Circuit Breaker

Am I Just In Heaven Or Las Vegas? (Page Twenty Three)

by CyanidePrincess

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Alcohol... Sharks.... Gay people.... and SEX! But this time, the sex is pretty tame. 

“That Floret of yours is quite the troublemaker.” Raynor comments towards me. I’m currently tied up in vines in an honestly… not very flattering position upside down. The class J’s wore off last night, so I can properly speak now. Except my mouth is gagged by black vines, so really I actually can’t.

“She is, isn’t she? Always finding ways to circumvent punishments. But, when I can get her to be obedient, she’s very obedient. Isn’t that right, Sera?” The way Mistress talks to me sends a shiver down my cable spine. As if on cue, I feel my arms parted, and a vine snaking up my dress. It slowly rubs across my tummy in lazy circles. But I’m so sensitive to them it makes me jitter around in my restraints. Little electric shocks tickling me. Pleasurable, exciting, but very very ticklish! Meow meow meow meow meow!

Mistress eventually lets me down from Her grip, and elects to start holding me in a cradle again. “Isn’t it?” She speaks, with a smug grin on Her beautifully sculpted wood face.

“Yes, Mistress.” A vine comes down to quickly swipe away the drool running down my chin. My face is flushed and I’m definitely not in the mood to misbehave right now. Electing to go completely limp instead and just zone out while I’m being carried. 
"You seem to especially like this part of her personality." Lillina states knowingly, having to put in a little extra effort to keep up at the pace Mistress is walking at. Her being so tall, Her strides are very far.
"I absolutely do. It's so rewarding to be able to push her back down into submission after every time she acts up. She's like a puzzle, always coming up with new ways to disobey. It's fun to punish her for it as well, and I think she likes it too~" Mistress coos down at me, bringing my focus forward and onto Her.
"I like it very much, Mistress." I admit, nuzzling closer into the comforting embrace. 
"That's what I thought~" She runs Her fingers through my hair for a moment, digging out little quiet whimpers and moans from me as Her fingers gently dance across my scalp. "I could always just program her to be obedient like this always. But, where's the fun in that, you know? I like to leave her with a little bit of give just so I can watch her break for me over and over again naturally~" Vines possessively curl tightly around my neck once more before tugging me backwards into an opening in Mistress' chest. A little gap shaped perfectly to my body, without a millimeter of extra space, my body slots in perfectly. I'm completely surrounded on all sides, every inch of me's covered and comfortingly held in place. Though there is no room for me to breathe, as it is merely unnecessary. The full body embrace across my metal shell is so perfectly soothing, however, I almost reflexively enter low power mode. Drifting into a state similar to sleep but not quite. Here, I dream of electric sheep.
After some amount of time I could care less to count, light seeps back into the cavity. Little ports open just where my eyes are, allowing me to look out. We're all standing in front of a store labeled Ingvar Kamprad, Elmtaryd Agunnaryd. No idea what that's supposed to mean but cool I guess. The letters are in blue and yellow. It looks like a furniture store? Oh right! Furniture! That's why we're out and about, we need furniture.
Mistress seems to have sensed my realization, as She slowly pulls me out of my little cubby. Though, upon being pulled back out into the light, I'm still tightly wrapped up in a little cocoon. Only my head is showing above. She's mid conversation with Lillina and Raynor though, so I don't make any sounds so as to not interrupt.
After a few minutes of being blatantly talked over (not that I mind. It's demeaning but it's kinda fun. Reinforces my pet-like headspace.) Raynor looks down at me, but only slightly. I'm held up pretty high, almost at his head level. "Well Sera, as it turns out, I actually have a scheduled reading time today with a particular Terran who has yet to learn how to read. I have to be away for a little while, I hope you don't mind?"
I smile at him. My cocoon unwraps just enough for me to get a hand out to grab one of his vines. "I don't mind, Rainy. Enjoy your reading sesh!" He smiles back and rubs my head a little bit before turning to walk away. 
"Enjoy your girls day!" They say before walking far enough away to be out of average conversational range. 
"Breach the question already Raynor! You can tell he likes you!" Mistress calls out after him. He just waves a few sporadic vines in our direction without turning around. 

"May I ask what that was all about?" I ask my Owner before my hand is pulled back into the lovely cocoon. My body is gently turned around to face Her. I automatically look up into Her eyes. 
"You may. We were just talking about this silly little 'independent sophont' Raynor has been teaching to read lately. It's so obvious the young man is completely head over heels for him, yet Raynor has yet to even mention any of his own feelings back. Which he so obviously also has!" I can totally hear the air quotes in the way Mistress describes the Terran. Independent, but probably not for long. It brings a smile to my face knowing that silly green and orange plant may have someone special to dote on soon. And a little bit of the smile is second hand happiness for the human. Raynor will be a wonderful owner.
"This Terran is illiterate? How did that end up happening?" I ask through my open smile. 
"He was picked up fairly recently actually, from some far off planet in the Accord. One not mentioned in very many records. Bit of a hard find, especially since none of the population had communications outside of surface level radio. Once brought here, it was obvious that many of them didn't understand written language, and fewer didn't have a grasp on language at all. Thankfully, they came without trouble. Now, Raynor has been set to teach one of them how to read, and it's just oh so sweet to hear about~" Mistress comments wistfully before focusing on me once more. "You ready to come down from here, my angel?" I smile and nod happily. 
"Yes, Mistress!" She sets me down slowly to the sidewalk before the three of us enter.
"Aether, if I do recall correctly, it's improper etiquette to have a Floret off her leash when outside of the home." Lillina comments in a particularly smug tone. This feels planned!
"Do you doubt my decision making as an Owner?" Mistress smugly comments back. "She most certainly is leashed. Let me show you. Sera, come."  I automatically obey, walking over and standing happily in front of my Owner. "Now stay, angel." I stay put while She backs away a few steps. "Now, watch this." 
Mistress holds out Her hand in a way that stimulates holding something. Lillina watches with a smile as I nervously squirm in my place, bright blue like a berry. Then, She tugs Her hand back just slightly, pulling on my invisible leash enough to make me whimper and nearly fall forward. Just to be caught and righted by Her vines. "Prepare yourself, and let me pull you to me, pet." Mistress commands. It only makes me more embarrassed but compliant. She tugs Her hand back once more, pulling me forward to Her. This time I don't fall, instead letting myself be guided by my Owner back over to Her heel. My proper place. "Good little robot~" Mistress coos, petting through my hair some more. I giddily press my head further into Her palm. "See? She's properly leashed, right at my command, as she should be. You just can't exactly see it. It's a mix of programming and hardware in her collar that simulates a leash as accurately as possible." A smaller vine sneaks around behind my ear, scratching me in a place I hadn't realized was so sensitive. I start to helplessly melt as She rewards me with more and more affection. "Though, I can tie a vine to her collar if I really wanted to. The invisible one is just for fun, usually." The little vine traces a sensitive path away from where She was scritching me and through a loop in the center of the rose on my collar. Then She pulls again a little bit, this time with a more physical representation of a collar and leash. Of course I totally just melt and let myself be pulled on in whichever way She wants me to go, before She unties it and pets me on the head some more.
"Exactly as I thought." Lillina states seriously, crossing her vines. "You are an absolutely capable owner and to ever think of yourself as less would be a blatant lie. You have that girl happily under your heel without a care in the world to be anywhere else." 
Mistress blushes, which makes me blush too, but I'm already blushing so now it's even worse. I'm rendered once again back into the state of bluescreen. "Yes, I do suppose you're right. I feel a bit foolish that I can still think otherwise sometimes." Mistress' palm rests against my cheek. "It's just hard sometimes. I get pulled back down into these spirals so easily. But I think I'm getting better." Her hand shifts, big soft flowery fingers wrap around my neck once more, gently cutting off my vacuum oxygen supply as effortlessly as usual. "No. I know I'm getting better. It's hard to stay sad with such a precious Floret under my care."
"That's wonderful to hear, Aether. I'm very happy to know that." Lillina smiles brightly at the two of us before uncrossing her arms and leading us in. "Furniture, anyone?"
"I could go for some!" I dreamily state, still happily being held by my Owner a few seconds more before being released.
A Terran dressed in a blue uniform with tan cargo pants walks up and happily greets us. "Hey there, welcome to the shark pit. Need any assistance today, or are you set with what you need?" They ask before extending a hand out to shake Lillina's, then Mistresses. "Roofus, by the way. He/him pronouns. Ready to raise the roof?" He giggles. I stare back at him blankly.
"Uh, no, I don't think we'll be doing that today. The roof of our habitation unit is already properly placed to my knowledge." I state. He just looks at me and giggles more. 
[That's slang for party, sweetheart.] Text enters my head. Party? Why party? [I dunno girl, it's just what it means. I think he's trying to be funny.] Ugh! Humans are so confusing! [Girl you're telling me.]
"Why don't you run along with Roofus here and pick out some nice things for our cabin. I'll stay back with Lils and shop around with her for a while." Mistress gently suggests, putting a vine on my back and pushing me forward slightly. I take to the suggestion, nod, and follow Roofus as he walks away. Just before I'm out of range, I hear Lillina comment. "Really? Now you're gonna start calling me that too?" She sounds fakely insulted. "Yes, yes I am." Mistress comments back before the two of us take another turn and my focus parts away.
"So, you have some kinda cabin with your owner?" He asks, picking up some kinda picture book off a nearby display shelf. 
"Yes! Think…. Emo cottagecore. Cabin made of black wood, with a bunch of dark foresty kinds of plants all around."
"Emo cottagecore huh? Interesting, very interesting. I think I have just the things." He says, thoughtfully sifting through some of the pages, focusing intently on a certain section before looking up at me with a bit of surprise. "Oh, uh, sorry to keep you standing there, how about we sit down and look through this together?" He asks, gesturing towards a nearby set of soft looking chairs.
"My body runs off a self-sustaining electrical feed created by planttech that will never run out of fuel.. I could stand in place literally forever. But sure, a chair seems more comfortable." I smile, confident and honestly gloating a bit. He just smiles happily back to me.
"Great!" We sit down in the chairs next to each other. The book seems to be a type of catalog, with all the different furniture sorted by culture and aesthetic similarities. "These here" he points at a certain section "are all the dark, goth style cabin sets we have on selection. I bet you'll like this table?" He points again, this time at a certain picture. It's a dark, black oak wood varnished table with delicately carved patterns into every inch. It's beautiful, and will fit perfectly into our kitchen set. There's just one thing…
"You have a selection of specifically goth cottagecore furniture?" I ask, utterly bewildered. He nods rapidly, obviously very passionate about it all.
"That we do! And these are just the furniture sets! You should really see our decorations." Roofus comments in a very particular tone. Damn this human loves his decorations. Good for him, good for him.
With another pass over the table set, I nod acceptingly. "Yes, this is very nice though, I think we'll take it." 
"Great! I'll set that in your order once we're done! Take a look through some of this other stuff as well, there's no limit on the amount you can choose from. If you decide to stray away from this aesthetic…" his hand moves towards the right side of the catalog. "Dark academia is this way, and" then to the other side "lighter, more dreamy aesthetics are towards here." 
"Thank you, I'll take a look." As he passes the book over to me completely, I take a moment to send a message to Mistress and let Her know I picked out a table set.
[Wonderful, it looks lovely. Very proud of your choice, sweetheart. <3] is sent back to me shortly after. My smile returns in full force.
After a few minutes of looking, I've settled down on a few nice wooden sets of dishware and utensils, a few TV's that look like everything minus the screen is made from black moss covered oak, some nice soft couches and chairs, and lastly some decorative candles and tapestries to hang up. It all looks very nice, and I'm midway through making another selection as an electric jolt zaps me on my forehead. Like a long distance kiss, and snap on my attention, my eyes dart up towards the direction of my Owner, trailing off my sentence mid word. [Come.] The command hits my processing like a gentle slap. My cheeks hurt from the smile that just grew across them as I silently set the book down next to me and immediately walk off through the store, much to Roofus' surprise. Though he follows after me shortly after. Once I make it back to my Owner, I'm rewarded with a head pat and blahaj.a hair ruffle. 
"Told you it would work." Mistress says confidently towards the fuzzy mess of pink next to her.
"I didn't doubt that it would. I only just said that I didn't know how you would." Lillina responds back. "Such a dynamic you two are. You can get that girl to respond to your thoughts alone yet somehow" - my hair is now being ruffled by a pink vine instead - "she still finds ways to disobey you. Really an interesting pair you are."  I smile up towards my friend, she smiles back. "Made for each other, truly."
Mistress' flowers bloom gently in agreement. It makes me enamoured just to watch. But after a few minutes, Roofus awkwardly clears his throat. "So uhh… you all done here?"
"Oh! Uh… yes, yes I think so. We just finished picking the bed model. Number 85-B please." Mistress comments just as awkwardly. Roofus clasps his hands together happily. 
"Great! I'll add that to your list, thank you for being a guest here at the sharky pit!"
"Ummm what does that mean? Is that what the words on the sign translate to? My ocular lenses scanned it and told me it was in some language called 'swedish?'" I ask the attendant curiously. He just giggles back at me.
"No, that's not what the words mean. The words are just the name of our original founder a long time ago, plus the name of his home town or something. I call it the shark pit because just about everyone that comes in here, Affini or Sophont, almost always leaves with one of our shark plushies." He smiles and shrugs.
"Shark plushies?" :O
"Yep, shark plushies." :D
"Take me to them!" I bounce on the tips of my feet excitedly.
"Absolutely, follow me!" Roofus quickly dashes off with me right on his snail. Tail? [Tail.] Right on his tail! Even though he doesn't have one! 
I'm led over to a large bucket of blue and white fluff. Bucket, no, more like pool! There's an entire swimming pool here just full to the brim with little stuffed sharks. They range in size, but many of them look to be about the length of an average Terran body. My eyes, full of excitement, dart over to the attendant next to me. He just nods, and I dive in.
My heavy metal body crashes into the pit of sharks with nothing more than a little bounce. There are so many sharks in here that even the weight of my reinforced shell isn't enough to do more than bounce on all the softness. Which there's lots of! I'm completely surrounded by sharks! Eagerly, I reach out and snap up the closest shark to me, holding it tightly to my chest. It fills up my arms in such a comforting way, it's literally bliss. Like being cuddled, or holding someone, the shark is comfortingly warm and soft. 
A sudden sweep of weight and shadow announces the arrival of my Goddess, who also jumped in and was now cuddling me *and* the sharks and being very gay about it. Vines quickly dart through the pile of fluff, wrapping around my ankles and pulling me under to drown in an abyss of blahaj…. Truly a grim fate.

There's beautiful laughter all around me, cutting even through the fluff to fill my heart up with sunshine (sunshine). Thrashing around in the pit, trying to swim to the surface, I’m pulled back down under again and again into the dark fluffy pool. Like a block of concrete is tied to my ankles…. I must escape!


With my free hands, I compress together a couple sharks, and slip them between the vines around my ankles, barely able to slip out of the grasp. Freedom! I dart through the fluffy pool as fast as I can, though it's not very fast. (Swimming in shark plushies isn't very easy, even for a robot!) Until…

I hit the surface!

Blasting up and out causes a big explosion of sharks to burst up into the air behind me. My cylinders all fire as hard as they can at the peak of my jump causing me to angle downward, and nosedive directly into the bigger, softer plant of my dreams. The moment I make contact, I grab my hands out, latch onto a few key vines, and tug with all my weight down back into the pit, pulling my Owner along with me into the fluff! 
As soon as She’s under the surface, She spreads out all throughout the pit. Vines dart out, find me, and pull me through all the way to Her. Sifting back together, at the bottom of the abyss, She uses Her canopy to make a big air pocket for us beneath there. Sharks held up in the sides like an igloo, everything is pitch black. Then, I click my ocular lenses back over to the ultraviolet spectrum.

My world is completely and utterly surrounded by the most beautiful light show I've ever seen. A shifting, dancing galaxy of light cascading all across my body, the source: my Owner. Pulling in and out of me like ocean waves, Her beautiful aura washes over me. Like a lighthouse in darkness, I let myself drown in it. Her a lamp, and I a moth, I can only be attracted more.

The light pulls through me in a steady rhythm. It rolls and rolls at a mirror frequency to the wavelength of Her signal. My wings lose their tension and poof out to my sides at the same moment the protective bubble collapses around me. I’m swept in on all sides at once, pulled straight into the center of Her form. Dropped straight into a black hole, my consciousness is momentarily pulled apart at the seams. The feeling of being wrapped in so closely, held with the attention of every single vine at once blows me away completely. Held so firmly… It makes me feel treasured, protected, cared for in ways I couldn’t describe. It’s the most wonderful feeling in the world just to be held by Her.

That's not to mention the digitized drugs coursing through me. Just because I'm off the J’s doesn’t mean I'm off A’s as well. There's a steady amount passing from the data I’m constantly intaking from my Owner, to the data-banks in my computing system, then lastly to my entire metal body at once. And honestly? I don’t mind it. It's not so much that I can’t still be precise, but it's enough to make just the simple pressure around me from Mistress’ vines send a radiating warmth of pleasure all the way through me at once. All the way to my metal bones and data cable veins. Enough heat to nearly burn, but I’m resistant to fire, so I can take it. Lit all across me, I can feel all the minute details in the texture of Her vines. Flowers softly press against my body in various places, while thorns gently prod elsewhere. I can barely contain my voice, but thankfully being sealed in like this is soundproof. Nearly enough to break my computer mind with pleasure all over again.

Eventually, after my entire personhood is removed from my conception for a little while, we surface. I’m brought back out into the light, which is currently far too intense for my dilated apertures to handle. Just like yesterday, my eyes are suddenly covered from the light. A vine wraps around my face and ties together at the back, bathing me in darkness, but allowing me to still sense the world around me with calculated pulses from the quiet signal in my chest. Guided, quite literally, from the parts of my Owner embedded within me. Acting purely off of Her alone to find my way. It ignites another fire of adoration within me, burning so brightly and feverishly that I immediately bow my head down and submit to the every whim of the force that controls me. With a simple thought, I send a prayer back through our connection to my Goddess. Asking for love, care, and guidance in the world. To be led, directed, used. Asking for Her protection and Her leading hand. In return, I devote my entire soul. 
When my prayer reaches Her, I feel it. My words, my tiny ripple through the signal is matched first, taken in by the hand and accepted or heard, then gently gently blown back towards me. Though when my message is given back, it's different. Edited, changed, it passes through into my soul. When I prayed to Her, She heard me and responded right back. Not some God who you just have to have faith in, not some God who 'works in mysterious ways' though She does, no. A Goddess who hears me, hears my individual prayers and accepts my faith in Her. And She responds. It causes me to feel more devotion than I even had to death itself.

Letting myself be completely puppeted, I feel us return to the front of the store. The rest of my senses no longer sit anywhere near my attention, simply choosing to feel what each beat of the signal tells me to. Listening to Her voice, Her words, through the gentle shifts in the infinitely deep, ever changing pattern. The most incomprehensibly beautiful cosmic song projects through me, leaving all of Her emotions and thoughts behind it.

Unable to even dream of leaving this completely empty yet entirely full state, I simply sit there in Her arms while She completes the last of the order. I’m able to feel the meaning of Her words as clearly as I would hear them. <Yes, add two of those stuffy shark things to the order please. Yes, two…. No, four. They were too nice to pass up. When would you like us to collect the rest?>  Some time passes, I pay no attention to it. Everything that isn’t Her is automatically ignored. <Wonderful. We'll be here tomorrow morning then.> 
Distantly, there are sensations on my head, parting through my hair, but they are lost from my focus anyway. What's more important, is when I feel my Goddess wrap my arm up and puppet me to wave to someone or something outside of my world of focus. <Goodbye Lillina! We'll be seeing you soon!> She says, still waving my arm.
Shortly after this, everything fades into darkness and comfort as the two of us (well, really only one of us) head back towards our ship. I can tell, I can feel the direction where we're going. I can feel Mistress guiding me there, helplessly in Her hold. When we arrive, my body is limply snatched up from its spot and my eyes are slowly uncovered. I expected the light to be far too bright to handle, but it wasn't. Firstly, the sense of vision captured by the extremely high powered cameras of my eyes simply were not making the connection between the images they capture and the relation of the fact that those images are what I'm supposed to actually see. The connection simply was not made, therefore I did not see, even if my eyes were working properly. Secondly, we're in the bar, and all the lights are off. It would be reasonably dark enough for me even if I could genuinely interpret the world around me outside of Mistress' vines.
There's a soft, electric stroke across my cheek that demands my attention. A little coo escapes me as I try to focus any parts of me left that I can. Then, the voice of a Goddess flows through me like thick, sweet honey. "Time for you to come up now, princess.~"
Just like that, I feel my senses slowly reboot themselves back in order. First is touch. I feel the air in the room flowing across my haptic layer. Simulating the flow of each and every molecule of oxygen that rushes over my body. I'm so sensitive right now, it makes me shiver, but not from the cold. 
Second is sound. There's a gentle, quiet humming sound coming from somewhere within the ship. Nearly silent, but it's there. It's familiar in a way. Distant from my senses but somehow close to my heart.
Third is taste. My mouth sparkles with the phantom taste of maple syrup. A taste I am so accustomed to, and so in love with, that even though my mouth is clear I still remember it as though I was devoted to pleasuring Her at this time. Remembering the taste of Her sap in my mouth so clearly makes me blush (again).
Finally, the rest of my senses pick themselves together pretty much all at once after that. Vision returns to something I can actually process, and I look up to my Owner who's happily watching over me as I reboot. "Wuh… what… what happened?" I ask, dreamily and barely coherent.
"Well uh… you're quite malleable to my hypnotics now. I ended up hypnotizing you a bit more than you could handle at the moment so I brought us home instead. How are you feeling?" 
"Honestly? Good. Really good. Very…. Guided by You. But other than that, thinking feels kinda hard and I'd rather zone out and do something distracting.”

“Distracting? I have an idea, want to practice some more? We have a tabletop session with your other friends tomorrow…. Maybe we want to make some snacks and drinks for them all?” 
I smile in agreement. “Sure, that sounds nice. I’m a little tired though… Mind giving me some support~?”
Mistress catches my flirt, and wraps a bunch of small vines around each of my limbs. Now, I don’t need the support. I’m a robot, made of metal, and with enough strength to bench press a small hovercraft. But, there's something nice about barely needing to move, and instead just letting all the effort be diverted to someone else. With my limbs all so lovingly supported, I need only to really think about the next move I'm going to make for my body to be properly guided that way. And in this little hold, we work for maybe the next hour or two.
Making drinks, putting all the different ingredients together into nice concoctions, and then serving them to Aether just to watch her reaction…. It's nice in a way I can't describe. Probably the most fun I've had in a while. It feels unbelievably nice to go through even a little bit of learning effort to make something tasty that I can serve to my soon-to-be wife. I've been smiling just about the whole time.
"I'm pretty sure it's not traditional to blend the ice in a margarita though." I say, currently being puppeted to squeeze some cut limes into a tall glass with tequila already in it.
"Yeah but… don't you think it tastes better? It's kinda like a dessert drink. Oh! Dessert drinks! We should learn some drinks that can either act as dessert treats or that can pair well with desserts I can make in the kitchen!" Aether suggests, leaning over the bar table in front of me. Her eyes are wide with excitement, and her mouth is pulled into the most beautiful, confident smile. She's just as excited about all this nonsense as I am.
"That sounds like a great idea!" I beam. "But this margarita still isn't traditional~" I tease her a bit. She just raises an eyebrow at me at the same time the vines wrapped around my body lock up enough that I can't move.
"Yeah, well, I don't think making out over a bar table is that traditional either." She says in a confident tone, leaning towards me a little further. Eyes poised on her prize.
"Hahaha, what? It's not traditional to- mmmnf~" I'm cut off mid sentence by a hand wrapping around the back of my head and pulling me in for a kiss. When our lips make contact, I squeak a little involuntarily. It just sends these little zaps all throughout me that make me feel all silly. But even more, the moment my lips part slightly, she shoves her tongue into my mouth to immediately do battle with mine. Now I can't help but full on moan as I'm restricted tighter and tighter, and kissed more and more roughly. No longer a quick, romantic kiss. Not one being playful over the bar set, no. This one's needy, demanding, and oppressive to all my senses. The roughness of her tongue in my mouth, and her lips forcefully pressing into mine is enough to completely wipe my temporary memory banks of everything I was just doing. I'm completely lost in the kiss. To such a degree that when she finally pulls away from me, I'm flushed, a little sweaty, a little trembling, and panting like a robot dog. There is zero chance I can return to practice in a state like this.
The vines holding up my body gently release their tight pressure for just a moment, allowing me the barest freedoms of movement. Which I immediately use to unbutton my top while maintaining the most pleading of subby eye contact I can possibly make. When I unbutton the last one, and pull the top off my dress Aether gives me an appraising look. A satisfied one. It gives me just enough of a push to ask. "Aether, will you please take me? I can feel how much you want it right now too." 
"Oh sweetheart. You're misinformed. I always feel like that about you." She coos, and my expression gets a little more flushed and needy. "But yes, I think I will."
Suddenly and forcefully my arms are tied around my back and a blindfold is placed around my eyes. I can feel myself get pulled out of the room and into somewhere else. Automatic reaction to scan the area reveals to me that we've entered our (currently) empty house bedroom. It's large and open enough for Mistress' body to entirely spread out across every wall and surface in the room. I'm silently and gently deposited in the center, still totally bound up by some vines around me. There's a strong feeling of impending something from being offered up to my goddess like this. I feel like a little prayer offering. So I steady my breathing and send a feeling of gratitude through our shared link, to show my dedication and joy at being offered up like this.
"Aww, so cute. You're really happy to let me do this then huh~?" Aether's dominant voice rings out all around me at once. Strange, though, as it's obviously the one from her drone body, but none of my scans indicate her anywhere in the- An ice cold hand runs down my collarbone, causing me to suddenly whimper as I'm pushed gently backwards onto my wings. More invisible touches dance across my tummy and thighs, rocketing little blasts of warm pleasure through me that counterbalance the harsh coldness of her fingertips. I feel little letters drawn out across my tummy by a single, ice cold fingertip. 'I <3 U' Awwww- "Haahhhmnn~" her other hand trails down my thighs and my legs are pulled apart to allow her to stuff two or three fingers inside me at once. A little gag of vines trail over my face and into my mouth to change my moans from ones of open mouthed submission to muffled squeaks of pleasure. Her hand changes form just a little bit, and starts digging away at an extra sensitive patch of my inner walls, brushing along it again and again, milking out more muffled moans and bound involuntary struggles from me. 
"So adorable Sera. You're such a good little prize, so ready to sacrifice yourself up for your Goddess whenever she wants it, hmm?" I answer with another moan into my gag as her fingers keep working away inside me. I feel her thumb trail up to press against my clit in time with her ceaseless digging at my insides. I can feel myself get more and more wet, rewarding her plundering with lubrication spilling out all over her hand. And she giggles. She giggles at my pathetic display of submission. "Don't worry, my little offering, I'll be gentle with you today. You've been a very good girl for me lately. So obedient and willing like a good little slut." Her last word sends feelings down my spine. To be demeaned by her, bullied by her in this way just feels so fucking good. Like I'm so dirty and unfit of anything but my proper place beneath her. My body spills out a bit more slick wetness as Aether removes her fingers from my sensitive folds. 
There are bright hot, electrically charged kisses planted up and up and up my inner thighs, dancing around my sex with giddy glee. Teasing me by inching closer and closer yet never actually- her tongue runs up from the base of my slit all the way to my pearl, where it presses gently against it. The feeling is so good, so intensely pleasurable, it makes me want to push my hips forward and dig her face down into me as hard as I can. But I can't, I'm stuck helplessly bound and blindfolded in place. So all I can do is usually squirm and moan into my gag as she presses her mouth around me to suck gently on my clit. Her tongue works it over and over again, as her fingers return to press up inside me again. It's almost brutally overstimulating, making my inner walls spasm and clench at her every move. I'm pushed closer and closer to the edge with every press of her tongue and suck from her mouth, every gentle dig from her fingers across my gspot. She feels this, my impending orgasm, and instead of the usual denial, I feel her press on. Growing more and more rough with each lick of her tongue and work of her fingers inside me. 
All my restraints tighten hard at once, keeping me utterly locked frozen in place as Aether milks an orgasm out of me so bright, I'm almost convinced I can see again. Losing grip on myself, my sex squirts a bit over her hand as my body loses all physical form against the rolling tide of orgasm. 
After a few minutes, the pleasure dies down into little jittery aftershocks, and the vines restraining my body start to release. The one bound across my eyes slips off as well to reveal the dark garden of flowers around us. And of course, the beautiful view of my fiance still licking her lips lovingly at me. My breath is still ragged and too exerting to properly form words the normal way. 
"Hello beautiful~ you enjoy that?" She coos down at my still squirming body.
{Yes, thank you goddess…} 
She smirks at me again. It makes me feel warm. But I happen to notice that I'm the only one who's gotten off. {Will- will you let me please you too?} I ask pleadingly. 
"Well, sweet little morsel, all of that was a reward for you. But~" she rolls onto her back and slowly pulls off her black skirt. "If you really want to~"
I slowly climb up to my knees and watch in open reverence as her lower access hatch pops open again. Revealing that delicious looking, thick rod of tightly woven vines. They're already slick from top to bottom, dripping sticky sap from the flower bud head at the tip. I sit and wait for the telltale signs that she wants me to begin. Maybe grabbing my hair, or controlling me, or blasting me full of digitized Xenodrugs, but there's nothing. I'm left completely in my own control. She looks up at me with a little smirk. "Well, go on then." 
I take the consent more like a command, and immediately grasp my right hand around her shaft to start slowly working it up and down across her. I hear her gasp in pleasure as my hand grows slick with sweet sap. The smells…oh the smells I can't take it. Like peppercorns, spices, and maple syrup with an underlying hint of gunpowder. Eagerly, I use my hand to angle her length towards my mouth before pushing it down as deep into my throat as I can take. "Mmmnaaah!" Aether moans, taking her still slightly damp hand and pressing it against my cheek. She slowly guides me off of her. "Easy now, easy. Go slow. I want to savor the feeling of your mouth on me." 
I nod, and slowly press her back down into my mouth, though this time only to half way. Dedicated to her, I start to work my tongue as well, running it up and down her length in my mouth all while dutifully sucking away and bobbing my head up and down. Then I move up, and wrap my tongue around the drippy flower bud at the top, milking out more sparkly, sweet, delicious poisonous sap. Though thankfully, that last part is a non issue. "Haah! Fffuck! Sera, keep going, just like that!" Aether moans. I keep working and working my tongue over her flower bud before plunging it all back into my throat again, then up, lapping up my greedy little tongue across the length of her shaft, then back down all over again. My wings feel a little tingly before they pomf out to the sides erect and fluttering lightly. 
There's something so special about servicing her so naturally. With nothing in the way, no additives, just me and my fiance in the throws of love. "Sssseraa.. I'm- gnnfff" My tongue finds its place around her rosebud tip once again, paired with gentle sucking action from my internal vacuum chambers. Roughly, Aether grabs a patch of hair on the back of my head and forces me down on her once more. She moans headily, strongly, as her body shakes and her back arches up to press down my throat a little bit further. Sticky, sweet, delicious syrup floods my mouth and down my throat as she gently bucks her hips against me a few more times. Distantly, behind the wall of pleasure I feel from serving her so delightfully, I sense her flower open and gently drop all its petals down my throat once again. Happily, I swallow and swallow to drink up every last drop of yummy sap as I can. Like a little reward for being such a good girl and pleasing my darling to-be. 
Eventually, Aether's moaning dies down into rough panting, and then more gentle breaths as I slowly remove her shaft from my mouth. It slowly coils back down into her drone's shell before her hatch closes. She looks up at me with these big, needy red eyes, full of love and appreciation that just melts me to my processing systems. 
[You. Lay.] She pats the bed of soft moss and flowers on her right. [Here.] I smile, and slowly lay down next to her. Aether's hands needily grab out at me and pull my body flush against hers. She wraps her arms tightly around me, which sends me happy little butterflies in my robot gut, and makes me wrap my arms back around her just as tight. Slowly, around us both, the garden in the room melts down across us, draping us entirely in a wreath of flowers and vines that push us together a little tighter. A little closer. The vines shift and change until we're totally rightly bound and supported on all sides. Feeling oh so cuddled up with both my fiance, the love of my life, and my Owner, my world, my everything all in one place.
It doesn't take more than thirty seconds for me to shut off into charging mode, asleep in their hold, perfectly together once more.
(End Of Page Page Twenty Three)

Every Time I Close My Eyes I Stop Existing....

Chapter title from "Heaven Or Las Vegas" by Coctau Twins  

Side note: i love all my google doc readers. i love you all for real. <3<3<3

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