26. Remember

by Cracked_Ruby

Tags: #cw:gore #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #hypnosis #pov:bottom #scifi #sub:female #drug_play #Human_Domestication_Guide #memory_play #petplay #slow_burn #transgender_characters

The contract is signed, but there's still so much left to talk about.  The implant, Nix's trauma, and much more.
Cw: talks of memory manipulation.

Nix stretches slightly, finding herself placed on the couch between the two massive plushies of her owners. While they both are working around the hab. Sola is in the kitchen, cooking dinner for the group, while Celosia is sitting at the dinner table, still working on a much smaller stack of paperwork.

Nix clumsily reaches out, pushing up against the couch as she forces herself to sit up fully. Opening and closing her mouth a few times, finding the feeling of her tongue flopping around inside it, funnier than she honestly should. “Miiistresss.” She giggles out, pressing herself up against the back of the couch, and flopping her arms over the side. Starting to stim on the incredibly soft red fabric for a few seconds, before remembering what she was doing. “Hiiiiii.”

Sola looks up and smiles, getting up and walking over to Nix. "Hello petal, did you sleep well?" She picks Nix up, and holds her close. "Who is a wonderful little cutie? You are, you are such a cute little lizard."

Nix immediately starts squirming around, pressing herself deeper into Sola’s chest. Bathing in the warm thumping of Sola’s rhythm, alongside the euphoria of all of the contact. "Meeeeeee." She giggles, lazily rolling her arms over, and deeper into Sola, starting to fiddle with a vine as she dreamily looks up.

Celosia peaks up from her work to watch Sola holding Nix. “Indeed she is.” She restacks the paperwork, standing up and walking over. “But our little lizard needs her permanent collar soon.” She chuckles lightly, tapping the blue and red flower collar, causing it to fall off and into her hand.

Nix watches as the collar falls away, leaving her feeling almost naked without it around her neck. “Nuuuu…” She reaches out towards the collar, only to have it snached even further away from her.

“I know Petal, but this was still the collar from the game, you need to get your permanent one. One that resembles both of your mistresses.” Celosia pats Nix on the head a few times. A soft eager smile on her face. “But that will be something you earn, if you’re good for us during dinner.”

Nix nuzzles into the pets, just barely maintaining her pouting, despite the overwhelming warmth that each affectionate touch provides. “Yes Mistresss…” She speaks in a tone that could only be read as reluctant acceptance rather than actual obedience. Her eye repeatedly darts over at the collar, as it’s slipped inside of Celosia’s chest and disappears. 

Sola carries Nix over to the counter. “So, did you sleep well? Any dreams floating around inside your cute head?” She playfully ruffles Nix’s hair sitting on a chair, giving Celosia’s paperwork plenty of distance so as to not intimidate Nix so soon after waking up.

“Maaaybe, I can’t remember much of it.” Nix nestles into Sola’s chest. Looking over today's meal, that is some stake. “I just know I didn’t like it.” She takes a deep breath, trying to push the memory of her dream out of her head.

“Then we don’t need to have you think about it at all.” Celosia nods, picking her work off of the table, and bringing it into the living room. Packing it into the case that Alistor had left behind. “Was it about your past?”

Nix simply nods, curling up a little more to physically resemble how small this is making her feel. For the briefest moment a feeling of being wrong slips into her mind, making her start kicking her legs slightly against Sola’s vines. 

Sola brushes Nix’s hair a little bit. “Well, how about we get you fed, then we can go have a nice bath. I bet that would be extra relaxing, getting all clean before we get your new collar on.” Sola giggles a little bit, shifting Nix around before wrapping her vines around their floret. “Open up, and we can start.”

Nix feels the stroke down her cheek, instinctually opening her mouth as Celosia starts to carefully cut the meal into bites. Sola’s vines making sure that she couldn’t even so much as pretend to reach out, to try and feed herself this time. Not because it’s tight, but simply because of the gentle firm pressure that’s massaging her the entire time. 

“Good girl Nix!” Celosia places a bite in Nix’s mouth, leaving it there for a moment. Watching to make sure that Nix will not attempt to bite down without the signal being given. Watching each of Nix’s little twitches, and squirms intimately. Seeing how her jaw shakes slightly in anticipation, despite not allowing itself to close fully. “She is so much more docile now, I’m so proud of our little lizard Sola aren’t you?”

Sola brushes up on Nix’s cheek. “That she is, I’m really excited to get Nix’s ramp up for the implant going, then of course getting her the lizard body mods, along with some beeple fluff. Oh she is so adorable now, but I know she will be absolutely perfect. Isn’t that right Nix?”

Nix clamps down on cue, chewing and swallowing as quickly as possible, before nodding slightly as she waits for more gestures. “Y-yeah, I’m still really uncertain about a lot… but I am absolutely sure, that’s what I wanna look like.” She runs her tongue over her teeth, squirming as she thinks over every option she has. “M… Mistresses… Do you think I could get slightly spikier teeth? I’d really like the appearance, and to be able to stim on your vines like that…”

Sola giggles, and swipes down on Nix’s cheek. “Well we want you to be happy, and if you want it then we will get them. I’ll need to talk to your vet about what the perfect toughness will be for your nibble stimming with teeth like that though. I’m sure they will have some excellent advice that we can get taken care of while you recover.”

Nix lets herself be fed several more bites, closing her eyes and just following the rhythm of Sola’s instruction. Embracing the simplicity of the process, rather than allowing herself to obsess over the anxieties that are still prominent in her chest. 

“Indeed, we want our precious pet to look and feel like her truest self and nothing else.” Celosia picks up Nix’s water cup, slipping it into her mouth and letting her take small sips. “Good job working up the courage to ask for what you want, Petal.”

Once Nix has finished her drink, Sola pets her some more. “We are so proud of you petal, being honest so that we can handle all that ickey stress and such.” Sola playfully taps on Nix’s arm to the beat of her own rhythm. “Now we get to have a fun bath time, where we will use a real nice shampoo on your pretty hair.”

Nix’s cheeks turn flush as she looks down, letting Celosia pluck her water bottle out of her hands. Starting to tap in time with Sola’s to try and get the flustered energy out. “Mhm…”

“Seeing you all flustered like this is simply delectable.” Celosia guides them out of the kitchen, and into the bathroom. Watching as Nix rolls around in Sola’s vines. Clumsily trying to claw her way into the cubby, to avoid the relentless teasing.

Sola giggles and shakes her head. “No cubby right now Nix, it’s bath time.” She steadily strips Nix from her outfit, before slowly lowering her into the bathwater that Celosia had gotten started. “Alright petal, just relax, let us take care of cleaning you up.”

Nix shudders as the warm water splashes all around her. Sola’s vines while not letting her into the cubby, wrapping around and starting to massage each of her limbs. “Mnnnh.” 

Celosia kneels down next to the tub. Grabbing the shampoo, as she watches Nix squirm against Sola’s chest. “You are still doing a good job sweetie, I know this is a new experience, but it’s okay.” She gets a large glob of it, starting to rub it into the roots of Nix’s hair. “We’ll peel all of that anxiety away.”

Sola moves some of her vines, grabbing some soap and a washcloth before starting to rub down Nix’s arms and legs. “Just relax, when we are done you will be the cutest lizard with all that ickey anxiety washed away, leaving you feeling better than ever.”

As the bath continues, Nix simply lets herself go limp in the tub. All of her limbs being carefully puppeted around by Sola and Celosia, the hard edges of the world that had started drifting back in after her nap, popping away with each of the affini’s movements. Aided by the minty hair wash that Nix is fairly certain has a lot of xenodrugs in it. 

Sola works over the rest of Nix’s body, rubbing under her knees and shoulders. Making sure that every single inch of her ward is getting attention. “That is good Nix, we are going to be carefully ramping up what you get, and once you have your implant, we can make sure you are well adapted to your daily regimine, and able to do what you want, as was made sure in the contract.”

Nix’s face finally cracks back into a smile, nestling into her owner's vines as the water drains from around her. Allowing herself to be easily passed over into Celosia’s embrace, letting both the vines and towel brush up against her and dry her off.

“Roots, you're just too cute like this.” Celosia leans in, kissing Nix on her forehead as she walks back into the bedroom with her. Leaving Sola behind to let her dry off, and grab the rest of the supplies that they need to finish Nix’s grooming. “Let’s get you dressed up for bed, and make sure this time you’ve got your nice Z’s, to make sure bad dreams can’t dare to touch our precious floret.”

Sola comes in with a hairbrush. “Who is ready for a nice brushing?” She smiles and hands the brush over to Celosia, before giving Nix a gentle hug. “Despite all the complications, knowing that we have that behind us, has me really excited for the future.”

Nix nods slightly, starting to tap her fingers on her thighs. “Y… yea.” She leans back slightly, not feeling confident enough to speak yet, especially alongside the constant thrums of stimulation every little movement would provide.

Celosia simply walks over to the dresser, grabbing the day and night pajamas. “Sola I really think we should try class W’s for Nix tomorrow.” She nods to herself, walking over and placing the pajamas down. Content to look at how cute their pet is while her hair is brushed. “Help her feel comfortable calling out to us consciously, without needing to complicate her wants or needs.”

“That sounds excellent to me, I think it could help out a lot.” Sola nods and gives Nix the vine for bite-stimming. Making sure to keep her movements slow, and calm, in order to keep Nix in this relaxed state. “You will be adorable making all those cute needy noises. We will be making sure you are so comfy, and taken care of. Oh I can hardly wait to pick out your outfit for tomorrow.”

Nix’s face feels like it’s burning up, starting to flap her arms slightly due to the combined teasing, and brushing her hair. Almost on instinct making a buzzing sound, unable to conceivably string together a sentence on her own. 

“I’m sure whatever Sola picks will look amazing, and I’ll have several more custom outfits ready for you in a few days. After all, I had to design several more companion dresses, rather than those boring independent designs.” Celosia waits for the flapping to slow down, before starting to carefully slip Nix into her pajamas. 

Sola can’t help but adore Nix’s little flaps and movements. Simply taking a moment to enjoy the sight, before glancing over to Celosia. “Oh, were those the papers you were hiding from me? I’m now excited to see the designs on our little cutie.” She helps guide the pajama top down, before giving Nix a little nose boop when her head pokes out from the neck hole. “Are you excited for some more new clothes?”

Nix nods several times, as Celosia places a vine in front of her mouth.

“Bite.” Celosia watches as Nix bites down on the vine, starting to nip and nibble away at it. “Good lizard, and I was not attempting to hide them from you. I’d simply been working on them for Nix since before she’d lost, so I had to start over on more than half of them, let alone taking in considerations for her form after she’s gotten body mods.”

Nix looks away slightly, the normal shame that this comment would elicit missing and, being replaced with overwhelming embarrassment. Causing her to bite down just a little harder on Celosia’s vines. This clearly becoming a conversation she is expected to be uninvolved in.

Sola grins, and simply pets Nix while giving her some vines to stim on. “I see, I’m still excited to see the end results. I’m sure you must be working very hard on getting the designs just right to work with Nix’s soon to be tail, and I am sure the neck fluff probably demands some extra room on top to come out.”

“Indeed, but it’s a challenge I’m more than willing to face head on.” Celosia pulls her notepad out of her chest. Starting to quietly go over a few outfits options with Sola, making sure that Nix can’t see any of them.

“Oh they’re absolutely precious! Oh, this one will be perfect for dates with Pearl!” Sola flashes a grin down at Nix, as she taps on one of the sketches. Watching her floret start to squirm even more, despite still not pulling away from the provided vines.

“Oh I’m sure it will, how about we set up a playdate for the two of them in a few days? Finally let Pearl enjoy a date with our adorable pet, that doesn’t need to have any depressing talks of independence.” Celosia closes up the notepad, ruffling Nix’s hair a bit. “And then by the end of next week, our little lizard will be nice and implanted.”

Nix bounces at the word implant, if there’s one thing that still scares her even while this high, it’s the idea of the implant. A piece of plant tech that would be hand… vine… crafted to crush her independent streak. She bites down just a little bit too hard on Celosia’s vine, immediately dropping it due to discomfort in her jaw.

Sola notices the reaction and reaches down to pet Nix a little bit more. "Oh, is our little Nix okay?" She gently leans in nuzzling her cheek into Nix’s. "We both love you Nix, you can relax. I promise we won't do anything to hurt you, we just don't want you to ever be in pain, and your implant will ensure that."

Nix nods slightly, slowly crawling over to her spot in bed, and grabbing her lizard plushie. Starting to stim on, and cuddle it as a distraction. 

Celosia takes Sola’s hand, and slips in bed. Both of them lay down on either side of Nix, pulling up the blankets to make sure Nix is nice and bundled up. As their vines tangle around one another. "Indeed, once it's in you you'll never ever have to feel alone again." She gently snakes a vine up and injects Nix’s flower with class Z's. Watching as the tension drains away from her form. "Good girl, Mistresses love you Nix."


In the morning, Sola gives the sleeping Nix a little kiss, before taking a moment to give one to Celosia's cheek. She slips out of bed, and begins to get breakfast for Nix put together, as well as getting a nutrition mix made for herself and Celosia. When everything is set, Sola puts on some gentle music over the hab, before sitting down with her datapad to get some reading done.

After another half an hour, Celosia is the second to get up, cradling a still sleeping Nix in her arms as she walks over to the kitchen table. Sitting down across from Sola. “Good morning, what are you reading today?”

Sola looks up and smiles, extending a vine to hold one of Celosia’s, choosing to speak in affini. “I am reading some documents about various effects of taking away memories from florets, and unique behaviors that can sprout from such an event. If we are going to be doing this, I want to be as prepared as possible for anything that could go wrong.”

“I’m glad you’re reading up on it. I've seen, and worked through several cases where memories being removed was a necessity, so I’m aware of the majority of the patterns when completing this process.” Celosia hums to herself, running her hand through Nix’s hair. “But after last night I’m absolutely sure that it’s something that she needs, even on a proper blend of xenodrugs, she’s still stressing herself out about everything, to the point of losing her ability to talk.”

Sola weakly nods while looking at Nix. “I know, and, she really is stressing out about the implant, I know when I was helping her on her recovery, even just mentioning the haustic implant caused her stress levels to spike. I’ll openly admit, I’m not sure how to ease her on it. I don’t want her coming down and freaking out once it is in.”

“Luckily, all of the negative propaganda her head is filled with will be removed by then. She wont have a chance to fear it, because she’ll only remember the positive things she’s been told.” Celosia leans in, tangling her vines with Sola’s as she nuzzles the affini gently. “I know you wish she could be eased in without it, but this is a problem that is only repeating, and getting worse each time. She will make progress and then find a new way to beat herself up for something new, all because she’s been trained to believe she has to be independent, even as a pet.”

Sola quietly leans into Celosia, smiling at their vine tangle. “Yeah, I know, I just wish that things could be a little different in her entire process. I know that how interesting she is has been part of why I love her, but the entire time I’ve worked with her, it has felt like this terran saying of ‘two steps forward and one step back’.”

“Indeed, she’s even made it very clear that she has to be forced at this point, so that’s exactly what I have and will continue to do.” Celosia gently pokes Nix a few times, watching as she goes from peaceful resting to small squirms. “But for now we will let her enjoy a stress free breakfast, before we have that conversation.”

Sola lets out a small shudder, imitating a terran ‘sigh’ before giving Nix a few playful pokes of her own. “Thank you, the more this goes on, the more I see just how effective a more forceful touch can be, in spots where I’ve been too careful, though I still have my points I feel careful was the correct choice.”

“Careful was the correct path at the beginning, Sola careful is what got her into the place, where force wouldn’t break the poor girl into pieces in a way we couldn’t fix.” Celosia chuckles, watching as Nix stretches out, flopping across both of her owners laps lazily. Clearly trying to put off getting up. “It’s just when it comes to breaking a terrans will, force is sometimes the only option.”

Sola giggles at Nix’s lackadaisical movements. “I agree, and thank you. I really feel like the work has been rewarding with her.” She rubs Nix’s belly while grinning down at her. “Oh Nix, if you don’t get up, how will you ever get to have your breakfast? I worked extra on getting it just the way you like it too.” She playfully pokes Nix’s cheeks with her vines at this point, grinning as Nix’s squirming only gets more active.

Nix finally cracks one eye open, looking up at both of her owners as her flower starts to slowly bloom. “Gmornin…” She chuckles a bit, nuzzling her head more into Sola’s lap, trying to shake off the overwhelming grogginess. 

“Good morning Nix, and indeed you need to wake up.” Celosia gently presses up on Nix’s back, watching as their floret rolls around against it. Letting herself be slowly dragged up to a sitting position. “We’ve got a very big day ahead of us.”

Sola gets the plate she had prepared, revealing six pieces of what looks similar to toast with white flakes sprinkled over the top. “Well, I learned of a terran dish called ‘french toast’, and I thought it would be a good different thing to try. Then like Celosia said, we have a bit of a day ahead of us.” She starts to cut the meal, before beginning to feed Nix, starting with a swipe down her cheek from one of her vines.

Nix’s mouth drops open, quietly watching as the first bite is slid in. Anxious about whether she’d like this meal or not, until there’s a swipe up on her opposite cheek. Causing her to bite down and chew, exploding the sugar dust onto her face as she lets a small squeak of both enjoyment, and horrendous embarrassment out.

Sola giggles a little bit, grabbing a napkin and wiping Nix’s face clean. “Such a silly little lizard.” Sola finishes wiping Nix’s face, brushing her hair back a little bit to make sure the sugar doesn’t get into it either. “Do you like it sweetie? I think it looks like you do, but if not I can make something else.”

“It’s good… but I feel like you made it just because it’s messy!” Nix puffs her cheeks out, squirming around in her seat until Celosia passes her her water bottle. Quickly pressing the straw to her lips to nibble, and drink from it.

“And that’s my theory confirmed, you were getting nippy because you didn’t have your water bottle around while healing.” Celosia grins, patting Nix on the head a few times. 

Sola giggles, and shakes her head. “I suppose it is pretty obvious looking back on your pattern of nibbling on the straw. You can still nibble on my vine though.” She pets Nix, following through and swiping down on her cheek as she finishes with the drink. “And I may have at least considered the possibility that this is a little messier to eat.”

Nix grumbles a bit as she gets her next bite, crossing her arms as more of the sugar puffing out around her cheeks as she eats. “It’s like you overloaded them just to bully me!”

“Maybe she did?” Celosia giggles, watching as that simple comment causes Nix to start squirming around even more. Yet still not attempting to get up or do anything that would be considered disobedient.

Sola shakes her head and simply continues to feed and clean Nix with every bite. Once the plate is clean, Sola ruffles Nix’s hair. “Very good girl, I promise next time I’ll make them less messy.” Sola suppresses a giggle at Nix’s squirming before standing up to take the dishes back to the kitchen.

“M-meaaaan!” Nix starts kicking her legs while Celosia stands up. Getting her into a comfortable resting position against her chest.

“Indeed your Mistress Sola is the meanest there is, but for now me and you need to go have a small private conversation.” Celosia looks over at Sola, giving her a simple curt nod, turning and walking off into the bedroom. 

Once inside Nix is sat down on the bed, Celosia quickly darting back out and grabbing both of the affini plushies that were on the couch, as well as the salamander plush. Placing them up against, and in Nix’s arms.

“So… what’s so serious that I need to be talked to alone?” Nix winces, looking up at the clearly tensed form of her owner. Trying to think over anything that she could have done wrong to need to be sat down like this. “Did I mess up…”

Sola shakes her head and sits down next to Nix. “No, you haven’t messed up at all. This serious conversation has to do with a lot of what can be happening in the future.” Sola takes a moment before continuing. “Nix, I know part of your contract demands honesty, but I need you to be absolutely honest, nothing held back when you answer this question of ours.” Sola rests a vine on Nix’s shoulder. “Do you think that you are in pain because of your memories of your time in the navy? From beginning to how it ended. I truly want to know how everything makes you feel about yourself.”

“I mean… yeah?” Nix looks away from both affini, shuffling herself deeper between both of the plushies. “Having it shoved in my face how useful I both wasn’t, and needed to be every day, to the point that even with that special implant of yours. I’ve been scared that the feelings won't go away, that I’ll be broken too badly, and just become a constant disappointment. Too independent, and resistant, to enjoy or satisfy your wants.”

Celosia’s form rustles, sitting down next to Sola, remaining quiet as her gaze on Sola hardens. In her mind this had gone from an option, to an absolute necessity. One that she was going to force Sola to follow through on. “Well, me and Sola have a plan… one that will fix those feelings.”

Sola rustles a little bit. “I just want you to know Nix, you will never be a disappointment to us, but a lot of your pain comes from this very specific period of your past. We can do the same thing that Pearl owner has done, and just through various methods, we can remove your memories of the navy. You would still remember that you had been in it, and that you came to us from there, but this would free you from the propaganda that is rooted deep inside, as well as the pain and long lasting trauma.”

Nix’s face pales, her entire body going stiff as she simply looks down. Starting to simply blink as she considers what Sola’s saying, the same thing Pearl had gone through, no more memories of that room, no more nightmares every time she’d miss a dose of class Z’s.

“Petal, we have to fix this issue one way or another, and you will only suffer more, if we try to force you to go through it. This… will not be the exact same as Pearl, you will not have a way to remember, it will never bother you again.” Celosia gently places a hand on Nix’s back, watching the girl virtually jump out of her skin. “You’d simply believe yourself to be a rescue from the war, you won’t remember why you don’t have two eyes. You will be allowed to move forward into this half of your life, unencumbered by what’s been done to you.”

Nix’s head drops down, clenching her teeth as she starts to stim on the edges of her pajamas. “I… don’t want to lie.” She shakes her head as hard as possible, whimpering the entire time. “I… know it’s not my choice, but… I do see why you’d believe this to be needed. Just, if you do just take it all, if I am not going to remember most of it, I don’t want any of the cosmic navy left. Not a single INCH of that nightmare looming over me.”

Sola shifts down onto Nix’s level, and pulls her into a hug. “We have been talking a lot, and while we could try other things, seeing you in pain hurts us. We wanted to see what you felt upon hearing the option. With what you have said, I promise, it will all be gone, every little bit of it. I refuse to allow any fragment of those memories to haunt you, Petal. Neither of us will allow it.” She slowly pulls back, keeping her vines still wrapped around Nix. “You are such a brave girl Nix, thank you for hearing this out and agreeing with our wishes to help you.”

Nix doesn’t let Sola pull away fully, clinging to the hug and finding herself pulled along with Sola. “I’m not saying I agree… I just, I see the signs.”

“Indeed, but your reaction speaks volumes. Instead of screaming at us for considering it, you explained what you believe will help you the most. Which is the closest we can get with our little rebel.” Celosia watches Nix cuddling into Sola’s chest, her vines finally losing a bit of tension. Relieved she's not needed to do much more than start the conversation and clarify. 

Rebel, that word felt like a needle through Nix’s heart. Unable to even deny the reality, she’d submit herself, find ways to beg, but every time she’d go back to deflecting. “Not a rebel…”

“Indeed, you’re a little scared lizard, who can’t help but hide away out of fear of pain.” Celosia leans in, pulling Nix’s head back slightly to look her in the eyes. “But we’re going to tear every one of those fears, and pains away from you, you'll just be who you’ve always been deep down. Nix Farin-Verse, first floret brave, and adorable, lizard.”

“Fine… do whatever you want.” Nix starts laughing to herself weakly. A small smile creeps onto her face, as Sola pulls her in closer. “I wonder… what I’ll see in my painting once it’s over…”

“We’ll figure it out together.” Sola’s form rustles as she runs her hand up and down Nix’s back. “But I promise Nix, whatever happens after, me, Celly, Pearl, and everyone else. We’ll all love you just the same.”

Nix snorts. “Celly?” She breaks out giggling, as she flops back into Sola’s arms. The giggling fit is quickly, and tragically undercut by actually looking at Celosia. 

Celosia’s smile had turned from its normal patient smirk, into a wide spikey grin. Her entire form almost purring as she pulls out an injector. “You weren’t meant to hear that name, little lizard, and laughing at it is very rude. I was going to give you a bit more talking time, buuuut now.” She quickly injects Nix’s flower with a mix of class A’s and W’s. “I think you’ll only be making adorable little beeps for the rest of the day.”

Once the injection’s administered, Nix starts blinking a few times. Everything definitely feels nicer, and she can’t help but nuzzle deeper into Sola, but nothing makes her feel like she’d mess up something as simple as talking. “Ahh! Bua!” Her hands slap over her mouth, ferocious embarrassment overwhelming her.

“Indeed! It is time for your bath! Good job Nixy~” Celosia gently runs a vine along Nix’s cheek. Watching as her arms start to flap slightly. “If you’re this cute already, it’s going to be hard to resist not having this be your normal Petal.”

Sola effortlessly lifts Nix up before making her way towards the bath. "I know, I already knew you were adorable, but just making these noises is fantastic!" Once in the bathroom, Sola gently guides Nix's pajamas off, giving her little brushes as more skin is exposed. "You are an adorable lizard, and after how messy breakfast was, I'll have to take my time washing you up."

"Bzzzzzzzzt!" Nix weakly looks up at Sola. Giving as pouting of a look as she can manage, eyes widening as to non-verbally beg. Only ending up acting more adorable by making more little buzzes, and rubbing against Sola's vines as she’s undressed.

Sola slips into the water, keeping Nix comfortable as she begins to gently wash her floret. “You know Nix, at first, I was comfortable not having a floret, I had friends, florets of others to look after, occasionally looking after even Pearl or Jason myself, so I got that need fulfilled, or so I thought.” She uses a washcloth to carefully wipe Nix’s face. “But, then I met you. I saw your pain, did my best to help with both the physical, and mental, pain you suffered from… are still suffering from, honestly.” She winces a little bit, moving to start washing Nix’s hair. “This last week has been a rush of having to push past my comfort zone to ensure you get what you need, becoming closer to Celosia, learning how to push forward… all for such a special girl, all for you.” 

Sola smiles and begins working shampoo into Nix’s hair. “I’m excited to remove that pain that I see is eating you from the inside out, and I know that as your owners, we can do whatever we want to make you happy and comfortable, but I still wanted to push through with your decision. I wanted to give you the option of more therapy, or the memory thing… because I thought just taking them without letting you know first, would be just cruel. I’m happy that you have explained your feelings on it, and I promise, when it happens, and you wake up, we will do everything we can to make you the happiest floret ever.”

Nix simply nods, still able to feel the pit of uncertainty, fear, regret, everything that keeps holding her back from enjoying everything that is being provided. A slight feeling of relief washing over it, knowing that no matter what it will be gone by the end of the week.

Sola then moves onto rinsing the shampoo out of Nix’s hair, before shifting the girl around to give her a continued scrubbing. “Sorry for spilling out like that. While I may have fun withholding some things from you from time to time, I really value honesty on the whole with you.” She soon finishes cleaning Nix, giving her a little hug, before standing out of the bath, and grabbing a soft towel which she begins to use to dry Nix.

Once she’s dried off, Nix looks up at Sola. Trying to think of anything comforting to say, even if it will fall on def ears, eventually giving up, and simply putting her arms out towards Sola, smiling. Hoping this can convey that she’s okay with Sola making these choices for her. “Baaaaaah!”

Sola giggles a little, and pulls Nix in close. “Thank you Petal, it means a lot to me to have your acceptance.” She holds Nix close, using her vines to cover Nix a bit as she goes to the bedroom, starting to look at what outfits Nix has. “Now, let's pick out a pretty dress for our pretty little pet.”

Nix leans down, looking over the outfit options, frowning at just how few outfits remain. Only having the lizard one, that was made to match Sola, and the other that was made to match Celosia, left. “Bzzzt!” She points at Celosia’s designed companion dress.

Sola nods, and begins unfolding the dress, setting Nix down on the bed in the process. “Alright Nix, arms up, I’ll get your underwear and dress on.” Once Nix is ready, Sola helps her into some cute panties, and slides on a bra, making sure it’s secure before progressing to the next step. Next, she slides the dress down over Nix, getting her arms through the sleeves, and once on, pulling Nix’s hair up and out from the dress. “There we go, I’ll make sure to get laundry done soon.” She slowly puts Nix on the ground, leaving a vine for Nix to hold on.

Nix pats down her dress, quietly following behind Sola at her heel. Holding onto one of her owners vines as they walk out into the living room, Celosia seated at the table working on more of her work. “Baaaaah!” She tugs against the vines, pointing over at the arts room, tilting her head towards it. 

Sola grins and nods, walking towards the arts room. “Celly, we will be in the art room, feel free to join us whenever you feel like it.” She walks through the open door, taking her time to observe the room. “With all the excitement these past few days, we haven’t really gotten a chance to just relax with the art, or make more of our own. This really is a fantastic room you have put together.”

“Bzzzzt!” Nix slowly breaks away from staying latched to Sola’s side, noticing her bag and cane both sitting on top of her chair. She slowly walks over, trying not to wobble around with how soft the world around her feels, even so much as the air conditioning sending a shudder through her body. Grabbing the bag and putting it on, as she starts to grab all of the paints she wants for this next piece. Trying to hum to herself while she does it, but ending up with just quiet buzzing.

Sola stays close, but allows Nix to wobble towards the chair. As Nix makes noises, Sola can’t help but squeak from joy. “Oh your little noises are wonderful Nixy. Also we have been carrying you around so much, so we haven’t had it on you, but I really do love your cane, as both an aid and an accessory to your look.”

Nix lightly taps on the length of the cane, buzzing up at Sola as she collects green, blue, red, and yellow paints. Slotting them each neatly into her bag, before going back to her chair and sitting down. 

Looking through her bag, she pulls out her brushes, alongside setting her paints down in their proper places. Quickly plucking her datapad out, and setting it up on her little desk putting on more of her cartoons to play in the background. 

Once everything is in its place, Nix leans back in her chair, frowning. Her fingers tapping along the canes surface slightly anxiously, trying to place what’s missing. Eventually spinning around to look at Sola, tapping where her water bottle should be. “Baaaaaa!”

Sola giggles a little. “Ah, you are right, give me a moment Petal, and I’ll get it for you.” She walks out of the room, heading towards the dining room table, grabbing the water bottle from it. She quickly refills the bottle, then makes her way back towards the art room. Briefly stopping to look over at Celosia. “I hope you don’t get too busy with that paperwork Celly, we are going to enjoy some art time, I think Nix would like to make one more piece before her memories are taken.”

"I know, but I am working on the exact memories to be kept, and how to stitch them back together." Celosia looks down at the paperwork, not yet satisfied with the details of everything. "I promise, I'll take a break when it's time to feed Nix lunch. I just need to have this done soon, and I don't want to use any of the many recommendations Alistor sent us." 

Sola smiles, and shakes her head. “Alistor is good at dealing with a lot of extra paperwork, but he is very single minded.” She gives Celosia a quick hug. “Thank you for taking care of this, I’ll keep Nix on track time wise. Then after lunch we should go on a walk, I’m sure you wanted to have fun showing off our floret on class W’s.”

"Going out to Resin’s toy store later sounds good? I'm sure it will be adorable to watch Nix beep at Pearl, to try and talk to her girlfriend. That and they will need to get the news of Nix’s change personally." Celosia realizes she's starting to over plan again. stands up from her seat, leaning in and intermingling her vines with Sola. Letting out a deep shudder. "Thank you for grounding me."

Sola leans into Celosia, her vines intermingling with her partners. “You are very welcome, and I think that is a wonderful idea. I will say that once you figure out some good spots to cut and stitch with Nix’s memories, please let me know. I want to make my own plans to make her awakening afterwards special. Also, after we come back from visiting Resin and Pearl, I think we should discuss hab expansions, because right now, we still have the three, and I know it would be easy enough to transfer my things, though I would like to add an extra room or two for my work.”

"Trust me, I've been working on that as well… but if I'm being honest, finding the space for a large enough hab for your work and Nix’s needs, while staying on board has been the major impairment." Celosia rubs her vines against her forehead. "I couldn't imagine ever leaving the EquaBloom, but getting the space for almost three Habs next to one another…" she shudders. "Some things are scarier than dealing with Nix’s full sweep of paperwork. Frost, seeing all of that land on my desk, still makes my vines shiver." 

Sola quietly thinks for a moment. “I may have an idea, and I wouldn’t want to move off of the EquaBloom either, not with our friends, and Nix’s here. I’d check with Alistor as he would most likely love the extra paperwork, but since we already technically have the three habs, just all in different locations, we could see about requisitioning at least two of them to be moved next to each other for the expansion. My own is a mini, and even then, I would only want a work out room and guest bedroom added onto whatever we have, so that basically eliminates half of my hab from the equation. In sharing a main bedroom, I think you should think about what space you actually need that is not already accommodated by this space, which is already specialized for Nix with affini in mind.”

"I don't have any specific needs, Sola. I already spent most of my time in my office anyway. Making that comfortable for Nix will be a different story, but also a problem for later." Celosia nods to herself. Pulling away to start writing notes down. "I'll see if I can convince one of our neighbors to switch spots with your hab. Then I'll let my old hab be simply repurposed after we've moved my things here."

Sola smiles, and nods. “If we can’t convince one of the neighbors here, I’m pretty sure I remember overhearing one of my old neighbors contemplating. It would be more work moving this hab, but it is an option to explore.” She looks at the water bottle and squeaks. “I should get this to Nix, I’ve been gone longer than I intended.” She wiggles a little, and gives Celosia a kiss on the cheek. “Don’t wear yourself out Celly.”

"I told you to not let anyone hear you call me that. Dirt you make me sound like I'm back in my first bloom." Celosia grumbles, gesturing to Sola to run off, and go paint with Nix.

So Nix's memories are offically going to be removed, no more baggage from the cosmic navy to hold her back. More painting and even a date with Pearl-

Next time on Recovery, Chapter 27. Speachless!

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