Sleepy Bitch

by Darkfalli

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #f/f #Human_Domestication_Guide #hypnosis #pov:bottom #sub:female #body_modification #cat_girl #conditioning #cuddle_slut #cuddles #dom:female #dom:internalized_imperialism #drug_play #drugs #ownership_dynamics #petplay #scifi #sleep #transformation #transgender_characters
See spoiler tags : #hive_mind #multiple_partners

In the wake of an alien invasion, one woman with a sleeping disorder is too tired to care, thankfully the aliens find her very cute and are willing to help a sleepy bitch out and more :3 (HDG story)

CW: This is a non-con oblivious catgirl tf that has "a blatant and erotic disregard for the concept of consent in favor of uhhhhh *checks notes* gay" to quote a very snuggly author

set in Glitchy Robo's HDG setting (check out the wiki)

Knock knock knock came the dreaded noise stirring me from my slumber. Stupid fascists and sexy plants kept running around doing things and now one of them decided to bother me. My eyes stayed shut. If I just laid in bed and fell asleep again, they'd surely leave me alone… right?
The pounding came again with the same strange timing as before. "Ugh." I groaned. Why couldn't they just let me sleep? The plants canceled work so I could sleep all day, every day. Well not all day. I still did things, just ya know not most of the time, but I used to… I used to pull myself away from sleep just enough to pretend to be functional and-and work, b-but n-n-now…
By the tenth set of knocks, I knew they weren't going to leave. I shuffled out of bed. My body left feeble from my sleepy bitch disease(not an actual illness… probably). Across the mess filled room and up to the dilapidated door, I peeked out the fish-eye lens of my hab unit. Green. I saw green. Ugh… The plants.
Honestly, the plants beat out the rebels in likability by a light-year, but they possessed their own quirks one needed to work around. Namely, their overly doting and condescending nature. You couldn't show an ounce of weakness or they'd snatch you up and turn you into a drugged up cuddle slut… Wait, why was that awful again? I was too sleepy to remember why that was a bad thing.
Faith knew. She found the whole cuddle slut thing kinda suspicious. We even made plans to look into it more… yesterday? Maybe? Uhm… I-I'll ask her after the current thing. Also maybe after a nap. I really needed another nap before I fell over.
Looking down at myself dressed in nothing but a sports bra and panties, I realized I wasn't really dressed for company… Yawn. Yeah, I wasn't gonna get dressed. Too much effort.
Opening the door a smidge, I peeked at the colossal plant woman hunched over to fit in a terran apartment building. My mouth opened to say something… but I forgot what. "uhhhh"
"Greetings little one!" The effervescent mood she radiated was almost too painful to perceive directly. "This building is next up on our city renovation project, we're trying to decide if the resident cuties would prefer it be retrofitted or if we should move you all into far nicer accommodations and tear down the place. Of course, the ultimate decision lies with the renovations committee, but we'd love to take your thoughts into consideration!"
My eyes struggled to stay open. "Uhm… okay? I don't really… care, so do whatever." I moved to shut the door. She knocked ten times for that? Rude plant.
The hab unit door did not shut. A vine blocked its path, and another slipped in and wiped the drool off my cheek. "One more thing, cutie. You haven't been out of your home in a while, and we're concerned about your health. I'm also here as a wellness check.—I thought starting off with the renovations thing would be easier.—Might I come in?"
For a moment that stretched on into infinity, I stood there in a sleepy haze processing what just happened… Then I jolted suddenly filling with wakeness. I almost fell asleep standing up! After a single breath cycle, drowsiness sunk its claws back into me. Yawn. Maybe I should see a doctor… later. At least plant doctors were free. Plampts good.
Eventually, I noticed the plant was still there waiting on me to like, use words. "I just wanna go back to bed." I mumbled. My eyelids steadily drooped back down.
"Of course, little one, I'm sorry. Our techs weren't able to pin down a sleep cycle based on your data and power usage. I can come back in a few hours if you'll be more awake then." The affini offered. It was a tempting offer.
So tempting I agreed. "Y-Yeah, uhm, give me like… eight more hours."
"Perfect, see you then, Scarlet!" She closed the door behind her and I wandered back to my bed and collapsed into the soft.

Knock knock knock. Who was bothering me? My mind stalled and then decided it wasn't important and went back to sleep. More knocks… What in the sta—oh yeah. The affini… Fuck.
I let the knocking continue another five times before it annoyed me enough to get up and deal with it. Still undressed and unkempt, I rose like a zombie and made my way over to open the door. There she was, still hunched, her white flowered hair hung down past her shoulders. I gave her a tiny wave as I yawned. "Uhm… hey."
"Hello little one! It’s a delight to see you again!" Waves of cheerfulness slammed into me with the force of a terran equatorial superstorm. "Ready to let me in?"
"No." I was too tired to lie. My eyes opened only marginally more than last time. Eight hours of sleep should have helped… should have. Sleepy bitch disease struck again.
Her head tilted with a quirk of her lips. "Well unfortunately, I can't keep putting off checking up on you. Your health is very important, and it seems you might have a sleeping disorder we need to address."
Fuck, I was showing weakness. If I kept that up I'd be turned into a cuddle slut. My thoughts scrambled to function past the haze of wanting another nine-hour nap. "Uhm… I'm fine." I insisted. That'd work right? Lying and saying I was fine always worked on my coworkers and my employer and my teachers and my family and my friends… basically every terran I'd ever met.
"You're not." Shit, she saw through me. "But it's okay! That's why I'm here. I'm going to help you out. Unfortunately, all of the class-Z xenodrugs on me are for making little cuties like you sleep rather than wake up." Her vines opened the door further, and she slid in past me before shutting the door. She plopped down all cross-legged; somehow still taller than me, even when sitting on the floor.
Standing near the entrance, I watched as the plant looked around my dingy messy home. The plant was judging me. I knew she was judging me because I was judging me. Fuck, my home revealed my weakness. Now she'd turn me into a flort or whatever they called drugged up cuddle sluts… At least florts were cute.
From her vine-woven torso, she pulled out a clipboard and papers. Her pen made a little clicking noise before she began scribbling away. Tiny mutterings in her alien language filled the air. Finally, her three eyes fell back to me. "So Scarlet, when was the last time you ate or drank anything?"
Wait… when did I last eat and drink and stuff? I thought about it as hard as I could… while standing still, also unmoving save for my eyelids which slowly drifted shut…
—pat pat pat. Something patted me on the cheek. "Little one?"
I felt really cozy. Just surrounded by warm and softness. Unfortunately, those light pats were trying to take me away from the most comfortable bed in the universe. Sealing my eyes shut, I swatted at the pats and grumbled for them to stop. They stopped. I rolled over, pulling the warm covers over me until I felt nice and snug. Sleepiness began pulling me under…
"Hon, you need to eat and drink. Can you try and stay awake for a bit?" Her gently concerned voice drifted straight down upon me. The sounds kept me awake moments longer. Rude plant.
"But sleep." I vocalized the greatest motivation in all the cosmos.
A hand gently ran through my hair, and a satisfied sleepy moan came from my lips. The entire bed pulsed gently like a light massage chair of warm coziness. The pettings continued. All sorts of sleepy gay noises escaped past my lips. Every touch was just distracting enough I couldn't fall asleep, but not unpleasant enough for me to call her out. I mumbled again, "sleep."
She awwed and whispered things that almost sounded like, "So cute." and "Precious." and I think "Adorable." Eventually, the pettings died down and she allowed me to curl up in the vibrating warmth. Her hushed voice then proposed. "I see, well that's okay, cutie. How about you sleep and I'll handle everything, okay?"
Stars, that sounded like the perfect deal. I nap and she takes care of everything? Gosh and I was worried she'd turn me into a cute flort. Maybe the affini were as nice as they claimed. "Okay." I whispered to her. My worries melted into the perfect bed and nothing else stood between me and my nap.
The bed thrummed with delight. "Good girl~." She whispered back before a light poke gave me the best sleep of my life.

With a well-rested yawn, my eyes fluttered open to find a strange plant sticking little flowers onto my skin. They tickled. My sleepy mumbles came out more like little mewling meow-meows. Strange plants sticking stuff to me should've been concerning. Then again, I felt really cozy in the warm bed and relaxed into it. The perfect thing to do after a good nap was another nap.
"Is my little Scarlet awake?" came a much more familiar voice. She said she'd handle everything, and I was too tired to think any more deeply than that.
Nestling deeper into whatever bed I happened to be in, I replied, "No." My eyes long since sealed again by the snugness. So cozy…
—pat pat pat. "Scarlet, hon, can you wake up a little? We need to talk about a few things like your narcolepsy."
"Smleep,"I whined to the voice that said she'd handle it. "You said you'd handle it." I curled up in my bed to gentle pettings. The specter of drowsiness closed in my helpless form.
A strange planty voice awwed at me, before whispering something a tad too quiet for me to be forced to overhear. The helpful voice whispered back, "But I can't just—" "She is cute." "—but she'd have to sign—" "Forcible?" "But with the right class-Z—" "She is cute." "Wait, you already submitted—" "She is cute." "—just finish her checkup."
They stayed hushed, and I barely made out stuff, but I kept falling asleep only to wake up to murmurs and pettings. At least they tried not to wake me in their hushy talks about things I felt too sleepy to care about. The word cute came up a bunch. I wished I was cute, but I just looked like a sleepy bitch.
The helpful plant then rudely patted me on the cheek. "Scarlet dear, you need to take your mental health exam."
Exams?! For a brief moment, everything became clear, I overslept through another final exam. My breathing quickened. Flowers surrounded me. Fuck, I'd never make it to class in time. I sat up too fast and my vision went fuzzy— A nightmare. I had a nightmare about exams and oversleeping and a plant. Late. Always late. Too tired. I needed to work harder. My alarm clocks didn't go off. Late. My boss yelled again. Tired. If I just tried harder. Late. Needle.
The dream shifted and the nightmare fell away. "Where are you?" I found myself in a cozy pile of blankets, in a big box. Just sleeping on the blankets and pillows. "Is there anyone else there with you?" Faith, her usual frown was gone and she cuddled me in the blanket pile. Oh and that nice affini who said she'd handle everything for me. "Adorable. What's outside the box?" Work, school, chores, rebels, and family. They couldn't get into the box. I felt safe in the box. "And what do you look like?" Cute. I looked like a little cat. Cats were adorable. They had fluffy ears and cute paws, and could purr, and tails. No one ever made cats get up and do stuff. They were cats! I was a cat! I could sleep all day and get pet. Except I was a girl. I liked being a girl. I needed to be a girl. "Would you like to wake up?" No. Sleep good. I felt sleepy and wanted to nap. "Good girl" I was a good girl. A good little kitty cuddling my friend next to the nice plant.
The dream went on and on. Just me, a good girl, cuddling and sleeping and nuzzling. Vines pet me. The vines always pet me so gently, giving me scritches, belly rubs. I was a good cat purring along to it all.

Waking up felt sublime. I floated on that same sea of pulsing warmth. Every brush up against the covers and sheets fuzzed my thoughts. Yet despite it all I felt so refreshed. I opened my eyes and they managed to open all the way! Better yet, they stayed open almost effortlessly. Almost.
Looking around I realized the very green bed seemed awfully leafy. Refreshed from my nap, my brain determined that the bed wasn't a bed at all. I slept on vines. They even had some familiar thin white flowers mixed in… I remembered having a really good dream about those. Of course, I also recognized them. The affini who knocked on my door grew white flowers like those.
A hand landed on my head and my thoughts stalled as I melted. Bliss came in the form of a viney pat. "Enjoy your nap, kitten?" Her hand pulled away and my attempts to pull it back to my head failed. All I got for my effort was some giggling from the most beautiful voice I'd ever heard.
My attention found the giant the hand belonged to… Stars, she was the prettiest thing I'd ever seen in my entire life. I stared longingly at her visage drinking in every last bit of her beautiful, vine-woven face and her gorgeous bust that hung over me. The many beautiful white flowers like freckles on her vines also coated her cascade of false hair. Drool leaked from my mouth as I got stuck thinking how beautiful she was over and over, because she was! I couldn't even compose thoughts because plampt pretty overrode my higher think functions. Plampt pretty. So fucking pretty.
The affini—being the perfect being that she was—smiled down upon me. Her hand gently caressed my jaw before her thumb wiped the drool away. "Oh hon, you look so beautiful, though perhaps I should have heeded the warning about terrans and class-Cs." Oh and her eyes, they rippled gold in the most beautiful pattern that etched itself into my soul. "I'm not getting any conversation out of you until it wears off, am I?" Pretty plampt.
Leaning down her leafy bosom rubbed up against my cheek as she kissed my forehead. Pulling her soft lips away she whispered, "So cute."
"Aaaaaah!!!" My hands flapped in small arcs, while I bit my lip. A fire burned its way through my face leaving ashes of embarrassment in my soul. S-She kissed me and-and her boobs and uhm, me gay. Me very very gay.
Her expression melted as if she just witnessed a pile of kittens tumbling over each other in play, except she directed it at me being embarrassingly gay. For one brief moment we just stared longingly at each other… The next she descended upon me with a flurry of untold pettings. Vines lovingly caressed every inch of my skin. Kisses punctuated verses of touch. She reduced me to a squirming writhing mindless puddle of moaning sleepy bliss.
I whimpered and mewled in her lap. My entire world shrank to raw sensation as she played me like a cute little noise machine. That moment turned into nothing but mind-shattering drug-fueled pettings, cuddles, and kisses. No thoughts, No awareness. She just pressed further and further until my mind could no longer handle the stimulation.
The storm then became calm waters of gentle pettings and whispered praise. My mind gave up on trying to comprehend any of it. My mind gave up entirely, and I drifted off to a wonderful cozy sleep.

A few pats on my cheek. "Hon, can you wake up for me?" The most wonderful voice in the world attempted to rouse me. It worked. She sounded so lovely and the thought of disobeying her practically hurt. I hated disappointing people I liked and I really really liked her.
With my eyes open I glanced up and found her, the same beautiful affini only… I wasn't getting spellbound by her three golden eyes or long white flower hair. I could look away. Thus, I glanced away. After all, staring was rude. "I-I'm awake."
Instead, my eyes took in the rest of the place. A home. Not my home but a much bigger one built for uhm, her? Built for a plant alien over twice my height. The furniture, the ceiling, and everything made me feel like I got shrunk down to the size of a cat.
She pet me, and I squirmed and moaned. Aaaah! The affini merely giggled again, sending my heart somersaulting. "Oh cutie, good to have you awake. How are you feeling?"
It took a second to take stock of myself. I mean I was blushing and laying in the lap of an affini in a strange place… "Confused. Uhm… why am I not in my home?"
"Scarlet, this is your home now."
My new home… I ran back through everything that I could remember. Oh right! The moving thing that she handled. Wait, they moved me into an affini's home? That seemed strange… My sleepy floaty mind pieced it together. "Are we uhm… are we roommates now?"
Her smile lit up my heart. "Yes! You're my newest little roommate."
It was hard to think too deeply about things with how much my brain was drowning in gay and sleepy, but getting to be her roommate was sending me. Stars. Fuck. Something in the back of my head told me there was something big I was missing but well— "Gosh roommates."
My roommate's lap felt really really comfy, and I was already laying in it. I wanted to take another catnap in it, after all, I suffered from sleepy bitch disease. Maybe if I wasn't lazy I'd get up and do stuff like I used to for work but well, yawn. I curled up and closed my eyes.
"Hon, I want to talk to you about your situation." My uhm…
—pat pat pat. Oh uh wha? Oh right she wanted to talk about, like, being roommates? I was okay with being roommates. "I'm okay… can I nap… please?"
I heard her really pretty sigh. Her hand ruffled my hair. "Dirt, you're too cute. Alright, you can go back to sleep." She didn't need to tell me twice. I'd already been curled up in her lap about to drift off.  A lone finger scritched my chin and I did a sleepy gay purr.
Then it hit me. The big thing I missed. The massive important fact I kept just blanking out on cause of all the gay. Without even opening my eyes, I just mumbled the words. "Uhm, what's ur name?"
She melted me with a light petting. "You can call me Mistress."
It was the last thing I heard before I took another little catnap.

My next sleep came with the biggest longest gayest dream of them all. I shivered and squeaked. I miaowed and squirmed. Every touch shattered any hope of me thinking a coherent thought, and there were a lot of touches. Vines descended on me over and over. Each one pulsing like the beds I kept sleeping in. That same lovely motion. A silent song that my dreams danced to.
The dream was lovely, and full of love. I could practically feel the love of my roommate in every bit of it. She'd cuddle and play with my helpless form. Ever since I met Mistress a few naps ago, I kept having the best dreams of my life. Every time I shut my eyes, I experienced a new abstract medley of bliss and pleasure. The big dream contained all of that on steroids. As if it lasted for days or maybe even weeks. A dream that refused to end.
But alas my eyes eventually cracked open and I awoke. My body laid upon the same lap as the last few times. Stars, I just experienced a big long gay dream about my roommate. I'd only been awake to talk to her for like, uh, maybe a total of five minutes—probably less—but I think I had a massive crush on her. I blamed the dreams. She was so nice to me in all my dreams.
"Enjoy your sleep, little Scarlet?" She sounded beyond delighted. Always cheerful but something hid behind her words this time.
Managing to sit up for the first time in days, I attempted to scratch the back of my neck. "Uhm, yea… Sorry for uh, falling asleep on you… again."
A vine reached around and took my hand away from the back of my neck before I could scratch it. "It's okay little one. You're allowed to sleep as much as you'd like, unless of course you want to be awake more."
I thought back to all the wonderful dreams. I was a sleepy bitch and I guess I kinda loved sleeping. Yawn. "I uh, like sleeping but I guess I'm supposed to be awake more for stuff like eating and all of that." Logic said I slept a bunch and needed to eat and bathe. Except, I didn't feel hungry, also I felt and looked clean… Wait a second, a colorful dress covered me. "Uhm, have you been dressing me?"
"Like I said hon, I'll handle everything. You can let go of all your little worries and sleep as much as your little heart desires." She tempted me. The temptress tempted me with guilt-free and worry-free sleep… and it worked.
I stretched, raising my butt up into the air like a feline and then got comfortable in her lap. "Sorry for being a sleepy bitch." I mumbled not quite asleep but on my way there.
"You've nothing to apologize for. Have a lovely nap kitten."
"Thank you, Mi-Mis-tressss." I fell back into dreams of cuddles and pets. Dreams of kissing and cuddling and nuzzling up to Mistress. The roommate in my dreams was always lovely and wonderful, and the waking one always seemed just as nice. I loved her so much. I'd do anything to earn her approval, and yet she seemed incredibly content to let me drift off to sleep, over and over and over.

In my sleepiness, I experienced lots of cozy gay dreams. The coziest dreams let me be a cute little cat. I'd nya and meow and curl up on bits of furniture or in the lap of Mistress. I'd always liked cats, so cute with their little paws and whiskers. Being a cat was wonderful, a tail to chase, a big rumbly purr in my throat. No one ever expected a cat to do more than lay around sleepily and look cute.
Unfortunately, any time I felt a little awake I stopped being a cute kitty and went back to being a sleepy bitch. So I slept more. Mistress always made happy noises and gave me pets when I woke up even a little.
I peeked my eyes open and found myself in a cute little pet bed. Vines gently pet me, and I let out a low noise imitating a purr. Oddly more cat-like than my old attempts at purrs. Don't… don't judge me, I was a sleepy weird bitch.
"Oh look who's awake!" Came the far too cheerful voice of my roommate. She picked me up and I limply and sleepily got placed into her lap.
Rolling over, I found her face smiling down on me and I let out a cute little chirping. "Miaow~" Gosh, I must've been dreaming still, I only sounded that cat-like in my dreams. I was too sleepy and my skin felt too tingly from her touches to think too hard about it.
Her hand came down and scritched behind my ear, which was unfortunately on the side of my head. I purred loudly, yet still disappointed my ears weren't where they should be. "You make such lovely sounds don't you think, my little kitty?"
I nodded, nuzzling her vines. Little kitty dreams were the best.
Through half-lidded eyes I spotted a string. Being the sleepy kitten I was, I pawed at the string. Except whenever I got close it kept dancing out of my reach. Mean string. It began getting lazy and  I managed to swat it! Everytime I did, I received more ear and chin scritches sending me into little purr frenzies.
"Mmm, you love being my little kitty, yes?"
"And little kitties should have ears and a tail to match all their cute little sounds, yes?"
"Mrrrrr" I purred.
A vine tickled under my chin and down to my neck. Something clung tight there, like a weighted blanket wrapped around my throat. So cozy. Each touch sent an impossible wave of wondrous heat dancing across my skin.
My limbs got too tired from swatting at the string and I curled back up. Yawn. Even in my dreams I felt sleepy, blissfully sleepy and cute. Because I was cute! My dreams said such nice things about me. I believed it only while dreaming. Afterall I was a cute kitty, and cute kitties deserved catnaps.

I lazily watched the mouse scurry around before me, a single eye left open. Some cats hunted, not me. I slept all day gaining a nice layer of pudge that gave me more tummy for tummy rubs. Still as a cute cat, I needed to do my duty. If that mouse came close enough I'd trap it under my paw… er hand…
Hmm, I wasn't full-cat in this dream. I still curled my hand up all paw-like. I might have been a girl, but I was a cute catgirl. My fuzzy tail leisurely brushed against the carpet. That and my laying squashed my boobs under me. Catgirls got to have boobs and tails. The best combination.
Even with the mouse moving around entertainingly, my sleepy-bitchness screamed for another catnap. Maybe whispered quietly? Anyway my open eye slowly drifted shut… —fast movement caught my attention and I noticed the mouse got close!
My paw came down, trapping the little mouse. Success! "Nya!" The mouse unfurled under paw into a bunch of vines in a very dreamlike way. Then those vines started petting me and giving me scritches. I purred, happy and content. Only my ears still weren't cat enough. An imperfect catgirl.
Vines lifted me up like the cat I was, landing me right in the lap of my roommate. Well in my dreams she treated me like a little cat, and thus a pet. Being a pet felt nice. I could cuddle and nuzzle her all I wanted and receive lots and lots of pets. If I tried any of this with the real Mistress, I'd end up a flort and have to do flort things like… something. Too sleepy to remember what flrots did.
"Is my little kitty falling asleep so soon?"
"Mrrp." I stretched out on my back as a warm blanket covered me and a hand somehow slipped through it to give me tummy rubs.
A hand pinched my cheek and wiggled. Her hand. That's why I didn't hiss, but I did crack an eye open to glare at her. She tilted her head and sighed. "Scarlet, we really should talk some time."
I pawed her hand off my rosy cheek, shut my eye, and then I curled back up. "Sleep." I mumbled. She always asked to talk when I felt sleepy to the point I dreamed about it… like right then. Sure I always felt sleepy but… Yawn.
Pettings let me relax into gentle sleepy purrs. My cute curl up always kept the talking at bay. "Okay hon, you can nap more." Success! Sleep was mine! My tail curling up around me definitely made the whole look cuter… me cute… I'm cute! Stars… I wished…

After more kitty dreams, my mind roused at the sound of a familiar voice. Two familiar voices. Mistress and an old friend of mine… I forgot her name, which ultimately failed to matter as I overheard it a moment later. Faith. Gosh we went way back. Back to that time I got a warehouse job moving packages for that private shipping company.
My tail started swishing… right my tail. I guess this was another kitty cuddle dream. Half-awake I rolled on to my back and pawed at Mistress. My eyes still shut sleepily.
Her hand came down and gave me a tummy rub that left me purring up a storm. "Ah, is my kitty awake?"
"Nya~" I meowed at the beautiful voice before nuzzling one of her unseen vines. Stars, I think I once heard the affini could turn people into catgirls. If I remembered this dream, I'd definitely ask Mistress about getting a tail and stuff. She'd handle it. Mistress took care of everything.
"I'm just having a hard time believing that's my friend." dream Faith commented. Yeah, I guess seeing a little kitty would confuse her. Last time we talked I was a disaster gay who wanted to take a nap.
Mistress giggled. "I suppose my sleepy little kitty has undergone some adorable changes. Though I assure you this is the same Scarlet you knew." With a big stretch I settled back into a sleepy napping position… —Pat pat pat. "Hon, your friend wanted to talk to you, can you stay awake for her?"
I grumbled. Even in this dream I felt like I needed a nap. Dream Mistress asked me to stay dream awake, and well, I couldn't say no to her even if it was all in my head. Sitting up I started rubbing the sleepiness out of my eyes with a yawn. "Okay, Mistress."
Opening my eyes I witnessed Faith sitting across from us. She wore a frown along with a rather conservative sweater-skirt combo. Also she looked different. Last time I saw her was uhm… Well I moved in with Mistress… four naps ago? So probably a few days ago. Which meant I hadn't seen Faith in like almost a week. My dream made her look way further in her transition and somehow even cuter as if that were even possible.
From Faith being super transitioned into a cutie, to my kitty bod, this dream seemed great! Hmm, I bet dream Faith would like to cuddle. She always loved to cuddle, and now I was a cute cuddly cat! I hopped down all cat-like off the couch and made my way over to my friend on the opposite bit of furniture.
"Uhm, Scarlet?" She asked as I wiggled in preparation to jump on her lap.
"Miaow?" I asked before leaping into her lap and landing with far more force than a little kitty like me should generate. Wait. I looked down. I wasn't a cat in this dream, I was a catgirl. Wow, big mistake. "Aaaaa I'm sorry Faith! I thought I was still a tiny cat."
She wheezed out a breath. "Girl, how high are you right now?"
Shifting to a more comfortable cuddly position since I wasn't a tiny lap cat, I nuzzled her and purred. "Uhm… high?" My head rested on her shoulder and I shut my eyes again. Just a moment of shut eye…
—A pinch. "Aaaa! W-what was that for?" I felt a tingle in my neck.
"You fell asleep on me." Faith said dryly. "Seriously Scar, what happened. One moment we were figuring out how to navigate a post-affini takeover world, and the next you just vanished for weeks only for me to look you up and learn you're a floret now."
I pouted and nuzzled her more, my eyes shutting again. Dream Faith accused me of vanishing for a really long time but we like, just spoke… maybe my subconscious was telling me I needed to call Faith. My paw bapped her face. "I'll call you when I wake up. 'Sides it's only been a few days… an' I'm not a flort. Florts are cuddle sluts."
Faith turned to Mistress. "Seriously, how high is she right now?"
"Not very, just a class-A, and a smidge of a class-Z0 I just added. My little Scarlet is simply that cute all on her own." Mistress sounded like she almost swooned. I couldn't be that cute. Maybe if this dream let me be a cute little kitty I'd be cute, but I was just an average sleepy catgirl.
"And she doesn't know she's a floret?"
"She never stayed awake long enough for me to tell her. Such a sleepy kitty." They kept talking about me but I tuned it out for more cuddles with dream Faith. 'Sides, I wasn't a flort. Florts wore collars and had owners.
Because dream Faith was such a cutie, she started giving me head pats. My purrs got loud. "Okay, sure, but what's with the cat stuff?"
"Oh, her vet said she'd enjoy the body mods. I can't argue with the results, she loves them and by the Everbloom they make her look so adorable." Yeah, once I woke up I needed to get them. They just felt so nice and I could purr. How could anyone live without the ability to purr?
I peeked at Faith. Not a catgirl but still very incredibly cute. She even had a cute kissable cheek right next to me. Using dream logic, I concluded that since it was a dream I could kiss her on the cheek as much as I wanted! My lips ignited as they made contact with her soft cheek. I even made a big kissing noise too because all big kisses needed big kiss noises.
I heard lots of blushy stammering. Wow, Faith was cute. "Ur cute." Stars, now I had a crush on Faith too, I never even told Mistress I had a crush on her. Peeking at my affini roommate through a half lidded eye, I pointed with a paw. "Mistress, ur really pretty and I have a big crush on you."
Mistress squeed beautifully. Stars, I wondered if affini could actually squee or if that was just dream rules. "I love you too, my adorable Scarlet." Ah Dream Mistress was so nice. If only asking out the real Mistress was so easy.
Yawn. "Mistress, can I take another nap now?" She asked me to stay 'awake' to talk to dream Faith but I wanted to sleep. I cozied up to Faith who sat strangely silent while I cuddled her.
"That depends, Faith, was there anything else you wanted to tell her before she takes another nap?"
Faith shifted me in her hold and patted my cheek until my eyes opened. In a hushed whisper she asked, "Scar, are you okay? Do I need to get you out of here? Has she fucked with your head?" Gosh she looked really worried about me. Faith shouldn't frown, she should smile cause she's really cute when she smiles and blushes.
I nuzzled her and purred. "Course I'm okay, Mistress said she'd handle everything… and she did. Cause she's purrfect… and lets me sleep…sleeep—" Yawn. My eyes drifted shut and I happily cuddled my best friend in another wonderful dream.
No more words came. She sighed and tightened her hold on me which I took that as permission to nap. Her hand even scratched the back of my neck. A tingle in my spine came and I fell asleep immediately. Well not asleep, but in the dream I fell asleep into another dream.

After a little meowing noise, a hand scritched behind and in my big fluffy ears. The big trusted hand found all the right spots. My many ears relaxed after the scritches. Yeah, kitty dreams got weirder. My ear count doubled, two on top and two off to the sides. Each as fluffy and triangular as the next.
Despite the weirdness, the dreams where I got to be a little cat always felt nice. A cute little tail, sometimes cute little paws, and now my many fluffy ears, what more could a girl ask for? At first the dreams about being a cat came sporadically and now… now I was a fulltime cat. Purrfect!
Once, in the ancient times, before the sleepiness took me, I'd heard a line about some old terran dreaming about being a butterfly and then waking up and not knowing if he was a butterfly dreaming of being a human or a human dreaming of being a butterfly. Unlike that guy, I refused to wake up. My dream cat self felt so much more like me than the sleepy body did. I mean, sure, my cat self also napped eternally but my waking self lacked a tail, and cat ears, and pawbs.
In fact, I decided in my sleepiness that I should be a cat full time. Scarlet Nicholson no longer needed to pretend she was anything other than a sleepy little kitty. It felt liberating, euphoric to let go of that internalized concept of humanity. I knew euphoria well, how could I not as a trans woman?
Thus in one of my barely awake mumbles I told Mistress that I was a cute kitty. "Mrow, I'm a cat."
"I know, hon, and what a wonderfully cute sleepy cat you are." Her hand trailed down my spine eliciting sleepy moans. Electric bliss sent my hairs standing on end. I fell into a dream.
Mistress pampered me with pets, her hands teasing knots out of my head fur. A hand on my tummy sent me purring up a storm as I melted into her touch. A vine slipped into my mouth and I sunk my fangs into its softness causing sweet nectar to drip down my throat burning a trail of ecstasy in its wake.
Vines tickled my toe beans, sending me squirming, and writhing along her lap. My movements became sloppy and unfocused. Each brush up against her only melted my body further. Cats were liquid after all. Yet somehow her vines kept me from rolling off into whatever dreamscape I found myself trapped in.
"Oh you are simply the cutest, sleepiest kitty in the stars, aren't you?" Her pets left me too squeaky, gaspy, and moany to reply. "A wonderful little pet, so eager for her owner, hmm?" I wanted to chirp and meow yes, but she never left me the space.
Her voice dancing to her pleasant rhythm sank into a husky tone. "Good girl~ Such a good, good girl. So cuddly and soft and cute for her Mistress. You'd do anything for me, yes?"
Anything. I'd do anything for my owner. I was just a cute little pet and I loved her and crushed on her so much. Without words in my moaning abyss, I plead with my eyes. Open wide, in a way they only did in my dreams, my eyes widened from their thin slits into big dilated saucers.
"Purrrrfect." She cooed before setting me down onto a carpet of softness. My head felt floatier than a flort's. "Beg."
I rose on my back paws, looking up from my spot on the floor. "Ple—"
A vine shushed me. "Kitties don't speak, they miaow~" She sang in a purrfect imitation of  my own cat noises.
"Miaow! Miaow miaow miaow!" I begged and begged. I didn't know what I begged for but she said to, so I Begged.
Mistress cooed a word I didn't know, my sleepy brain unable to comprehend it beyond praise. She held up a small little treat, a tiny sweet bit of candy. A vine tapped the side of my cheek. I stared longingly at her, at Mistress. She tapped again and I realized she wanted me to open my mouth for the treat!
Another cooing word and the treat landed on my tongue but she held it out. I couldn't pull the treat in! A stern word, incomprehensible, but she slowly let go. I searched her for what she wanted of me. A miaow came out muffled by me holding my tongue still with the treat. The sweetness seeped in.
A tap under my jaw. I shut it. Another word of praise blossomed a smile on my sleepy kitty face. My eyelids drooped a little and I ate the treat happily. Kitty dreams were the best.
I meowed for another and obeyed the little taps immediately, receiving—and after a long pleading wait—eating the treat! The praise washed over me and my eyes shut. I wanted to beg more but I remained a sleepy little kitty even in the dream.
A yawn stretched out as I slumped down. Then a sharp word. I perked up, my eyes straining to open. Mistress tapped the ground at her heel. Another word. I teetered on the brink of sleepiness, only for the words to come again. Another tap…
—pat pat pat. I woke up. More sharp words. Once again tapping the ground right next to her heel… Oh, Oh she wanted me to sleep there! I teeteringly got up and clumsily crawled right next to her heel. Finally, I nuzzled her leg and then curled up to sleep.
A nice word—praise—and I sank into another blissful catnap.

Glancing about the room, a problem presented itself. I awoke atop a cat tree sized for a terran. Strange, my eyes failed to spot my roommate, the beautiful affini named Mistress. A swell of anxiety gripped me in her absence. She left. Probably out to, like, accomplish daily tasks, but logic never helped with anxiety. Anxiety existed as its own beast independent of other emotions and concepts, it'd twist every thought and feeling around it until they became echoes of the anxiety perpetuating its control.
A grown woman shouldn't be on the verge of tears because she woke up without her roommate around. My attempts to go back to sleep failed. Worry overpowered my sleepiness. The same way it managed to get me into work every day under capitalism.
So I hopped down the various little platforms until I landed on the ground. My paws touched the ground and I scampered in search of my owner. Stars, I should just call her… Wait, my comm unit. What happened to all of my stuff? Mistress said she'd handle everything but now that I was awake I suddenly needed things and she wasn't here to handle it.
In a barely contained panic I scurried around looking for my stuff. Surely it'd be in like, my room, or some cardboard boxes somewhere. Wait, which of these was my room? Aaaaa!!! I'd barely glimpsed this oversized home between naps. I knew nothing.
The second door I peeked through happened to be the bathroom. It glowed gold, and the bath was more like a massive pool. The vanity towered above me… I stood up. The vanity still towered above me. Stars, how was I supposed to do anything around here on my own?
I couldn't. That’s what I discovered searching for home. I, Scarlet Nicholson, was a worthless disaster. I was so very lovely and cute! My thoughts hitched. That intrusive thought seemed… positive. Something was off.
Leaving the bathroom, the next door I found happened to be… the front door. Opening it showed the outside. A horribly bright and noisy place. Admittedly the outside sounded far quieter than the last time I visited, to the point it could barely be considered loud. My ears twitched. Still loud.
I could curl up into a ball of anxiety… or I could venture forth in search of my roommate. Except I had no clue where to even begin?! Aaaah! See that was exactly why I slept all day, sleeping required no executive function.
Yawn. Standing stock still in the open doorway to my home caused another problem. Not moving made me sleepy. My thoughts got muddled between very anxious and very sleepy. I swayed side to side to the rhythm of the lap I missed sleeping in. My tail swung opposite to keep me on my feet. My eyes shut a little. Just a tiny b…
—Thwump! I hit the ground, woke up, and cried loudly. I sobbed and curled up into a disastrous mess.
Some strange affini came up to console me. How did I become so incompetent? I lived on my own for years and now-now I couldn't handle being left alone for five minutes. The whole situation embarrassed and humiliated me. The plants might domesticate me into a flort, and I couldn't say they'd be wrong to do it.
A light poke smothered my worries. No worries… or guilt. That's what Mistress said. I could just… nap…
I purred to a familiar song. The one that thrummed underneath me with a gentle warmth with the notes of a whale's song woven into its deep fractal cadence. Her song. Without opening a single eye I knew she returned. My roommate, Mistress. Having missed her so much I started purring and nuzzling her side.
"Aww, such a cute little kitty." She cooed, her fingers danced along my scalp taking every bit of stress and worry with them. "I'm so sorry, hon. I should have dosed you before stepping out. You'd just been so well behaved, but again, I made a mistake. Will you forgive me, Scarlet?"
"Mhmm mhmm." I hummed to my purrs. She made a mistake, just a tiny mistake. Mistress would never do something that'd be bad.
Carefully yet swiftly her vines swept me up into a tight hug. "Thank you little one." Our embrace lasted until I fell asleep in her hold. Just a quick little slee—A noise akin to a throat clear woke me up. "Scarlet, I needed to ask a few little questions before I let you go back to napping, okay?"
If Mistress needed a small favor from me it was the least I could do. She handled literally everything else. I rubbed the sleepy from my eyes and sat up on her lap looking up to her. Stars, she was so pretty.
Her hand landed between my perked up ears. "Good girl~" My heart swelled. Being a good girl was all I ever wanted in life. Sadly I grew up getting to be neither of those things. Born having to live as anything other than a girl tormented me, and failing socially, educationally, and economically burned into my psyche that I was incompetent, lazy, and worthless. And a wonderful cute girl!
Mistress's three eyes watched me sway in her lap. "Now, Scarlet I've been rather lax with your domestication, and I suppose I never truly asked what your needs were. It's time I rectified that oversight in your care."
I yawned. Not because Mistress seemed boring. How could she ever be anything other than attention grabbing? Nope, I yawned because I just always felt sleepy. Now being sleepy wasn't bad but when I needed to be awake for like, important talks with my roommate it was.
Out from her vines she pulled a tablet and gave it some taps. A surge of wakefulness radiated out from my neck. The tingling flood removed any trace of sleepiness from my mortal coil. I still felt floaty and relaxed, and the spot where my legs touched her remained distractingly pleasant feeling.
"There, now you won't fall asleep." Mistress made me not sleepy with her tablet? "So hon, now that you're fully awake, how are you feeling?"
"All tingly and floaty and—" My purr rumbled loudly. I leaned in on her and started nuzzling. Cuddling Mistress felt so nice.
Her hand came up and pet me gently for a moment before her vines pulled me back. Setting me back in my spot across her lap, she said, "By the Everbloom, you're too cute, but Scarlet now's not the time for cuddles. We really do need to talk this time."
I whimpered, and pleaded with my eyes. She-She didn't like cuddles? I was being bad, wasn't I? "I-I'm sorry Mistress."
"And what hon, are you sorry for?"
"Cuddling you without permission, I should have asked for your uhm, consent and uhm, I'm really sorry." Consent was super important and I forgot it in my attempt to cuddle her. My ears drooped.
She giggled lightly. "Little one, in all other circumstances you are free to cuddle me as you wish, but it's simply too distracting for either of us right now. You're my good girl and you don't need to apologize for being cuddly."
"O-Okay." My eyes were looking down, and my tail wrapped around to sit in my lap… uhm what? A tail… As soon as I noticed it, my tail straightened out again and I turned to follow it. I chased it around in circles until Mistress caught me with her vines. Wait, was this a dream? Hmmm I felt awake. I pinched my cheek.
Mistress's three eyes stared at me, drinking in my actions. "Little one, what's on your mind?"
Awake, Mistress made me feel all awake, but the tail definitely felt like mine. "Why do I have a tail?"
"Because you're my cute little kitty. You seemed to enjoy it so far, is there something wrong with it?" Mistress's cute kitty…
My ears twitched, all four of them. "N-no, I just… how, why, what, when?" As the realization of me being a catgirl hit, other revelations edged closer to my awareness, most just out of sight.
"Two weeks ago I took you in for your tail surgery, you seemed very happy when I mentioned gaining one. Of course, that came after the vocal surgery which gave you your cute little meows and purrs." She tickled my throat and I started purring reflexively. Oh, oh that wasn't a terran noise… except uhm I had a revelation about that…
I whispered under my breath. "I'm not a terran." A swell of guilt, shame, and cringe clashed with a tide of euphoria. Not human. Uhm, I decided to be a cat. It made so much sense at the time, but I couldn't just—
Mistress's hand landed on my head, rubbing with gentle pets. "Of course you aren't, you're my precious kitty." A blush flooded my checks. She just accepted it, not even a hint of sarcasm or ridicule. The giant plant spoke as if it were a simple matter of fact that I was a cat and not a terran.
Sniffle. My lip trembled and tears threatened to fall. I could be- I-I could be a cat. Her cat. I glanced up. "I'm not terran?"
"You never were." She smiled gently with an impossible love.
I collapsed into an ugly happy cry. I forgot to ask for hugging consent, but she held me tight anyway. Tears poured out. A flurry of meows, and thank yous muttered between sobs. All the while she comforted me with pets and praise. If I'd told anyone else they'd ridicule me, tell me I was mentally ill, but not Mistress. Not only did she believe me but somehow she knew and got me surgeries to feel more cat-like before I ever asked. Mistress said she'd handle everything… and she did.
Mistress… that uhm, that wasn't a name. Oh stars, Mistress, that’s the thing florts called their owners. The drugged up cuddle sluts… My purrs stopped, my tears vanished. I simply stared down at myself, and up to the big gay plant woman cuddling me. That floaty feeling and blissful touch had yet to leave me. Things kept slipping from my mind, but this… "Mistress, am I… am I a flort?"
Amusement consumed her expression and I felt it vibrate through her vines. She pulled up a single finger and flicked the tag on a collar… my collar. "You aren't a flort…" She paused dramatically as the words began to sink in. "You're my flort, or floret as most like to say."
"I'm a drugged up cuddle slut?" Said I, a drugged up cuddle slut.
"Indeed you are, my adorable kitty." Mistress replied, cuddling me tighter. "Does that bother you?"
I shook my head which ended up being a nuzzle that drowned out my thoughts in burning neediness. My purr engine rumbled to life and my higher thoughts drowned in pressing myself up against Mistress, meowing desperately.
Mistress couldn't contain herself and doted on me with loving pets and pats and scritches. A look of indulgent delight played across her vine-woven face. The same look I witnessed in all those dreams. She loved me. She loved playing and toying with me because she loved me as the little cat I was.
Eventually, one of us needed to exert some self-control and take us back on topic, and it wasn't the drugged up kitty cuddle slut. I got set kneeling on the edge of her lap. My back paws tucked under me. Far enough away, I couldn't nuzzle or cuddle her before she could stop me. "So Scarlet, we still need to clear up a few things before I can play with you more." I stared up at her and nodded eagerly. "Earlier today, the neighbor found you crying face down in the doorway to the hab unit, can you tell me what happened?"
My eyes fell away in embarrassment and shame. "I got nervous when you weren't there and went looking, and then I tried to find my comm unit to call you, and uh fell asleep trying to figure out what to do when I couldn't find it…"
"I see, so I can't leave you alone?" A question not a statement. Mistress didn't know.
Neither did I. I was an adult woman, I knew I should be able to exist for more than 5 minutes without someone watching over me. Yet it happened. She left me alone and I crumbled. All those years of taking care of myself, and I got… dependent. "Well uhm, I-I should be fine being alone…"
"No shoulds." Gipping my chin with two fingers she forced me to face her. "Hon, if you need to be watched full time, that's okay. Some little kitties need more attention than others. So tell me the truth. If I left you alone even for a short period, would you be okay?" Her eyes shimmered and held me hostage. I couldn't curl up and sleep off answering this.
A whimper escaped my lips. "No. but I sho- I mean I used to and now I don't know how to function… but you shouldn't nee—"
Mistress silenced me with a look. Her three eyes rippled in a kaleidoscope of color. I got stuck watching the pretty colors in Mistress's really pretty eyes, while tingling warmth flooded my veins. "You're my sleepy little kitty. Kitties don't care for themselves. Owners care for little kitties. You're my sleepy little kitty."
"That's all you are. That's all you need to be. Just a soft little thing, in need of love and care. My sleepy little kitty. So soft and loved."
"So let go for me dear. Just give up. You're my sleepy little kitty. That's all you are. That's all you need to be. Let go for me dear."
"Let… go…"
"Good girl, such a good obedient little kitten. That's all you are. My darling little pet. My sweet sleepy cat. Sleep for me, kitten. You needn't worry. Your owner's here and I'll handle everything~."

My eyes slowly drifted shut… —snap. I perked up remembering what was going on. The little treat managed to stay on my tongue as I sat on all four paws before Mistress. My eyes tried to stay on her. The weight of sleepiness worked to pull me away from the moment. With all my willpower I kept my eyes half-open looking up at my owner.
Three. Two. One… A word of praise washed over me, and a tap under my jaw told me to eat my treat. I obeyed and my purr rang out loudly. An empty sleepy little smile hung off my face as I proudly sat there basking in my submission.
Another word and a tug on my collar caught me before my eyelids drooped again. I walked on all my paws right next to Mistress. Right at her heel. I kept going around the hab unit with her, every little bit she added an extra tug just to keep me from falling asleep. Mistress apparently could use the magic tablet to wake me up fully but she kept training my sleepy bitch brain.
We stopped and my eyes shut just a little… —snap. I pulled myself back up off the carpet. Looking up at her I pleaded. "Mrow?"
Instead of giving me permission to catnap, she issued an unintelligible command and I raised a paw. Mistress shook my paw. A person shook the paw of a little pet. I gently wiggled to the tune of my owner.
A noise from the hab unit interrupted us. Dropping my paw, the towering beautiful affini tapped my cheek causing it to open. She placed a single treat on my tongue and walked away… I watched pleadingly as she made her way to the front door. Tiny mewls followed her, begging her to turn around. Mistress instead opened the door and I spotted Faith standing there.
They both spoke. The people spoke to each other while I helplessly waited for permission to eat my treat before I collapsed into sleepiness again. Strangely, I couldn't even understand Faith. My dumb cat brain refused to language even a little. Yawn. I teetered on my four paws, about to fall into slumber.
Praise rose my eyelids a smidge. I made out the shape of Mistress coming over and the tap came. I ate the little treat and meowed thankfully. The warm comfort of being a good girl had me do a single pleased wiggle before…
 —pat pat pat. I looked up and found myself in her lap. My favorite plant began pampering me with ear scritches, and pets, and little kisses. I squirmed happily in her lap, meowing and occasionally nuzzling her when she relented her doting long enough I could think. A single little vine slipped into my mouth, and a tap had me nibble on it. I nibble stimmed on the vine, my fangs drawing a sweet nectar from it.
After an uncountable infinity of time, Mistress's dancing tune of a voice asked, "Scarlet, hon, how are you feeling?" I understood those words. My brain decided to language again.
With a yawn, I slurred a response. "Smleepy."
She giggled. My owner enjoyed my sleepiness almost as much as I did. She gifted me another petting, leaving me a gay purring mess. "Time to wake up, my smleepy little kitty." Tap tap tap went the vines upon the data pad.
Wakefulness filled me, that same magic as before that made me super awake. Truly only something as powerful as magic could thwart my sleepy bitch disease. "Mrrp." My purrs ended with the burden of being not-sleep.
Instead of pawing the sand out of my eyes, I turned to Mistress and meowed. Delicate vines held my head still as she cleaned out the eye gunk with a practiced ease. Having big bappy paws meant I couldn't exactly do it myself, but that was okay, Mistress handled everything. She was the best like that!
With eyes wide open and clear, I gazed up to my beautiful purrfect owner. "Thank you, Mistress!"
She kissed my nose. "You're welcome, hon." Pulling back she continued, "Now your adorable friend Faith stopped by to see you, so be a good girl and say hi for me."
From my seat upon her lap I looked over and sure enough, my cute friend sat opposite us! Except… except she looked not very happy. Something was wrong and uhm, I looked back to Mistress. She awaited a reply. "Yes, Mistress!"
Adjusting my position on Mistress lap, I sat upright, all for paws planted firmly on the soft vines. I faced Faith, though I avoided eye contact. Eye contact with terrans always felt gross, but Faith knew that. Instead I picked her shoulder as my 'I'm looking at you for speaking' spot. Kind of like the way most people made direct eye contact. "Uhm, h-hi Faith. Uhm…" A blush struck me as I remembered that dream I had about her.
"Hey Scarlet." Her voice was a tiny bit unsteady, but otherwise upbeat. "How have you been?"
"Great!" I immediately chirped. My warm fuzzy happy thoughts always felt great. So did my body. I could sleep in any weird position and my back wouldn't even hurt. Mistress somehow handled even that! Looking back at Faith I asked the same. "How's a Faith?"
With a small forced smile, she said, "Good." but in that canned response way. My friend seemed to be not as happy as she should be. Strange. Maybe she needed an owner.
Hmm, I churned thoughts beneath the xenodrug soup that made me always feel great. Faith needed cheering up and I was a little kitty… Cuddles! I could make her happy with cuddles. "Want to cuddle? I'm a flort now which means I'm a drugged up cuddle slut! Nya." Gosh, being a flort was the best. I struggled to imagine why I ever thought it was a bad thing.
Stars, she blushed a little! "Uhm sure…" That was before she focused on Mistress. "Could we have some alone time? …For cuddles?"
Mistress pulsed with overwhelming joy. Gosh I loved her. "Of course! Yes, here." Mistress picked me up and swiftly moved to place me in Faith's tiny lap. "You two love cats have fun. I'll be in the other room if you need anything at all." She scritched my ears starting up my purr engine. "Just meow if you need anything handled, okay kitten?"
"Meow!" I nodded before snuggling up to my best friend. Mistress hurried out of the room squeeing beautifully, making my heart do funny things. The gayness of the moment compelled me to nuzzle and cuddle and purr up against Faith. Everyone in my life was the best!
Faith took a moment before she gave into the cuddles. At first her hold was weak and hesitant and then it squeezed like she thought she might lose me.  She held me, and I held her back. Just two friends. Two girls hugging, cuddling, and blushing. Friends… Best friends.
"Scarlet, I don't think she's listening, and I need to talk to you." Her voice sounded so serious… My brain being stuck in gay mode leapt to the conclusion she was asking me to be her girlfriend, and uhm. Gosh. That was gay, but like, we were just friends! Best friends. Definitely no crushes between us.
I stammered out, "O-Okay nya," between blush stained cheeks.
"Look, do you know where you are? What happened to you? Do you even remember the last time we spoke? Do you know what she did to you?" My friend forcefully gestured in the direction of Mistress in the other room. Her words came out sharp and hostile and angry.
I scratched behind my lower right ear. "Uhm… I'm in my hab unit? And uhm…" My mind tried and failed to comprehend her questions. My brain still felt a little light and tipsy, but I could just not understand stuff without any weirdness in my head. "We spoke, uh, right after the invasion? So that was… a week ago? Miaow. We were going to like, investigate the affini but uhm… I took a nap…"
"It's been months Scar. She turned you into some weird catgirl creature and kept you as a drugged up pet! You don't even remember me visiting around a week ago?" She raised her voice  and I shrunk a little, pulling back from the hug.
"I-I'm sorry." I whimpered. None of what she was saying made any sense. Sure I slept a lot… Oh I must have slept more than I thought, but there was also meeting her? Wait… the kitty dreams weren't all dreams… Oh stars, I kissed her! I kissed my best friend thinking I was dreaming. "I'm sorry."
Faith groaned but kept her voice down. "Look, it's not actually your fault. She has you hopped up on those xenodrugs, and I'm pretty sure she has one of the mind controlling implants in your brain."
I blinked… Mind controlling implants? "Implant?" That sounded really ridiculous. Like drinking the rebel kool-aid ridiculous. Mistress wouldn't stick a mind controlling implant in me. She loved me!
"Okay, you can stop with the cat noises. You don't have to pretend around me." Pretend? "But yeah, the affini stick these biotech implants into their florets to turn them into mindless needy thralls. I met a guy who says he can remove them."
I blushed. The idea of being Mistress's mindless needy thrall sounded really hot. Really hot. Like gosh, she'd be able to make me do whatever she wanted. I'd be helplessly obedient. A little enthralled pet. I placed my paws on my cheeks to cool them off because the kinky thoughts began overwhelming my brain.
Faith then grabbed one of my pawbs by the toe beans. "Are you wearing these or did she actually fucking cut off your limbs?" Wow, she seemed really bothered by the idea of surgery. They were body mods just like my ears, and fangs, and eyes, and tail.
"Yeah! Aren't they cool? I've got these big useless paws that make walking around so much easier. I love them!" Bringing up my other pawb, I bapped Faith in the nose. "Mrowr."
Peeling my paw off her face, she looked super unhappy. "Scarlet, she took off your arms! She crippled you. Turned you into some sort of helpless mewling thing."
"I like being a helpless mewling thing. And I don't need hands, Mistress handles everything. Besides, I can, like, shift them back into hands and feet if I need to, but I don't cause why would a cat need hands?"
"You're. Not. A. Cat." Faith hissed. "You're a terran. You're not some pet, you're my friend, a person."
I pouted and got up out of her hold and then sat a small distance away from her on all fours. "I'm Mistress's sleepy little kitty. Not a terran. I was never a terran, just a sleepy cat and—"
Faith groaned. Anger covered her face and filled her words. "She forced you into this. I saw their records, you were forcibly turned into a pet. She took you, and made you into this because she thought you were cute. That's all the reasoning she put in the document. That you're cute. I told you they were suspicious. I warned you. Do you even remember?"
My mind waded through a sea of xenodruggies. Faith warned me… Right! She explained that florts were drugged up cuddle sluts, and that the affini were taking terrans and turning them into property which was messed up even if they said it was all voluntary outside of dangerous fascist types. We were going to investigate the specifics and figure out what was really going on, because all we heard was a mix of rebel and affini propaganda. "Yeah, I remember. You said it was a bad thing but uhm… I love Mistress, and I love being her little kitty… but I also love you… platonically unless… I uhm… anyway, I care about you, Faith, and her and uhm, she's not bad. She's like the nicest person I've ever met."
I stared at her shoulder and she stared at me for a long while. Faith buried her face in her hands. My four ears picked up some muttering before she took a deep breath. Face revealed, she turned to me. "Alright. I'm sorry I misunderstood… cuddles?"
A big bright smile broke out across my face. "Cuddles!" I moved back in to cuddle her. Gosh that got a little intense, and I almost asked for Mistress to come in and handle it. Reconciliatory nuzzling felt great. Probably because of all the xenodruggies. My face got very blushy both from cuddling my best friend, and from thoughts of a mind controlling implant.
We stayed cuddled up on the couch. Whatever Mistress gave me for the hangout kept me from being sleepy, but I still closed my eyes and purred loudly against my friend. Just fuzzy cuddle thoughts.
My mind drifted around, sorta processing that whole conversation… "Wait." I sat up suddenly remembering something super important. "I'm sorry I kissed you last time you were over without asking first. I uh, thought I was dreaming and-and—Mrrrrr"
Faith cut me off with a well-timed petting between the ears. She actually giggled a little. That was good. She deserved to be happy and giggly! "It's okay, I uhm… thought it was nice."
My slit eyes became saucers. "You did?" I watched her blush. Wait, did she? and me? And gay?
"Yes, Scarlet I uhm, I like you and that's why it hurts to see—I mean and that's why I like coming over here to cuddle with you." The second part was so gay that my brain edited out the middle bit. She like-liked me? My friend did? "And well, what if we went out? Just like uhm, it doesn't have to be a date—"
"CAN IT BE A DATE???" I asked with all the gayness in the stars.
Smiling brightly, she said, "Yes." And escaped from the cuddle to jump down. "You coming?"
I stared. "But what about Mistr—"
"I talked to her earlier, she thinks it's fine."
They did talk earlier when I was too cat to understand… "Okay!" I mean if Mistress said it was okay, then it had to be okay. Maybe that's why she made me feel so awake. So I could go out on a date!
A few steps and I hopped off the couch to walk alongside my friend. A little cat and her favorite terran… Going on a date… Doin' a gay. I'd have to thank Mistress later for all of this, she always made things great! My owner was the best.
The door to the hab unit stayed shut. It opened all on its own last time. Weird. Faith went to try the door handle since she actually had hands.
"And where might you two be off to?" Mistress's beautiful loving voice came from behind us. I turned and saw her standing there with an unamused expression. She held up two fingers…
Snap. I froze. An unintelligible word. My body turned and scampered over to sit at Mistress's heel. "Mrow?" I meowed with a head tilt. A few vines started petting me causing me to wiggle and purr from Mistress's affection. Praise. I practically melted against her leg.
My owner faced Faith. I barely made out my friend's attempt to speak before Mistress cut her off. "I overheard everything, don't try to lie to me. You spouted off a lot of feralist sentiment to my little kitty and then tried to trick her into leaving with you. The fact you did it out of love and care for my Scarlet is the only reason I haven't subdued you yet."
What happened? "Mrow?"
Mistress continued the pettings. "Don't worry, hon. I'll handle this." Yeah, she handled everything! All the worry about whatever was going on slid right off my mind. Little kitties don’t take care of themselves, owners take care of little kitties.
"What you did to her is disgusting. She's my friend and you made her some mindless husk." Hissed my friend. "Tricked her into thinking she wasn't a terran." Gosh, Faith really misunderstood everything.
Thankfully Mistress handled everything. "I made her into a happy worry-free little sophont, who can pursue whatever she desires whenever she desires with my full love and support. Such as being recognized as the little cat she declared herself to be. Or obtaining every bodily alteration that'd make her feel happy and euphoric."
"Don't lie to me!" Faith got big and shouty. Her arms even spoke loudly with the big movements.
"You forcefully domesticated her without any just reason. She wasn't a danger to herself or others. She's been wide awake this entire time; you could have fixed her narcolepsy and let her be an independent but you kept her as property."
The people got in a yelling match which was all super important and stuff, but uhm, I rolled over onto my back and pleaded Mistress. "Meow! Meow meow meow?" My tail wiggled extra cute like, and I folded in my ears.
Helpless in the face of a cute kitty begging, she knelt down and started giving me tummy rubs. "Such a good girl~" Mistress cooed before looking up at the yelling terran. "I know, I know, but look at her! She's so cute. My little sleepy kitty, so eager to give and receive affection. She just wanted someone to watch over her so she could sleep, and how could I say no to that?"
"You could have asked her? You know, for her consent?"
"Ah yes, that word you terrans love so much. Did you ask for her consent before trying to drag her off to get someone to remove her implant? Something that couldn't be done without killing her."
I blinked. My tummy still got lovingly pet. "Miaow?" Implant? It was real?
Each of Mistress's eyes looked down upon me, and her smile was so big and happy. "Yes little one, you've got a haustoric implant and it does allow me to mediate your thoughts, senses, and actions… not that I even need to. You're such a well behaved pet, aren't you?"
"Miaow!!" Gosh, she just… That was so hot. So unbelievably hot. She could control everything about me? Aaaaa, Mistress really did handle everything before I even knew what I wanted. The biggest happiest smile broke out across my little kitty face. I loved her so much.
"I was trying to save her from what you did. You know what? Just get it over with. Turn me into another mindless pet. I already know you're going to do it." Faith was going to be a pet too?!
Mistress pulled me up into the vines on her side and held me close with her flowers. A few taps and the sleepiness sank its fangs into me, but I resisted. I hung on half awake, watching the people do their talking thing. My body relaxed and nestled into Mistress.
"Domestication isn't a punishment, dear. Additionally, your case is very much up for debate. I'm sure if you cooperate, you could get by with a temporary wardship if that's what you wanted. I'd vouch for you on the grounds you were trying to help if a bit misguided. That being said, I'd love to have you as a connivent, or even, dare I say it, a pinnate for my little scarlet." Mistress's voice did that really pretty thing where she sounded like she was about to swoon from all the cute and gay. My owner was a huge dork. I loved her so much. Yawn.
"You mean turn over everyone else who doesn't agree with you? You think I'd lick your boot? Or vine?"
The petals and vines holding me clung more tightly, more possessively. "You'd have to turn them over, yes. We can't have terrans running around trying to kill our beloved pets. Any attempt to protect someone like that would be… You would be domesticated for the safety of others."
Mistress’s hold felt so warm and cozy. My eyelids slowly shut… just a little rest… not sleep…

Yawn~. I wiggled about awakening from my catnap. Voices talked, people voices, like affini ones and Faith… Gosh, Faith was cute. She-she asked me out on a date! I pried my eyes a teeny bit open and away from my next big nap, just to try and spot my best friend. My gay friend. Purrs rumbled as I thought about maybe being like her girlfriend. Could cats date people? Hmmm, Mistress would handle it. She handled everything!
With my kitty eyes open, I spotted things. Like all of Mistress's flowers holding me in sort of a pocket. Mistress stuffed me in her viney dress pocket because I was so smol! I nuzzled the flowers, receiving lots of pets and praise. Purrrrrr…
More noises came from a cute Faith and I managed to look for her and nuzzle Mistress. A big strange room surrounded us that definitely wasn't the hab unit… maybe. I actually hadn't explored all of it to be sure. Too sleepy to explore. Sleepy
More talking woke me again. Right Faith words. So Faith talked with another affini behind some glass. My cute friend spoke and spoke to the plampt taking notes. "His name was—" "—to save her." "Why can't I stop—" "She's cute." “and then they told me about—"  "Make it stop, please?" "—mentioned a bomb." "She's cute." "—a petplay kink." "No more, please!" "I love—" My sleepy cat brain kept hitting the snooze button and missed lots of stuff. Faith looked either unhappy or blushy whenever my eyes stayed open, sometimes both!
Gosh, I needed to cuddle Faith. Finally pulling out of my sleepiness long enough to think about it, I looked up to Mistress. "Miaow?" Please?
She gave me a little chin scritch, eliciting a blushy purr. "You want to go in and cuddle her don't you?" Nod nod nod. Her gold and pink eyes met my own half-shut ones. Each one as beautiful as the last. She leaned down with bendy plant motions and whispered, "So do I."

Mistress and Faith… Oh stars, that’d be so cute! "Mrow? Mraaaa-oo! Mrrooow?" I pleaded and pled. Cuddling Faith with Mistress sounded really gay, cause plampt pretty and Faith cute and Scarlet gay. So gay
Mistress responded with a warm smile and then strode forth with my smol little kitty bod in her pocket. My eyes shut a little, but she kept tickling me with her dress vines to fend off the sleep. Entering the room Faith spotted us and blushed. I blushed. Maybe Mistress blushed too? Lots of blushing.
My best friend immediately blurted out, "Scarlet, I love you and want to be your girlfriend and oh stars why can't I stop? I've always thought you're really cute, and you helped me realize I was trans and a lesbian and I've had the biggest crush on you forever and someone please make me stop saying every little thing. Like how hot I find the idea of being forced to be a cute cat like Scarlet is. Please, please someone shut me up."
"Class-Ds are wonderful aren't they?" Mistress replied all smug while placing a vine over Faith's mouth. She glanced down at me and answered my question before it fully formed. "Disinhibition xenodruggies, my little kitty. The ones she's on make her spill all her little secrets. Like about how much she loves you."
My eyes opened all the way and looked between my owner and Faith. Back and forth. "Miaow!" She meant all that? She loved me? My sleepy cat brain overloaded with gay feelings and confusion and oh my stars she crushed on me the whole time?!?! I crushed on her the whole time. Aaaaah, we were useless gays!
Tap tap tap. "There you go kitten, tell us how you feel about your little friend."
"I love her, I love her, I love her. She said mean things but it's okay because she's cute and I'm gay and we're friends. Best friends, nya. I love my best friend and want to date her, but I'm a sleepy little meow meow and she's like a whole person but I want to be with her forever and ever and ever and sleep on her and you Mistress and be a dumb little cat all the time. I love you Mistress. Mrow mrow, miao. You're like the prettiest thing I've ever seen and thank you for taking care of me even if that's what owners do for their sleepy kitties. I'd do anything you ask, and I don't know if that's because of like, the mind controlling implant, but I hope so because I like kink off of that super hard and can I cuddle Faith? Miaow miaow miaow?" My face was on fire and every bit of sleepiness had been chased away by the most intense gay feelings of my entire life. Meowing chirpy begging and declarations of love filled the air until a vine silenced me too.
Being the best ever, Mistress turned to the other pretty plampt in the room. "If you're done here, I'm taking my florets pinnate home." Florts… Faith got to be Mistress' flort too!
"By all means!" Chirped the pink plant, holding a data pad. "Send me pictures?"
"Of course!"
Plucking Faith out of her seat, Mistress pulled her into her arms placing a cute little flort collar around her neck. My best friend struggled against our owner, up until Mistress placed me on top of her, pinning my wiggly friend under my big useless pawbs. "Cute." I chirped at her blushy face. A vine struck me with a gentle pet, sending me into a loud rumbling purr vibrating me against Faith.
We cuddled as Mistress took us home, doting on us the whole way with praise and pets. Arms held me tight. Her arms. The girl I'd spent weeks and months dreaming about cuddling in Mistress' vines. My dreams came true, Mistress somehow always made them come true.
My best friend whispered into my ear. "Scarlet, I love you so fucking much."
I nuzzled her as the sleepiness took hold. A single mumbled word came from my lips. "Girlfriends?"
"Stars, yes!" Faith blurted out, all loud and awake and cute.
A big yawn washed over me, and I sank. My words of love came out as a little neck nibble. My tail curled in and I nibble stimmed the blushy girl under me. The snugness of cuddling my best friend in my owner's arms proved too comfortable not to nap in.
Sleepy bitch disease always won, not that it mattered. Afterall, my big beautiful loving owner was here. She’d handle it, she handled everything~

Cozy sleep. What could possibly be better than being Mistress' sleepy kitty? Nothing. Dating Faith also good. I loved her and sleepy cuddles with my cute girlfriend gave me life. We cuddled lots and lots. Mostly me sleeping on her. Especially, right after Faith got her own mind controlling implant. Mistress filled my girlfriend with all the xenodruggies—so she didn’t feel pain or discomfort—and then let me use her squirmy blissed-out self as a body pillow. Soft pillow…
snap. I jolted up from my nap. "Mrow?" Mistress and Faith both stood over me in the living room. Faith blushed and… Oh my stars, a cat tail! I wiggled excitedly… and also sleepily. Gosh, catgirl Faith was so cute with the little bell on her collar, the nervous fidgeting, and the little fanged hickies on her neck… 
An unintelligible word. My body scurried over to Mistress's heel and I sat down. Praise. My purrs came and my eyelids drooped… Mistress spoke to Faith but the words sounded like gibberish. Word. I raised my paw and Mistress shook it.
Wobbling on my paws, sleepiness grew and grew.—Tap tap tap—Nervous anticipation filled me. She'd make me a tame little pet just like her. Tame little pet? Wait, I was a tame little pet! I purred happily.
Mistress's vine curled through my collar and began leading her around the hab unit while I watched. Every little bit Mistress gave me a little tug to keep me from getting too sleepy. Cheek tap. Her mouth opened, and the plant placed a berry in it. Jaw tap. I happily ate the treat! Praise.
Word. She immediately sat, without even a twinkle of thought in her eye. Word. I got up and scampered to stay pace with Mistress. None of her movements looked human, none of her noises sounded like it either. I was a cat! The affini's cat. Mistress' little pet!
After a full lap, Mistress stopped walking again and, new word. She tilted her head. "Mrrp?" A vine patted the ground under me and the word again. Down? Mistress wanted me down! She plopped down onto the carpet so blissfully unaware. New word. Her vine did a little spinny motion. Blink-blink. New word. She wants you to roll over! Oh roll over! I rolled over but halfway through… on my back… just a little break…
… Her eyes shut and Scarlet stopped moving… Oh my stars, did she just fall asleep mid roll over? —Pat pat pat. A vine gently patted my cheek. New word. Uhm, what? Roll over! Oh yeah, that! I finished rolling over and sat triumphantly on my four big pawbs. Praise. We melted. Purrs rumbled in my throat.
With her demonstration done the affini knelt down, and Mistress gave me lots of pets and scritches until I couldn't think. My legs wobbled and I collapsed to the floor. My girlfriend trapped in bliss that I could practically feel on my skin. Every touch felt like fire. Mistress knew all my favorite scritch spots. I loved her. I loved her. I loved her…
The affini, my new owner, Mistress, brought up two fingers—snap. We froze. Word. We scampered to her heel and ouch! Faith ran into me. Mistress curled a vine around Faith's collar and pulled her to her other heel. Tap. We opened our mouth. Tap. We closed it. I tasted the treat in her mouth.
A tug on the collar brought us both following Mistress along, but sleepy pulled me down. Even with the collar tugs I got so sleepy and-and my eyes closed a little…
She fell asleep, I could feel her asleep and dreaming and—Word. I followed. Staying so close at her heel. Dreams of cuddles overlapped with tugs on my collar, with praise and treats. Her kitty. Her sleepy little kitty waking in dreams only to cuddle up and dream deeper. Yawn.
Mistress halted. I halted. The tugs halted. Tap tap tap. "Faith dear?"
"Yes Mistress?" I chirped before yawning again… Aaaaa! She!—I!—her?—we?—us? I'd called the plant Mistress without thinking, oh stars. My eyes found hers so far above me while- while I crawled?! Mistress, the plant, had me leashed and crawling and acting like- like her sleepy little kitty. More cozy dreams filled my mind… "What's going on?"
She giggled, the most beautiful lovely sound I'd ever heard. Scarlet slept in her vines, wreathed in the small white flowers… I slept in her arms? But I stood next to Mistress… awake. "Your implants have this delightful little feature where I can bleed your consciousnesses over, share thoughts, and training, and dear you're such a good girl~."
A blush filled my cheeks, and I felt the gentle pets on Scarlet's head. Trusted vines scritching away. Mistress pampered her, and me, and us? Yawn. Another nine hour nap sounded good. Dreams flickered by, scenes and snippets of cuddly blissful rest, loving play, and being a very tiny cat. Teetering on my feet, I mumbled, "I can- I can see her dreams."
"Adorable~." Mistress sounded like she was about to swoon. My paws gave out and I slumped over into the waiting vines. "Such sleepy kitties." With a little yawn I watched my limbs get wrapped around me, or her, uhm… My eyes shut a little… teeny… bit…
Snap. We awoke! Uhm I stared at myself, and Faith… at the same time. She's so cute! We thought at the same time and blushed at the same time and I bapped her with my big useless pawb. "Cute!" I chirped.
Vines picked us up off Mistress's lap and pulled us in tight. "You are both the most adorable little sophonts in all the stars." She gave each of us little kisses on our heads and cheeks and we squirmed. "My sleepy little kitties." The snuggly cuddle session lasted an eternity which definitely wasn't long enough but Scarlet fell asleep and I felt a deep desire to just nap. Yawn. My anxieties got drowned out by one large overwhelming thought. Mistress will handle it, she handles everything~. My eyes shut and we dreamed together…
Eventually, we got placed down side by side back on the warm vibratey lap. Cute waking yawns stretched out between us. Mistress had two eyes on me and one eye on me. "Dear Faith, now that you know how my sleepy little kitty feels, am I the evil monster you thought? Corrupting her innocent mind into that of a tiny little cat."
"Y-yes…" I stammered. "But it’s hot." My pawb scratched my cheek and… Pawb? We turned to look at each other. Wait—Scarlet?—Faith?—her?—us? "Miaow?!?!" Thoughts scampered back and forth confused, but mostly just commenting on how adorable and cute our girlfriends were. Our eyes even met but it felt like looking in a mirror rather than at a terrans. We saw us. Scarlet about to fall over into a nap, and Faith blushing up a storm.
Gosh she- we loved Mistress. Trusted her. Just two sleepy little kitties, with all the doubts washed away. "I'm a cat." We chirped to Mistress’ song, before falling into giggles. We nuzzled and meowed at each other, two little love kittens. Not people, cats… Also a sleepy bitch. 
"Would you two like to separate again? Or do you like feeling each other's love, having it a certainty in your minds? There's no wrong answer, kitties. I love you both so very much." Mistress was so nice, we loved her. So kind, and patient, and… loving, and caring and uhm? Tall? Yeah tall! Thanks Faith! You're uh welcome Scar…
Sleepiness pulled me down and I tumbled over into my waiting arms. We cuddled. Scarlet fell asleep in my arms before she could answer, but I knew. We knew what to say. "Uhm, we want you to decide, Mistress… Can we sleep?" I asked with sleepy kitty dreams already in my mind. Yawn. My body didn't feel tired like hers, but our mind yearned for a catnap. We wanted all of us to nap, because sleep.
Mistress scritched my chin eliciting a purr from our sleepy form. "Of course, dear. Sleep to your hearts' content and don't worry. I'll handle everything~"
Vines nestling us into comfortable sleepy lap cuddles. Our tails curled around each other as I let out one last sleepy yawn. "Thank you, Mistress." I chirped as the sleepy bitch dragged me down into slumber. "We love… you."
A soft little kiss. "Love you too kittens. Love you too."

And they were florts and roommates and really really gay.

I dedicate this to the lovely sleepy bitches who helped inspire it/helped me bang this into shape
Fluxom, anna//bool, AsphodelVeil, and lise_lemonade (also Glitchy Robo for creating HDG)

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