Lost & Found

Chapter 12 - Doll

by Darkfalli

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some light doll play near the end... Hey, I foreshadowed it

The unmistakable presence of my owner drifted into the habitation unit. Master! Mistress plucked me off the couch and set me on the ground so I could crawl over to my owner. My paws touched the ground. Implant laughed at me the whole way. I couldn't tell why because this was how I normally walked.
The rippling muscular butch x-mas tree of an affini, Abies Fir, Fourth Bloom, carried a container. A very affini wooden box that was clearly plant tech rather than like a box carved by a sophont. It had a briefcase handle.
I made it across the room and nuzzled against my owner's ankle. And of course gave them the greeting I was supposed to give my owner upon their return. Greeting's Master! "Miaow~"
Master bent over and gave me a pat on the head. "Good to see you too kitten." Then without warning the same hand scooped me up under my torso and carried me like a package. Master held two objects. One was me.
Miss Nia greeted my Master while my deer girlfriend waved from her lap. The lap where I had been cuddling her as we both nibbled on Mistress. "Good to see you Abies. I take it that's the present for our little Evie?"
Master wore a big smug smirk as they sat on the opposite couch placing me in their lap. "It is. A little something special for our floret and its implant." The mention of a present for me sent raw want through me. Master brought me a present. I was getting a present! And it was like bigger than me! I was swishing back and forth in my spot on my owners lap. "Oh does my little kitten want to see its present?"
"Miaow!!!" Yes of course I wanted to see it. Implant, there's a present and it's for us!!!
I can see that Evie. Maybe Abies got you a big plushie. I did love plushies. Oh Stars, what if it was a giant plushie of Implant! That would be so cute. I could curl up in a plushie of Implant and then go inside and cuddle Implant at the same time! I-I… Evie uh… Implant only got more adorable when she blushed. I mentally sent her hugs.
"Evie~" Mistress' voice called out to me pulling me out of my head. Right, I was in Master's lap next to the present.
Master gave me chin scritches. "I suppose you'll get lost in your empty little head if I leave you to think. Might as well show you both your present." The affini titan placed the box or rather briefcase on the couch beside us and opened it. I peered inside the box and saw… Implant??!?!
Evie, that's your new body, not me. I'm still in here silly. The bug mentally booped me. Right, Implant was with me forever and ever. The body that looked exactly like how I looked in my head was there. A catgirl with white hair, a nearly identical face and body, and the tiger striped tail. She had the fancy doll-like arms and legs but the torso still looked fleshy. It looked like me. I was curled up in the box. The box held a girl that was to be me. I wanted to touch it.
Master had not given the go ahead to do that so I awaited permission. The same permission that I didn't have permission to ask for verbally. I poked master with my paw and gestured towards the robot body.
The affini waited. They waited and waited. Master was leaving me in anticipatory agony! The controlling tyrant didn't even give in to my best whimpers and pleading looks. They remained steadfast against my attempts to manipulate them with how small and adorable I was. I pouted.
My owner stretched it all out leaving me in utter denial no matter how hard I pleaded. I surrendered. I stopped begging and sat like the docile little pet I was. Pets didn't decide things like when to touch their new body. Owners decided things. My eyes looked down and I sat still in the lap of the pine tree.
"Good girl." Master ran a hand through my hair and I lit up like a supernova. Everything had fallen away only to be replaced with praise from my owner. That was all I needed. Everything else was unimportant. Stars, you're so pet brained. Thank you Implant! "Now you may inspect your new body."
My hands warped spacetime with how fast they moved to touch the cat girl that was also me but not yet. So soft. So cute and warm and small and-and fuzzy. The tail and ears are so fuzzy. Every poke made me think I was about to wake up Implant from her sleep. I'm awake Evie, and also still inside of you. Yeah, like I knew Implant was being a cute little bug in my head but still. She was the first sophont I ever saw looking like this and yeah. It felt like I was looking at the bug in my head disguised as me.
The present was for both of us… We are both getting put into it. Together forever, remember? Yeah, thanks. I keep- being very silly. I know. Clearly I told Implant too much if she was guessing my thoughts before I had them. Smart helpful little bug. She should let herself talk with others more. I didn't mind. My cute implant deserved time to be physical. I'll consider it. Progress!
I got back to poking my new body. We shared identical boobs, only she was missing my moles. Not that I had any preference in regards to the blemishes. Just a thing I noticed. Another thing I noticed was how far I could press into certain parts before the faux flesh gave way to hard machinery. It was like a plushie doll. I was going to be put into the doll because I was one.
As I pressed around I realized… Would Mx Dian still be able to drink my blood? Like that was a part of the fun we had. Evie, that's a good question. Since you don't have talking permissions or cognitive ability, should I ask for you? Yes, but also what did she mean I lacked cognitive ability? I wasn't nonverbal right now. Hypnosis
While I stirred my thoughts on hypnosis apparently affecting my speech, Implant spoke for me. "Evie wants to know if Mistress Dianthus will still be able to make her bleed by biting. She is very much into that… Also, I noticed this body doesn't have our- I mean her mark." Implant traced the spot where it should be… Also it was our mark. Silly implant not understanding that she also had dibs on this body. Evie, that's not-
Master patted our head. "We had discussions. This bit around here is bioengineered skin with blood flowing under it. You'll both be able to bleed and scar as normal."
So Mistress was going to mark us again… This time it'd be *our* mark! A new mark for a new Evie and Implant. I don't think that's what they meant, kitten.
Miss Nia joined in while stroking Nilla's fur with her hand. "Implant, the mark is yours too. I know my partner well enough to know that." I knew it. "You are wanted here and I'm sure our Evie reminds you of this constantly." Yup, Implant was sweet and cute and I loved sharing my body and mind with her. I'd be her girlfriend if that was like a thing we could do… Huh, my owners did say I was allowed to- Evie! I- we're uh… We can't date. I'm your implant, an object in your body.
Okay, Implant wasn't saying no, she was making excuses. Not even good ones. My owners said I could date *any* sophont. Implant was a sophont… I waited for a response. The adorable bug in my head got oddly quiet.
I did my best to step back into our little private headspace. Hiding in the box was a bug. "Implant… I'm not going to like force you to date me. I think you're cute in any form you like. I want you to be happy because everyone should get to be happy. So uhm, I'm going to wait right out here and when you're ready we can talk." Oddly enough my voice sounded a bit like a bunch of cat noises but well, language wasn't a barrier in here.
I didn't have Implant's ability to like make stuff in this dreamscape. I never really practiced or tried that hard. I just hummed and waited. Mistress's and Master's presences filled me and I knew that they were okay with me sitting in here to help Implant. It wasn't like Implant could get her own implant, and be on her own xenodrugs, or be hypnotized into being nicer to herself… or could she? Hmmm.
Implant waited a long while to come out. Long enough I had started counting the hairs on my tail. There were a lot. Clearly the attention to detail in this dreamscape was top notch. Implant was really great like that. "Hey, Evie."
I turned and out of the box stepped an identical catgirl. My twin. My partner. My headmate. I got up and hugged her. Implant deserved lots of hugs and cuddles and happy feelings and I was going to give her a ton, all the time, forever. "Wanna talk?" I miaowed.
"Sure…" Implant and I cuddled up in the box. We got all nice and snug and I purred against her before Implant said. "Coming to terms with existing is… hard."
I feel like past me would have vibed with that, but I actually couldn't understand. Existing was great and lovely and good. Something about it was making Implant unhappy and that needed to be fixed. Implant was the best and deserved better.
She continued. "I just knew from the moment I started existing I was temporary and then I got swept up in your desire for a friend… Paeonia told me I wasn't fully your implant. I don't even have full control over all of what it does. I'm actually part of the implant and also a bit of your brain. Implants can't think on their own so I make up for it with a bit of you." Implant was actually, me? "No, I'm still your implant. I'm bioware using bits of Evie brain to think."
That was interesting. But it also didn't matter. Implant was Implant and still a sophont with needs and wants to fulfill. "Does that bother you? Because I don't mind. I already knew we shared a body and mind. Together forever, that's what we promised."
"I'm the implant, I'm supposed to help you. That's why I exist. You shouldn't be helping me." Implant was hugged a bit tighter and I nuzzled her.
"You're a sophont first, and an Implant second. Sophonts deserve help. I'm glad I get to be here helping you even if I don't know what to say to make things better. You are my cute Implant in any form and I love you. I can love in lots of platonic and gay ways. I haven't sorted out which I feel towards you, but I have bunches of love for you." I gave her a cheek kiss. "It's okay to want to be helpful, but you aren't allowed to use that as an excuse to not receive help."
Implant laughed. Giggled. I was a bit lost because she had been really sad before. "That feels like what I would have told you before I ate all your memories. I-I think I held on to too many of them."
"Well uh, please eat your leftovers. Because if they are making you feel bad, well, that's why our owners got rid of them. Cause they're just pain."
Implant smirked. "Was that an order?"
I pouted. "That was me lightly begging. I'll beg harder if you don't start getting rid of the bad memories." I mentally gave her until the count of ten and… I rolled her on top of me and struck my cute kitten pose. "Please Implant? You're supposed to make me happy and stuff and it'd make me really happy if you got rid of the bad memories so you could be happy. Please? I'll tell you how cute you are and cuddle you and give you kisses. Please please please? I love you and I want the adorable shy little bug in my head to be super happy. I'll do anything you want! Anything just pleeeease?"
The moment Implant broke and did it I could tell. The way her blushy face turned and her eyes did some rapid dream movements. Her ears perked up a bit more too. Finally, she turned back to me. "Just because I got rid of them doesn't mean I'm suddenly better. I'm still lost."
"That's okay!" I miaowed. "Remember what our owners told us when uh, I was about to sign the contract? I-"
"-don't need to be perfect or whole now. It's okay if you never are, we still love you and will care for you." Implant pouted. "You didn't even remember the actual quote." She deflected. I waited for her to acknowledge the quote. Rolling the words she needed to learn around in my thinking. "Fine, but that was said for you and not me…"
I glared at her. No words. No thoughts. Implant knew what I'd say or think or whatever.
The cat-girl shrank into a plant-bug on top of me. I turned her over and held her as a little spoon. Implant started in a whisper. "The words still apply to me too… Thanks Evie. I-I love you too." The bug girl got a kiss on her cute planty head right between her feeler vines. "You are supposed to be with your owners right now."
"Yup, and that's why we're in Master's lap!" I gave the bug a little tickle. "And if they didn't want me in here helping you, they'd have forced me out of my head! So yea. We all want to help you. We all love you. I'll go hangout with Master and Mistress and Nilla when you're feeling better."
Implant just relaxed and I wrapped around her in a purr. I did so until she gently booted me out of my own head and back to seeing and poking my new body. I was so excited to be put into the body. Which was going to be soon! That's why Master brought it. It got done being made and wanted me to like make sure I loved it.
Looking over our body Implant had the coolest, most awesome idea ever and I loved it. The bug tried to back out of actually saying the idea but I wouldn't let her. I tried telling Master but they like just pat me on the head without responding. Nilla giggled a bunch too. Evie you're making cat noises they can't understand you. I then proceeded to bully my cute wonderful Implant with praise until she gave in and said it.
The adorable plant bug asked Master. "Abies, would you please put the art you did of me on the back of it?"
The smirking titan looked down on the tiny bug. "Of course, I couldn't say no to my second floret."
Second floret?! Implant and I thought in unison. "I-I'm not- I'm an implant- I can't be a floret!"
"That's where you are wrong, little Implant Glacialis-Fir, Second and Fourth Floret." Master was saying that Implant was my connivent!!!
"Stars…" Implant whispered with our lips.
Mistress smiled with that soul melting look that left our whole body feeling extra warm and tingly. "You are *ours*, hon. Same as Evie, Nilla, and Synna. I'll spare you the legal precedent we used, but you are our floret."
Master then brushed a finger against our cheek and stole my thoughts. Implant's too until our owner's words brought us back. "Say that you are ours, little bug."
"I'm yours!" Implant blurted out through our slow fumbling mouth.
"Good bug, and good Evie." I melted. Implant melted. Our body melted against the fuzzy evergreen in a submissive little bliss.
With everything settled, Master sat next to Mistress, and us three florets cuddled in their combined lap space with distant dopey stares. A bug, a kitten, and a deer surrounded by warm vines. A limp robot and doll rested in a box barely more thoughtless than the three florets. A doll soon to be graced with the art of its owner and given an entangled pair of minds.

Post-surgery left me uh, really hazy. Implant whined to me in my high that her roots got snipped and had to regrow around the robot body. The only words I could muster were… "Implant cute." Like, I also called Nilla cute when she cuddled my limp body. Gosh, so many cuties and-and- cuddles. Lots of dopey cuddles.
It took like lots of days for Implant and I to integrate into our new robot cat-girl body. My bouts of lucidity had me greeted with the sight of Either Mistress Paeonia, or Master Abies carrying me around, bathing me, or feeding me. My motor functions were mostly off leaving me a limp smiley doll. Just a cute little Evie. If I wasn't like cuddling someone then I had Tigris in my arms to cuddle.
Sometimes I'd be sitting in Master's lap while they painted. The affini gave me pets while they considered what to fill the canvas with. After a while I was purring during lap time. Master's vines would doodle little things on my skin and steal my thinkies away.
Miss Nia treated me like a toy for Nilla to play with. Like a doll. She pretended that I was a tiger chasing the deer. My limited mouth control let me nibble her when Mistress finally moved me to catch the cute deer. Eventually we'd settle into a cuddle. Mistress positioning my limbs to hold my connivent.
Just like with the first hunt with Mx Dian, being played with like that let me realize how much I loved that treatment, especially from Miss Nia. The gentle absolute control of being nothing more than something to be held and played with. Unable to act. Just a comfortable stillness and silence. All the action enacted upon me was done with love and care. The actions brought happiness to Nilla and Mistress filling me with that swell of purpose and usefulness.
It was like really nice to still feel useful even when completely immobile. The fun of serving a purpose without the worry of how to serve that purpose. It scratched my helpfulness itch in a different way.
Implant teased me a little. I got like a bit flustered when she started calling me a good doll and giving me other uh, compliments. Gosh I loved how she was starting to feel better but also, how was I supposed to out tease the bug that could hear my thoughts, when I couldn't hear hers? Totally unfair of the cute adorable silly little bug. She even used this weird tone with a bit of emotion attached and could like instantly break me into a massive internally screaming flustered mess.
Synna wasn't around a lot but she did cuddle my recovering form twice. Usually as a big Glacialis cuddle puddle. She would still stick her tail in my mouth or position me to nibble my succubus girlfriend's other bits. Like uhm,,,, gosh gosh gosh. She had me nibble like her boobs and jshgklasdjghaksjhgashglkasdjghakslgjkasdkhghsdasghlkdlgkjsdhl
Light nibbling being my only possible movement for days was uh… stars. The moment Synna started squirming I'd get drowned in a sea of doped up gay skin contact. The xenodrugs were so-so-so- Implant was the only one who could hear the noises and uh,,, might have been making them too…
Anyway, the huntress, my other Mistress would also hold me even outside of the big group piles. Usually I'd be tucked deep in her vines and she'd shift around me in that breezy way of hers. On occasion even singing to me lightly. I'd drift off warm and closed off from everything but the huntress. I felt so safe in the same vines that held sharp thorns. Thorns that had punctured my previous body over and over… Gosh, my heart fluttered just thinking about it.
My new body had yet to be graced by the thorns. I was unblemished. We were unblemished. Mx Dian assured us that we would be marked as soon as we could move. She was waiting until we could respond. Until we could gasp and writhe in her predatory hold. Until we could tell her how much we'd love it. We couldn't reassure her if we weren’t able to move.
Finally the day came where everything was nice and bonded and I awoke stretching my new body that felt oh so familiar. My dreamscape body made manifest. My tail shivered, my ears twitched, and a pair of entwined vines patted me on the head.
"My prey awakens, stirs from slumber deep. Oh wayward souls arise so I may keep. The little prey in newest form do shine. Our pair of prey that I do claim as mine." Stars, Mistress Dianthus's singsong voice was like the best thing to awaken to. So warm and possessive. It took a minute before I recovered from hearing her as my mind was lost to the haze of xenodrugs.
I then noticed we were like alone in the den. Just the two or rather three of us. I chirped up because Mx Dian didn't really do speaking permissions and I had a question. "Uh hello Mistress! Where's everyone?"
"Ah little prey our family's so near. Preparing food a meal for you and deer. Alone together I so seek to bite. My doll and bug to bare my mark, alright?" She got a *rapid* nod from us.
Why we were alone clicked instantly. Like stars, I couldn't even hold still. I think Implant gave us something to be immediately extra awake because all the sleepiness was instantly gone. I'm pretty sure the anticipation wasn't all me. I-It's not. Implant was going to get the marking and scars for the first time. Jksdahkgfdsdskkjsdhjdsh
Mistress bound us tight in vines until we were perfectly still despite our inability to stop trying to move. She tightened her hold as the rest of her wove into the torso of her humanoid form. Dianthus the huntress rose over our immobile form. The pain of the bindings brought me to crystal clarity through the haze of xenodrugs. Just me and her and Implant. Just us.
Her four golden eyes bore down on us. She had us on our back looking back up at her. Slowly the thorns came out. Not many. There wasn't time to do a lengthy scene. Just a moment between predator and prey so that she would not see us unmarked a moment longer.
Her hand cupped our jaw and brushed our lips sending a wave of bliss through us. The cascade extended all the way to the tip of my tail causing the fur to stand on end. "My little morsels, so elegant, so bound. Do sing for me a wondrous lovely sound."
The vines around my mouth and throat relaxed. A waterfall of gasps and whimpers fell out of our mouth. Implant and I stumbled over each other verbally.
Mistress brought us up just high enough that her form would not lower itself to bite us. The glistening expansive rows of thorns parted as her vines tilted our head to expose our neck and shoulder. She waited. She held us there knowing what was moments away. Her tight vines and few thorns kept Implant and I from drifting off. I drowned in the anticipation.
Thorns pierced deep into my new flesh. A hundred razor-sharp points claimed what was theirs. Our body. Our blood. Our whole selves claimed by the huntress. The feeling of the thorns touching the internal machine bits broke me. She was so deep into me the façade of flesh fell away. Her thorns scratching so deep as to leave marks on the metal itself hidden deep under.
My gasps and cries died out as we fell limp and senseless in her vines. Her maw released us and planted a bloody kiss on our neck. "A loving kiss for darling little prey."
I found myself curled up in her vines. A hand discovered the same sealing stuff on this mark as  the last one. The mark would scar. The ruffling of leaves told me that Mistress had a little drop after that and needed me.
With a little smile I looked up and said, "Th-Thank you Mistress." The words came out weak and sloppy. She still heard. I nuzzled the tangled jungle of vines around me.
The same vines gently patted me. "Did I perchance sink too deep? Are you harmed?"
I shook my head. "N-No, it felt… really good and great and stuff..."
"I'm glad to hear, though if the snippet is wakeful, I'd like to hear from it." Mistress seemed really bothered. I-I guess she didn't mean to bite the metal bits. Like uh… hmmm.
I mentally nudged Implant. Mistress needed her input. Eeeeeevie welp she was up. Implant Mistress is nervous about stuff. Can you talk to her please??? Uh, yea. I thought about specifically what I thought was going on so she'd have more context.
"Hello Mistress, I'm Implant and there's no harm. It was uh,,," Implant blushed hard. "I-It felt great and thank you for uh, marking me, uhm us." Stars, she was really blushy.
Mistress held us tight. "Truly, I did not damage your new form?"
"Nothing beyond marking us Mx."
"Ah, thanks my little snippet for checking that. My pets and prey with love and grace we chat. The looks received and words so freely said, hath warmed my vines and…" My owner paused. The silence dragged out for just long enough. "Thank you both, now let's get you two some food."
Did that just happen? Yup. She just… spoke perfectly normally. I-I heard it too Evie, I heard it too. At least, Implant seemed as bewildered and like confused as me because uh… That was a first.
I got carried out where I spotted Mistress Paeonia and Nilla setting up the table. The deer woman was wearing nothing but a single pink apron and nothing else… I mean at least she had fur. It made her look less nude. But also,,, gosh stars uh… girlfriend is- is fucking adorable? Uh yea, what Implant said.
"Evie!" Nilla practically bleated before dashing over. She leapt into the tangle of vines that was the huntress and impacted me. "Naaaaaa!" Her arms wrapped around me.
"B-Beep!" A moment later I hugged her back.
We maybe got into like a nuzzling match. One that ended with us cuddling while I purred. I offered to like help but my owners made it clear that I wasn't to do any strenuous activity today. Not after losing blood since like I wasn't 100% machine. It wasn't that much blood. I didn't even feel woozy. They were pampering me which was nice, but I'd like to help.
Mistress Paeonia made pizza just for us. The crust was a bit airy and my half had lots and lots of garlic flavoring because I loved it. Garlic was one of the best flavors. My mouth was watering before she even served me the first bite.
Every little tap and gesture brought me deeper and deeper into the happy thoughtless headspace I always went to. Following her gestures didn't require thought. Just obedience and submission. Taps and pizza. Love and control. Feeding to her rhythm was so similar and so different from Master. Her touch was subtle. It always was. Softness and gentleness drew me in without me ever noticing.
I loved her, I loved each and every one of my owners and partners. Everything was perfect and wonderful. Even my body, with my swishy little tail, and cute fuzzy ears, and the massive tattoo on the back of the forever friend who shared it all with me. I was happy, loved, and cared for. I had purpose in making everyone around me as happy as I could. Doing what I could.
Once I was a sad girl crying in the arms of an affini having stepped off a train. Everything felt so heavy back then. I was lost and burdened, but now…
Now I was found. I knew my place. I was free. Oddly being owned, controlled, and a pet liberated me more than any amount of political rights ever could. I Evie… No, We Evie & Implant Glacialis-Fir, First, Second, Third, and Fourth Florets Pluribus (Stars it's a mouth full!) were happy, owned, and most importantly found.
My tail was wrapped around Tigris on the stool behind me. Master had a vine for me to chew on that was leaking small amounts of ingestible xenodrugs into my body. My hands wiggled and wobbled as I shaped new bits of clay.
We were in the studio and Master was painting me while I was finally finishing the sculpture that old Evie started. I meant like actually painting onto my body. Like stars, every time I got tickled with a brushy vine I'd shiver so hard I was scared I'd mess up my work. Thankfully, my bestest headmate and implant who still loved being called Implant would keep me from accidentally moving too much.
Implant had been ordered to hold us as still as possible so Master could paint on us while I finished the sculpture… it was as silly gay and awkward as it sounded. Really gay. Like gosh I wanted to stop and let Master just touch me all over. Master of course wouldn't let me. That was for when we cleaned up in the bath. I heard a whimper in my head at the thought. Implant was turned on by my thoughts of bath time. H-Hey… I was too.
The big thing I did, aside from whimper and moan every time Master painted another flower on me, was add a ton to my sculpture. I filled the hole with flowers and vines. I rotated it so instead of looking down it was looking up while being cradled by another big blobby abstract figure.
It was going to be super fun to do lots and lots of color all over it. Old Evie originally thought of like making it stark black and white but that was silly. I was going to make it so colorful that looking at it would turn straight terrans gay. Evie, that was the silliest thought you've had today. Implant must have been like high because that was an *amazing* thought. Evie we're both high.
Oh yea! All the xenodrugs… I moaned as another little flower got added on my butt cheek. It felt like a Paeonia flower. Those always had so many little swishy tiny tickling brush strokes. Worse, it was super tiny. Master was working hard to both constantly add stuff, and not run out of room before I finished.
I rolled another tapering vine of clay between my hands before using a little water to get the end sticky and started putting it all in place. My arms and torso were splotched with clay and my back was covered in tiny painted flowers.
A vine scritched behind our ear and not even Implant could keep us on our legs. We collapsed into Master's hug.
"I think that's enough for tonight little ones." The busty evergreen affini said as if they weren't about to turn Implant and I into a cat girl puddle. "Class-M little bug."
The familiar xenodrug took over and I turned into a helpless happy little doll. So did Implant. Talky thoughts were subdued as we were whisked off to the bath to be scrubbed clean. Master didn't even have to take our clothes off. They merely took Tigris the plushie from our tail's grip.
A glance at the mirror showed a small little cat girl doll held by a big affini Master. Her face had a blank empty happy smile. Purely content with its place in the universe. Clay and paint were all over the little thing. It was so small and cute and adorable.
Master placed the happy doll that was Evie and Implant into the water and began scrubbing and stroking and caressing every little curve. Washing every inch of us. Contentment and ecstasy danced as every little touch drowned every thought out. Just a happy loved sensually overwhelmed little content doll in its owner's hold.
With everything cleaned up, Master hugged their doll close. "You know little Evie. This is just like how we met. A quite limp little thing held in my arms. I'd say you're much happier now, wouldn't you?" The affini paused for just a moment. "Well my little doll that is a rather delightful response. Let's hear from the kitten and her bug." 
Our eyes fluttered as higher thought came back to our silly little brain. Slowly came back. We did just get played with a lot.
"And I think that flustered smile was all I needed to know." Master ruffled our wet hair before we both started drying off. I patted Master down with a towel and our owner did the same to us.
With that all said and done I got carried off to bed where I curled up in the vines of a fuzzy evergreen affini. "Goodnight Master!"
A moment later Implant chimed in. "Good Night Master."
The vines patted us and the voice of Abies Fir, Fourth Bloom replied, "Good night Evie and Implant. Sleep tight."
A moment after we were soundly asleep. Happy and at peace in one of the two places we called home.
The end.

I really really really hope you all enjoyed this story. If you did I'd love to see a comment!

With love, Darkfalli ❤️

Also, special thanks to all of these beautiful lovely sophonts for their help and support:
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