Wellness Check

Chapter 6 - Bullying

by Darkfalli

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This is one of my favorite chapters so I hope you all enjoy!

"I told you cuddling in her lap would be great." Said my girlfriend as we embraced each other on her owner's lap.
I mean it was great. Digitalis's vines were cozy. Her giant flower petals were at least as soft as my sheets. I was enjoying myself. The one problem that I had was that I felt like I got tricked somehow. Digitalis challenged me on some random thing and I actually can't figure out how that got her to concede and let us cuddle in her lap. I wasn't even asking to cuddle in her lap. How did this happen?
I felt like I was being manipulated and I was really conflicted on how to feel about that. On one hand she was manipulating me, that's generally considered bad. On the other hand, I was enjoying the lap cuddles. I couldn't actually be mad at Digitalis. She was too nice and kind, and her being here the past two days was actually really great. Plus, it was hard to be mad at anyone when I was all comfy holding Nora during lap cuddles.
Digitalis was a devious mastermind and I needed to outwit her, not these victories that got me things I wanted without actually having asked for them, like an actual success in the game of wits. Unfortunately, I was really smart… wait if I was smart that shouldn't be a problem. Hmmm. Wait, I was getting distracted. Out maneuvering the affini mastermind was going to take wit and cunning and I was really blanking on how to do that.
"Gah! Why is this so hard?" I lamented out loud.
Nora giggled and gave me a peck on the cheek. "Trying to come up with another scheme?"
"Yea, I just keep having trouble and it's making me feel like an intelligent person. Wait… that didn't sound right." I got giggled at again. Oh, that was the hypnosis thing probably.
"Well, you are a very intelligent and silly princess, but if you want help Miss Talis and I would totally love to help you scheme." My girlfriend had that cheeky smile on.
I groaned. "I can't ask my rival for advice on outwitting her, and if I tell you then Digitalis might overhear and then the plan is ruined. I wish I had a brain computer implant to privately talk to you, but they all require the pet implant first except that one that didn't sound as good. The pet one can interface with like every body mod I’ve seen."
The affini whose lap was hosting us chimed in with the amazing sound of her voice. "There is a solution my adorable little flower, you could simply be my pet and get the implants."
She wasn't even subtle about it at this point. I, being a genius, had deduced that she wanted to make me her pet, yesterday when she mentioned that I'd make a great pet. Insidious Xenos and their desire to own me. "Like I told Cyathea a bunch, I don't want to be a pet!"
Nora, my traitorous girlfriend, then suggested. "Maybe we should get you on a class-D and then ask you that."
"What are class-Ds? I don't remember." I really should just look up the list of xenodrug classes. My digitized companion started suggesting that I take more of them ever since Digitalis basically moved in here. They were clearly conspiring against me.
"The ones that make you stop lying and say what you really really want." Nora moved closer and closer to my ear as she said that using her sultry tone and then nibbled me.
I let out a whimper as her teeth met my earlobe "B-But it didn't do that last time! It just made me say things I didn't want."
"And what, my silly little princess, did you say?"
"I-I was begging for like um," My face felt like it was on fire. I squeaked out the rest in a high-pitched rapid voice. "Cyathea-to-touch-me-all-over."
Nora got a grin and I realized I definitely shouldn't have said that. "But I thought you loved it when you got touched all over, I guess I should stop doing that since you don't want that." Gah!
My girlfriend was bullying me.
"I-It's okay when you do it!"
"Is it okay if Miss Talis does it?" Nora, why?!
I obviously couldn't say yes because then Digitalis would start touching me like that, but I couldn't say no because then Digitalis wouldn't touch me like that. Nora you evil evil digital woman. Being the genius I was, I came up with a fool proof plan.
I buried my face in her frilly outfit and mumbled so they definitely couldn't make out the word, "Maybe~" There crisis averted. I am truly the best.
To my horror Digitalis came in and ruined everything. "I'm sorry flower, I couldn't hear what you said. Did you want me to refrain from ever touching you?" That insidious xeno and her sinister machinations. How dare she! I knew she was evil and I should never have let her into my home.
I wanted to whine and I would have, but instead I ended up falling into a silent mood. I made my little typing gesture on Nora's skin. A moment later a vine handed me my tablet.
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: Stop bullying me 😖
My girlfriend tightened her hold on me. "Awww I'm sorry princess. You're just so adorable when we bully you."
Digitalis used a few of her vines to give me head pats. "I'll let you think on your answer, little one." Gah, that just meant she was going to do this again. I wished I could say or think that I hated her, but I couldn't. I didn't hate her and even thinking that felt bad. It had been for a long time. Instead, I was merely very frustrated with her.
I decided to get my revenge on the affini through more physical means. I had retractable vampire fang thingies and I was going to finally use them. I opened my mouth and extended them with the weird fang sense thing from when the affini surgeon somehow plugged them into my brain. I plunged my fangs into the soft warm vines of the affini. I then just sort of held on.
My girlfriend gasped. "Aster what the actual fuck?"
I let go and shrank back from her. D-Did I just do something wrong. I started getting really upset that I messed up somehow.
"Ahhh don't cry. I didn't mean it like that." She pulled me into a hug. "I was being dramatic." I didn't get into actual crying yet which made calming down easier. I still sniffled. "I'm just a little bothered you never told me you had fangs. Like we were doing the noble and her maid roleplay for like a week and you never whipped those out. Lady Aster being a vampire would have been so hot!"
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: Sorry, I didn't think of it. I barely ever really use them.
Nora gave me a very serious look. "You're gonna use them, okay? I want fanged love bites from my vampire princess girlfriend." My girlfriend then looked up. "Mistress, can you take off my collar so Aster can bite my neck? Pleeeeease." She begged.
"Of course petal, how could I say no to you." Her vines reached down and took off the choker that had a tiny name tag and ruffles to match the maid outfit. "I'll put it back on when you two are finished."
My girlfriend pulled back her purple hair and exposed her inhuman light gray neck skin. "Lady Aster, please drink from me. I know you need blood and I want you to have mine." She slipped back into her persona.
I went to respond but I was still in my no talking mood. I couldn't just leave lady Aster's maid waiting. I moved close and in my own persona. I licked the spot and plunged my fangs into her neck. Nora moaned far more than a bite should have made her. Digitalis must have given her something. Eventually, when she stopped squirming under my bite I let go gave the spot another shiver inducing lick and went back to a loose hug in the lap of the affini.
The maid seemed to need a bit longer to recover from whatever she just went through. Her owner placed the collar back on as soon as she wasn't in limp recovery. "Yea, we are totally doing that again. That was awesome. Thank you Aster and thank you Mistress. You two are the best!"
"You're very welcome petal."
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: Your welcome. Sorry, I didn't mention them before.
Nora gave me a peck on the cheek. "Aster, it's okay. I just didn't know you were going all cyber vampire, which is super cool by the way."
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: I didn't really plan a look, I just saw them in a body mod catalog and got them.
"Uh huh." She paused for a bit looking me over. "You never leave your hab unit, how did you get fang mods?"
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: Back when Cyathea still visited I asked her to take me to get some. I had her knock me out to do it. Like, I fell unconscious here and then woke up here a little later with the fangs.
My girlfriend gave me a look. "You asked your case worker to render you unconscious to leave your home? Aster, you really need to try a class-E."
I had to look up what that was. Sedatives and relaxers used for anti-anxiety purposes. I started scrolling through the list of specific variants… The few I looked at all had impaired cognition listed as an effect.
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: I don't want to like impair my thinking, I like being smart!
"Flower, not all of them impair cognition. Here look at these." My tablet acted on its own and sorted the list to only show those that didn't impair thinking. I forgot Digitalis could see and control my screen with her mind like Nora could. Of course they both got to control computers with their minds. Show offs.
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: They still have impaired motor skills, I don't want to try one.
Nora's hand came up to gently rest on my cheek. "Princess, you should try one… but if you won't, can you try a different xenodrug? For me?" I watched as she made the list of class-D xeno drugs come up on my thing.
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: Why class-Ds?
"Because I want to hear what you really think." She was making it really hard to say no.
I looked at the list and their various effects, they all lowered inhibitions but in many, many different ways. Some had the words only slip out verbally, some made one also mentally lower them. Many focused on sexual inhibitions while others were more in general. There were so many!
I looked back up at my pleading girlfriend whose sad hopeful look was just too much. Why did I give her so much power over me? How foolish I was to let this bully into my life.
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: Fine… but it has to be the one that Cyathea used before.
"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" She held me tight. How was I supposed to be stubborn when she did stuff like this when I gave in?
A moment later a needle slipped into me. Wait, Digitalis was already doing it? Fuck.
My bully of a girlfriend asked, "So how do you really feel about Miss Talis having hypnotized you?"
Obviously, I hated it and it's horrific and stuff. "I love it and I wish she'd do it again… Gah, see these things make me say things I don't mean. I mean, I love the idea of her hypnotizing me to do and say things without me even being aware of it. No, no I don't. But I do!"
Nora had a shit eating grin on her face. My girlfriend set me up. I got tricked again!
Digitalis decided to join in humiliating me while I was saying weird things. "Aster flower, so did you want me to touch you?" That evil sinister horrible affini!
"Yes please! I love it when you pet me and hold me, and cuddling with you and Nora is the best! No, I didn't mean that. Stop asking me questions like that! I love it when you ask those questions. Gah!!!!!!" I wanted to bury my head in the ground and never hear them talk again.
"Well my beautiful princess, what do you think of our little roleplays?" Thank you Nora for not asking me a question with a weird answer.
"I love it, except I wish I didn't have to be the dominant one. I want to be the one bossed around, but I'm scared I wouldn't have the motivation to like be a maid or anything." Dang it! I said too much. The worst part was that I really did think that.
She leaned in and nuzzled me. "It's okay princess, we can come up with another scenario so you can be the cute little sub you are."
"I really love it when you call me princess and silly and beautiful" Oh stars she didn't even ask a question and I just said that.
"Well you are my beautiful silly princess after all." Ahhh, she was just saying that because I liked it…Okay, that was actually a good thing. She was great even if she was a bully who tricked me.
Digitalis then took the whole thing way too far. She reached a vine down while shifting her planty hold on us. The vine tilted my chin to look up at her magnificent and beautiful visage. "So Aster dear, would you like to be my floret?"
"YES! Fuck, I mean no, but I really do. I don't want to be a pet. I want to be your pet. I-I… stupid class-D! I don't mean that but I do. I want to be your-" I covered my mouth with my hands because I couldn't stop talking. With one hand firmly covering my mouth I typed away.
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: No more class-D, please make it stop.
Another needle slid into me with a light poke. "Flower, I gave you the counter agent."
I uncovered my mouth. "See, it makes me say a bunch of stuff I don't mean at all."
"So you don't like me calling you my beautiful silly princess? And you don't want to come up with a fun roleplay with you as the submissive one?" My girlfriend was bullying me.
"Okay, I maybe meant those, but none of the other stuff. I don't like being hypnotized, I don't want to be a pet, I-I don't want to be…" I suddenly became worried that if I said I didn't want Digitalis to touch me she'd stop with the lap cuddling, and the head pats.
The beautiful affini mistress patted me on the head. "It's okay flower, we understand." Her pets and pats were too good. It should be a Compact crime for her to give them.

I was on my computer doing my usual snooping and shenanigans, when Nora appeared on one of my monitors.
"Hey beautiful princess, want to cuddle?" She then tapped my shoulder with her synth body right behind me.
"I mean yea, but I also want to work on my stuff." I gestured towards the screen which she was still on.
Just to show off she spoke from my speakers and her piloted body. "Maybe we should get you a new chair so I can sit with you. Maybe a couch?"
I pouted as I turned to face her body. I didn't have a webcam for her to see me, and the holoprojector's sensor stuff for hologram calls didn't extend into this room. "But I like my chair, and I like spinny chairs."
"Aster, your butt wore the cushioning on that thing off and it looks like it's about to fall apart. You need a new chair. How about this one." I turned back to my screens. She brought up a larger spinny chair image on my monitor and edited us sitting in it together.
"Nora, you aren't supposed to be in my system." I whined.
Nora rolled her eyes on the screen and presumably the physical ones behind me. "You're just deflecting. You need a new chair and this one would be great. I already ordered it to be sent here." Right, my hab's compiler wasn't big enough to make a chair. "Also, you've been on here for the past five hours, and I. Demand. Cuddles."
I sighed. "Okay, but you have to carry me." I spun around and she scooped me up and took me downstairs where Digitalis was cooking food rather than just compiling it. The compiled stuff was great. I didn't understand her need to cook things.
We cuddled on the bed for a while before she spoke up. "So I was thinking we could maybe try a thing where you're a secret vampire college student and I can be your professor that you have a thing for. You could be failing your English class and I'll call you up after class and propose sex in exchange for a good grade and you get bitey."
I mulled it over. I could see the appeal but also it felt like we couldn't get as much mileage out of it as the maid and her lady thing. Like we could slip into that whenever and the student thing felt more of a one off scene. "I mean it sounds good, but I don't want to do like actual sex. Also it feels like a one off."
"Hmmm, yea I guess I could see that. Alright, how about my other idea. I get to be a cosmic navy ship captain, and you're my subordinate during the whole Terran Pacification Program thing. We could even get Mistress to sometimes join in as our affini enemy who captures us in her vines. Oh and you still have to be a vampire."
I rolled my eyes. "You really just want me to bite you."
She giggled. "I mean duh. You've got fangs, and I want them nibbling me."
I brought out the fangs and nibbled her arm. Tasty synthetic girlfriend skin. I nibbled and licked my way up her arm until she was pulling back her collar to give me a shoulder bite spot. Her little noises let me know I was doing it right. I wasn't all that into the biting. I mean I had like an oral thing with sticking things in my mouth sometimes, but it wasn't kinky for me. Nora on the other hand really seemed to get off on bites. I did it for her. Her cute noises and squirming were great.
"Private, stop. The crew might hear us." Her navy captain voice could use a little work but it was our first time.
I pulled back and gave her a pleading look, "I'm sorry Captain. I-I didn't know what came over me."
"As long as you can follow orders I'll overlook your assault on a superior officer."
I brought my arm up for a salute. "Yes Ma'am."
"At ease, private. Now go check the mess hall and report to me how much longer it'll be until dinner. Also fetch me the meal schedule." Captain Nora ordered.
"Ma'am, yes Ma'am" I lowered my arm, then hopped off the bed to walk all the way over to Digitalis in the kitchen. I had to seriously debate keeping the roleplay up with her or dropping it and only continuing when I got back to the bed.
My trip took longer than I thought it would. I was pretty glad my habitation unit floor was more comfortable than my apartment's old floor. It would have hurt my palms and knees to walk over on that floor. Wait… that seemed off somehow. I dismissed the thought.
Nora was stifling a lot of giggles at me walking over to the kitchen. I wasn't even speaking so it couldn't be the hypnosis thing. I just ignored it as she just sometimes found things funny.
I finally made my way past the dining table and the island in the kitchen. I lowered my butt next to the heel of the towering affini who seemed way bigger than normal. "Chef, the captain wants to know how much time before dinner is ready, and I need to fetch the meal schedule."
Digitalis bent at the knees to reach down and pet me. "You can tell the captain that dinner will be ready in ten minutes, and here's the schedule you're supposed to fetch." She held up the prop in front of me and as I grabbed it I heard a squeaky noise.
I mumbled my thanks, which was kinda hard while holding the prop for some reason and walked back over before climbing up onto the bed. I dropped the prop schedule in front of Captain Nora and reported. "Dinner will be ready in ten minutes and here's the meal schedule." I went to hand it to her and it was kinda wet in the middle. It wasn't wet like that when I carried it over… Huh that's weird.
Nora noticed me notice and tried really hard not to break character. "Well Private, you've been a very good girl. It sounds like we have ten minutes to cuddle before dinner."
I nestled into her hold and she pet me. "Princess, you're really too adorable sometimes."
"Did I do something strange?" Something was off about that whole thing and I couldn't place my finger on it.
"Maybe you did. Maybe Digitalis hypnotized you again and now you have triggers for doing very cute things." Oh. Oh no. Nora was saying that I had more things going on.
I really needed to stop getting excited by this stuff. My mind was violated and yet… "R-Really? W-What kind of uh thing did I do?" I sounded way too eager. I was so glad my girlfriend believed me when I said I hated this stuff.
She grinned. "Are you sure you want to know princess?"
"Uh…" Shit, would knowing about it ruin it? But if it did, shouldn't I want to know? What if I broke the hypnotism thing and it didn't work again? Gah! I needed to stop fawning over being made to do cute shit and ask. "Y-Yea."
She accessed my tech glasses and brought up a hologram video of me crawling on all fours across the hab unit with a toy newspaper in my mouth. I glanced over at the same plastic newspaper on the bed with my spit on it… 
My face lit up. "Gah!" I buried my face in my hands and she pulled me in for a very close hug. I wish I hadn't asked to know. I'd rather have been oblivious than know I did that. This was too much embarrassment. Too much.
It then weirdly hit me, I wasn't upset over the fact that that happened… at all. I was upset that I now knew it happened. Gah! Why was I like this?
Nora just stroked my hair. "Would you like Digitalis to erase your memory of asking?"
"S-She can do that?" I really really wanted the answer to be yes. I looked up from my face covering of shame.
Nora had a shit eating grin. "She did it to you last time."
I blinked. "Wha…" the implication slammed into me and filled me with… relief. If it worked before then it can happen again.
I felt the bed sink a little from a new presence. "Flower, do you want me to take the memory away?" I couldn't admit that out loud so I just nodded. Her vine came down and very slowly injected me with something…
Nora and I finished our post-roleplay pre-dinner cuddling and now I was at my dining table eating. The homemade pasta and pasta sauce took Digitalis a while along with all the other bits, but wow she was an amazing cook. Still, I could have gotten something like this from the compiler, but it was impressive that she made it and maybe the fact she put in all that work just to watch me eat was uh… I felt happy that she cared that much.
Digitalis sat down across from me. She got a new dining table for my hab unit the day she started staying here. This one was a bit big for me. I didn't care because I never really used it. I used to eat on the couch or most of the time at my desk up in my computer room. What I was not expecting was that she would steal my silverware and start feeding me.
"I can feed myself. You're as bad as Cyathea was." I whined before opening my mouth for the bite of food.
She just smiled. "My sweet little flower, I looked at your compiler's record. You haven't used utensils to eat since before we arrived on this world. It's safer if you let me handle it." I rolled my eyes. I would retort but she fed me bites just fast enough I didn't really have time to retort.
Digitalis in a very smug voice continued. "Of course if you truly want to try then take the utensils from me." She held them handle first towards me.
It was the dumbest challenge she had given me. I obviously went to grab them, only I didn't. I lifted my arms and hands but they wouldn't reach for the utensils. I grabbed one arm with my other and then tried to force it to grab the utensils. I went to hop down from my seat but I didn't.
"Y-You, you hypnotized me again didn't you?" I accused, or rather excitedly asked.
She flipped them back around and prepared another bite. "Perhaps, I did something. Does that upset you, flower?" My evil affini roommate said.
"Yes." I lied before eating the bite of pasta presented to me. I just kept eating at that point. She had already done whatever she did and I was sitting here with food that I definitely wanted to eat. Funny enough she managed to keep food from falling into my cleavage. A task I had failed at routinely since gaining the boon of the aforementioned cleavage.
My girlfriend's synth body was also being fed pasta. Apparently, it doesn’t digest it. She just wanted the physical experience of eating sometimes. I felt like I should ask more about her whole digitization thing, but thinking about it was weird and I'd rather not dig into the details. It's not like I could get my memory erased if I learned something I'd rather not know.
After dinner Digitalis bundled Nora and I up and we went to bed. I was pretty used to it after a while. My giant orgy bed was luckily big enough to fit the affini. Thankfully no orgies actually took place. That'd be awful.

So I felt like an idiot. Apparently after five months I finally realized my biotech computer had a touch screen. I could have doodled on this thing with a stylus the whole time and I hadn't! I only learned of this while sitting in my new computer chair with Nora and she reached over and booped my monitor. I thought she pulled a trick with her digitization thing, but nope. It was actually a touch screen.
She laughed at the fact I got adorably embarrassed over it. Her words, not mine. "So my silly little princess, want to take a break from spying on people and play some games together?"
"I've already got a game stream on." I gestured to the Theoflowers stream on my side monitor.
"Watching people play games and playing them are different! I want to cuddle and play video games with you. I know you have games on these things." I gave up on the whole digital personal space with her. With how often she giggled at me for presumably doing something under the effects of hypnosis I didn't really have anything else to really hide from her, or Digitalis.
Well, I had one thing to hide from them, but that little surprise was really hard to make secure and I had to ask them both not to look at it because otherwise the snoopy sophonts would have known about my magnum opus. I called them out on spying on me before and basically they said that if I'm allowed to spy on them then they can spy on me. It took a lot of biting and light hearted threats to get them to back off my big work.
"Fine, but I want to play a slow paced strategy game. I've never had the reflexes for those super fast paced competitive ones." I can't imagine how much worse I'd be if I ever actually accepted the class-E… then again Nora would giggle at me and call me cute. Maybe, I'd feel comfortable with it another day.
"Deal!" She brought up a 4X strategy space empire game. Post affini takeover someone modified it to have an affini faction that just takes over and domesticates everyone… It was impossible to beat them if you played as any other group. Affini were OP!
Nora and I both agreed that neither of us were allowed to play the affini and went about our business. My intergalactic empire allied with her AI communist alliance and we conquered the stars until I realized something. I missed it at first, but Digitalis was in the game as the third player… and she was playing the fucking affini!
"Nora! Digitalis is winning." I whined to my girlfriend.
"Yup! She's gonna domesticate our civilizations. I thought it'd be funny to invite her to play with us."
I pouted as she gave me a kiss on the cheek. "I thought we were going to resist getting domesticated together!"
"And we are! Resisting just makes getting domesticated more fun don't you think?" Okay she had a point.
I sighed "Yea, you're right. Just help me conquer the Combine, I want their planets before we face Digitalis down."
"You got it princess!" My girlfriend chirped.
Being the only one with my head not plugged into the game was a massive handicap compared to the other two. I got my Combine space but then just as Nora predicted the affini domesticated us. I held out much longer, but in the end she still got me. At least I didn't surrender like my girlfriend. I made Digitalis take every inch of territory and the game had to forcibly declare my defeat.
I sighed. Looking at the time that game took it had been hours, I stayed up a bit later than normal to finish. I probably wouldn't have been up so late if I didn't draw the game out to spite Digitalis. I yawned and slumped onto my girlfriend.
"Oh, is my silly little princess tired?" She teased.
I poked her in the boob. "Shush, sleep is for the weak."
"Hmmm, the princess in my arms is rather weak, maybe she should get some sleep."
"Don't bully me, I'll bite you." I threatened. Kind of an awful threat considering she was into it. I really didn't think that through.
She got up carrying me and started walking down the steps. "Look at this helpless weak sleepy princess in my arms. I guess I better take her to bed~"
I brought out my fangs and bit her on the neck. Her legs went weak from pleasure and she fell. We fell from the top of the stairs. I tumbled once, but the stairs deformed all soft like and a moment later vines caught us.
"Girls, no playing while walking down the stairs. Take the elevator if you two want to be silly." Digitalis chided us.
Nora gave an immediate. "Sorry Miss Talis." I don't know why. The two clearly had a secret chat they used constantly to scheme against me.
I pouted and apologized for nothing. Clearly, I was a beautiful intelligent cute adorable sophont that had done nothing wrong. Accusations to the contrary were obviously false. Nora had been bullying me and the bite was in self-defense.
Digitalis carried us both over to the bed. My heart was still racing from almost falling to my death. I mean I guess it wasn't to the death. I knew the hab unit was built to where that couldn't happen. I even hit my head falling on the stairs and it didn't even hurt because of the safety stuff.
Somehow despite the excitement or terror of falling like that, I still fell asleep very fast in the arms of my affini and girlfriend.

I came to on the couch in Digitalis's lap holding onto Nora. Now, I didn't take naps no matter how comfortable I found our lap cuddle time. Something had just happened. Digitalis just messed with my head again probably. I was really curious what she did this time.
My girlfriend had a cheeky smile on. She knew what Digitalis did and she was going to ask me an innocuous question and I would obliviously answer in a way that she would see as cute and adorable and I would get confused by. It's happened a few times. I never understood what the change was from her question because whatever the affini did prevented me from being aware of it. It was kinda hot.
"Soooo, princess." Yup there she goes. "What's your full name?"
Hmmm. They did something to my name. They better not have made me think it's something silly like Snuggly or something. That'd be too embarrassing. Thinking about it, my full name didn't seem weird or abnormal. It was a normal name for a normal sophont.
"I thought you both knew my full name." I wasn't going to let these two bullies have their way easily.
Nora and her shit eating grins. "We do, I just want to hear you say it. You've only ever mentioned your first name to me."
I shrugged. "Well yea. I've never liked my last name, so I only used my first." I just had to pry the answer out of her before she got me to say my name.
"If you tell me your name, I'll play the touching game with you~" My girlfriend sang. The temptress. She knew that ever since I stopped being low dose on that class-A I couldn't say no to the touching game.
I needed some way to deflect until I got her to spill the beans. I considered pretending I was nonverbal… no that's crossing a line. I think. I'm not really sure where the lines were with my girlfriend who gave me free reign with her physical body while invading my personal computer constantly, and the affini that basically tricked me into letting her move in and kept messing with my head.
I came up with nothing. I sighed and went for my usual mumble unintelligibly into my girlfriend's boobs, but she stopped me.
"Nope, no boob whisperer routine. Say your name loud and clearly." My girlfriend was being pushy about this.
Digitalis chimed in. "Flower, it's your name. All three of us already know it. We'd just love to hear the words come from you."
Hmmm, I was going to cave to them eventually. I needed to get as much out of this as possible. "Fine but you-" I pointed up at the affini's face. "have to brush my hair for at least an hour and then you-" I pointed to my girlfriend's physical surrogate body. "have to play the touching game with me."
"Deal!" Nora chirped excitedly.
The affini laughed. "Flower, if you had asked, I would have done that anyway." I pouted. Why couldn't she let me have this?
"Whatever. My name is Aster Lutea, Second Floret." I waited. Neither of them were giving away what changed about my name. My girlfriend did her retreat into cyberspace to giggle and laugh her ass off. Looking up at Digitalis she just appeared really happy with her pretty golden eyes.
I huffed. "It's just my name. The same one I've always had. Anyway, I was promised brushing!"
"Of course, flower." She pulled out a brush which I guess she just kept on her at this point. I probably needed to get it cut back a bit, but I wouldn't be Aster if I didn't like overdoing things I enjoyed. My scalp was so sensitive from the class-A that every brush stroke was just, shivers. I melted into a puddle against my girlfriend as my affini roommate groomed me. I deserved it after all, because I was a very very good girl.

Aster is such a very good totally independent sophont. I hope you all enjoyed; Love, Darkfalli❤️

Also, special thanks to my beta readers, who are wonderful and provided me with good feedback on all 15 chapters of Wellness Check (yup, not even halfway done yet):
Simulated Beehive
Glitchy Robo
and everyone else (sorry if I didn't get your name on here)

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