Lost & Found

Chapter 10 - Daybreak

by Darkfalli

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"So I woke up in a… room. My implant said it was a memory I needed to forget and I can't remember it really, but I remember her trying to hand me stuff and telling me to leave and I just sat there. Eventually, she gave up and we talked. She said she was my implant and I called her cute and flustered her, and uhm… Right, so she took on the appearance of this cool robot cat girl and told me that it's what I wanted to look like only I was too dense to figure it out. We talked for a while and uh, she said that when I woke up she'd stop existing but I really liked her and um was lonely for some reason I can't remember because the memory is fuzzy around the details. Anyway, so like she was cute and I wanted her to still talk to me and be with me, so now she's in my head… Also, she reminded me that I'm a silly pet and that I don't get to decide if my implant gets to keep thinking, but like she's a really nice sophont and please please please? Can you not get rid of her? Please?"
I really hoped that I explained it all correctly. I mean, I couldn't exactly remember the dream, because parts of it were connected to memories that got deleted. When I awoke, my owners were worried and took out that worry on each other. Of course, I immediately asked my owners non-verbally to have permission to speak and explain. Mistress Paeonia said yes so uh I word vomited a ton.
My owners plus Nilla were left rather excessively silent. I mean they told me how implants worked and there wasn't even a mention of this being a possibility. The silence hung for a while before their motions and presences reverberated once more throughout the hab unit. My mistresses connected their vines to do their communication thing. Then they joined Master, speaking in their affini language. Lots of talking happened.
We were all in the living room of the Glacialis hab unit. All but Synna. I was in Mistress Paeonia's lap on a couch and Master sat next to us. My other whimsical Mistress had a familiar deer tucked into her vines on another couch. I waved to Nilla and got a wave back. She was adorable.
Evie you did great. You're a good little pet. Implant! I got the vivid impression of her wrapping around me in a bug hug. I'm with you and everything's fine. I sent Implant my thanks in vibes. Implant was right. I had her and my owners and nothing bad could happen. None of them would let bad things happen.
I eagerly awaited my owners to finish their discussion. Thankfully, I still had all my xenodrugs in my system making me warm and not anxious and a little slow and very cuddly. Mistress Paeonia sensed my cuddly nature and permitted me to curl up in her vines and nibble them. Relaxing vine nibbles. An affini hand pet me down my head and back. My body was still draped in the same big baggy clothes from before. I wondered what I looked like under them. I couldn't recall.
There was plenty I couldn't recall. I still knew words. Still knew math. Still understood basic things including facts about myself. I was Evie Glacialis-Fir, First and Third Floret. Also, I was transgender and sooo gay. I remembered everything from the moment I met Master until now. Well if there was missing stuff I didn't remember it.
I had like three weeks of memories and uh most of it felt really alien and weird like they belonged to someone else. My owners, my connivents, my homes, and other details from those three weeks were still fresh. The things I connected with most, in my limited memories, were the gay feelings towards all the wonderful, amazing sophonts in my life. I felt like a continuation of that gay girl. The same couldn't be said about the sad one.
Not much was going on in my adorable little head while I nibbled and cuddled. Not much to think about or rather worry about. It was hard to worry. I was drugged and cuddling, plus Implant was with me too. We mentally cuddled.
Mistress Dianthus answered my begging first. The group discussion apparently finished. "Dearest prey you may keep your newest companion." I was flooded with relief. Implant you get to stay! I didn't know how implant did the hug thing, but I tried really hard to imagine hugging her bug form at her. I glimpsed a blushy bug in my mind's eye.
Master's hand reached over and patted my head. Their form was humanoid but elegantly inhuman today. They said, "As for your appearance, I'll need your help painting a visual reference before we can make further changes." I-I'm gonna help Master paint! Oh stars.
"Yes Master!" I chirped. They were going to help me be the cute robot tiger cat-girl Implant showed me. Excitement filled my tiny body. I was so small. Too small to hold that much eagerness so started flapping my hands and nibbling vines.
Miss Nia then chimed in in that lovely voice of hers. I mean they all had lovely voices but Paeonia was the one I heard at that moment. "For now, I'm going to need a little private time with you to make sure everything went smoothly and to get to know your implant."
I mumbled something like 'Yes Mistress' while my mouth was firmly gripping her vine.
I got whisked away to the den. We barely managed to sit down before her scent, her sight, her sound, her taste, and her touch drew my focus in fast and tight. My attention was on her. Nothing else around us was perceivable. Her gorgeous lips, sculpted face, beautiful furling flowers, gentle swaying motion, delightful floral scent, and bountiful shapely humanoid form of woven vines held me. Her beauty enthralled me.
Most of all, I fell into the wonderful abyss that was her metallic shifting blue eyes. They engulfed me in their strange shimmering way. Rippling eyes danced to that tune of hers and quieted all other thoughts and experiences other than her. Everything was her. E-Everything w-was…

"Perfect!" I chirped. Stars, Master was such a good painter!
A photorealistic rendition of a robotic cat-girl adorned the canvas. The same one Implant showed me. Her ears and hair and tail all reminiscent of the tiger plushie in my arms. Her robotic arms were slightly doll-like but still soft looking. Her red slitted eyes gazed upwards at an unseen owner. She was me. This time the cat-girl was me. Implant's knowing smirk was gone and my dopey, empty, adoring pet expression replaced it.
The most shocking part of the entire experience was when I found out what I currently looked like. Describing faces was hard and uhm… it turns out the cat girl had my current face! At least the shape. Not the specifics. I mean, I looked different with my round pupils and the dark hair framing my face. Like the cat-girl's sister. Her fleshy terran looking sister.
Master glinted down on me with their golden eyes. Their antennae quirked suggestively. "Good to know. Thank you for your help, kitten." Gosh, the kitten thing finally made perfect sense. I was a cat. Also a doll, like the plushie in my arms. Plus, I got to be a big help to my Master! I liked feeling useful.
Their paint covered viney hand came down on my dark hair and I squirmed. "M-Master! You're going to get paint on Tigris!" Her white fur would be all splotchy and stained.
My owner being a teasing tyrant then patted Tigris the white tiger plushie with a paint colored hand. But Master did more than just get her dirty, no. Master was power flexing. Every splotch of paint was intently stained onto her fluff until a mesmerizing rainbow of colorful mess was left in the affini's destructive wake. "Too late, little one." I pouted. Master turned back to the painting. "I'll send this off to a roboticist to see what they can come up with. For now, why don't you have fun with your little sculpture from before."
Right, the one I wanted to finish. It looked so… sad. I remembered working on every bit of it. Every thought was crystal clear but I couldn't understand why. Why was the figure sad? They should be happy and bright and colorful! Past me even had a bunch of loving affini in her life so why would she make this?
"It's just… different. I'm different. I don't think I can finish it. Not like how I wanted…"
Master patted me on the head, painting me more. "Then finish it in a new way. Art evolves and changes with us. Who we are when we start a piece and who we are when finishing one are often times worlds apart…" My artsy affini left a pause… It was a joke. Wait… Oh OH! Cause spaceship.
I giggled so hard I fell off my seat. Master caught my clumsy self and I snuggled up in their messy arms.
"Hmmm, I guess that's enough art… for now. I do have a rather messy pair of cats in my vines to clean." Master was such a tease. Always getting me dirty just to play with me in the bath.
The affini's current guise was that of pine sculpted Amazonian. The pine needles added a fuzzy edge to the otherwise defined affini form. Master had been blending femininity into their forms as of late and uh… gosh I hoped they weren't doing that just for me.
"What's on your mind Evie?" Master asked as we entered the bathroom.
Stars, putting the thoughts together to explain was hard. Words never came easy to me, but especially now. I didn't have like much experience forming sentences anymore. Simple stuff was still doable but not like whatever it was I was trying to explain. Implant help?
Implant responded in that weird way that felt like one of my thoughts that didn't come from me. You're worried that your preferences are influencing your master's gender expression. That worries you because they might not be expressing themselves authentically if they are changing for you. Stars, Implant was smart. Also nice and kind and cute and adorable and the best thought companion ever. S-Stop complimenting me and-and answer your Master! Implant was weak to compliments and deserved more… but I obeyed.
Master plucked Tigris from my arms and gently set her down while I finally worded. "I uh am worried you are doing gender expression for me rather than for you." A gentle tap under my arms caused them to rise. A moment later, Master slipped off my hoodie and shirt. They joined my paint stained plushie on the vanity.
As the affini undid my bra, they explained. "Flower, Evie, if I did not feel comfortable in this form I wouldn't be in it. There are a vast number of forms I feel comfortable in. I've simply found that leaning into the ones that cause you to stare longingly and gayly is rather enjoyable." My face lit up as my underwear got slipped off. My eyes angled down. I-I didn't think I was staring that much… Okay, yea, maybe I was being really gay and staring at Master lots. Especially more in a gay way rather than just in a pet way.
While looking down and being a blushy gay mess, I noticed the actual shape of my tiny body. Boobs. Poke. Gosh in my sole memory of looking at them they appeared smaller, but that was like a few days ago… Wait, the recovery time from surgery! I got cuter while asleep!
Master's hands went under my arms and I got hoisted into the air. "Oh is my Evie finally starting to enjoy her appearance?" I nodded. "Would you like to see the adorable work in progress that is your current form?" I nodded.
Master plopped me down in front of the mirror. I recognized the face immediately. I just spent the last few hours staring at a similar one in the painting. The big difference from what I saw before was all the paint being splotched in my hair and on my face. Master had been messy. It was like they were painting my body…
My cheeks in the mirror got a little extra red. The thought of my owner painting on me like I was a living canvas was-was adsjkghaslijgahsijdfasihjiadsgihdasgihdash!!!!!! Internal screaming! Stars, Gosh, Stars! The mirror showed a colorful tiny flustered woman just standing there on the big vanity supported by vines…
Behind the tiny flustered painted woman was a larger affini smugly looking down on their collared pet. "Evie, tell me what flustered you." Master ordered. The command burrowing into my gay thoughts.
"I-I was thinking about uh, if you like painted my skin Master." The words were slurred and I could see my reflection speaking rather slowly. Seeing myself in the mirror made it so obvious how doped up I was. Every deliberate movement seemed to lag behind the command. My eyelids drooped over dilated pupils. Despite my fluster, my expression was still relaxed. More relaxed than I felt.
My mouth slowly shut. It felt like I rapidly sealed it tightly shut following my words. My memories had built up this internal sense of expression and gosh I was soo off in how I saw myself from the inside. I even noticed that I looked this doped up in the painting but it didn't click because the painting didn't move.
Master was quick to answer… or slow? My sense of timing was definitely off. "My little doll wishes to be a canvas…" Master's expression exploded into joy. "What a wonderful idea. To think I had such an adorable little canvas waiting to be painted." Master began looking me over not like a pet or a sophont, but like an object. Like a canvas.
While my owner took in the full breadth of me, I did the same. My body below my face was the last piece of myself left unseen until now. One of my oldest memories was from the hotel, where I spent so much effort to not notice my body… This couldn't even be close to the same one. I looked too adorable to feel shame.
I was short, but more so small. Some women were short and stocky, but my frame seemed compact and miniscule. I was barely shorter than Nilla and yet my silhouette was diminutive. My boobs weren't even that big, but my smallness magnified their appearance. There wasn't any body hair left. Just smooth even hairless skin. 
My collar rested tightly against my neck as it had since Mistress Dianthus placed it there. And right next to it was my mark. The forever scar. Even the painting had that same scar on my new body.
Everything was exactly like what I asked Miss Sanctia for. It was weird trying to match the girl in the mirror to myself. Like she looked pretty, and she was me. The thing was just matching that image to myself. Associating that appearance with me. An appearance crafted by xenodrugs in the short time I had known Master and Mistress. Something seemed off.
I tapped Master's vine for speaking permission and received it. "H-How long have I been on my class-G?" My sense of time had to be way off. There was no way this was like a month after I started my class-G. I figured it was almost three weeks of old memories, and then a week of recovery, but I never really tracked the days.
"It's been a little over two months, you were recovering for about three weeks. We thought it would be best to let you wake up after your body had undergone the largest number of changes and also after your implant had time to wipe your neural pathways clean of your old memories." That was… M-Master was saying I was in that haze for three weeks?!?!!
As if sensing my shock… A glance in the mirror showed my face displaying my surprise. After seeing my shock, Master clarified. "We accelerated your changes thanks to your implant and your extended lack of pain and awareness.That being said, I'm glad you like your new canvas. You won't be hiding it under those clothes anymore." Master pointed to the stack underneath Tigris. I-I wasn't just a new Evie mentally, I was a new Evie physically. Stars, I wasn't even going to be dressing the same.
Th-that meant I was going to try on my first dress! A companion dress. Stars, dresses looked so pretty. I really hoped I looked cute in them. A yearning for pretty dresses was definitely something my past self and I shared.
Master, with their big fuzzy arms, plucked me off the counter causing a small yelp from me. "Time to get my canvas nice and clean. After all, this one needs special paints for its delicate surface." Ahhhh!!! B-Being treated like an object was… Stars, I was called an it and sjkhgaksjghaskjgh!
My mind raced through my memories in search of anything that could help me with this. Help me figure out these feelings. Nope. Nothing. It was like Nilla's pronouns, but I was only a she/her…
Evie, you're a she/it not a she/her. Your reaction just now is proof of that. Implant clarified. I mean, That made sense… Did old me never figure it out? She knew she was transgender but like- Nope, I remember some of your past bits and you never even considered it. Wait, the implant remembered my past? I thought I lost my memories. Yeah, and I had to sort through all of them before I was even conscious. I got some tucked away in my bioware that were marked for removal but seemed useful. Oh, Implant was so nice to me. It's literally my purpose to help you. Also, she's a really cute bug and definitely deserved to experience getting scrubbed clean with me. …Fine. Yes! 
Master for the first time didn't drape me in their vines. I was exposed. Nude in the water as I was being held and handled by a big gay plant. An entirely new experience that made me feel all vulnerable and pet-like and-and without the constant pressure of being surrounded I was squirming and moaning to every touch. My owner scrubbed the paint they placed on me off and had me melt into a puddle of Evie bliss.
Just a limp tiny gay being stroked and fondled by soapy vines. My sloppy shivering movements splashed bits of water while I whimpered and squeaked. Master was touching me all over. On my chest, my neck, my thighs, and-and- fasdhjfasghfgfsdgaafsdfadskhkhagsdfhsafkhasdfkhdf!!
Master left me a quivering twitching flustered mess. Master always left me a quivering twitching flustered mess. I didn't get to have normal baths with them. N-Not that that was a bad thing…
The first thing this doll, this cat, this canvas did upon being free of the bath and ecstasy was mentally poke Implant. I lost focus on my body as I probed for Implant. Just repeated thoughts towards the entity in my head and spine and I guess everywhere else.
Evie, shhhhhh. Implant! Kitten your memories didn't prepare me for that! Gosh, Implant just experienced bath time for the first time. The little bug was curled up twitching like our body… my body. Um… Don't worry about it. Okay. I just, hmm I wished I could still see and hug and cuddle Implant. I guess without the dream- Look give me a minute to process all of that for both of us and we can do cuddles. I did my best to not think at Implant anymore while she recovered.
Master had finished drying me off and I started paying attention again as I was being dressed in black lacy underwear. It was oddly soft and comfy like always. What came next was new. Not baggy pants, a shirt, and a big hoodie. Nope. Master had an earthy companion dress with greens and browns in patterns resembling pine trees and pine cones. A small dress just for a small little it.
Master slid the dress onto me. The straps were thin and there weren't any sleeves. I was exposed. Very exposed. It felt strange and weird in its newness. I liked sameness and it was different. Even if I didn't have much to compare it too.
Noticing my blushy weirdness master set me down on my own two feet. "Now kitten, instead of pouting I want you to do a twirl for me. Just spin around in place and watch your dress."
"Y-Yes Master." I stammered as I wasn't being held beyond a few support vines. I wasn't covered up either.
I did my best to slowly turn and twirl in place. Vines guided me a little more accurately and a little faster than I could manage alone. T-The skirt of the dress flared out and-and. Skirt go spinny. Implant supplied. My dress went spinny! I twirled again and again and again. I should have probably gotten dizzy but I didn't! You're welcome. Oh that was Implant! Gosh she was the best just letting me be a silly pet spinning in place.
Master picked me up as soon as I stopped. "Now, I'm going to put Tigris in the washing machine and I'm going to go fetch some body paints. I'll take you with me unless you'd rather stay here in the plush pile with your implant."
I didn't want to be away from Master but also I-I felt too exposed and I was still coming down from bath time and spinny time to feel like being around other sophonts… We can cuddle. Okay. I tapped master’s vine and pointed to the plush pile in the living room corner.
Master placed me in the pile. Without Tigris, I had to settle for the dozens of other plushies to cuddle. The evergreen Amazonian informed me. "I won't be long. Implant if Evie gets too anxious give her a class-Z."
From my lips Implant verbally responded. "Confirmed." Yea, that was a weird thing Mistress discovered. They could verbally input commands to Implant. Kitten, they can boss you around too and you weren't even built for it. My sassy implant replied. You like me a bit sassy. Admit it… Okay I liked my sassy, smirky, and blushy implant.
Master worriedly said goodbye two more times before finally heading out the door. Old Evie would have been terrified to be left alone but I was never alone. Cuddles?
Cuddles. Implant confirmed. She guided me along into a little headspace she crafted. I disassociated from my body until I couldn't even feel it. I didn't need to. Implant would keep me breathing, my heart beating, and my body safe regardless of what I wanted. That's what all implants did.
There was a comfy bundle of blankets in a box and a familiar mecha cat-girl was waiting for me. "Welcome to our private cuddle spot." Her smile was a bit smirky. Her work setting up this tangible dreamscape in my head was impressive. "Thanks, I put some effort into the details. Now hug me."
I tackle hugged her and we fell back into the softness. From her yelp she definitely didn't see that coming. I didn't either. I just couldn't not tackle hug my Implant. I wasn't sure I'd ever get to physically hug her again after the dream. I kissed her on the cheek and she flustered.
Implant regained composure faster than I normally did and turned the tables with a cheek kiss of her own.
"afjksdhgkjashgkljsadhgkjashgkljsdhgkjsah! Im-Implant!" I garbled out.
"Oh, it's only okay when you do it?" She said holding me tight in the soft box amid blankets and pillows. I didn't need Tigris because Implant was a tiger girl herself.
I put on a playful pout and said, "M-Maaaaaybe."
She did it again on the other cheek! "Do you want me to stop?" The vixen didn't even leave me with words! I just had to shake my head. She started giggling and I followed suit. Just the two of us laying in here. A cat-girl and a… "Kitten, look at yourself."
My eyes wandered to my body in this cuddle. I was wearing the same dress as before. My body was almost the same except… a tail. A white tiger striped tail. My hands let go of Implant and went to my head. My ears twitched from the touch… "I'm a cat girl!"
"Evie you can literally see your arms." What was she… I had the same robotic limbs as her. "That's right, we're twins."
I glanced over at the adorable bug girl in an identical cat girl body. I looked like her. She looked like me… I focused really hard on my body's feelings. Not my physical one but this one. It felt… right. It felt nice and whole and comfy and-and.
Implant tightened her hold. "Feels like euphoria, doesn't it?" She knew the right words for me!
"Y-Yes!" I squeaked out. There wasn't a single moment in my entire existence where existing in a body felt so right. I didn't even understand how wrong it felt. Not to the full extent. At least not most of the time. Not only was it not all wrong it was all good and correct and perfect and- "Beep!"
I started purring in the cuddle and Implant purred too. Just two snuggly robot cats cuddling in a box. That's all I needed to be.

Implant roused me from the cuddles when Master got back. I slowly got put back into my almost right body… but it didn't matter because Master scooped me up into loving vines and a little tingly sensation in my spine fuzzed up my non-Master related thoughts.
"Is my canvas ready to become a work of art?" The absolute dork of an affini said. I, a silly pet, eagerly nodded. "Perfect." Gosh, their smile had me going weak in the knees. "Implant, give Evie, Terran Class-M Xenodrug Variant 5.974."
As Master entered the art studio with me in his arms and a box of paints presumably in the other… I couldn't move anymore. I wasn't limp but I wasn't rigid… Nothing was responding. Doll, it's the class-M. I couldn't remember what class-Ms did. The impression of a smirking plant bug was followed by, They make you doll-like, motionless, and posable. Oh OH STARS!  Hjdasbfklsadhgfsajkdhglkasjdhgksaljdghklas
As if to punctuate Implant's explanation, Master set me down on a raised platform for my sculpting. The clothes I was wearing were taken entirely off leaving me nude. Vines easily positioned me into a dainty pose while looking upwards at Master. "There, my little canvas is ready. Now for safety, Implant if Evie needs to stop for any reason administer the class-M counteragent." I'd smile if I could. Master really wouldn't ever let anything bad happen to me.
I couldn't look anywhere but up in the pose, however the sound of the paints being freed reached my ears. Master held up a small brush-like vine with pink paint on it. It moved towards my face and gently brushed against my soft sensitive cheek. The class-A was still in effect and if I could move I'd be squeaking. Each little dance of painted vine on my cheek was light, delicate, and absolutely setting me off.
It's the class-M with the class-A. Implant helpfully supplied. She better be feeling this too. Oh I am.
"There, the first little flower is done." M-Master drew a pink flower on my face! Stars all that from one little flower?! "Here I'll send a picture to Paeonia, I bet she'd love to see you with her flower on your cheek." It was Mistress's flower! Jkahaksjgahsdkjghaslkjghaslkj I-I was going to be covered in little flowers. It was just like when Mx Dian would place little flower band-aids on me after a bloodletting.
Master held their tablet right up to my face. "There." The tyrannically teasing affini then turned the tablet around to show me what I looked like… In a group chat with my Mistresses! Miss Nia responded with a dozen heart emojis and a comment calling me beautiful in way too many words. Worst of all the picture showed me… nude.
A bug was curled up rolling around in laughter at how embarrassed I was. Doll, you know she's right, you are beautiful. Afjdshgklajsdhgklahjhkagdsjhkagsdhjadsghjagdslhgads!!! Stars, Implant was making it worse and-and- You love it… Maybe…
The tablet withdrew and Master continued. This time showing me both a violet and a green paint covered vine. The sensual brushing started swirling on my neck and collarbone… Violet was Dianthus's color and-and right on my scar. My mark! Master wasn't just doing one flower, no, master was doing an entire ring of them. Every bliss inducing vine stroke. Every brush of body paint would have had shivering and squirming. I had no physical outlet just internal flustered screaming towards Implant who was sending flustered noises right back.
The dance of paint and vine on skin continued over the many many marks. Not on the tiny patches of scar tissue but around them. Little daps punctuated swirls and waves. Master wasn't just painting, it was a rhythmic tactile song played on my surface. This was how my owner painted. This was how it felt to be the canvas upon which the artist crafted beauty. To be a blank object adorned in color and beauty.
A single little dab ended the stanza played on my body. "Perfect. A crown of flowers and thorns for a certain huntress. Time to put her little prey inside of it. A snow white kitten, and a spotted chestnut doe." The tall giant of an affini was toying with me. Just like how they dressed up in that form of a muscular feminine plant woman. They knew I had feelings for Nilla, and I hadn't even managed to ask for dating permissions for Nilla and Synna yet! Jsahgfkasjghaksdjhgaskdlj
Master then began anew the brushing vine started off with larger swipes. I had thought the small constant brushstrokes were going to make me somehow crumble but the large swipe was soo much more intense. A second one curled up from there on my right shoulder. A vine brush rivaling the first then landed right next to the first.
My imagination told me that I'd give out. That somehow the sensation from the next big one would break the spell the xenodrug placed and cause my body to fall into a shivering puddle. That never came. I was stuck. A statute. A doll. A canvas. Objects didn't move, they didn't collapse. I remained forced to experience every little dab.
The worst part was the bath had a different sort of intensity to it. There it was physical but here. In this it was more. Like each line the plant drew on my skin carried something deeper. A level of control of possession. The treatment of my body and self as a thing to be used. I loved it. MY mind was flooded with a delightful haze. I wanted to be their canvas, and I was. Just an object to be played with. An it.
The large swabs turned into tiny detailing. Whatever shapes had been placed were now being lovingly detailed. A render of Nilla and I in some form. A doe and a kitten. The stanza ended with a single curved stroke from a vine I saw was black.
"Oh, that's just lovely. Truly my work of art is coming together but look at all this empty space to be filled. It seems I'll be at this for a while. Such a beautiful and lovely canvas I get to work with. I wonder how it feels to have its artist treat it so." Master said, the artist said. I was it. My thoughts remained in that warm fuzzy bliss of being an object beholden to its owner.
The next act of the artist's dance had my thoughts halt. A massive brushstroke down my spine broke me. My thoughts ended only to find themselves again when the work on my back was nearing completion. What brought me back was Implant piecing together what the artist had brought to life. They painted *me*!?!?!! It took entirely too long to realize what that meant. Her bug form. Master painted her bug form up my spine and neck and asjihflaisjghaksjhijosdfijudsafjhasdlidsgifdsahkgjuhasdkjghasdkljghsakdljghaklsjhfgklasdjghksljfhhkakgjsjkgsdlhkadgslkhdasglhkadsghldagsfhladsghlkadsglhjasdglhkdsgakhgdshkgdsah
Our thoughts screamed together to the tune of Master's rhythm. The evergreen affini wasn't content to break me over and over as I became their work of art. No. They planned to break my implant's consciousness too. We were merely a pair of objects bound together before a master artist. Just a mess of tangled thoughts bouncing between us was all that remained.
A little flicker of a vine pulled off our back ending the verse. The verse of an implant bound to me in body and mind. Master's dance had become so all-consuming in external experience I could practically feel their movements around me. They danced a vine close and moved it down and I felt it without it ever making contact. They knew. They knew we could somehow tell and our owner toyed with us.
"Such a good little work of art. Time for a change of pose befitting of such a beauty." Vines coiled around my limbs and shifted my weight until I was looking off to the side, hand curled towards my chest in the dainty pose of one who just noticed the one who captured her heart. Even my expression was shifted and posed by loving controlling vines. "The perfect pose for a romantic little maiden so full of love."
The artist then brought their vines between my breasts and started their work anew. Right above my heart the soft vines touched and tickled, brushed and stroked a blooming work of art into existence. My heartbeat was kept calm and stable by a xenodrug administered by Implant herself.  My breath so shallow that my chest barely moved. My mind racing at a million miles an hour in raw unrestrained mental bliss and haze and ajsdhgkashgkasdhglaksjhaghjasdghjdasjkasdhjgjkk!!
As the work on my chest neared completion a dozen other vines began marking all along my arms. Little light touches curling snaking strokes. Large lines waving down my limbs in a viney drift connecting all the little pieces. Tickling sensual delicate touches tingled all over my arms like fingers of a dozen lovers each claiming a patch of me.
Master then began work on the shoulder blade opposite the huntress's mark. An excessive use of red could mean only one thing. The depiction of a certain sophont who lit my heart ablaze. My heart shivered and my soul squeaked. Master was beginning to pick up the pace. The slow dances picked up and up.
Petals and vines flowed down my legs each stroke capable of bringing me to my knees. Nurturing and loving brushes danced across my waist carrying the path of a chase and hunt. Smears of a piney brown began on my cheek opposite the flower. Branches of an evergreen ran up my sides leaving their prints to be filled and adorned. On my rear tiny flowers were inscribed like stars in the sky. My soul was a flutter, my flesh burning with bliss while constrained to silence.
Thoughts were long abandoned as the crescendoing tempo of light and heavy brushes, strokes, and fondles assailed my flesh and drew me deeper and deeper into the headspace of a simple little canvas. A magnificent work of art. I was plunged into hedonistic bliss so deep the artist's words fell on deaf ears with neither object responding to their orders.
A pitter patter of typing caused our flesh to crumble to the ground only to be caught in fuzzy vines. A heartbeat raced and soared to match a mind lost in ecstasy and pleasure. Flesh trembled and shivered to align with the raw mental bliss. Gasping, whimpering, and moaning of two entities as one filled the studio. And finally with the body having caught up to the mind, the house of cards that was consciousness completely collapsed as waves of heat rocked back and forth up and down this object's form.
I fell unconscious in the vines of my Master.

With love, Darkfalli ❤️

Also, special thanks to my beta readers, who are wonderful and provided me with good feedback on all 12 chapters
And more!

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