Circuit Breaker

Don’t You Know? Everlasting Flowers Bloom. (Page Twenty One)

by CyanidePrincess

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TWs are the same as last page. lewdness... Some drugging... some... ya'll know what to expect to be honest. 

Aether slows down and stops just outside the door to the library. I can sense her apprehension clearly. "Do you really think they'll accept me? I mean I want to be honest with them since you trust them, but… do you really think they will?"
"Of course, Aether. Lillina has to be one of the most accepting people in existence. She's like a walking stuffed animal to be honest. Very soft, that Affini. She'll probably just take your situation as two new people to hang out with, regardless of how you started off. And Raynor, he'd honestly just find you fascinating. But he's far too… cold to actually think a whole lot more than that about it. Very relaxed guy with his books."
"I think you mean he's chill Sera. And… okay, if you really say so. But it's easier for you to say that, you're not… you didn't originally… you were your own identity when you formed. You were your own person. I feel like I'm some kind of traitor of my own species, feeling even slightly comfortable in a body that is not originally my own." She sighs guiltily.
"Aether, listen to that. We're practically the same. I absolutely did not form on my own, I had Ortet as a base for my identity and without her I don't exist. Plus, you're even the one who built this new body of mine, so it's not like this one's originally mine either. We're the same Aether, really. Both robots, both our own souls. It's irregardless of the fact that sometimes you're not a robot, and sometimes you are. It doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things, and it's not like it hurts anybody to have a different type of unique identity. Just like the bi-gender people. I promise."
She smiles faintly, looking honestly a little worn out. "Okay. I trust you." Then she perks up a little more. "Oh hey! By the way, I just got the ok for the request of a personal ship to be made. It's gonna be larger than we need since it's gonna house both our bar setup and also be the rest of our ship including habitation and what not. Oh, but I do have a surprise for you when we see it~ my other form is currently getting some help putting the finishing touches on the mock-up!"
My mouth turns into a big smile. "That's wonderful! I can't wait to see it!"
Aether smiles back at me. "I can't wait for you to see it too."
"Oh and for the other issue, do you think maybe we should start thinking of different ways to refer to you and Her? Since you're like, two different versions of the same person now? I mean-" I send Aether a cheeky smile. "You know what I call Her at least."
"Oh haha. Yeah. I'm not referring to myself in that way, but I do have to think of something eventually or else this will all get too confusing…. But I really like my name! I picked it myself and I don't wanna change it… Whatever, we'll think about this later." Aether takes a deep, steadying breath. Her hands interlock with mine. I feel a gentle pull of magnetism between our two palms together. "Are you ready to go in?"
I smile, squeezing her hands back gently. "Of course." 
The two of us push through the front entrance of the library. There's a little closed sign on the outside but we knew to come in anyway after a few more back and forth letters last night. It smells nice in here just like it always does. The smell of old books, flowers, and cinnamon. A wonderful combination.
There's a hushed conversation happening in the back of the library. It's in Affini, but I can easily recognize Lillina's voice interspersed with Raynor's replies. They're nervous, the two of them. But excited too it seems. It only takes a few turns to round a corner and find them between two bookshelves. They're both splayed out into confusing masses with their vines tied together in a few places. The moment we all make 'eye contact' they both explode into motion and form Terran like bodies.
My smile knows no bounds. "Guys!!!" With a quick approving nod from my fiance, I dash happily towards the two of them.
Raynor starts vibrating and Lillina ruffles around like a madwoman. "Little robot!" Raynor calls out to me as I run straight forward into both of their waiting vines. I'm picked up gently at first like a treasured package, then excitedly tossed in the air between the two of them as wonderful happy music fills the library. "We missed you!" Lillina chimes in before I'm gently set down and not-gently patted till my head feels fuzzy.
"I missed you two too! I have so much to talk about! I um!" Remembering my manners, I take a small step back and straighten out my clothes. Today I was dressed in a very thin companion style black dress. Still very gothic, with little black symbols and shapes embedded in the fabric of the already dark dress, but also distinctly… Floret-like. Which was decided to be a good look for specifically today. "Let me reintroduce myself. My name is Seraphim Versalice, First Floret Ramet. You knew me by a different name before but that one doesn't matter anymore! Oh, and I also changed up my pronouns. I think I like she/her now, if you two don't mind."
Lillina visibly deflates a little. "Oh thank goodness you figured it out. It was getting so hard not to just point it out already."
Raynor puts his hand to his green leafy chin. "I agree. But discovering one's true identity is always a lengthy process. It was good we didn't rush it, she got to find out herself. Always a wonderful thing."
"Wait whaaaaat. Hold on, you two knew?" I ask shocked. The two of them burst into laughter so contagious even Aether starts to giggle.
"Uh yeah, sweet thing, it was fairly obvious you didn't fully realize your gender. Glad you got to now though!" Lillina says with a perky smile before my head is once again patted to high hells. 
Attention is then drawn to my darling behind me. "Seraphim, do introduce us to this fine girl here. I take it you two are dating?"
"Not quite!" I say cheerily. Both Lillina and Raynor look saddened before I fill in a little more information. "We're actually getting married!" They both get smiles so bright you'd have thought it was their first time seeing sunlight. 
"That is just wonderful news!" Lillina starts.
"The Terran practice of pledging your soul to another? How romantic of you two!" Raynor finishes.
Aether looks a little funny. "Uh, not to interrupt you or anything, but I was led to believe it was more of a practice of exchanging property." The moment she realizes what she just said, a pretty red hue fills her cheeks. Raynor just nods excitedly. Their little vine ponytail shakes behind his head. 
"Yes! It is also that!" They comment brightly. "Now, do tell us about yourself!"
"Ahh well, I'm Aether. Charmed to meet you. I'm a biotechnology engineer and mechanic. As you can see~" she turns towards me with a smirk. "Our dear Android girl here happens to reside in a drone body of my creation."
"Wow! That is just fascinating! Is this why you two look vaguely similar?" Raynor asks, totally enamored. Though Lillina looks like she's in a different mood altogether.
"Yes, that would be why." Aether nods.
Lillina huffs for a moment. "Aether huh? Aren't you that girl that broke our little robot's heart a few weeks ago? You better have an explanation for yourself." She crosses her vines into a tight knit pouting look.
"Ahhh… yes, that would be me. And I am deeply, deeply sorry for everything that I caused. I was just…" Aether turns to look at me and reminds herself of my presence. It calms down her nerves. "I was scared of hurting her. Not just emotionally, but physically with my presence. But it doesn't matter anymore, all of my fears have come and gone."
"What exactly do you mean?" Raynor asks gently but curiously. "Is this one of those Terran things where you're too worried to get close to someone with the thoughts that the relationship could end at some point?" They wiggle their vines around for a moment. "Which I must say is a little absurd, no offense. Terran lives are short, it's better to just go for it." He nods at himself.
Lillina nods as well. "I would agree."
Aether and I make eye contact for a moment before bursting out into synchronized laughter. Giggles in hi-hats and deep laughs in bass drums, together. I happen to recover first. "No you sillies! Didn't ya catch the part of my name that says Ramet? I'm effectively immortal to age now, so life expectancy doesn't really affect me or our relationship."
Aether leans back before putting out a palm. "Ahh and well, I happen to be an Android as well." Her hand parts open to display all the same wires and pulleys I have. Then they all slip back together neatly into a hand that I can grab and hold. "So that wasn't really ever the concern. What I was worried about was…" she steadies herself. "Sera… before I got her placed into this new body of hers… her old biological one had something of a fail safe embedded into it. By her father, a long time ago. It was temporarily locked away when I- when an Affini rescued her and sealed off her memories. But, recently." Aether pauses, looking a little worse, a little paler. She steps back from the group for a moment and wipes her hands on her clothes before turning back around. "The reason Seraphim was digitized was because the failsafe went off. She just so happened to be getting a backup of her mind made at the same time, so she was able to be copied and saved, but her original, Ortet, passed away just a few days ago. We've been planning on burying her on a planet called Violacase. I think she would have wanted you both to attend."
Raynor and Lillina both fall apart at the news. Their alien songs clash together in a symphony of sorrow and grief. A painful melancholy song that lasts maybe ten minutes as we all stand there together in relative silence. Aether dries a few tears on her sleeve before I pull her into a tight hug. Once I do, both of the Affini wrap the two of us together in a hug as well. Securing us close and tightly wrapped. It's comforting, and we spend a long time just being held together like this before the emotions cool off and we're set back down together. Aether and I stay close, refusing to let go of each other's hands from now on. 
"That was… some grim news. This embedded failsafe you speak of… what was its purpose?" Raynor asks, leaving a vine or two on both of our shoulders.
I take the initiative to explain. "To be honest, Rainy, it was there to kill me. When the compact arrived on this planet, my father was going to use me to fight back against the occupying force. The memories are hazy now, but I believe something fell out. I didn't perform well enough and he decided I was useless. So he activated the switch to permanently kill me. I was saved in the middle of the process. My body was permanently damaged in a few ways, but relatively safe for about two years. There wasn't really a whole lot that could be done, since the switch was locked behind memories. Tampering with my body too much could have risked it reactivating. Eventually it did, and I'm here now. I'm better, my life is perfect. I am owned, and I have both a beautiful caretaker and a darling fiance. But for this gifted life I now have… Ortet paid the ultimate price for me."
Silence rains over the group once more for a little while. Eventually Lillina breaks the somber atmosphere. "I think I can speak for us both when I say we would be more than grateful to attend her funeral."
"Thank you." I reply politely. 
"This new owner of yours, they are not here with us today?" Raynor asks after a little while.
"Yes, Mistress happens to be fairly busy with arrangements and the legal process of this whole situation to be honest, so She agreed to let me go with my fiance today to meet with you two and introduce ourselves." There's a gentle pressure in my head that makes my eyes glow a little bit brighter. "But don't think She isn't watching at all times. She is."
"Incredible. Can she see through your eyes?" Lillina asks, gently taking a vine and tilting my chin up to inspect.
"Oh, not just that. My entire body is fully remotely capable of being controlled by Her at any given point. Like-" my voice is cut off by being suddenly thrown into the back seat of my mind. "Hello Lillina Nera! I am definitely Seraphim! I am a very good pet and would like many head pats please!" An automated voice spills out from my controlled body. Aether struggles to contain giggles next to me. When I'm returned to the front seat, there are two sets of vines and one hand gently assaulting my head, shoulders, tummy, and legs all at once. My face burns bright blue. "H-hey! That wasn't me!" 
"Oh we know, Floret, that was your owner. But who are we to decline such instruction~" Lillina flirts. Both Raynor and Aether seemingly agree by ramping up the affection. All of their little touches and caresses blow my thoughts away as the sensations build and build in intensity. I can literally feel it as the moment a digital class A enters my coding. My legs go jelly and give out under the intense affection. 
I'm picked up gently alongside Aether in the vines of both Affini. Hands trail up and down my sensitive receptors, making me jitter and barely contain moans of pure submissive satisfaction. My voice is taken away from me again, this time by Aether, but not like it matters. "More please!" Squeeks out of me. Vines are suddenly edging up under my companion dress and tickling away at my hypersensitive haptic layer. All of the sudden, I'm pulled out of the cuddle pit the moment my wings lose their concentration and poof out at my sides, erect and sensitive. I'm pulled directly in front of Raynor's eyes, though Lillina is standing close enough in view as well. 
"To the owner and fiance of this robot respectively. Do we have permission to go further with her?" They ask. The projectors in my eyes shut off for a moment before switching from the usual bright red to bright green then back. There's a 'yep! Too cute to deny this sight!' from Aether behind me. Oh stars, I'm so screwed.
Soft vines, both Lillina and Raynor's suddenly invade up my clothes while Aether stands and records the whole event. 
My legs buck, my spine juts in, and my wings twitch rapidly with every assault of mind melting affection all over my entire form at once. I'm constricted, held firmly and tightly while being just totally overblown with all the feelings and touches. My mouth goes slack open as drool drips down my cheek between bouts of nonsensical moaning and panting. 
When I'm replaced on the floor, I'm a whole mess of a robot girl. Twitching and squeaking as my body tries desperately to cool off from the intense waves of pleasure washing over me non stop. I feel Aether's arms gently wrap around me and pull me up to my feet. I'm currently completely unable to stand on my own accord so there's a little bit of programming injected into me to make me stand without my own input. Though I still cling tightly to Aether's side as the aftershocks zap and bounce all throughout my metal body. My arms and legs keep twitching, and my wings flutter and shake slightly, still threatening to topple me over even with the coding. But all I can think about, all I can possibly want and need at this point… is just more touch. The absence of breaking pleasure riddling my nerves is already leaving my senses quite lonely. My inner thighs are a little cold with something slick. My mouth doesn't want to respond so I send a text message instead. {Aether…}
She turns to me with a smirk, knowing in full detail absolutely everything I'm suffering through right now. [Yes, sweetheart?]
[Please what, my angel?]
My face becomes just a little bit more under my control. But only just enough so I can pout at her. {I need relief please}
[Sure thing dearest.] A wave of cool washes over my body, ridding me of all the need and pleasure alongside it. It's wholly disappointing even as the horny dissipates completely. A single tear rolls down my cheek and I whine at her even more.
"Awwwe, that is not what you wanted?" Aether teasingly asks me. I shake my head forcefully. 
"Oh, goodness! Did we go too far with her?" Lillina asks, full of sudden concern.
Aether just giggles. "Quite the opposite. I think she wanted more. You see, we can actually talk to each other through our… well it's like a link. Are you two familiar with the concept of pinnates?" Aether asks with a curious smile.
"My my, what an educated sophont you are. Yes, we are familiar with it." Raynor says with a prideful smile.
"Think of us similar to that. Since she resides in a body of my making, and because we are both digitized, it allows us to tap into each other's minds a little bit. Meaning we can do a lot of very intimate things with each other, including but not limited to, communicating without the need for sound. As our words just pass from one to another. Pretty cool right?" Aether explains in a very drawn out way, full of joy to be talking about her special interest again.
"Yes, I would say that's quite fascinating, little one. I take it you're very skilled in your craft then, yes?" Rainy lifts a fake hand to his chin with barely concealed pride. You can just see how much they want to pat Aether's head. Raynor's eyes track onto mine for a moment and I give them a little nod. A big green hand suddenly finds its place on her head and begins to ruffle her hair rapidly. Yes! Payback! Aether gasps at the suddenness, causing Rainy's hand to break down into just a bunch of vines that comb through all of her fluffy brown hair at once. Aether makes a little whining sound as all the pinpoints of touch cascade across her scalp. 
When the vines are pulled back, she's bright red and shaking a little. Mumbling something under her breath along the lines of "so embarrassing" and "the most demeaning thing ever" and something about her pride being stepped on. I didn't quite catch it all, but what I do catch is the look Lilliana is giving. Sincerely jealous at all the affection Raynor got to give. 
"Go for it, Lils." I say to her. Her soft pink wooden mask smiles brightly down to us. Then Aether is once again, totally assaulted with touchy vines. All through her hair and over her head, but also draping down onto her shoulders, lightly twisting and turning her around in place. She squeaks at every little touch and pull and caress and oh stars it's just the most adorable thing I've ever seen!!! 
"Wwaahhh!!!" Aether puts her hands up, finally batting away the assaulting vines. "Wheh wh weh… w hey!!!! You can't just do that to me! I'm! Oh stars, what do the Terrans say… I'm independent!!!" She pouts like a little robot tsundere. So cute, so cute!! My arms wrap needily around her torso. Drinking up just how warm she's gotten. 
"No you're not, silly. You have me!" I giggle towards her and squeeze her into a hug even harder. She just whines at me again.
"You knock that off before I pump you so full of J's all you can do is meow, girl!" Aether tries to shout at me but all that comes out is a squeaky childish whine. Aww.
Lillina ruffles up a bit at the comment. "Ahhh, what do you mean by that? Do you have access to Xenodrugs?" She says worriedly. Haha, she has no idea.
"Oh uh uhhh uh… yes. But I promise I am allowed to have them! It's… it's not the physical kind, I can just… personally inject Sera's code with a digital version of just about any Xenodrug we- you Affini offer. It can be recreated with relative ease." She explains, barely making it through the entire ordeal.
"Does that mean she can do that to you too?" Raynor asks innocently. Holy shit I never thought of that.
The most potent wave of sadism I've ever felt washes over me. I bet Aether can even feel the force of my grin just from the heat pouring off of me. "Why don't we find out?" My confident attitude breaks through once more. Aether's eyes widened with fear. 
"Hhhayahaheyyy no no no no no don't-" I'm barely able to dig through my data input logs all the way back to our time in the closet to rip out the code of the class J she hit me with earlier and force it through our shared link in time before she closes off all input entirely. Just barely slipped it through the door. 
First she gasps weakly. Then she falls to her knees and looks up at me with pleading eyes. Then she finally flops over onto the soft carpeted floor completely. I can feel all the locked off parts of her coding lose their walls and crumble, allowing me an even more in depth look at all the little things going on in her head and internals. Her hands curl into little fist like paws and she bats uselessly at my leg making all sorts of adorable bleating sounds. She pulls at the hem of my dress and loudly mewls for my attention. I acquiesce of course, and bend down to pet her on the floor. When my hand makes contact with her, she squeaks with joy and nuzzles into my palm even further. Oh! I might just cry from how cute this is! My eyes feel a little sparkly.
I take a little moment to dig through my controls and find… aha! Recording function! There's a quiet snap snap as I take photos of Aether rolling around on the soft fluffy floor. When she hears what I'm doing, she turns even brighter red. Oh she knows! How adorable! It just gets her to paw at me even more. Oh how needy of her! My arms sweep up under her limp body and pick her up princess style. She whimpers into my ear as I hold her tightly against my body. 
"Oh that is just precious. May we hold her?" Lillina asks kindly. I nod politely, of course.
"You may. Just be gentle, she's very sensitive right now." I say in a demeaning tone that only serves to make Aether get even warmer and cling to me even tighter. Little 'baaa! Baaaahhh!'s escape her as she tries uselessly to stay in my grasp. Too bad for her as I just gently hand her over to the waiting hands of the very eager Affini before us. Aether makes a meowing sound the moment she makes contact with the soft leaves of Lillina and Raynor's hands. They waste absolutely zero time and immediately begin to pet and dote on her. Playing her like a little whimpering instrument. Digging out all the little sounds she can make with a scritch here, a pet there, and a ruffle over here. So many adorable 'wehh!' sounds play from her as she lays completely limp. The Affini seem to be very good at this sort of thing.
"Oh please tell me there's supervisional cameras in here, Raynor. We need some way to capture this adorable moment!" Lillina calls out in between bouts of petting Aether.
"Oh don't worry Lils! My eyes are actually cameras, I've been recording and photographing this whole thing!" I victoriously call out from my viewing spot. Lillina makes a very Affini relieved sighing sound as she continues to dote all over Aether. 
When finally the two of them have had their fill, they gently pass back the bright red little package into my arms. She's jittering slightly and shivering in my arms. Clearly in the exact state I was a few minutes prior, if not more.
"I can't help but notice, she's not collared. Is she the type to really stick for independence? It would be a real shame not to see such a needy little sophont without an owner." Raynor comments in a predatorial tone. 
I smirk back at him. "It's complicated. But, you did just give me a great idea." Maybe I should make a collar for her at some point. That will make other Affini quit trying to own her. Not that it isn't cute to watch her helplessly bat away all the flirts. Aether nuzzles into my neck a little bit more before noticing the two pierced holes in my armor. Playfully, she leans over and sticks her smaller fangs into the little holes. 
Lillina, and all her overprotective veterinarian training, gasps at the display. "Oh goodness! I didn't even notice the damage you have! Are you okay, Sera?"
I try to pick my thoughts back together from the feeling of having Aether's fangs in my neck once more, even if they only fall into a gap between my plates. "Yes yes, I'm okay. Don't worry, I like it when she bites me like this. I actually have a pair of fangs myself since I'm in one of her drones." Aether nibbles on me a little more while I show off my own pair of pearly fangs. Lillina doesn't say anything but Raynor giggles and does.
"Very cool. How ancient yet still modern the lust for vampirism that Terrans have. Not that either of you are actual Terrans, but the culture surrounding us still pervades as I see." He says in a thoughtful tone. "Oh, and Sera. I take it you lost a duel, and that's how you ended up with an owner?"
I nod happily. "That is exactly right!"
He looks at me with a very expressive face. "Tell me you recorded the battle."
I nod, quickly searching through both mine and Aether's memory banks to find the little video file from the same date and send a copy over to Raynor and Lillina's inboxes. Lillina doesn't move but Raynor immediately pulls out a data pad from his chest cavity the moment he gets a ping. "Thank you very much, little robot. I will take great pleasure in seeing you finally fall. Oh wow, this duel lasted far longer than usual. How come?"
"Ahhh… well I agreed to get rid of the timer for the duel. I wanted it to be more… intense, I suppose. And intense, it very much was."  Admittedly I thought I could last even longer against Her than I actually did. But I was wrong, and I definitely got my ass kicked for real. Not that I'm complaining.
"I see that this duel is in your old body. I take it you likely don't want to view it again? I must say, this does seem a little bit more dangerous than I would say is allowed in your contract but…" they laughed for a moment. "It's very very entertaining so I don't really care."
I shrug my shoulders lightly with Aether still in my arms, absentmindedly nibbling away at me. "It was never my body, actually. It was Ortet's. I never spent a moment in there, so I don't exactly mind. Though I do have the memories as if I did."
"I see." He says, continuing to pour over the data pad, not taking his glowing orange eyes off it for a moment.
Lillina pulls herself together for a moment, seemingly remembering something. "Oh Sera, can you please tell me what happened with those Terrans? There were some Affini out looking for you the other day, worried about something having happened to you. Then you just vanished for a while?"
I feel a little pang of guilty embarrassment. "Well to be honest Lils, I kinda lost control of myself for a little while. After me and Raynor's duel, I couldn't stop thinking about fighting things. I ended up playing a game that got me a little too far into the mood and I ended up searching for people 'deservent enough' to fight. I overheard some free Terranists planning to do something terrible and ended up losing my cool. None of them were injured, and neither was I, but I do understand the wrongness of my actions. It was not cool of me to take justice into my own hands knowing full well those Terrans just needed the firm guidance an Affini can provide. I am very regretful of any of the trauma I have caused." My eyes well up with guilty tears. Seemingly sensing my upset, Aether removes her fangs from my neck and gives me a kiss on the cheek. She baa's something kind to me and it makes me feel just a little bit better. "Now that I've been rebuilt, that issue isn't a problem I face anymore. I disappeared because I was worried about what would happen to me if I didn't. But now what are they gonna do? Domesticate me?" I giggle a little bit. Some of the guilt washes away. I needed an owner just as much as those feralists did. 
Aether goes a little bit limp in my arms, seemingly falling asleep. "Oh, oops. Looks like we all drained her a bit too much. I should get my fiance home soon. We had a wonderful time with you all, I promise." A few vines from Lils and Rainy trail over the sleepy girl in my arms a little bit, making her whimper quietly even through her sleep. "Aww… and she didn't even get to tell you two her big secret. Next time then, I suppose. I bet she would be a little too embarrassed to admit something like that at this point." I adjust her in my arms a little, wandering over towards the door.
"Oh, message me later, you two! I'll give you both her handle so we can all put together a group chat at some point! Thank you for having us!" Taking a little moment to exploit my power over the sleeping bot in my arms, I bend the signal to cause Aether's arm to gently lift up and wave at the two Affini as I gently push open the door with my back.
"Oh! Before you leave, Seraphim! What is the name of your Owner? I don't think you mentioned it!" Lillina calls out to me, waving back. 
I smirk smugly, half way out the door. "Aether Versalice, Fourth Bloom! But I just call Her Mistress!"
The door closes behind me, only allowing me the barest moment to see Lillina's face contort in confusion. Yes Lils, you did just hear that right. A little giggle escapes me as I pick up the speed on our way back to the hab unit. I seemingly accidently wake Aether in my arms from the bouncing. She looks a whole lot more sober now. 
Her face is first neutral before it changes into several levels of red. "God damnit Seraphim, don't you know how embarrassing that all was?"
I smirk at her for a moment before pulling my eyes back up to the sidewalk ahead. "Aether, I can literally read your mind. It's impossible for you to lie to me. So don't you even try to hide the fact that you enjoyed all that. Even just a little."
She growls loudly in my ear, pulling at my dress in tight fists. "Dammit girl! You shut up! Or so help me!" She whines again.
"So help you what?" I giggle.
"I'll! I'll break you over the damn couch and fuck you so hard you can't speak! There! What about that, huh?" She yells into my ear like it's some kind of threat. 
"Do it." I say back to her. She growls again but we spend the rest of the journey in silence.
The moment we make it to the hab unit, there's a very strong sense of dread that washes over me, as though I just walked head first into the waiting mouth of a lion. The door opens and my legs lock in place, refusing to respond to my own actions. Oh dear, guess she really meant it. Piloted like a puppet, my arms gently set Aether down onto the floor. When my wide eyes rush up to meet hers, she's flushed and looks honestly quite angry. There's a sudden and intense pressure closing in around my throat as my collar tightens exponentially. 
Aether lifts her right hand into a fist and tugs so hard on the invisible cord that I fall forcefully onto my knees. Her teeth grind together harshly as she looks down upon me. "Seraphim." Her words are forceful enough to feel like a baseball bat to my insides, immediately lighting me up with erotic fear. "You said something about just doing what I want to you when I want to. I think it's high time to put that to use."
Her hand pulls back and slaps me roughly across the cheek. "Now, you will atone for your misbehavior." She winds again, and slaps me a second time. Powerful jolts of masochistic pleasure rattle through my entire body like lightning, exploding off from my cheek and rushing down my spine before collecting into a slick mess between my legs. Digitized Xenodrugs pound their way into my metal skull, forcefully crushing down my will into paste. Everything becomes so unbelievably sensitive that even a slight change in air pressure is enough to make me whimper from the stimulation. 
There's a sharp tug on my collar, forcing my ragdoll body to its feet before I limply fall over again into a heap on the floor. "Wow, how pathetic you are, girl. Can't even make it to the couch? Sad. Guess I'll have to fuck you on the floor again." 
Aether drops to her knees, flipping me over so my chest presses forcefully onto the floor. My hypersensitive breasts drag roughly across the soft carpet. Even through my companion dress, my rock hard nipples ache with sensitivity over every little detail on the carpet. I hear some part of Aether detach or open or something with a sharp blade runs up my spine cutting through my dress and into my haptic layer. "You know, brat, I designed your haptic layer with the original intent for it to self repair if any of it was damaged beneath the layer of synthetic skin. But since I have control over every little process your body undergoes." The blade slices down my back again, burning my sensors with extreme pain and pleasure all the while. "And since I have yet to leave you with a mark of my own, I think I'll stop that process for a little while. And brand you with my name, leaving a little cut up spot where there's nothing between me and the receiver metal."
A hot wave washes all over my back at once as the self repair process is halted. It hurts honestly very badly, as though fire was poured directly over me. Puddles once again form at both my limp, slack jawed mouth, and between my thighs as a need builds and builds and builds until I want her inside me so bad it hurts. So much pain, need, and pleasure all at once as a blade deliberately cuts into the halted layer just above my tailbone. I feel every little tiny detail of my layer splitting open as delicate letters trace their way into me, branding me as an owned piece of property. P O A V. Sliced easily like a hot knife through butter, causing shivers to run up and down me non stop.
"Do you understand what this means, you little brat?" She asks me, of course I can't answer. There's a sharp sting of a forceful slap across my ass. "It means property of Aether Versalice." She slaps me again, driving home her words and burning them into my memory banks forever. Property. Her property. Aether's nails dig into my hips as she roughly pulls my lower half onto my knees while the rest of me stays limp on the floor. "Aww look at you. What a mess you are." She coos. "Oh but don't you worry, I'm generous, even with misbehaving little pets like you. I'll provide you with release, I promise." White hot fingers trail up through the back of my hair, finding a holding point just above the nape of my neck and tug. My hair is tightly pulled on, causing a single quiet reflexive whimper to force its way through my lips as I'm roughly pulled upwards. 
Aether spits a few more degrading insults and commands my way, but they're not heard as all my mind can properly focus on is the little nubby tip gently prodding its way into my hot, dripping wet entrance. Several smaller little things start to press around, widening me out and getting me ready to accept her length. Aether laughs bitterly before tugging on my hair tightly again, forcing her way all the way inside of me once more. This time, she doesn't hold back on size. My eyes pour salty tears as my vision goes blurry at the edges with static as a shaft far too large for comfort fills me up all at once. My insides stretch to accommodate her as she reaches my back wall and roughly presses against it. Every single millimeter of my insides are touched and stretched all at once. It's painful and so pleasurable my eyes glaze over completely.
I feel her gently start to buck her hips, pulling on my hair as a point to hold me as she increases her rate. In and out a little bit more at a time, forcing me to feel everything as she allows my walls to tighten back up after being stretched so painfully. Only to force them back to their limits as she presses all the way back in again. This 'gentle' dance of hers only lasts a moment more before she growls and starts to fuck me more roughly. Banging herself against me as she grips digging nails into my hip and her other hand pulls on my hair. I can hear her panting and grunting beautifully as I'm fucked senselessly into the floor. Each little inch of me she gives up just to press two times as hard back inside rocks my senses into painfully blissful oblivion. 
Aether pants and moans louder and louder, eventually letting go of my hair and hip just to crush my shoulders down into the floor to allow her a deeper angle. A patch of extra sensitive nerves gets extra attention from this angle, pounded and slid over again and again and again. Orgasm builds inside me just to crash over all my senses at once in hot waves. Another builds just as forcefully, washing over me like fire again and again and again. Orgasm after orgasm, my metal ribs tighten as my vacuums run completely out of air, locked into a permanent silent scream. My hands tighten on the carpet so hard that enough pressure heat builds to melt the material just slightly.
Then something happens, the hottest and most painful rush of sensation fills me up all at once as I feel the shaft inside me throb and release sticky sap. It burns me with pleasure so bright and powerful that even an oxygen deprived orgasm can't possibly meet the overwhelming wave of visceral pleasure overwhelming me.  My eyes pour tears as my cameras dilate and my tongue flops uselessly out of my mouth. 
After a few moments of this, I can feel Aether's length slowly remove itself. I'm extremely sore after all that, so the extra movement doesn't help. Her grip on me changes just as her last inch exits my body. My shoulders are firmly pulled around until I can look up to face her. She's sweaty, flushed red, and looking very sadistically satisfied with her use of me. "You did so good, Sera. Using you felt wonderful. Like my little pathetic sex toy. But aww look." She tilts my chin to look down at the leaking bundle of tight vines and a flower bulb. "You made a mess. Now you'll get to clean it up." My eyes lazily track upwards to hers. They're glowing a bright fiery red, far brighter than I've ever seen before. If I were flesh and blood, I'd be worried the glare could turn me to stone. 
My nose picks up a sudden whiff of the most erotic, delicious, musky smell of poisonous preditory sap. My mouth starts to water helplessly at the smell, shoving me full of the idea that I'm just useless prey, ready to be obliterated by a stronger predator. Aether barks some command I don't recognize at me, yet my throat relaxes all the same, allowing her to easily slide past my lips and down into the base of my throat. My tongue glides over her shaft, rewarded with the most meltingly delicious flavor I've ever tasted in all of my existence. Even in my limp natured state, my tongue can't help but run across her length as much as I can, begging out more little drops of sweet sap. My entire mouth and throat light up in sparkly pins and needles as she pulls and pushes herself in and out of my throat, gently using my helpless body to clean her off as I greedily swallow every last drop. "Haaahhhh~ that's a good girl. Clean it all up now~" Aether coos, causing my throat to tighten around her shaft a little more, and my tongue to run up and down her even faster. Worshipping the feeling and flavor she's allowing me to have. 
When she finally seems content, she slowly pulls out of me, showing herself off with all the little sparkly drops of my saliva coating her. My breaths are ragged and panting, gasping for air I don't need and only causing the last of the sap in my throat to cloyingly drip into both my stomach and a little bit into my vacuums.
"Uh oh~" Aether giggles at my display. "Now I'll need to clean you out again~"
I'm gently lifted into the air by her strong arms, into a position much the same as the one I carried her in earlier. Only difference is that I'm dripping wet from both ends and just had my brains knocked out by sheer force of girldick. Well, vines, but close enough. 
We enter the dark and romantic bathroom, with all the little fake candles lighting our way. The massive tub quickly fills up with bubbly and floral smelling bath water. Cautiously enough not to dip my head under the water for even a moment, Aether sets me down into the tub, stripping off and joining me shortly after. Her soft breasts push against mine as she wraps me up into a tight hug. The sensations make my nipples get hard again, but she just giggles and coos at me for it. Eventually, she plants a little kiss on my lips and makes some quiet comment about finding out what she tastes like before grabbing some strange looking bath utensils and beginning to wash me off. The gentle scrubbing pressure across me is so soothing and nice that I can't help but drift off to sleep in the tub. Pulled down into nothingness after such a long day.
Love is the last thing I feel before sleep claims me. Love for my new life, my fiance, my owner, my caretaker, and any of the other words I can use to describe the being who now effortlessly controls my life. 
But I couldn't be happier about it.
(End of page twenty one)

Drain gang! This chapter title comes from "girls just wanna have fun" by ecco2k and bladee

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