E4. Third Time’s The Charm

by Cracked_Ruby

Tags: #cw:gore #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #hypnosis #pov:bottom #scifi #sub:female #drug_play #Human_Domestication_Guide #memory_play #petplay #slow_burn #transgender_characters

Celosia looks over the paperwork that they’d started for her and Sola’s official joining. On the whole it was incredibly simple, but picking the way they want to fuse their names with one another is proving far more difficult. “Sola, is Nix up yet? We need to head out to the appointment soon, and I’d prefer if she’s with us for it.”

Sola smiles and nods. “Nix should be up any minute now, I’ll go wake her up.” She waves her special nibble vine before heading into the bedroom. Just a minute later, there are sounds of squirming, before she returns, holding Nix who is chewing on the vine.

“Good morning petal.” Celosia chuckles lightly, walking over and running her hand through Nix’s hair. “I know it’s early, but we wanted to get this over with before Alistor gets busy for the day.”

Nix flops around under the pets, taking a few more nips at the vine before pulling back and starting to do her stretches in Sola’s vines. “Gmornin…” She lets out a little buzzing yawn out, giving Sola another light hug, as her flower eye slowly opens up, adding more color and detail to the world around her. Making the process of waking up significantly easier.

“So, all that is left is our combined name still…I’m not too sure on what sounds the best though.” Sola leans into Celosia, frowning and looking at all the times they had written various combinations for themselves.

“I’m sure we’ll figure it out by the time we arrive, that and Alistor might actually try and be constructive about this given we’re treading on his work time.” Celosia grins slightly, leaning in and wrapping herself around Sola. having a few of her vines grab all of the paperwork, as the rest are diverted to focusing on Nix. Making a little cocoon for their floret, given she likely doesn’t want much attention this early in the morning.

Sola giggles and cuddles into Nix and Celosia. “True, how about after we get this done, we swing by the cafe and get Nix some of her favorite waffles.” Some vines pet Nix before gently working with Celosia to make the cocoon for their floret. “There we go, nice and comfy.”

“That sounds like a plan to me, I can very easily see Nix getting impatient if this takes too long anyway. So having a treat at the end for good behavior should help.” Celosia gently moves her mass around, pressing her core up against where Sola’s is resting. As they head out of the hab, and down towards the xenobureaucratic wing of the ship. Making sure they keep a faster pace both out of excitement, and to avoid making Alistor wait on them.

Sola giggles and waves to a few of their neighbors, but keeps the pace up. Once entering the wing, they slow down, making sure not to run over any of the smaller affini or their florets. “What happens if we can’t figure out a name we are happy with?” She nervously wrings a few of their vines, making sure they slip easily into the offices and head towards Alistor’s.

“If we find a combination we end up liking more, we can eventually change it at a later date, it will be more paperwork but that just sounds like a nice evening if you’re asking me.” Celosia gives Sola a reassuring squeeze as they pass into Alistor’s office. Spotting Wisp asleep on a massive bean bag in their corner of the office, while Alistor sits in his seat with vines rustling. “And I can see someone’s excited as we are.”

“Of course I am, do you know how rarely this kind of paperwork comes up? I’ve only helped file these forms maybe 5 times before, given how most affini who get together simply live together. It is much more rare to decide to do…well any of this.” He motions at their combined body. 

“I guess you have a point there.” Celosia chuckles, walking up to Alistor’s desk. Placing all of the paperwork down in front of him, starting to slowly unfurl the cocoon that’s holding Nix still.

Nix blinks a few times, sitting up and looking over at Alistor. “Oh hey Alistor, Mistresses are totally freaking out about choosing the right name for their joining together.” She snickers a bit, crawling around in her newly reformed hammock of vines to get a look at the paperwork. “I think they’re overthinking it!”

Alistor laughs a bit while organizing everything. “Well, we need to choose something even if it will be changed later.” He points at the name portion of the form, the only part not filled out. “Now you two just pick something simple, Combine your names or just go with your last name combined.”

Celosia looks over at Sola, the pair locking eyes and if Nix didn’t know any better she’d think they’d hypnotized one another using their eyes.

After a few minutes of sitting in nearly complete silence, Nix hops out of the hammock. Landing on the desk, and grabbing a pin, quickly scribbling in ‘Solosia Versa Fourth and Sixth bloom’ in the missing blank. “There we go, now you have a new name!”

Sola and Celosia both blankly stare at the form, blinking a little at the name. They both begin to pet Nix while pulling her back in. “Such a clever little girl aren’t you. Knew exactly what would sound the best.”

Alistor meanwhile is laughing to himself as he begins filing the forms. “Well then, by the stamp given to me, I dub thee, Solosia Versa Fourth and Sixth bloom. As humorous as Nix writing this name was, I will say I think it sounds really nice for both of you.”

“I just remember being promised waffles, and I’m hungry!” Nix sticks her tongue out at Solosia, having her flower eye wink at her owners. 

“Oh waffles?” Alistor chuckles lightly, flicking through the paperwork as he stands up. “That sounds delightful, I think me and my little spark will be coming with.” Walking over to Wisp’s sleeping form, he gently scoops them up, cradling them in his vines. “I can’t wait to see Anthurium’s reaction after all.”

Solosia shrugs and smiles, weaving their vines around Nix to pull her inside. “Well if you want to take a break, then that sounds great to us.” They begin to pet Nix while walking out of the office. Celosia begins chatting about various forms that they should build for different situations.

Nix lets out a little groan at the sound of paperwork being discussed. Flopping over in her little cubby, as she reaches around and unhooks the clip on her bag, pulling out her datapad to start messing around with an art app to kill the time. 

It doesn’t take too long before they get to the cafe. Jason just finishes bringing food to a table before noticing them and coming over. “Hey there everyone, go ahead and pick out a booth.” He grins a bit before continuing. “Mistress will be able to take your orders in just a couple minutes. I’ll be over to say hi when I finish bringing food to the next two tables.”

“Thank you petal.” Alistor smiles, guiding Solosia over to the same booth that the group sits in every time they visit the cafe. “And it seems like now is as good a time as any to wake up my little spark.” He gently nudges Wisp’s cheek a few times, watching as they start to roll around in his vines. Openly allowing himself to get caught up in the moment of coxing Wisp away from their dreams.

Nix crawls up to the edge of her cubby, watching Alistor as she’s pulled out, and into the middle of her owner’s lap. A small grin on her face, Alistor isn’t the easiest affini to trust in her mind, so seeing him being this openly affectionate with Wisp is oddly comforting. Even if she knows he’d never mistreat them.

Wisp groans and wiggles a little bit, cracking open their eyes. “Love you master.” They look around a little bit, somewhat confused. “When did we get to the cafe…oh, hi Nix, how are you doing?” They shift some more into a sitting position while Alistor helps them up.

“Me and mistress Solosia are both doing great!” Nix cuddles up against Solosia’s lap, giving her owners a tight squeeze. “Even if Mistress’s were super stressed out about picking out a name!”

“Indeed, now we’re all enjoying a nice breakfast to celebrate their official joining.” Alistor runs a vine down Wisp’s cheek, watching his floret relaxes back into his embrace. “Is there anything that you would like to eat today?”

Wisp grins “I like the name, also I’m thinking, I would like to try the blueberry and honey crepes. They have always looked good when we have come in.” They bounce a little bit, obviously excited as they look over at Nix. “What are you going to have?”

“Nix will be having some eggs, bacon, and waffles, after all we promised her a special breakfast for waking up so early.” Solosia smiles softly, gently scratching under Nix’s chin. Watching as her tail starts to thump against their vines. 

Nix lets out a little buzz, wiggling around under the affection. “Thank you for picking Mistresses.” She glances over at Anthurium and Jason, excited to brag about the new name changes.

Anthurium helps Jason quickly before having him come with her back to their table. “Hey everyone, let me just take your orders, and I have a feeling there is some news.” She helps Jason up and into a seat where he leans forward.

“Yeah, I can see it on Nix’s face, something good happened.” He looks over at Wisp and grins. “And you look really relaxed, did you have a nice nap?”

“I’m having a nice morning, and will refrain from spoiling what Nix has to say.” Wisp smiles softly, giving a little wave down at Jason. 

“Yeah!” Nix almost jumps off of her owner’s vines, only to be pulled back down and against them. “I’m now Nix Versa, First floret to Solosia Versa, Fourth, and Sixth bloom!” She flaps her hands slightly in excitement, her claws tapping against her chest a few times. 

“She’s quite proud of the name, after all they let her get away with picking it for them.” Alistor laughs, giving Wisp a few light pets as he looks over at Anthurium to have a better view of their reaction.

Anthurium looks surprised for a moment, before breaking into a smile and leaning in to give Solosia a hug. “Solosia, I am so happy to call you my friend. And Nix, you are such a good girl. I was so worried that they wouldn’t be able to pick, you know exactly what your mistresses need.”

Jason gives a big thumbs up. “Good job Nix, I’ve seen those two just waste so much time these last few weeks debating names. I think after breakfast we should play some Go Horse to celebrate.”

“I swear that game is called Go Fish, and I will not allow you to convince me otherwise.” Nix snickers a bit, shaking her head as Solosia wraps their vines tightly around her. 

Solosia smiles softly, their vines massaging Nix while they lean up against Anthurium, returning the hug with the extra set of arms they have formed. “We love the name, and since it was picked out by our precious floret I don’t think we would change it for the world.”

Jason laughs a bit before grinning. “That is what I told my mistress when she brought it home early on, but she insisted that it was called Go Horse, and I mean, whatever, it is fun.” He laughs a bit.

Anthurium giggles and rubs Solosia a little. “Nix is smart like that, and I don’t think any other combo would work as well as what Nix came up with.” She looks around and smiles. “Things are pretty slow right now, so I’ll get your food made alone. Jason, Nix, and Wisp can play, and I’ll join you when I’m done.”

After everyone gives their orders for the day, Anthurium heads back into the kitchen to get it started. Grinning as they watch Nix be pulled deeper and deeper into her owner’s vines.

“Well I will not be fooled! Horses may have been fish, but the game is still called Go Fish!” Nix giggles, wiggling around and trying to shake her fist at the air. Only to have Solosia hold her arm very firmly in place.

“Really? Because where I came from we always called it Go Fuuuu-” Wisp peters out in the middle of the sentence as Alistor flashes a grin down at them. “Nevermind.”

“Good flame” Alistor pets Wisp a little bit before motioning back to Jason who begins passing cards to the other florets until they each had a small hand.

Jason shakes his head and holds his cards up. “Wisp, do you have any bees?” He looks at Solosia. “So, what are the plans now that you have the paperwork to be recognized like this behind you?”

“Nothing major, after all this is just getting our life changes down in the paperwork. All of the really major life changes already happened thanks to our adorable little Nix dragging us together.” Solosia passes Nix the cards as they watch the florets start to play their game.

“Nope no bees, go horse.” Wisp flicks through their cards, shuffling them repeatedly as they glance from side to side. A little blush still sitting on their face thanks to their flub. 

Jason shrugs and draws a card before nodding to Nix. “Your turn Nix.” He gives Solosia a thumbs up with a grin. “And that is pretty great news. I was thinking of checking out any other light sports that we may enjoy playing together, it’s just picking one is a little hard.”

“We have more than enough time to try any sports you feel like trying Jason.” Nix grins, flicking through her cards. “Do you have any bees Jason?”

“You’re absolutely correct, perhaps you’ll choose to play next time. Rather than using your cheers to help your team get a leg up. I swear the paperwork for adding that rule was more than it took to become one.” Solosia laughs lightly, flashing a grin over at Alistor. “And we got to keep it all to ourselves.”

Jason rolls his eyes and passes two cards with bees on them to Nix. “You get to continue your turn. Also I was thinking badminton, it looks pretty fun and simple to just set up for a day at the park.”

Alistor chuckles while looking as innocent as he could. “Well, I had to make sure no bias went into the paperwork Solosia, and the new rule is in. No morse code is allowed from cheerleaders in basketball.” He winks at Nix. “Now I am sure nobody will give me more paperwork about the cheer section in the future.”

“I mean why would I ever subvert the rule of my benevolent overlords.” Nix swoons back as she goes over her cards. “Alright Wisp do you have any horses?”

“Yeaaaah.” Wisp hands the cards over to Nix, nuzzling up against Alistor’s chest. “And I swear Nix, if you make me learn about another incredibly complicated code in order to get your tips…” They rub their forehead. “I swear the migraine from learning morse code has only barely gone away.”

“Don’t worry I’ve got!” Nix pauses looking over at Alistor. “No additional plans that anyone needs to know about currently.” She starts whistling innocently, kicking her legs out as her eye flower blooms to make her look even cuter.

Solosia giggles and ruffles Nix’s fluff a little with a grin. “Oh yes, our super innocent floret wouldn’t dare break any rules.” They rub their vines into Nix while watching the game. 

Jason snickers and shakes his head. “Yeah, innocent. Perfectly innocent with no plans at all.”

“Exactly, I have never and will never do anything that’s against the rules! It’s just not my fault when rules don’t take creativity into account!” Nix grins, sticking her tongue out as Anthurium returns from the back with several plates for meals. As well as nutrient mixtures for all of the group’s owners.

“Indeed, your creative mind can prove to be quite the thorn in my bloom. Which is why I enjoy learning how you work to adjust paperwork for future cases.” Alistor laughs, taking the crapes for Wisp, and starts to cut them up. 

Wisp puts their cards down and opens their mouth up while sitting calmly.

Solosia winds her vines around Nix, guiding her cards to be laid face down before cutting up her own meal. “You really are so creative, now open wide.” A vine taps Nix’s jaw lightly.

Nix lets out a little chirp, before biting down on the provided food. Eating with the same ferocious excitement as always, taking special joy in the bacon, shaking her head around a bit to feel it being ripped apart by her teeth.

“I swear seeing you eat never gets any less bewildering.” Wisp chuckles between bites, holding onto Alistor while they experience this new meal. The mixture of creamy filling, with the blueberry feeling almost like pinpricks of flavor on their tongue.

Jason shakes his head a little with a smile. “Well, even before her body mods, Nix was pretty ravenous, I think she just uses it as an excuse now.”

Alistor laughs a little bit while continuing to feed Wisp. “She is always more reserved around Pearl, but even then she only slows down so much from my observations.”

“Indeed, and we believe she only slows down to make Pearl feel more comfortable feeding her. Isn’t that right sweetie?” Solosia grins, scratching just at the base of Nix’s chin as the last bite of her breakfast is provided.

Nix quickly swallows the bite, nodding gently as she flops deeper into her owner's vines. A small blush finding its way onto her cheeks at being called out for her eating habits. 

Solosia starts to slowly detangle as Celosia’s datapad goes off. “Oh it looks like it’s about time for me and Alistor to get back. We’ve got quite a few cases that need to be looked over, apparently we’re going to have a few extra groups moving onboard once we stop by Helios-201 in a few months!”

Jason grins at Nix briefly. “Don’t feel embarrassed, just because I’m teasing doesn’t make it mean anything bad. You wouldn’t be you if you did things differently than you do now Nix.” He then looks at Celosia and Alistor, specifically as Wisp finishes their final bite. “Alright then, have a good time! I’ll bring by something later for Wisp.”

“Sweet, two of your meals in one day!” Wisp laughs, letting Alistor help them down onto the ground as they start to pace back and forth. Finally fully awake for the day, and bursting with energy.

“Indeed, you be good, and I promise it will be even better than your breakfast.” Anthurium grins at Wisp, taking Jason and walking back over to the counter to get ready for the mid morning rush.

Nix crawls up onto Sola’s shoulders. Wrapping her tail around Sola’s neck as she lets her breakfast settle. “Sooo what are we doing today Mistress?”

Sola giggles and stands up with Nix. “Well, we can figure something out. Maybe Pearl and Resin are available today? I bet they would love to spend some time with us.”

“Yes! Let’s give them the news tooooo!” Nix’s tail thumps against Sola as she leans down and gives a little nip at her owner. 

“Well that sounds like a plan to me, I’ll meet you over at the toy store once me and Alistor wrap everything up for the day.” Celosia walks over, gently petting Nix. “You be a good girl for Sola Nix. I don’t wanna come home to her in a detangled mess… again.”

“I promise Mistress, absolutely nooooo funny business today.” Nix flashes a grin at Celosia. “This is all very serious business after all, and I wouldn’t ever mess around during serious business!”

Sola giggles at the back and forth between her other half and floret. She wraps her vines around Nix a little bit before leaning in and giving Celosia a hug. “Go have a fun time with your paperwork, I’ll send you a message if anything changes plan wise.”

"Thank you." Celosia turns around, walking out with Alistor and Wisp. Watching as her friends floret runs circles around the pair as a way to work off their breakfast. 

Nix lets her eyes drift shut as she acts as Sola’s scarf for the day. A common occurrence due to Sola and Celosia’s distaste for being separated, so she'd begun to relax here to imitate the type of hug she's seen Celosia do.

After a short quiet walk, the pair arrive at the toy store. Resin and Pearl both walking around the interior, putting up this week's collection of plushies and even putting together a display of plushies that simulate an affini’s neutral biorhythm. A recent development in Resin’s craft, that it finally feels confident enough to make an option for those outside their friend group. 

Sola smiles and waves as they walk inside. “Hello there, I think your new line will be popular.” She reaches up to gently scratch Nix’s ears before lifting her up. “We got some news to share by the way.”

Pearl squeaks and runs up to Sola’s legs, watching as Nix is set down in front of her. “Hey Nix, how are you doing?”

"I am no longer the Nix you knew!" Nix stretches, her tail flicking from side to side as she stands back up. "Me and Mistresses have now evolved!" She throws an arm in front of her face to appear more mysterious. "I am now Nix Versa, First floret to Solosia Versa Fourth and Sixth bloom respectively!"

Resin grins, giving a little round of applause as it stands next to the display. Continuing to finish setting it up, in order to give Pearl time to get distracted, and react to the news.

Pearl giggles a little bit and hugs Nix. “That is wonderful! I’m excited for the change being decided upon finally.” She pulls back a little bit, flashing a smirk. “I feel like there is a tiny bit more to the story than the name being decided upon.”

“Indeed, Mistresses couldn’t decide on a name, so I did it myself!” Nix snickers lightly, returning the hug. “Everyone else already got the news, so now we’re here to tell you!” She plants several kisses along Pearl’s cheek.

Resin laughs, walking over after she sets up the last of the plushies. “Well I’m glad that everything worked out at the very least. Good job supporting your Mistresses Nix, I’m sure they’ll be telling this story for the rest of their blooms.”

Sola giggles and nods. “You bet we are, it was so helpful and adorable.” She gives Resin a hug before looking down at Nix and Pearl some more. “Such a good girl you are Nix.”

Pearl blushes and nuzzles into Nix’s neck after the couple of kisses. “That sounds really nice, now let me hide in your fluff.”

Nix giggles, holding Pearl up against her chest as she slowly leads the way back behind the counter. “Alright fluff time!” She wiggles Pearl around, before eventually flopping down onto the ground. Wrapping her arms and legs around Pearl to get into a comfortable cuddling position.

Nix and Pearl have a nice date together-

Next time on Recovery E5. The Tea Party

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