. So I got the thrill of being called a good girl. I was glad my ability to out maneuver her was soundly intact after all of her brainwashing.
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: How dare you!
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: I'm injured
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: I won't submit ever and you can't make me
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: D I G I T A L I S
I both typed out her name like that to taunt her, but also to make sure I didn't accidently type Mistress. That would have undermined my entire stance.
Nora's body was limp but her laughs were still coming through the holoprojector's speakers. She managed to get a hold of herself enough to say. "Miss Talis, I think that was a challenge."
"Oh my adorable little Nora, you are absolutely right. Perhaps I'll make it so she can only refer to me as Mistress from now on." Oh Mist-Digitalis looked serious as she pulled up a needle.
I gulped and typed rapidly.
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: Why does Nora get to call you Miss Talis?
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: That's not fair
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: I'm not even a floret.
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: Nora save me!
My girlfriend was gone, leaving me to the clutches of this fiendish creature from the depths of space. A creature that was hot and I wanted to be the girlfriend of. I tried to struggle, but I was on her lap and I couldn't get off of it. I wasn't even restrained. I just wasn't moving off her lap when I was trying.
Oh fuck, she made it so I wouldn't get out of her lap on my own! And now she was going to make me call her Mistress. Gah! Stupid kink brain, turn off for a second. This was not the time to get turned on. I never asked for this!
Digitalis, my evil roommate, moved the flower needle closer, but paused to grab my necklace and use it to pull me closer to her. It gave her a lot of leverage on me. "It'll be all over in a moment, flower." The needle deftly and painlessly slid into my neck. "Relax little Aster. Let yourself go. Drift down. Drift deep. What a good girl you are so relaxed and open~"
I woke up in Mistress's lap. I still wasn't wearing anything beyond my panties and these injury fixing flower patches. I was being held by my girlfriend and my Mistress. It was warm. The pain had come back on the bruises, but only a tiny bit. Just enough to know I was injured without it bothering me.
I remembered what happened. The chair falling, the injury stuff, Mistress asking me to submit. I refused like normal and then taunted her and she-she… "Dirt!" I swore. My roommate's name was Mistress. "Roots and fuck! Gah!!!" No not Mistress, her name is Mistress. "Y-You bully!" I whined against Mistress's chest. Nora had a shit eating grin. I glared at her. "You're a bully too."
That didn't stop my bully of a girlfriend from asking. "So what's Miss Talis's name?"
I bared my fangs and bit her for bullying me. She didn't try to dodge and yea… this wasn't really revenge. It felt cathartic for me to bite her when she bullied me, but I knew it was only encouraging her. My girlfriend enjoyed herself while I calmed down a little.
Vines came in and gently coaxed me off of her when it became less me biting and more me just holding on with my fangs. "Little one, you're still injured so try not to get too involved."
I looked to Nora. "Did you not get hurt?"
She got a big smile. "Nope, I had something to cushion my fall. Two somethings." She ogled my injured flower covered chest. "This body is sturdier than you are. Miss Talis and I ran a diagnostic. I wasn't injured at all. Plus, even if this body was smashed to pieces, I'd still be fine. You're the squishy little terran."
Mistress playfully bapped Nora with a vine. "You need to remember your connivent isn't as durable as you."
"Yes, Miss Talis." She dutifully replied.
I leaned into Mistress and nuzzled her in an effort to get her to pet me. I was obviously avoiding referring to her by name or title out loud. I wasn't going to give either bully the satisfaction.
"Flower, I'd very much like to hear you say my name before I give you any pets." She was still withholding it. She was like an evil drug dealer. She got me hooked on them and now she was using me for her insidious games.
"I'm injured. Pet me!" I nuzzled her petal covered chest more.
"I'm injured. Pet me!" Wait… I didn't say that. I turned and saw a clip of me just now. There was a mostly nude adult woman on an affini's lap wearing a… col-necklace and nuzzling the affini beg-asking for pets. She also had a rocking body with crazy long hair, glowing tattoos and eyes, and the biggest boobs covered by flower band-aid things.
I knew my girlfriend was behind this one. I bared my fangs and hissed at her shit eating grin.
She just said. "Look at that cute pet begging her owner for affection." I lunged but was caught by a vine and another one went into my mouth for me to sink my fangs into. Nora blinked before saying. "You know that was really hot. You looked like an actual vampire attacking me."
I did a typing gesture on Mistress's vines. I typed away after I received my tablet while still holding onto her vine with my fangs.
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: You and your vampire fetish
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: You only like me for my fangs
Nora giggled, "Yup you caught me. I'm a slutty maid with a vampire fetish." My girlfriend was absolutely shameless.
I turned my attention from my girlfriend to my Mistress.
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: I have yet to receive pets and good girls
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: I am the goodest girl
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: Pet me!
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: Also I'm not a pet or floret
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: No submitting
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: But please pet me
"Little Aster, you know what you need to say to get your pets. You can even type it if you want." Mistress was clever but she just left a loophole. I could just copy and paste my earlier comment with her name. My screen flickered or rather the message I was copying did. Odd but it still had her name. I pasted and sent it.
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: M I S T R E S S
Perfect. Wait… fuck! I went to delete it, but a hand came down on my head and I heard the words "Good Girl" All thought of correcting the mistake vanished as I proceeded to melt into a blissful xenodrug fueled cuddle puddle. My fangs retracted as I relaxed, letting her vine slip out. The tablet was taken from my hands.
Nora cuddled me gently and we relaxed the rest of our last day in my habitation unit. My light injuries healing the whole time.
*     *     *
My eyes fluttered open. I was tangled in Mistress' vines and next to my girlfriend. I was nude… I never slept nude. Too much exposed skin, like right then. Just feeling the fake breathing of Nora's body plus the weird subtle movement of Mistress's body was enough to elicit whimpering.
The other two heard me and roused instantly. I got the feeling that most of the sleeping my girlfriend and her owner did was performative or simply unnecessary. Heck, Nora probably just left her body instead of sleeping.
"Morning sleepy beauty, how's my favorite sleepy princess feeling?" Nora greeted me. There was no way she just woke up that chipper.
Mistress shifted her vines and I was left a helpless mess of moaning. She slipped my glasses on. "Morning flower. Hmmm did I get your dosage wrong? Here, let me fix that." She did one of her favorite things and stuck me with a needle without asking. I was having serious doubts the affini had the concept of consent. I figured the past few weeks of unwanted hypnosis were a strong indicator. I guess I didn’t care. Mistress only used her hypno drug powers to tease me and other really tame stuff. I could probably seriously complain and get her to stop or whatever… but then she’d stop. I didn’t want her to stop.
All of the feelings of heightened pleasurable touch became depressingly mundane. Thankfully she gave it back a moment later just not that unbearably intense. "T-Thanks." I glanced around at the unfamiliar room. "Did we move? Also, why am I naked?"
"Yup!" My girlfriend chirped before adding. "Do you not remember what I mentioned I'd do to you while you were unconscious from the move? I decided to do nude cuddles with you."
I thought for a moment before I remembered. "Oh, OH! Uh… you didn't do more?" Right, I let her have her way with my unconscious body minus some downstairs stuff I was uncomfortable with. I was surprised she didn't do more than cuddle. I didn't really have any complaints with her doing stuff like that. Okay, I had one complaint, that neither she nor Mistress put my underwear back on.
Nora snuggled close and slowly walked her fingers up my belly to my tits. I was holding my breath to not react. "I poked you once and realized I wasn’t actually into the whole unconscious girlfriend thing like I thought. I definitely prefer you awake. You don't make cute noises and squirm while unconscious. Like this." Her hand found a mountain of boob and proceeded to feel it up, eliciting those cute noises she mentioned.
Mistress saved me from her… or ruined the moment. I couldn't tell which. The pink-purple petaled affini wrapped us up in vines and pulled us apart. "Girls, you two will have plenty of time to play after we do the tour."
She picked us up and carried us over to get dressed. We were in an actual bedroom and it was big. Not as big as my open floor hab unit, but big enough I was wondering how much space they had left for this habitation unit. Maybe ones for affini were bigger, or maybe they made mine nice and small because I sort of asked for it to be small?
On the topic of bigness, the bed, while still huge, was also tall. I didn't think I could get onto it without my roommates help. Wait… Mistress was my roommate… I found a loophole to her hypnosis! She was going to be so bothered. Hmmm. I had to use it at the right moment for maximum effect. Or I could just use it constantly to show off how I'm definitely not a pet.
"What's my silly little princess flapping about?" Nora asked, making me realize I had excitedly waved my hands. It was weird having people around to point that out. Weirder to have them point it out like it wasn't something to be stopped and corrected. She made it sound cute and roots I was downright adorable.
I mimicked her classic shit eating grin, but with some fang. "You'll see." Oh, she was bothered that she wasn't in the loop. Ha, that'll teach her to bully me. Revenge!
A few vine taps had my arms raised in the air and my roommate slid my bra on, before deftly hooking the clasps. Mistress put one of my, in the words of my girlfriend, cyber vampire dresses on me. Someone at some point got me a bunch of different designs for these so I didn't wear the same one every day. They still kept to that same shape as companion dresses did, just with glowing blue patterns on black.
It also just occurred to me that at some point Mistress started dressing me. It had only been two… maybe three weeks since she moved in. I literally did not remember. It just… happened. Must be the hypnosis. It was easy to blame all discrepancies on that. I was lazy and this was convenient, so I was fine with letting her handle that stuff.
My affini roommate then carried us into the next room. A living room a little bit smaller than my big open hab unit room. It had an affini sized L-shaped couch. A minimalist coffee table, and I'd wager a holoprojector. It connected to the kitchen that I was too short to ever use. Eh, Mistress handled the meals so whatever.
The living room also contained a shelf with a familiar turtle plus a collection. Mistress really did like turtles. I never did ask what the horse thing was about. Maybe later.
There were additional rooms which made this all seem super big. My girlfriend pointed at one of the doorways. "Oh can we go in that one? I want to show Aster what I look like!"
Okay that had my attention. "What do you mean? I thought you were like turned into code or something. And that this was your preferred form." I gestured to her synth body.
"I mean yea, but that code has to run on something doesn't it." Nora was making a lot of sense. So there was a weird computer in there that held the seat of my girlfriend's mind. Now I was curious.
Mistress chuckled, making a beautiful noise that had me pause my brain for a few seconds. "Okay girls, we can go look at the server room." Oh, we had a whole server room, and not terran servers, actual fancy affini ones built for a digitized person and an affini IT expert.
Gazing upon them, they were as unbearably planty as I imagined. It was a lump of tightly interwoven green vines filling up most of the space. It was bigger than my entire computer room in the old hab unit.
Nora with her physical body dramatically gestured with both arms towards the plamt. "Behold, my true form."
I giggled. "Are you secretly an affini?"
"No, but I do have a plant body. Look over there." She pointed to a few familiar but unique women standing in little booth thingies in the corner. One looked almost exactly like Nora's current body but with a human colored skin tone. Another was indeed a robot, but made out of affini biotech into a weird wooden female humanoid. The last was more robot than her current one. Actual metal and bolts n stuff. "I messed around with a few bodies before I settled on this one. Also, before you ask. I can only properly operate one at a time."
My hand found hers and I entwined my fingers. "Well you picked a beautiful body."
She smiled. "Thanks. Maybe after your implants you can try piloting it."
I paused for a second. "T-That'd be possible?!"
"I'd assume so. I saw the list and some are basically a physical version of my digital interface. I'd love to see what you think of my body." Then Nora really really shocked me. "I could probably pilot your body too through your implants. That is, if you and Miss Talis let me."
Silence reigned as I drank that in. Then my mind in it's beautiful way, took that bit, and instead of focusing on the ethics and process of such a thing decided to run with the idea further. "We could swap bodies? Like pilot each other at the same time?"
"Aster, you're a genius! We'd totally be able to swap bodies. Then you can be Nora the maid and I can be lady Aster!" And she took it further still. Dirt, I was into that. I loved my body, but spending a little time doing a body and role swapped roleplay sounded awesome.
In our delight, I didn't even notice Digitalis carry us out of the server room. She took us through a big open arch that sort of separated the living room from this other room. You could see from one to the other.
This new spot had two very familiar computers, one affini planttech and one my old terran hardware. In front of them was a floating hover chair big enough for two. It was positioned that my terran set up was against the wall and the tech setup came out like an office desk. There was a lot of room in that corner. An affini sized space with a ceiling to match.
I would have gotten down and scampered over to check my set up just in case, but I was mentally blocked from attempting the task and I refused to beg to be set down. I wasn't a pet, I didn't beg.
She showed us the bathroom, the laundry room, a workshop where Mistress was tinkering with affini biotech, the compiler's location, a guest bedroom, and some closets. The place was huge.
"So like is this how big a habitation unit normally is? I thought mine was normal sized." I just threw the question out there.
Mistress patted me on the head and said, "Yours was on the smaller end of conventional habitation unit sizes, fairly common for independent terrans, this is a common sized habitation unit for an affini and her florets."
It would make sense that I couldn't see any terran or terran family needing this much space, or even wanting it. That never stopped the uber rich for some reason. I couldn't fathom why they liked those oversized mansions. They looked pretty but like, you'd have to walk so far to do anything, and it was way too big to feel cozy in. At least, for an affini with florets this size made sense. Mistr- my roommate got around pretty fast with her long legs under that skirt of ginormous flower petals.
"I'll make you both something to eat." She said as we re-enter the living room. She set Nora and I down on the couch to wait.
I was about to get up and go get on my computer when Nora pulled out the thing. The thing for that retrieving game I enjoyed.
She waved it in front of me, my eyes following the object. She tossed it across the room saying, "Fetch."
I hopped down onto the soft floor and walked on over. The carpet beneath my hands and knees felt identical to the stuff in my habitation unit making it a pleasant walk over to the object. My name tag hanging from my necklace jingled the whole way as my long ass hair dragged on the ground.
Bending down to pick it up caused my tits to press against the floor which always got me. Still I managed to hold it together and pick up the thing. There was that familiar squeaking noise when I did. My body was wiggling happily the whole trip back because that I got the thing.
Hopping back up on the couch was a challenge but I scrambled up and dropped the thing in front of Nora. I patiently sat there waiting for the words.
My bully of a girlfriend made me wait a bit. She said weird affini things and I placed my hand in hers and I rolled over. Finally she said it. "Good Girl~" My favorite two words. She proceeded to pet me a bunch and I bit her a few times for making me wait.
Mistress came over and picked us up and set us down at the table where a delicious homemade meal of bacon and eggs awaited. My silverware was right there, but facing the wrong way. I would have definitely picked them up and fed myself, but vines reached over and took them first.  She brought a mouthful of food to my mouth and tapped my cheek and I opened my mouth to receive the food. A tap under the chin told me to chew it.
While I could feed myself, this had been the norm for over a week. It wasn't like I hadn't been hand fed by Cyathea a few times during my wardship. Besides, if my roommate wanted to handle more things for my lazy butt then all the better for me.
Playing my relaxing game of obtain and return object followed by a home cooked meal served by my roommate really made the place feel more like my home. It'd take some time, but I'd get used to it. At least, I was still living with my girlfriend and soon to be other girlfriend. Being around them always made things better.

Aster got a necklace, with a little nameplate just like she wanted! The cute little independent sophont moved in with her roommate and girlfriend into a new bigger home too. Aster's life is great and perfect and uh... checks notes... seven more chapters?! Hmmm, I wonder what happens to need that many more chapters.

Love Darkfalli ❤️

Also, special thanks to my beta readers, who are wonderful and provided me with good feedback on all 15 chapters of Wellness Check (plus the super duper top secret extra bit):
Simulated Beehive
Glitchy Robo
And more!

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