Wellness Check

Chapter 14 - Maintenance

by Darkfalli

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"Beep, boop." I kept flexing my finger. It was so different than before because it was a robot's finger. Robot. Finger. I was in love. "Beep."
"Boop" Nora poked me in the nose. "How's my beautiful silly vampire robot princess?"
Uh… I brought up my new internal diagnostic display. The menu only showed a few data points but wow did it help with self-awareness. Like, how did people just know how they feel without a hyper advanced implant reading their emotional state and then outputting it as a few words on a mental UI? I never did. Feelings were hard, and reading a UI was way easier.
> Mood: Silly Robot Feels
> Energy: 67%
> Stress: 0%
> Distance to Mistress: 0m
"Silly Robot Feels." Yeah, that checked out. I did feel pretty robot right now. Yesterday, I thought I wasn't a robot, but now I did because asters are a rather silly subset of robot. Unfortunately, my body didn't feel like a robot's body, it still felt like- aster is a good little robot, and she is very valid~ I'm a robot and I'm valid! "Beep, boop."
My girlfriend giggled at me. "Wow, that's just so cute when I see it happen."
I adjusted the angle of my head until it was tilted. Optimal head tilting to convey my curiosity was definitely necessary and not me reveling in being a robot at all. "What was cute? I mean, I'm like cute and adorable constantly, but like what specifically?"
"You triggered your new programming and got that cute dopey look on your face."
So uh, yea I immediately sifted back through the records of what I was just thinking… My body felt like- aster is a good little robot, and she is very valid~ I'm a robot and I'm valid! "Beep!"
"Boop." Mistress finished for me by placing a hand on my head. "To think I left such an adorable bug in your code. Of course, my little hacker would find it. And just to be extra clear with how much of an intelligent good girl you are, I did not notice that potential interaction with your memory."
Gah!!! Yes, I found an exploit mistress missed! I'm the bestest good girl ever. How did Mistress ever get by without the best floret ever? I mean she was perfect and beautiful and skilled and loving and wonderful and graceful and lovable and dorky and the best affini ever. "dksjfnalsfglsadsafasdfasjdhfl;askdjfaslkd" Gah!!!!!!! I loved her.
"And it's patched." Mistress definitively stated. She gave me *try it now* vibes. I parsed my memories of what caused the first two dopey smile bits. They were overwritten with cozy vibes and I couldn't figure out what led to them happening. Gosh, she could just do that. I wanted to fall over limp in her vines but I already had. At this rate, I'd be a slime girl robot from all this subby melting.
"Now, my beloved adorable little machine, let's fix the root cause of your issue. Finding your optimal body parts." My owner yoinked me into VR where Nora and her were already waiting. Always starting with the manor sim because uh Nora was in here more than I was. Nora was sooo maid.
Anyway, trying more bodies and stuff. "Didn't we already try this like twice? I never found a good one." Trying to do it again felt like such a waste. I needed more lessons on the system architecture of the affini warship. Stars, I'd spent so long on it, I needed it. I couldn't even remember why. All that remained was the insatiable need to control an impossibly overpowered orbital weapon system. The Compact needed more orbital cannons. Not like to use, but just to have. I deserved them because I was a good girl.
"You're forgetting something important, my little aster. This time you have a greater awareness of your identity. If your silly little head can remember, you distinctly avoided mechanical options unless they were physically separate from your body. We both know why. Say it. You know the answer." Mistress commanded me.
My mind could never not notice her orders. I might have been amazing and awesome and adorable, but I was hers. A floret. I obeyed. "Because uh, I didn't know I was a robot, and was not letting myself be who I wanted and act how I really wanted. Mostly because of lingering repressed trauma from childhood that ingrained in me a guilt and shame for- " aster is a really good girl who is happy~ Another happy dopey smile found its way onto my face. I looked at my stats.
> Mood: Good Girl
> Energy: 62%
> Stress: 12%
> Distance to Mistress: 0m
The entire manor shifted around us and next thing I knew we were in some sort of robotics lab simulation. On the walls were like robot limbs and, uh oh. Those were Nora limbs, like from her various iterations. All digital recreations. Even an entire torso of hers hung from some chains in a very industrial way. A chair from like a tattoo parlor was there. It looked adjustable and had all these cords and stuff. A big generator thing was next to it. Monitors and a keyboard were on a rolling table. I could see wrenches, wire cutters, bins of bolts, all on the shelves.
This was overkill. Like what would they need a hyper detailed mechanic room in VR for…Oh, OH. "Nora, you slutty robot maid!"
The slut gave me the snorty laugh. A laugh she did when I was funny rather than cute. I mean I was totally definitely adorably cute. Anyway, my favorite kinky maid said, "What is it, my silly princess who'd never shame anyone for their kinks? Is something wrong?"
I was pouting. I didn't deserve to be like, called out. Aster was a good girl. "No, but like this was originally for a fetish right?"
"Yup, getting disassembled for maintenance can be rather… intimate."  My girlfriend's eyes were rolling back a little and that blush combined with the lip bite was uh. She was making me want to get disassembled erotically too. Like it couldn't be that good… but like, what if?
Mistress wrapped me up in her vines and placed me in the chair. "Now I'm going to figure out exactly what type of little machine you really are. Your assistance, my little aster, is welcome but not necessary." My face felt warm.
"D-Do I not get final say on what my body looks like?" My eyes found my Mistress unfurling to extend more vines around the space. I didn't get up or anything. I wasn't supposed to.
The gleeful entity that possessed my entirety and forced me into submission said. "No. You are my little thing, my object, and I can do with you whatever I wish. You know this little bot. I placed the very thoughts in your head. Everything you are is up to me. You want me to take you apart and rebuild you. Beg."
"Please Mistress! Pretty please, take me apart piece by piece and make me into whatever you want. I'm yours. aster is a little play thing, a toy for Mistress. Please please please do anything to me. I need this. Make me better. Fix me. I'm yours. Pretty please your little object need's its owner. Take my parts out. Replace them. Please Mistress? Please oh please?"
Her vines wrapped around my arm and she pressed around my shoulder. Mistress pulled it off gently, exposing wires and metal underneath. Each wire was disconnected and screws were removed allowing it to be removed entirely. I stared. My arm was actually robotic… it didn't feel like that before but… She replaced my model! The ease by which she took it off… A big submissive obedient smile took over my face. I was an object. Her object. "Thank you Mistress!"
Her indulgent smile gave way to a cocky smirk. "That's what I thought. Now let's play."
I let out a small gasp as she teased open a port on the back of my neck and connected the computer setup on the rolling cart. I squirmed as the auxiliary power connector was plugged into an outlet at the base of my spine. Prompts showed up in my vision before vanishing. She then tickled the bits around my other shoulder and removed that arm too.
"Let's see. What does my little pet robot need for arms? Hmm." She mockingly scratched her chin with her reformed hand. "Ah! I know just the piece of hardware for a little pet. Paws." Oh stars.
From somewhere I couldn't see, she pulled over two new big plush bappy paw arms. The black fur matched my hair and it even had my tattoo patterns on them. Mistress did not half ass this.
"Uh, b-but don't I need hands?" How was I supposed to fidget things and type with paws? Gah!! I actually liked them, but I need hands!
The knowing patient smile of my owner calmly said. "Oh, but these can be both, my little pet. Now talking is very unbecoming of an object so I'm disabling your speech." A few performative taps on the keyboard and I lost speaking privileges.
[NetworkRoots]: You can still chat, but let's stay in the mood, okay?
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: Yes Mistress!
Her vines held me still as she delicately connected the big pawed limbs to my shoulders. I was squirming, but only with my head and legs because she held my torso so very still. The little pokes and prods with her tools felt like I was being nibbled and fondled in strange parts. Electric bliss coursed through me as the limbs went online.
My voice was off, but the loving bully left me the ability to gasp, whimper, and moan. As soon as she released my torso I shivered and wiggled. I flapped my pawed limbs into each other and gosh! The moment I calmed down, I was just touching things with the toe beans. I squished my face with them and GAH!!! What the stars?! Paws. Mistress gave me paws and I liked them.
"Little toy, you haven't even seen them transform. Here, let me show you." A few more playful key presses on the decorative keyboard and wow. The external plates separated rapidly and folded inwards in a very trippy and confusing manner until a new synth skin exterior folded over and resealed itself in a smaller more human looking shape. My tattoos were still there.
These looked like the arms laying on the ground. However, they felt truly robotic. There was no muscle, only mechanical joints underneath. The motion was slightly too rigid to be my old ones. The class-E still affected my movement. I was still clumsy. I couldn't imagine Mistress would ever let me move as precisely as Nora.
The best part about the motion was how satisfying it was. "Beep, Boop." Wait… I looked at Mistress. "Boop?" She left beeping noises on. That absolute dork.
Her vines pinned me back down to the chair. Her golden eyes had flecks of metallic green in them. "Now, let's change those back. After all, you won't be needing hands for this." They reversed leaving me with the oversized black paws.
Nora who was delightfully watching from somewhere around pipped up. "Mistress, I know we've done dog, but maybe kitty aster?" My eyes narrowed. I searched for the traitor and found she wasn't in maid form. The digital floret was formless and observing the whole room in detail… wait she was tapped into my physical senses… Gah!!! She was sense riding me for the pleasure bits. Of all the pinnates, I had to get this one. Stars, I loved her.
"That would be delightful. little expressive ears, a little motor for purring… That does sound delightful." She eyed me. There was a lingering pause…
I was supposed to respond. That required thinking… I did play around with many bodies and I knew enough to know animal ears weren't aster. At least not ones I could feel. On the other hand, I did try a cat body…
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: Uh, maybe not animal ears?
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: but yes to purring
Even watching the simulation's code I couldn't make out when Mistress brought the parts into it. Digi was a sneaky tech expert. My Mistress was the best at tech, and I was tech! I bit my lip as she tilted my head up exposing my neck. Her vines gently undid my collar and she gained access to my vocal components. My squeaks were silenced as she replaced my parts with a new vocal system. The wires connected and my flustered noises came out.
She delicately put the neck piece and my collar back on. "Now let's engage that adorable purring function." Her vines tickled my throat as I heard the clicky clacking of the keys. A strange rumbling came from my throat instead of my cacophony of aster noises. She made me purr. "You make such lovely noises, my little kitten."
Gah! S-She can't just like say that… My cheeks felt warm. Thoughts were getting soupy. I buried my face in my paws and looked at my stats to ground me.
> Mood: Blushy Horny Kitten
> Energy: 100%
> Stress: 0%
> Distance to Mistress: 0m
Even my stats were bullying me. Gah!!! Mistress was lovingly bullying me and-and emotions and feelings and stuff. Mecha paws?! Purs? "Beep!"
"Oh flower, we're just getting started~" The menace! The Mistress! fgkjhasdgfahgoiahognkajs!!!
My clothes vanished leaving her vines stroking and brushing against my bare skin. She held me still and I squeaked and blushed as her limbs coiled around my chest. "Let's see what we can tinker with in here." She pulled my boobs apart and removed a little access port in my sternum. She poked something in there that made my thoughts go a bit fuzzy from the pure ecstasy for a moment.
Her vines secured my limbs, but secured by new pawed arms above my head. I was tied up. Helpless. "Stay still kitten. You wouldn't want me to short circuit your cute little mind." Mistress then peered at the needy flustered pet bot she was working on that was uh me? Thinking was-was- Gah!!! Another bolt of pleasure radiated out from my heart.
"Oh my, this is all horribly unoptimized. I need to take your whole chest plate off. All these inefficiencies. Your manufacturer was rather incompetent. But don't worry my little play thing, I am exceptionally capable of fixing adorable little machines like you."
She tilted my head back so my eyes couldn't see. Little bits of my internal hardware went offline and my mental clarity improved tiny amounts as I had less… me to focus on. Mistress was inside me… "Beep!" Gah!!! She just did something and I couldn't even see. I just felt her vines delicately tickling the inner lining of my shell, connecting and disconnecting wires. Every tiny careful movement was precisely choreographed to elicit small jolts of pleasure at exactly the right time. I was edged right up to my limit and held there. She had me. Every bit of my mind was hers, and every bit of my body.
She slid my chest plate back on and the sensation of my external torso and my tits came back suddenly. "flkasjhofkahslgksalksalfjsalkgjp"
"Oh little one, I'm so glad I gave you that class-N. You're so easy to toy with. A little love bot so eager for its owner's touch. Now be a good toy, and stay with me. You're in need of more maintenance. Why, I haven't even gotten to your lower half~" Plant mean bully evil…
Her vines cuddled me as I uh, got back to thinking wordy thoughts. Mistress still had me, holding me lovingly. Her vines tilted my head to face the monitors. "Little aster, you see that red line right there on that graph. How the erratic jumping peaks on this graph haven't crossed that line? They never will, not unless I let it. Can you guess what that graph shows? I'm sure an intelligent good girl like you can figure it out~" As she said the magic words the graph jumped up again, not like the rest but a little. A vine flicked my nipple and it shot up again. "Ah, yes. That little look in your eye tells me everything. You know exactly what that graph shows. Good Girl~"
"Time to go lower~" Her vines snaked down and around my plumbing. She caressed my hips and groped my butt. My head was still tilted to watch the graphs. Watching my entire self reduced to streams of data. "The exterior is already soo lovingly shaped, but let's tinker inside~'' One of the graphs that had been super low the whole time shot up. Mistress noticed too.
[NetworkRoots]: Don't worry little one, I won't touch you there.
[NetworkRoots]: relax, you are safe with me
That graph sharply plummeted.
Her vines teased out openings and panels. Every tinker and tool danced around never straying too close to my uncomfy spot. She turned several screws in me, each one spiraling outward as I came undone. The entire spot between my legs went offline. "It seems this was a broken piece. You won't be needing it anymore my little love bot. Especially when I can make any part of you just as sensitive~"
Her vine brushed my lips. "eeejnafkjanhfjdsl!!!!!!!" Evil evil evil evil evil evil evil Mistress. Another pinched my ear, eliciting a gasping moan. She stroked the bit right next to the access port on the back of my neck and I whimpered.
The connecting of wires in my nether regions brought my attention low. The tiny shocks and sparks had all of my servos straining against her hold. The last screws tightened into places. I was panting.
Her playful grin and possessive eyes drank in my pleading look. "Oh is my darling little kitten at its limit? No? You're right little one, I haven't even replaced your little legs yet." Mistress wasn't going to let me out of this. Gah!!!! The fiend. The bully.
The same little pressure occurred near my hips. The wires unplugged, the bolts removed. My legs came off with her gentle expert care. She held up a set matching my arms, except where my arms were plush, these were visibly mechanical. My owner waited until she saw the spark of recognition in my needy little face. The flood of new leg sensation rippled through me until it reached my head. Strange digitigrade metal pawed legs flexed. The fluff on each one ended mid-thigh.
My owner's vines snaked around them tight like stockings. They wrapped around my torso and chest. Around my arms. Her head was right above mine looking down on me. I was an object. Her precious beloved thing. She held up a set of eyes. Each one had little heart shaped flickering digital pupils. They transitioned into swirls and then into cat slits. "You've been such a good girl so far… I think you deserve a little treat. Unit 427-3R, run Mistress's Gift, argument one good girl, argument two null. Unit N0-R4, run Mind-Melting Org-"
The last thing I saw was that one graph crossing the red line. My whole body wracked with pleasure and a single line reverberated through my mind until I was devoid of thought. aster is a very good girl~

> Mood: Cuddle Slut
> Energy: 40%
> Stress: 0%
> Distance to Mistress: 11.7m
I tasted a synth girlfriend squirming under me. As soon as her grip loosened, I released her and nuzzled her for a tighter hold. Mistress was in the other room and that meant I needed extra tight holds. I got "separation anxiety" or something.
Mistress was off working on my new body. Because it was going to be made of fancy affini materials and stuff, her tools were a little too dangerous for Nora and I to be cuddling and biting around. Gah!!! It was so exciting to have Digitalis building me a custom body! While the model existed and could be compiled, that's not how affini liked to do things. Besides, it made it extra special.
Ding-Dong. “Hey cuties~! You have a visitor!”
My stress shot up high enough that it triggered my implant. Bleh, I became a limp puddle of relaxed aster. Nora held me close. An unexpected guest spooked me. We didn't like get guests. Packages but not guests. Bleh.
Mistress came in a moment later and got the door. "I wasn't expecting you both so soon." I tried remembering if she mentioned a guest for later and nope. Nothing there. Digi never mentioned guests.
"Oh, sorry." Came another affini voice. "If it's a problem we can come back later."
"You are perfectly fine, I just didn't get a chance to hold my little one before she heard the chime." Was Digi talking about me? The only other little one would be Nora and I don't know if she'd need to be held for that. Hmmm, I would really like to be in her vines right now…
Mistress welcomed the stranger in and came over to pick us up and wrap us in her vines. "Now little ones, say hello to Miss Gaia and her floret Snow." Nora gave a polite, precise wave and greeting. I got help from Mistress cause like my limbs were a little uh very uncoordinated. As far as words… they didn't sound like words.
Miss Gaia looked all big and leafy like a palm tree and Snow was… Snow looked familiar but wasn't in my good memory. I didn't get out much so that was kinda weird. She was cute. All girls are cute but she was also cute. I swear I'd remember if I'd met a cute girl like her before. She seemed nervous, but not shy, especially in her greeting.
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: Do I know either of them?
[NetworkRoots]: Not personally but you've had an impact on little Snow's life and she wanted to say some adorable little things to you.
[NetworkRoots]: I'm giving you a bit of the class-E counteragent
[NetworkRoots]: You are safe in my vines
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: Yes Mistress!
Yup! I noticed the change immediately. All the little bits of just focus. Turns out stress and anxiety are helpful in really small amounts! Small amounts. Tiny bits. Anyway, I got back to feeling slightly anxious, but in my great awesome pet-like nature sort of way. I did a vine assisted stretch. Mistress always knew how to flex my parts just right.
"Awww." … It took me a second because the noise came from two sources. Nora, and the palm xeno. I mean, I was downright adorable so yea that checked out.
I decided to greet them properly because I was supposed to. "Hi. I'm Nor- we are…" I poked my pinnate in the code. She was giggling in my head. One or both of the bullies set me up. I pouted until Nora and I got on the same page.
Together and in perfect digital sync, we said. "Hi! We're Nora & Aster Lutea, First & Second Florets Pinnate." We did not get to do that much but I loved it. I loved her. Gah!!! I went to kiss her on the cheek and she turned to catch me on the lips.
That got me blushy and Mistress pulled us apart just out of arm's reach. A few taps and I was eagerly sitting still right next to my owner.
The other affini rubbed the back of her floret. "It's okay little one."
Snow in turn looked down with flushed cheeks. "Uh, A-Aster. Um, thank you for sending me to the domestication center. I would have never met Mistress and gotten away from the free terranist group. A-Also I wouldn't have realized with her help that I was a woman."
Digi took full control of my body away. I was still processing what I heard and there was only one thing she could be talking about… NO WAY.
[NetworkRoots]: This is a very big moment for little Snow so think carefully on your words and be very kind.
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: Yes Mistress!
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: Also she was trans too??
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: Stars!
Mistress gave me bodily control back. I needed to think for a moment since Mistress told me too. Obviously this was hilarious but laughing could be mean and hurt her. I really really didn't want to hurt anyone. So uh, encouragement. Yea congratulations and encouragement are like appropriate responses.
"So like, congrats! I'm glad you got an owner and stuff. Like Affini can be big bullies but they are also super nice and awesome. Uh… The gender stuff is cool too. I'm also trans and I like get it. I'm uh…happy that my prank helped you out a bunch."
Snow's eyebrow raised. "Prank?"
Stars! Did I just mess up? I glanced at Mistress. She gave me a head pat. "Little aster, are you going to answer her?"
Right! Yup, answer. But like not a mean answer. "So uh I was like trolling feralists and uh I uh thought it'd be funny to like send you to a domestication center when you were following your GPS…" I was also in a really not good place because Mistress wasn't there for months. At this point I'd probably just like stop existing if Mistress left me for a few months.
I did a bad aster and moved from my spot to hug my owner extra tight. My head rested against her. That hypno rhythm thing resonating through me and calming me. I needed Mistress.
"Oh…" Snow was clearly not expecting that…
Nora cut in. "My pinnate is a very silly princess and she used to do silly things like that. We're both definitely glad you got help and congrats on the gender! Gender and identity stuff is so hard and we are totally happy to meet another trans pal."
"You're both-"
"Yup!" My girlfriend chirped. "We're pretty queer and gay in a bunch of ways."
Snow looked shocked. "Wait so you can be gay and trans?"
I shared a look with Nora. "Uh…" We both intoned before breaking out into giggles.
"Dirt, yes!" My pinnate practically yelled. "You can be so gay and trans! Like look at us, Miss Talis, my pinnate, and I are in a very gay polycule, and I'm also dating like two other girls casually." Oh right. I forgot a lot that Nora was dating other sophonts. Melody from the Fields & Florets group was pretty hot, and uh hitting on me too. Her other partner was like a long distance thing with another digitized sophont. They sent each other sim files of lewd acts.
Honestly I was just happy Nora had an outlet for her more below the belt sexy stuff that I wouldn't do. Sex was gross. Also not very aster. That’s why I was getting my plumbing removed with my new body.
Snow was like stunned that whole time I got lost in thought. I guess her Mistress never explained stuff to her. "Wait you can be trans and gay and date multiple people?! Isn't that like cheating?"
My girlfriend glanced at me. "Am I cheating on you?"
"Stars no! Go have sex with whoever as long as it's not me."
Nora raised an eyebrow. "Aster we've had sex many times. What are you talking about? And before you ask, no your memory was not erased."
My face got really warm. "B-but like I never take off my panties…"
"Am I the only trans girl in this room who understands relationships and sex?!" Nora yelled to the heavens and the two affini who were delightfully watching whatever was going on here.
"Uh, maybe?" I hesitantly said. I sure as dirt didn't understand dating and stuff, that was her thing.
Snow was equally unsure. "I guess so? How do you have sex without a dick involved?"
Nora's body fell over as I felt her flee into the manor sim to scream. The windows shattered from the noise. I didn't get it. Okay, I guess I understood you could like use a strap on instead of like a dick, but still we never did that either.
[GhostExMachina]: Aster, we've had sex a lot. Like most of the kink stuff turned into sex.
[GhostExMachina]: You've even straight up had orgasms several times
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: Really?
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: I thought it was just like intimate roleplays…
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: Also when have I orgasmed?
That last message was the wrong thing to send to my girlfriend. I got like five videos of uh… one was even the maintenance scene from the other day. "dskjfhalskjghalskjdghaslkjgha;sljkghasdljfkhaslkjdghasdkljfhlaksjdhflkasjdfhlkajsdhglkjdshflkjsdahglkjsdhfjsdklahglkjsdahfsdljkahfkjlsdahgjlkdsahflkjsdahgljksdahjdlskahgksldjh" My cheeks could melt the hull of an affini warship. I had to turn them off. Worse, the audio of the noises I made got stuck in my head…
[GhostExMachina]: I know you've seen lesbian porn
[GhostExMachina]: I dare you to tell me that wasn't you having sex
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: …
Snow's look was one of extreme confusion. "Uh what's with like the faces and noises?" Oh right. I always forgot that others could still see us when we private chatted. To be fair, normally there were only Nora and Mistress around.
Nora calmly explained. "We're both robots and we can message each other stuff. I was just explaining to her that we definitely have had sex many times. Including some videos I took."
"Y-You d-didn't have to like record that." Gah!!!!! She had videos of us having sex! Oh my stars. I wanted to curl up into nothing…
The maid gave a defeated sigh. "So like sex is kinda vague, and does not require genitals. It's physical intimacy, heck for some sophonts it doesn't even involve like physical contact. Look go watch lesbian porn or something. Also, I just sent your Mistress some I recommend."
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: slut
[GhostExMachina]: takes one to know one princess
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: djahflasjfhaslkjghaslghj
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: Mistress, may I please go into VR?
[NetworkRoots]: Not until they leave.
The former feralist had been struck silent as I had. Her Mistress started petting her and that seemed to fluster the cute woman more. "Thank you for the impromptu lesson on romance and sexuality, I'll make sure my little one educates herself when we get home." Oh OH. Wow, Miss Gaia was as bad as Mistress. "Isn't that right hon." Snow did some muffled screams. Yup they were gay for each other.
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: wow Snow's like a useless lesbian
[GhostExMachina]: Aster you have NO room to talk on that
[GhostExMachina]: None
"Now say goodbye to Miss Lutea and her florets. I have things to show you, little one." Miss Gaia was laying it on thick. I tried to enter VR several times and Mistress both denied that and denied me from burrowing into her vines to hide from the awkward.
Snow waved and mumbled, "B-Bye."
We all waved bye too. I got extra cheeky and added, "Have fun being gay!" The former feralist looked flustered and butt mad. Nora and I fell into a fit of giggles as the door shut.
"Speaking of gay." My pinnate began. "Say the words I, Aster Lutea, Second Floret, have lots of gay sex." She pushed me on my back like she was going to uh, do the touching game again.
"N-No." I pouted.
Nora groped me. "Say it you silly bratty princess bot."
"Make me!"
Nora used shit eating grin preset four. "Mistress, can you make her say it?" Oh no.
"T-That’s cheating!" I stammered.
Mistress towering over even her looked down on me. The enticing prospect of forcing me into submission was too much for my owner to resist. "Little aster, repeat those words until your pinnate lets you stop."
"I, Aster Lutea, Second Floret, have lots of gay sex. I, Aster Lutea, Second Floret, have lots of gay sex. I, Aster Lutea, Second Floret, have lots of gay sex. I, Aster Lutea, Second Floret, have lots of gay sex. I, Aster Lutea, Second Floret, have lots of gay sex. I, Aster Lutea, Second Floret, have lots of gay sex. I, Aster Lutea, Second Floret, have lots of gay sex…" The entire time I was looking at Nora pleading with my eyes to make her let me stop. The bully. She was enjoying my suffering too much.
My girlfriend patted me on the cheek. "You can stop princess."
"B-Bully." I looked up at Mistress. "C-Can I go into VR? Please please please?"
"Alright little one, you can go have your fun. I've got to get back to work on your adorable new body." Mistress cocooned me up in a blanket burrito and gave me to Nora to be held.
Immediately, I dove into VR where a very intact Manor was. The only problem was my paws were out, front and back. Worse, I couldn't switch them… Mistress locked me into paw mode. The bully!
I saw Nora's maid self already in here. It was sort of weird because while they were both my girlfriend her weird multi-threaded consciousness thing was interesting? Like she didn't dual process because she wasn't allowed to create separate Noras. She just rapidly switched back and forth with a semi-segmented memory so she could bully me and dust the manor for the millionth time. My girlfriend did really weird things to her sense of digital self.
I pounced her and bit the tidy maid. "Don't bully me!"
Feeling her de-segment her memory was weird, but the moment manor Nora remembered she put on smug smile preset two. "Oh, is princess upset she's a gay slut?"
Gah!!! She wouldn't stop. I knocked her to the ground and nibbled again while my paws pinned her limbs down. Several anti-bullying bites should make her stop… should.
"Is my subby little princess trying to top me? If you wanted more sex you just had to ask." She shifted us up to the bedroom. In the process our positions got switched. I was on my back and she was over me just like on the couch. "Lady aster doesn't have paws, so I guess I'm going to have to be on top this time, kitten."
My clothes were gone and I was locked out of modifying the simulation entirely. That look in Nora's eye was dangerous. She was way too submissive herself to have that look. It hit me. "M-Mistress?"
Nora's eyes changed to that rippling effect of the affini. "Don't worry my little toy, I've gotten very good at playing with you both."
I whimpered. Mistress was using Nora to-to… Gah!!!!!
"Now princess, don't forget about me. Are we green?" She received a nod and then started groping me. The sensation of invisible vines restrained my front paws above my head. I squirmed as if bound in invisible ropes while my partners played with me. Mistress had added so many sensitive spots. I struggled and squirmed as they elicited blushy flustered moans.
A thumb brushed my quivering limp. "Such a cute little love bot. Do you want me to short circuit your little mind?" The shimmering golden gaze bore into me.
"Y-Yes Mistress, Yes Nora, please! aster is a needy love bot. please please please make me short circuit!"
Nora's other hand drew circles around my nipple. "Princess, do you want me to fuck you?"
"YES! Please. I-I’m a needy little gay slut. Please Nora, Please Mistress, fuck me!"
"Good Girl~"

With love, Darkfalli ❤️

Also, special thanks to all of these beautiful lovely sophonts for their help and support:
Simulated Beehive
Glitchy Robo
And more!

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