More the Merrier

Chapter 9 - Drift Compatible

by Darkfalli

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The affini holding us confirmed, "Yes, you're about to get your implant. I will be assisting with the surgery. You will always be safe with me."
We held each other's hands and looked up as we were being carried to where we were going to get our implants. I spoke first. "So, we're going to really be together?"
"No more drifting?"
"The same Melanie?"
"Yes." Her voice brimmed with confidence. "You will be together. Thinking thoughts together, feeling together, and experiencing everything together. It'll be just as I promised right before you truly became mine."
"We were always yours-"
"-we just didn't know it yet."
"My beloved Melanie, was that intentional flirting I just heard?" She got a series of giggles. "I don't remember leaving any of your minds capable of that." Her vines danced on our skin reinforcing the teasing nature of the tone we had trouble with. "Perhaps you three need more time as my mindless little dolls."
"Yes Mistress!"
He vines coiled around like she was going to play with us again before she stopped. She was teasing us more, but this time we were left needy and squirming. "Later little one. It's time to get a piece of me placed in each of yourselves."

A hazy bliss clouded our minds for an eternity. Our limp pleasure-stricken bodies were entwined in a puddle that could not remember its own name. Every time we almost had a thought one of us would shift causing a ripple of sensation that would take us back under. A single touch on a part of the tangled mass sent all of us into a shifting spasm. It was all mindlessness in the care of our owner. We could not remember her, but we felt her. The sounds registered; the motions did too. The prodding vines reminding us of what owned us while taking away our ability to put that to thought.
Staring into a mass of color we had our first coherent thought. "M-Mistress." It was such a brief thought that was taken by a colorful flower lined vine. Just a stroke took it away. No more thoughts for us, only shared bliss reverberating through three minds.
The next foray into thought was met with recognition of a voice. "Mistress look! My sisters are so cute! Can you make me like that, please Mistress?"
"You know I could never say no to you when you beg like that." A far less familiar sound replied.
Our eyes almost managed to focus on the sight, before a trail of color once again denied such mindful things such as visual processing, and coherent cognition. Those same thought stealing vines surrounded us and held us tight. The love they brought needed no thought. Only feeling.
Finally, I, Melanie, with my three streams of thought, awoke with all of my bodies. I was coiled in on myselves surrounded by my Mistress. I, we, I, us… Melanie sighed lovingly and deliberately to be heard by my, our owner.
"Morning Mistress." We spoke with the love of three hearts.
A vine ran down one of our cheeks, but we all felt it. "Good morning my little entwined pet. How do you feel?"
"Together." I answered. An identical smile was on every one of my faces. "We never drifted far at all." 
"I made sure of it." Mistress brought herself to face us. "And yet you'll always have three minds each seeing each other from outside and in. Three pieces of the same whole. My Melanie. My beautiful exquisite unique darling pet."
We hugged her as tight as our little arms could. "We love you Mistress."
"And I love each and every bit of you." She slithered and wrapped her vines around us pulling us into our favorite embrace while blessing us with her most genuine smile.
She carried us along and pampered us with care. Our bodies knew how to obey every guiding touch. It was only as we were left standing naked that something clicked. A pause intentionally left by the only being in the universe that knew our thoughts before we thought them.
We saw ourselves for the first time in a while. We always saw each other, but time had passed since our last journey into awareness. We knew there were changes. Physical changes from the class-G. Now time had passed with us unaware. The edges of our body had been softened. Our lithe cell hobbled form had been recovering its mass, but that mass had ended up in very pretty places. We even had boobs! We had six of them, a set for each body. Three shots of gender euphoria resonating to a fever pitch of squealing and hugging. My three chests got squished against each other in the nude.
I was beyond thrilled. Each of my bodies was amazingly feminine for what must not have been a very long time to achieve that in. I craned my heads upwards to Mistress with my three sets of eyes.
She wore a face of smug delight. "Did you notice something my beautiful flower?"
I nodded one of my heads while another body poked her boobs. My last self was still looking up at my colorful affini owner. "How long was I, we out?" Distinguishing whether to think of myself in the singular or the plural was hard enough before when doing it out of a sense of unity. Now, I was drifting between the two as our sense of self was tightening together following our desire.
"One and a half terran standard weeks." She answered concisely and swiftly clearly having the answer prepared before the question was asked. Mistress Calytrix loved showing off how well she knew us, me. Our, my affini was so lovably hubristic.
"Oh wow!" I said with two bodies while the third was mentally allocated to poking the boobs of her sister bodies. Our brain thinks were so weird right then.
Calytrix scooped us up in her flowers and gently set us in the bath she drew for us. "You'll have all the time to poke yourselves later my sweet floret." Her vines went back to guiding us through every motion she lovingly instilled in us.
I still kept taking notes on the changes. It just felt so good to drink it all in between my Mistress's pampering. My skin was silky smooth, almost more than normal skin. Visually the complexion had evened out and turned a tiny bit glossy. There didn't seem to be any hair anywhere below my necks. Just smooth light skin. The only freckles we had left were adorable smear across our face.
Mistress took her time on our hair. The lab that imprisoned me kept shaving it so it had only grown out in the month or so I had been with Mistress. The odd part was how long the dusty brown hair all my selves shared had grown in that span of time. It was long, approaching the length where we might accidentally sit on it. Longer than Kennedy's Mistress kept my sister's by at least a foot.
I kept my bodies very still as Mistress gently brushed my thin straight hair. Every stroke full of care. She even brought out a pair of scissors and trimmed every set of my bangs in an identical manner. I was a set of sameness. Every one of myselves felt a flutter of joy with each reminder of how much we were all one.

The door to our habitation unit opened and my older sister's voice rang out. "We're back!" I had three sets of vague memories from the sea of bliss that explained her wording. Kennedy was walked in on a leash attached to her collar. A normal thing for other pets but not for me.
Mistress set us down gently so I could give her a hivemind family hug. "I missed you, sis."
Kennedy smirked in that old smirk of hers. "Missed you too, sis. I was told you're a single sister now?"
"Sort of. The implant is still bonding and we're in flux a bit, but together I'm Melanie Aurea, Third Floret. Mostly she, a little bit they." I was so happy to share my identity with her. "I'm kinda a hivemind."
"Uh huh. Well, my little hivemind sister composed of my little sisters, I'm Kennedy Vera, First Floret." She sounded so proud to declare that. She even held up her arms in a cheerleader fashion which had me giggling thrice over. I understood. Each of myselves felt the same way when we first got our full name back as semi-individuals. "And I'm here from across space to visit you."
Our Mistresses got us settled on the couch between them as they chatted in affini. Kennedy seemed to move around a lot more than any of me. She had such big dog energy with an icing of eldest sibling caked on top. Thanks to my three brains I could successfully imagine her having a wagging tail as she sat next to her Mistress eager for any and everything.
"So was I right or was I right about xenodrugs being awesome."
Looking off to avoid her human eye contact we admitted, "You were right." The fun part was I had one of me say it in the second tone and the other two said it in the first tone she used.
She poked one of me in the belly and all three of us reacted to it which only made her more amused. "So which ones do you like best?"
"Uh…" Wow, so she wanted to pry into my preferences for kinky space drugs. Kennedy was such a nosy older sibling sometimes. "You first." We countered.
"Nuh-uh, you first little sis. Don't make me tickle one of you. I'll do it."
I rolled a lot of eyes. "Ken, you can't just ask which kinky space drugs I like most. Especially without saying yours first."
That got an eyebrow raise, "Kinky space drugs. Wow, I'm gonna have to use that later when I ask Mistress for more kinky space drugs." She cackled as she stood up and fell back into her Mistress's lap. All of me thought that was a little overkill. It wasn't that funny. Just a little silly, but we liked being silly.
She finally got over herself and her Mistress gently placed her back where she was. "Fine, I'll start with the sisterly secrets. My favorite are the Class-Ns"
I kinda blanked and had one of me use her tablet to double check… "Ew gross. Kennedy, sex is icky."
"Sex is icky? Are you ace? I thought you were hard into girls."
"Uh…" I looked up. Mistress knew me better than I did. "Mistress?"
She looked at me with an expression that told us we were being very adorable in her eyes. Here I was after a bunch of forays into gender only to just ask my all-knowing owner what my sexuality was so I didn't have to piece it together myselves. "Well, my sweet little floret in human terms you are greysexual, demi-sensual, romantically and aesthetically attracted to women. Your dysphoria prevents you from considering sex involving genitals and in that cute obliviousness of yours, you do not understand any form of human intercourse beyond penetrative terran sex."
Well, I understood like maybe half of that… okay a lot less than half. "What Mistress said."
Kennedy narrowed her eyes, "You didn't even understand that."
Before I could sputter out a response, Mistress's vines hugged each of me and she answered for me. "My adorable oblivious little pet doesn't need to understand. She is mine and I do not intend to share her."
"Yea, I belong to Mistress." I happily said indulging in her possessive hold on my three selves.
My big sister looked deep in thought for one moment before giving up and relaxing. "Okay, you still gotta spill your favorite kinky space drug~"
All of me finally caved. "The uh…" One of me looked back at the list. "Class-M"
"I don't know which one that is…" She didn't have a tablet in hand so my sister looked up to her own Mistress.
The rose flowered hand of her Mistress scratched under Kennedy's chin eliciting noises that I'd have felt better not hearing my sister make. "I've never given you any. It's for people who want to be mindless little playthings."
I had three blushing faces to hide and nowhere to hide them. Mistress scooped us up saying. "And my floret makes such a wonderful set of happy dolls." It was an opportunity to bury our flush faces in our owner’s flowers.
It took a while to calm down before we had a conversation that could almost be considered normal. Nothing was ever normal between us siblings. Kennedy was too her and I and myselves were noticeably abnormal. None of that mattered because we were all happy to talk. Our Mistress' wouldn't let any of us not be happy. I didn't even go nonverbal because some of the xenodrugs Mistress gave each of me fixed that issue.
Eventually, I ended up in a doped up pile hugging my big sibling who was as out of it as all of me. We had two affini doting on us the whole time. Truly we sisters were spoiled by the affini. Us and billions of other humans across terran space.
Clearing up from the drugs, our mostly clear-headed sibling then said something that caught all of me off guard. "So, while I was back home, I was thinking of visiting the rents."
All three of our minds searched for memories of our parents. The memories, like most of our memories before our Mistress, were tied to feelings we weren't permitted to experience anymore. They felt so distant and impersonal. We each remembered saying the words I love you to them but… there was no love in those memories. If there was anything positive related to them, we'd be allowed to feel it.
Our smiles faltered and Calytrix noticed adding something to our system. Her vines touched us and we giggled and snuggled into our Mistress. "Little Kennedy, my wonderful floret does not possess fond memories of the humans that bore you. Do not mention them to my floret again."
Another thing entered our system as our big sister apologized. I forgot. I was in the middle of talking to Kennedy about… stuff. Mistress felt really good, she must have distracted me from something. We weren't really capable of focusing much on Kennedy and her apology. Mistress was just too warm. Just as we were about to beg to be picked up and held close, our walking field of flowers did just that.
We sort of lost track of everything after that. Kennedy left at some point and we were happily cuddling Mistress.

Birds_Of_A_Feather: Guess what!
Birds_Of_A_Feather: I got my brains linked together, I'm a hivemind!
Devtech66: congrats
Devtech66: you already seemed very hivemind esque
Birds_Of_A_Feather: We were pretending before
Birds_Of_A_Feather: Now I'm the real deal
Birds_Of_A_Feather: Which means no more sending three messages at a time
Devtech66: I mean that was kinda cute
Birds_Of_A_Feather: ah
Birds_Of_A_Feather: Also we're cuter now!
Birds_Of_A_Feather: Class-Gs are amazing
Devtech66: Pics or it didn't happen 😜
I went full silly and had Mistress take a picture of two of me beholding the center me's tiddies.
Devtech66: I see one very femme dork in this picture
Devtech66: Congrats on the boobs
Birds_Of_A_Feather: Thanks I have so much boob now
Devtech66: they look rather average sized
Devtech66: wait your talking about having three sets aren't you?
Birds_Of_A_Feather: Well Mistress said they're still growing
Birds_Of_A_Feather: and yes having six boobs is a lot
Devtech66: true
Devtech66: I need to find a good hivemind to date
Birds_Of_A_Feather: if I find another I'll send them your way
Devtech66: please do
Devtech66: affini steal all the good hiveminds
Birds_Of_A_Feather: lol
Birds_Of_A_Feather: affini are great
Devtech66: I am aware of your thoughts on our benevolent sexy overlords
Devtech66: anyway I've got a double date to go on with my girlfriend and her girlfriend
Devtech66: l8r
Birds_Of_A_Feather: have a great time!

My floret was fiddling with her tablets when I uttered that lovely little trigger phrase I set on their implant. "Dolly, it's playtime." I purred.
Melanie's bodies all froze as they sank into that peaceful thoughtless blissful state she enjoyed so much. From an outside perspective it was similar to that zoning out problem she had before, but it was fundamentally different. She never truly hated that problem, only that it was involuntary and dangerous. The biggest change between that and what I gifted her was her awareness and joy. She could enjoy every bit of love and cherishment I bestowed upon her and feel every hug without the burden of higher thought.
The moment she gave herselves to me, I switched her Class-G from the one that'd shift her body to that of a terran woman to one that'd make her a bit more like the playtoy she wished she could be. She noticed some of the changes and reveled in them without understanding the scope of what I intended for her. She would have never known to ask for what she really wanted.
I gently drew my beloved objects of affection into my arms. My beautiful soft little toys that yearned for my control and comforting hold. I whisked her away to the bedroom where I had prepared special outfits for each of the three dolls. So fluffy, frilly and cute. I dressed up my floret in a terran fashion for such soft cute doll-like girls like her.
As I let them see what each other looked like, I noticed the barest hint that her simple little smile grew on each of her passive happy little faces. Deep in the recesses of their blissful little minds they had worked together to process the most obvious fact… that they looked excessively positively astoundingly adorable.
The frilly fashion style known by the terrans as gothic lolita had one unfortunate drawback that I had corrected before I obtained the outfits. It simply didn't reveal enough skin for me to tantalize her with touch. Thankfully an affini floret duo of fashion designers adapted many terran styles for floret use and they assisted me in getting their cute filly dresses revealing enough skin for me to play properly with them.
A little bit of affini designed terran cosmetics deftly applied had my floret looking perfect three times over.
I was almost late to my meet up with Aerva. I was finally going to show off to her in person how wonderfully my floret turned out. I walked swiftly with purpose while making sure the dolled-up cuties in my arms were given the proper amount of love through gratuitous hugging.
Aerva was waiting at the café. Her broad ivy leaves still had that charming splotched pattern. Her eyes glanced at the armfuls of floret I was carrying. "I can see now why you were late. They look delightful."
I sank into the seat across from her adjusting my floret's poses. "She is, isn't she."
"Ah yes, your singular floret. The records office was a slight mess over you changing their individual records into one." Aerva already had glasses of water for us that she dipped her vines into.
Ah yes, the frustrated messages from records. "I don't see why. Melanie made her intentions clear from the moment all of her woke up together and I made sure the paperwork was flawless. It's not like it's never been done before with pinnates."
"They were still frustrated that you obfuscated which was the original, making it three identical records that caused immense confusion to those who were less in the loop as to your pet project. Then you come in saying to combine them into one record fused from three confusingly identical records."
I rolled some of my eyes while the lower set kept watch on my darling dolls. "I filled the documents out exactly as they should have been. It's not my fault that their documents aren't more accommodating to identically cloned sophonts with a shared identity."
"Well, they are now after weeks of discussion and deliberation. All for an edge case unlikely to ever reoccur." Oh, Aerva how misguided you are.
She saw my smug smirk. The one I knew irked her to no end. "I wouldn't be so sure of that. After the committee reviewed the process on terran cloning, it was published and I'm sure other affini will stumble over how delightful it is to have clone florets."
Her frustrated groan was so very much worth it. "You were definitely planning this before you even met her. This was all about that floret you used to obsess over."
Dirt she caught me. "The work may have been on my mind since then, but I had no plans to follow through and I no longer am interested in her. My beloved cuties here are more than enough. Speaking of which, would you like one to hold and pet?" Aerva didn't have a floret of her own yet, not that I'd ever give her mine beyond a ploy to show off my beloved Melanie. "Also Melanie, you haven't greeted my friend Aerva yet." I puppeted an arm on each of her bodies to wave at my friend.
I saw the moment my friend gave in to how cute they were. "Alright I'll take you up on that." My arm and vines handed one of her off and Aerva took her gently in her own arms to comfort. The knowledge that through her shared mind she still felt my embrace twice over was the only thing that allowed me to part with one of herselves.
"So how did you end up with your ward becoming your florets?"
I dove into all the splendid details of my few days with Melanie before she was mine. Oh, how I loved to share the story of her asking for collars unprompted. That moment very much encapsulated her oblivious fall into my vines.
I ordered drinks for my darling floret and so caringly helped her drink them, while Aerva did the same with her third self. A toy for us to play with. I brought Aerva in on how Melanie liked to enjoy her play time and she joined in puppetting her third body. What followed was a very silly yet seriously done ventriloquized conversation from three puppeted seeds thinking about going to a domestication center.
Before we parted ways, I took back my beloved playtoy and gave them the ending trigger. "Play time's over flower." Each one sprung to life and indulged herselves in my hold.
"Thank you Mistress~" She sang.
I gave them a brief squeeze before reminding her. "Make sure to thank Miss Aerva before she goes."
"Thank you Miss Aerva!" She chirped on command.
My friend melted to my floret’s cuteness. Aerva gave my floret a smile. "You are very welcome flower. I hope to see you again sometime."
She went back to her work and I took Melanie home. The second I sat down she got her tablets and started taking so many pictures to send to her friend and sibling. She absolutely loved the look and I was sure she'd beg to be in it as much as possible.

My day with Mistress was simply the best, and the new outfits had me in a chorus of girly squeals of joy. I took so many pictures to send to Devon and Kennedy. Mistress even put us back under to pose us all helpless and doll-like. She then gave us our own raven plushies to hug, both for the photoshoot and to keep. I was Birds_Of_A_Feather after all.
In my self-indulgent delight, and with plenty of reassurance between my three composite selves, I posted the pictures into the ship chat for cute floret pictures. The photoshoot absolutely took off with affini and florets supplying an endless wave of praise. Gosh, every one of me loved praise so much.
I held up the tablet with the chat to show Mistress how much everyone loved what she did with us. Her big smile of arrogant hubris was the best! We got to give our Mistress a ship full of validation on her work. The xenodrug heightened hug she gave me for it was amazing!
I ended up curled up in her lap hugging my gifted plushies as Mistress started arranging something with a pair of fashion designers interested in our doll thing.
It was only then that I noticed that each of me looked extra doll-like, even under all the make-up and outfits. My skin was so inhumanly soft and pressed in more than normal. My appearance had a tinge of artificiality and unnatural perfectness that was so very doll. In those photos on the affini sized couch you could easily mistake my bodies for being actual tiny dolls on a human sized couch.
In Mistress's oversized home that's basically how it felt. We were just tiny dolls. It was such a magically wonderful realization. That I was so small and plush and loved in a fantastically large world with an adoring owner. Melanie Aurea, Third Floret was Mistress Calytrix's set of little dolls and none of me would have it any other way.

I almost ended the story here, and if you don't like dollification this is a good ending point, if you do like dollification well stop waiting and read the next chapter you dork ❤️

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