Lost & Found

Chapter 11 - Delight

by Darkfalli

Tags: #cw:gore #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #hypnosis #pov:bottom #sub:female #autism #biting #cuddles #depression #disassociation #dom:imperialism #dom:internalized_imperialism #dom:nb #dom:plant #drugs #f/nb #Human_Domestication_Guide #hurt/comfort #hypnotic_eyes #multiple_partners #ownership_dynamics #panic_attacks #scifi #sub:the_horror_of_existence_in_a_caring_universe #transgender_characters #trauma
See spoiler tags : #amnesia #blood #bondage #exhibitionism #hunted #parasite/symbiote #predator/prey #robots #sadomasochism

More gay

CW another hunting scene (predator/prey stuff and BDSM)

"We need three eggs." Miss Nia told me as I rushed over to the refrigeration unit. We were making cookies. Rather I asked Mistress if Nilla and Synna would like it if I made them cookies and that turned into baking with Mistress Paeonia.
The only uh, strange part about it was that she had me put on this frilly pink apron that was the same color as her flowers and well… Nothing else. My owners really liked seeing me exposed for some reason. Maybe it's because they hadn't really ever seen me without layers of clothing on and now… Now they found excuses to make me barely clothed or entirely nude.
At least, the art that Master painted onto me was still there. The paints were long lasting and waterproof so I still had all of it after over a day. I didn't realize how many flowers Master put on my skin but uh, I was more pretty flowers than pale skin right now.
Also Implant's art on my back was in plain view of Nilla who was watching us from the living room. Master got really close on the depiction of Implant's bug look. So much so that Implant felt exposed when others saw it. Like right now. I mean Nilla was definitely staring at my back. Gah! Evie stop. Can't you put clothes on? Silly Implant. Mistress explicitly said I couldn't until we finished baking the cookies. The biotech implant grumbled in my head.
Meanwhile, my body was opening the refrigerator. I was pretty small and weak which made opening it really hard, but thankfully Mistress lightened up on the class-E so I wasn't fumbling around and moving slow and weak. I managed, with tremendous effort, to open the affini sized object and obtain 3 eggs. It was cold. I-I was cold!
I rushed over to deliver them and tripped only to be caught by warm vines. They also caught the eggs. "Th-thank you, Mistress!"
She set me on my feet and patted my gay head. "You're very welcome, and thank you for bringing me these eggs. You've been a big help so far." She had me practically vibrating from the praise. I-I was helping! I was helping Mistress! Gosh, I loved being useful even in tiny bits.
You also are a slut for praise. Implant teased… I mean she was absolutely right. Yeah, I really liked praise. What did Nilla call it? You have a praise kink. Right! Implant and I both had praise kinks! H-Hey! Yup, Implant was adorable, cute, and helpful. I was super thankful for all the wonderful and amazing things she did to help me every day even when I didn't notice the specifics. She was the best implant ever!
With Implant successfully flustered with my earnest praise, I continued helping Mistress as she taught me how to bake. I didn't know how to do it. I didn't really know how to do much of anything beyond walk, talk, and flirt. Plus sculpting! Master helped me learn that. I was determined to learn a lot so I could help my owners and connivents and even other sophonts! That’s what I felt like my best self should be. It was one of the things I resonated with in my memories of another Evie, that burning desire to be useful.
Mistress guided me through every little step and substep in the process of making the cookies. Not just the what but also the why. Occasionally, explaining how certain steps could be done differently. The odd part was how easy it was to remember it all. Evie, I'm using a class-B for increased memory retention. Thanks implant! That was another one of the many little things she did to help me out that I really appreciated.
My owner also had vines on me to guide my limbs right. Plus, there were the vines touching me in other places. Mistress Paeonia was steady and calm but not subtle with her reciprocation of gay feelings. She was gay. She told me she was gay for me and uh… I was gay for her. Gosh!
"Now we can arrange the dough into shapes or we can have them bake into a conventional round cookie shape." Mistress was letting me make a choice… Stars, I couldn't even think of another shape. You could do stars, or hearts. Hmmm. Which did implant prefer? Evie I'm here to help you, not to have preferences of my own.
My implant had strong feelings about her purpose and I was torn between pressing her more about the fact that she could be independent and opinionated, versus reassuring her that there was nothing wrong with wanting to stick to the usual purpose of a Haustoric Implant. I wished I knew. The odd part was she knew I had those thoughts and didn't comment.
A vine tapped me. "Evie, hon, don't think too hard now." Right cookies!
I uh made a spur of the moment decision. My hands came together and made a little heart shape and then I pointed at the dough.
"So my little one wanted to give those kinds of cookies." I wasn't sure what Miss Nia was implying, but like they were meant to be um a romantic gesture to my connivents. So uh hearts were good actually. That's what she meant. Oh. I nodded to Mistress. She got this patient knowing smile on her face. "I see then we'll shape each one by hand to make them extra special."
We started shaping them. Or rather I shaped them and she'd pat me on the head and compliment me after each one. I did my absolute best at getting each cookie into the proper shape. They were special cookies. Special cookies needed lots of attention to detail.
A whistling noise came from behind me and I almost undid my work on the cookie that I was shaping, but Implant superseded my muscle movements keeping my hands steady. Thanks Implant! I turned to see Synna was eyeing me, or us. Thankfully the flowers on my face hid my fluster… mostly.
The succubus drank in my mostly nude form. "Fuck, that apron look is…" She bit her lip with a sharp fang. Her look was… adjghsakdghaskjg
Nilla chirped up. "I know, right?" ashigdfgsahudghigdhsaihigdsahgds! Deer! A certain laughing bug in my mind didn't help any of this. Stars, I was trying to bake with Mistress! "They are baking cookies."
"Oh?" Her eyes had glanced from the deer back to me. "You making me some cookies? Cause that's pretty gay."
"jkahgikasdjhgkjsadhgjk" Stars! H-How did she know it was for gay stuff?! Like it wasn't that I was imagining that Nilla would cuddle me extra tight while Synna gave me kisses all over because I gave them cookies. Nope, I definitely wasn't imagining that like we would all be girlfriends and go on dates and Synna would hold me in her strong arms and let me nibble on her tail the whole time. Stars, gosh, stars. Maybe she'd bite me back like Mistress Dianthus. Just sink her teeth into my shoulder and I'd feel helpless in her hold with the pain and-and-
Snap! I immediately came to attention as I saw Mistress's hand in front of me. Wha-what happened? You got lost in a very gay daydream, maybe they talked about you while you weren't listening. What?! I needed to know what they said. Nope, not telling. Implant! Please?!
Snap. Mistress once more pulled my attention out of my head. "Implant would you be a dear and not distract my little Evie when I'm trying to get her attention?"
My mouth moved on its own. "Yes ma'am!"
"Good girl." Miss Nia patted my head but the words and actions were for the adorable plant bug living in me. My owners were very nice to Implant even if she rarely came out to talk. "Now Evie, time to get back to baking these cookies."
I nodded and turned away with her back to our baking. Distinctly aware that Nilla and Synna were cuddling on the couch while whispering stuff to each other. The vines coiling around my body grounded my focus in the moment of oddly provocative baking. Gay baking. I was making heart shaped cookies. Yup, focus on the cookies and not the whispers.
My hands didn't shape the last cookies with the same level of precision because gay fantasies kept bleeding into my thoughts. Implant helped. Not with the fantasies, Implant let me get lost in those. Implant helped shape the cookie dough when I was zoning out. Gosh. I'd even snap back to awareness to Mistress talking to Implant.
Of course, every time I did come back up, Implant would retreat to the back of my head like a little bug and leave me alone with my owner… our owner. She was property too.
"Welcome back little one." Mistress Paeonia greeted me. Her smile made my heart do back flips. "It's time to put these in the oven. So you'll need to put the oven mitts on." She gestured towards a pair of oven mittens that were in the shape of cat paws sized just for me… I obeyed and slipped them on. She guided me as I took the tray of cookies and helped me slip them into the oven. She told me the optimal temperature for the mix and we set the timer.
Next came the clean-up part. I was walked through every bit of cleaning for all the kitchenware. It didn't take as long as I thought.
With everything settled I was carried over and Mistress placed me, still nude other than the apron on the couch with my connivents. Mx Dian was still out working, but the four of us cuddled together on the couch. Synna brought up her tail so I could nibble on it. I ran a hand through Nilla's fur especially in that spot she loved on the back of her neck.
Mistress, instead of us being in her lap, splayed herself across our three laps. Just resting on us like we were pillows. Nilla nibbled on her. The demoness played with the affini's long leafy 'hair'. I just had a hand on a shoulder playing with her vines.
Our odd sort of pampering ended when the timer went off. Mistress got off of us and I followed her over at her heel. We checked on the cookies. "So hun, this is the part where we either take them out making them a little softer and gooier, or we can leave them in and get a slightly more crisp and solid cookie."
Uh… gosh which ones would my connivents like more?
Mistress not paying any heed to my thoughts… maybe, leaned down and whispered in my ear. "They both prefer them a bit softer so we'll take them out now." I nodded. She watched over me as I took the cookies out and then we let them cool for a little bit. Most of the hearts retained their shape! A few looked a little wonky but still looked like hearts.
With the cookies finally ready, I placed the best looking ones on a plate and Mistress gave me a pat on the back to deliver some to my connivents. Wow, it was the big moment and I was a tiny bit nervous. Like excited nervous but nervous
Evie you are really silly. What happened to the cute kitten hitting on me? She was wearing clothes! Like when I imagined asking them out I imagined I'd be wearing more than this. Excuses, you know they both like you. It'll be fine. I knew it'd be fine. It was like anticipation jitters. Still, I approached the duo on the couch.
I felt a tingle of Implant giving me something before I attempted words. "So, I-I uhm baked you both these cookies because I really like you both and-and-" I lost the words. All the thoughts just stalled as I searched for what to say.
"Sweet." Synna plucked a cookie off the plate and shoved it in her mouth while Nilla grabbed one and started nibbling. The demoness eyed me and I avoided eye contact successfully, because eye contact with non-affini was unpleasant. "I knew the cookies were gay. Come on." She patted her lap. I was still holding the plate and didn't know what to do…
Nilla took the plate… and started eating more cookies and then I climbed up and sat on Synna's lap. The deer then nuzzled me. "Naaaaaa" That was definitely a happy naaa.
I finally remembered the words and uh, I took a deep breath while cuddling my connivents. I didn't know how to do girlfriends. I didn't even have like memories of stuff to tell me how relationships worked but it felt important. Old Evie thought about it plenty once I moved in with everyone. Plus, I asked my owners and they all said that I was allowed to date any sophont I wanted!
So I blurted out. "Um I want to be like girlfriends with you two and uhm c-can I be… like your two's girlfriend?" I hoped those were the right words. They were my words but like sdjasdkljghaskjjkasdhgksajdh
Nilla chirped, "Yup!"
At the same time Synna placed her hands on my exposed waist and repositioned me to that same side lean as before. "Kitten, I thought I made it clear last time that you are prime girlfriend material."
"Well, uhm but that's like not saying that you want to be girlfriends with me and it's also not you saying yes to being girlfriends." Like she kept using vague words! I needed a clear answer like with Nilla. Also, that was old, anxious Evie not me. I was clueless Evie… Okay past Evie was also clueless Evie but now I only had one state of being.
Synna's tail poked me in the mouth while Mistress came over and placed the deer in her lap next to us. Then the demoness ordered, "Girlfriend, nibble my tail." Wait, I? She? I was… I nibbled the tail. Gosh, stars… I had a girlfriend, two girlfriends!
My memories on what dating was supposed to be like were… I'm not sure if I actually ever knew. There were the gay thoughts of stuff I wanted to do with both of them. Stuff like holding hands, and giving cheek kisses, and uhm… getting on lots of xenodrugs and dopily cuddling them. Also dates! I had lots of gay thoughts about girls. Maybe we could even cuddle naked and nibble each other in our owners' vines… hajgahsdgkashbdkgjashgkjashdgkljasdhgkjasdhkgasjdhgkjjkafg
I sort of drifted off into gay fantasies while nibbling my new girlfriends tail, sitting in her lap, and resting against her boobs. All while almost naked next to my other girlfriend who was being pet by my owner. Stars, I was so happy…
Oh and the cookies! We had cookies too.

The sound of feet and hooves striking the ground echoed out as we ran. We fled. My heart was racing. Fear and thrill gripped it tight. My heart was practically being strangled in my chest from the adrenaline.
The trees and shrubbery flew by Nilla and I as we dashed through the massive forested park. A kitten and a deer being pursued, hunted. Nilla and I attempted to plan to coordinate, but between the raw need to flee and the inability for her to do more than bleat while I could only beep and miaow gave us no time or words to plan, or even think. We were prey. I was prey. It had chemically and hypnotically etched it into my soul. Evie was prey and she must escape.
My body was still of flesh and blood, but I ran further and faster than I ever had before. If I had more presence of mind I could have acknowledged that Implant was responsible for my increased physical ability. Instead I cried, "Beeep!" As Nilla broke off and fled away.
We had split and my terrified animal brain was shaking having lost track of where I came from and where I needed to run to. Hide! I-I needed to hide. If I couldn't run I needed to be small and disappear.
The moment I saw the big tree, I veered towards it and ascended. I climbed and climbed. My limbs never once failed to grab a branch and secure me tight. Up and up until I was nestled deep in the crown of the tree.
I made myself small in a nook between two branches and curled up. My flesh shoke from the experience. Shaking from the terror of being hunted. Tiny mewling noises were carried out with each breath. My body recovered from the exertion impossibly fast.
The companion dress I wore exposed a lot of my skin to direct contact with the tree's bark. It was not an affini. It was far too large, too cold. There was no deep inviting warmth and no gentle heavenly movement to it.
The presence of the huntress drawing near was felt before being seen or heard. My hand instinctively touched my mark at the hint of its proximity. The black band around my neck tightened, or rather it felt like it had. Like I was being softly choked by its constant reminder of what possessed me. Of what hunted me.
Despite hearing the unmistakable sound of my owner's movement, I did not look. To look would be to position myself in such a way I could be seen. A phantom sensation of a tail even curled around me as if not wanting to reveal myself.
"You run and hide so quick to dash and flee. Do know my scared and darling little prey. I draw so ever close so I'll see, my lovely prey so helpless under me." Mistress sang to the air… She knew. Stars, she knew. I-I-I needed to run but I was stuck. My body was in scared prey mode and curled up in my spot.
I could feel her silently snake her way up through the branches. That tingly sense of knowing where my owner and her vines were got clearer and clearer as she ascended the tree. The panic built up until the last moment. Until my need to flee caused me scramble off the branches and fall-
-fall right into the vines of the huntress. The coiling vines tightened until they grew painful. My eyes spotted a gagged deer in the vines restrained the same as I was. I let out a few restrained beeps before a vine rendered me silent. She left us both to watch her in fear.
The huntress carried us out of the tree and to the ground. "My little prey, a doe and kitten so sweet. Restrained and helpless left without retreat. This huntress caught her quarries bound in vine, with pain and pleasure I do claim thee mine."
The affini of tangled unwoven vines drifted through the trees. All the while vines continued to painfully hold me still. Little flowers rubbed against exposed skin. Vines struck with just enough force to hurt. Her thorns pierced my limbs and held themselves in place. That delicate line of pain but not torment held my mind in keen awareness of her and her actions towards me. I had her focus. Her intense focus.
The only thing that snapped me out of it was when a single affini voice attempted to ask if I was okay… if we, Nilla and I, were okay. I-I didn't honestly know. My thoughts were too muddled. Too wrapped up in the little world of sensation Mistress crafted in her vines. Most of all, my thinking was still warped by whatever instigated the scene.
The huntress resolved the disturbance and I did not become aware again until I found myself bound on the spare bed with Nilla next to me. Towering over us was Mx Dian, except… in humanoid form. The figure of an ethereal faen goddess dominated my sight. A tangle of thorny vines were bundled back into a loose salmon tail hairstyle. Her four eyes watching her trophies. The impossibly wide maw of razor sharp thorns glistened in the habitation unit's light.
"Tis my beauties time to suffer so elegantly for their Mistress. In this place you are mine and only mine. Your flesh is mine to partake. Darling doe and cute kitten, know that this pain is love. That I adore you. Even the beautiful little bug watching. It too is mine. Toys and trophies. Pets and prey. Let's begin this dance, let's play." A vine of hers lashed out and struck Nilla. Nilla yelped and for a moment I was taken out of the experience. For a moment I remembered the safety tools. Nilla didn't use a safe word. I remembered the words and gestures and how to communicate them.
Then came my turn. Not with the lashing vines but with the scent of a flower and the squeezing of her thorny vines. The combined sensations of a rich fragrance and punctured skin with tight bindings brought me low, and small and helpless. I was little and small and vulnerable and had no control. She controlled everything. Mistress controlled me and everything I felt and sensed.
She played with various sensations, textures, sounds, scents, even sights. I got lost until finally she sank her thorny maw into my flesh and I shivered and writhed and gasped. A single blissful moment of the predator biting her catch, her prey.

"I-I was uhm was worried for a moment that like Nilla was actually hurt by the whip and almost did a safe word…" I was cuddled with the doe in the mess of vines that was our owner. Just reassuring pats and hugs and words being shared all around.
Nilla nuzzled me. "It's okay, I'm into like intense stuff. And your feelings are super valid."
Vines gave me a gentle squeeze. "Your packmate is right, my dearest kitten. And neither of us would find fault, should the words be uttered or your gestures made. That is their purpose."
"Yes Mistress." I replied, wiggling a little deeper into her vines.
"Little bug, you've yet to speak. I have need of your input. As we all do. It is safe here, I promise you this." The affini's vines ran down my spine. I could tell Mx Dian needed the reassurances from all of us, including Implant. The subtle hints of anxiety after we ended were… Nilla and I gave a lot of reassurances that we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and that Mistress did everything right. Implant's reactions weren't visible to anyone, not even me.
My friend and partner in my mind asked to respond and I gave her the go ahead. Not that I minded when she took over. But Implant preferred the formal courtesy. "I kept Evie's sense's in check and sat out of personally experiencing everything. It was fine. I knew there was no danger and if Evie got too worried I would have safe worded for her if she didn't."
"Little snippet of my vine, did you refrain out of lack of desire, or hesitance towards inclusion?" The overlapping feelings of cuddling Nilla and Mistress overlapped with the internal box of plush I mentally dwelled in. Half in half out of my body. My tail only existed in one place.
"I-I don't know…" Implant might have a few more memories than me but, we were both new to everything. The words 'I don't know' came up a lot with us.
What followed was a mix of cuddles, affirmation, and gently exploring Implant’s, and everyone else's feelings. Reflection, communication, and cuddles. Also snacks and juice, and nutrient water for Mx Dian. The experience was a fair bit more intense than our last private scene with just Mistress and I. Still I enjoyed it. I enjoyed sharing all of this with Implant, my owner and my girlfriend.
Intimacy came in a lot of forms, and each of my owners preferred something a little different. A lot different actually. Wildly different owners, with wildly different tastes. Miss Nia didn't even really do the more intense stuff like Master and Mx Dian. Well except that one thing we talked about maybe trying. I did like hypnosis…
Dianthus,,,,,, gosh

With love, Darkfalli ❤️

Also, special thanks to my beta readers, who are wonderful and provided me with good feedback on all 12 chapters
And more!

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