More the Merrier

Chapter 8 - Floret(s)

by Darkfalli

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"Morning my beloved florets." A smile was on my face the moment I heard the words. How could I not when I heard the most beautiful perfect words from the most beautiful perfect Mistress?
"Morning Mistress!" We chirped back perfectly together.
My mind felt… clear and hazy and different and happy all at once. I felt better than I had in my entire life! My mind was clear like all the bad thoughts and feelings perpetually on my mind had been taken away leaving me with room to think. I felt hazy in that it was hard to focus on anything but my Mistress who held me tight in her vines. I felt different like I woke up for the first time in my life as me, the real me, even my memories felt off. My memories were full of feeling bad and I couldn't feel those feelings anymore so it made my memories feel detached. I was happy in that I was loved, I was beautiful, and I was my Mistress's beloved floret… We were our Mistress's beloved floret!
As if Mistress Calytrix could read my thoughts she shifted me in her vines to see my siblings. They looked so happy in that adorable glassy floret way. My sisters were so beautiful just like me. We were all beautiful and we belonged to Mistress.
There was one thought still trying to force bad feelings up, but also good feelings. It was a very important brain think that I needed to remember… Melanie. We were Melanie. We needed to be Melanie. Melanie was us. Were we still Melanie?
My sister muttered our name. "M-Melanie?"
"Mela-a-" Talking was hard. The brain soup wasn't wording right and I kept thinking about Mistress.
Her beautiful voice cleared it all up in one word. "Melanie." She called us that b-because we were Melanie. "You are still your beautiful precious selves. More importantly Melanie is mine. You are mine."
We all smiled. "Yours~"
She wrapped us up in her perfect colorful limbs and handled all the morning stuff for us. She bathed us, she clothed us, and she fed us. Her vines would tap us and if we moved right, she gave us pets. When we didn’t, she moved us how we were supposed to move. We just focused on her and she handled everything else.
We ended up snuggled up in her lap with our tablets as the haziness cleared some. The sensitive touch that made every pet and pat great also lightened up. We could think and we had tablets in our hands.
I shot my sisters a message because it was easier than talking.
Birds_Of_A_Feather: Melanie?
Birds_Of_A_Feather: Melanie!
Birds_Of_A_Feather: Melanie! ❤️❤️❤️
We all giggled which rewarded us with more pets.
Birds_Of_A_Feather: Is everything good?
Birds_Of_A_Feather: How are we?
Birds_Of_A_Feather: We good?
Birds_Of_A_Feather: Great
Birds_Of_A_Feather: Happy
Birds_Of_A_Feather: Loved
Birds_Of_A_Feather: OH, I forgot about Devon
Birds_Of_A_Feather: Devon!
Birds_Of_A_Feather: He's so worried about us
We all started reading through all those messages we muted. A bunch from Devon, some from Kennedy, others from strangers. What were we thinking when we ignored them? Well time to fix this mess.
Devtech66: Girls?
Devtech66: Melanie are you okay?
Devtech66: Calytrix just messaged me, I'm sorry I kept asking about that stuff.
Devtech66: I just want you three to know I still care about you all
Devtech66: I hope you three are doing okay
Devtech66: Calytrix says you three are going through some stuff… if you ever need someone to talk to I'll do better okay?
Devtech66: Melanie, I want you three to know I'm here for you all if you ever need me.
Devtech66: I missed you a lot you dork, still do
Birds_Of_A_Feather: Hey Devon, we're doing a lot better now.
Birds_Of_A_Feather: Yea Mistress made everything better
Birds_Of_A_Feather: Sorry we worried you
Birds_Of_A_Feather: But were really happy now and everything's great
Birds_Of_A_Feather: We also talked to our big sister and she's coming to visit us!
Birds_Of_A_Feather: and we missed you too
Birds_Of_A_Feather: Also ur the biggest dork, nerd
Birds_Of_A_Feather: ❤️❤️❤️
Devtech66: I'm glad you're all doing better
Devtech66: Also… Mistress?
Devtech66: Did you three…
Birds_Of_A_Feather: We're florets!
Birds_Of_A_Feather: Mistress made us pets!
Birds_Of_A_Feather: We were already kinda pets
Birds_Of_A_Feather: We asked Calytrix to be our Mistress and now we're hers
Birds_Of_A_Feather: Xenodrugs are also great and you should try them!
Birds_Of_A_Feather: Yea Kennedy was sooooo right about the xenodrugs
Devtech66: I'm glad you three are happy
Devtech66: I guess I shouldn't be surprised
Devtech66: You always were really submissive
Birds_Of_A_Feather: That's what Mistress said!
Birds_Of_A_Feather: You should be a floret too it's great!
Birds_Of_A_Feather: Yea, Mistress's lap is so warm and soft
Devtech66: Look, I'm happy that you three are happy, but I'm not interested in being a floret
Devtech66: Still I would like to meet up some time
Devtech66: I guess if your Mistress allows it?
"Mistress, Devon wants to meet up!" I managed to say it first.
"Yea, can we hang out with Devon?"
Melanie got up and begged in her face. "Please?"
Mistress was so happy with us. "Of course, Melanie. I'll handle the arrangements so don't worry your little heads about it." She patted us on the head as she said the word.
Birds_Of_A_Feather: Mistress said yes!
Birds_Of_A_Feather: She's gonna like plan it
Birds_Of_A_Feather: I can't wait to see you!
Devtech66: Alright
Devtech66: Yea she just messaged me
Devtech66: Love ya dork, see you soon
Devtech66: Message me whenever
Birds_Of_A_Feather: Love you too
Birds_Of_A_Feather: ❤️❤️❤️
Birds_Of_A_Feather: Message us too
Getting to see Devon again was going to be great! We were so happy Mistress let us hang out with him. Mistress was the best. She was perfect. I nuzzled her and found my sisters doing the same. We loved her so very much. I just relaxed while snuggled up to her for a bit…
It was so easy to lose track of time with Mistress. We didn't need to worry anymore about things like time. We hadn't for a long while, but now the feeling that we were supposed to was gone. We could relax knowing Mistress would handle things. There were no worries left, just time spent being loved.
We did manage to Message Kennedy about our decision… we didn't really make those anymore, not really. She was really happy for us and also kept saying she called it. She said we were such seeds. Apparently, there was a term for people who didn't realize they were florets yet but were definitely gonna be.
One of my favorite things was when Mistress would say something and we would say 'Yes Mistress!' as one. We without fail said it perfectly in sync. It was like when we first woke up together, that feeling of wholly sharing ourselves was the best.

Mistress looked down at us, "My beautiful little florets, all sweet and docile." She kissed us all on the head. The sound of her rhythm started playing on the habitation unit’s speakers. That had never happened before, but we didn't have much time to think about it as she slid needles into us.
A soft feeling of peace took over. All the little movements of my body stopped save the automatic necessary ones. I was stuck in place, but there were no worries. I felt right. I wasn't supposed to move. Mistress moved us as she got up and placed us back down on the couch. My limbs positioned without any resistance and they stayed right where Mistress left them. She posed us together like little floret dolls. Her pretty little floret dolls.
"Now my darling floret, I'm going to leave you here for just a moment, happy and perfect, and when I get back, I'll make sure to play with you properly." Mistress Calytrix seemed so thrilled and if we could feel anything but happy, loved, and content I'm sure we'd be thrilled to be played with properly too. We couldn't chirp 'Yes Mistress!' but she knew we thought it. She always seemed to know what we thought. Not that we weren't thinking of much at all at that moment.
The sound of the habitation unit door opening and closing made it to our ears. We just remained motionless outside of small quiet breaths to our mistress's rhythm that filled the place reminding us she was still here. We were dolls posed and placed with love and care on a soft couch awaiting our owners return. Just dolls. Peaceful happy dolls. So full of love to and from our owner. Everything in our world was soft and gentle and loving.
Time was meaningless, and the habitation unit's doors opened again. Before us stood our Mistress only she was bigger. So much more space for all her pretty colors. So many more vines to play with her precious dolly florets.
She picked us up and gave us something to heighten the fun as her vines played with us. She moved and posed us, making us pretend to be mewling florets for a needy Mistress. She pretended we were naughty rebels being enthralled in her vines. She had us sit in her lap and moved our fingers to type love messages to each other and to her just like we did normally.
All the little games of love with her little dolls who absolutely adored every bit of playing pretend, every bit of what should have been shudder-inducing touch held no outward reaction. We felt it. The pleasure. Every motion she made us do threatened to overturn the chemically induced peace with a wave of raw need.
Finally, Mistress held us in her arms as our minds were lost in every compelled motion and sensation she had made us experience. We were held like a trans girl holding her favorite plush when she needed it most.

We couldn't tell you when our minds transitioned back to awareness, but we were still held firmly in our owner's grasp. Our movements and little motions slowly woke up, and heavy breathing began as our bodies could finally vent all of those feelings she gifted us into involuntary motion and cute sounds.
When we finally took stock of ourselves and our Mistress… She was different. Her humanoid form was noticeably more giant and had a second set of arms to hold us with. Just like her original mass she had flowers of every color mixed over her additions. She even had an extra set of those colorful eyes that bore into our hearts and minds.
"M-Mistress you look so pretty~"
"-and beautiful~"
"-and p-perfect!"
"As do the three little bodies of my most precious floret." Mistress Calytrix always said such nice things about us. Our faces already rosy became flush at the complement. "Did you enjoy our play time?"
"Yes Mistress!"
She already knew that. She just wanted to give us the chance to say that, because it made us happy and because it made her happy. When Kennedy said that her Mistress could make her happy, we were confused and scared. It didn't make sense then. Now we understood. She could make us happy in new and exciting ways. She could make us happy in familiar and comfortable ways. She went out of her way to force us to be happy. Our owner was the best.
Of course, the method she used, the xenodrug that made us peaceful little dolls… She knew we would love that. Mistress always knew best. The time spent not as girls but as objects of affection was something we never knew we wanted. But Calytrix did.
I started thinking about that need to be a thing. Melanie was a girl, wasn't she? We were a girl. Devon once said we were girls because we wanted to be but did that apply to other things? To be an it alongside a she and a they? And about that they… I wasn't as sure on that anymore, at least not in the singular sense. We were certainly us, but we were also Melanie. Melanie was a girl, and maybe a thing. A girl thing. A beloved set of female objects to be loved and owned by our affini, our Mistress, our Calytrix. Still not sure on the it pronoun, like objects are its… but we are a her or sometimes a they… That needed more thought.
Mistress had sort of stopped referring to us as you three and began referring to us in the singular. I preferred it, which meant we preferred it. We were Melanie, her precious floret.
The words of our Mistress cut into our thoughts of self and love. "Melanie, now that you are my floret, I want to show you the document that'll make it official in the records of the Compact." She held up a piece of paper.
Paper, that thing people once used. It looked so tactile. We reached out and touched it. It was so smooth and physical. There were words on it. Mistress wanted us to read the words. It stated that she owned us, and would care for us, that we were a pet. Most importantly it had a new name for us.
"Melanie Aurea, Third Floret." We were still Melanie, but we were no longer a Maelstrom. That thing that tied us to our parents, but also our sister. Kennedy was a floret too which meant that… she wasn't a Maelstrom any more. Neither of us were tied to those uncaring people any more. Instead, we shared a name with our Mistress. "Melanie Aurea, Third Floret!"
"I knew you'd be happy with your new name. You Melanie are mine, and that makes you an Aurea and a Floret." She was petting us with her many hands.
"What does the third mean? That there's three of us?"
There was a sad look in her eyes, the eyes that constantly threatened to hold us captivated forever. "It means that before you, I had two other florets. The first came and went so fast from a short lived sophont species before we solved their aging. The second had a partner that she wished to age with."
We all hugged our Mistress. We didn't want her to be sad. We made her think unhappy thoughts and that was bad of us.
"I loved them and remember them fondly. You did nothing wrong with asking. That being said I am never letting you go Melanie. You are mine forever and you will never have the option of letting time take you." Her vines possessively coiled around us. She then booped us on the nose. "Not that I'd ever give my precious floret a decision to make."

We were on a shuttle! Our second conscious shuttle ride. This one was special because we were an us and our Mistress was here this time. The way we all clamored to look out the window made me feel like we were a bundle of excited puppies. We were headed down to our home world of Peragus to meet our friend Devon because Mistress was the best and allowed us to do that.
It was a funny thought to think of things in terms of being allowed to do something. It felt so natural now to think of everything in terms of what Mistress wants. That would probably have scared us, scared Melanie before we became a pet. Now we can't feel fear! That's a good thing because there is nothing to fear with Mistress Calytrix around. Feeling fear would just be feeling bad for no reason and we aren't allowed to feel bad anymore.
The most fun part of the shuttle ride beyond being with Mistress and getting to see space was microgravity! We were just floating around giggling while Mistress kept us close with her vines and arms. Life was great!
We touched down and Mistress carried us off the shuttle. It was fun when she walked by other affini because she was bigger by a few feet. We had the biggest affini.
Mistress did stop to let other affini fawn over us and pet us. The way they called us good girls was nice but they didn't do it right like Mistress did. Mistress could make us a Melanie puddle so easily. To think we had a panic attack the first time a strange affini tried to pet us.
Everything was different down here on the ground. The affini changed everything to be so much prettier. There was actually life to Peragus rather than the shitty corp owned colony that had no flora or fauna. An industrial shipping hub world used to exploit the edges of terran space. Now it was a happy vibrant paradise just like Mistress!
Okay not everything was perfect, there were little terrans walking on the ground that weren't hopped up on an alphabet’s worth of xenodrugs and they were sort of sad looking. One even glared at us. To think there were so many terrans who didn't know how great being owned was.
We eventually arrived at a cool lounge place near our old university. The fun part was that the old university was gone and replaced with a much cooler looking affini designed campus with a lot more people and affini around than back in the day.
We had a private cozy room on the third floor of the recreational center. One of the recreational centers because affini decided to make more! We could oversee all the people going to learn in freeform classes with affini professors along with affini trained specialist educators. It all made me want to finally learn things too. Maybe after we get our implant and have our minds finally perfectly tied together like Mistress promised.
In a big ole lounge chair was a familiar suave looking pink-haired guy in a very queer sleeveless punk dress and combat boots. I never understood those gage earrings he wore. The dangly ones were so much better. We chirped up as soon as we saw him beneath our vantage point of Mistress's arms. "Hey Devon!"
"Hey Melanie!" He sounded kinda happy. His expression had a smile so he must have been happy. "And Hello Calytrix."
Mistress greeted him in turn as she sat down in the large lounge chair. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you in person Devon. Your outfit is very well put together."
"Thanks, I thought I'd dress up for the occasion." He turned his attention back to us. "So, Melanie, how are you liking being a floret?"
"It's the best!" We practically shouted.
"Like we don't feel bad at all anymore-"
"-Mistress takes care of us and plays with us-"
"-the xenodrugs make my brain do a big smile-"
"-Mistress makes us the happiest girls in the universe!"
He had a light smirk, "Uh huh. I'm surprised you're into xenodrugs. You were always skittish around me smoking."
"Well, that was like stinky awful weed-"
"-xenodrugs are better, you should try them!"
"I already have, clearly not as many as you're on." He gave us a once over with his eyes. "Seriously you three look like you should barely be able to talk. How many xenodrugs are you on?"
Mistress being the best ever answered for us. It's not like we knew the answer to that question. That was the sort of thing Mistress handled for us. "She's on a blend of seven xenodrugs across five separate classes to keep her mentally healthy. I took great care to ensure that it'd leave her ability to converse intact."
Devon went wide eyed. "Wow, that's crazy. I guess it's easier when an affini is handling it."
"Yup, it's great!" I happily said.
"You should get a Mistress to do your xenodrugs too!"
Devon groaned. "Okay for the last time, not everyone is a massive sub like you Melanie. I like the affini. I think they made things way better, but that doesn't mean I'm interested in throwing myself at the heel of the nearest sexy plant person."
"But like-"
"-what about the hypnotic rhythm thing-"
"-like doesn't being around them make you want to just be a pet?"
Devon looked between us and Mistress. He took a deep breath before he said, "I know about that, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't make most people submit in like four days like you did. Plus, I've been taking a class-C that supposedly inhibits the effect just in case because again, I'm very not into that. Sure, if one wants to show me a good time I won't say no, but I'm not even slightly interested in being a pet, and I'm not sure how any other form of long-term relationship would work. Plus, I already have like two boyfriends and a girlfriend."
We fluttered a series of blinks to our Mistress's rhythm. "Wow, you got another boyfriend?"
He rolled his eyes. "Yes Melanie, I got another boyfriend. Also, I broke up with the girlfriend you met forever ago and started dating someone else last week. Funny enough she's a floret. Affini steal all the best subs."
Mistress laughed a little. It was very pretty. "We make sure to share, or at least others share. I'm a bit more possessive." She gave us a squeeze that perfectly conveyed just how much she owned us. We loved being owned.
"So, what have you been up to?" We asked.
Devon started going over all the things that had happened to him since we stopped being roommates. His graduation ceremony being interrupted by the affini invasion which made his degree kinda pointless in the wake of a post-scarcity uplifting. His polyamorous dating life. His run ins with free terrianists. Going back to college to get a proper affini certification in xenohorticulture.
Mistress was petting us the whole time as we mostly just listened. We liked listening to people talk, especially friends. It was way easier than talking ourselves even with us splitting up the verbal load. Maybe we'd be better at the verbal load thing later with the implant. Mistress didn't fix it so it's probably just how we are.
We did end up getting let down from Mistress's lap so we could give Devon a big hug. Devon got to experience the Melanie hivemind's hugging. "Thanks for being our friend."
"Thanks for being mine." He whispered back before we broke the embrace. 

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