More the Merrier

Chapter 10 - Doll(s)

by Darkfalli

Tags: #dom:female #f/f #Human_Domestication_Guide #hypnosis #scifi #sub:female #conditioning #drug_play #drugs #mind_control #multiple_partners #ownership_dynamics #transgender_characters
See spoiler tags : #body_modification #doll_play #dollification

"Play time's over flower."
I woke up in Mistress's lap after more doll time. I still sat happily in her embrace pretending to be the mindless dolls I was moments ago.
She turned us around looking over all three of me. "Now Melanie, I have a surgery planned for you today. While I know you'd be more than thrilled to go through with it, I still feel the need to inform you and confirm it's what you want."
That got the attention of all my composite selves. Mistress always knew what we wanted. If she knew we'd like it then we'd like it. I wondered what surgery would be so big that she'd feel the need to go through with this. I didn't respond. She hadn't asked a question or given anything for me to agree to yet.
"Now flower, the surgery is to make you more into the happy doll you love being, my special little plaything. The surgery will consist of removing your limbs and replacing them with more artificial detachable versions. They will all be identical and you'll even be able to exchange them with your other bodies. And should you for any reason ever desire it, your limbs can be regrown and placed back just like they are now. You want this don't you?"
Oh wow, that… that sounded great! I wouldn't have ever even thought that was a thing. None of me had. We were going to be even more her helpless playthings.
I practically yelled, "Yes Mistress!"
She knew we'd say that. Mistress Calytrix would never set up something like this if we wouldn't say yes. She smiled big and confident whenever she was validated for being right about stuff. "Well then my beloved Melanie, it's time we were leaving."
Wow, she waited till the last minute. It didn't make a difference. Mistress was always right. I went right back to being limp dolls without any xenodrug or command words. I just did it for fun. After all, I was Mistress's precious set of little girly dress up dolls. We still had our raven plushies that we held at all times.

Somehow the affini made getting twelve of my limbs cut off and replaced have a short recovery time. In a few days I was walking again. The limbs were the same light pale artificial soft smooth texture that my skin had taken on. The joints were ball joints with visible gaps. I was so very doll.
Despite having a sense of touch on my new arms and legs they moved very inhuman unless I tried to come off as normal. The range of pivoting was wild. Mistress even showed how she could detach them. They wouldn't come apart unless Mistress allowed them to, which was good.
Her demonstration of the detachment feature was to pull off my arms and place them on entirely new bodies. Including intentionally messing up and giving me two right arms on one body and two left arms on another one. I refrained from telling her about the terran saying about two left feet.
Though our implant she could also just force our limbs limp without the rest of us. I wasn't sure about going further than this with the doll thing, but as it was now it was so fun!

Birds_Of_A_Feather: Hey sis guess what!
PupWitchy: What?
PupWitchy: Also I got a tail!
PupWitchy: Check it out!
Kennedy got a dog tail. It was a short clip of her wagging it rather than a picture.
Birds_Of_A_Feather: Ha, we totally called that
Birds_Of_A_Feather: I got my own body mods
Birds_Of_A_Feather: Check us out
Mistress was nice enough to pop off one of our arms so we could hold it up for the picture.
PupWitchy: Stars, and I thought a tail was big news
PupWitchy: You look like dolls
PupWitchy: I guess you did admit to that
PupWitchy: Congrats on one upping me
Birds_Of_A_Feather: I'm a hivemind I was already one upping you sis
PupWitchy: Stars ur right
PupWitchy: I really need to up my game
PupWitchy: Also is that a stuffed animal you dork
Birds_Of_A_Feather: Hey!
Birds_Of_A_Feather: no dissing the birbs
Birds_Of_A_Feather: they're cute and soft and a gift from Mistress
PupWitchy: I meant dork in an endearing way, nerd
PupWitchy: Stuffed animals are so you
PupWitchy: Always have been
Birds_Of_A_Feather: Really?
Birds_Of_A_Feather: I don't remember
PupWitchy: Well the birds are cute, ur all cute
PupWitchy: Remind me to steal your limbs next time we see each other
Birds_Of_A_Feather: lol, k
Birds_Of_A_Feather: love you sis
Birds_Of_A_Feather: all of me ❤️ u
PupWitchy: I love you too sis and your inner crowd of more sisters

Devtech66: Saw that latest photoshoot of yours
Devtech66: Hard to believe my shy roommate turned into a fashion model
Devtech66: You look fantastic by the way
Birds_Of_A_Feather: ha, yea I was so different back then
Birds_Of_A_Feather: thanks for the complements
Birds_Of_A_Feather: I love complements
Birds_Of_A_Feather: and playing dress up
Devtech66: Well you're good at that
Devtech66: Keep it up
Devtech66: Also I got another girlfriend!
Devtech66: I started dating my girlfriend's girlfriend
Birds_Of_A_Feather: Wow Devon how you get so many partners?
Devtech66: by being the sexiest demi guy on Peragus, that's how
Birds_Of_A_Feather: lol
Birds_Of_A_Feather: I'm sure you are
Devtech66: says the sapphic hivemind
Devtech66: you just can't appreciate my masculine charm
Birds_Of_A_Feather: yea
Birds_Of_A_Feather: Also I've got Mistress
Birds_Of_A_Feather: I can't imagine anyone as great as her
Birds_Of_A_Feather: She's sooooo pretty
Devtech66: Fair
Devtech66: And I do have to admit she's a sexy affini
Devtech66: but most of them are
Devtech66: that reminds me I talked to Calytrix and I'll be seeing you again soon
Birds_Of_A_Feather: Awesome!
Birds_Of_A_Feather: Can't wait to see you
Birds_Of_A_Feather: I'd like to meet your partners too
Devtech66: I'll introduce you at some point I promise
Devtech66: They are pretty great and things with Oliver are definitely looking to be a long term thing
Birds_Of_A_Feather: yea
Birds_Of_A_Feather: you were dating him back when I was rooming with you
Devtech66: yea I think you'd have a hard time forgetting him
Devtech66: you did walk in on us having sex
Birds_Of_A_Feather: I thought you were like playing a game
Birds_Of_A_Feather: It sounded like you were playing video games
Birds_Of_A_Feather: I didn't know okay?
Devtech66: We were definitely playing games if you catch my drift
Birds_Of_A_Feather: Gah you made us split up for a second
Devtech66: wow I didn't realize it messed you up that bad
Birds_Of_A_Feather: Hello Devon, Calytrix here
Birds_Of_A_Feather: Nothing serious but Melanie does had some delightfully adorable trouble with that particular memory
Devtech66: Did you have to sedate her?
Birds_Of_A_Feather: No she just started playing horse in that cute doll way of hers
Devtech66: what?
Devtech66: wait do you mean playing opossum?
Birds_Of_A_Feather: I don't think so, but I'm not entirely knowledgeable about terran sayings
Devtech66: Ah well tell her I'm sorry
Devtech66: and to message me later
Birds_Of_A_Feather: She'll see the chat

Mistress had a bath set up for me. Apparently, my fancy new limbs got dirty in the joints so every few days Mistress took me entirely apart to clean every little joint and socket. Calytrix thoroughly cleaned even the little joints in my many finger sockets.
None of me got very dirty. Almost all of my time was being limp dolls in Mistress's arms. So, there wasn't much to clean, but it felt good to be a pile of disassembled objects being tended to by a very loving and dedicated owner. Calytrix could have probably gotten by with one such cleaning a week but she knew I liked it, and she liked it too. How could she not when she looked so happy pulling us apart cooing about what good toys we were.
Mistress was still working using her veterinarian skills on occasion. She'd bring me to work and set me on her desk as I sat there as a set of life-sized dolls. A few of her patients even mistook me for strange affini toys… okay I was that but it was clear they didn't know I was also a people. I was tempted to move especially because she sometimes left me playing pretend instead of turning me into mindless dollies. However, none of me would ever dream of interrupting Mistress's work by scaring her patients.
The ones who recognized me from my photoshoots were great. They'd know I was a floret hivemind pretending to be a doll. Mistress would even puppet us with her vines in a delightful way. I was usually nice enough to act human with one of my bodies to reassure them that I was definitely fine. Mistress always brought me out of mindlessness for them because she knew I liked to hear the praise and I couldn't properly comprehend and appreciate it while doing playtime.

"Play time's over flower."
Oh, wow I was on a shuttle again. That meant I was probably going to see Devon again! He'd seen my fashion stuff but he definitely hadn't gotten a good look at my limb situation. I wonder how well he'd take it. Probably well, Devon was pretty chill, that was how he got so many dates!
All of me or us as we decided to be for a little bit. We loved being on the shuttle together and with Mistress. We didn't get a lot of microgravity time and we also didn't get a lot of visuals of going to and from space.
We of course weren't the only floret aboard the shuttle, a few other affini and their florets were going down for their own reasons. One was super doped up and was just staring at us in awe.
It didn't take long for us to touch down. Affini shuttles were fast. We believed they intentionally went slower for sophonts like me who loved the view.
Touching down we went back to being me. Mistress carried me along to wherever we were meeting Devon. I hoped that he'd surprise us with Oliver or another one of his partners. He talked them up a lot and I wanted to meet the people who made Devon happy.
Public transportation had gotten really good on Peragus; individual transports were rather uncommon with how easy it was to just jump on a tram and be where you needed to be in minutes. It wasn't like people were in much of a rush. No one had to work, and thus being late was more of a courtesy thing. People still got bothered when others were late.
We arrived at a habitation unit… I was gonna get to see Devon's home!
The door opened and a familiar demi-guy who somehow pulled off femininity in a very masculine way greeted us. "Hey Melanie! Hey Cal. Come on in."
His home was like a luxury condo for the wealthy rich. It was two stories tall and had a big window overlooking the city. Some suggestive wall art. A big kitchen. Calytrix had no trouble fitting inside even if all the furniture was human sized save one chair.
In the living room I saw a crowd of four others. Wow, a social situation and I was not only not freaking out, but super happy to be here and excited to meet everyone.
Mistress set all but one of me down. That me played pretend doll while I followed Devon in, on foot, to meet his friends or rather his partners.
He proudly introduced everyone. "Melanie, meet Oliver who you've met, Jason, Luci, and Kara. And everyone that is Calytrix Melanie's Mistress, she's here because Melanie can't really function without her nearby."
"Nice to meet you again Melanie." Yup that was Oliver. He was super nice, but…
Jason and Kara said hi.
Luci who had a collar and a slightly doped up look said, "Hey Melanie, I totally get the separation anxiety."
Calytrix also greeted them and sat down in the affini guest chair. I couldn't tell if it was for Luci's Mistress, my Mistress, or any affini guest Devon had.
With introductions done Devon asked if we needed refreshments before lying on his huge ass couch in a way that he was in every one of his partner's laps. The dork. "Dork."
"How am I being a dork?"
"Dude you’re the biggest dork I know." Jason said.
Luci agreed. "Yea, you're our dork."
"Why did you think I'm dating you? Your massive dork." Kara was a bit sassy.
Devon clutched his heart in mock hurt. "To think I'd be so brutally attacked by my own loved ones."
It was fun having everyone one in the hab unit minus Mistress say, "Dork." At roughly the same time. Followed by laughter at Devon's expense. He didn't mind, his partners did give him kisses and stuff.
My two talking bodies were seated on the supersized L-shaped couch. Just away from the polycule scene. I definitely wasn't a part of that.
They all fell into conversation and I, every time I got attention, would just ask someone to elaborate on something they seemed to be super into. I was just happy to be here learning about my friend partners. I was also partially in Mistress's arms chilling like the little play toy I was.
"So, Melanie, I noticed the doll arms." Oliver said.
"Oh yea, they're super fun. I have like a full sense of touch and I can take them off." I explain followed by Mistress finding a fun moment to play with me by having an arm just fall off. "Yea only Mistress can control that." I added cheerfully.
Devon blinked. "Wow. That's pretty crazy."
"That’s kinda hot." Kara was biting her lip flickering between my shoulder joint and the arm on the floor that used to be attached to it.
"Oh, I can also like swap them between bodies." I reached down and picked up the arm and handed it to my other me whose arm came off just in time to bring the new one into place. "See. It's cool."
"Yea that's wild." Jason said. "I know a few people who went full furry with affini tech but like. Wow."
"Here catch." I tossed my arm over and he caught it.
"This is a lot softer than it looked." He said before everyone else in the polycule started feeling my detached arm up. I didn't have feeling when they were disconnected so it was just an object. Technically, I was just an object or objects, but it wasn't play time so no distractions about how awesome It'd be for Mistress to say the trigger phrase right now.
"You want this back?" Devon asked.
"Uh, eventually but I've got plenty of arms right now. I still have more than you." I waved my three hands. My others were busy being a silly little doll in Mistress's lap.
Devon rolled his eyes. "Way to flex on everyone who's not a hivemind Mel." That sparked a lot of talk about the fun of being a hivemind.
Mistress had us abstain from eating here, she liked to perfectly mirror our calorie intake. Before she took us home, she had us say goodbye and then flexed by saying the trigger phrase causing me to turn into a happy little collection of dollies in front of Devon and everyone else.

Mistress took me home, gently undressed me and took my limbs off, leaving three helpless little dolls happy and smiling with a completely vacant expression. Toys for their Mistress to play with. Mistress definitely did play. The sense of touch turned up way past what our normal class-A dosage was.
Every touching, probing, exploring vine should have elicited a variety of moans, squeals, and whimpering. While I, a doll, experienced those sensations fully, I didn't move because I needed to be moved. My thoughtless head was processing excessive mind melting pleasure.
Mistress said a bunch of pretty things about me but none of my minds could make out the loving words, only the care and love they meant to convey. She gave us so much praise, but two words slipped past and got mentally processed. "Good Girl." Mistress purred. The dolls’ eyes rolled back into their heads and I blacked out.
I was still a doll just being hugged and cherished rather than played with intensely. It didn't matter as long as my owner was the one doing it. Her four possessive arms held my intact and clothed bodies tightly like she'd never let go. There was a soft thing that my owner put in each of my laps and had made my hands grip and hold.
I was loved. The dolls were loved. I was cherished, cared for, safe, happy, and owned just like a good dolly should be.

I was pretending to be a doll in Mistress's lap with two bodies and using the third to browse the overnet. Which was a fairly normal day. It was a happy good day like all of them at this point. I was so distantly removed from the sad broken person that Mistress found that it was hard to say I was the same person.
That would have terrified that very person before, but she wouldn't understand that all of me was still her, just with all the pain removed. There was more to her than suffering which was hard to see when it was everything she knew. She couldn’t fathom that she could be a kind, curious, and beautiful collection of girls cared for and loved by someone who meant more to her than anything else in the universe. The only being in the universe that knew me as well or better than myselves. That knowledge supplied a level of closeness and intimacy between the three who are me and the affini of color, kindness, hubris, possessiveness, and love that gave me a perpetual smile often found on florets.
I understood her because she knew me well enough to intentionally act in ways my neurodivergent brain could understand. A very simple but unique body language. Her words were always clear and truthful. She would do anything we asked of her. More than that she'd do things we wanted and needed without us ever needing to know that. We could live in mindless bliss and know for certain we were in the best of hands. We could talk to her about anything, but we didn't need to. She already knew and we didn't care to speak. That comfort of not needing to talk, I once thought impossible a pipe dream, was delivered by an affini Mistress specialized in tinkering with terran minds beyond even her peers.
Her possessiveness was the opposite of a problem for me. I relished in the obsession of her need to own me. Ultimately, it was tempered by her self-control and love. Not that she needed to exert self-control with us, she just liked to practice sometimes. Though the times when she took total control and I was a helpless puppet at her whims of will were sublime. She once said I was naturally submissive, but I'd heard Devon talk about sub dom relationships before. I was a bit beyond submissive. I never really had a will, only expectations and anxiety that pushed me until I broke. Mistress then pieced me back together better than before in every way.
She respected my consent so hard in the beginning but once I let myself go, I realized I never needed to draw the line. She always knew where it was, even better than I did. I did eventually ask her about what she meant by breaking me and me asking. She laughed and explained turning sophonts into happy pets by breaking their will. To think mine broke because of an accidental laugh, or rather that was when my last illusion of a will broke.
Overall, that was a bunch of fancy words to say, I was a very submissive neurodivergent trans hivemind doll floret who was stupendously head over heels in love with my Mistress. I loved her. I loved her like my composite selves loved each other. I loved her more than everything and I'll be forever thankful she was the one who found me in that cell. Any other affini would have gotten it wrong, it had to be her, Calytrix, Mistress.
"I love you."
She hugged me tight. "I love you too."

I hoped you enjoyed my weird dorky HDG story, if you liked it please give me validation. I, like Melanie, want praise. Hopefully this had good vibes for y'all. Love you.


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