More the Merrier

Chapter 7 - Fragile, Handle with Care

by Darkfalli

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With all the Class-G this, and Class-W that we finally decided to look up the xenodrug classes on our tablets and… uh, so half of them are horrifying and the other half are kinky. Like wow. They had an entire letter class of drugs related to orgasms. The horrifying ones were the ones that could be used as mind control, and the class-O ones. The kinky ones were basically everything else plus some of the mind control ones.
They had ones for anxiety, intrusive thoughts, memory ones that Kennedy was probably on for her traumatic memories, ones for HRT, some for sleep disorders, etc… It was clear from knowing the affini that outside of some slightly overly controlling cultural practices these really were basically all to help people.
Also, the fun ones, like why would someone invent a drug to cause constant orgasms, or uncontrollable urges to cuddle if not for fun. According to our eldest sibling’s glowing reviews they were actually very enjoyable.
The problem was she was… different. Still kinda herself but also not. It was hard to put it into words. It was like if you took a person and took away half their emotional range (the negative half) and every bit of focus and replaced it with casual relaxing comfort.
Every floret that talked about it was all like 'I am so full of love, happiness, and contentment'. Which sounded great on paper but… okay sure we didn't have much in the way of counter arguments beyond the minor fridge horror of being forced into it and being turned into someone else.
Being Melanie was very important to us. We didn't want to be someone else. Calytrix promised that she wouldn't take that away from us. Kennedy basically agreed. We had made the decision to trust her even if we were being really slow with receiving the help. Like where would we even start? Probably the anxiety and fear… no those were too close to us. Maybe something else.
We could just ask our affini to decide since we were bad at it. The only fear there was that if we give up that choice then what choices do we have left to make? The colorful and perfect giantess already handled everything else at this point.
"Are we basically already pets?" My sister asked.
Melanie and I stared at her in shock. "Uh…"
I tried a counter argument. "We're independent sophonts, like we can leave, and get our own habitation unit and stuff…"
"But can we really? Like are any of us able to ask to be let out of the wardship and arrange getting the new habitation unit and moving in?"
"Calytrix already handles everything for us… and from what we’ve seen and what I've read on my tablet. We're already living like an affini pet."
I looked down, "I was just thinking of having her make decisions for us…"
Melanie gave me a comforting touch. Our other sibling just asked. "So, what's left separating us from being pets?"
"The fact Calytrix isn't drugging us and fixing all the mental health problems we have without us asking first."
We faced each other and I said. "And didn't we already convince ourselves to start letting her do that anyway?"
"Maybe… Maybe we should just talk to her about it? She's like super patient and kind and I'm sure she could help us figure this out."
We nodded to that. Calytrix went out for a bit and so we had to shoot her a message. We decided to compose it together so we didn't just spam half thoughts at her in a confusing mess.
Birds_Of_A_Feather: So, after yesterday we've been thinking and could you maybe answer some more questions about domestication?
FloralSpectrum: I would be absolutely delighted to
FloralSpectrum: I'll be home in a few minutes
Birds_Of_A_Feather: K
We all took a big sigh. "Are we really doing this?"
"I guess we are…"
"But it's only questions, we don't have to like commit to anything."
Less than two minutes later Calytrix was back and swiftly set down some groceries and other goods. While she could compile anything she needed, apparently people in the compact just liked making homemade stuff with imperfect ingredients rather than the atomically perfect goods created whenever.
She came over and sat down with us on the big couch and offered to let us sit in her lap. We gave a noncommittal if you want, that she took as a yes and hoisted us all into place. She then shifted her form to allow us to sit together looking up at her for the conversation. She’s so big. At least sitting in her lap helped with the anxiety of all of it.
She melted our hearts with a gleeful smile. "So, you beautiful girls had questions?"
"Uh… yes." Once again all of our ideas for questions disappeared the moment we were prompted to ask them. Organizing our loose sense of 'are we basically pets' and 'what's the difference at this point' proved to be difficult.
"Let me guess, you three were wondering about domestication after talking to your sister yesterday, and were thinking about what it all entails." As our kind and respectful affini voiced our thoughts in a more organized manner, I realized she could guess more than that about what we were thinking. She had even professed she knew us better than we knew ourselves.
She was holding us in that way that made it very clear we were free to get up and leave her lap at any time despite the fact that at this point we all knew that wasn't going to happen. "My beloved Melanie, you all want to know the difference between what you three have been living like now, and what it would be like if you were living as a floret."
We nodded.
"The difference would be that you all would be happy. You three wouldn't be afraid to go outside. You all would experience pleasures that your severely limited life experience prevents you all from properly imagining. I would give you an implant that would perfectly regulate your hormonal levels and link your minds so you never have to fear drifting apart. I would make you three into the best Melanie you can be, and I would shower you all with adoration and love. I would give you three everything you want, but have been too afraid to ask for. I wouldn't give you the choice to decline any of that. Those are the differences between what you have now, and what it would be like as a floret, a pet."
I almost missed the part where she went from talking about if we were florets, to if we were her florets. She wanted us as pets. I wasn't even against it. I was just scared. Scared she'd take the fear away from all of us. It was so hard to let go of it. It was hard to imagine she could make us let go of it.
When it came down to it, it was all about trust. Did we trust her? Did we trust her more than ourselves? She had been honest with us. Calytrix withheld the information on what happened with the cloning but she did eventually explain. She gave us a ton of leeway, and let us say no before. She respected our boundaries even when other affini didn't. I wracked my brain for any instance of her slipping up or being less than fully trustworthy.
"The eye thing." Melanie asked. She remembered it first. The one thing she hadn't been up front about, the one secret we knew she still had.
"You three want me to explain the hypnotic effect of affini eyes and the related quirks I hinted at." She waited for three nods. She pet our hair as she spoke with her lovely voice. "Affini have a natural rhythm. It's in our movements, our eyes, our voice, everything about us naturally affects the minds of other species into a submissive state. We have control over the intensity, but cannot halt the effect in its entirety. Eventually even the most resistant mind kept in close proximity to a single affini rhythm will eventually submit, whether that is in minutes or years."
That should have been horrific. The fact that it wasn't horrific should have been horrific. Overall, it just made sense. It explained so much of affini culture. It also opened up a massive can of worms. Including the most important worm. The worm we already knew was there. "We are already under the influence of your rhythm, aren't we?"
"Unfortunately, yes. I kept contact light at first, but it was not sustainable with your all's needs. Even now, I am restricting the intensity of my rhythm. It should not be enough to override what you three want. The reason you all get awestruck with my eyes is that you, Melanie, are naturally so very submissive. You like being cared for. You like being told what to do. You have issues with decision making and prefer not to make decisions. You have always let every person in a position of authority order you around even when you didn't want to listen to them. It's why I've been very careful when giving you orders."
"O-Okay, but you didn't have to like say it…" We were blushing. That was very accurate from every memory shared in our three heads.
Calytrix then let out the most beautiful, colorful, and splendid noise we had ever had the good fortune to hear, her full body laughter. It was loud and earnest. Like we had just said the funniest thing in the universe. The way the sound and the movement felt was amazing. She had always constrained herself around us and in that moment, we were drowning in the authentic her. In her rhythm that had been held back for our sake.
We all got lost in her beauty and grace. She was so perfect and glorious, and simply looking at her filled me with feelings of adoration and submission. Calytrix's presence was sublime. I got lost in her. In the colorful sight of the affini. This was our natural place, here in her lap. Our every breath and movement falling in line with a rhythm so subtle and complex we couldn't hope to know it. We were nothing more than an extension of her.
There was a snapping of fingers and something waved in front of my eyes. I blinked back to awareness. "Welcome back little ones."
Our affini, our Calytrix looked a bit remorseful. "I apologize for accidentally exposing you to that prematurely. You adorable little cuties just said the funniest thing and… I lost my restraint."
I looked up at her still coming back to myself and said. "You have a really pretty laugh." My sisters said the same.
She looked even more remorseful. "Please tell me that didn't break you three. I tried so hard not to. You all were supposed to ask first."
"Don’t be sad."
"Should we ask?"
Her eyes darted over us drinking in every detail that was the three identical girls before her. It was a frantic analytical look. She was searching for something in us. Something related to breaking. Something that made her sad. We didn't want her to be sad.
My sister snuggled up to her to comfort our affini, and I did the same. We all did. We needed her. How we ever thought we could live without her was a strange foreign concept. Why were we so hesitant before? We were afraid. Afraid of not being ourselves… I'm still afraid of that, but Calytrix promised she'd help. I need her help.
"Please take the fear away."
"I'm scared."
"Calytrix, I need you."
She grabbed us tight. "I'm here. You three are safe. There is no fear. You three are Melanie and I love you all so very much."
"I l-love you." We all whispered into her colorful flowers. All of us firmly against the soft vibrant petals. She was here and we were safe. We were Melanie. Melanie needed Calytrix. We needed her guidance, her presence, her help, her love. We needed her forever. We knew what we had to say. "Please make me your pet."
The rhythm of the vibrant lively affini paused. It had been subtle, but for a moment after we said that there was stillness. She then burst to life as her rhythm threatened to consume us. "You three are mine now. You are my pets, my florets. I am your Mistress."
"Y-Yes Mistress."
She ruffled each of our hair and said. "Good Girls." We melted on the spot. Three soft limp puddles of Melanie held up only by the vines of our Mistress's will. The words we never knew we needed to hear. A wave of tingling went down my body, a flush of warmth from the words alone. Had Mistress done that with just words? I was physically unable to shudder at the thought of what the xenodrugs would do.

I slipped up. I was so close they were minutes away from breaking on their own and I MESSED UP. My hubris finally caught up with me. For all the lamenting of my careful work, it didn’t matter now.
I had what I wanted and it more than made up for the mistake. They were mine. They gave themselves to me in their entirety. I owned them and I was never going to let them go. My beautiful beloved Melanie. She begged. She begged me to make her a pet. The pure ecstasy. Three little sophonts, three little florets soon to be tied so tightly together they'd be one.
I, Calytrix Aurea, Fifth Bloom finally had my third, fourth, and fifth floret. No… that wasn't right. Currently in the eyes of the Compact they were three sophonts. But I knew them, that would not stand. The three of them were Melanie Aurea, Third Floret. One floret, three bodies. Three minds trying so desperately to remain one. They no longer needed to try, for they were now in my full care.
The rush of having them limp in my arms, their wills broken… I didn't know where to start. What changes to make first. Within their delightful mind, there were many places to start. Outside of their minds, they had been mine for a long time and there was little left to do. I nearly shattered the moment they willingly asked me to collar them. There were so many little moments leading to the helpless little florets in my vines.
She had asked about the fear. The anxious terror that held her hostage. The piece of their psyche that was responsible for their meager resistance. They asked me to remove it and thus that was where I must start. I felt through my library of flower grafts for one that held what I needed. The Class-E/F blend I concocted just for her.
They were all still conscious so I applied a nice little short-lasting anesthetic and slid the needle in while Melanie was still a mess over two simple little words. Dirt, she was so weak. The saddest part was their poor little minds didn't pick up on flirting. They remained completely oblivious the whole time.
I felt the change as my mix did its work. The neurological patterns that caused her anxiety, her fear, her thoughts of everything going wrong, the feelings of everything going wrong, and of danger all suppressed perfectly with nary a side effect. Their behavior changed even in the lovely slumps in my arms. I just removed something that had strongly affected each and every thing that she had done, likely for most of her life as the patterns constantly self-reinforced until merely stepping outside this habitation unit was a monumental effort only accomplished with support from others.
The one thing I had begun to note with our recent physical interactions was that I'd need more mass simply to ensure each one was held securely. I had the strength, but not the volume necessary to be able to hold a floret of three bodies each in the same all-consuming embrace simultaneously. I'd have more room for flower grafts too.
Each of her was starting to stir, a reminder of my lovely floret that needed me. My next step was to take away those pesky negative thoughts on her own self-worth. All sophonts had worth, but she was mine. She meant more to me and the fact she needed to hear her voice twice over from the outside to think anything positive of herself would not stand.
Next, I brought out the class-H, a different variant from before. One that was for reprogramming ingrained thoughts. It was for her fully conscious thoughts and values. It needed language input rather than raw sensory input.
Three bodies slipped into a nice suggestive trance. So calm and at peace. The sound of my voice came out in such a way to hit each of their precious sets of ears the same. "You are loved. You are beautiful. You have worth. You are loved. You are beautiful. You have worth. You are loved. You are beautiful. You have worth." I repeated it over and over. Verbal thought patterns stuck differently and each needed to be lovingly etched into her brain. I used the specific harmonics to attach them to the proper parts of her psyche where they would supplant the self-doubts.
I may have repeated the mantra a few times more than necessary just to make sure her oblivious little minds got the message.
I'd need to scan her brains soon to double check my work… I did have my portable brain scanner in my lab… I hefted the light little florets up and carried them in still under the suggestive haze. I brought them out of the suggestion and put them to sleep. Nice quiet synapses to examine.
Her minds scanned within projected ranges and my xenodrug blend was performing beautifully. She still needed her tolerances up for her implants. She also was in need of conditioning as my distance had left me far behind on it. Lastly, she needed time to truly enjoy herself on the xenodrugs.
I slipped her a class-A/C blend tailored to work long term with the first blend. Lastly, I took her to bed where I'd show all three of her how much I loved her and woke her up.

Calytrix… Mistress was hovering over us. Her large arms flanking us as if we were pinned down. I was side by side with my sisters and the light touch of each other's skin as we laid side by side under the affini… I shivered a little.
I-I was on something. Mistress gave me something and I felt… great! I felt amazing. I had never lived without the fear, but it was gone. I was loved and beautiful and looking up at our Mistress who we needed.
"My precious beautiful beloved little floret." She ran delicate little flowers on the tips of her vines over our exposed skin… We moaned. Mistress not only made us moan but in the exact same way. "You look so needy for your Mistress. If you want more, beg."
She pulled her vines back and we reached for them. My mind barely stringing together thoughts. Beg. I needed to beg. "P-Please Mistress."
"I-I need you. We need you"
"Mistress t-touch us. Please."
We all looked up so longingly for her. She was everything. The beautiful embodiment of purpose itself. The color of each of her flowers was so much more vibrant now. How had I ever seen her differently?
Mistress Calytrix smiled that big heartwarming smile and my heart stopped. A moment later the touch of her vines sparked the beat again to follow her lead. Her vines wrapped our limbs bringing our arms to our sides. Our eyes met hers as each blissful moan inducing touch drove home exactly who owned us. Her love spoken through tight vines coiled to maintain control over our movement.
She began singing a melody as she tickled each limb in a way and moved them. Over and over, she'd give us a light teasing touch and move us accordingly.
She snaked vines up my neck, the sensitive vulnerable patch of skin got graced by her vines and my eyes rolled back as an involuntary noise graced our Mistress's ears. It all continued on and on playing us like cute little noise machines unable to squirm under her hold.
Mistress continued until she whispered sweet words into our ears. "You've been very good girls."

Gah it finally happens!

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