Anthology Domestication Guide

What You Ask For

by Darkfalli

Tags: #cw:gore #cw:noncon #dom:female #drugs #Human_Domestication_Guide #scifi #sub:female #transgender_characters #anthology #body_modification #dom:internalized_imperialism #drug_play #ownership_dynamics #petplay #sub:capitalism

I wrote this forever ago and well uhm it was supposed to be a chapter 1 but it kinda works as its own story?
CW for temporary intelligence reduction(s), and anxiety, and a plant talking about breaking her—voluntary!—floret into a happy pet, hints at a backstory of self harm

I stared at the form. The gender preference wasn't a male/female/other it was just an entire empty page, not even lines. It was better than the options I saw during the Accord but it was maybe a little too broad? Like what if I just drew a square? This was too open ended and I needed structure.
To explain, I was in a domestication center filling out a form about what I was looking for in an owner. Why? Because I was really lonely and uh affini were hot, okay? Please, don't judge me.
Anyway, I uh really liked to doodle… So for fun—and because this was kinda confusing—I wrote, big sexy plant lady. Underneath the actual answer I doodled a dragon. Dragons were cool. I loved dragons. It was a shame all the dragons on earth died out centuries ago along with 90% of all animal species… Well, some people liked to claim dragons were never real, but dragons made a lot more sense than things like ducks or horses.
I moved onto the next question before I could get nervous and rewrite that one again like I did on the rest. They were all long answer questions and that made this the worst. The affini even asked me if I wanted the simplified version made for sophonts with bad decision making and I said no like a fool and I can't like go back and ask her for the other one because that'd be too embarrassing and I really should have taken that class-E I got prescribed but I stopped and now I can't get myself to do it again and I just want this to be over with so I have a nice femme plant to take care of me.
I muffled my internal screams that attempted to slip out and moved on to the next question. Question twenty three: How do you feel about needing to think your adorable complex little thoughts? Okay, I've seen florets, it's been ten months since the affini arrived on Mars. They are basically all doped up with some high enough to where I question if they can think. I don't like that. I like thinking, but I also hate it and my mind really won't stop running with trains of thought.
I value my intelligence somewhat highly but I could definitely use a break from thinking on occasion. Also decisions are hard, but I still am not cool with just any decision made for me. I have things I want, I just don't usually know what that is. Maybe I should change that… or not. I don't know and I could think in circles about it for hours until I'm debating existential philosophy. Nope I'm changing it. I have to.
I want to feel smart without having to put in the effort to actually think and make decisions. There I changed my answer. Now let's hope I can get to the last question without changing it again.
Question thirty four: does a beautiful sophont like you have any hobbies or interests? Curses. I had hobbies, but I could never remember what they were when people asked. This was a sheet of paper and it still tripped me up! I uh… doodled, and browsed the overnet… I liked reading… Is making self-insert OCs a hobby? It should be. Uh, hmmm. Doodling, reading, Okay that was a short list… What about those tiny plastic building thingies? Doodling, reading, L-blocks, other interests… plushies and dragons. Doodling, reading, L-blocks, plushies, dragons Yea, those totally sounded like the hobbies and interests of a functional adult.
Question forty: why does a cutie like you want to be domesticated? Hey I actually knew the answer to this one. It was easy, I just… had to admit it. I was lonely. Alright Amber, just uh write it. Write it and be done and go do the scans. Come on… I can do this. I even know the answer.
"Little one, do you need any help? You've been staring at that question for an awful long time." The affini who was helping me said. She mentioned her name but I got distracted by my internal monologue and forgot it and now I can't ask again.
"I uh, I'm um. I-I-" I was about to cry.
The affini knelt down and gave me a hug and I cried into her leaves like a bad person who ruins the leaves of nice affini who just want to help me. I wished I had stayed home just like the last twenty times I tried to come here.
Her hand stroked my hair and she whispered. "Shhh, it's okay. The entire questionnaire was optional. You're a very good girl and I'm very proud of you for answering that many questions."
I turned to the receptionist affini at the domestication office and handed her my totally competently filled out paperwork. That was just the 'what I want' stuff. Everything else she was super nice about helping me with. Basically she would go over it all in simple terms and I'd like, sign a line, or check a box. Turns out giving up all your legal rights took a lot of paperwork.
"Well little one, we'll get that processed, now it's time for the medical scans." This affini was so nice, I hoped I would get a Mistress as nice as her. I did put niceness down under desired traits and all.
The scans were easy peasy. I'd probably get a good grade on it, something that was both possible to achieve and reasonable to want!
I got a pat on the head from the affini. "Good girl~" Yup, I got the best grade. I even got a present for my hard work of uh, laying down and getting scanned. It was candy. I wasn't really a fan which is why I declined to the affini's surprise.
I then waited in the waiting room. There were other uh, weird people here. I could judge them all I wanted because I was among them. Don't judge me! Like who other than me even comes to a domestication facility so long after the takeover? All the really eager people went in the first three months and now it was just people who were off. Except me I was definitely a normal sophont. Hmmm.
I was told they'd be matching me up today, like apparently there were a lot of affini signed up to take in people as pets. Thinking about it, it was all kinda… This was a weird affini dating service wasn't it? Oh gosh I accidently signed up with an intergalactic dating service for hot plant people who'd own me and never leave me. Wait, I was actually kinda into that… Yea, that was why I had come here in the first place.
The moment my affini came in, I knew it was my affini. How you might ask? Because she was a dragon. Oh stars, they took my doodle as part of the question answer. Like how many dragon shaped affini were there? What were the odds there was a dragon shaped affini on this portion of mars looking for a sophont?
Despite it being an accident, dragons were rather cool. Wow, I was going to be owned by a fucking dragon. You know what? I wish I had put more cool stuff into my answers if I knew that anything was on the table.
The dragon saw me with their very affini eyes. The dragon was big for an affini, because dragon. Even standing on all fours, the dragon about the height of a slightly larger than average sexy plant person. Her leaves lay flat and spiky like a cross between scales and fur. Her limbs contained wooden branches under the leafy vines.
Despite everything, I still suffered from a case of the ‘lots of anxiety’ affliction. Internally, I went into full panic mode. Externally, I appeared mildly shaky, but otherwise came off an unresponsive young woman with eyes that just darted around in repetitive patterns.
"Well aren't you the cutest little terran." Stars, did the dragoness have to have such a fucking sexy feminine husky voice? If I wasn't already being innately terrified of being around other people, and of giant extinct apex predators, I'd be terrified of the overly attractive dragon woman acknowledging my existence.
I just nodded lightly and went back to being a statue of trembling anxiety. Well externally anxious. Internally, I could still mentally focus on stuff. Like on the fact this dragon happened to be my new owner, probably.
"You must be my little Amber." She paused a moment getting no response from me. "I see. Just hold still and I'll help you out, hon." A flowered vine snaked its way out from her massive form and poked me in the arm. Thankfully my anxiety chose freeze up route, rather than the flee in terror one.
My muscles relaxed along with my thoughts a bit… Wow xenodrugs were great! I was so relaxed and stuff. "Hihi big dragon lady."
The dragon smiled at me with sharp thorny teeth and her fancy green eyes. "Hello to you too, little flower! I'm Dracaena Marina, Sixth Bloom she/her and I'm your new Mistress."
"Drac-a…Dragin…Dracae…" I was having like lots of trouble saying her name. It was a pretty name, but my mouth bits were like not moving right. Uh… I think I forgot.
"That was soo close little one, what a good girl~" Her words were so good. My face lit up in a smile cause I did good. "Now let's take you home so we can pack your little things."
I blinked looking up at her and her vines hoisted me onto her back. I-I was like riding a dragon! I hugged the dragon. This was my favorite soph-sophan-t… something. Her vines wrapped around me nice and tight and she carried me home.
I was having trouble remembering where home was, but the dragon found it anyway. This was a very smart dragon. She could talk!
"Oh, flower. You were living like this?" The dragon sounded funny. This was my hab unit. I could even see my notebooks on the desk.
I looked around and everything was normal. The same clothes lying around, the same papers just lying wherever, the same dirty dishes… yup super normal. "Yup!"
The dragon went to my compiler and made something before placing me on my couch. A stuffed dragon was put into my lap. "Relax here little Amber, I'll sort this out."
The dragon spread out into a mass of vines that did all the cleany stuff. She was so fast! I hugged my dragon plush. It was very huggable. I liked hugs, and wished the big dragon lady would give me a hug.
Instead of a hug she cleaned up my place in a few… minutes are the ones after seconds, right? She cleaned up my place in a few minutes and had my stuff packed in these big containers.
"Alright my adorable little pet, it's time to see your new home!" The dragon picked me up and placed me on her back again. I hugged her as her vines hugged me too. I got caught up in the hugging and missed the whole trip.
The hab unit didn't have much normal furniture, but why would a dragon have people furniture? Lots of big sitty cushions were around in place of like a couch. The place looked almost like a big cave but with lots of planty bits. She set my stuff down and walked over to a cushion.
"Let's get to know each other, my new little floret. I'm going to bring you up so you can think more clearly. Know that you are safe here, and safe with me." The nice big dragon curled around me on a big cushion. I still hugged my plush in my lap while she did the needle thingy.
"Uh…" Shit, my thoughts came back to me. She gave me dumb-Amber juice which uh, was kinda neat. Everything seemed so much more fun that way. Still, I didn't think I'd like to be like that all the time. Hmmm. Also, the plushie was actually really nice. I always liked them but I never really bothered to compile one like I wanted to.
"Amber?" Oh the dragoness said my name. I looked over and remembered I was being cuddled by a plant dragon woman owner…
She was so fucking big and uh warm. I wanted to like, just hug the big dragon, but I couldn't just do that. Hugging without consent could be like, offensive or something. "S-Sorry, I uh get lost in thought a lot."
The dragoness quirked a smile. "So it would seem, my cute little floret."
"Oh, so I'm like already your floret?" I mean I wanted to be, but like, I just filled out the paperwork like this morning. This was all moving a bit fast and now that I could really think on it, it was all hitting at once. Like I no longer had legal rights. I was property, but like in a hot way.
"Indeed you are. I was sent your paperwork and signed off on the adoption after looking it over. Also, your drawings are very cute, just like you." A sexy lady voice calling me cute from a dragoness was too much.
My face heated up, "I-I uh, yea um, like uh… t-thank you?" Words were hard!
She laughed, oh crap she laughed and it was great and AHHHHHHHH!!!! "You are very welcome. Now, I know they went over the information with you at the facility, but I'd like to clarify our relationship."
"Oh uh, s-sure." I didn't receive much time to think about the word relationship and that suggestive tone she used.
"I am your owner, and you belong to me. It is my job to keep you happy, safe, cared for, and give you lots of love. You have no responsibilities. None. I expect obedience, but that is not your job. It is mine to break you into being my obedient docile pet and then train you. Together we are going to explore exactly which xenodrugs you need to be on to be your happiest self. If you ever need anything from me at all ask, or better yet beg. I want nothing more than to dote on my adorable new pet."
Okay, that was a lot. Some of the stuff, like being owned and cared for, were very clear. I also figured there was no way I wasn't going to be high on at least some xenodrugs almost constantly. I've seen florets. Other florets. Oh stars, I was a floret. This was real. This was happening.
What caught me off guard was the begging, and the part about breaking. The begging sounded odd, and the breaking sounded unpleasant. Like the word break was like a bad thing right? I really didn't understand the context there… Hmmm, she said to ask her anything.
"Uh what do you mean by breaking?"
Her face grew a rather terrifying yet hot grin. "I'm going to break your little will and replace it with mine. You'll be a needy, begging, submissive, owned, and controlled pet. But don't worry my little Amber, you'll love what I make of you."
I gulped, and squeezed the dragon plushie . That was uh… Why was everything she said both terrifying and hot? The idea of having my will broken was absurdly attractive for some reason. I didn't even understand how that would work or what it'd be like but wow, uh, yes please.
"O-Okay. It won't uhm, hurt, right?" I really really didn't like pain. I was a weak bitch. There were also those migraines, and headaches, and that time I may have stabbed myself. Pain was bad… I glanced at one of my scars. Though not all damage was pain, and not all pain was damage. I didn't care about damage as long as it didn't hurt.
"Not unless you want it to. I'll keep you safe from pain if that's what makes you happiest." Stars, the affini were way too nice. Like they were dorks, nice dorks, and this whole thing should have been a scam, but I did research. A lot of research and I agonized over the useless thoughts for weeks.
I had one really big question. "What do you get out of this? Like isn't it hard to own someone?" I phrased it as two questions, but they were definitely totally the same question.
A vine found my head and gave it a pat. "Little one, caring for an adoring little pet and watching her blossom into her best self is indulgent. To simply adore and delight a floret is fun! Have you ever looked upon a cute small critter and wanted to care for it and make it happy?"
I thought about it. Mars did have its own artificial biosphere transplanted from the remains of earth's own. I've seen videos of little critters and squeed, and of course the racoons were gosh darn adorable and I hated how pest control dealt with the smart little buggers. I swear some of them were sapient or close to it. Anyway, I did like feeding them but uh, that was a lot of responsibility and taking care of myself was already so hard…
"I guess, but it seems really hard."
"Maybe for a terran, but remember little one, I'm an affini. Many of the tasks you think of as difficult are trivial for me. Even then, I'd love to put in the extra effort if it can make a beautiful girl like you smile." Ahhhh! The dragon was complimenting me. Not fair. Not fair at all! I buried my warm face in the plushie dragon she gave me.
The dragoness then curled around me a little tighter, a few vines pulled me deeper into her clutches. "Relax little Amber, you are allowed to enjoy this."
At her words, I tried to loosen up a bit and rest against the dragon. It was hard to relax when I felt so like anxious. Thoughts about it all ran through my head. Worries. Anxieties. I didn't even know this affini! S-She just took me. She drugged me. The dragoness owned me… because I asked for it. Not in the individual instance but I did the research, the affini at the facility explained it even more… I gave myself up for adoption to an affini and now I had that, but I couldn't help but worry. The dragoness was great. She was amazing! But knowing that didn't fix the part where this was new and different and uncertain. What if she was secretly super evil? Maybe I'd mess up and ruin everything. What if I hate the breaking thing? What if she got tired of me? Do pets ever get disowned? I'd probably get disowned. My parents already disowned me, she would too…
"It seems your little thoughts are troubling you again. Here you go." The dragon gave me more xenodrugies. The not-smart juice stuff. Focusing on thinking was hard, but she was warm and soft and nice. I just buried myself in the dragon and melted. I got to hug a dragon! It was the bestest!

be careful what you write for your domestication preferences, or don't! Some affini are extra dorky and weird and they deserve cute little florets too!
(Amber's name was originally named Winter but well I try not to reuse names but its getting hard as I'm using up all the cool names, so sorry/not sorry if I reuse some at some point)

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