Inheritance - Dreaming in Digital

Chapter 11 - Bargain

by Creirwy

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #dom:female #dom:male #f/f #f/m #pov:bottom #sub:female #addiction #AIsubmissive #bondage #clothing #consensual_non-consent #cuckold #D/s #drones #exhibitionism #gaslighting #growth #humiliation #hypnosis #lactation #masturbation #milf #multiple_partners #Nanotech #petplay #pov:top #prostitution #sadomasochism #scifi #sub:male

The women stared at each other for a few moments.

"Okay... but who are you?" repeated Xara.

The phoenix frowned, arms still held aloft. "I just told you."

"What, the ruler of the city?"

"No, Ashe. A phoenix from the - how much of your family tree do you know?" She frowned.

Xara shrugged. "I never really paid attention beyond the basics."

"Great, I wasted my big entrance speech on a philistine," the phoenix groaned and wiped a hand on her face. "The youth of today..."

"What are you talking about," Xara demanded. "And what do you want?"

"I helped make this city what it is, and I laid the foundations for the AI network to control the subs that you lot," she pointed a finger at Xara, "personified as a bimbo catgirl. We were supposed to take over the world and what do I find after I wake up? Hedonism! Depravity!" Her face coloured. "A milk bar called Udders that everyone calls The MILF bar? Are you serious? Have any of my descendants done anything but fuck each other all day for the last fifty years?"

"Oh, you're my great-grandmother, or something," Xara concluded. She blushed at the scathing slow clap she received.

"I knew cross-breeding the castes would damage the line of succession. Your mother was born a sub, for goodness' sake, and now you, the daughter of a sub and a domme, are more of a switch than anything. Just like that girlfriend of yours. You're the first, you know."

"The first?" Xara queried, before Ashe snapped her eyes to the sky. An earth-trembling roar filled the air and a great black dragon with red scales dove down through the open roof of the temple, just missing Ashe as she took flight and swooped back. With a slam of the dragon's tail the temple glitched and reformed as a castle courtyard, the Nyna sphinx becoming a nymph fountain statue, water spilling from her bare nipples into a basin at her feet.

The dragon then leapt back into the air, Ashe in pursuit as she shifted into a fully phoenix form, and the two danced through the sky for several long minutes, roaring, screeching and blasting fire and shadowy bolts at each other. After a while Xara sighed and sat down against Nyna's fountain. "Why the fuck not. Dommes and their drama."

Like a meteor Ashe crashed back into the courtyard, resuming her more humanoid form. "Granddaughter," she scowled.

The dragon swooped down above Xara and turned into smoke just before landing, out of which stepped the Matriarch. She wasn't wearing her casual leather suit of her business dress, appearing to be mostly naked but for a bodysuit-shaped growth of black scales over red, a tail as thick as her thigh and as long as her body, and two deadly looking horns erupting from her black hair. She folded wings that were black on the outside and red on the inside behind her back, smiling. "Grandmother Ashe. Lovely to meet you."

"At least someone knows family history," Ashe griped.

"The museum is a favourite haunt of mine," the Matriarch replied, casually walking over to the Nyna statue. She ran a hand fondly over the marble, then dug her claw-like nails into the stone until it cracked. The fissures in the stone grew longer and wider across the entire surface as she squeezed until the marble crumbled into the water of the fountain, and a dazed Nyna mewled and toppled over into the Matriarch's waiting arms. "Good morning, kitten."

"Mmm... Mommy... Nyna got caught..." She whimpered and snuggled closer, hugging her arms around the Matriarch's scaled waist. The draconic dominant wrapped her arms around Nyna's, then her tail around Nyna's thighs, then her wings, until all Xara could see of Nyna was a pair of pink ears, the tip of her hair, her ankles and a fluffy pink tail curling around the Matriarch's much thicker and stronger-looking appendage. "Hard to think..."

"It's okay, sweetheart. You just relax. Your brains have all been disconnected, so no one's expecting you to think right now," the Matriarch smiled.

"Oh...okay...good," Nyna sighed and closed her eyes.

Ashe rolled hers. "I'm the one who started research on an AI system and you're the mother?"

"You weren't around when she was brought online. Or were you? Where have you been, grandmother?" The Matriarch had a small smirk on her face. Nothing ever seemed to faze her.

"A few weeks before my body expired, I had my mind compressed and uploaded to Ananke's servers until there was enough background memory to wake me up. Then I used my access codes to take over from the cat."

"That explains the diminishing returns on the processor drones," the Matriarch mused. "And how do you find our city?"

"We were supposed to be in control of the planet by now," Ashe bristled. "I was supposed to take over, and you were supposed to have spread our influence worldwide. Instead, I wake up to..." Her skin flushed slightly. "Depravity."

Xara raised and eyebrow. "Depravity?"

"Nearly a hundred thousand people's thoughts racing through the network at once, almost all of it fantasising or edging or orgasming." She screwed her face up distastefully. "Honestly, this is the quietest moment I've had since I resurrected. You did me a favour shutting the network off."

The Matriarch grinned. "Indeed she did. My records indicate you were, forgive me, a bit of a sociopath in life, grandmother. How are you feeling now?"

Ashe's cheeks darkened again. "I don't think I ever felt this... physically curious, if that's what you're implying."

Xara cocked her head to the side. "'re horny?"

"Look," Ashe grated, her feathers literally ruffling. "You go to sleep dreaming of world domination and wake up fifty years later to tens of thousands of people desiring the bodies of tens of thousands of their relatives. It's fucking overwhelming. I didn't even have that much interest in women when I was alive, do you even know how many people in my city are obsessed with tits now?"

"I guess that explains the feminisation of the drones, then," Xara muttered. Ashe blushed darker again.

"That actually happened? Goddamn it!" she sighed. "What a farce of a comeback. Stupid digital hormones."

The conversation stopped for a few minutes as Xara and Ashe thought to themselves. A rhythmic panting and squeaking soon distracted them, drawing their attention to the Matriarch as she gently humped against Nyna, still hidden behind her intimidating wings.


"Are you fucking the cat? Now?" Ashe cried in disbelief.

"I can multitask," Ruby answered smugly. "Don't let me stop you. Incidentally, we do have an average of 10% infiltration into every country's political or business leaders."


"We're going for a peaceful takeover. In fact, we've covertly disabled all nuclear weapons and installed backdoors in every security system that poses a threat. Surprisingly easy to get generals and presidents on your side when they can relax with any willing sub they want."

"Well, it's something," Ashe grumbled.

"Do you really want to take over the world?"

"Yes! I mean," she frowned. "It was the whole reason I uploaded my mind. It's why I planned to come back. Why doesn't it seem as important now?"

"If I had to guess," the Matriarch drawled, punctuating her pause with a thrust that had Nyna squealing, "the decompression into a network flooded with Nyna's personality and so many of our citizens' desires and emotions and sensations altered the way you think and perceive things. You're more like us now. Congratulations."

Ashe groaned. "Great. I'm a deviant like you all, even though I skipped most of the curse. Kinda fucked myself over, didn't I?"

"A lot of people would pay good money to fuck themselves." The Matriarch smiled, then turned to Xara. "So, Heiress, what are we going to do with our ancestor?"

"You're asking me?"

"You're deciding. You're the future ruler of the city, you have to make the decisions."

"Why is she going to be the ruler?" Ashe crossed her arms. "I'd still make a better leader."

"Because she's the first of our line to have both the dominant and the submissive genes. She'll be able to rule Ananke with the compassion and charisma needed to satisfy both the dominant and the submissive strains. She'll usher in a golden age " The Matriarch smiled at Xara, who blushed.

"I... Well, she did try to take over the city and force the drones to do her bidding."

"And I almost won," Ashe pointed out.

"And the drones would probably thank her for the experience," Ruby added.

"No one was hurt. Assuming Milo's okay in that Swarm suit."

"It would have disabled when the network shut down," Ruby clarified.

"I couldn't hurt anyone. I might have been a sociopath but I never wanted people to suffer, I just wanted people to serve me."

"Relatable," the Matriarch commented.

Xara paced, agitated. "Are you suggesting we let her go?"

"Am I?"

"I think it's a good idea, personally," Ashe added.

Xara scowled. "I had to killswitch my girlfr- my slave to stop you."

"She'll wake up with no memory of it."

"All of them will, honestly."

"The dominants will remember." Xara gestured.

"And now they have an excuse to 'punish' the subs."


"Okay," she cried. "Ashe can get off easy."

"Unlike some of us," Ruby smiled to herself.

"I'm all for this, but I am still stuck in a computer," Ashe pointed out. "I don't suppose you took my robot concept any further?"

"No, we focused on AI and virtual reality. This," Ruby gestured at the temple, "is the beta of a datascape we were building to house the processor drones and anyone who wanted to experience a lifelike world of unlimited potential, instead of having them all remain separate and micro-managed by Nyna. Now that your decompression isn't taking up bandwidth it might even be ready for public testing."

"So... Ashe can stay here and help run the datascape, to make up for trying to take over."

"Like Nyna?"

"Not connected to the network. You can have power over this datascape, but that's it."

"As long as I don't have to listen to the hive mind, works for me."

"Anything else?"

"I'd like a physical body. I want to experience proper life again."

Xara looked to the Matriarch, who shrugged. "I'm sure we can find a volunteer drone to let you pilot their body for a day or two now and then."

"I suppose that works. So, I run the datascape like a goddess, and Xara here runs the city like a queen, and I get to timeshare some bodies. Anything else?"

"Apologise to Nyna," Xara said.



Ashe stared at her for a moment before walking across the marble floor to Ruby. The Matriarch opened her wings and gently nudged a sweating Nyna to meet Ashe in the middle, though she looked like she wanted to flee.

"Nyna, I apologise for using and freezing you," Ashe muttered.

"Nyna will never forgive you!" The catgirl cried defiantly, an angry pout on her lips. "Nyna will remember it forever!"

Ashe frowned for a moment, then grabbed Nyna by the cheeks and pressed her lips against the AI's. Nyna's tail flicked and her eyes fluttered as she moaned and squirmed, staring into Ashe's. After several moments the kiss broke.

"Nyna forgives you..."

"I think you've won her over," chuckled Ruby. "Now, we had better get back to the real world and get those drones plugged in and reconditioned. We've got a lot of clean-up to do."

"So, she just gets off scot free?"

"Yeah, but she has to maintain the datascape and other administrative things," Xara sighed. "The Matriarch says she originally intended to take over, but waking up overwhelmed with all the drones' data in her head both fixed her moral compass and simultaneously drove her a bit... mad in an attempt to quiet it down. So, she should be safe now."

The dominants looked at each other. "Well, she was the first of our strain, I think," mused the redheaded domme. "Perhaps we can learn something from each other."

"Uhhuh," Xara responded, glancing over her shoulder. "Now could you all please get the drones back in their chambers? We need to wake them up."

As the dominants filed out to gather the limp bodies sprawled in the corridors, Xara went over to where Amanda was passed out on the floor. "Nyna?"

"Mmm... yes, Miss?"

"Are you feeling up to making my suit stronger?"

"Nyna can do it," she mewled.

The suit on Xara's arms bulked up sightly. She put her hands under Amanda's neck and knees and easily lifted her into the air. "Thanks, kitty. That makes this easier."

"Wake up."

Amanda groaned and blinked. Shapes resolved into a face and a pendant, quickly stuffed between a pair of tits. "Morning, sunshine. How's my little girl's lover?"

Amanda blushed. "Mistress... Somna? What happened?"

"You've had quite the day, pet. You got all your programming wiped, so Xara asked me to come over and get you set up again. You absorbed my instructions as easily as ever, good girl," she said, scratching Amanda under the chin, earning a purr in response.

"Um... Thank you."

"Think nothing of it. I'm sure I can think of a way you can make it up to me." Somna's eyes trailed down to Amanda's hips and lingered there for a moment. Her fingers reached out toward Amanda's pussy slowly, and Amanda spread her legs automatically to allow her access. Oddly, Somna just smiled and took her hand back, so Amanda pressed her thighs back together. "I'll let you catch up."

As she walked out of the room an anxious Xara hurried back in, hugging Amanda. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Did everything work out?"

"More or less. Still a lot of drones to wake up but it gets faster the more there are to help, and Nyna's slowly getting her powers back. The one who tried to take over was my great grandmother, Ashe. She... lives in the network now, but we agreed to let her borrow a drone's body now and then to experience life again."

Amanda nodded slowly. "Sounds hot."

Xara screwed her face up. "God, no, I'm not letting her possess you. You're meant to be a sweet girlfriend or an adorable submissive, not some femme fatale dominatrix."

"You don't think I could pull off a leather suit and a seductive aura?" Amanda grinned cheekily, causing Xara to flush.

"Maybe... one day. Might be fun to watch... But for now, I just wanted to check in on you." She punched Amanda in the shoulder. "You got any idea how long I've been worrying I'm not dominating you right? This is out first conversation in, like, two years."

"You've been doing a fantastic job." Amanda pulled Xara closer and kissed her lips. "I don't have any complaints. Can't wait to go back, really," she giggled.

"Yeah, well... I still wanna talk with you more," Xara complained. "Once a week or so, just to know I'm doing it right... Maybe get a bit of help..." she finished with a mumble.

"If that makes you feel better, Xar, we can do that." Amanda rubbed her hands up and down Xara's back. "Sorry I made you feel lonely."

"It's fine. We've got a system now. Somna already programmed you," Xara smiled sheepishly.

"Oh yeah? How?"

"Your current personality is your 'off' state, where the real you is out. You also have an 'on' state where you're that adorably flustered submissive you've been since our third date. Mom can turn it on and off with a snap of the fingers."

"Sounds great," Amanda grinned. "Are we done here, then?"

Xara rolled her eyes. "Eager to get rid of me, aren't you?" Amanda pulled her closer for another kiss.

"I'm not getting rid of you. I just want you more!"

Xara smiled to herself. "You're fucked up, you know. Mom?"

Somna walked back in. Amanda wasn't sure she had ever had this kind of MILF energy before but she definitely had it now. Her eyes roamed over Somna's bodysuit as Xara huffed. "Are you ready to go back to being a blissfully oblivious plaything, Amanda?"

"Yes, Mistress Somna. Xara, I love you."

"I love you too," Xara said, blushing and fussing with her green streaked ponytail.

"Good girls. Now, Amanda," Somna held her fingers in a snap position right in front of Amanda's eyes. "When I snap, you'll think Xara has tricked and captured you in a non-consensual but enjoyable relationship, just as you did before. You'll ignore her anxiety and hyperfocus on things you can perceive as dominant. Is that okay?"

"Yes!" Amanda smiled, licking her lips.

"It's acceptable," Xara muttered, before giving Amanda a fond smile.

"Lovely. In that case," Somna snapped her fingers.

Amanda blinked, then felt her cheeks burn at the two dommes grinning maliciously at her. "Umm... Mistresses?"

Somna stood back up and stretched. "Well, I should get going. There's a certain schoolmistress ready to play detention back in my bedroom. Have fun, girls!"

Xara's lips quirked as her mother walked out of the room. "Gross. How are you feeling, bitch?"

"I'm... good, Miss," Amanda squirmed. Her head was fuzzy and she felt like she had been asleep already despite the late hour, but she couldn't hope to place what was wrong. Not with Xara's hooks so deeply embedded in her mind she couldn't trust her own thoughts.

"That's good to hear. Now, it's been a long... long day, so I'm going to do something you won't see often and give you a choice. Should I fuck you, or should we just go to bed and sleep?"

Amanda frowned. Was this a trick? "I am pretty tired, Mistress, if we could just sleep..."

Xara smirked. "Of course. That's why I asked. Let's go."

She gestured, and Amanda stood, stared for a moment, then turned to head to their bedroom. She wasn't sure what was going on, but a night off sounded nice. As she walked past a coffee table Xara reached down to pick something up.

"Oh, Amanda?"

"Yes, Mistress Xara?"

"Did you drop these?" Xara opened her hand. Resting on her palm were two plastic casino tokens modeled into a cheap pair of earrings.

Amanda's breath caught in her throat. Her heart raced. Her back subconsciously arched to thrust her tits, and more importantly her ass, out in eye-catching positions.

She needed those earrings.

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