Circuit Breaker

There's A Full Moon Every Night. (Page Twenty Two)

by CyanidePrincess

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Tws for talks of death. Sex. Exhibitionism. A tiny bit of pain play. Alcohol! And.... Gay! 

“Do you know how fucking embarrassing that was for me, Sera?” Mistress asks, mid feeding me a bite of food. There are several vines ranging in size both in my mouth, down my throat, and securing my limp head in place. I’m sincerely trapped at the moment, not that I could do anything about it anyway. I’m not shoved in the backseat of my body like I normally am however. This time, it's as though even the will for my own actions is not my own. As in, I have control over my body, but the urge to move isn't dictated by myself. Her signal is beating down on me like a hurricane, sweeping around and into me so forcefully that it's unnecessary to remove my full control. Because anything I even want my body to do is dictated by Her silent instructions. Not even my thoughts are my own any more. 
And right now, all I can do, all I want to do, is sit limply in Her vines and let Her feed me like the good obedient pet I am.
"You probably don't. Well I'll just tell you then, Sera. Now while you and I were out, together, with me in my drone, I was still busy doing other things in this body of mine. Things like, oh, I don't know, being mid conversation with a Terran who was helping me design decor for our bar." She gruffly remarks, sliding another meltingly delicious bite of hash browns across my tongue and down my throat. She's guiding my whole process, even using Her vines to manipulate my tongue so l properly appreciate the meal She's made for me before She guides my jaw through the chewing motions and makes me swallow.
"And yes, by the way, the rest of me does feel it. He thought I was going into cardiac arrest when I suddenly locked up from the stimulation! Which is funny, because my biology doesn’t even function that way! Poor little thing was really scared for my health." There's an intense feeling of asphyxiation underneath it all. Vines down my throat and into my vacuum chamber-like lungs. Logically, I know I don't need to breathe, there isn't an organic brain in this body that requires oxygen…., But it does not mean I don't feel like it. I feel as though I'm drowning. I need to breathe, but I can't and She won't let me even get the satisfaction of one single gasp of air. My own simulated muscles wouldn't let me anyway, since my thoughts can't even dictate themselves enough to do something She doesn't actively want me to. Another bite is slid over my tongue and down my throat.
"You must think you're so clever huh? Realizing that you can bypass the biometrics in my drone to access my coding since it's taken and recognized as my own. Copying and injecting my own Xenodrug code back into my drone like that. You must really think you're a genius for figuring that one out huh?" To be honest, no, I don't think I'm a genius or clever. Because I didn't even think at all about how that code manipulation would work in the first place. Only if I could do it at all. I had no thoughts of anything like biometrics. I just wanted to see my fiance struggle. 
Mistress starts to spread my wings out from their tucked state on my back, sifting out several very-very fine vines to comb through each of the fibers in each of my feathers. Grooming me off like a mother cat to Her kitten, or in this case, a big bundle of plant girl to a robot angel. Same difference really. The little vines start to tickle really really badly, playing around all my feathers which are oh so sensitive. My body feels like it probably should be shuddering from all the stimulation, but it doesn't. She doesn't want my body to move, so I don't either, and it doesn't. Held captive by Her will, feigning as my own. So much fine touching mixed with a body that thinks it should very much be breathing right now makes for a torturous punishment I couldn't have ever dreamed of. And limply receiving it, knowing full well just how much I deserve it, burns a hotter satisfaction through me far brighter than even the phantom asphyxiation. It's terrifying, it's overstimulating, it's torturous, and it feels so fucking good to just let it all happen.
"You're a real pain in the flowers sometimes, girl, I swear. Do you even know why I have a shard of core in a drone shell that I don't actively use?" No, I don't. What's up with Affini and talking to pets that absolutely cannot respond at all. Is it some kind of power thing? "Well, little angel, it's because the little shard in there, about one tenth of mine, cannot be separated very easily. When I first built that drone and properly made it so my consciousness could fit, I had not considered actually getting the shard out afterward. So I kept that shell around while building others. Truly lucky for you, since I just happened to still have it around when you needed it. Yesterday was the first time I properly removed that shard from its place for very long." 
The plate is cleaned off, as am I. There is not a single missed crumb anywhere when Mistress takes the plate and places it back into the compiler to be recycled. 
"You're a very bratty little pet, aren't you? You keep finding little ways to disobey me. Oh and don't you think you can get away with it just because I hadn't explicitly told you it wasn't allowed. We were in front of peers, it's obvious you shouldn't have humiliated me like that." She grips around my head suddenly, removing all the vines from my lungs and throat, but forcing me to stare up into Her eyes, completely unfiltered. There's a sound reminiscent of a throat clear when She tilts my head up a little further and spits a wad of sticky sweet sap onto my face above my eyes. Slowly it drips down across my face and into my mouth, which was still hung loosely open after She took Her vines away. It's humiliating and it should be gross, but it tastes so good that I can't even complain. 
A little ripple sent out through my chest grabs hold of the robot shell in the house once more. Remotely piloting her into the room, Aether's mouth pulls into a sly smirk. "But, they didn't know you were a peer. You looked like this!" I use her to gesture down at the rest of her body before a stronger force wrenches my control away and pilots her back to the charging port in the other room.
Mistress, thoroughly ruffled and upset that I found yet another way to get around my punishment, speaks up in a booming, pounding voice. "That's it! Your speaking privileges have been removed for the rest of the day!" The statement slides through me, burning away at my disobedience. "I'm gonna keep you on J's until tomorrow, you little brat. Which is too bad for you, because I was planning on meeting your friends again today along with our new ship." New ship, already?? But it's only been a day! "Yes, new ship. Our little vessel is infinitely smaller than what the compact can create in even just a day anyway, so it's done already. We're going to see it today, and you're gonna rest in my vines as I show off to the world the wonderful and obedient pet that I have created. Isn't that right?" I suddenly want to nod, so I do, very rapidly. Along with a happy little meowing sound, which is now the extent of my communication abilities, to my knowledge.
I decide it's a good time to get up just about the same time She does, allowing Her to gently wrap around my limp but attentive body and pull me into a little cradle. My wings are so comfortably supported along with the rest of me that I could simply fall asleep now if I wanted to. But I don’t want to, because She wants me awake.

Unfurling and reforming around me, I’m slowly carried into the bedroom, where Mistress looks through the closet a moment before pulling out… A single thin sheet of dark fabric. Expertly, She drapes it around me like a robe, tying it off in a way that it hangs and covers my most sensitive areas, while still being fairly thin and revealing to the rest of me. It's similar to something a very slutty nun would wear. And while I'm totally into the aesthetic, it is still incredibly embarrassing. And I’m more than positive She knows this.
Suddenly forming together a little platform, She hoists me up standing straight and gives me a very delicate once over. Checking that my hair is properly brushed, my clothes are flattened, and I'm totally clean of anything else. Her gaze is intense, like some surgeon mid operation. Focused and sharp, with more life in Her eyes than I've ever seen before. It fills me with a fuzzy sense of pride to see Her on Her game again. It's doubly nice that Her focus is spent on me. 
Feeling once again like a piece of property, Mistress takes me off the little platform and secures me once again in a cradle hold. Emphasizing how small I am compared to Her. There's a sense of comfort in this fact. I know, as I've proved it time and time again, that I am very strong. I've dueled Affini and taken out a horde of drones. I'm fairly skilled at what I do. But the fact of the matter is that this Affini, my Affini, kicked my fucking ass. Utterly. And now She, the one who properly showed how much stronger than me She is, keeps me as a little pet in Her vines. Doted on and protected in the arms of the most capable fighter I have ever seen, and will most likely ever meet in my now eternal lifetime. I don't think the feeling will ever vanish.
She halts again once more in front of the door to the hab unit, sighing for a moment and presses Her dark wood forehead to its metal. "You know…" She's quiet and thoughtful. "The last time I stepped outside properly outside of my drone was…well, when I took you back home after our fight. But before that day, it's been… I don't know… maybe two months." Not fully understanding each of Her words, but being perfectly in tune with Her emotions even in my pet like state, I clumsily reach out and take hold of a few of Her vines. I pull them into a little cuddle hold. Mistress takes a big breath and looks down at me, love and care in Her eyes. "Ah, I suppose none of that matters now. I'm good enough to have such a wonderful Floret like you. Well, when you’re not being bratty, at least. I can do this. Let's go, my little angel." My chin is scratched by a little vine, making me baahh at Her for it.
Confidence restored, Mistress marches out the door. Only forming real legs after a few steps down the sidewalk. My view from up and over Her arms is now several feet higher than even my standing height. Woah, I'm really up here now, I feel cool being up this high. Watching the area speed by while I sit here in my little perch. It's quite fun, honestly!
We walk a good fifteen minutes more, passing by an assortment of Affini, Florets, and independents along the way. Many of which complement either Her or me while we continue on. It fills Her with so much confidence and pride that even I start to feel like a baller after the next Affini tells Mistress that Her pet is cute. Which I sure am! Built by the best vines this side of the Galaxy!
It doesn't take us much longer to reach the hangars at the docks of the city. Happily marching inside (She has to duck a little to get in the door) Mistress greets the operator of the place in the Affini language. When She speaks, it's almost as though I can completely discern the meaning, even though I've never learned. She speaks in music, and I can read the notes. 
<Hello, my floret and I are looking for hangar 18-C. Would you point us in the right direction?> When She says a certain word in relation to what I think is me, it suddenly makes me feel all fuzzy, like the plant matter stored all around my shell shifts softly in agreement. My computer brain goes all wack for a moment before I hear the rest of the conversation.
<Absolutely. Right down this way.> The Affini operator, dressed in a blue uniform and cap points with a vine down one of the halls. <By the way, what an adorable Floret you have. Did you build her yourself?>
The vines surrounding my body tighten, lifting me up in the air and showing me off to the operator. <I absolutely did. Personally crafted every single part of that body she's in. Isn't she just perfection?>
<I would say so. May I pet her?> 
Mistress holds me out a little further so the operator can take a moment to ruffle my hair and run a few vines down my wings. Totally doped up on digitized class J's, it makes me squeak and squirm and turn blue. <How receptive I see.> More vines brush across my cheeks and run through my hair. It makes me feel fuzzy and warm and sparkly all over. Eventually, Mistress pulls me back to Her, possessively holding me tight and close.
<She sure is. Currently loaded up to the processors in class J's for being a disobedient little angel, but my coding runs through her. She can't do too much real misbehaving with my control over her.> Mistress talks about me some more in ways that make me feel all submissive. Something about controlling me or something, whatever it is, it only makes me blush harder. 
When Mistress finishes up Her conversation, I'm carried down the hall towards an extremely huge hangar bay. I'm suddenly a little nervous, thinking that our ship is gonna be huge, but when the door to the area is opened… I get the greatest view I've seen all week! Well, besides every time I look at Mistress and Aether though. But close second!
In the hanger bay is what looks to be a large, sleek black squid. With tentacles made of big black vines, and a body that almost shines with some kind of veneer coating. It has all the traits of an Affini made ship, from an organic looking layout, to an impossibly detailed hull with tiny little dark markings that almost seem to shift and change as I look at it. It's interesting, the patterns remind me of something familiar, something close. Maybe if I look at it long enough, I'll be able to decode its squiddy message. 
As we walk up to it, Mistress takes me on a walk all the way around. I get to see the front end of the ship, where a large viewing port is framed in dark oak. Then to the other side, where there is a big wood door. Looking almost like a storefront. Though it seems a bit barren, strangely lacking in detail around the edges. In a little bit of confusion, I roll over in my cradle and look up towards my Owner's eyes. She's already looking down at me. With a smirk, She switches back to a fluent Terran language. "Wondering why our bar front is lacking in an ornate touch, little angel?" I nod my head happily, knowing She can just read my mind anyway, no need to speak even without my unintelligible mewling. Though I might keep 'talking' anyway just because it's fun.
"Well you see, sweet girl, that I haven't decided a name yet. I haven't gotten your input yet on what we should call the place. Both our ship and our bar. Though, I think that will have to wait for tomorrow, isn't that right?" She tilts my head, wrapping a soft black vine around my jaw and cheeks. All I can muster is a little whimper in response. The other Affini touching me felt nice, but nothing, not anything, compares to how good it feels to be touched by Her. Mistress' black petals ruffle for a moment, knowing just the thoughts that ran through my head. 
A single vine dips just beneath my tied robe, giving me a little tickle before wrapping around the basically naked parts of me. "Yes, until tomorrow. You're far too cute and easy to play with in this state. Maybe I should dose you more often than I already do." My face feels a little tingly as my blush glows a little brighter. "Now, for the rest. Sit still, my darling pet." I immediately relax further into Her comforting vines. "That's a good girl." Aawwaaahhh!
I'm led around now, to the back of the ship, where the propulsion system is located. Big black tentacles splay out at the base of the squid, showing off a big thruster set that I absolutely have no idea how it works. It looks pretty cool and sophisticated though, as anything the Affini makes does. "Doesn't this kinda look like one of those squids that used to be around? Well, I thought so too, and I've been workshopping an idea for how to make it leave some kind of ink-like trail. Maybe some colored liquids that will break down into harmless gas compounds after a little while? Truly an interesting project for us to work on together." Together! Together together! Yay! I can't wait to get back to tinkering! Mistress' big hand places itself on my head once more, slowly giving me a few gentle pets. It makes me feel so lovely. And loved.
"It's just about high time we check out the inside huh?" I make a little chirpy response and we're led back around to the big storefront. Might as well start here.
The huge wooden doors swing outwards to reveal the inside of a cathedral? But no! It's all dark colors and reds! Like a church for demons! As we get closer and closer, eventually stepping inside, I get plenty of time to gawk and drink in all the ornate details. This makes up for the lacking storefront and then some. Deep red leather chairs in big booths are placed around the outside wall. With the red and the high walled black sides, it looks almost like some kind of coffin. Fucking awesome. 
Over towards the bar, there's a long black oak table with various assortments of tools and appliances for drink making. A shaker lined with gold, shaped almost like a chalice. Shelves upon shelves of different bottles, several of which are in different languages. Ones not found here in this solar system. Just the thought alone makes me jittery with excitement. 
Another big sweep across the room shows off all the tables and seating arrangements. Placed in a way that attention is gently directed towards the front, where the bar lined in sharp wooden accents is located. All in all, it looks like a properly goth bar. One fit for a vampire, or a fallen angel. 
It's beautiful. Everywhere.
Mistress laughs a long, content kind of laugh. The laugh of someone who just laid down in a soft bed after a long day. Relieved, relaxed, and happy. This is our bar, made and decorated by my lovely owner, and with it we will explore the stars. I couldn't be happier, even though I think this a lot.
Devolving into a mess of a pet, I start to meow and baah happily at the surroundings. Trying and failing to properly convey my excitement and joy. The big shining chandeliers on the ceiling catch my attention soon after. Beautiful and with candles topped with crystals that glow a deep red and orange across the room. Almost like a slow fire. 
The ceiling almost looks as though it continues on afterward, up into the long tower of a church. My cameras struggle to look back down as the gentle feeling of falling washes softly over my sensors. 
Mistress tilts my head back to Her, focusing my attention on a knife's edge once again. "I see that you're quite pleased with my design. I'm happy to know that. Oh, but don't worry~ I'll have more places that you can help me decorate too~ let's go see our living quarters." 
Over towards the back, on the side of the ship that gently grows a little wider, there is another opening. One that leads into a place reminiscent of a forest. Tall trees covered in soft black moss reach up towards the ceiling, looking as though they're falling into the stars protected above. Where an accurate to-the-star recreation of the night sky above Terra is projected. One that wouldn't be possible to see through an atmosphere of toxic smog just a few years ago. Even a bright moon sits in the sky, projecting a soft gray light across the forest. Bullshit this was made in a day. No chance, this is far too realistic and detailed. There are mushrooms and different lyken species everywhere, with flowers poking up sporadically every few feet. A gentle violet glow emanating from their centers denotes the kind of species they are. Ones that only bloom in moonlight.
Mistress brings my attention back to Her once more, by dragging a vine down the exposed parts of my back, pulling out a whimper from me as the pleasure effortlessly knocks around my train of thought. She smirks confidently at my reaction. "Trees like these may not grow in a day, but they can easily be transported here in one. Even the cabin was started as well." Cabin!
Through the trees, in the center of the small forest is a small log cabin. It looks very similar to one I've seen before. Made of dark wood that reminds me of the cabin on Violacase, or the one Aether made in VR. It's really quite pretty. On the front is a door so tall I'm sure it has to be so Mistress doesn't need to duck under anything. With a vine, She presses the analogue door open, revealing a starkly empty room. It's wide and expansive, with the only furniture being the kitchen set on one side. Throughout in there are a few more doors leading to smaller offshoot guest rooms and bathrooms. One which contains a massive bathtub, though not a whole lot else. 
By the time we're done looking around the place, I'm positively brimming with energy. Excited to the peak of my capacitors, I hit the upper limits of energy production with it alone. I start to bounce bounce bounce bounce in my little spot as we're brought back out through the front door and back towards the cathedral bar. 
"Remind me to take us furniture shopping after today. I would love to have everything ready by the end of the week. We're going to be opening pretty soon too." I'm led over to the central part of the bar table. Several vines with many cups and different stocks of ingredients are laid out upon it. "So let's get you started with some drinks. Do not be worried about your clumsiness, I dialed that back for you a little bit. First let's start with recipes before we begin to work on our own cocktails. Let's make a martini first!" Mistress chimes happily at the end, gently setting me down on my two feet. Though strangely enough, none of my weight is on the floor, as the rest of me is still held tightly by Mistress' vines. I feel weightless, yet able to easily walk and maneuver myself in the hold. 
Excitedly and immediately, I begin by reaching out through my digitized link out into the overnet. Something I have yet to properly do, it feels extremely strange at first. Have you ever felt your consciousness spread out over several open tabs at once? Well me neither, and honestly it's a strange sensation to handle, though it feels like almost second nature to navigate. 
Onto a website for cocktail recipes, I pull up a relatively simple one for a Terran alcohol martini. It seems like the site I picked is generally targeted towards beginners, as all the items required are nicely detailed out in every recipe. Perfect for me. 
Start with the vodka. We're going the vodka route because gin is gross. #sorrynotsorry, a vodka martini is still a martini. Then of course, the nice bottle of dry vermouth. Equal parts, as it's meant to be. Then one small part of olive brine, held out to me before I can even think to look for it, and a shot glass to measure it out. All ingredients properly together, I'm handed a little olive speared on a toothpick made of black wood. 
And just like that, it's done. A good beginners cocktail with little in the way of complications. Pride, both my own and my Owner's bloom within me so strongly, I'd be surprised if it didn't project out into the rest of the room. 
One small vine gently wraps around the glass and brings it to my lips for a small sip. When the drink washes over my tongue, my receptors give me full detail on every single little note of flavor precisely and accurately. The alcohol is dry and strong, but with wonderful notes distilled into it. The vermouth is sweet, fruity, and floral to pair nicely. All undercut by the taste of olives. In perfect harmony, the ingredients blend together to make a drink far superior than the sum of its parts.  
If only, just only, I had a guest to share this with. 
"Well well well. What do we have here?" Aether asks, having quite honestly just appeared in front of me, sat at the bar. She's dressed in a uniform with a white collared shirt beneath a dark colored vest and a maroon tie tucked into it. As well as a nice black skirt and stockings. A dark bartender's uniform. "Like the getup? You'll be in one soon enough~" Her teeth are excitingly bared in her mouth, so every time she speaks, I can see them. 
I don't think it's necessary to try and tell her just how much I absolutely love it, and cannot wait to have my own.
Mistress’ vines loosen on me, nearly imperceptibly for a moment as Aether takes up the glass in one hand, and an arm hatch opens on the other. A stray vine slinks towards the glass before Aether gasps, giggles, and stuffs it away back in her arm. “Oops, I kinda forgot who I was for a minute there. Hard to focus on being in two places at once.” She lifts the glass to her lips and takes a little sip.

“Holy shit. This is actually really good??” She beams in astonishment and then takes another sip. “Wow! The simple ingredients blend in such a nice way. It just makes me so excited to see what you can make once you’re more practiced. Good job, Sera.”

Simple joy wells up in me, bubbling over into a babble of nonsense sounds and little hand waving. Even my wings join in on the little display. Wuhh! Wuh! My finance likes my drink! Wawaaawa
"To be honest, doll, I haven't drank a lot of Terran cocktails before. But if they're all gonna be this good coming from you, I can't help but be excited." 
The vines all around me, supporting each of my limbs and joints, regain their full strength as they pull me up in the air and around to look at my Owner's eyes. "Let's try one more style of drink before we invite our guests over, Sera. This time, let's do some cocktails for Affini! Then we can serve your friends some drinks when they get here! I'll get you in uniform and everything!"  My body is all flipped around excitedly in the air while Mistress beams happiness and excitement all over me. I can't help but start giggling and giggling every time another vine starts to cling to me. Then, She stops and pulls me back into view. "Oh, and one last thing, I wanna teach you some assisted acrobatics. Are you ready for this?"
It takes me a minute to gather my thoughts enough to nod, but then I do.
All the lights in the bar are off. It's dark, save for two pairs of bright red and brown eyes. Waiting patiently in silence, the two beasts, one greater, one lesser, stand at attention. Still as statues waiting for the perfect moment.
There's a distant conversation happening outside the door. Something about danger. Something exciting. 
When the two guests arrive, a shaky pink vine gently pulls open the doors, stepping inside. Behind the first is the second. One way more excited than the other. Perfect. They enter the dark room, having not even slowed down their conversation slightly.
"But you have to admit it was very entertaining to watch, Lillina." The second speaks into the dark room. They are green with white and orange accents. My steady eyes watch silently in the dark.
"It doesn't matter! It was dangerous! Sera could have seriously gotten hurt!" The first says in a startled and worried voice. Pink soft vines and cherry blossom flowers. I can easily guess what they're both talking about. 
From my perch in the darkness, a voice rings out across the bar all at once. "But she didn't. She was safe under my watch the whole time. It was only a matter of time until she fell into my vines." The voice, dark and mysterious, washes over the room through the darkness. It commands attention, and speaks in a way that it is undeniable, downright impossible to not believe. "Plus, she was made of metal and hydraulics. She can take a hell of a lot more than she did anyway. Give her some faith."
All of the little candles placed around the bar light at once, bathing the room in a flickering orange glow. The light dances, bouncing off each and every little nook in the room. Reflecting off the furniture and combining with the reds and dark colors in the room to create an almost surreal like atmosphere. A cathedral. A hellish church for the undead. Run by stalkers in the night, and beasts of the darkness.
My shell is bathed in the glow, revealing me in the center of the room. Around me is a shifting cloud of inky shadows. My wings are outstretched, my head is tilted slightly downward, and my stance is tight and proper. A formal angel in the center of the shadow. 
The voice, Mistress' voice, floods the room once more. All attention is brought onto me. "Welcome blooms, to our bar." 
My body ducks into a tighter stance before launching into the air with a flap of my wings. My uniform ruffles from the sudden movement, crinkling up just a little bit. Bounding into jumps, flips, rolls and pounces across the room, I am puppeted to be like a hungry vampire hunting her prey. Stalking, surrounded by a living wall of shadows, I leap from table to booth to chair to right in front of the two Affini. My teeth, like my owners, are on full display. A quiet hissss leaves me before I am pulled to stand on my two feet. From somewhere in the shadows, a tray of three drinks is shown. Deposited onto my perfectly waiting metal palm. Lights in the chandeliers burst into life, suddenly making the room bright enough to see properly in.
There I stand, with tendrils of darkness wrapped neatly around my body. Patiently waiting for our guests and my Owner to continue. My eyes slowly but confidently drag themselves up and into the eyes of each shocked Affini. They're surprised, maybe even startled by the display. 
From behind me, now fully seen, Mistress' voice pulls through the silence. "Care for a drink? My Floret made it herself." The cloud of shadows pulls together into a form reminiscent of a Terran. But significantly taller, darker, more powerful and divine. A devil. The devil. My Owner. Perfect in Her form.
Raynor starts clapping like wild. "Wow!!! That was truly an amazing display! What a way to open a bar!! So scary, ah! Almost wilted me there! May I take one?" He asks before slinking a vine around one of the glasses on display. Without a second thought, he dips a vine into the cocktail and immediately lights up. A look so bright and happy I can't help but giggle at how silly Raynor is. Total goofball! Even Affini aren't immune to being silly and adorable. 
At my happy laughter, Lillina sighs a big breath of relief. The air in the room washes over her, making some of her flowers almost glow in the light. "Huhhh well, I'm just glad Seraphim is okay. I was worried with all the lights off." She says, crossing her plant arms.
Mistress' head  comes to rest against my shoulder. I nuzzle my cheek against the wood of Her mask for a moment. "She is perfectly alright. And if she wasn't, I'd have my vines fixing her faster than you can say Everbloom. Though, she is on some J's at the moment for misbehaving, but do feel free to have a drink, Lillina. It's a pleasure to meet you like this." A few of my Owner's vines slink around me like shadowy snakes before reaching over to our guests. They both take the vines in theirs for a moment. "Aether Versalice, Fourth Bloom. Owner of the lovely little angel bartender you see before you." 
Raynor lights up like a diode immediately. "Wow! You're the one who dueled her right? And beat her? That battle was amazing! Really shook my flowers to their stems to watch. Truly an incredible feat from you both. So exciting and explosive and energetic!" His form falters for a moment before pulling back together. "Raynor Wellium, Second Bloom. It is a pleasure to meet you. Oh warrior and owner of Seraphim!" Raynor introduces himself way too energetically before actually focusing on the drink they have.
Lillina butts into the conversation. "Aether, you said your name was? Fourth Bloom? It's not just me, that's the same name as-"
Raynor cuts her off suddenly. "Oh my oh my oh my! Lillina you must try this! It's delicious! I do believe this is a Xenoalcoholic cocktail designed specifically for us! It tastes so fresh and healthy bloomed! It makes me feel all sparkly, you really really must try it! It's delicious I promise!"
Lillina huffs for a moment before picking a glass off from my tray. Wordlessly, I take the last drink off the tray and tuck it beneath my arm, still holding the glass so my Owner may drink out of it. Her vine wraps tightly around my neck and body, slowly traveling up my arm and into the glass. The sensitive touch receptors in my haptic layer sing with excited pleasure. My face burns a little brighter.
"Oh my- wow. You weren't kidding, this is delicious! What exactly are the ingredients?" Lillina chimes up happily, momentarily forgetting her confusion. 
Happily, I go to respond but all they get is a "Mrawah!" Which makes everyone in the room laugh. Even me, though mine is one of awkward embarrassment. Wehh… 
Instead, Mistress picks Her head up off my shoulder, pulling us up into Her full height. I stay perched on a little platform and held tightly. "You were right Raynor, there are some very special ingredients in there. Namely, for the intoxicant is a brand of syrup and Xenoalcohol by <Vardoon's chemistry tavern> a few jumps away. Picked it up from an import station the other day, along with the rest of the ingredients. Which are, by the way, orange peel strips, peppercorns, honey, and cranberries. I hope you enjoy it."
Lillina smiles and nods. "I enjoy it very much. Oh where are my manners! I am Lillina Nera, Fourth Bloom as well. You are familiar, did we have classes together?"
Mistress awkwardly pulls me a little closer and takes a long drink off the glass. "We did. A few on Terran biology, I believe. You went towards the Xenovetrenarian track while I went towards biological technology and robotics. It's nice to meet you again." The two of them exchange another vine touch.
"To you as well. Now, that name of yours. You wouldn't happen to just coincidentally have the same name as Sera's fiance. The robot girl we met yesterday?" She asks curiously. Both Raynor and Mistress have polished off the last of their drinks, though Mistress drank a little bit faster. 
"Aaahaha…. ahh …. Yes. I mean- no. It's not a coincidence. That was a drone of my creation, much like Seraphim's body, I'm able to remotely control it. Even so much as…" She melts a little bit, losing Her form and shaking around slightly. She's nervous. "Put my entire consciousness into it, as though it's a second body I can inhabit."
Raynor's simulated jaw drops. Lillina just looks on in silence for a moment. "Why, exactly, do you do that?"
Mistress whines for a moment, full to the brim with embarrassment and shame. My free hand tucks the tray away into Her vines before reaching up and pawing gently at Her chin. She looks down at me and smiles, feeling a little bit better. But only a little. She sighs. "It's honestly a long story. Do you remember the failsafe switch we told you about yesterday?"
They nod, and She continues. "Well, after Sera was released from being my ward when we all first arrived on this planet… I had a strong habit of building her will when I was around her. We… together, our strength built off of each other. This caused a lot of her… memory locks to start opening in her core memory drive. I-" She ruffles for a moment, a bit of sadness edges into Her voice. "One of the locked memories contained the Killswitch which would have completely shut down her organs. Permanently."
"I first built a drone I could pilot around realistically as a way to stay in touch with her, without running the risk of her imprinting on me too much and getting too… attached. If she stayed around me too long, I was scared I'd end up hurting her. And well… I did. I tried seven times in total both in and out of a drone to bridge a connection with her. I was, and am, helplessly in love with her. But every time I tried, I'd fuck something up and have to wipe her memory of our interaction out of fear that leaving it too long would unlock that switch phrase." 
"Eventually… we connected again. The eighth time I tried. I couldn't help it, I had to see her. To be near her. I wanted to fix her. That's when we had our date, and I ended up… well to be honest, I kind of ditched her. I said something that caused her generator to go into catastrophic failure while I wasn't thinking. When I got her back under control, I left her at home with that note. I couldn't be around her anymore. We…. I was getting too close to messing up in a way I couldn't fix. So I needed to give her space. That was… until she fought with those Terrans. And in a bout of selfishness, I stole her away just after she did it so she wouldn't undergo forced domestication by another Affini. I couldn't handle seeing that, not after two years of trying and failing again and again to make her mine. I didn't know what to do, I just took her to my house and kept her there for a while. Eventually, we got into an argument and she told me to fight her. To claim her properly. She was strong enough to stay around me safely. I didn't think there was anything else I could fail when I finally made her my Floret."
Sad blues and slow jazz. Her voice strains in emotion.
"I was wrong. The final locked off part of her cortex was behind proper self actualization. I just so happen to- to.. to be scanning her mind at the moment when I asked her what she would want in a rebuilt body. That was one question too far, her Killswitch activated and-" the mess of sad plant matter falls apart around me. My feet make contact with the floor, but I immediately jump back into Her vines the moment She lets go. I'm not letting Her get away. Not while She's stressed like this. "And- Aaand- and it- I- I killed her. Ortet. I was able to create a digitized version of her mind but her death was my fault. I'm….a failure. I keep trying to dance around it but…" Vines wrap around me, pulling me up into the air and away from the rest. >:(
"It's true. I am. As much as caring for Sera has boosted my self esteem, as much as anyone would have wanted to fix her, as much as anyone would have done the same… I killed her. I don't, I can't, stand equally with the rest of our species."
"Guh!" Lillina ruffles up and shouts. A commanding alien voice. Different from her usual. Angry, upset on our behalf. Angry. "That is pestilence and you know it! You did not design the switch that killed her! You did not cause this! All you wanted to do was to care for a beautiful sophont! Dirt, I wanted to care for her! So did Raynor! What you did was what we all would have done. It is not a failure to want to fix your Floret, to provide her with a body she can flourish in. Before my eyes I see a Floret who loves her owner more than anything that exists. If you were such a failure how can you explain her complete devotion to you?"
Mistress flinches slightly at the loudness before relaxing just slightly. "It doesn't matter. I'm still the one who did it. Whether it was my fault or not, it was still me. I still failed her. She's… programmed to love me anyway."
This makes me mad. This makes me really really mad. I am. NOT. Fucking programmed to love Her. My devotion is of my own choice. I died for Her, and I will not have my Goddess insulted by that notion even by Herself. Her grip over my abilities falters for a moment, allowing me to reach out again. The non-active AI hab unit speakers flare loudly into life all around the ship at once. The glass candles in the room burn bright like the sun, burning hot and loud. "BULLSHIT! You didn't kill me! My fucking father did! He programmed a switch in to kill his own kid, and now you blame Yourself for his actions?!? Bull fucking SHIT my love for You is programmed! It is NOT and I will not STAND for you to lie and say that it is!" My wings burst out from my body again, and I force myself through the cloud of digital drugs to escape Her grip and land on the floor. "I have spent the last week, day in day out trying to convince you that I'm happier this way! I was not living like that! I hated myself, I hated my body, I constantly wanted to kill things! I was suicidal! I wanted to die and I pretended it was because of some silly programming thing! It wasn't, I really really wanted to fucking die! And I have for years! Forced and grafted into a disgusting body made of failing organs and technology that threatened to rip me apart at any second. To me, to Ortet, to us, death was the greatest freedom we could have possibly been granted. And you granted us that. You've given me freedom, an escape, and a final rest that gives me more happiness and more fulfillment than I could have ever had while alive. You can't hurt me anymore. No one can. So suck it up, God-damnit and love me like you mean it!" The ship shakes for a moment, the propulsion systems burst into life, thrashing the ship against the hangar restraints before I pull myself together and collapse to my knees. The ship shuts off, and the candles flicker out. But the speakers stay active. "You know why I see you as a Deity, Mistress? Because You took that scan. Because You are the one that gave me, Ramet, a life. I can't speak for Ortet, but to me You are not only my Owner, but the entity that created my soul. You created me. My identity. Ortet would have died regardless without you, but now, she gets to pass on, just like we wanted. Just like we always wanted. And in her place, I remain. Created solely by You. Sure, You can lie and say that because my body is of Your construct and design that I'm built for You. I am. But my devotion is not fake. You are everything to me. And you always will be. So stop beating yourself up about this. None of it is your fault. For fucks sake, this is a better outcome for me than if I died without you anyway." My body pulls into a seated position on my legs. My arms lay out at my sides, palms up. I form myself into a prayer position. My halo bobs gently above me, my wings stay out, and I feel every inch of the plant matter stored inside of me at once. "Give me control over our link again, please, Mistress." 
I feel the different  drugs leave my body. Behind it a wave of warmth takes its place. {Thank you. My words are for You now, and You alone. I love You. I love You more than anything ever. Please, accept my words. I really mean it when I say this is what we would have wanted. You have not failed anything, You have given me more than I could have possibly dreamt of. You gave me life, and You allowed Ortet to pass on. It's the greatest honor that could have possibly been bestowed upon me, and for it I will be forever grateful. That is all.} My body goes a little slack in my prayer position, eagerly inviting back the drugs that left me through a simple request of data. Gently, She accepts my request and the fuzzy drugs flow back through me. Love. Adoration. Servitude. Forever. An undying fire. My will has never been crushed, never burnt out nor taken away by my Owner. No, it burns brighter and hotter than it ever did before. And every last flame of it is dedicated to Her. It always will be.
[Are you sure. My angel. Are you truly sure of the words you speak?]
I nod my head. 
[Fine. Accepted. I won't… I won't let myself feel this way again. I'll at least try, I promise.] 
As thanks, I bow my head down to the floor, pushing all that I can through our link to show my emotion and gratitude. 
It takes a little while, but eventually Mistress pulls together into a rough Affini shape. Nothing human, but a form of Her regardless. "I am…very sorry, for getting emotional like that. It won't happen again."
"We understand. Can we please, please hug you both?" Raynor asks, shaking all over and barely contained.
I nod for Her, and the two other Affini sweep us up, breaking down into the most bare form of Affini. I see their cores through the mess as a forest of flowers and vines and petals fill in all around. A garden of the three most important beings to me, and myself in the center, still in prayer. Sending a word to the stars above. Thank you, fate, for blessing me.
Roots make contact with each other around me. I pick my body up straight, eyes closed, as three songs flood my senses to the base of my thoughts. There are little explosions of heat all around me as my hatches open, flowers bloom, and plant life infiltrates my shell. Life in its purest form, nature in all its majesty blooms and grows and flows in and out around me. I feel like I am on sacred grounds, being visited by three entities far greater than myself. I feel as though I am a pillar of marble in the center of a temple. I am not on sacred grounds, no. I am the showpiece. Made to worship, and made to be shown off. A part of the greatest puzzle in the universe. All of life, all at once. My star burns with a devotion far stronger than any force this galaxy could create. I exist for this. I was made for this. 
A familiar soft black vine wraps around the ball in my chest. The core that contains my soul, binding me to this world. Gently my eyes open. Before me, filling my entire vision is an endless expanse of space and pattern. Red swimming suns, stars burning, black holes swallowing up matter and light like my thoughts. Pulling everything down into a single point. The vine sifts through the others, and brushes up against the shard in my chest. Then, and only then, do I fully understand my importance. I myself am a special gem, something created on pure chance and circumstance alone. 
But even a diamond needs value assigned to it by another. My mind relaxes, opening the gates and allowing my identity to fully break down once more. I am a precious gemstone. But I am one that only has value through the greater beings around me. The only ones who can truly appreciate life for all that it is. And the most important one of them all. The single entity who describes who I am and what I am meant to be. A God, A Creator, An Owner, Caretaker, and Fiance. Aether Versalice, Fourth Bloom. And through Her alone, my afterlife is worth living. If only just to serve.
Everything gets fuzzy as the last wall to my identity crumbles once more, fully integrating mine with Hers. Even here I am lesser. Smaller. Weaker. But important still. Purely a small piece fitting into a larger more beautiful puzzle. 
Everything goes soft and dark once more. In here, this room, we lay in silence for several hours more.
I find myself put back together in the lap of my Owner. Dazed, and honestly not really all there, but present enough in my head to be appreciated. A soft hand brushes across my scalp, lighting down my spine a burning need and pleasure. My head automatically pushes up harder into the softness, desperately digging out more pleasure as a needy moan sounds out. 
The hand grips on me a little harder, forcing me to whimper and squirm. A voice joins my own in my head. <Awww… Looks like she's awake. How precious she is like this, helpless and totally at my mercy.> The beautiful voice finishes. Another joins the first, though significantly less harmonic, less penetrating.
<I knowwwww she's so cute, makes me jealous I don't have a pet myself. I need someone to read books to again!>
There's a third. <She is awfully cute like that. For sure.> 
More soft touches line my body. Strong and domineering. At every contact, another moan, whimper, and orgasmic blast of pleasure shoots through. As though simple petting alone is enough to push me over the edge. 
My lazy eyes flutter open. Everything is so bright! It makes me shudder as my lenses try and fail to filter out the light. <Aww here, let me help you angel.> I emit a sharp gasp as dark vines tie around my eyes and block out my vision. I feel another join, wrapping tightly around my neck. The constriction is so commanding, so tight and possessive. A single thorn brushes against an exposed part of me, finally pushing me over the edge into making a loud mess all over Mistress' lap. 
I'm panting and shivering and barely able to contain another orgasm when the vines loosen on me ever so slightly. <Oops. Didn't mean to do that. Looks like she's a little more sensitive than I thought.> Her voice shines through my darkness like moonlight. 
There's a swarm of cooing and 'awww' sounds all around me. When I try to push myself up a little bit more, I'm gently guided back down into my place by a firm push. "Meow" is all that comes out of me when I'm pushed back down. I suppose my duty as a pet right now is to just sit still and stay where I'm wanted. 
<So we've tried the drinks, but are any of you interested in some snacks I made? I know none of us eat like Terrans, but we can still taste, so I made some snacks.> The beautiful voice asks towards the other two presences. 
<Absolutely. I could totally go for something right about now.>
<Great to hear.> There's a sound of walking up next to all of us. I'm confused, but the thought is banished entirely by a vine running down the length of my right wing. 
Something is exchanged before I hear more walking that gets quieter as it goes away. 
<These look amazing, Aether, thank you. Though I do have to ask, now that the problems are all solved, why do you still keep the drone around?>
<Oh well… honestly? I kind of partially realized that I uh… kind of like it? Being able to fully place my entire consciousness into another body helped me realize some things about my identity. At first it was for Sera. Then I started going out in it more often. It helped me interact with others socially without… feeling like I'm being judged against our species and society. I have problems as an Affini. Issues that some have not overlooked about me. And being able to go out without fear of our admittedly high standards was… freeing. And now, I've realized that a part of me belongs in that shell. There is a distinct form of myself that… is, that drone. It's hard to explain. I can't think of myself as one anymore. There is one me that is… here. And one me that is there.>
<How insightful. I see. There's no problem with that then, I suppose. No harm being done. Though I do believe that you do reach our standards, whatever those are. I think you are a good Affini. And if you are also a drone, you're a good one as well.>
<Thank you, it means a lot.>
<I have a question!> The excited, androgynous voice exclaims. 
<How did she dose you like that! If I may admit, it was fairly entertaining. And combined with the information that you told us today, makes it all the more silly to know exactly who she was dosing in that instance.>
<Don't expect a regular show like that.> The most beautiful voice says in a tone of both embarrassment and firmness. <It's because of the, here.> I feel my body lifted up. Effortlessly being plucked from my spot as though it means nothing that I am made of solid metal, heavy enough to crush the ground by walking too hard. My chest hatch is opened once more. A cool breeze wafts over my internals causing me to shiver and moan at the sensations through the darkness. <That is a shard of my core. Much like what we use for a haustoric implant. This is what keeps her bound in place to her shell so deeply. But it also means-> the last words are cut off by a shaking burst of white hot, mind melting pleasure. A vine pulling apart the others and exposing the shard within. <So she's able to get around my drone selves walls because the information flowing out of her is recognized as my own. She dosed me by affecting my code for a minute, hiding behind my own biometric signature. The same way I dose her.> The vine gently brushes across once more, forcing out yet another orgasm from me. Choking out moans, and panting like I ran a marathon, wetness leaks down my thighs into a puddle beneath me. <That time, it was intentional.>
<How funny! She's able to affect you when your consciousness is in that drone! That is positively adorable!> 
<I must agree. Very very cute.> The two other voices come to agreement.
The most important voice does not. But all that ensues is laughter from the three of them while my body continues to shake uncontrollably under the possessive grasp. Swallowed up by the most pleasure I can feel, on the bitter edges before passing out entirely. 
Finishing me off completely, vines wrap around my sensitive erect wings, parsing through my feathers. A thorn trails down by back, cutting me slightly. And last, the vines around my neck tighten hard enough to cut off my breathing as an orgasm so potent slams through my entire being at once, overdoing my processing and knocking me out.
(End of page twenty two)

MAJOR SHOUTOUT to my friend and editor Eiren! Love u, u crazy nb! /p 

Chapter title comes from the song Maud Gone by the gay furry band (Car Seat Headrest) 

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