25. Truth

by Cracked_Ruby

Tags: #cw:gore #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #hypnosis #pov:bottom #scifi #sub:female #drug_play #Human_Domestication_Guide #memory_play #petplay #slow_burn #transgender_characters

In this chapter, the party wraps up, and the contract signing can finally commence. 

Cw: Panic attacks, and self deprication, everything turns out alright in the end.

Celosia gently picks Nix up, moving the floret out of her lap and into Sola’s. "You stay here for just a minute Nix. We do have a gift for you. I need to go grab, I think it will help with this next part."  

Nix nods slightly, continuing to stim as she occasionally glances over at the paused movie. Trying to avoid considering what would be so upsetting to Pearl, that she'd need to leave the room to avoid it. "Yes Mistress…"

Jason sits with Anthurium, Sola, and Nix before sighing. “Nix, I did my best to keep what we recorded of my session rather light, focused more on the act of domestication and all, though if you have questions I will happily answer them. I did this because there are some parts of my past that. Really hurt, but I’ve come to accept them. Pearl, on the other hand, has had aid to keep her past out of her mind, though she relieved it to help you understand a lot. She may have been taken in sooner than you, but from our recording, I can say that her tenure in the navy was very…intense.”

"Yeah, that… tracks." Nix hums to herself, burying herself deeper into Sola’s vines. "I… still try not to think about what happened to me." She watches as Celosia walks into the bedroom where Resin is sitting with Pearl.

Sola nods slightly, reaching out and running her hand down Nix’s cheek. “That is perfectly alright sweetie. Pearl uses one extreme through xenodrugs, and hypnosis, for handling her time in the navy. You are allowed to choose any level of how you work through the trauma. If you are alright sticking with what you are at and doing little bits of therapy, that is wonderful. Once you understand what Pearl has been doing, if you would like to do something similar, that is also alright.” She pulls Nix into a very gentle hug, making sure to give her plenty of wiggle room.

Nix nods, curling up in Sola’s embrace. Seemingly freezing in place for several minutes, trying not to think too deeply on her feelings. Despite the constant wave of insecurities this movie is dragging to the surface.

Eventually Celosia steps back out of the bedroom, smiling and  holding Nix's Sola plush in one arm, and in the other there's a new Celosia plushy. 

Nix doesn't even notice her owner's return, too caught up on the fact that whatever was in this half of the movie, has hurt Pearl to the point where the affini had to step in to make it go away. Questioning if that is something that they'd decide they need to do for her if she isn't making enough progress.

Celosia cuddles up next to Sola and Nix, depositing the plushies within their floret’s grasp. “Now Nix, I can tell you are worried, but we need you to know. Pearl’s situation is helping her recover in a slow, but controlled way. While Resin suggested this path, Pearl's wants were taken into account in regards to the decision.” She brushes Nix’s hair a little bit to the side, making sure that she is able to see clearly. “Are you ready for the movie to continue?”

Nix grabs the new plushy, while the Sola plush is pressed against her back. Becoming slightly confused as she feels Celosia’s rhythm coming off of the plush ever so slightly. "Um… yeah, I'm ready whenever you all are." She nestles her head into the top of the plush, looking out at the screen.

As the movie unpauses, Pearl is the first one to speak. "We hope you enjoyed seeing that little tidbit of Jason’s first day as a floret! Now we're going to take a turn into my past with Mixtress Resin!" She pulls the lily plush onto her arms, hugging it against her chest.

Resin pets Pearl gently, before smiling at the camera. “Nix, while some of this may seem unpleasant, Pearl is reliving this to show you how you can be loved, and aided as a floret. And from me to you, perhaps you, having experienced the navy, can relate to and help Pearl as she is ready to tackle things for real. If you cannot, there is no problem at all, but this is what we both want to share with you.” It looks down at Pearl with a smile. “Whenever you are ready Pearl, I’m with you every step of the way.”

There's another transition of vines running across the screen, leading back to the scene of Pearl explaining what had happened between her and Isaac.

Leading into a recreation of Pearl's first day with Resin. Ending with Pearl being silently held against Resin's chest. 

The movie pauses once again, Nix simply silently staring at the screen. A flood of pain and despair bubbling up in her chest, unsure what to even do with the newly found understanding of her partner's situation. Not judging Pearl for a second, but also knowing that she can't address it with her either.

Nix slowly presses her head into the back of the plush Celosia. Starting to shake and shiver, trying to hold in her tears as best as she possibly can. Her voice caught up in her throat, and coming out in a mix between coughs and sobs, as she simply stews in the knowledge that she can't do anything.

Sola squeezes Nix gently, frowning. “Nix, while you can’t, most of the time, tell Pearl things directly. She knows you will know about her past. What she needs for the most help, is just having more people to love her unconditionally, even knowing her past. Knowing this, she will have more confidence in her own therapy sessions regarding her past, and maybe she will get to the point where she asks for you to accompany her during a period of remembering. If she never gets that far, it will be sad, but understandable. If she does, then we can all help her through it to reach a greater sense of self acceptance.”

Nix simply grits her teeth, nodding along with Sola’s words. While she wasn't really any more confident about domestication, what she'd learned greatly outweighs those concerns. "Okay… okay." She scratches at the plush, closing her eyes and letting herself cry.

Celosia smiles softly, reaching down and gently wrapping her hand around Nix’s. Letting the girl continue to stim on her, while just being there to help her calm down. "Thank you for being so brave about this petal. I know me and Sola are both so proud of you, do you wanna see Pearl now?"

"Yes." Nix feels herself gently plucked out of the plushies, Celosia grabbing her and walking into the bedroom.

Inside Pearl and Resin are simply sitting together. Pearl curled up on her owner's lap, as Resin’s vines run across her entire body. "Hello you two… I was wondering when you'd come." It smiles softly at Nix, able to see the florets flower eye still wilted. "I hope you enjoyed the rest of the movie petal."

"It was very informative… I um, I just really want my girlfriend right now if I'm being honest. If that's okay?" Nix’s eye flicks down looking at Pearl a few times. Specifically focused on the fact that she's not wearing anything to cover up her arm like normal. 

"Of course petal, I've simply been distracting her while waiting for your return." Resin slowly stops petting Pearl, rolling her over and turning her to face Nix. 

Celosia in turn places Nix down next to Pearl. Taking a step back to simply observe the pair, considering how to handle Nix with the new understanding today has given her. 

Nix almost immediately lunges forward, clinging to Pearl as tight as she can manage. "Hey… um, thank you for making that for me." She chuckles, nuzzling her head into Pearl’s shoulder. 

Pearl wraps her arms around, giving a small squeeze as she starts to smile softly. “You are very welcome Nix. I may not actively remember by choice, but I know it has to be hard to deal with.” She rubs Nix’s back gently. “I haven’t been, trying to get better regarding it, even though I know I should, and I want you to know, seeing you push through your physical therapy the way you have, I wanted to not only help you understand that the affini help is in a variety of ways, but I also wanted you to know all of who I am, being your girlfriend and all.”

"And I want you to know what I was told. Doesn't change a thing, I still love you." Nix forces little giggles, leaning in and nuzzling Pearl, before giving her little kisses on the lips. "I know I have a lot to talk about with my owners once you head home… But can we just cuddle for now?"

“Thank you Nix, it really means a lot to me.” Pearl shudders, and rests her head in the crook of Nix’s neck. “Someday, I want to carry my memories, but I just, it hurts, and I have such a hard time forgiving myself. That is all I can remember about them, outside of when we do our thing to remember them.”

“I know, it’s okay.” Nix chuckles weakly, gently running her hand along Pearl’s back. “It’s in the past, and nothing is going to change how I feel about you.”

Pearl laughs, her eyes looking down at the bed as a small solum smile sits on her face. “Good, I get to have the best most understanding girlfriend in the whole compact, on top of the best most understanding friend and all our affini as well.” She giggles a little, occasionally glancing at her wooden arm. “So, cuddles and happy times?”

“Absolutely.” Nix squeezes Pearl as tight as she can manage. “I’m pretty sure all we have left to do today would be my domestication contract, so having some time to cool down before I have to do that sounds amazing right about now.”

Pearl grins. “Then we can have some tea, and sit down for lunch.” She playfully looks up at Resin. “Mistress.” Then she looks at Celosia. “Miss Celosia.” Pearl starts to squirm, pushing herself up against Nix, and giving the biggest begging eyes she can muster. “May we have a nice lunch with Jason?”

“Of course.” Celosia steps back, letting Resin pick up both Pearl and Nix. Not daring to remove either of the florets from one another while they’re being this precious.

Resin slowly stands up, pulling both girls into her waiting arms. Letting them cuddle up against one another as she heads out of the bedroom towards the kitchen.

Nix almost immediately starts wiggling around, nestling herself up against Pearl. Not necessarily hating the feeling of being held by Resin’s vines, but finding the new texture slightly overwhelming in its coarseness, as opposed to Sola or Celosia’s vines, which have a much smoother texture. 

Sola and Anthurium are at the counter, preparing some snacks, while Jason is happily doodling some ideas at the counter. Upon seeing the others, Jason smiles and gives a wave. “Hello you two, how are you doing?”

Nix peaks out from behind Pearl, waving at Jason as Resin sits down across from him. "Ya know… calming down, cuddling the softest girl I've ever met, what are you working on?" She smiles softly, squeezing Pearl. 

Jason holds up his drawings. “Well, while I designed the domestication game to be about getting domesticated in the first place, it of course can be played for fun. But my next game, I’m trying to come up with something for the three of us. Given you two like to team up against me, I want to make an asymmetrical game, 2 or more vs 1 and all. I’ve got a few concepts, but right now I’m just kinda drawing stuff and seeing what sticks.”

“Oh come onnnn, you’ve already got advantages in every game that you’ve made. I saw how you rigged the game to be virtually impossible for me even without moving the deck around.” Nix sticks her tongue out at Jason, finding herself being picked up from Resin’s vines, and into Celosia’s, in order to be fed lunch.

Anthurium nods slightly, looking back at the group. “Jason does have an advantage due to the fact that he’s played all of them more than you, but they aren’t inherently slanted in his favor. I’ve actually won every game against him for the past three months because I outplay him. I’m still unsure if it’s just because he wants to lose and get cuddled though.”

“Well, like Mistress said, I play these games all the time. I, however, want to make this one special for us as a group.” Jason smiles, and looks at his drawings. “This is going to be one that we can only play with each other, so I won’t be able to play without either of you, which should keep our skill levels generally close.”

“Fine, I trust you.” Nix snickers, as Sola and Anthurium turn around with meals for everyone, Nix getting spaghetti, while Pearl and Jason each get burgers. “But next time we hang out near Mistress Sola’s hab, I’ve got a game I made up to play against you!”

Sola grins, nodding as she pats Nix on the head. Sitting down next to Celosia, and nestling into her partner's side. Both of their vines unraveling and press against one another, moving Nix to sit in their shared lap. “Indeed she does, it’s actually a game that me and Nix would play together while she was healing.”

Jason leans in excitedly. “Oh, I’m excited to play a game I haven’t been behind making!” He bounces a little bit, stopping as Anthurium pets him. “Sorry Mistress, I know, time to eat.” He happily opens his mouth for his burger.

"It's perfectly fine, it's always a joy to see you this excited about something." Anthurium shakes her head, starting to slowly feed Jason. 

Nix simply nestles deeper into Celosia’s mass. Starting to fiddle with the vines, knowing that she'd definitely not be allowed to feed herself but still feeling anxious about doing this with Pearl around. 

Pearl reaches up, tugging on Sola’s vines a few times to get her attention. Leaning up and whispering into the affini’s 'ear'. "Can I please help with feeding Nix her lunch?" 

Sola grins, and nods before whispering back. “That may help Nix accept it more and all. That, and seeing her get all squirmy will be wonderful.” She pulls back and begins to snuggle closer to Celosia, whispering the request to her with a giggle.

Nix looks at the trio, her eye darting around while her flower expands slightly to express both shock, and confusion, at the group’s behavior. “Uh… uh, what’s going on. S- Mistress, why are you laughing!?” She starts squirming a bit more, only to have vines wrap around her in response, only leaving a bit of space for her to stim on them.

Pearl gets some help to get in front of Nix, spinning some of her spaghetti onto a fork before lifting it. “Alright Nix, I know you are still embarrassed, but you know how this should work.” She reaches forward with her free hand, gently brushing down Nix’s jaw.

Nix’s mouth opens on instinct, and before she can quickly snap it back shut Pearl slips the bite into her mouth. Causing her to bite down just a little bit too hard on the spoon, stunning herself in the process due to her own embarrassment. Trying as hard as she can not to look at Jason, not wanting to see the boys almost definitely mocking expression.

Pearl gives a few playful ‘tuts’ before giving Nix a nose ‘boop’. “Don’t bite too hard Nix, we are just friends who love and care for you here. This is all about helping you understand how normal and accepted this all is.” She grins at Nix’s dazed expression, using her free hand to give Nix another little jaw brush once she is sure the food has been taken.

Nix’s jaw unhinges from around the flork, swallowing and starting to squirm around. This isn’t fair in the slightest, this is already hard to not be embarrassed about when with just Sola and Celosia, so having Pearl feed her is just too embarrassing. “Yeah I don’t wanna know what would happen if I accidentally chipped my tooth.” She chuckles to herself, biting her lip, and looking down as Pearl prepares another bites to feed her.

Pearl soon has another ready, reaching forward to tip Nix’s head up. “Nix, it is alright, I remember being embarrassed at first too. It eventually just became natural, especially when I realized that nobody was judging me for being fed like this.” She brushes Nix’s jaw down, before gently putting the bite in and ‘swiping’ up.

Nix follows Pearl’s lead, taking the bite and making sure not to bite down too hard this time. Of course being judged by the rest was a concern, but the truly miserable part is how much she judges herself. For needing this help, for accepting it, for being too weak. 

Nix’s caught up in her head as bite after bite is provided, not even noticing as the meal ends. Simply feeling herself pulled back and against Celosia’s chest. “Thank you Pearl…” She forces a weak smile, starting to kick her legs slightly to get out the anxious energy.

Pearl nods, and gives Nix a quick kiss, before looking back at Resin and holding her arms up.

Resin chuckles and shakes its head, reaching out, and picking Pearl up off the counter. “You are a very loving girlfriend, and that was so very sweet and cute.” She pets Pearl as she pulls her doll into a firm and comfy hold.

Nix squeaks at the kiss, blushing and taking deep breaths to calm herself back down. Having pets heaped on her by both of her mistresses to keep her cuddly, and distracted for the remainder of the meal.

“Well, I believe it’s about time for the last of today's events.” Celosia chuckles, rubbing Nix’s cheek gently. “Of course that will require one last guest, a friend of mine who works on the paperwork regarding adorable little pets, like our adorable Nix Faren-Verse, first floret.”

Anthurium nods, gently pulling Jason in. Watching as he happily writes and rewrites rules for the new game. “Then it seems this will be when we take our leave, I know Nix has trouble in large groups, and my little Jason has been lost to planning out this new game for all three of them.”

Resin follows suit, standing up with Pearl. “And we should get headed home as well, I can imagine that you three will want this to be a personal experience.” She smiles softly at Nix. 

Pearl wiggles around in her owner’s arms blowing a kiss to Nix. “Bye! I promise we’ll come back soon Nix! Have fun with signing everything, even if it is only one sheet for you!” She giggles to herself. “I’m sure you’ll see why that’s a good thing soon!”

Nix frowns, giving Pearl a little wave. “Bye… I’ll… do my best?” She chuckles weakly, feeling her chest tightening at the thought. “I’m less nervous than this morning, but this is all really scary still.”

“I know, but I promise, it won’t be scary for long!” Pearl flops back into Resin’s arms. “Your owners won’t let it! So if you need anything just let them know!”

“Exactly petal, as long as we think it will be good for you. Both me and Sola are willing to give you anything that you need, to feel comfortable.” Celosia gently runs her hand up, and down Nix’s cheek. Watching as the girl starts absentmindedly nuzzling into it, clearly trying to take as much comfort as possible.

“And after you’ve signed your part, if you are upset I’ll give you something to help you relax, for the duration of the rest of the paperwork.” Sola smiles softly, running a vine up and down Nix’s opposite cheek. Watching as her eye closes and her flower droops down in relaxation.

“Not that we aren’t sure simply seeing the raw amount that needs to be done, will get you all glossy eyed on its own.” Celosia giggles, squeezing Nix slightly. Using her free hand to gesture to Resin and Anthruim to let themselves out, clearly trying to keep their floret as distracted as possible.

Nix starts grumbling, her hands fiddling with Sola’s vines. Opening her mouth only to find Sola’s vine slipped inside of it. Nearly immediately derailing her train of thought, as she starts nipping and nibbling at the provided area. Sure she could start trying to communicate through morse code, but every time she so much as considered it. A random pet, or movement, would come along to distract her once again, so she simply resigns herself to it. Accepting that her owners want her to just relax for now, rather than obsessing over what’s going on.

About 15 minutes later, there is a ding from the door. “Hello cutie, there is a visitor here.”

Celosia smiles, taking a breath as she prepares to go get the door. Having to untangle her vines from Sola’s. “That should be Alistor, and maybe even Dahlia too. You two wait right here, I’ll let them in.” She gets up, ruffling Nix’s hair a little bit before giving Sola a little squeeze. Upon opening the door, a masculine affini is standing there with a massive briefcase.

“Hello Celosia, I have to say, I am impressed with the speed at which you took care of everything.” Alistor grins, speaking in affini, before holding up his briefcase. “It took a little bit to get it working as you and Sola requested, but I think we got something worked out rather well.”

“Indeed, Sola actually had an idea that facilitated the entire process far more easily than if I’d been forced to do it manually.” Celosia smiles back at Alistor, giving him a massive hug, before slowly starting to lead him inside. Making sure that he moves quietly enough to not startle Nix. “We had this adorable game made that got her to voluntarily submit herself to domestication. This entire time she’s believed it to be her own idea, well… up until the end.” Her form shudders in satisfaction. 

Nix is currently continuing to gnaw at Sola’s vines, growing a bit more aggressive in her bites, due to the anxiety related to meeting not only a new person, but also officially signing herself over.

Alistor chuckles, and looks over Nix. “Oh, that is wonderful, I want to see some of the things on that board when we have some time.” He sets his briefcase on the table, popping it open, and taking out a… terrifyingly thick stack of papers. 

Alistor starts speaking Terran “Hello Nix, my name is Alistor, I work with your mistress Celosia. You can call me a paperwork specialist.” He chuckles at his own joke before flipping pages till he gets to a pair. “Here, this is the section that you will need to sign. The rest is information for your mistresses to sign.”

Nix looks at the stack, her flower eye almost twitching its petals in response. Only to have her eyes widen as four more full stacks of paperwork are pulled out after that. 

Gently pushing Sola’s vine out of her mouth. Nix clears her throat, trying to work up the nerves to talk to Alistor. "H-hello… is all of that?" She looks over the stacks. "Really just for me alone? I heard that it can be a lot but…" She starts laughing, not because anything funny was said, but just because of the anxiety and feeling she's making a fool of herself. 

"Well you're a very special case Petal." Celosia sits down next to Alistor. Pulling out a pen for Nix to use on the first page. "We have to have all of your records from your entire life, that includes full documentation of your case, alongside your short stent into provisional independence."

Alistor grins and points out a few of the stacks. “Honestly, I had a lot of fun gathering and going over all of these. Pulling up some of your medical records were a bit of trouble, but I’ve noticed that most who have been on rebel ships have things not be so clear. Your pre-navy records were nicely organized though. You have had quite the full life, and I am sure that you will enjoy being a floret.”

"Heh yeah…" Nix frowns, shaking her head as her nervous laughter dies down. Quickly becoming lost in her memories, both of her past before the navy, alongside the treatment she'd withstood. Unable to help feeling pathetic in her failure to prove herself capable after all of that. The crushing weight of the crew being right about her jumping to the forefront of her mind. "I'm honestly just doing it because I don't have much of a choice. I lost, it's happening…" She grips Sola’s vines a little tighter. Unable to look up at the new affini, who apparently knows everything about her. "I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't act like this." 

Sola pets Nix gently, squeezing Nix. “It is alright Nix, you are learning and growing.” She smiles up at Alistor who returns the grin.

Alistor shows a few sheets to Celosia before focusing back onto Nix. “You are still very new at being a floret. This is about trusting your Mistresses, and these papers detail who you are, and this sheet right here.” He starts pointing out a few boxes. “This details agreements and stipulations about your care, what you should expect to gain, and what you know you are giving up.”

“Right…” Nix closes her eyes, taking a few slow deep breaths. “Just gotta sign this one and then I can go and hide away in Sola-” She winces at her own statement. This all already felt like a bad dream, only getting worse with each mistake. “Mistress Sola’s chest… for the rest of this.” 

“Indeed, in fact I will be demanding you do. The rest of the paperwork would just float over your adorable little head anyways.” Celosia gently places a hand on top of Nix’s head. Not turning her up to face her, but instead ensuring that Nix is looking at her domestication contract when she opens her eyes.

  1.  Above all else, you, Nix, must obey your Guardians Sola Verse, and Celosia Farin in all things. This is for your safety, wellbeing, and care
  2. Your Guardians, Sola Verse, and Celosia Farin own you. You’re their property. You surrender all rights in the Affini Compact.
  3. You have a guarantee of your wellbeing, as defined in Section 57 of the Human Domestication Treaty.
  4. This guarantee does not preclude your Guardians from disciplining you. As outlined in section 61 of the Human Domestication Treaty.
  5. As property of your guardians, they may add or remove conditions of your wardship at any time. Within the limits established by the Human Domestication Treaty.
  6. Your full name is now Nix Farin-Verse, first floret.
  7. Below are additional terms that your Guardians, Sola Verse, and Celosia Farin have stipulated.
  8. You will not be allowed to speak or think any dishonest thoughts. 
  9. You will be allowed to move through the ship independently, as long as both of your owners have given permission. Otherwise you are expected to stay with one of them at all times.
  10. You will update your owners on any aches or pains you ever experience for them to be corrected.
  11. You will acknowledge that you’re a very good girl, who deserves every bit of love and care that will be provided.

Place your signature below, to acknowledge your acceptance of these terms.


Celosia reaches forward, and rubs Nix’s cheeks. “Alright Nix, all you have to do is put a checkmark next to each rule, and then sign your name. Sola or I may help you do it if you have trouble.” She smiles sweetly, and brushes Nix’s hair as a way of guiding her to look down at the papers. “Do it, and we can move forward with making everything better.”

It takes almost a minute for Nix’s eye to crack back open. Starting to slowly trace down the page, everything mostly to her expectations… until the final few rules. “D… do we really need to have the last one there? Like I get the rest of them but…” She winces as the pen is placed in her hand, gripping it just a little bit too tight to be comfortable holding it. 

“Of course it’s important! It’s key to everything that you understand that you’re getting all of this because you deserve it.” Sola gently wraps her vines around Nix’s arm, guiding it over on top of the first check box. “Now be a good little lizard for your mistresses, and sign the paperwork.”

Nix’s wrist flicks slightly, signing the first four boxes without much complaint. After all she’d seen enough variations of this during the lonely nights she’d spent alone in her hab, she’d known this part would be there no matter what.

The checking actually gets hard on the fifth one, Property that’s what she’ll be becoming. An object that’s expected to respect, and obey, the two affini who own her. The emotions of fear, and confusion, claw their way into her throat, as she looks over those words repeatedly.

Celosia moves her hands to rub Nix’s arms. “You can do it Nix, this is all for your own good, and we know that deep down, you will be happier without anything to worry about.” She stares at Nix, her eyes almost piercing through the back of her pets head. “Now Nix, check the boxes like a good lizard.”

Alistor silently watches Nix, finally able to understand the delicious mix of clashing desires that had drawn Celosia to Nix as a floret. “Indeed, I’ll have you know Celosia has been bragging about your good behavior to me, for the last several days. You wouldn’t want to make her look like a fool would you?”

Nix closes her eye, weakly checking down the majority of the rest of the list. Nine and ten being both fair, and exactly what she’d have hoped for, but then there’s the eleventh where she pauses once again. Her hand shaking worse than any other box she’d been faced with.

The idea that she of all people deserves this much effort, and care being put into her, simply being unfathomable to the girl. She’d accepted that Sola and Celosia would put in the effort to do it, despite how little she’d deserved the care, but now being forced to admit that she deserved that care. That consideration that she’d fought to refuse for her entire stay.

She flicks the pen out of her hand and onto the ground, tears starting to flow from her cheeks. She was being bad for refusing to sign it, but she couldn’t just lie about deserving this. Even higher up on this same page, one of the rules was that she couldn’t lie, or hide anything from Sola or Celosia.

Once the pen clatters on the ground, all Nix can do is let out little whimpers. Kicking her legs, as the storm of fears, and worries, she’s had about being domesticated all crash up against her. Everything feeling like too much, the nearly silent room feeling far too loud, driving her further into the spiral of her own self loathing. 

Celosia reaches down, and picks up the pen, before returning it to Nix’s hand. “Nix, I want you to look at me. Open your eyes, and let me give you the assurances I know you need right now.”

Sola uses her vines to hold the pen steady in Nix’s hand, before tilting the girl's head towards Celosia. “Do it for mistress Nix, we love you, and I know Mistress Celosia can help you understand in a way I struggle to.”

Nix winces, looking up at Celosia. Her eyes are immediately met with the same infinite deep red ocean that she’d sunk into before. As the seconds pass by, she can’t help but look that little bit deeper. Her breaths switching from short and ragged, to long slow inhales and exhales, the storm of emotions being quickly quelled by the feeling of empty comfort this moment provides.

“Nix, you are a very good girl. Sola and I love you so much. I promise, every single thing we are doing is so worth it. You are worth so much. You are not allowed to question what we love, and determine is worth it, and by trying to insinuate that you are being a bad girl, you are creating aches and pains, that you are the only one suffering from. You are a good girl, a wonderful lizard who we want to love on, and I will ensure that you understand that you deserve everything we are giving.”

Nix slowly presses her pen down, making the slowest most messy check out of the entire list. Only being allowed to break eye contact once it’s done.

Nix looks down under the last rule, trying her best to just press it out of her mind, and continue. To just get through this last step and let herself be removed from this agonizing situation. Being met with the spot to place her signature.

Every stroke is slow and deliberate, going through so many unfamiliar characters in a row proving more difficult than anticipated, having to check up at where her name is placed to make sure it’s spelled right. 

Eventually she releases the pen from her grip. Her name and all of the checks filled in, but nothing feels better. Sure it’s over, but if anything everything still feels bigger, and scarier than she could handle. Causing her to simply curl up in Sola’s vines, doing the only thing she can do vocally currently, and beginning to buzz to her Mistresses to relieve her of this pain.

Alistor smiles as he takes the sheet back, placing it on the massive stack as he looks over at Celosia. “Well I’m happy to say this will be the end of Nix’s involvement in the process, the poor thing clearly can’t handle much more.” He glances back at Nix. “But you did a very good job Nix, you are a good girl.”

Sola coos quietly, and opens up her chest, helping Nix to crawl on inside. “Thank you for being patient Alistor. I know normally it would just be one of us doing this, but I know our situation requires more than just a few extra forms.” She closes up her chest, the bite-stimming vine finding its way to Nix’s mouth, while some other vines wiggle into her hands.

Celosia begins to go over some of the other sheets, now that Nix’s part is done. “Once everything is settled, we should go to a cafe and just relax. I think Nix would like that a lot, and I’d like to have her associate you with more than this stressful moment.”

“Of course, given it’s clear you’ll be having her around while we are working together. I’d prefer for her to not need to be medicated every time I’m around.” Alistor nods, starting to shuffle through the paperwork with Celosia’s help. The two of them getting back into a rhythm. 

Nix starts nipping at Sola’s vines more, as her hands tap wildly on the vines. Getting slightly confused due to the group switching into speaking in affini with her still so aware.

Celosia looks over, noticing that Nix isn’t calming down. Pulls out an injector and quietly slips it into the cubby, injecting Nix’s flower with a dose of both class A, C, and E xenodrugs. Watching as the frantic tapping, starts to gradually slow down.

Nix hadn’t even noticed the injector as it crept in, but as the drugs flows through her system. Everything starts to feel so much softer, like the entire world has shrunk down, to be purely composed of her little compartment. Every touch from Sola elicited a gentle wave of relaxation and pleasure, causing her to nestle deeper into the nest of her owner's vines. Unable and unwilling to focus on anything else currently.

Sola sighs, relieved to have Nix finally calm. “Thank you Celosia, I was about to give her an injection myself.” She lets her vines rub over Nix a little bit. Making sure to give all of the attention that is needed to keep Nix in a happy spacy state. “I know that now that we have passed this point, knowing that this won’t be coming back, Nix should calm down more. Also if I may make a suggestion for a cafe day. We should go to Anthurium’s on a slow day and time, the familiar setting will do a lot to help Nix stay calm, and learn to be alright around Alistor.”

“That sounds good to me, I’ve been curious about going there since they’ve opened, due to Celosia’s recommendation.” Alistor nods slightly, occasionally glancing over at Nix, before looking between the pair of affini. “So if you wouldn’t mind my curiosity, what do you plan on doing in regards to Nix? I still maintain my recommendation to remove… at least some of her memories.”

Celosia’s leaves bristle slightly, looking back down at Nix. “I have been taking your recommendation into account, and Resin’s floret has introduced Nix to the concept.” She looks away from Sola. “I have been heavily considering removing all memories of the military from her. Both so she doesn’t have to suffer through the knowledge of what she did to survive, and also because all of her self devaluation seems to stem from those memories. Her losing her knowledge of how to perform a jump won’t be a major loss, given her already stated disinterest in the topic…”

Celosia glances back at Sola, unsure of how her partner is going to feel about this idea given her far more protective nature regarding Nix. “But I’d been putting off talking about it with Sola, until the paperwork was signed.”

Sola frowns, and wraps more vines around her torso. Instinctively trying to protect Nix from the other two. “I am of mixed opinions on that course of action. On one hand, I do believe that these memories are the core of Nix’s pain. However, on the other hand, they are part of what made Nix who she is.” She shudders, and looks down. “Cel, I trust you on what to do regarding those memories, I just am nervous about doing something like that.”

“Sola it would be selfish of us to subject Nix to having to face this every day. The mere act of asking one of us for help, is a task that drives her to need to be comforted.” Celosia shakes her head, pulling Sola into her side. Trying to at least help her understand where they’re coming from. “While Nix would not have the pain that made her into the pet we both wanted, she would still be Nix. She would still know that she was here, that she got provisional independence, and realized that she needed caretakers. Asking Nix to keep those memories, would be the same as requiring Pearl to keep hers. I simply… believe a more permanent removal is necessary.”

“It would also help remove a lot of the tension around the ship, regarding her. She’d be able to go out without worrying about being judged.” Alistor nods to himself. “I’ve spoken to several of the affini who voted for domestication during her case, and many were concerned about her being allowed to keep those memories. Both for her own safety, and the safety of those on the ship.” He sighs. “I can now see that her being safe to have loose is a non issue, but the consistent pain she will be in assuming others know what she’s done, and judge her for it…”

“It would drive her to hide away in our hab, like she has through the past few weeks.” Celosia gently reaches into the compartment, starting to pet Nix gently. Watching as the girl rolls over onto her back, and non-verbally begs to be pet on her stomach. 

“I…” Sola looks down at Nix, she couldn’t deny the logic behind both Celosia and Alistor’s words. It would be horribly selfish of her to try and force Nix to push through her trauma, just to be able to indulge in having her be the exact same, as when they first lived together. “You’re right, we will talk to her about this tomorrow, see how she reacts.”

“Good, I know it’s hard, but this is for the best.” Alistor hands Sola large stacks of Nix’s paperwork that he and Celosia have already gone through. “I genuinely do not wish to see her become a class J, or O, pet at this point, but trying to force her to push through could cause it. Even today, we’ve seen just how easy it is for her to fall into those memories.”

The trio go quiet for several more hours, having to go through both all of the records of Nix’s past, but also statements from the rest of the Free Spirit crew who were domesticated about her treatment onboard. 

The contract is signed! And Alistor is back... what will be decided about Nix's memories? Find out-

Next time on Recovery, Chapter 26. Remember!

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