Gay little stories about big gay plants

In Sleep We Fell

by Fluxom

Tags: #cw:gore #cw:noncon #dom:internalized_imperialism #drugs #Human_Domestication_Guide #scifi #sub:capitalism #anthology

CW for being a forcefemming tf-y hypnosis story that has a blatant and erotic disregard for the concept of consent in favor of uhhhhh *checks notes* gay

oh also an actual sex scene in the post-post-script so watch out

Sasha awoke slowly and decided that he hated it. The will to as much as exist had long since left him completely, such that even when the plants were on his doorstep he found himself only remaining still in bed and waiting for the inevitable to come and fetch him. He’d almost been relieved that the gas the affini so happily pumped into the atmosphere had dragged his mind down into sleep, and in so doing stolen from him any need to pretend he could still fight back. Then he was in dreams, sweet blissful illusions without the weight of need or expectations where he drifted until someone so RUDELY woke him up.

“Up now, dear.” The affini above him purred, and Sasha only groaned in response. “Pretty please? We need to ask you some questions before you can go back to your nap, little one.” A wooden hand brushed against his cheek, pulling his consciousness up and out. In protest his eyes slid open to face the world again. All around him were vines that had tightly wrapped around his body in an embrace that was both comforting and forbidding of any movement. A set of the greenery laden with flowers was also plugged into his flesh, with bundles having folded open around his head.

Sasha figured there was some reasonable explanation for this he could figure out if he bothered to think about it. But that would require active effort, and thus he didn’t do it. Instead he looked up to where the pod had been opened to see an affini standing over him with a clipboard in hand.

“Welcome back, dear. This will only take a moment and then I can let you get back to your nap, promise. We just need to confirm some information before we can process-”

“I don’t care.” Sasha grimaced. He would have rolled over and curled up in himself as well, but the restraints on his body only allowed him a small measure of squirming in place for trying.

The affini sputtered a few confused noises before pulling it’s composure back together into something vaguely functional. “But, dear, this concerns matters such as your name and needs and-”

“Do whatever you want.”


Sasha stared down the affini silently before shutting his eyes. It was about the only gesture still allowed to him at this point.

“Okay, fine,” The affini huffed. “If you really care so little then I’ll put you down as Snuggly and handle the rest myself.” She paused as if she expected to rouse some protest from him, but none came. Without another word she tapped her pen against the paper for a few more seconds as she mulled over the situation, then gave a defeated sigh as her vines flicked the buttons on the side of the pod. “Very well then, Snuggly. Enjoy your nap, dear.”

Sasha gave his own sigh in relief as the lid closed shut above him. Finally, the loose bundles of plant matter around his head squirmed into life, wrapping tightly around him to eclipse his senses. Then there was a rush of sweet air, and his consciousness once more spiralled out from under him.

Sasha awoke slowly and hated it just as much the second time around. Gone were the restricting vines that so coiled around his form, and in their place was the loose cloth of… some kind of hospital gown, he guessed. A dim light shone through his eyelids, while a pair of voices played through his ears in hushed tones. Something about drugs and ‘class Gs’ or whatever. Sasha decided that maybe if he kept his eyes shut they wouldn’t- oh, nevermind, now a hand of plant and wood was ruffling his hair.

The human gave a small whining noise as the motion jostled him out of the pleasant sleep and into the horrid awful reality of the waking world.

“Told you that’d wake her up.”


“But she’s so cute! I simply couldn’t avoid petting her any longer!”


Clearly they’re mistaken, he was obviously a boy. Not that it’d be bad if he was a girl, per se. But girls were soft and cute and any number of pleasant adjectives he could think of that did not describe him, so he’s not sure how they could make that mistake. Probably an alien misunderstanding.

“Besides, she seems to enjoy the attention. Don’t you, Snuggly?”

Oh stars damn it. Sloth had already come back to bite him in the ass. His voice arose through a strained breath, shifting into a half formed word before a set of vines wrapped around his mouth to silence him.

“Shh, remember the care guide? ‘Do not engage executive function’, even with little questions like that.” The second affini spoke up, then promptly joined in petting his head silly. “Though you are right, she is just *so* adorable.”

Sasha wiggled between their grasps until he managed to slip out and whimper, “I’m not-”

Then he was silenced again, this time by a wooden hand pressing over his mouth. “Now, now, dear. Your privilege for choices is already taken, and as such your participation in what’s happening to you is entirely a matter of convenience.”

Sasha shut his mouth. Seemingly satisfied with that, the two affini returned to their work above him. True to their word, his participation in the proceedings was wholly unnecessary as the two were quite happy to move his body for him whenever they needed for- what was this, a medical inspection? Didn’t even ask first before doing it either, without as much as a break in their conversation the plants would pick up his limbs and puppet him like he was some kind of animal. Which, well, he supposed that did fit the whole pet thing he kept getting told about.

Sasha supposed he wouldn’t have considered it out of place for people to move a cat without consulting it at the vet’s, and thus followed that the plants must see people as much under them as he saw pet animals beneath himself. Something about the dignity of the human species tried to bubble up his throat, but it failed to surface from beneath the squashing blanket of apathy that was still in control of his body.

Whatever. Let them have their fun. It was just easier for him to stay adrift this way. That was what the affini wanted anyway, right?

“Good news, dear!” One of the affini, Sasha didn’t particularly care which one, chimed up. “Looks like you’re all cleared to start your xenodruggies now!” It said as it dangled a vial before his eyes. Meanwhile, the second affini parted his medical gown to reveal a crimson flower resting upon his sternum. A brief moment of instinctive panic at the sight shot through his body, but the affini simply wrapped their vines around his limbs and bound him down tight against the medical bed for it.

The second affini slipped up close to his head and whispered words into his ear in a foreign tongue. Something he couldn’t understand in the slightest but the tone yet slithered through into his mind. Calm. Like an instruction his body obeyed outside his active choice. Calming. Breathing. Relaxing into the grip of the two affini’s vines. With steadier eyes he could see that the flower was in fact implanted into him, remaining tight knit against his skin as it grew from beside his sternum up towards his collar bone. And those petals. A red so deep it looked like blood.

The first affini grabbed him by the chin and forced his head to look up. “This here is a class A medication.” It said, dangling the vial above him. “It will enhance your senses but only in that pleasant tingly sort of way. You’re also getting some tasty class Cs,” She placed the first vial down on a bedside tray before grabbing a second to show him. “To enhance your emotional response, a good little pet like you should be as warm on the inside as you are cute on the outside.”

It repeated the gestures one after another as it sorted through a plethora of ‘xenodruggies’ they were apparently to administer to him. Ws to steal away his words, so he wouldn’t get mistaken into thinking he’s people. Zs to be administered nightly so he’ll get a proper sleep. A supposedly mild class E to be administered if he ever has a ‘difficult episode’. A different class C, though that one was supposed to 'inhibit attachment' whatever that meant. A whole collection of drugs and supplements she referred to collectively as class J starters. Something about needing to ramp up his brain so it could safely sustain the high coming for him for as long as they need. Gs, to make his body as cute and girly as can be.

Sasha again tried to pipe up that he wasn’t a girl, actually, but the affini yet again silenced him before the words could come out. Not that it would be *bad* if he were a girl. Girls were great. He wished he was born one, but, well, he wasn’t so lucky. And it didn’t seem fair that they had some chemical to fix that and be administered to him instead of, he didn’t know, some trans person out there who needed it.

“And lastly, here are your class Hs. These are to hypnotize you!” The affini chirped happily. Sasha blinked. Hypnotize? Even as he tried to parse what it actually meant the second affini fitted some kind of branch-work lattice around his head. The thin tendrils of wood shifted on contact, and an entwined pair over his eyes spread apart to reveal a clear membrane which he could see through. The pair bent to rest down against his face, turning the transparent sheet into a lens that fit tightly over the totality of his vision.

Something shifted along the sides of his head, followed by a pinch behind his ears that sent electric jolts arcing around his head. More of the second affini’s words played out into his ears then, still in a language he couldn’t understand but with a tone that seemed to reach into him. A rush of colors played out over the visor, which then settled into a gentle chromatic aberration around the edges of everything he could see. They pulsed with a small shimmer that guided his vision down into the center with a light tug. Weak enough to resist, for now.

Then the first affini plugged the vial into the back of it’s hand, sprouted a needle from it’s palm, and slid the needle into the flower in his chest. The effect was quick as the cold grip of the medication touched his heart and arced out in rapid order through the rest of his body. Like a winter breeze piercing into his chest he felt the cold so *clearly* and through it the shape of his whole vascular system. His nerves flared with the chill after, then his head. His eyes felt as if they were frozen over in a flash, and with it all of a sudden the gentle tug drawing him down into the chromatic blur before him became an unbeatable downward torrent.

The vision and the words did not draw him in softly. They thrust him forward with great force into a state of mental absence that left him ever more open to the unknown words slipping into his skull.

“Good girl~” The first affini cooed as she pet his head. “Just a nice little trance for you, to keep your brain all cute and empty until your new owner picks you out.” The words reached Sasha, but the meaning didn’t stick. Nor did the praise that followed as she chased one drug with another, then another, then another. Each one giving another burst of sensation across Sash… sssssha… He blinked. That didn’t sound right. But it was his name, wasn’t it?

The human blinked again, and the chromatic splay shimmered even underneath his eyelids. That *was* his name. Sss… shh… sa… No. That didn’t quite click right. Something was calling him something else. Like a gentle but firm voice pressed into the back of his brain. Something… something… Snuggly.

He smiled softly. What a silly name. Something that they’d name a pet. Pet. They had called him a pet. Snuggly was a pet’s name. He was Snuggly? That was easy enough to accept. Much easier than trying to struggle against this fugue to figure it out on his own. Easier. Calmer. Quieter. A vine stroked his cheek and rolling waves of base sensate delight spilled down from his skin. The edge of his lip stitched up into a smile, then a frown in confusion.

This was different. He wasn’t supposed to- he, he tried to focus on anything but no matter where he looked the shimmers of light guided him back down into a pit of quiet bliss. It felt *good* to rest there, but the mere act of feeling in and of itself was wrong. It was like a cork had been sealed over his heart, and light threatened to squeeze up from under it, spilling over the edges and into his brain in the process.

Another stroke of the vine against their skin was all it took to break the cork out of place, and emotions spilled out from his chest in all their untamed fury. An involuntary sense of chemical glee at the comfort and adoration rushed in first, but it was chased after by the long repressed waves of despair that had stained his soul.

Atrophied nerves struggled to contain the onrush of renewed sorrow that gushed out from his soul, drowning over even the chemical sensations as it bored a hole through Snuggly’s. He gasped, tears forming on the edges of his eyes. Not this. The numbness was simpler. The apathy was preferable. Give it back, he silently begged.

But the two affini above refused to leave him in silence and pain. The pair of them descended on the little human, showering him in kind words and kinder pettings. Still they placed more of the liquid kindness into his system, and still did the bloom of loving fog spread within him. He wept and gnashed behind his covered mouth, but the drugs needed only a moment to defeat his sorrow and leave him once more limp in the plant’s grasp.

Whatever trance still slithered through his brain had full control from that moment onward, and the affini had no trouble ramping it up from ‘nicely distracting’ to ‘replace all active thought with a pleasant hollowness’ to smother the remnants of his distress. Within that comfortable emptiness he sank, and the emotions played themselves out around him one by one until he was left with naught but the simple happiness brought by the hands ruffling his hair.

Snuggly learned two very important things the next day.

One, he was apparently the latest member for what was functionally the equivalent to cat cafe slash adoption center but for affini who wanted to play with cute little human pets.

Two, he was way too fucking high to feel any actual negative emotions about that. Sure there was probably some kind of line about human rights or dignity or whatever he could probably dig up from all the rebel propaganda he heard, but,


When he first awoke to find himself draped out over a nice pet bed and with one of the two affini from before petting his back the only emotion he actually felt was a deep resonance of relief. He sighed one of those great big sighs that marked all the tension slipping out from between his ribs and rolled over to immediately go back to sleep. To his pleasant surprise, nobody woke him until he rose up on his own some hours later.

Sleeping in apparently put him in a good enough mood to start the day that he didn’t even really question when the affini came back and pumped more ‘tasty xenodruggies’ into his bloodstream he didn’t even feel like complaining about it. Then when she moved his now-drugged body through the routine of eating, bathing, dressing, he was stuck in the initial burst of foggy bliss and honestly didn’t notice much beyond the overwhelming pleasure the base physical sensations on his body gave him.

When he finally mellowed down enough to realize that he was wearing what amounted to comfortable-if-revealing pajamas and had the hypnotic lens framed over his eyes again, he was still trapped in a wave of delight that smothered all attempts to be angry under the overarching want that he’d feel so much *warmer* if he snuggled up to the affini’s arm. And as the pulsing rhythms and pretty lights guided his consciousness down into a state of hypnotic calm he didn’t even try to resist for one moment.

Why shouldn’t he, after all? He was already captured, and his body was quite happy to let him know how little it was actively listening to him at that point. Nobody could reasonably fault him for indulging in the pleasures he couldn’t escape. And he was so tired, so weary from all the fighting, so willing to just drift on down. Down into the peaceful quiet. Good girl!

All this was to say that when he was introduced to the main room of the cafe his first reaction was somewhere between passive surprise and quiet hunger for comfort instead of the far more typical stomping and wailing anger of captured rebels.
True to form, the cafe space was filled with an abundance of seemingly oversized structures taken after cat furniture design and remade for more human comforts. There was even a veritable cat tree in two different corners, with blissed out terrans staring down upon the cafe as they reclined within the higher towers. The affini carrying him however made her way towards a particularly large pile of cushions and seated herself comfortably against it, squeezing him against her side as she did before petting him even more than before.

“So this is the newbie you’ve been telling me about?” A second affini slipped in next to her and peered down at him. “She’s cute.”

Snuggly tried to insist that he wasn’t a girl again, half expecting another vine to curl around and silence him. But no vine came, and to his much greater surprise the words only formed into a half-hearted bleating noise that stumbled awkwardly out of his mouth.

“Aww, chatty too!” The affini cooed and ruffled his hair, drowning out his protests on the internal side as well with a wave of pleasurable delight spilling in through his scalp. “Is she already ramped up?”

“That’s tomorrow.” The first affini answered as she tilted his head back and made him face the second. “See her eyes? Still full of silly little thoughts for now. Today is just for preliminary socializing.”

The second affini aww’d all over again as she stared down upon him, this time wrapping a pair of vines over his cheeks and wiggling his face a bit just to knock his sense of balance off into an idle spin. Whatever the two talked about in the interim slipped in one ear and out the other untouched as his consciousness struggled to keep up with the sensations from their touch and by the time he could uncross his eyes enough to even look past the itching desire to ask for even more petting he found himself now placed upon on the cushions by himself.

Snuggly glanced up to the two affini still chatting happily together, each with a different blissed out terran now snuggled up in their lap that they adored to excess amidst their words. He felt an awkward pang in his heart that he decided was probably totally a result of the visor and not his own feelings and- a nudge at his side drew him back down. Another one the drugged up terrans was sitting beside him all of a sudden. He could see in her eyes a sort of empty daze that marked an absence of active thought, and in her movements the sort of heavy, lazy movements that he always saw on those floret broadcasts.

The woman looked him in the eye and smiled, then muttered something that he lost completely between her awkward speech and his heart just happening to skip a beat with more absolutely-not-jealousy at the sight of a blissed out woman. A second terran suddenly dropped in right behind him, eliciting a bleating yelp from Snuggly as a third and a fourth of the cuddly little things collapsed in around him.

One of them took his wrist in their hand and glanced at one of the wristbands before smiling and collapsing wholly against him, muttering something along the lines of ‘pretty girl’ as they did. Which was a bit silly, the pretty girl was clearly the lady sitting next to him not- oh now she was hugging him too. And the third. And the fourth- at that point it was a whole cuddle puddle as more of the drugged-out-their-ears humans came in to peek at the newbie then decided to simultaneously add to and partake of the simple pleasure in physical contact.

All the while the more cognizant of the bunch, which rapidly did not include Snuggly himself, took the time to remind him about what a ‘cute girl’ he was. It would have been nice, was he actually a girl. Or just cute. He could stomach being a boy if he was cute, he thought.

That was probably the trance talking again. Fit for keeping him calm and obedient and apparently questioning his gender. At least it was easy to blame the hypnotics for why he was succumbing so easily to the intense warmth of others' skin against his, and how his heart calmed in the presence of gentle arms wrapped around his waist. Just blame the hypnotics, he told himself. It’s all their fault he was so willing to laze into their collective grip and drift happily along on their honeyed words.

“See? I told you she’d play nice today.”

Snuggly heard the words slip through his naptime haze and decided that he didn’t quite feel like paying much attention to it.

“Still comforting to see. We haven’t had a straight-from-capture pet in a while.”

“Worried she’d be a fighter?”

Snuggly wiggled himself deeper into the pillows to try to drown out the voices, but didn’t get far as it turned out the pillow in question was some cute boy’s comfy tummy. He decided this was nice enough to stay on for now instead, even with the noise.

“Well, yes. Most of the rebels I’ve seen needed a bit more breaking in than her to get to this point. All the others are all flailing and wailing and ‘no, i’m an independent terran you can’t bathe me in chemical bliss and soothe the scars of my capitalist poisoned heart’.”

The ruffling of affini leaves in laughter was the straw that finally slipped Snuggly out of his nap. He peeked up from the middle of the cuddle puddle and made a noise at the two. Didn’t even bother to try to string together words either, as his throat wasn’t going to listen to him anyway. Up above he saw the lights outside had long dimmed into the night- stars, did he lose time? He furrowed his brows to try to recall how long he had spent cuddling limbs, bodies, and vines but it was all a blur of indeterminate length and ohhh now there were more vines wrapping around him and scattering that line of thought aside entirely.

“Aww, I think she’s grumpy.” The first affini giggled at him.

“Probably because we were just talking about how sweet and docile she’s been for us.” The second joined in, then added with a wink. “Don’t worry, dear, we know you’re still a big tough rebel on the inside.”

That’s right. He’s not sweet and docile, he’s just drugged and hypnotized and probably in need of a good nap on top of it. Once all that was taken away he’d definitely be able to muster up all of the well-rested rebellion still sitting in his gut would surge up and he’d-

Hrm. Well he wasn’t sure what he would do considering he didn’t know where in all of space he was or what an escape vector would even look like from here, but he’d probably sort out the whole gender thing first. Again, he insisted to himself, not that there was anything wrong with being a girl, it's just that he clearly didn’t deserve to be one and their thinking otherwise was a silly mistake.

The second affini knelt down before him suddenly and whispered to him alone, large vibrant eyes locked squarely on his. “Although, dear, if you *did* want to be a sweet and docile girl for us all on your own already, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Just as there’s nothing wrong with you enjoying all this comfort we’ll shower upon you.”

Snuggly decided not to think any deeper on those words specifically.

The affini still leaning over him stared into his eyes for a moment longer, mouth curled into a gentle smile as she pondered something before giggling and petting the top of his head. “Well, it’s not like you actually have a say in the matter anyway.” It’s vines tightened around him and swept him up to her side as she sifted through the cuddle puddle and started propping up sleeping terrans to tidy them off. “Up now, dears. We’re past closing time.”

A symphony of moans, groans, and pouty faces rose up from the cuddle puddle in response to that, with the two affini swiftly meeting and defeating the protests with even more adoring pets. They sorted the lot into two groups, one whose owners were coming to pick them up, and the other who were staying overnight. The latter group, starting with Snuggly, were then shepherded into the back rooms where the bright walls and pretty pet structures were replaced with darker tones and a plethora of cute little pet beds.

Snuggly, of course, did not offer any extra resistance as he was fed dinner, bathed, and changed into nighttime clothes. That would be a waste of his lurking rebellious spirit, and frankly cuddling like twelve people at the same time was a surprisingly effective method of working up a sweat anyway. So even if it was a touch embarrassing to be stripped, scrubbed, and then tucked into a warm pool as the two affini got to work doing the same for all the other pets staying overnight he still played the part of the polite pet.

Maybe he smiled a bit from the simple pleasure of being in a warm pool of bubbly water as well. MAYBE even a little bit because the chemical high coursing through his blood still had him feeling like every touch on his skin was spilling dopamine into his spine. But the smile MOST DEFINITELY ABSOLUTELY was from him bearing it and pretending to go along with… whatever the point of this all was.

As for the bath itself, his ability to keep any meaningful coherence of it was swiftly lost to the act of the affini slithering up behind him and wrapping herself around his bare flesh, calling him all manner of adorable words as she gave him a scalp massage of such strength that he felt as if all thoughts were summarily pressed out his ears and evaporated into fine mist.

A more capably minded individual might have had something to say about how the two affini managed to deftly multitask to keep a dozen terrans entertained together through a warm bath, but Snuggly was not that terran. Snuggly was the terran who got lost looking at nothing in particular and didn’t even notice that the liquid warmth on his skin had been replaced with the lingering warmth of air until the affini was already done drying and dressing him for the night. Even then it was purely because the affini had stopped petting him and dangled a light in front of his eyes long enough to draw some semblance of focus back together with.

“Good girl,” The affini purred, and Snuggly definitely did not shiver in some small rush of delight at being called such. If he did it was probably the trance again. “Normally we let our pets have individual enrichment time now, but given your circumstances that’s not much of an option so you’ll be staying with me instead.” All around the two the other humans were given books, games, or other little toys and trinkets to handle with the same sort of unfocused ditzy airs that they had managed for everything else throughout the day.

Reflecting upon it, Snuggly considered this probably the weirdest day in his life so far. While the abundance of rebel propaganda had informed him that being captured would mean any number of terrible things, the affini propaganda on the other side had told him he would be given to a new loving owner or whatever and domesticated or something like that. Instead, he was rendered into the equivalent of a very stoned cat and spent all day sleeping or hugging people.

He was fairly certain he was supposed to think of that as a bad thing somehow. But the truth of the matter was that in his heart he was tired, and any opportunity to sleep in all day was one he simply didn’t wish to pass up. So if the plants wanted him to rest, then he would rest. But because he wanted to, not because they told him to.

Snuggly nodded to himself. He was cheating the system, cleverly getting the affini to shower him in nice things all the while he was actually still a free spirited rebel on the inside. It was clever! Flawless! He was a genius!

Snuggly curled up into the affini’s lap, wiggled up against her chest, rested his cheek upon her vines, and slipped off into a wonderfully comfortable sleep all while she burst into adoring awws at the mere sight of him acting this way. What a fool, completely unaware that she’d been tricked by his wily ways.


The next day when Snuggly awoke he found that he actually didn’t mind it so much, which was weird in and of itself. Additional weirdness was provided by the fact that nothing stopped him from looking up, deciding that the waking world was for squares, and then rolling up into a burrito and going right on back to sleep.

Much like the day before, nobody bothered him until well after he awoke later and spent some time just stretching about aimlessly. Even then it was to quietly carry him through the waking routines, allowing him to drift along the active edge of consciousness at a leisurely pace. Not until he was all clean, dressed in more comfy pajama day clothes, and halfway through stuffing his face with pancakes did he truly feel awake, and not until then did the affini actually try to draw him into conversation.

“Gueeeeeeeeessss what, dear!” She clapped excitedly, then produced a large vial full of blue liquids. “Today is your big day!”

Snuggly stared at her blankly for a moment before making another baa noise at her, just to highlight how conversational he wasn’t capable of being thanks to their care.

“You’re all primed to start your actual class J doses, which means in a few hours you’ll be officially up for claiming! Just think, your Mistress could be out there today!” The rest of her words trailed off out of Snuggly’s awareness as he mentally slid back down to the pancakes.

Mistress? The broadcasts did mention things like owners and pets and domestication and- uhg. Snuggly opened his mouth and the affini happily provided more pancake for him to munch on. He didn’t even know where to start for forming feelings on the matter, much less what to *think* about it. Thinking was too heavy anyway. Maybe the hypnotics would help him with that again. His head did feel clearer yesterday when all the medications were still fresh.

A vine slipped under his chin and lured his attention back up. “Aww, look at you still being all thinky.” The affini hummed. “We’ll be handling your hypnotics after your medications as usual today, and since you’re not allowed choices we’re going to have to do some actual programming to ensure your comfort instead. Additionally, with the stronger doses you should have no trouble being pleasantly empty in there.”

Snuggly blinked. What? He thought the drugs already given were supposed to be keeping him all empty headed and pleasant and- well, like, it had been working, he thought. Additionally the hypnotics made him enjoy the whole thing. Right?

…that was why it felt nice, right?”

“...oh honey, did you think you were already blissed up like the others?” The affini giggled at his expense. “Dear, all the hypnotics have done is give you a pattern to calm down whenever you start to feel overwhelmed or angry, not that you even needed it.”

….oh no

“Additionally, since you’ve been so well behaved, the drugs have been kept to a pleasant minimum for the time being so you can adjust properly.”

For a brief, terrible moment, Snuggly almost considered all the Weird Gender Feelings these affini had been throwing at him were not the hypnotics fault, and then promptly slammed that thought shut with the far more pressing matter that, apparently, the real thing was looming down upon him waiting to pounce. That was a *much* easier matter to contemplate- oh damnit he spent so long spinning his mental wheels that didn’t even notice the affini slither up next to him, tuck down his shirt to reveal the rose in his chest, and start pumping the new drug into his system.

He felt as if the moment stretched out forever, with the blue liquid being squeezed through the affini’s needle at a laborious pace and drip drip dripping into his veins. His eyes were stuck upon the affini’s, just as her gaze stayed in on his. He whimpered in fear. Of the drugs, he wanted to tell himself. But the truth was that he was afraid of what the recent slew of feelings actually meant about himself, and he as the pit of worry in his stomach was stoked into a wanting flame that truth became harder and harder for him to avoid.

A soft ‘click’ marked the dose fully emptying into him, and the affini plucked the needle and vial from his body to dispose of without looking away from him. “There, there, all done~” She purred. A vine slid along his cheek, and her touch was the catalyst which finally set his body aflame. His veins erupted with warmth that cascaded from his cheek and swept over the rest of his head from there. His thoughts stuttered in response to the warmth then burned apart into a breathy moan of overwhelmed pleasure.

On cue, the hypnotic conditioning kicked in to turn a moment of being completely overwhelmed into a pause, then a gentle release of air. The heat cascaded down through his body to chase after his breath, and with it trapped him in a loop of momentary overwhelming bliss leading into pre-programmed routines of practiced breathing to release tension. Caught between the two Snuggly could do no more than watch as his body collapsed limply against the affini as the simple contact elicited ever more blinding heat through him.

He tried to tell himself that he could probably still keep it together, and immediately knew that that was a lie. His oh so helpful caretaker, meanwhile, had done her part to help ensure he melted into bliss by petting him relentlessly as she pumped him full of the remainder of his prescriptions, each stroke hammering upon his psyche like a hammer through his skull, again and again fraying the edges of his awareness as she went.

Then the visor once more was slipped over his eyes, and it gleefully gathered up all those frayed edges to weave something anew of him.

In hindsight, it was rather silly of him to believe that he was already victim of the affini’s control before then. Filled with the, what had she called it, class Js?, he felt want bubble up from every inch of his skin, and from the want came an ever deeper need that demanded to be fed. The need dominated his flesh, weaving its way through his muscles just to shiver and squirm for anything, even a small drop of adoration.

But all it found in him was the slow warp into desperation, and that desperation was so easily speared by the dulcet tones and beautiful colors, dragged on down to its knees, and taught how to *beg*.

By the time Snuggly was able to actually string together a thought longer than “please-” or “fuck-” he had already been moved out to the front room. The guests were more than happy to appease his pathetic beggings all the while, and his body was so wrapped in it’s new instructions that it found no shame in flopping upon their laps and pulling up his sweater for tummy rubs.

It should have been embarrassing to have his body act in such a way, but the louder part of his mind was quick to remind him that cute pets didn’t need to worry about that, and that he wasn’t allowed choices so really being uncontrollably touch horny was a more fitting way to be anyway. Appropriately incapable and desperately in need of some help from her Mist-

Snuggly bit off that line of thought. Nothing has changed. He was still pretending to be a mean silly little rebel on the inside, and once all of these drugs and hypnotics and cuddling and everything else was taken away he could get right to proving what a *good girl* she still is on the inside. It was perfect! This all just meant that he had an even better disguise for making everyone think he was a nice sweet docile girl like she actually is and they’ll all shower her in comfort and love and adoration in the meanwhile.

That was way too much thinking. He decided to listen to the trance’s prompting and use those synapses on something much more productive: literally nothing at all. This was, apparently, to be her life for now after all. All of the other terrans kept on hand were similarly wrapped up in a rapturous emptiness and wholly shameless pleasure, it would be weirder if he didn’t join them.

He decided to, not surrender per se, but to make a choice to play along. Giggling all the while about slipping a choice past the affini as he did.

Snuggly slipped into the daily routine of an adorable adoptable human pet with ease. Wake up, be fed, bathed, clothed, adored for an arbitrary length of time, then given quiet personal time from dinner to sleep. If he was ever overwhelmed by the day, he could retreat to one of the many hiding holes around the front room, or escape to one of the back rooms entirely. If he ever starved for affection, well, his body was more than happy to land him in an affini’s lap and mewl adorably until he was empty-mindedly drooling from the overwhelming cascade of raw pleasure their touch could bring.

Stars, what pleasures they could bring. With his brain wrapped up under the firm grip of the “xenodruggies” he saw the world through distorted lenses. Colors were so much brighter, noises so much richer, every touch a canvas of texture and the floral scents around the affini positively entrancing in their intensity. He could do as little as breathe deep and the world would seem to blur apart around him, colors smearing apart as he collapsed bodily into an oversized pillow just to get adored even more for being ‘ever so clumsy’ and ‘extra adorable’.

And the feelings! Ever so vivid as the world had become, pouring from his heart endlessly to wash up and run away with him. When joy sped through his veins his mouth would already be smiling with fresh energy dancing on his fingertips. The touch of sloth would drag him down into tight hugs that he couldn’t even begin to consider lifting himself up from. Want and desire no more teased on the edge of his heart, they seized him entirely and dragged him forward to fall down on his knees and beg wordlessly for whatever so captured his interests.

Usually that was head pats.

During that time, as days turned into weeks, the drugs did their dutiful work upon his body. He didn’t notice much of the change at first, only a vague feeling that he smelled different. Later, he touched his own skin and felt as if it were beautifully soft and smooth and, for once, was not disgusted by it. His hair grew and grew and graced his shoulders before too long. Luckily for him, the affini seemed to love taking immaculate care of his hair for him, and so it was always rendered in the most lovely of silken smooth textures for others to pet.

Most telling really should have been the way his body bounced back from malnutrition to swell into a softer form. Fat returned to rest upon his thighs and stomach and granted him gentle curves that he had long since been envious of. Yet that still did not make him realize how he was changing.

No the only thing that made him realize his body was different was when, after one of the many days in which he spent going on one affini’s lap to the next in an indecipherable blur of vines lovingly petting his tummy, one of the handlers tucked him in for bed, paused to stare over him, and then asked the other, “Are we allowed to do body mods for her?”

The answer, apparently, was yes as the next day Snuggly was given an ‘extra dose of tasty xenodruggies’ for a midday nap, and awoke later already back in bed with a set of bandages wrapped around his head and over his ears. That sudden jolt was enough to, after an hour of getting lost in the nice texture of his blanket, realize that his body was being changed by their whims. He then touched the bandages over his ears and promptly forgot what he was thinking about for a few days in favor of more nice touchy feely emptyheadedness.

He realized it, again, a few days later when the bandages came off and his new ears were unleashed upon the world. There was much excited gasping and adoring that fell upon him that day, and he promptly forgot about the whole thing from all the heavy petting that short circuited his brain. Even the guests seemed to take extra care in rubbing and stroking his new ears, all of which lapped warmth upon his psyche such that he essentially spent the week accomplishing little other than moaning and writhing in their grasp.

He realized it, *again*, some vague stretch of time later when he was finally given a gap of relatively low stimulation to string his few brain cells together and try touching them himself.


They were feathered.

His fingers traced a line of soft scales along the sides of his face to discover that his ears were now floppy feathered things. Not quite wings, but they certainly fluttered like ones once he started to touch them directly. Apparently they were only partly under his conscious command, and even then it was just to emote along with his feelings. Flopped down to blend in with his hair at neutral, peeking up when his attention focused one way or another, fluttering about like a dog wagging its tail when he got excited.

More telling was that touching them felt rather intense to do in that even just running his fingers across the length of a feather was leaving him whimpering with an additional layer to the usual sea of want in his skin. He did it a second time, just to experiment, and found himself red in the face, panting and moaning as he cried out before being lovingly rescued by one of the affini wrapping him up in it’s vines and promptly emptying out his cute little head with even more attention.

He realized it, *again*, for the fourth first time even later down the line after having a particularly lazy moment by the window. He’d been idly poking his own tummy, which was adorable and wonderfully soft as always and perfect for the other pets to hug, when the slow shift from daylight to night sky outside brought his own reflection in the glass to light. Of course his first thought was that a stranger was staring back at him, which caused him to give a small gasp and pop up in surprise.

Of course, when he realized the person in the reflection also had a pair of winged ears flaring up, then one flopped down when he tilted his head to the side in confusion, he then connected the dots that the reflection was of himself. Which was silly and impossible because the reflection was cute and soft and feminine and any number of other pleasant adjectives he could use to describe people that aren’t him and that he considered very good happy traits to have.

Snuggly poked his own tummy again and saw the reflection do the same. Then he fluttered his ears a bit, which the reflection mimicked as well. Okay well the reflection had tits which he obviously didn’t so he grabbed his chest- FUCK!



When in all of stars blasted space did that- wait the ears were mods too.

Snuggly proceeded to stare blankly at his own reflection as the fact that his body was being changed outside of his control finally actually managed to simmer it’s way into his mind. They made him soft and cute and other nice adjectives. It was kind of weird to have the ability to do that and waste it on him instead of some trans girl who would actually benefit from them. Someone with a case of the genders instead of a case of thinks-girls-are-super-cool-in-a-cis-way like he does.

Kind of like they’re misgendering him.

Which would be very rude if he was actually bothered by it, he supposed.

But, like, being feminine wasn’t a problem, he thought. It was just that they kept calling him a girl and treating him like a girl and giving him girl hormones and girly clothes and making him all cute and girly when he clearly was just some guy. Maybe that was the point. Maybe they were just trying to be mean and poke fun at his gender the whole time.

Snuggly huffed and only momentarily was distracted by how cute his pouty face looked in the window. How rude! Well he’ll show them. He still had all that rebellion bottled up inside, after all! He’d… uh… hrm… he’d be a girl! Yeah! Then whenever they call him cute and girly they’d actually be *affirming* his gender instead of making fun of him, and those silly affini wouldn’t even know it!

Snuggly giggled mischievously to herself. There was literally no way this clever plan could backfire at all.

That whole train of thought was immediately derailed by an affini wreathed in pink flowers peeking in through the glass at her. The two locked eyes, then the affini ran in through the front door, checked in at the desk, and promptly fell upon Snuggly to shower her with an abundance of headpats and tummy rubs. Another day at the job.

Snuggly’s caretakers seemed to adore the way she’d flap her wings every time she ate something tasty. Ever since the feathered bits had fully healed they’d taken to partitioning up dinner into lazy bites just so they could soak in her flutters. For her part, Snuggly just liked having the extra attention all the time and wasn’t particularly capable of any shyness about it in the process.

“I can’t believe nobodys claimed her yet.” One of the affini muttered as it switched to scratching under Snuggly’s chin.

“Thinking of taking her yourself?” The other teased even as she joined in to scratch the other side. Absolute heaven for Snuggly.

“Don’t be silly, I barely have time as it is.”

“Aww, but you’re always going on about how cute she is!”

“Yes and it’s wild to me that nobody else seems to realize it.”

A vine slipped around her wrist and held it up. “I think it’s the ‘unbroken’ tag that scares them off, honestly. Most of the affini who come here are looking for a cuddly, easy going floret. They see that and get worried as soon as the drugs die down she’ll be all fighty and yelly and everything.”

“Aww, you wouldn’t do that now would you, Snuggly?” The first affini pinched her cheeks. She totally would do that. She was a fierce rebel after all, so she’d have to do all the rebel things when she had a chance. Not that she could think of any of them at the moment, but she was sure the ideas would come back. More importantly, they weren’t scratching her chin still, so she bleated at them to get back to it. “See? She’s adorable.”

“...hey, do you think she’d look cute with paws?” The second affini suddenly asked.

The answer, evidently, was yes again as the next day Snuggly was given another tasty midday xenodruggie snack and, *again* woke up already tucked into bed. This time though her arms were the ones wrapped up in bandages down from her shoulders to her… elbows? Past that was just big fluffy useless lion paws.

Snuggly decided that that was so silly that she must still be dreaming and promptly rolled back into bed and went to sleep. Actually contemplating the matter would require thinking, and thinking was a silly thing to do so she simply didn’t worry about it. This ended up working out as the next day when the affini hooked her up for even more hypnotics under the visor (and Snuggly was only reasonably excited to spend some more time in a state of enforced mindless bliss as her brain was given a refresher on all it’s lovely instruction on being a cute soft cuddly pet) they proceeded to run her body through lessons on getting to know her new hands.

The two pieces of aesthetically nonfunctional feline bappers were, in truth, planttech simulacrums plugged into her flesh. In a trance her body went through the motions of gripping, moving, wiggling them about, then unwinding the surface layer of leaf-like growths to reveal an intricate network of vines and branches that formed the underlying structure. Then, with her mind as a passenger to the visor’s guiding lead through her body, she moved the individual parts to wind back together such that the paws folded back into themselves, the fur coat shivered apart and slipped inside of the structure, and in their place were once again human-like hands.

Though even in that configuration the innate inhumanity showed through in the scaled nature of her replacement skin, from small soft scales nearly mimicking natural flesh along her fingers to the veritable bracers of dark, hardened matter from the center of her hands up under the bandages. She repeated the exercises again in this configuration, was programmed with a handy layer of conditioning to lock it behind needing her Mistresses’ permission to use it, and then the hands unwound into a far more functional mass of unaffiliated tentacles.

Truth be told that small grasp of seeing how the affini could multitask through that many possible limbs at once made Snuggly’s brain hurt to process any of it, and she was quite relieved to be done with that exercise and have her body puppeted back into a state of adorable uselessness in the form of kitty paws. One of the affini said something about a tail, too, but Snuggly didn’t really catch any of that as she was immediately busy distracting herself by holding the paws against her cheek just to enjoy the texture of big soft toe beans being smooshed against her face.

She was *such* an independent and free-willed terran.

The guests in her day to day seemed to appreciate the new beans as much as she did, as the rest of her week became a blur between more hypnotized practice for paw power to an endless series of affini ‘ooh’ing and ‘aah’ing over her, showing her with more praise for how cute and lovely she is, and then playing about with them. That pink affini even came back to give her a cup to knock over a few times. It was empty, of course. Knocking over a full cup would be rude. But the affini got much delight out of seeing Snuggly bap it off the table just so she could pick it up and put it back to get bapped off again.

After about a week the bandages came off for good, and Snuggly could see that the new arms blended into a scaled pattern that slipped past her elbow to crawl under her upper arm towards her chest, with her original skin only showing some slight angry tone for all the surgical fuckery that had been done it. Eighteen hours of poking, petting, being led out to the front room for being adored and playing fetch all day, and then collapsing back into her bed at night Snuggly then inspected her arms again.

The class Zs, as ever, were quite wonderful for dragging her down into sleep, but they gave her a few minutes of slowly-slipping consciousness before taking her completely. In that time, with the attention of the world closed and the solitude of her own pet bed, Snuggly realized that a normal rational human reaction would probably be to be worried about their old arms having been left to rot in the bottom of a medical waste bin somewhere. But, honestly, all she felt was a sort of giddy glee at the thought of the big useless things. They were so soft, too! Soft like her bed which was so nice and warm and- Snuggly promptly fell asleep.

The tail that Snuggly was only half aware of turned out to be another marvel of plant tech engineering that had been prepared just for her. Apparently at the same time that they had done up her hands the affini had planted a bundle into her lower spine that had since grown and healed through the way on down to become an anchor for the tail to attach to. From there it was a simple matter for the two affini to bend Snuggly over a table, pull up her shirt, down her shorts, momentarily confuse her with excited expectations of all manner of carnal indulgences from the action, and then plug the tail into her directly.

Once done they let Snuggly loose to drop down onto the floor feeling lost, confused, and weirdly horny about the whole thing before she realized she could now feel the sensation of an extra extremity curling off of her spine behind her. She turned to look at it, and, only seeing the end of it, turned around bodily to chase after it. This resulted in her crawling on the floor in a circle chasing after her own tail for a few minutes until the sight of a pretty affini derailed her thoughts completely.

A separate, later incident of her chasing her own tail had much the same results except it ended in her collapsing onto a particularly soft cushion next to a pretty girl who proceeded to cuddle the entire consciousness out of her while an affini brushed both of their hair for them. It was positively divine.

A third incident, as Snuggly had become quite forgetful and prone to repeating revelations apparently, occurred when that pink affini from before came in and, so delighted at the sight of her tail, decided to slither on over to collapse next to Snuggly and start petting it a whole bunch while saying something about how cute she was. Which was fair, Snuggly was *very* cute, afterall.

But more relevant to the tail and not the part where Snuggly’s brain was being converted into gay fluid leaking out her ears from happy pet feelings was the fact that the petting session was fit to highlight that what initially had the appearance of serpentine plating along the length of a fat cuddly tail was actually the surface layer to an intricate bed of roots and vines that had become attached to her. These she had as much conscious control over as she did her ears, which is to say very little, as good happy feelings would make her little wings flutter and her tail coil and slither all up around itself excitedly, in the process wrapping up the affini’s facsimile hand into a tight clutch and pinning it between her thighs.

Her tail’s grip was apparently a surprise for the affini, as she gave it one or two halfhearted attempts to pull her hand free before giving a defeated ‘I guess I live here now?’ and laying down to spoon Snuggly properly after that. After a most wonderful nap and some lovely affectionate cuddling and maybe a little bit of Snuggly getting a kiss on her cheek, an alarm blipped on the affini’s tablet that prompted her to try to get up and leave.

Snuggly immediately realized an opportunity. Between having the affini’s arm still wrapped up in her tail and the plant matter between her thighs, she had a chance. A rare time to bring the might of her rebellious spirit to bear. The affini would rue the day they challenged her unbroken will!!!

Snuggly squeezed down on the affini and refused to let go even as she stood up. This had the awkward side effect of her clinging to affini’s side like a koala, but the benefit of dragging out the warmth she got from all the hugging and cuddling before. The affini, for her part, attempted to prompt Snuggly to “let her go, please” because she “had important work to do” or whatever. The fool! Now she was at the terran’s mercy! Snuggly bared the most ferocious counterattack any human could possibly muster against their plant overlords. She looked up and gave the affini the biggest, saddest, most airheaded puppy dog begging stare she could.

The affini looked to her, then around the room, then back to her, sputtering awkwardly before groaning in defeat and sitting back down. Victory!

“I think she chose you.” A second affini popped in besides the pink one, giggling all the while.

The pink affini huffed, but scratched behind Snuggly’s ear regardless. “I don’t want to get her hopes up. I can’t possibly take her, with work and travel and, it’s too much.”

“You’re free in a month, aren’t you?” The second affini asked as two of the other pets in the cafe crawled up and dropped into their lap to receive a wonderful shower of adoration.

The pink affini paused, having formed a third hand to pet along the length of Snuggly’s spine. “I… well, yes. But I haven’t even gotten a long term hab set up yet.”

“I think you can just ask them to hold her for a bit.”

“Sweet temptation, hold your tongue.”

The other affini leaned in to strike quickly. “So you *do* want her!” Vines popping out to poke at her side playfully.

“I, yes, okay? She’s adorable and nobody’s claimed her for,” The pink affini stopped to grab Snuggly’s wrist and peet at her wristband. “A year!?” She sighed, then said in a more quizzical tone, “Unbroken? On *these* prescriptions?”

“Looks like she managed to get a DNEEF filed on her, too.”

“How criminal, to leave a girl so adorable unclaimed for so long.”

“You could fix that~” The second affini teased.

The pink affini produced another set of vines to wrap around Snuggly’s cheeks and propped her face up to look the affini in the face, vapid empty pet eyes meeting the shimmering coral tones of the affini’s. Snuggly didn’t actually get any of the words the two were saying, she was too busy being held upon the edge of near-orgasmic bliss with every touch on her body. So when that paused for even a moment, she was a little sad and expressed it by bleating wantingly at the affini before her.

“Okay, fine,” the affini huffed.

That night the two affini who cared for Snuggly seemed particularly excited for her and spent extra time adoring her as a result. She didn’t really understand what all the excitement was about, but the attention was nice! Somewhere in all the pretty pettings they’d even slipped her wristband off of her and replaced it with a pink one before they tucked her into bed, giving her a new stuffed animal that was full of a rich floral scent along the way to sleep with her.

Since then her regular to-dos shifted slightly but noticeably. While she would still laze and sleep in as much as she desired, when she did awake it was already with that new stuffed animal held close near her head to surround her in it’s aroma. The drug regiment was altered just a touch, though the meaning of that was long to her completely as she only really understood tasty chemical make brain happy at that point.

Oh, and her legs were replaced.

About a day after they swapped out her wristband Snuggly was given yet another tasty midday nap xenodruggie dose and, having learned nothing from the last two times it happened, was once again surprised to wake up already in bed to find that her legs were now wrapped in bandages from her thighs down past her knees. Beyond that was all shaggy fur of ungulate-esque legs with cloven hooves beneath them. Soft ones, too! Felt a little squishy and nice to poke.

Again, reasonable people would probably be concerned by having that happen to them. Snuggly, on the other hand, immediately rationalized it with a “well I didn’t like those old legs anyway” and then spent her morning giggling and feeling out her new hooves until the affini came to retrieve her. Learning to actually *use* the new legs was a bit more trouble, as apparently some of the musculature around her thighs and hips had been adjusted to work with them, but that all went into hypnotic conditioning to bypass her executive function’s participation anyway.

She was more than happy to have the excuse to plop down in the big fuzzy cat-wheel type thing, kick up her cool new goat legs, and passively receive the loving affection of any guests that happen to decide to sit near her. The next day she even paced around a little. The third though? On the third day that pink affini showed up and swept her right off her feet before the two of them were let back into one of the private rooms in the building.

In that small space Snuggly was tucked between two very large stuffed animals as the two affini conversed amongst each other, culminating in one handing a pair of vials and a folder to the other. “This one will counteract the bonding inhibitor. Just inject here,” It caught the neck of her top and tucked it down to reveal the crimson flower still in her chest. “Wait five minutes, and you’re all good to go. When you’re done for today, inject the second vial, wait five minutes, and press the button to call us over.”

“Thank you!” The pink affini said with a polite curtsey as she took the offered goods and, with no hidden excitement, shuffled over to Snuggly’s side to pull her into her lap and start petting her head. Lost in the haze of pleasure that spilled down from the affini’s touch, Snuggly didn’t even notice as she slipped the “human”’s shirt down and slipped a needle into her flower. She didn’t notice the passage of time either beyond a shift from abundant head scratches to vigorous tummy rubs.

But then there was a sound. A distant noise that grew closer with each pulse of her heart that started low and slid leisurely across the auditory spectrum. A note so slow it reminded Snuggly only of a whale’s song, complete with leaving her feeling as if she were trapped underwater and in desperate need of something to catch.

Snuggly looked around the room in desperate need to find the source, glancing left and right until her eyes turned to the plant that was still happily wrapped around her body. In that instant she was caught spellbound at the sight. The affini wreathed in pink flowers had always seemed pretty to Snuggly, but something was different. Maybe it was the light. Or the way her eyes glittered. Or the smile that spread across her face as she looked down at the terran.

“Hello, dear,” She spoke, and her voice fell upon Snuggly’s feathered ears like silk. “I’m Hedra Rosa, 12th Bloom. But you will know me as Mistress.”

Knowledge of proper greetings prompted Snuggly to respond, but all that slipped through was a weak gasp of air. Were her wings flapping again? They were probably- oh her tail was coiling too. This was embarrassing. Why was it so embarrassing?

“Cute little thing, without even a voice to beg with.” Mistress cooed down at her. “All the worlds should be jealous that you’ve fallen into my lap.” She proceeded to tuck the pet up into her lap, vines wrapping around her shivering body to smother her in affection while Hedra flipped open the files.

Snuggly, on a surface level, kind of sort of recognized what she happened to peek from those documents. Lots of it was terran documents that, if she were more cognizant of things beyond the absolutely divine feeling of a vine slithering along her ribs, she would recognize as pertaining to her own personal history. More of it was flowery affini language that flew right past any level of meaning even as Mistress signed, marked, initialed, and otherwise struck off all the relevant bits piece by piece through the paperwork. But the one thing that did stick out was a picture.

Framed in blue against a black background was a silhouette of snuggly’s body, with red markers indicating the abundance of planttech that had been grafted to her form. Highlighted on that image she could see the plethora of roots that had grown through her muscles and connected into her nerves. The only place still untouched by it all was the top half of her spine and the center of her head, and looking at that image she almost felt incomplete.

Then Mistress gave her some pretty flowers to smell and she forgot about everything else in the world.

Something changed in Snuggly. Even as she returned to the routine of endless adoration and pleasure at the hands of her guests something felt lacking. It wasn’t the drugs, those were as effective as ever at scouring her consciousness of all meaningful thought beyond the most basic, pet-like level indulgences. It wasn’t the guests, who were as willing as before to see her drowned in physical joy by petting her properly senseless as they did… whatever those affini did. Paperwork, probably. But it was something. Something she couldn’t place.

But when that pink affini walked back in, the answer seemed to write itself into Snuggly’s mind, and then was summarily censored by her own reflexive will. The whale song that She carried upon Her person washed over Snuggly’s mind in waves, giving her only a moment to gasp weakly for air before her heart was once more dragged along after it. The scent swam around her senses and Snuggly, for only a brief moment, realized that it was the same scent she smelled every night as she buried her face into the stuffed animal she kept in her bed.

Snuggly’s feet moved faster than her mind, and in an instant she was bounding across the room to leap into the affini’s arm, bleating happily all the while as she wiggled herself up into Her vines. Mistress, in return, gave her a hug so tight that it squeezed out every drop of worry that had wormed its way into Snuggly’s spine right out into pleased moans. Some of the pink flowers wrapped themselves around her face to smother her in their scent, and Snuggly took just one deep breath before everything spiralled out around her and stumbled down into darkness.

When she awoke she wasn’t too surprised to find herself once more tucked into bed and assumed, quite rightly, that something had been altered about her form once again. But figuring out what would require effort, and sleep didn’t, so she buried her face into her stuffed animal to breathe deep of Mistress’ scent and fell right asleep. The next few days followed the same pattern as she “needed to continue laying down” and “let her spine heal” whatever that meant and was summarily drugged up to her eyeballs such that the very simple experience of laying down like a good girl and having vines draped around her body was the most fascinating thing in the world.

Though, weirdly enough, she didn’t get any more injections after that. Snuggly didn’t notice that the flower in her chest had been replaced with an array of pink scales, either. Similarly lost upon her cute little head was the fact that the endless fog of bliss that had dominated her brain was finally beginning to recede, though that matter she didn’t notice solely because of how much she enjoyed the experience of being a mindless silly pet. All of it just slipped her right by until the day Mistress came back, swept her up into Her vines, and once more brought her down into a pleasant sleep with sweet promises of a new home.

Everything that was still Sasha awoke and collided with everything that had become Snuggly at a meteoric speed. The psychological schism between the numbed, depressed terran boy and the adored pet became a fault line upon which the two grinded against each other, conflicting ideas meeting eye to eye and to strike, slay, and bleed into nothing between the folds of his augmented brain. In the middle he was flooded by mental pain and, for the first time in the long ages since his capture, made a choice between the two.

Snuggly awoke and sat upright. She was somewhere different than she was used to, but the faint scent floating through the air made her feel more familiar with it than not. Home was the first word to come to mind, but that was a silly idea as her home had been that pet shop for uh…. however long that was. A long time. Snuggly licked her lips and shivered at the memory of hands gliding along her back and leaving her mewling and twitching on the floor. It was a very pleasant time.

Snuggly tried poking herself to see if she was still dreaming, and then spent a few minutes mentally lost enjoying the sensation of her paws prodding at the comfy layer of fat on her midriff before she realized she wasn’t alone in the room. In fact, perched right next to her was Mistress, who had been happily reading a book while acting as a bed of vines for Snuggly to sleep upon. “Good morning, dear.” Mistress purred, and Snuggly instinctively clamped her thighs shut as an illicit shiver crawled up her core just from the sound of the affini’s voice.

Snuggly bleated back a reply, then was bewildered when her voice seemed to actually follow some semblance of control to her whims. She wasn’t used to that anymore. Confusion gripped her and she made another noise, then a third, then tried to recall how talking actually worked and ran through an array of ‘mmm’ ‘nnn’ ‘thh’ ‘tuh’ and ‘kuh’ bits before trying to make an actual word, stumbling all over her own tongue, and blushing furiously at her own ineptitude for it. Damnit. This was easier when she simply wasn’t allowed to fuck up in the first place.

But Mistress just giggled in response and gave her a lovely pat on the head. “It’s okay, little one. Take your time. You haven’t had much practice in…” She glanced down at a stack of papers on the nightstand. “18 months now, it seems.”

Okay, that was fair. Snuggly sat on her cute butt and went through more verbal practices with Mistress’ gentle guidance before she tried speaking again. That try immediately turned into a shocked gasp at the sound of her own voice, as it had become downright *adorable* sounding at some point and some far-too-thinky part of Snuggly’s consciousness found that frankly impossible and/or rude.

Rude was a weird choice of words. Snuggly tried to do something extra dangerous and think on that. Why rude? There was something that was bothering her a while back. Something about soft and cute and- oh right, gender. The affini were trying to treat her as a uh… boy? Boy would make sense, given she was like, so obviously a girl? And she kind of remembered feeling like the affini were missing the obvious when it came to gender.

Hah! Well! Jokes on all those plants, she got through THAT nonsense with gender intact.

But then why was her voice being extra cute rude? Snuggly wanted to groan. This was too much thinking. Maybe she could ask for more xenodrugs to fix that later. She was probably just confused because there was a conspicuous *lack* of xenodrugs in her system. Where was she again?

Snuggly looked up at Mistress to see Her smiling down at her as if she were an adorable kitten. Which was appropriate and the exact level of cute Snuggly should always be. “Hi?” Snuggly said, once again momentarily distracted by the timbre of her own voice.

“Hello there, cutie.” Mistress replied. “Do you remember me?”

Oh, a question! Snuggly’s emaciated executive function wasn’t quite used to the idea of having something posed to her so she stared blankly at the affini for a moment before she realized nobody else was about to sweep in an answer for her. But by then she forgot what the question was in the first place. “Wha?”

Mistress just giggled in response, and then smothered Snuggly in adoring pets. “You are *TOO* cute, darling.”

Damn right she is.

“I can hardly believe a darling as adorable as you are would be labeled unbroken.”

Damn right she was unbroken. She was a uhhhh what was the word? Revel? She *did* enjoy revelling in the constant orgasmic bliss that the affini would give unto her, but that didn’t sound right. Oh! Rebel! That’s right! She was a big bad rebel who was going to do big rebellion stuff. “I *am* unbroken!” Snuggly insisted. “I’m like, a total rebel. Doing resistance and… stuff.”

“Oh?” Mistress cocked an eyebrow on her wooden face. “And what kind of resistance do you intend to do?”

The first thing that came to mind was something about escape but that sounded like a lot of work so Snuggly discarded it. She then spun the wheels in her head for a while before admitting, “I dunno.”

“Well, then how about we save the rebellion for tomorrow, and tonight I give you the tour of our new home?”

That sounds good! Snuggly bolted upright in excitement, wings flapping and tail curling about with glee. “Yes, Mistress!”

“And since you’re saving all that rebel spirit for tomorrow, that means you’ll be a well behaved pet tonight, correct?” Mistress asked.

“Yes, Mistress!” Snuggly answered, and was rewarded with a luxurious amount of headpats in return.

Mistress’ hab was a multi-story sort of affair that Snuggly would never have figured herself able to live within before. A genuinely jarring amount of the space was taken up by an abundance of cat furniture that had been rescaled to fit Snuggly’s size, and through it provided a series of tunnels, secret passages, hidey holes, and other little areas throughout the building for her to be able to access at the meagre cost of having to crawl to get there. Then there were several different bedrooms, one facing each cardinal direction, balconies along the four corners of the building, a rather nice patio up top, one entire floor was functionally just kitchen and dining space, and at that point Snuggly lost track of what was what because it was just a bit too much to believe.

“What’s the catch?” Snuggly asked after being introduced to a swarm of little beepy cleaning robots that happily spun around her hooves.

Mistress seemed confused by her question, and paused the tour to look down at Her pet and tilt her head. “Catch? Dear, you’re my pet. It’s only natural that I should spoil you.”

“But,” Snuggly started, and then waved a paw at a closet sized bedroom that was apparently set up with healthy ventilation and a moon and a little book shelf in case she wanted to sleep with some privacy in a small space. “It’s so much?” She then gestured to the still empty walls. “And what about your things?”

“Ah, yes, well,” Mistress was apparently the type to talk with her hands, as she broke into a series of meaningless gestures as she talked. “Most of my personal possessions are actually still being shipped here. I just had this hab compiled recently, you see. Before now I was living up on Summer Station and just came down to Mars for work trips, with visits to your little cat cafe to relax after, but, well,” Her hands, which had been twirling about energetically, came to intermingle together into awkward finger tapping. “You happened, so I figured I may as well try living on the planet for a bit so I could better learn to take care of you.” She glanced awkwardly from one side to the next, eyes shimmering an extra shade of pink as she did.

…was she *blushing*!?

Snuggly mentally created a rebellion to-do list and immediately put escape on it just to strike it off. This estate was far more luxurious than any she had lived in before, and thus could not be abandoned unless an even more lovely home was located first. Also, it would hurt Mistress’ feelings and that would be rude.

“And the uh…” Snuggly waved a paw to the swarm of little robots still spinning around her heels and beeping about.

“Ah, yes, well, see, my primary field of research is in AI architecture and I’ve been studying the creation of intelligence on terran-compliant tech with decentralized consciousness vectors.” Mistress said, and most of the big words flew right past Snuggly’s head. She seemed to catch that, and restated in simpler terms, “I make cute robots hiveminds with many bodies.”

“Neat!” Snuggly smiled and gave the robots another wave, this time noting how they spun about and beeped a jolly little tune in response.

“Yes, I do believe they’re quite lovely.” Mistress shimmered with pride. “After we were finished constructing their hive form I asked if any would like to help with home maintenance and pet care, and these lovely little friends are the ones who volunteered. I can send you their schedule and individual profiles of all 15,241 nodes onloaded to this network, but they’ve also offered to stick to a per-body naming basis which-” Mistress paused to look down before picking up one of the little cylinder robots and looking it over. “Dears, you forgot the name tags.”

She proceeded to scoop up the lot of robots and drop them off on a catwalk above so they could all speed off. With that done Mistress twirled back to Snuggly to resume talking, “Now, how about a little housewarming? I’m thinking about dinner, a movie, and then I cuddle you silly all night.”

Snuggly immediately dropped everything else from her mind and started bouncing from one hoof to the other excitedly at the mere thought of getting more cuddling in. “Yes, Mistress!!!”

Snuggly awoke filled with the righteous fury that could only come from a rebel awakened and ready to revolt. She then decided she was still tired and burrito’d up in Mistress’ vines to go right back to sleep. Two hours later she emerged with all the petulant strength of the terran resistance emboldened in her form, and, after a totally appropriate amount of feeding, tea, post-breakfast cuddling, washing, post-bath cuddling, and being dressed by Mistress, Snuggly proudly proclaimed her intent to perform the biggest most rebellious rebellion ever.

“And what would this big bad rebellion entail?” Mistress asked with an amused tone.

Snuggly froze. Rebellion meant uh… hm… um… “I don’t know.” She answered. One of the various little robots drove over and handed Mistress a cup of water to feed her. Apparently terrans had to drink a whole bunch of water per day? She never knew, but it was really nice how Mistress was always on top of her needs for her and like, helped ensure her health and stuff.

“Thank you Beeptimus Prime,” Mistress told the robot as she pet it, then gave Snuggly a little straw to drink her water with. Snuggly decided to play along since she needed proper hydration to maintain good health and whatever, and enjoyed the glass with all the simmering glee of a sweet, docile pet.

What did rebellion things entail? She, supposedly, was a rebel before so she should know these things? But like, all those memories were kind of hazy and unpleasant so she didn’t feel like actually dwelling on them. Mostly it seemed like she felt miserable all the time and that didn’t sound fun, so, plan B then.

“Mistress, what do rebels do?” Snuggly asked.

Mistress, at this point, had gone from petting Beeptimus Prime to holding his little robot body in her lap and petting him silly with one hand, while twelve other vines were occupied with petting all of the other jealous little robots. “Well,” She answered, somehow able to multitask like fourteen different things at once. “I haven’t handled rebels myself, but I’ve been lead to believe that there is quite a bit of wailing and stomping involved.”

“Boring,” Snuggly dismissed.

“I hear they tend to try running away?”

“But I like this house?” Snuggly waved her paws in the air. “It’s big and nice and full of people I like.” One of the robots, Beepsune Mechu she/her apparently, bonked her heel in response. “Yes I’m including all of you as people and yes I’m saying I like you.”

“Even me?” Mistress beamed.

“Of course! You’re cute and nice and you pet me a bunch and take care of me and like, just between you and me and like,” Snuggly started counting the robots before giving up entirely, “Like at least six robots? I think that shade of pink looks *super* pretty?? You’re really pretty.” She then gave Mistress a little smooch on the cheek before continuing, “But anyway, rebel plots.”

Mistress was apparently surprised by the compliments as she had frozen up with her eyes glimmering pink and gold to match her flowers, and only after a pause did she squeak out the sort of noise one would make at the sight of an especially adorable kitten. Afterwards she was able to regain some level of composure to say, with only a slight flustered stutter on her tone, “Well, how about a walk around the neighborhood? We could call it scouting out the area for your nefarious rebel allies?”

Scouting! Scouting sounded appropriately rebely for her! Snuggly nodded in affirmation before excitedly plodding off to retrieve her leash for Mistress.

Snuggly decided that scouting was a tiring activity. Apparently she was somewhere on the surface of Mars, where the place had once been a grey urban sprawl that was uprooted for ‘dangerous levels of structural decay’ and rebuilt from the ground up. This largely meant that instead of shattered roads there were an abundance of plants everywhere, of both the talking and silently growing type. Amongst those talking type plants, 100% of them so far had become *very* excited at the sight of her and ran in asking to pet her cute little head.

Snuggly, of course, was not going to say no to extra pets. But after the tenth such interaction she was feeling a touch sleepy and thus elected to be carried by Mistress for the remainder of her nefarious rebel plot.

“This is a pizzeria, I’ve been told you terrans are quite fond of the food so if you ever wish to try it I’d love to go with you.” Mistress had been rambling about every building they had passed along the way. This was a newly constructed office of domestication admissions, that was a gymnasium staffed with affini healthcare workers for the terrans who like to work out, over there was a park and then another park and then a third park a block away from that. There were at least a dozen places she could get ice cream, too.

“What’s that?” Snuggly pointed at a rather large building that was nearly submerged by a dense layer of creeping ivy over what appeared to be otherwise brutalist architecture.

“Ah,” Mistress answered. “That would be our local branch of the Office of Transitional Neoxenoveterinary Archaeobureaucracy.”

“Are they scary?”

“They can take a box of unassociated ashes and turn it back into legible documents, so I think so.”

A glimmer of evil inspiration suddenly struck Snuggly in that moment, and that glimmer soon wrapped itself up into a nefarious little plot that had her snickering and giggling at the very idea of her dark deeds to come.

Mistress, having just seen her floret give a blank stare for breaking into giggles, just tilted her head to the side and said “What are you thinking of, dear?”

“Rebel thoughts, Mistress.” Snuggly beamed as she waved her legs back and forth excitedly.

“Oh dear, up to a nasty plot now?” Mistress teased.

“Yes! Tomorrow though, I’m comfy right now.” To emphasize her point, Snuggly proceeded to bury herself deeper into Mistress’ body before closing her eyes and drifting off purring all the way.

Snuggly awoke and didn’t really feel all that much rebellious energy still lurking around her body. But waking up felt nice! She was still wrapped up safe inside Mistress’ vines, and Mistress made sure Snuggly had the absolute peak in comfortable posture all through the night. Why, even with Beepleborg through Beeplebots all swirling around the bed and bumping into it in an attempt to be an alarm clock she could just drift off and- one blink later and the sun was halfway through the sky, while she had jumped from the bed to being cradled in Mistress’ arm in the kitchen.

“Good morning, love.” Mistress purred, a vine slithering up to pet Snuggly’s cute little head.

Snuggly murmured something that could roughly be construed as “Goodmorning, Mistress” before she recalled her Nefarious Plot and bolted to life. “I have a revolution to start!” She shouted, and nearly jumped out of Mistress’ arms.

Nearly, as Mistress interrupted her with a bite of something that was probably an omelette popped right into the pet’s mouth. “Breakfast first, you can’t have a rebellion on an empty stomach dear.”

Snuggly immediately sat back down. Mistress had a point, obviously. She was very smart and wise and knew her needs more than she did so, like, it just made sense for Snuggly to follow Her wishes. That Her orders also elicited a spinal shiver of pleasure to ripple through Snuggly’s flesh was also a bonus. But the big focus bonus at the moment was the simple pleasure of opening her mouth ‘aaaahhh’ and being fed bite by bite.

Then came the ever important task of taking a post-food nap in Mistress’ lap while receiving lovely tummy rubs. Much more important than rebellion.

THEN came the slightly more important task of being cleaned and dressed in a lovely pink dress with an equally lovely little crown of flowers weaved from Mistress’ similarly pink selection, followed by twirling around in a circle a few times to show off to Mistress and then making out a bit. Snuggly considered these things to be very very important steps that absolutely had to be done before any rebellion could take place.

Only once all of those important tasks were finished did she proudly declare her intent to go outside, give every robot a little kiss on the frame (she was fairly certain a few circled back to the end of the line to get seconds), and then scampered across the floor to bury herself into the inner-wall tunnels. She crawled swiftly through a winding maze of small, fluffy tunnels to emerge from the back of a cat tree on the front floor, leap out and across the room to the front door, and then bapped uselessly at the front door.

Whoops, she forgot that her fat useless paws can’t operate doors. Uh. Hrm. Snuggly promptly clambered up the cat tree, buried herself into the tunnels, and then took a completely different path through the inside of the walls to pop out atop a cat bed in Mistress’ office. “Mistress!” Snuggly called out. “May I please have hand privileges?”

Mistress looked up from the array of paperwork on her desk. “What do you wish to use them for, little one?”

“Rebellion stuff!”

Mistress paused, mimicking the thinking gesture of sliding a finger along her wooden jaw as she hummed and hawed over that. “Hmmm, I suppose that would help, yes. But I expect you to come home before dinner time, understand?”

“Yes, Mistress!” Snuggly scooted down to give her a kiss on the cheek, and with Her permission was able to shift the structure of her hands back into a scaled humanoid form once more. Climbing back through the tunnels was slightly more difficult without the big ol’ paws, but the triumph she felt at being able to grab the door handle and turn it was more than worth it. Time to crime!

Snuggly chuckled to herself all the way down the block as she ran straight towards the OTNA. At that point the small silence where her Mistress’ song fitted into the background of her existence had quieted down into terrifying silence, and her excitement switched to horrifying terror that had her blitzing back home as fast as she possibly could. She dashed through the door, ran past the cat tree to go up the stairs, threw open the door to one of the balconies that Mistress was reading on, and leapt into her lap. She proceeded to bundle up into a ball and shiver nervously until Mistress’ whale song soothed her heart once more, at which point she was limply cuddling instead.

Thirty minutes and much petting later Snuggly popped up to ask, “Mistress, may you please come with me?”

“Of course, love,” Mistress smiled with pride. “Go get your leash, I’ll meet you at the door.”

Thus Snuggly was right back to chuckling as she marched towards the OTNA while Mistress held her leash. She had some rebellion to get to!

The interior office of the OTNA could best be described as a literal avalanche of paperwork that spilled out of every possible receptacle to coat the desks, tables, shelves, and even the floor in the forms of stacks more than Snuggly’s height tall. It would have been an utter disaster for any lesser rebel to traverse through, but Snuggly had the assistance of her loving, wonderful, beautiful, nice, sweet, kind, adorable, huggable, kissable, snuggable, thoughtful, and also did she say nice Mistress to carry her through instead. So instead of getting lost crawling amongst the paper wreckage of lost bureaucracies she instead found herself lifted handily over it all and deposited upon the desk of a very confused affini.

“I’m here to do a BIG rebellion!” Snuggly stated confidently, completely with a pose and a dramatic point to the befuddled plant.

Said befuddled plant stared blankly at the floret, then to her Mistress, then back to the floret. “...pardon?” They uttered.

“I’m going to do a BIG rebellion!” Snuggly repeated the pose. “You see, I realized that the big thing all of you affini care about is paperwork! And Mistress said even she was scared of the OTNA, ergo you all are the most powerful paperworkers of them all! So! I have come! To submit paperwork!”

If Snuggly looked back she would have seen Mistress trying and failing to hold in her laughter.

Ahead of her though the perplexed desk worker just blinked slowly as they apparently struggled to process Snuggly’s incredible genius thoughts. “You… want to file paperwork as an act of rebellion?” Snuggly nodded fiercely. “...and what do you wish to submit?”

Snuggly paused. She didn’t actually think this far in. All the glory deflated from her pose as she suddenly collided facefirst with the realization that she, perhaps, didn’t actually have any idea what it meant to be a rebel in the first place and that everything she has done has been desperate blind flailings in an attempt to act upon the few markers of an identity that still clung from her past life.

She promptly discarded that thought as being silly, and resumed her dramatic pose. Improvisation time! “I wish to submit a complaint!”

“I see,” The affini answered, one vine grabbing a fresh pen while another pulled out a stack of papers for them to fill. “And what do you wish to complain about?”

Snuggly paused for what felt like a short time and was actually about a minute and a half in real time before stuttering out “...Mistress?”

“And what is your complaint?”

Snuggly flapped her jaw wordlessly for a moment. She could lie, but lying would be rude and kind of undermine the whole point of having a rebellion if she had no ideological consistency and built the whole thing upon a bed of falsehoods. That would probably end up having long term impacts like resulting in other rebellious followers eventually learning of that lie and then having their world view shattered so hard that it ends them as a free-spirited individual and leaves them wide open to the loving arms of an affini to fill the gaping hole in their soul with their loving truths and also xenodrugs.

What kind of rebellion would set themselves up for THAT kind of failure off the bat?

Anyway she needed to come up with honest complaints about her Mistress. So Snuggly reconsidered all of her memories and thoughts of the lovely plant, mulled them over on her tongue, and ultimately muttered out “She’s… nice?”

“You want to file a complaint because she’s nice?” The affini seemed even more confused than before.

“Well, like, she’s nice and pretty and takes really good care of me and thinks about my needs a bunch and loves to cuddle which I really like?? And, like,” She proceeded to spend the better part of half an hour talking about her Mistress in excessive detail, mostly getting lost in talking about petting and cuddling and hugging all the time until eventually the stack of paper the affini had grabbed before ran out and they declared it done.

They proceeded to stamp it, sign it, have Snuggly sign it with a big paw print, and then copied it while sending the original off to be filed. Snuggly then received the copy, which she promptly handed off to Mistress while striking yet another dramatic pose and loudly declaring that she has done the BIGGEST, BEST rebellion of them all. Considering how Mistress seemed to flush thirty different shades of pink into red as she read through it, Snuggly would dare to say that her rebellion was successful, too!

But no sooner was her great work done than was she exposed to a big gaping hole in her heart where the drive to rebel once rested.

Now what?

She, unfortunately, didn’t actually have any *reason* to act in such a fashion propping her up to continue beyond the basic impulsive urge that got her this far. Now that she has done her big rebellion and the work was not only finished but available in a concrete form she felt the urge to continue seeking out more revolutionary activity simply stop entirely at the root. It was done. Mischief managed. Bamboozles bombazzled. Jests japed.

Snuggly just felt numb inside as Mistress carried her home. Mistress was overjoyed, as readily evidenced by how she proceeded to take pictures of the entire document to send to all her friends before pinning it to the refrigerator. Once the excitement wore off she noticed Snuggly’s distant stare, and promptly sat the floret down, buried her in cuddly robots, and looked her in the eye as she asked, “What’s wrong, dear?”

“I don’t know what to do with myself now that I’ve finished my big rebellion.” Snuggly answered honestly. Mistress’ gaze shifted slightly, mouth suddenly bent at the edges and eyes narrowing every so slightly. The usual light pink hue shifted to a slightly deeper tone as she measured her floret over. Her grin bent just a touch wider, enough to reveal the simulacra of razor teeth hidden beneath her pleasant smile.

Mistress stood up to her full height and offered an open hand palm up to her floret. “Dear, have you seen your reflection as of late?”

Snuggly blinked in confusion even as she took Mistress’ offered hand. “No, why?”

“You’ll see,” Mistress’ smile held as she led Snuggly to one of the dressing rooms where a nice floor to ceiling mirror rested. Perfect for the task she had in mind. Inside she walked Snuggly through the darkened room to stand right before it, vines wrapping tightly around Snuggly’s wrists, neck, and waist to the floret’s delight. “Now, dear, before I turn the light on I want to tell you a little story.”

Mistress slithered in behind Snuggly, holding close against her warmth as she moved in from behind to rest her cheek against the floret’s. “When I first saw you, do you recall what the tag on your arm said? Unbroken. We were warned you were a rebel capture who could be aggressive or resistant once all of the shackles on your mind came off.” Her voice purred like warm honey through Snuggly’s ears, and on instinct one of the wings flared up to rest open against the affini’s cheek. “But I decided to take a gamble. I thought, as I looked into your eyes, that one of two possible things had happened while you’d been so bathed in mindless pleasure. Either you were every bit the screaming rebel they thought you would be, or you’d taken all of the gifts we’d given you and broken yourself upon them with that silly little head of yours.”

Snuggly shivered. The full meaning of her words didn’t quite click through the floret’s brain but they still stuck, hung heavy on her heart with a meaning that was just barely glimpsed through the fog. “W… which happened?”

Mistress giggled. “What a silly question.” She whispered. “Sasha, I believe it’s time to wake up.” At that, the lights flicked on.

Sasha awoke and immediately hated it. The weight of the past year and a half crashed upon him as a titanic wave that he struggled to manage even a drop of. He’d been, he’d, that *thing*! He looked up at his own reflection and was struck by a second wave that drowned him entirely. His knees buckled at the sight, body gone limp to only be held up by the affini’s vines.

When he had last seen his reflection, the woman he saw was unmistakably feminine. What he saw now was an almost pornographic impossibility compared that sight before. He couldn’t even recognize it as his own flesh, for there was not a drop of the scars masculinity had left upon him. Wide eyes, soft beautiful lips, wondrous cheeks, skin that was unrealistically flawless, curves that his skeleton should never have created. Even before considering the scales, claws, hooves, tail, and feathers he was inhuman.

He was beautiful.

Sasha gasped, tears forming in the beautiful *thing’s* eyes. He shivered and the monstrous reflection did in time. He gasped and felt air brush over fanged teeth and across a forked tongue. Dear god, she was real. The chimera in the mirror was real and he was *inside* of it.

Sasha tried to refuse the emotions that welled up in his chest, but the heightened things stubbornly refused his desire for numb emptiness. Joy and relief poured through the nerves that he still struggled to believe were his to crash against his conscious self. He wasn’t angry to be like this. He couldn’t be. If he had seen what would have become of him in the moment that affini had renamed him he would thank them, even.

Stars, he wished he could lie to himself at this point.

A single lie could at least hold against the crashing tide of memories that refused him a moment’s solace. Endless pleasure piled upon itself which smothered the resistance in his heart, the wondrous programming to crack through his shells, all that time spent without a care in the world. He’d thank them for that too. All of it, in a heartbeat. Not a lick of stress still marred this walking animal he now inhabited and it was all thanks to them.

In his eyes there was a light. Faint. Flickering. Dying. They held his gaze as the truth seared itself into his brain. He couldn’t be mad about the treatment because he not only needed it, he enjoyed it. He couldn’t be mad at Mistress because even as he knew she would strip away all of his will for independence he would thank her, ever in rapturous bliss begging to give more long after all of it is lost. He couldn’t be mad about this *thing* he’d become because some seed in his heart had always known his flesh before was wrong. Rotten. Flawed.

He was not Sasha. Since the moment he’d first surrendered choice to unknown affini he hadn’t been. Sasha was the facade that had been pressed onto his face, Sasha was the body that rotted from within even as it marched ever forward. Sasha had taken that deep breath into sleep and been cut to ribbons, and from his corpse the true self was finally unearthed.

All of the tension within that body suddenly shifted into a storm of emptiness inside of the beast’s chest. Like a cloying darkness that collapsed her heart and lungs down into a void of emptiness and clawed up her throat to become a strained desperate gasp of air. The light fractured in the center, and from that fracture it splintered into dust.

Snuggly wept and wailed as she felt herself shatter, kicking against the ground to bury herself deeper into Mistresses’ vines. she screamed and begged to be free of every remnant of that corpse, and the corpse breathed a sigh of relief as her Mistress promised it would be so. snuggly’s wailing turned to tears of unkempt joy as she thanked her Mistress for saving her, remaking her, *breaking* her. she begged on her knees to never be more than Mistress’ adoring pet again, and laughed in triumph as Mistress promised her that she always would be.

snuggly’s body embraced the class J drugs like a long lost lover. her mind whimpered in blind joy as the hypnotics shattered the farce of resistance still lurking in her brain and scooted the dust clean out the windows. she thanked Mistress with every breath as she was pulled down into a trance and filled with such blinding pleasures that even the day after she was left dazed and stumbling awkwardly. And when all was said and done, she was once more the empty silly pet she had so loved being, curled up on Mistress’ lap to cuddle her silly all through the night.

But when the sun rose again, and snuggly peeked her head out from under the layers and layers of blankets, she felt a sudden drive bloom within her heart. A drive that made the world suddenly seem slightly more whimsical and ever ready to teeter on the edge. A drive that had her sneak between Mistress’ vines before She even woke up and wiggle past the array of robots. Stepping next to the nightstand the drive crystalized into understanding, and understanding shuffled itself into the form of a plan.

snuggly grinned wickedly as she looked at a cup of half-drunk water Mistress had left by the edge.

It was time for mischief.


Of all the classes Hedra Rosa had to take before she could have a human floret, the one she truly excelled at was grooming. She found the simple acts of scrubbing hair, trimming nails, and cleansing the skin of the precious cotyledons to be a perfect sort of meditative practice punctuated by the even more perfect radiance of the smiling faces those pets gave in return. The first time she had seen the rather baffling list of chemicals and agents that humans would use upon themself to maintain cosmetic comfort and hair care she actually felt a touch sorry for them as well. How dare evolution not make this matter simpler for them. It was simple for her robots, after all.

But that spike of empathy had quickly hardened into a drive to correct the errors that evolution had left behind. If a human’s body won’t see fit to care for itself properly, then she would learn how to do it instead. And learn she did! By the time her certifications were done and her license for domestication printed, all of the cotyledons aboard the Vespularia were simply beautiful beyond measure.

So it was a bit ironic that her skills would come to fall upon the shoulders of a floret that was only still human in the most half-hearted cosmetic senses of the term. Between the grafts composing at least four fifth’s of her body mass and the pet’s own genome having been corrupted by the implant any serious consideration of species would find her to be closer to an affini than any other living organism this side of the supermassive black hole. And yet, that did not stop Hedra Rosa from levying the abundance of skills that she had to ensure the utter pinnacle of care for her little chimera.

Starting with her hair. In the time since her capture apparently snuggly had only received the occasional trim and let the rest grow out into what was now a wild untamed mane to mirror her mischievous personality. Which was adorable, but had also reached a point where practicality now suffered at the hands of her hair catching on everything whenever she wanted to play.

Hedra set up a little hair care station on one of the many beautiful balconies of their hab, sprinkled some popcorn on the floor outside the hallway so the cleaning robots could have a snack while she worked, and then called out to her dear lovely pet. She heard the all too familiar scruffling sounds of snuggly traversing the inner tunnels grow louder as she went from somewhere next to the library up and around to peeking out from behind a running wheel- what was that in her mouth?

“Snuggly, what’s in your mouth?” Hedra put her hands on her hips. As lovely as snuggly was, she also apparently was the type that would find a way to get herself into crimes the second nobody was looking. She could fix that, of course, but it was simply too cute to interrupt yet. “Drop it.” Hedra pointed at the floor.

Snuggly looked up at her, flushed a bit red, and then disappeared back into the wall. Oh, stars.

“Beepocracy, get her!” Hedra pointed and one of the cleaning robots zoomed off into the tunnels to chase after her floret. She, meanwhile, darted out of the room and down the hall to head the little cutie off. she had developed a habit of running and hiding in the upper shelves of the laundry room to bury herself behind the extra blankets, and thus that tended to be the first place that Hedra would rush to catch her.

True to form, within a minute the adorable silhouette of snuggly burst out from a flap on the wall and was immediately ensnared by her mistress’ loving vines, chirping energetically all the while. “Drop it,” Hedra said firmly, her vines already wiggling their way into snuggly’s mouth to pry apart her jaws. snuggly, being in a brat mood apparently, only shook her head in response. “Dear, if you’re doing this to get my attention you already have it. If you’re doing it to play, then save it for an hour.”

That seemed to get through her pet’s cute little brain, as the chimera glanced left and right again in consideration before letting her jaw muscles go slack so that Hedra could extract the… sock? She didn’t even have feet, she had hooves. Did snuggly print up a sock just to do this? Adorable. Lovely. Hedra was aware that she was blushing again even as she set the sock aside, caught the happily beeping form of beeopcracy as it burst out of the wall right after snuggly, and then carried them both back to the room above.

Making snuggly sit still was as simple as smothering her whole body into a lovely massage of vines so that her consciousness was reduced back into the weak, squirming, *begging* beauty that stared up at her now. she really was a little work of art. Her flesh alone bore no scars even on the epigenetic level anymore, and for her muscles, well, suffice to say the only knot that would be in her body would come from one of the many interesting toys she had begged for.

Speaking of begging, snuggly was looking up at her with those big empty eyes again and whimpering for more attention. Stars, she finally understood why floret owners had the most erratic schedules. How was she supposed to do anything *but* cuddle this all day? That’s it, she made a mental note to cancel the rest of her plans today and instead pet her darling doll silly until bedtime.

“Dear, it’s time for a haircut,” Hedra forced herself to get back on track for now, vines sliding through her pet’s wondrously silky hair to send her pet shivering in pleasure. Terran scalps were always so sensitive, it was lovely. Hedra hummed to herself as she played with snuggly’s hair, parting it this way and that and holding different lengths at different angles just to experiment with how to even better frame her pet’s lovely cute face. Ah, perfect.

Hedra decided her pet needed something rather simple to maintain, given snuggly’s tendency to play and roll around. Still long enough to be a lovely mane of wild hair, but a style that would also fall naturally into place after one of snuggly’s sessions of rolling around with the robots. She had the perfect idea, and truthfully the only hard part of bringing it to life was trying not to get too lost in snuggly’s desperately mewling all the while.

Snip here, snip there, give her a little kiss on the cheek, part her hair this way and that, trim all of these about. It’s a good thing the little beeps so enjoyed cleaning, since she relied on beepocracy to handle all the lost hair falling about. Hedra was simply too busy tightening her vines around snuggly’s waist and whispering little affirmations as she teased the style out of her to worry about that part.

Stars, her pet was cute. By the time she could put down the scissors Hedra was officially past the point of playful teasing to barely contained want to spoil her pet rotten. snuggly meanwhile had had all restraint in showing how badly she wanted to be teased, cuddled, hugged, fucked, and played with broken since quite some time ago so she had spent the whole time mewling, bleating, and wordlessly begging.

Stars Hedra was so lucky to find such a pet. Just a few last notes of care. It was simple enough to do. A splash of product, a little trussing up, running her vines through snugglys’ hair all over again. She was pleased to see the style fall naturally around her face, and even more pleased to see her pet look up at her through the now well maintained locks that fell about her face in a most beautiful fashion with those big beautiful eyes- fuck it!

Hedra knocked aside all pretense of proper procedure, literally knocked aside all of the hair care tools she had prepared, and slammed snuggly’s body into one of the affini-sized lounge chairs. All of those things could be dealt with later, this *had* to be handled now. Lips of flesh collided with those of plant matter, skin and scale were wrapped in vines that coiled and tightened into her, and the facade of agency in her pet’s motions was swiftly extinguished to be replaced with the puppeteering of her loving Mistress grasping all of her limbs.

Even through the indomitable grip that the class W drugs held over snuggly’s voice, her lovely, perfect, beautiful pet still managed to squeeze out something that could be nearly considered a word. A desperate, wondrous cry for Mistress.

Hedra bristled with pride once more. Stars, she really was the luckiest affini on Mars.

POST-POST-SCRIPT (cw for Snuggly getting FUCKED)

There were unintended consequences to altering snuggly’s brain to induce heat cycles. But, if Hedra was being honest with herself, she couldn’t really complain about it all. First most obvious was the new way in which snuggly’s moods would follow a regular cycle, in which she’d start all calm and docile and sweet for three weeks, suddenly start ramping up in energy and mischievous whimsy for a week, and then devolve into needy begging and whimpering nonstop for a few days. She considered that a bonus, as it meant she could take a break from having to chase down her pet’s latest plot at least half of the time.

Second was that snuggly had, somehow, gotten even needier for affectionate cuddling. Even without the absolute hormonal torrent hellscape running through her blood snuggly would often end up purring happily and nuzzling her face against Hedra’s vines just to simmer in the remnant afterglow of her lengthy sessions. And what affini would say no to their pet being even *more* wanting for affection?

But Hedra’s favorite side-effect was the scheduling. She hadn’t quite noticed it at first, but as she got into the habit of measuring out her calendar, marking off the days her pet would be truly and utterly useless, and adjusting her plans accordingly, she realized that she was actually looking forward to it. Like a constant reminder that, at these exact days for these hours, she would be busy fucking her pet into perpetual mindless begging bliss guaranteed, and they were both going to be extremely satisfied with that.

Hedra realized she enjoyed the anticipation as much as the act. Every time snuggly would knock a cup off the counter or start sneaking her books away to hide under the bed, Hedra would simply smile and pet her dear chimera on the head with the knowledge that she’d return the favor in spankings later. Eventually even snuggly’s horrifically drug-addled mind managed to piece together the whole cycle of events, and at that point it became even sweeter as she’d act out, see Mistress’ knowing grin, and melt into erotic nervousness right on the spot. Before getting right back to crimes, of course.

But time would wait for nobody, and eventually the betrayal of her own flesh would catch up to snuggly, dragging her by her heels to collapse at her Mistress’ vines, red in the face with a sheet of sweat glittering across her too-perfect but still human-like skin, voice broken into heavy gasps of air between begging whimpers for relief. The sight served as a perfect reminder of why getting snuggly eye mods to get glowing pink heart irises was a genius maneuver. 

Hedra liked to sit there and stare at her pet for a few minutes just to watch the desperation simmer and the last few working brain cells sputter out into lust in an attempt to figure out how to even better beg. Not even she could resist forever though, and she would scoop her pet up into her arms to start teasing her all over as she dragged the little monster over to one of the many beds, tossed her bodily upon the sheets, and shoved her face down into the pillows as she pulled the pet’s hips up into the air.

Much better.

Hedra was quite fortunate to have the foresight to lift snuggly out of her perpetual drugged haze enough times to give her a slightly different drugged haze to induce honesty before extracting every possible sexual preference out of her adorable post-terran’s altered brain. Then she wrote a few extra kinks into there just for fun before sending snuggly in to get yet another graft. Only fitting she have reconfigurable genitalia to match her other altered bits, after all.

With just a tap on her tablet Hedra had snuggly’s implant purge the class-W regiment still boiling inside her pet’s bloodstream, and within the minute the wordless begging and bleating morphed into the slightly more comprehendible utterances of “Mistress, please fuck me I need it oh stars please.” In that time Hedra retrieved a wonderful paddle with which she only had to tap lightly upon her pet’s bottom to shut her up.

“Penitence first, love.” Hedra purred, and snuggly’s whimpers broke apart into the far more pathetic fearful tone of her own acts coming back to haunt her. she tried to say something that probably was meant to be asking for the spanking to come later, but Hedra was used to hearing that and silenced her pet with a swift swat upon her deliciously soft derriere. “Do you recall all that you’ve done this time?” Hedra grinned whilst the chimera squirmed.

“Uh, I, uh,” Snuggly stuttered between needy breaths. “I stole some socks and ran away with them?” Her voice broke into a pleasured yelp as a vine swatted the inside of her thigh.

“That was last month, silly.”

snuggly squirmed as her adorable little brain tried desperately to do the difficult task of actually remembering anything. “Uh, I, uh, I pestered those archiborowhatevers?”

“Archaeobureaucrats, and yes you did pester them into writing an official notice that I, Hedra Rosa 13th Bloom am far too cute to be perceived directly without falling madly in love with me in an instant and I was so overjoyed that I cried about it while hugging you for three hours straight. But that was last year, dear.” Another swat on the thigh had snuggly yelping and mewling in open desperation. Hedra tapped the handle of her paddle against the scales of her pet’s null patch with a grin, “You’re going to have to speak fast if you want some relief, pet.”

“I let the beepinator out into the garden!?” snuggly shouted, and was rewarded with the paddle swatting her ass with enough force to jerk her whole body in response.

Hedra considered the brainless moan of pain and pleasure her pet gave her to be well worth the hour it took to clean the dirt out of beepinator’s gears. “Correct. Next.”

“I ate the cookies in the ‘do not eat’ jar!” snuggly admitted, and was rewarded with another spank that in turn rewarded Hedra with more moans. “I reorganized the books in your library so they’d be out of order! I made the paintings be crooked on the walls! I stole your vintage spoon collection and hid them in the piano!” Hedra didn’t actually know about that last one. Damn, her pet was getting good at this.

…how’d she even manage that with the big useless paws, anyway? She made a mental note to figure that out later. For now, more spankings.

Like a dam finally fracturing the admissions of guilt flowed out of snuggly’s mouth in a constant stream to mirror the steady flow of thwacks upon her bottom, until her voice was hoarse and her ass was well and truly bruised and all that little criminal energy had been replaced with open weeping and begging.

Hedra shivered. Fuck her toy was hot. She tossed the paddle over her shoulder and promptly retrieved a whole array of delicious toys and implements with which to drown her pet in pleasure. These she was particularly proud of, as during the aforementioned interrogation she had managed to pull from dear little snuggly’s brain a fondness of a certain subgenre that had something to do with greek letters (whatever those were) or blood types or something? She lacked the cultural context but heats and knots were the important parts anyway, so she had toys engineered that would happily do exactly what her pet dreamed of to her.

A tap just above snuggly’s null plate was the key to make it reconfigure into a needy, dripping cunt for Mistress’ use. Perfect. Especially as snuggly’s voice morphed into highly specific begging to be ‘fucked brainless’ and ‘wrecked’ and all manner of other verbs she wanted done to her synthetic pussy. So, obviously, Hedra poured lubricant over the dildo and pushed it into snuggly’s ass instead.

Pegging was on the long list of kinks too, and she’d so hate to deny her pet full indulgences. “Now, now, dear,” Hedra grinned down at her doll as she let out a low, pleased moan mixed with an angry groan of denial. “Be good for me and maybe I’ll grant your wishes.”

“Yes, Mistress, I’m sorry Mistress,” snuggly managed to squeeze out the words between open gasps as she was filled. Apparently natural terrans had to do a whole song and dance of cleaning and preparing to feel like this, which Hedra considered horribly inefficient. A little engineering had solved that issue for snuggly soundly, and then while she was at it she made sure to amplify the pleasure response a few times over just for fun before nixing her ability to actually get off to it without explicit permission.

Hedra considered that quite the clever little prank to pull on her mischievous little pet.

The whole time Hedra had been reflecting on her own cleverness snuggly had apparently devolved into a constant stream of begging for proper relief. Words of “i’m your pet and your toy” bled into “it doesnt matter what i want it matters what you want im sorry please stars” became all manner of promises of good behaviour she’d inevitably break later anyway. Hedra soaked in all the words for a moment before her own limits were finally reached, and she got right to the important act.

The intense carnality of terran, or in this case post-terran, copulation was one that Hedra underestimated until about the third time she’d had snuggly bent over backwards and screaming Her name in mindless bliss. There was warmth, sweat, skin on, well, normally skin but in this case it actually trended more towards scale and fur against bark and vine as the weight of motions collided against each other.

Whatever relief from mindlessness snuggly’s brain had been given was quickly smashed between their two forms as it was drawn up into the most surface level of pleasured indulgences and smothered in the raw basic sensations over her flesh. There was nothing in her but the feelings she drew from her Mistress’ touch, the percussive shock reverberating up from her waist, the shiver along her spine as nerve blazes into flaming light all underneath the controlling hand of her Mistress.

STARS and the smell of it all! Unpleasant after the fact at first but Hedra managed to engineer a solution to that too. It was like the room became bathed into another dimension where the rest of existence melted away into nothing as everything focused down only on the points where the two touched.

Hedra considered that she might also be losing control of herself in her domineering excitement to be fucking her pet for four days straight and decided that was hot so she wasn’t worried about that. The house was left to the whims of her robots at this point anyway since neither snuggly nor her were going to be good for much else. She then had the complete aside thought that maybe she should engineer snuggly’s pussy to leak honey to entice those beeple-human hybrid beegirls she was so fond of into eating her out all the time. That’d also be hot.

Hrm, but the sugar would dry out and get all sticky. Hedra shelved that for later and dived back into the actual matter at hand. She hilted the dildo into snuggly’s ass, flicked the switch to get its knot to flare up, and revelled in snuggly’s moans and shivers being spiced with extra fetishistic glee as she danced right on the edge of orgasm without being able to go over it. Then, with an extra swat on the ass for fun, she finally indulged her pet’s whims and gave her a swat on the ass before giving permission to cum.

snuggly’s scream into empty rapture was the sort of thing that would echo into Hedra’s mind every time her pet got up to mischief later on. Absolutely perfect. But heat was heat, and the lapse in energy only lasted a minute before snuggly’s body once more flushed in want and squirmed against the knot that already plugged her ass to leave her teased and begging.

Hedra shivered. This was going to be a long four days and she couldn’t wait to enjoy every second of it to the fullest.

Every muscle in snuggly’s body ached in protest to any movement. she had tried to walk again after her body finally calmed down and found that her legs were still composed entirely of jello, with her arms similarly incapacitated via raw exhaustion. she was sure that normally her endurance would improve over time, right? But apparently Mistress liked her being exhausted and useless so it wouldn’t.

Were she a freer terran she might think it unfair that Mistress could peg her for so many hours straight and get right back to normal like it was nothing while she had to rest and recover for two days after, but such a thought would be flawed on it’s basis of belief that snuggly had any rights with which to judge fairness against in the first place. That was silly, she was a pet and thus had no rights except what Mistress gave her.

snuggly shivered as her implant rewarded her for having good pet thoughts with a nice warm cuddly sensation blooming across her spine. she mewled weakly as the warm bloom melted across her form and dragged her down against the floor. It was time to rest and be victim to all the loving adoration Mistress would shower upon her in that time, and she couldn’t possibly thank her Mistress enough for spoiling her with it.


snuggly and Hedra were minding their own business doing hot plant on chimera stuff when suddenly from one of the walls came the lovely, illustrious, magnanimous, and dare I say wonderfully stupid and pretty L.B.Stardust in the flesh. “That’s it, I’m done.” Said the pudgy little cat. “That’s enough snuggly content for all y’all perverts, I need to allow my brain to do other things again. Don’t ask for more. Also, they’re in the bio-immortal floret AU which actually the main timeline so they lived happily ever after forever and also also snuggly is gay and trans because fuck subtletly and also also also GlitchyRobot the author of the original HDG is a wonderful sweet precious bean who is endlessly adorable at all hours of the day. Aight I’m out bye.” The pudgy fat cat then popped right back into the wall to disappear out of canon.

snuggly blinked at the empty space where the now de-canonized cat once was. “What was that?” She asked.

“You know what,” Mistress answered, “I don’t want to know.” She then gave snuggly a cute lil kiss on the forehead.

tfw cute plampt gives tummny rubs

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