E5. The Tea Party

by Cracked_Ruby

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Hello one and all, welcome to the one actually actively sexual chapter of Recovery. This chapter is just Nix and Pearl having a date, and then some doll play. So if that's not something you wanna see feel free to skip this chapter! 

Nix looks in the mirror, today is the first time that she’s been in her lizard outfit since her transition. The dress now having a hole to slot her tail in, as her belt now has two flowers next to one another on it rather than just the one representing Sola. On top of her head sits a flower crown with mixed blue and white flowers all growing with one another. “Thank you for dressing me up like this Mistress.” She glances up at Solosia, flashing a small grin. Despite the frequency of her dates with Pearl, working up the confidence to go was never the easiest. 

“You are very welcome petal, we love dressing you up.” Solosia giggles and gently picks Nix up. “Now then, Pearl is very excited, and we know you are too. We should get going so we are not late.” They begin to walk out of their hab, vines looping around the handle of a basket and Nix’s bag. “We promise today will be wonderful.”

Nix smiles softly, nuzzling her way up against her owner's combined chest. Electing to allow herself to simply nap while they travel instead of stressing herself out over what today may entail. 

Solosia gently runs a hand over Nix’s body, having Sola’s half pay attention to the walking, while Celosia focuses on simply petting Nix and brushing her hair to prepare for the date. 

It doesn’t take too long for the group to arrive at Resin’s hab. Nix’s flower eye slowly blooming, as she starts to pull herself back up from her nap. 

Solosia gently leans down, knocking on the hab door while they place Nix on the ground. Giving a few final pats to make sure that their florets outfit hadn’t gotten wrinkled during the trip. 

The door slides open to reveal Resin with a smile on their face. “You made good timing, I just woke Pearl up from her little enforced nap. Had to keep her from stressing out too much.” It looks down and gasps. “Nix you look so beautiful, come on in, we have a fun day planned ahead.”

“Don’t worry, Nix actually was just taking a nap to calm down too.” Solosia gently ruffles their floret’s hair as they walk inside, the hab itself mostly the same as normal. Except for an additional table, covered in all forms of pastries and with tea ready to be poured whenever needed.

Nix blushes, looking to the side and noticing Pearl. Who, very similarly to herself, is wearing a flower crown that has purple and blue flowers on it. “I was perfectly calm, I just didn’t wanna walk all the way without my cane.” She gently runs her hand along her bag as she takes a few steps away from her owners. Waiting for the vine around her collar to be slowly pulled away, before rushing over to give Pearl a massive kiss on the lips.

Pearl squeaks and kisses Nix back, wrapping her arms around the lizard girl tightly. When they pull back, a pink blush spreads across Pearl’s face. “Hey Nix, you are absolutely stunning.” She reaches up to brush a little hair back behind Nix’s ear. “I’m glad you could make it, I’ve been really excited.”

“Yeah I can tell, I mean making this whole table for us.” Nix giggles, leaning in and nuzzling Pearl gently. “And you look wonderful too!”

Solosia grins, giving Resin a hug and walking over to the couch to sit down and get a view of the florets date. Keeping a distance until they're requested.

Pearl blushes some more and smiles. “Well, our tea party has to be perfect, though anything with you is perfect to me.” She reaches around to gently rub Nix’s back, playfully tracing her delicate fingers up and down. “Would you like to sit down and enjoy some of our tea and cookies?”

“I mean of course I do!” Nix leans up against Pearl as they sit down at the table. “And I promise I will eat my food… appropriately!” She takes a deep breath, grabbing a cookie and taking a small bite out of it. Clearly fighting the instinct to throw the entire thing into her mouth all at once.

Pearl giggles and takes her own seat. “You are so cute Nix, I love how hard you work to be polite when it’s just us.” She begins to pour the tea, making sure their cups are appropriately full before setting the pot back down. “I’ve missed this dress of yours, it is still so you.”

“Well it honestly feels a little weird to wear it.” Nix chuckles a bit, taking the tea cup and sticking her pinky claw out. “After all it really feels like… well it feels like a part of my past more than who I am now.” She takes a small sip of the tea, green tea with honey, her favorite. “But I’m always more than willing to wear it if it makes you smile like this.”

Pearl smiles and nods. “Well, you can just work on making it part of the current you as well. Or in the future we can look at making something new that captures what I love about this dress on you.” She reaches across the table to brush Nix’s cheek. “We could change the shade to a lighter blue to help it stand out against your scales.”

“Really? Because this kinda feels like my rebellious faze made manifest in an outfit!” Nix snickers a bit, tugging on the rim of her dress. “I mean I stood up to a whole room of affini in this baby, and I can’t even remember why these days. I’m just not a hard core enough rebel for it anymore.”

Pearl smirks and gives Nix a look. “You? Not rebellious? Just last week you sent Solosia scurrying across the ship looking for you because you saw a flower and just left without asking. And then need I remind you about going out of your way to come up with ways to bypass communication rules in sports?”

“That was a very nice flower, and I like how it looks grafted on them!” Nix sticks her tongue out, looking to the side slightly. “And I am simply being clever, my Mistresses like me like this!”

“Oh I’m quite sure that they do.” Resin leans up against Solosia, giving them a light hug. “That’s why they’re always willing to let Alistor give them trouble about how rambunctious you are, but never actually consider for a second adjusting it.”

“That’s untrue!” Nix stands up, pointing over at Resin and Solosia. “Mistresses taught me how to do tricks! That counts as doing something about it by technicality, at least that’s what all of Mistress Celosia’s paperwork said!”

Pearl giggles at this, shaking her head while Nix was talking. “I’m sure it does count as doing something about it.” She gets up and comes around to give Nix a hug and kiss. “You are very talented and clever, and Alistor likes to bring attention to it, just like your mistresses do.”

“Indeed we did, and teaching you those basic commands has been immensely helpful!” Solosia grins down between Nix and Pearl. “After all you’ve not bitten another affini in a few months now, we’re very proud of you for that.”

“If they didn’t want bites they shouldn’t put vines near my mouth.” Nix huffs, giving Pearl a hug back as she’s slowly pulled to sit down at the table. “At least my girlfriend likes my bites!”

Pearl blushes and nuzzles into Nix. “To be fair, when we knew you were getting fangs, we knew I would need scales for my own body mods. I know you would never purposefully hurt me, but we figured we would make it not as easy to do.” She cuddles into her partner’s fluff.

Nix lets out a little squeak, resting her head on top of Pearl’s as she grabs more of the tea to drink. “Well I’m more than happy you did, it both makes you look super pretty, and also lets me get all the nipping I want out.”

Pearl gives Nix a playful nip of her own before pulling back a little bit. “I like being a pretty puppet, both for my mixtress and my girlfriend.” She reaches up to begin scratching lightly at Nix’s hair and down the back of her head.

Nix tenses up, a shudder of pleasure running down her spine as she presses deeper into Pearl’s arms. Her claws starting to slowly trace their way down Pearl’s sides, enjoying the light texture of her partner’s scales. Struggling to find words to say, and ending up buzzing as she leans up against Pearl’s neck.

Pearl giggles and quietly whispers into Nix’s ear. “I love you too Nix.” She grins and scratches behind one of Nix’s ears. “So, are you ready to have our class M tea party? Or would you like to take a little more time?”

“Absolutely, I mean this is my first time trying M’s I’m so excited!” Nix’s tail flicks slightly, as she presses down a bit harder around her partner. “Mistress has been bragging about how she has been looking forward to this since I first brought it up before being domesticated.” She snickers lightly, glancing up at Solosia.

Pearl giggles and blushes. “I promise, we do this once, if you don’t like it then that is perfectly okay. But if you do like it, I would really like to do this more.”

Solosia moves over to Nix while Resin comes up behind Pearl. She leans down and lets a few vines start to circle around Nix’s wrists, ankles, and waist. “It sounds like it is time for our fun together.” A vine gently brushes Nix’s cheek before an injection flower presses into Nix’s eye flower. “Just relax, and let us take care of everything.”

As the injection slides in, rather than the normal shot of euphoria, everything simply goes quiet. Her arms and legs lose the very little tension that she had, as she is leaned backwards into her owner’s embrace. None of her normal spiraling thoughts, instead just simple complete contentment. 

Resin does the same to Pearl, easily wrapping its vines around exactly where Pearl likes to be held. Not moving her away from Nix in the slightest, and simply taking a moment to enjoy the blank smiles that the pair currently shares. 

Solosia slowly lowers Nix back to the table, very gently using her vines to marionette Nix a little. “There we go, so my dear, shall we have some fun with our puppets?” As she speaks, her vines make Nix go through a few motions, playfully making her rest her hand against her cheek.

Resin quickly moves Pearl around, puppeting her to lean up against Nix’s chest. “Oh absolutely, my little doll has been telling me all about how excited she’s been for today.” It glides Pearl’s hand down to glide across Nix’s thigh. 

Solosia giggles and guides Nix’s hands to Pearl’s face, before letting one drift down to Pearl’s chest. She then gently slides Nix’s legs apart. “Nix has been so excited for this too. She has just been so shy on getting to do anything with Pearl like this, and we can help them get through this while having our own fun too.”

Resin nods slightly, gently guiding Pearl’s body away from the table. While keeping her hand gently wrapped around Nix’s. Guiding Solosia to lift Nix up and place her down next to Pearl on the couch.

Nix slowly blinks as her body puppeted alongside Pearl’s, a gentle feeling of numb weightlessness overwhelming her senses from head to toe. Any of her normal anxiety about being this openly controlled by her owners, finding itself held tightly under the blanket of relaxation that the M’s provide. Allowing her to simply enjoy the process instead, always being held perfectly in position to watch as Pearl is puppeted alongside her. 

Once the two are in place, Solosia has one of Nix’s hands go to Pear’s cheek to tilt her head back before pressing the two’s lips together. A moment later she pulled Nix’s head back from the kiss. “Pearl is so adorable with Nix, I can’t wait to experience more of our cute florets.” They guide Nix’s free hand down Pearl’s side, resting at her hip.

Resin smiles softly, guiding Pearl’s hands along Nix’s sides. Upwards towards the lizard’s breasts, gently cupping them as they’re pressed up against one another. 

Nix’s eye flicks down slightly as Pearl’s hand wraps around her breast. A shot of tingling warmth running through her entire body, only to have not a single squeak find its way to her lips. Remaining trapped perfectly still in her body, the anticipation of what will happen next rising with each little touch, left to wonder what the peak will be, if there even is one.

The vines continue to guide Nix’s hands, rubbing and wrapping her fingers around Pearl’s ass. Pearl’s tail is steadily guided to wrap around Nix’s waist while Nix’s other hand is brought down to the hem of Pearl’s dress.

Nix’s fingers are slowly pushed inward, being guided along the process of stripping Pearl from her companion dress. Revealing the florets glistening body, all of her new scaled limbs obviously freshly shined to make her appear even more beautiful. 

Nix silently observes her partner, internally overjoyed at the fact that she’s already frozen in place. Because this sight would have gotten her in this position anyway, and before she could break out of her internal loop of adoring her partner. Resin carefully leans Pearl in, having her start to unbuckle Nix’s belt. 

With a satisfying tug, Nix’s belt is pulled away. Allowing Solosia a chance to assist in undressing her. Gently pulling the dress up and over her head, revealing her small perky breasts, and newly added slit. Scales having been added to run along the underside of each breast, gently flowing down her midriff and back around to her tail.

Solosia guides Nix in, wrapping her arms around Pearl, while manually wagging Nix’s tail. “Oh Nix is so excited for this, I’m glad we were asked to be involved.” She makes Nix give Pearl a lot of little kisses.

Resin flashes a little grin at Solosia, gently guiding Pearl’s fingers over to Nix’s crotch. Slowly sliding her pointer finger inside of her partner’s slit, her heart rate increasing ever so slightly. The tauntingly slow nature of their situation finally boiling over in her mind, if she could move an inch on her own she’d be throwing herself on Nix far faster.

Nix lets out a heavy breath as Pearl’s finger slides into her, her eye shaking slightly as vines lean her in and their lips touch just for the briefest of moments. Enough to send sparks of joy, while making her acutely aware of how little control she has over the situation. 

Solosia wiggles their vines controlling Nix’s fingers, copying Resin’s actions as they make their florets slowly rub each other. “This is kind of fun, and so different from affini acts of reproduction.” They giggle a little bit and shift a few more, playing with making Nix curl her own tail around Pearl.

Nix’s cheeks turn flush, waves of embarrassment washing through her as her owners talk about her like a subject of a lab study. Trying to focus back on Pearl as a distraction from her embarrassment, the warmth of her partner against her acting as the only line of defense against her own wandering thoughts and fantasies. 

Solosia lifts one of Nix’s hands to start playing with Pearl’s breast before tilting their head a little bit. “So, my book didn’t cover the most about same species activities, so if you have any ideas beyond having our little florets imitating what the affini was written to do in the book, I think we would be perfectly willing to give that a try.”

"I don't see why we can't simply combine what you learned in your reading with this experience for them." Resin tightens its grip on Pearl, slowly repositioning her to be laying on top of Nix. Pressing the pair's lips against one another, and using a vine to hold the pair in place.

It then guides Solosia to come to the same side. Pressing Nix and Pearl’s slits against one another, and guiding them through grinding against one another. Relishing in the little involuntary twitches that this dose of class M's is allowing from the pair. 

Solosia giggles and begins helping Resin in these little bits of movement. They guide one of Nix’s hands up to begin brushing through Pearl’s hair in time with the little movements. “I see how this works now.” They carefully brush a vine down Nix’s spine. “You both are so precious and deserve all that we can give you.”

Resin then slowly slides two thick vines down to where their florets are grinding against one another. Both perfectly pruned for their needs, as they are pressed up against the pair’s slits. Gliding around the edges, but never quite pushing all the way in, taking their time in taunting the pair of frozen florets.

Nix’s entire body shudders at the euphoria of all these different combined sources of stimulation. Overwhelming her senses to the point of allowing the combination of the M’s and her owner’s rhythm’s, guide her thoughts away into a gentle warm oblivion. 

After what seems like an eternity of being simply lost in the affini’s embrace. The world fades back in, Nix letting out a little yawn, as the ability to move slowly returns to her. Realizing that she’s propped up against Pearl’s side. 

Wiggling her fingers a few times, as she glances down at the nest of vines the pair are being held in. Simply electing to nestle her way deeper into Pearl’s embrace, as the events of the date run on her brain in a loop. All of the complex thoughts that had been pushed down by the M’s right back where they started, now only more excited to see what they do next time.

See the world after Nix-

Next time on Recovery Finale. Nyx Ad Infinitum

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