Wellness Check

Epilogue - Aster Does a Big Rebellion With Her New BFF

by Darkfalli

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #Human_Domestication_Guide #hypnosis #pov:bottom #sub:female #body_modification #bratty_sub #conditioning #dom:internalized_imperialism #drug_play #drugs #mind_control #multiple_partners #ownership_dynamics #petplay #scifi #transgender_characters
See spoiler tags : #body_swapping #memory_play #robots

Co-written By Darkfalli and Fluxom
This is a cross-over with the amazing In Sleep We Fell so if you for some reason read all of Wellness Check without somehow having read that uhm... go do that now!!!!!!! Otherwise beep!
"Fetch." Mistress tossed the thing across the park and I scrambled while barely staying upright thanks to my four big bappy paws. My puppy tail was wagging too which threw me off more than helped with balance. Every part of me was poorly optimized for this. At least my cloak of synth hair had a major advantage over my old hair which was that it didn't get caught on things… somehow.
I was about to pounce and retrieve the thing when I heard a squeak of accomplishment… but not *my* squeak of accomplishment. A weirdly attractive chimera girl had my thing in her mouth. She had long wild hair and weird cute little wings for ears. Her front paws were very similar to mine but in the back she had hooves…
Gah!!! She stole my thing! Aster had been told to fetch, so I had to fetch it. My mind wouldn't let me not retrieve it. I needed to pry my toy from her mouth except I only had paws! My fangs barred against the other pet. "Beep Beep Boop Beep!"
She playfully lowered herself like she'd pounce and I did too… until she turned and bolted.
I pursued her around the park. She was far more nimble than me. The evil mean chimera even taunted me by turning around and waiting when I was too slow in my xenodrug discoordination. I was going to get her and then steal her toy and playfully keep it from her. Yea!
Mistress's assistance was felt as some remote programming started coordinating my limbs better for me! The thief might have cool body mods, but I was a full robot and had robot powers. My limbs went into overdrive and I play-tackled her as she was running.
We rolled to a stop and I was on top! Victory was mine. I bit down on my toy in her mouth but misaimed and uh… our lips touched a little… Gah!!! Sdaijhbfgaksjgahlskdjgvhalsdkjghaslkgj
The bully took the moment to flip me over and then had me pinned with her paws… "Beep!"
She dropped my toy onto me and bleated, "Baaa! Baa baa baaAAaaA." Gah!!! H-How dare she call me cute like that. I’d show her!! …After I fetch this toy. I needed it, and now it was right on me so I could just- oh, no, she bapped it aside and was giggling at me now. Excuse me, I’m supposed to be fetching-

[NetworkRoots]: Unit 427-3R halt fetch protocol
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: Beep!
Where was I? Oh yeah, calling her cute to see how she likes it. “Beep boop bweeEp!” That got her blushing, and now her wings were flapping about- KISSING! She was kissing me right on my adorable, lovely cheeks now, Gah!!! S-She can’t just do that asdjfhasdklhsdkjfb

“Well aren’t you two having fun?” Nora perched herself over my prone, flailing form just to tease me even more. The bully! I beeped back in protest. Sure, I was like having fun, but I’m an aster, I'm smart and adorable and cute and stuff. I shouldn’t let some cute attractive strange woman just pounce me and… sljkjngfalskjf S-She bit my neck! The fiend. I should be biting HER neck instead of the other way around- though her clumsy attempts at giving my synthskin hickeys was oddly adorable. Nora crouched down and started petting my assailant while giggling at us. Wait, now she was petting me too. Gah!!! She had me purring while being tackled by a hot stranger. It wasn’t fair! I demanded revenge!

I pointed dramatically at Nora and commanded my enemy-now-ally-because-I-said-so to attack! “Beep boop!” I glanced back to my new ally and… Oh,  she was uh too busy nestling her face in my tits to get up. She had me all squirmy and uh kljsdfaslk… I whimpered. “Bweep?” Pretty please?

“Baaaaaa.” The chimera, Snuggly apparently, huffed from within my massive cleavage. So uh wow, that’s what it felt like when I uh, boob whispered Nora…
Nora was enjoying watching me squirm and fluster and beep. “Ah, did the princess make a new friend? Or judging from those kisses and bites, maybe a new girlfriend?” S-She can’t just say things like that! Evil evil maid!
Gah! Okay, fine. Snuggly please please please tackle my hot bully of a girlfriend and give her bities for teasing me? It would be fun and gay. “Boop!”

She instantly leapt off my synthetic body and tackled Nora, showering her with cuddly attention instead. Yes! I’m free! After 10,000 years I’m free to wreak havoc upon this world again!!! My maniacal beeping filled the air.
I also tackled Nora and started showering her in attention in the form of anti-bullying bites (which maybe she enjoyed too but that’s besides the point I was making a STATEMENT!). The fact that my statement resulted in her giggling and moaning was also a side benefit. I also noticed my new ally seemed to take my actions as directions and attempted to clumsily follow after them.

Ahem! Snuggly! That’s not how you do anti-bullying bities! “Bweep!” It’s like THIS! I then demonstrated the proper technique on my girlfriend which she followed to the letter. MUCH better!

“Baaa?” Snuggly was a fast learner.

“Beep bweep boop!” Yea, there are several kinds of bites let me show you.  We proceeded to practice a whole variety on Nora’s increasingly moaning squirming form, while we beeped and baa-ed the whole time.

“Oh My Stars, can you two actually understand each other? Gosh, that’s absolutely adorable.” Nora gasped out between fits of laughing at our genius tactics and moaning in a totally not horny way because she has a huge biting fetish. She was being silly. It wasn’t hard to understand what Snuggly was saying at all. I tried to elucidate this to Nora through a series of enlightening beeps, but Nora just giggled even more while Snuggly was nodding sagely along the way. 
“Princess, you know you’re stuck in beep mode right?” She got me to pause my bities. Beep mode? Wait, was this a hypno thing again?
I turned to my new friend, but-definitely-not-girlfriend-because-we-met-like-ten-minutes-ago. Am I making beep noises? “Beep?”
She shook her head. “Baaa” Yea, that’s what I thought. My bully of a pinnate must have been messing with me again.
I placed a paw on Nora’s needy slut face as vengeance. Messing with me even while getting anti-bully bites was low, even for her. Snuggly had stopped biting her too and placed her paw on top of my paw… uh wow, gay. “Boop.” Snuggly giggled.
She didn’t get a chance to respond because we both turned as we heard two approaching beautiful voices. The beautiful melody of my Mistress’s voice along with one that carried a strange rhythm like a whale song.
We had wandered pretty far away from where we were playing… Affini just had to make everything huge, even the parks.
Hi Mistress! “Beep!”
“Baaa” Snuggly said the same to hers.
[GhostExMachina]: Are you going to get off of me?
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: …
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: beep
[GhostExMachina]: that was a no wasn’t it
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: beep!
[GhostExMachina]: …
My mistress’s eyes threatened to steal my thoughts away. “Is my little pet playing nice with her new friend?” I nodded. She turned to the other affini, one wreathed in pretty pink flowers. “It seems they are getting along rather well.”
“It seems so.” The new affini eyed Snuggly who then leapt into the affini’s arms. “Yes, dear, you’re the cutest little rebel this side of Mars and your mischief is adorable.” Her pet then baa’d out another reply. “I love you too, darling.” Her attention then turned back to my Mistress. “I’m Hedra Rosa, 12th Bloom by the way.”
I got jealous of Snuggly and leapt into my Mistress’s arms too. She patted me on the head, but was distracted by something. “Wait, the Hedra Rosa whose thesis I read on the creation of intelligence on terran-compliant tech with decentralized consciousness vectors? I’m Digitalis Lutea, Third Bloom and I’m a big fan of your work.”
The pink affini blushed. “You follow my work?”
“Most certainly, I practice in the field as you can probably tell by my little ones. Your dissertation on terran robotic design and architectural improvements was vital when I first started tinkering with my little Nora’s second body.” Stars, Mistress was fangirling Snuggly’s owner… Gah!!! This was so embarrassing. Of course, my owner would dork out when I needed her to seem cool to my new friend.
Nora was standing at Mistress’s side as a dutiful maid, while Rosa… Oh my gosh were those robots? Five little robot cylinder thingies rolled up on her side. I could feel some really weird networking stuff going on with them and reached out with tech sorcery.
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: beep?
Sdjfahsldkgaslkgalsghlasfh Stars, the network assailed me with like thousands of beeps. It was like a massive hivemind in there… Gah!!! It was an A.I. hivemind! I set my tech sorcery to filter the inputs from the hivemind more.
The two nerd affini switched to talking in their native language, since I guess ours wasn’t good enough for them. The nerds. I didn’t even bother turning my translator on.
I looked over to Snuggly to ask about the hivemind. “Beep boop?”
“Baaaa'' Oh wow there were more? Wait, that one was called Beeptimus Prime? And that one was… My glasses zoomed in. Beepsune Mechu. Stars! The A.I. were nerds who knew all the cool old media! 
I queried the hivemind about my list of old media shows and… Gah!!! It was a hivemind who shared my love of old media! What followed was a rapid communication interchange of ancient memes. Stars, there were so many, but they went by the names and pronouns of the bodies.
[GhostExMachina]: Are you flirting with the A.I.s?
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: b-beep! Beep boop boop… 
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: beep
[GhostExMachina]: Mistress can you pretty please turn off aster’s beep mode?
[NetworkRoots]: No
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: beep?
Nora was still on about beep mode or whatever. The bully… Yes! I just thought up a genius way to get revenge. Nora didn’t like the animated Transformers shows. A quick explanation of my pinnate’s taste in old media had my new A.I. friends riled up and they swarmed Nora’s digital and physical selves.
Snuggly’s Mistress put her down while she tried to wrangle her bots. “I’m so so sorry they don’t normally do that!”
Digi started laughing quite beautifully. I mean everything she did was beautiful but… She set me down next to Snuggly and started explaining. “It was my little one’s fault, and they aren’t hurting her. Perhaps we could go relax on that bench and let them all play together? I’d love to hear more about your latest work.”
Rosa blushed again. “Oh, yes, please, it’s been so long since I’ve had a peer to discuss these matters with- not that I don’t like talking at Snuggly about it but- anyway, yes! I’d love to!” They then entangled vines as they walked over to a bench and had a smart people talk. I mean, I’m smart, but they’re people. Obviously. I’m a beeper!
Snuggly and I shared a look. “Baaa?”
I rolled my eyes and smirked. “Beep.” 
We giggled, gosh those two were such gay nerds. Speaking of gay nerds, I looked over to see Beeptimus Prime and at least seven other bots had squiggled out of Rosa’s vines and immediately set back upon Nora’s lovely defenseless form with a mix of adorable beeps and digital inquiries about her interest to watch Gungraham season 5. Snuggly then leaned in with a paw over her mouth to give me a whispered ‘baa’- rebellion? I pouted. Rebellion meant like being mean to affini and stuff, and, uh, that didn’t sound fun.

“Baa!!” Snuggly retorted. Not being mean to affini? “Baaaaaaa.” Rebellion was anything that got attention from Mistress or made her blush more? “Baa baaaaaa.” BIG rebellion? I could see the nefarious sparkle in Snuggly’s eye and simply needed to know more. The two of us took to beeping and baa-ing and only occasionally kissing each other’s cheeks (she started it!) as she elucidated me to the secrets of BIG REBELLION activity.
Apparently, uh, according to Snuggly like, a proper BIG REBELLION would be something like filing an official complaint that was loaded full of sweet thoughts and compliments directed towards Mistress so she could pin it to the fridge. GAH! Why didn’t I think of that!? All of these silly lovely plants were so obsessed with paperwork that it should have been obvious. Apparently Snuggly’s Mistress *still* gets flustered whenever she sees it while cooking. I made a mental note (backed up on my home computer’s scheduling program) to do a BIG REBELLION later tonight. Or maybe hack the OTNA’s databases and sneak a copy of the complaint into the archives directly. I shook my head at the thought. Aster was very much not allowed to tamper with that.

Wait, that gave me an idea. A BIG idea.

I immediately connected back into the Beep’s collective system, threw up the hivemind filter to post-consensus data points, and immediately took to the most effective form of hacking known to all of robot kind.

[SystemLurkerPrincess]: beep!!

[Beeptimus Prime]: Query: Pretty please tell Mistress Digitalis that she is very very very pretty and deserves a kiss
[Beeptimus Prime]: Organizing consensus, please wait.
[Beeptimus Prime]: Consensus achieved, now tallying results
[Beeptimus Prime]: “Yes.” -8,134 votes
[Beeptimus Prime]: “Sounds gay, I’m in.” -7,001 votes

The various beeping bots then piled on top of each other like a big stack of roombas and made a valorous charge towards Digitalis’ side where they proceeded to spin rapidly while beeping in morse code at the pair of affini. Snuggly’s Mistress nodded along, then paused, then turned very sloooowwwwly to stare her pet in the eyes with a cryptic look. Snuggly seemed to get a message out of it as she eep’d and hopped behind me for cover. GAH!!! I didn’t even know what that meant but it must have been ominous.

Mistress, meanwhile, had nodded along to the beeping, paused, and then seemed to blush as the beeps got to the kissing part. hahAHA! Take that! I was so clever and amazing and- oh, Rosa was actually grabbing Mistress’ hand and planting a cute little kiss on the back of it. Uh, TAKE THAT! The totally intended effect of my BIG REBELLION! Now both of them were acting like flustered gay dorks around each other. I’M A GENIUS!!
From the safety of my shadow, Snuggly went right back to whispered baa’s with nefarious and very rebellious purposes. Apparently, she didn’t quite understand the idea of hacking at all, and that was the perfect chance for me to show her how amazing and awesome and pretty and clever of a hacker I was. I did so with a bespoke set of beeps bwips boops and bweeps in rapid succession. Her response was just to baa back a challenge that if I was such a good hacker then I could definitely hack the billboard across the park to show cute Snuggly pictures instead of… I glanced over to check, a reminder to hydrate regularly and hug your loved ones. Oh yeah! I scampered over and hugged Nora before returning to my perch of hiding Snuggly behind me from Rosa’s knowing gaze.

GAH! This was a challenge. A trivial one but still, now I *had* to prove my impressive and marvelous and also adorable skills to her. First, I needed to get the pictures of Snuggly. I could take a cute one from my eyes or my memory files, but I had to go BIG. Snuggly needed to be super impressed so she’d like praise me and tell me how much of a good girl I was, and maybe kiss me?. I needed to snatch pictures from her hab unit. Where do you live? “Bweep?”

“Baaa” Oh that was like a few neighborhoods over from us! We’d probably have seen each other before if I went outside regularly. Mistress was taking me out more now because synth skin couldn’t get sunburnt and I needed to get out more or something. Something something aster needs friends. Well jokes on her I made a really cool new friend!
Using my amazingly skilled tech sorcery that could break into the fanciest and most secure affini systems, I broke into her hab unit… Was that a play tunnel system through the whole place?! Wha… that’s not fair! Why didn’t Mistress give me a cool tunnel system? I jotted a note down on my computer to add one to the simulation later and then beg Mistress excessively for a real one.
Anyway, cool hacking of pictures and stuff. I swiped some really cute pictures of Snuggly and Rosa… oh OH not that one!!! …Hmmm, would Mistress notice if I saved it onto my computer? I just had to bury it super deep in the filesystem and encrypt it. Done. Anyway, I got a non-smut picture of Snuggly and her Mistress and put it up on the billboard. But like, only part of it because I couldn’t like disrupt vital messages to the populus. That’d be like messing with vital systems and I couldn’t do that.
“Beep!” Ha! I did it and now everyone around could see how cute Snuggly and her owner were. Best hacker ever! 
Snuggly looked up and her little wings started flapping as she stared at the photo of her Mistress kissing her. “B-Baaa!” Oh Tell her Mistress?
I sent a message to uh… Wow, Rosa had tech sorcery stuff too?! I messaged her to look at the billboard. Oh stars, she used her real name as her username… She was that kind of sophont.
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: beep bweep boop!
[Hedra Rosa]: Oh, hello little one. Aren’t you adorable
Gah!!! She wasn’t listening to my message about the billboard. Affini and their weird patronizing flirty stuff. Maybe I needed to beg? Begging always worked with Digi.
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: beep beep beep? bweep boop beep. Beep beep bweep bwoop beep. Boop boop beep beeeeeeeeep???
[Hedra Rosa]: … what?
[Beeptimus Prime]: Query: Please please please look at the billboard miss Rosa? I did a really cute thing and Snuggly and I would be super happy if you looked over at it. Pretty please? We’ll be good girls.
Oh My Stars, Beeptimus just had to repeat everything I said verbatim. Like it was just begging. Begging to affini was like normal and what good girls do… Uh, was Rosa blushing? I watched as her gaze slowly turned to the billboard followed by Mistress’s… Wow, she was blushing even harder! Victory! 
I turned back to my friend and said, “Beep!” Rebellion achieved!
“Baaaa!” Snuggly leaned in and gave me a big rebellion kiss on the cheek. Akjshfkajshgaksjalskjfhaskljfh. Gah!!! S-She can’t just say that. I mean, I was cute and adorable and amazing b-but like… 
“B-Bweep beep boop…” Yeah how does she like that!
Her paw smushed my face. I caught her blush right before she did. “Ba Baaaa!”
T-That called for revenge! I tackled her and we started rolling around on the ground… She ended up beneath me! I flashed my fangs before giving her a bite that was definitely an anti-bullying bite and totally not like a love bite at all. 
Snuggly then turned the tide on me. I got rolled over on to my back and she gave me a-a Gah!!! How did she learn bities speak so quickly?! She pulled back and asked. “Baaa?” W-was it okay?! 
“Beep!” No, er yes ,er I-I don’t know! Unknown feelings meant I needed to check my system monitor… b-but I was nervous. Uh I needed to deflect… Yeah, deflecting was very aster! Y-You’re like really good at love bities and should go show your Mistress. “Beep bwoop beep!”
The spark of rebellion lit up in her beautiful gay eyes. She gave me a mischievous grin and challenged me right back! “Baa Baaaa!” I grinned back. Our Mistresses were going to get big rebellioned.
We couldn’t run right up to them, we had to be extra sneaky or they’d see it coming. Glancing over, Mistress was consoling a flustered Rosa and Nora’s body was just sitting near the bench inert holding a few beeper bodies while her full self had been roped into having the beepers over for watching old media. It was crazy how many there were. Nora was basically on a gay movie date with like 15,000 A.I. girls.
Anyway, the plan was to pretend to play with snuggly as we snuck around behind them and then under the bench to love bite their leg vines. The perfect plan that was forged with an exchange of beeps and baas. A plan that involved tackling each other, rolling around, and giving each other cheek kisses and bities as we slowly made our way into position. 
Snuggly was on top again and I whispered. “Beep.” We couldn’t keep making loud flustered noises or they’d know we’re coming up from behind.
“Baaaa!” Hmm, that was a really good point. It would be suspicious if we suddenly stopped making each other blushy and flustered and all the other sounds normally only Nora and Mistress had me make. Snuggly was really smart. I should teach her how to hack!
You’re really smart and good at rebellions! “Beeeep!” I mean it was true and stuff.
Her wings were flapping about uh… gfajkshedglaksjhflaksjhfgsa. She covered her face with one paw as if she had heard something scandalous. She whispered, “B-Baaa…” 
I-I didn’t know how to respond to that.
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: Beep! Beep booop beep!
[GhostExMachina]: Princess, I’m in the middle of a episode four of Gungraham season five, and I literally can’t understand you right now
Gah!!!! I was perfectly understandable! Also wow, she really had her overclock up. The beeps and her were flying though episodes. I couldn’t overclock until my implant finished eating my brain. Anyway, stuff about… wait I got distracted. I sifted back and uh… Oh yea.
I just looked up at Snuggly’s incredibly beautiful face as she awaited my reply to her comment… uh…
She rolled her eyes and lowered her paw. “Baaa” O-Oh! She was like teasing me. That made sense! Wow, I did not understand subtlety and teasing at all, except the stuff Nora taught me. Which was not enough apparently. “Baaa Baaaaa?”
Right, the plan! “Beep boop!”
We both got up and sneakily crawled under the oversized affini bench. We shared a look that only two mastermind rebellious schemers could. Fangs met vines! Mistress wasn’t surprised but Rosa yelped!
We both leapt forth from beneath the bench and then onto the bench and their laps. Digi had to catch me because I missed. Snuggly, on the other hand, landed right on her flustered Mistress and gave her a love bite on the neck. I did the same to Mistress. The fun part was that affini could totally get vine hickies! Mistress still had plenty from yesterday. 
Rosa was clearly completely not used to like love bities, or at least not proper love bities. My owner definitely never got flustered like that, I was the flusteree in our relationship. Snuggly’s now improved technique was quick to render her mistress even pinker than ever before, with all the little vine wiggles and leaf wiggles and, uh, whatever else other parts of a plant were called wiggles and giggling about. Snuggly followed through on her fierce rebellion activities by piling on the love bites one after another on Rosa’s general neck and shoulder area, drawing pink sap- of course that’s pink too- in the process which smeared all over her face. Probably drugged as well given that Snuggly proceeded to get all pink-heart-eyed and dazed and cuddly and licking Rosa’s neck instead of wiggling about- GAH!!! I could kind of see why Digitalis thinks it’s cute when I bite Nora from this view point. She’s adorable. How dare she. I was going to go bite Nora after this just to make her be even cuter than this chimera floret. Well, like, Nora was always cuter than this chimera floret in my opinion, but I mean like usually because currently Nora was sitting stock still but like if she were, say, wiggling about in Digitalis’ lap like that and reaching over to plant some toe beans in my face- GAH!! GAH!!!!!! I’ve been betrayed!!

Assisted by her Mistress, the traitorous Snuggly had abandoned her pursuit of Big Rebellion to instead pile herself up into Digitalis’ lap and start cuddling me in her highly inebriated state before pinching my cheeks with her hands. Hands!? Apparently her paws were prosthetics made of vines that all slithered together into humanoid hands JUST to pinch my cheeks as she ‘baa’d’ about like an inebriated puppy. GAH! She was too cute to be mad at… Dirt, she was cute.

“I’m so sorry, she’s not usually so energetic,” Rosa said between fits of lighthearted giggling and gay stammering, her many vines struggling to contain the power of the wiggling beast in her-slash-my lap.

“It’s quite alright, organic computers can be so difficult to fine tune.” Digitalis chuckled in response. She slid one of her hands around the back of my throat as she continued, which, uhm, I’m gay? I’m gay. “But they’re so worth the effort, the adorable little things.”

“Yours is so well programmed, I’m quite impressed.” Hedra joined in on the pinching of my cheeks. Gah! This calls for revenge. My paws shifted to hands, and I reached out to pinch her cheeks right back… but my hands reconfigured themselves into big useless pawbs before landing! My fierce amazing strike became a pathetic bap instead.

I turned to Mistress with my pawbs up to give an inquisitive beep, but was met with her grinning down at me. “Dear aster is quite the lovely piece of work, isn’t it?” Digi then joined in on the relentless onslaught of my face with even more pinching and petting than the other two had supplied. GAH!!!!!!!!! I would say this unfair but an abundance of love and affection were exactly what wonderful, pretty, adorable, lovely, sweet, and also wonderful asters deserve and as an aster I thus deserved all of this affection being piled up on top of me. “It seems even your pet is rather fond of it.”

“How about a playdate?” Hedra offered in what was obviously meant to be a flirtatious attempt to spend more time with Digitalis filtered through some level of shy plant personality. Heh, even the plants were super gay. They should kiss. I made a mental note (still backed up on computer) to get these plants to kiss sometime, then made a second mental note (also also backed up on computer) to get revenge on Snuggly for all the cheek pinches still being done to my cute lovely face (with a tracker active on, you guessed it, my computer back home). “I’d also love to hear your thoughts on how you programmed your darlings.”

“Oh that sounds like a wonderful idea!” Digitalis responded, moving from just pinching my cheeks to then petting my whole head, especially scritching about my scalp. Askahglskjghlksjhgkajshd I still had the mental note thing open and now all of my brain keymashes were recorded too. GAH! Including that gah just then. GAH!!!! And that one. I’d make a new mental note to tell Mistress that she was beautiful and wonderful and thank her for all the nice head petting feelings, but at this point all of my thoughts were just being directly transcribed so I’d probably get to that when I read about thinking about making that note later. GAH! This is confusing. “It’s a date?”

Rosa’s gasp was 10000000000% gay plant gasping, the adorable dork, the adorkable plant, the plan…dork… okay no I should stop at adorkable that one worked.
By then Snuggly had fully devolved to aimless mindless adorable drugged up petting, and I felt a warmth flood my body. Every pinch and cuddle had me making digitally distorted moans. I bapped Snuggly on the face and she nibbled my toe bean and afjkahsfgjklashglakjshglkajshg lkasjhlkasjghaksjghaksjfh aster.scx was crashing. Xenodruggy filled aster was squirm-cuddling snuggly on one big interwoven gay lap. Every brush sent a heart eyed snuggly further into her haze and dragged me down with her. Nimbles and pinches turned into fondles and whimpering. Her hazy unfocused heart eyes stared into my own digital pink heart eyes. Hedra and Mistress kept petting us and sending resonating shivers through us silly doped up pets.
The last thing I noticed, between my needy mewling and moaning cuddles, was Hedra, full of nervous gay energy, beam back at Mistress and answer, “It’s a date!”

So Aster was on Mars the whole time! (Haha! never mentioning the city or planet Aster was on was 100% intentional so I could do this, and definitely not at all because coming up with planets is hard.)

I absolutely loved writing this with Fluxom. (We did this before Unit 7.322!) Þey are super cute and insanely skilled/talented! GAH!!! Þey just walked up and wrote aster thoughts like it was no big deal. Also the Aster and Snuggly communicating in beeps and baas was all Þeir idea, and like all of Þeir ideas it was super fun and cool and gay. So please do a read of all of Þeir stuff if you haven't or just do it again because its all spectacular and such.

With that out of the way uhm... I hit writer's block a while ago and well, I don't know when I'll post again but I'm sitting on a lot of unpublished unfinished words until I do...

Love Darkfalli 💖

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