Finale. Nyx Ad Infinitum

by Cracked_Ruby

Tags: #cw:gore #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #hypnosis #pov:bottom #scifi #sub:female #drug_play #Human_Domestication_Guide #memory_play #petplay #slow_burn #transgender_characters

This Chapter takes Place after Nix has passed away, and is on the whole a short personal reflection on grief. If that’s not something you feel emotionally comfortable reading, nothing here is necessary. It also functions as the end to both Sola and Celosia's character arcs.

Solosia Versa, fourth and seventh bloom, slowly sit up in their bedroom. Their forms intermingled with one another just like always. Their cores gently running along one another as they slide out from under the covers, slowly moving the aged plush of Nix out of their chest cavity.

Slowly reaching out, and placing it on the shelf next to a picture of their little lizard. Nix’s hair is gray, something she’d insisted on near the end of her lifetime, claiming it let her ‘show her age’ even if nothing else about her would. They gently run their vine across the photo, smiling softly before heading out into the living area.

Paintings dance along every inch of the walls, all different shapes and colors. Showing the clear growth between each and every painting she’d completed, and even under the individual pieces on canvas. The walls of their hab are covered in a massive dance of colors. A mix of Solosia’s vines guiding their vision around the area, always at the end pointing to one of the side rooms to their hab. Whether it be Nix’s old art room, or the guest area for when they are working with florets. Not a single inch was allowed to remain untouched over the years.

Walking into the arts room, there’s only three full paintings allowed to hang in here, the three paintings that Nix had first made before becoming their own. The pair stop half way, standing in front of Nix’s first painting. Having made sure to keep it perfectly preserved, under any means necessary. A small plaque under it reading. ‘In Loving Memory Of Nix Ave, so you may always be remembered.’

Solosia gently cleans off the plaque, making sure not a speck of dust can dare remain. Sola’s head leaned down to rest against her other half, having struggled more with the loss due to her inexperience with the process. 

“It will be okay.” Celosia’s words are quiet, almost weak as the pair turns around. Walking out of the art room, closing the door behind them. It had only been a single terran cycle since they’d lost their pet to her age. Leaving the pair with a small hole where she’d always rest, empty in their chest. “Do you want to see her today?”

Sola nods ever so slightly, while they walk through their hab, their vines tracing along the bright blue couch. Little holes in the left side from Nix climbing all over it, allowed to remain due to how many couches they’d had to get replaced because of it. And now leaving them unwilling to part with this couch, and the memories it provides.

Shuffling their form around, Solosia places two flowers on their form right over their chest compartment. The first being a forget me not, and the second being an imitation of Nix’s eye flower.

Pulling their datapad out, they run their vines along the back. Feeling the texture of Nix’s scales running along the entirety, taking a moment to savor the memory, before quickly sending a message to Alistor that they will be a bit late today.

Walking through the halls of the EquaBloom is as peaceful as ever, Solosia finding themselves stopping to adore all the florets on their walk. Catching up with a few affini who they’d recently helped with their florets new disabilities, before continuing on. 

After an hour of putting off finishing their walk, they arrive at the same park that Sola, and Nix had their first date at. One new sprout of a tree growing in the center, next to the white cherry blossom tree they’d sat under. 

Its blue and white leaves mixing and mingling with one another, in an emulation of two trees becoming one. “Hello petal.” Solosia kneels down in front of the sprout, gently checking to make sure that it’s growing properly. “I know you don’t like it when we fuss too much.” They gently run vines against the base of the sapling.

Celosia actually peeling her way out of their combined form, her body loose and flowing as she slides along the ground. Going to collect everything they will need to tend to the sprout. 

The entirety of her partner’s time away Sola remains frozen, eyes locked on the little details of the tree. Despite this new form, feeling an absolute obligation to care for it, to care for the last gift that their floret had ever gotten them. 

Celosia steps back over, holding a watering pail filled with the best nutrient mix for a tree of this age, and mulch. She slowly slides herself back up against Sola, vines intermingling as their arms become one once again. Starting to slowly water the tree, watching the little drops of water express the tears that they’re incapable of shedding.

A discordant harmony of grief, and joy, echoing through their form. Pain of losing the most important thing in their life, but also absolute joy that they’d been able to spend it with her. That she’d passed away with a small peaceful smile on her face, curled up in her owner’s chest. Not a single worry on her mind, just absolute contentment, knowing that her owners would be okay, because at least this time they’d have one another.

Finishing the maintenance, Solosia slowly turns around looking out at the park around them. Noticing a terran floret with fox tails and ears, running around their owner. Tugging on their leash occasionally in their excitement, but still never straying too far. 

They give the pair a small wave, it having become quite normal for anyone passing by to notice the pair sitting here. Just talking to one another about their day, what they plan to do in the future, anything and everything that they find interesting. Always inviting those who wanted to listen in, and when that happens sprinkling in stories about their time, before meeting each other and how their floret had pulled them together.

After an hour of quiet silence, Solosia gets a message on their datapad. Alistor messaging about a new independent patient that he’d like to see them take on, given their particular set of needs. They turn around, gently placing a hand each on the tree. “Good night Nix, we’ll see you again soon.”

And with that the pair stand up, quietly walking away from the park. Vines holding one another as tightly as possible, as a small smile finds its way onto their faces. After all, if there’s a sophont who needs their help, they will always make sure to be there.

This was actually both the first of the E chapters, and the most emotionally difficult to write. Despite this I feel it is the best small little scene of writing I've ever individually produced. Thank you, all of you, for reading.


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