Wellness Check

What if

by Darkfalli

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[What if Aster at the very end of Wellness Check and the Aster at the beginning of the story met, could pet brained aster convince independent aster to become a floret?]

Warning, uh not canon? Also sort of out of character because aster’s headspace is hard to get into after months… enjoy!~
Looking through my server list the last one finally vanished… Fuck. The evil stupid aliens finally took down the last external server and I was next. I knew it. My hand searched for a fidget toy and picked it up and I started going to town on it. Evil sinister fucking aliens. Why couldn't they just leave everything alone?
My eyes glanced back to the door. I had barricaded it so many days ago when they first arrived in a fit of panic. Thankfully, working from home had its benefits in such an event. I had a stockpile of food I barely ate… I glanced over to the kitchenette. I really should get out of my desk chair and, like, do something about that. Then again my planet and species just got conquered by aliens so I guess I can let the mess sit another day.
I sat at my desk, legs folded. My good ole sports bra and gym shorts protecting my modesty—not that anyone ever saw me outside of those business calls that'd never happen again. Work vanished along with my income and everything and my fidget toy really spun huh.
A message popped up on my screen again. The same one that had for days. Hey petal,💖 how are you feeling? I hope you're doing well and I'd love to hear from you! Love, Digitalis💖💖💖🌹🌹🌹 I got mad. This had been happening since right after the invasion. This Digitalis somehow kept invading my system to pop up this gaudy message with flowers and heart emojis right in the middle of my monitor setup. I hated them. No one should be able to break into my computer like that over and over. They shouldn't be able to do it at all!
Before I lost myself in the system logs of the problem something really fucking weird happened. A voice yelled from far away coming closer and closer but like, without a wall in the way. I spun my spinny chair around and faced the disturbing impossible noise to find… a hole in space and time right above my bed…
"What the f—"
A woman, a full woman fell out of the rift screaming, "Gah!!!" And smacked into my bed, causing the springs to groan under the impact… the rift vanished. She sat up and uhm, gosh. A short woman with the biggest boobs ever and long black hair like mine but somehow better, and a glowing blue circuit tattoos, and glowing blue eyes, and a face that looked familiar but only barely, just sort of rested on my bed. Uh so a busty girl just got shat out of space time onto my bed like one of those doujinshi hentai I definitely didn't have stored on a secret smut server that definitely didn't exist.
Staring off into space, the weirdly hot girl—who I had the most impossibly massive gender envy for—exclaimed, "Five hundred kilometers?!"
I wanted to like, ask her what the fuck was going on but uhm… yea no, I went nonverbal hard. So instead I stared at her boobs because she broke into my hab unit and they were so massive, they might have been the biggest things in the room. Then I glanced at my own chest and just held up my hands wishing they could be that big. Disappointing air grope.
"Yea, they were small weren't they?" She stared at my boobs and I shielded my tiny chest from her gaze and fidgeted with my hands. "It's okay! You'll get bigger boobs soon! I mean I did and you're me from the past so definitely gonna get you boobs exactly this big."
Halting immediately I looked up and into her eyes and for a moment forgot that'd cause horrible suffering and just… What?! Then the horrible cognitive pain kicked in and I looked away and contorted my body in an intense painless pain. I shook and rocked back and forth and just did every stimming-like motion all at once almost falling out of my chair because fuck eye contact.
"Sorry!" She started looking over to my kitchenette and judged me. "I forgot how bad it was and my implant auto censors direct eye contact and sorry."
Implant, me from the future?! What the actual fuck.
Still sitting on my bed, both of us having ridiculously long black hair, she asked, "So uhm, why aren't you like talking?"
I flailed my hands dramatically in silence.
"Oh nonverbal! Gosh, yea like that was a pain before I got technomancy, you can just like, type on your keyboard. I can mentally access our old computer… er your current computer."
Immediately I swiveled around, finding the idea of just looking at my computer much easier than looking at the living embodiment of gender envy.
> SystemLurkerQueen: Time travel really?
> SystemLurkerQueen: Aliens invaded like five days ago and you want me to believe you time traveled?
I then noticed that annoying message from my archnemesis Digitalis and started digging into that.
"She got in by using a 0-day on the local server's management tool to elevate her privileges to root and then accessed our system from that. Just close all network access to the local server and only use direct access through the main system. Because we both know neither of us is a good enough coder to like fix an app with a hundred dollar a month license within the next five years. And we don't exactly have the source code." The longer she talked the more I noticed how off this hot woman's voice was. It had an artificial digital tinge. Worse, she spoke to some weird alien song's rhythm and gah! Weird, weird, weird.
About five minutes later I verified the hot woman was right and did as she told… kinda mad that I didn't get to figure that out myself.
"Anyway, yea, I'm you from like uh… next year? Give or take a few months. At least Mistress already started sifting through my memories to catch up or this would be really hard to explain to her." Mistress? Sifting through memories?
> SystemLurkerQueen: What?
> SystemLurkerPrincess: Oh, right uhm…
> SystemLurkerPrincess: Gah!
> SystemLurkerPrincess: so like uhm the aliens are actually really great and awesome and stuff.
> SystemLurkerPrincess: I mean just look at my tits
> SystemLurkerPrincess: they're great and uh
> SystemLurkerPrincess: You know, like the really hard D/s stuff on the secret smut server?
> SystemLurkerPrincess: Well the affini are really into kink relationships
> SystemLurkerPrincess: Also space drugs!
> SystemLurkerPrincess: And cuddling
> SystemLurkerQueen: The aliens are mind controlling space doms with drugs and cuddling?
> SystemLurkerPrincess: Yes!
> SystemLurkerPrincess: It's the best!
> SystemLurkerPrincess: I've got like a hundred hypnotic triggers including ones that turn me into a puppy that plays fetch.
> SystemLurkerPrincess: Oh yea, Mistress made it so I can't feel shame which uhm gosh,,,
> SystemLurkerQueen: …
> SystemLurkerPrincess: So yeah, honestly I'm trying to figure out how fast I can speed run a year's worth of emotional growth into you
> SystemLurkerPrincess: did I mention they shove a mind controlling implant into their pets?
> SystemLurkerPrincess: Its hot
> SystemLurkerQueen: …
> SystemLurkerPrincess: Did I mention I have a Mistress, and a girlfriend?
> SystemLurkerPrincess: Her name's Nora, and she's robot maid slut with a biting kink and is like an expert in queer stuff and relationships, and loves cuddling, and I miss my girlfriend already!
> SystemLurkerQueen: getting a girlfriend is probably the most unrealistic thing you've said so far and you claimed you're me from the future, and that the aliens are into kink relationships
> SystemLurkerPrincess: Right, so backstory… or is it future story if it hasn't happened yet in this timeline?
> SystemLurkerQueen: We aren't discussing how time travel works, its dumb and stupid and never makes sense
> SystemLurkerPrincess: Agreed!
> SystemLurkerPrincess: Anyway, a plant comes to the front door in two days and she's made of ferns which are ugly but she's really nice and just sort of helped me even though I kept telling her to fuck off and then I moved into a new apartment, went on a date with digitalis because apparently she was flirting with us the whole time, apparently she knew about the secret smut server, mentioned it, I had a breakdown, cried alone for like 3 months during which I got fangs and tattoos, and then got so lonely that I put a notice on one of the affini's meet up sites for a cuddle partner, and Nora showed up and we cuddled for like three days and we became girlfriends.
> SystemLurkerQueen: Okay.
> SystemLurkerQueen: I have questions.
> SystemLurkerQueen: fangs?
"Yup!" She chirped from behind me causing me to freak out and fall out of my chair. "Sorry!"
"Bitch." I muttered before realizing I just called the hottest woman in the universe a bitch, then remembered that she's possibly just me from the future? Pulling myself up off the floor I glanced back to my bed.
She sat there mouth open flashing long vampire fangs. "See! Fangs!" The sound came out despite her not even moving her mouth that time. "Want to cuddle?"
"What the actual fuck, you just spoke without moving your mouth!"
"Oh yeah, I got my body removed and my brain placed in a cool robot body that looks the exact same as my old body because xenodrugs are, like, wild. So technically my voice comes from a speaker in my throat, and I can purr. Watch!" Excitedly flapping her hands in an entirely adorable autistic fashion, she began imitating a purr… perfectly… and loudly. "Purr cuddles?"
"No." My butt found my computer chair and I turned back to my monitors only to remember… "Wait, I just spoke."
"Nonverbal is over! Cuddles?" Seriously, what was it with her and cuddles? Her entire body wiggled to some unseen music that her voice did.
I squinted, I was smart. A genius according to my shitty parents. I knew how to fucking solve this riddle of weird future me with a need to cuddle and a girlfriend and massive tits who I just realized hacked my computer to message me and had an almost identical username and says the evil xeno hacker was flirting with me the whole time but that was stupid because no one who was flirting would use that many heart emoji's.
Okay first, she's a robot and beautiful and everything I've ever wanted to be. Second she mentioned a mind controlling implant… "Gah! The implant!"
The shit eating fanged grin that stretched across her flawless face sent a shiver down my spine. "Oh, you want to know about my mind controlling implant that gives me technomancy? The one my owner tricked me into getting because I couldn't admit that I was a subby little pet who wanted to be hopelessly controlled."
She- she was insinuating that I— "I'm not a fucking pet. I don't want to be controlled. Stop talking like you know anything fucking about me. I don't want any of your dumb mind controlling implant stuff." My hands were shaking and I flapped them and rocked back and forth.
"Sorry. I- I forgot how I used to handle stuff… and I know this is going to sound weird but… I love you. I learned to love myself and that—"
"Fuck you, get out of my hab unit!" I never asked for some stupid slut from the future to show up and try and get me to talk about her hypno kink that I don't have and fuck her. If she'd just shut up and let me just be alone. My breathing went erratic and I was hyperventilating and flapping my arms and just focused on breathing, but she was watching me and I couldn't breathe.
"Uhm, look at my boobs." She… She took off her top and just sat on my bed topless and they were huge.  My breathing had stopped and before I could restart it she continued, "You're a good girl and I love you, okay?"
My breathing restarted, still forced but calmer and those words, she- she couldn't just say that and mean it like that and I just- No one ever said they loved me like that and tears ran down my cheeks as I started crying.
Warm arms wrapped around me and pulled me into a tight hug. She'd crossed the room while I cried. "Just cry on me okay? Maybe nuzzle my tits? Mistress'll definitely clean me up later so like make a mess if it makes you feel better. I'm an emotional support beeper and I'm gonna support you, always."
I just sat and cried and cried leaking emotion all over her massive tits. The embrace helped as I shook and shook and eventually the pain had me cling to her. My emotional support whatever the fuck she was. The first moment I turned my head I heard a small moan from her and froze… Uhm.
"I'm a little high on xenodrugs so uhm… sorry. They make touch so… touchy and stars, uhm lets go cuddle on the bed okay?" Not even waiting for my reply she picked me up. Her tiny body sort of stepped clumsily but she carried me like I was light as a feather over to my bed and set me down.
She laid down next to me and pulled me into a hug, intentionally burying my face in her cleavage. "You know, having obnoxiously long hair is the best, isn't it?" Her hands gently pet me on the head and it was the nicest most intimate bit of touch I'd ever had and it was from some robot time clone that was high on alien drugs.
I nodded and she moaned again, and my face inflamed. Stars, fuck. I tried to pull away but she held me tight in her boobs. Only a future time clone would know my weakness of being forced to partake in really gay cuddling. How was I supposed to beat a hot robot me from the future? Why did I want to beat her? "Gah!"
"Was that a 'I've been outwitted' gah, or a 'how dare she give me exactly what I want without me asking or revealing I like it' gah?" Okay yup, that sealed it, 100% my time clone.
"Both. You are me from the future aren't you?"
She pulled me into her tits again. "Yup! I'm the best version of myself! Turns out I just needed a lot of mind control, two partners, and a robot body."
I knew she was trying to make it sound like not a lot but uhm, no that was a lot. Also two partners? "Wait, do you cheat on your girlfriend?"
"Oh my stars I forgot I didn't always know about polyamory. Uhm, so the cis are jerks and you're allowed to have as many girlfriends as you want, but Mistress isn't my girlfriend, she's my owner and honestly it's like being girlfriends except with more hypnosis and I do whatever she tells me because being told what to do is really nice and I love doing whatever she wants because she made me~."
I just sidestepped the way she dreamily explained being mindlessly obedient and circled all the way around to the massive bombshell. "I can have more than one girlfriend? How? Isn't that cheating?"
"Nope! My girlfriend explained it to me. Basically if your girlfriends are okay with you having more girlfriends then it's not cheating! My girlfriend has like three girlfriends and it's great! Loving them doesn't mean she doesn't love me! Sophonts can love more than one sophont!"
My thoughts stalled as I tried to process that… it made sense. On paper it made sense but just… I could have so many girlfriends. And my girlfriends could have so many girlfriends… and we'd still love each other? "I don't get it?"
"Which part?"
"The part where someone loves me?" Okay that just slipped out…
"Oh yea! I forgot I used to hate myself. So uh turns out sophonts do love you… I love you… platonically… We're time clones, I'm not having sex with you. But you can touch my boobs and we can cuddle!" She left out the part where we were already cuddling and I was already touching her boobs because she made me.
Pulling out of her cleavage and making her let me pull out because she kept trying to suffocate me. I sat up and she sat up and we both kneeled on my bed, future me and present me. "So I uhm, I can touch your boobs."
"You want me to put your hand on my boob so you can't be at fault for your own action if I suddenly dislike… right?"
I nodded. It was like she could read my mind! Gah!
She just giggled looking me over with her blue eyes, before they turned into pitch black voids. Honestly made it easier to make eye contact with her… because I wasn't technically. Also she couldn't make eye contact with me because robot stuff. "Look so uh, aster."
"Yes aster?" I sassed back.
"You don't want to be at fault for your own actions right? So you can't get in trouble."
"Well if an affini owns you, you literally can't be at fault because you’re a dumb mind controlled pet!" And now she was appealing to my mind control kink and my desire to be free of agency.
"But what if I hate it?"
"First, it’s a loving relationship with a big gay plant woman who's literally the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Second, she'll just mind control you until you love it and are happy."
"Gah!!!" I touched her boob in revenge and she moaned and this was way too gay for me. Abort. Abort! Pulling back my hand my face blushed really hard and I muttered. "Sorry, sorry, sorry."
She grabbed my hand and placed it back on her chest. "No sorries. We're the same sophont… technically? Anyway, there's nowhere you can touch me that would be uncomfortable, Mistress literally removed all the uncomfortable bits, and my implant filters out bad textures and sounds and sights and it's just really nice… did I mention the affini have hypnotic biorhythms that slowly infect your mind until your susceptible to their influence?"
"What? The navy propaganda didn't even mention that! And they said a bunch of fucked up stuff about the affini." Seriously, they like ate people or were just slavers or something… wait. No that would be what people would say about a species of kinky queer space plants that took people as pets and hypnotized everyone but like in a hot way?
"How long did it take you to become a pet… in your timeline?"
Oh gosh she just took a deep breath and blushed and scratched her cheek… "Technically about five months… but I found out around three months after that because of all the memory editing… and then I got my robot body a few months after that… and then I met Snuggly."
Distinctly aware I was still groping my robot time clone, I asked, "What's a snuggly?"
"A girl I definitely am not crushing on who speaks in baa noises and has wing ears and big pawbs and a fat tail and… bites me and play tackles me and we do big rebellions together and—"
That entire rambling sentence made less sense the more I thought about it, but it was clear future me definitely had a crush on whatever a snuggly was. Gay. Wow. She was really gay… wait does that make me really gay? No, I think I definitely figured this out. I'm a girl, and I like girls… but no sex. My hand squeezed boob again. No sex but groping boobs that I wished were on me but weren't and now I was feeling a bit dysphoric and I sniffled.
Future me just tilted her head. "What's wrong? Massive boobs should be fixing everything."
Ignoring the nonsense that was the second part I just said. "But they aren't my massive boobs. I have this ugly sack of flesh that I have to live in every day and I hate it and even after years of hormones I'm still this thing."
"Mistress can fix it. She can fix everything which is why she's on her way right now."
"She can?" I looked at my empty eyed time clone.
Nods. "Absolutely, I mean she built my body! And most of my thoughts and stuff were programmed by her so uh, yea she can fix literally anything, she's the best! You just need to do everything she tells you… or sign a document handing over all your rights, and then you don't have to obey, she'll make you obey… cause it's fun."
"I… I think I need to go disassociate at my computer…" I got up off the bed and journeyed back to my technological throne. Humbled by a bet brained drugged up robot. My hand's went to the mouse and keyboard and just… I didn't even know what to do. We already solved that riddle my nemesis left me. The internet and my servers were gone…
My screens flickered and changed without me pressing a thing and two individuals appeared… the camera looked up at a massive beautiful plant woman, and a robot maid. Each one with a terrifyingly possessive grin. "You're thinking awfully hard for a silly little princess." The maid said to me… or whoever—
"I'm very smart and I like thinking." Said a very familiar voice. Aster… the other aster.
The towering beautiful plant in the background rested with the most predatory glee while the maid continued, "And you were thinking about the implant weren't you? About how Miss Talis is inside you now. About how she owns you entirely and can control every, little, thing, about you."
The hair's on the back of my neck stood up. Even the maid spoke to that same song that aster did.  Even the whimpers of future aster were timed to it. "Y-" she started but stopped. Clearly about to agree with the towering controlling duo.
She finally spoke, the plant. Mistress. "Flower, think very very carefully for me. Do you want this to be the moment you say that word?" Every word perfectly inhuman rang out punctuated by further mewling and whimpering from aster… from me. Stars I-I wanted to be her so bad. TO have that plant look at me like I was some prey to be conquered. A lover beneath her vines but cherished for my weakness…
"Just tear off the door Mistress, that's what happened last time."
I flickered my monitors to show the nearest security camera and that same maid, and that same plant were outside and… Oh stars, oh fuck she just tore my door off with a few vines. Turning my chair, a large plant creature, the plant moved my furniture out of the way like it wasn't there.
My time clone sat on the floor, her limbs now paws, big useless paws staring up love struck with little animated hearts on her digital eyes. "Hello Mistress! Hello Nora!"
"Nice to meet you!" Chirped the maid before quickly adding. "Princess… cute pet name for a cute girl."
The plant… Mistress looked between the crouched robot and me. She flashed me a sympathetic smile. "It's lovely to meet you, aster, I'm sorry my… pet here bothered you, but I've loved our correspondences so far. Perhaps we could—"
"Can I be your pet?" The words blurted out of my mouth faster than I could understand them and stars fuck stars. "I-I-I- didn't mean that I—"
"Ha! I speed ran my own domestication!" My time clone bragged before looking up to her owner. "Did I do good?"
"If this were canon I'd have such a head ache right now…" Her hand landed on aster's head. Her other hand landed on my head. "Good girls." Her hand withdrew and she snapped her fingers.
"Come along pets, I have to go ask the five billion affini in this system for help with time travel in the middle of the signing of the human domestication treaty."
"Yes Mistress" The other two chirped before I mumbled the same… Nervously watching the door.
Aster looked at me. "Oh Mistress, you'll need to give past me a really heavy class-E dose, She has agoraphobia."
"Alright." She turned to me. "Sit tight little one, I'll make sure to break you in properly once everything is sorted out."
"Yes Mistress!" I chirped, blushing up a storm.
She brought up a viney flower with a protruding needle and injected my arm. The drug made my knees go weak and my body feel heavy. I fell into waiting vines. Pulling my limp body into her arms, she cradled me and whispered. "Such a good girl."
The end!

Hope you enjoyed this silly thing I hyperfixated on writing for reasons beyond me (also turns out that aster (and maybe me) has ADHD... along with the autism... so yeah)

Also I wrote a really cute story called Sleepy Bitch its a soft fluffy oblivious catgirl tf, I'm very proud of it so maybe go read (and maybe give it a snap) 
Otherwise I also am writing what is essentially the spiritual successor to Wellness Check called Pet & Parcel!


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