24. Trust

by Cracked_Ruby

Tags: #cw:gore #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #hypnosis #pov:bottom #scifi #sub:female #drug_play #Human_Domestication_Guide #memory_play #petplay #slow_burn #transgender_characters

It's Nix's first day as a floret! Meaning we're going to be having the movie party!
Cw: discussions of a suicide attempt, it is not shown.

Nix’s eyes open, she’s honestly never felt this well rested. To either side of her are two bundles of vines, Sola and Celosia no doubt. “I… woke up first!” She snickers to herself, starting to slowly creep her way out of bed. Careful not to wake up either of her soon to be owners. Even if her movements are still a little sluggish in comparison to what they should be.

Creeping towards the door out of the bedroom, she feels the rhythm that she’d not even consciously been listening to start to fade away. Leaving this cold pit in her chest, pushing past the discomfort she opens the door to the bedroom. Slipping out and towards the kitchen, while she couldn’t necessarily surprise them with a real breakfast, making both of them some tea and pulling out their nutrient mix would be good enough!

Stepping up to the counter she blinks a few times, looking over the compiler. “Wow… this is a lot brighter than I remember.” She closes her eye, realizing she can still see a silver outline around where the compiler sits. “Ohhhh… new eye thing, I guess I can see more colors now? More vividly? Eh, whatever, it's still cool.”

After a few minutes of fiddling with the compiler, Nix has three cups for tea, a bunch of tea bags, and a teapot, going over to get water from the tap. As well as grabbing some honey that Sola normally has around for Nix’s breakfast. 

“Okay… you’ve never made tea before… how hard could this be?” Nix chuckles to herself, wishing she had her bag and datapad on her, but given the last few days she couldn’t even remember where her bag was at this point. 

She slowly fills the pot, putting it on the oven. Fiddling around for a few minutes before it starts heating up, having to emulate how she’d seen Sola use hers the very few times she’d actually been paying attention. “Alright, water warming, tea bags ready. What else… hmmm, oh I know!”

Nix hums to herself, leaving the tea to warm itself as she heads back towards the bedroom. Noticing that several of her outfits are folded up on the table, next to the board game Celosia had used to get her to…  

She shudders, no, best not to think about that right now. It’s too late anyway, she’d already lost and given in for several days at that. Just focus on doing something nice to thank them for taking care of you while you were healing, there’s your lizard dress right there. They’ll like seeing you in that.

Nix exhales sharply, trying to ground herself and simply finding herself fiddling with her pajamas without actually doing anything. Getting distracted with simply enjoying the texture. 

This lasts for a few minutes, before Nix finally pulls her hands away from her pajamas. Reaching out, and grabbing her dress, quickly pulling her pajamas off, and getting switched. 

Just as she finishes Nix’s attention is pulled back to the kitchen, the tea kettle whistling and alerting her that it’s warm enough now. “Sweet, just in time.”

Nix rushes back over, stepping up to the kettle, and gently picking it up. Being very careful, given she could easily accidentally fumble, and burn herself with it. She slowly pours three cups, one properly sized for herself and two much larger cups, for Sola and Celosia.

As she puts the kettle back down, Nix sighs in relief. Proud of herself for managing to do this entirely independently, trying to ignore the fact that she’d definitely done this on her own just to prove that she could. “Bags, honey, done.”

She plops two bags in each of the larger cups, while only using one in hers. Waiting to put the honey in until she sees the water fully darken.

Once the tea is done, Nix just sits down at the table. Humming to herself, feeling her stomach growl slightly from hunger. Sure she could use the compiler and make a decent enough breakfast, whatever it considered a ‘perfect’ waffle still annoys her to no end, so that options out.

Wake Sola and Celosia up? No, that would just be admitting she needs them to take care of her even more, this was meant to prove she doesn’t need help with everything. 

The gnawing hunger, alongside her own anxiety, causes Nix to start tapping on the table as a way to get the nervous energy out. Looking repeatedly over at the door to their bedroom, shaking her head several times trying to clear it.

A distraction, she needs a distraction. “Hey uh… hab? Can you please turn on the cartoons that Sola has saved for me?” She looks up at the ceiling, while the voice from the hab always came from all around her she couldn’t help but look up while talking to it. Like it was hiding in the ceiling from her. 

“You’re going to need to rephrase your request, cutie!” Chimes out in the same sing-songy voice as always. 

Nix groans, leaning her head back. Of course that’s already been changed, they basically had two days to change everything in the hab without her really being there. “Can you please turn on the cartoons Mistress Sola has saved for me?”

“Good girl! I’ll have it turned on right away, cutie.” And with that the tv flicks on, starting up right where Sola and Nix had last left off. 

Taking her tea, Nix turns around in her seat. Starting to watch it quietly, sipping her tea, and not even noticing as the bedroom door starts to slowly swing open. Sola, and Celosia looking out and directly at her.

Sola giggles, and leads the way. "Oh you are such an adorable floret Nix." She walks out, and kneels down to give Nix a hug. "Thank you for preparing us some morning tea, I'll make some blueberry waffles to start your day off."

Nix blushes, nodding slightly as Sola and Celosia walk over into the kitchen. 

Celosia frowns at Nix’s posture, noticing how uncertain she appears, and starting to gently pet her. "You were very cute these last two days, but today we have a little party we prepared for you. To help you feel better about the situation."

Nix winces at the pets, looking down as she feels the pair's rhythms pressing up against her. Of course they planned something to comfort her about this, and she couldn't even bring herself to be happy. Just more anxiety about this change, the idea of cracking all the way open. Deeper than the walls she'd built, down into the core of who she is, the part she tries to hide from even herself. 

Celosia hums, watching Nix’s eye darting around the room. "You know there's nowhere to hide Petal." Her movements are almost painfully slow as she pulls Nix into her arms. "I don't want to give you anything, before your girlfriend arrives, but if you need me to, I will."

"I don't need anything…" Nix turns her head away from Celosia. Even so much as that being difficult, as her entire body instinctively leans in against her owner's chest. 

"Of course you don't." Celosia gently places her hand under Nix’s chin, turning her florets head back towards her. "So why don't you just, look me in the eyes, while you say it."

Nix starts squirming wildly, as her head is repositioned to force her to look at least around Celosia’s eyes. "I don't! I'm fine."

"Now Nix, you shouldn't lie." Celosia boops Nix on the nose, watching her wrinkle it in response. "Now tell me what's wrong so we can make it go away." 

Nix’s eye widens slightly, as she’s positioned in line with Celosia’s eyes. Struggling to resist the temptation to look, ultimately failing, and having her eyes lock with Celosia’s.

"I- uh…" She blinks a few times, trying to piece together exactly what had changed since the last time she'd looked in Celosia’s eyes. Every small divot and shape that the deep reds glide along, growing deeper and more enrapturing by the moment, to the point where the world, her worries, all slowly started drifting away.

“Tell me the truth Nix, we have been constructing a very fair contract for you, though it needs a little more work, however I will share that one of the clauses is an honesty one. So, you do not need to hide from us, because neither of us will let you hide again. Now, tell me what is wrong Nix.” Celosia reaches forward and scratches behind Nix’s ear playfully.

Nix leans into the scratching, her eye now locked with Celosia. What is wrong… what’s wrong, is her. “I- I’m the problem. I don’t, I.” She bites back a whimper, a storm of worries starting to flood back to the surface, as she’d been demanded to be honest about them. “I, I shouldn’t be here… I don’t deser-.” She bites her lip, whimpering as Celosia pulls her in against her chest.

“Nix, that is one of the things we are going to work on. You DO deserve this. You SHOULD be here, you are NOT a problem. You have so much deep pain, and it is going to take lots of time, love, and affection to get through. Don’t ever think that you are a problem. We will help you work through it all.” Celosia brushes Nix’s hair slowly. “You are such a precious girl Nix, and both of us love you so much.”

Nix bites down just a little bit harder, almost painfully on her lip. Breaking her daze just long enough to pull her eyes away. While she can’t deny that Celosia at the very least, believes her words, knowing the affini wouldn’t lie to her. She also couldn’t really believe that it’s going to remain true, not for her. They’ll get tired of dealing with her, she’ll not be able to do something right for the hundredth time, and they’ll just give up. “N…no…” She starts wiggling her arms around, reaching out for something to sim on. “I’m bad, I’m bad and mean, and everyone is going to get tired of me!”

Celosia shakes her head. “Nix, part of your gift is to make you feel better about everything. It is very obvious that you need so much more. We will get you the help you need.” She holds Nix close. “Now, we are going to feed you a good breakfast, and if you still need something after, I will give you a little shot.”

Nix closes her eyes, pressing her head against Celosia’s chest and letting herself be held still until Sola is done with making breakfast. Both savoring the care that she’s being provided, and reeling at the feelings of regret, and remorse, churning in her chest. Wanting to be good, but feeling like she’s the worst. Unable to accept losing with grace, unable to accept love without thrashing, completely pathetic, just like always.

“Nix, neither of us will let anyone hurt you… including yourself. So I am going to demand that you stop hurting my floret, cause I’m gonna have to use some xenodrugs, and we would like for you to be cognizant for movie night, Pearl time, and then us to go over a few things with you. After all, Sola and I worked very hard on what we believe to be a very fair and reasonable contract.” Celosia gently pets Nix a few times, watching as the girl nestles deeper into her mass with each stroke.

All Nix can really get out is weak nodding, at the very least she doesn’t wanna be out of it when Pearl, and Jason are over. The idea of being that helpless, around two people she wants so badly to have the respect of, frightening her. “O-okay… can we eat now please…”

Celosia smiles and nods. “Of course sweetie.” She stands up while holding Nix, making her way over to the counter where Sola is putting down a plate of waffles. 

“Here you go, time to feed our cute little lizard.” Sola reaches forward and pets Nix. “I know this is a big change for you to process Nix, but we will do everything we can to make it as comfortable and happy as possible.”

Nix nods slightly, nestling her head into Sola’s vine. Closing her eyes and forcing herself to listen to her owners, the rhythm of their movements, and the brushes up and down her cheek.

“That means open sweetie.” Celosia gently strokes down Nix’s cheek again, watching as the girl’s mouth opens up. “Good girl, you just focus on calming down.” She cuts a piece of the waffles, placing a bite in Nix’s mouth.

Nix is about to bite down, only to have a vine resting on her chin to hold it open instead. “No, you only bite when you get the signal.” Celosia’s voice is calm and firm, keeping her face positioned right in front of Nix’s in case the girl opens her eyes.

Nix nods slightly, trying to resist the urge to try and keep eating. The warm piece of the waffle dripping honey onto her tongue. 

“Good pet.” Celosia swipes her finger up Nix’s cheek. Watching as the girl's jaw snaps shut, chewing and swallowing the first piece with the same fervent hunger as always.

Sola giggles, and continues feeding Nix with the pace Celosia is setting. “You are such a good girl Nix, Mistresses love you very much.” Once the waffle is gone, Sola reaches forward to begin petting Nix herself. “Alright Nix, I’m going to take care of the plate and fork, be a good girl for Mistress Celosia.”

Nix finds herself pulled up against Celosia’s chest, finally cracking her eyes back open. “Um… y-yes Mistress…” She chuckles a bit, letting herself be moved over into the living room. “S-so… what are we going to be doing once Pearl and Jason are over?”

Celosia hums as she pets Nix gently. “Well, I know Pearl is gonna want lots of hugs, but we will move the couch, and put down a big bean bag chair, then you three can cuddle up and enjoy the movie. It is very special, and I think it will help a lot of your feelings about being a floret.”

Nix flops onto her side, giving Celosia full access to her midriff. Using it as a way of non-verbally demanding to get pets there, thinking about everything only proving more and more overwhelming. Best to just let herself be distracted until the hard part of the day starts.

Celosia eagerly begins to rub Nix’s belly, moving in little circles with her pets. She brings her other hand down to cradle the back of Nix’s head, making sure to look at Nix in the eyes. “Good girl, you like getting your belly rubbed, don’t you? Yes you do!”

Nix’s cheeks turn flush, she really enjoys this, yes, but having Celosia address her like that is absolutely humiliating! Despite how embarrassing this had suddenly become, Celosia’s pets only get more intimate, slipping under her dress before continuing. Knocking Nix right out of that line of thinking, and into focusing on how to get more of this feeling. Electing to wiggle around under the pets, and stare up into Celosia’s eyes. “Neeeah…”

Celosia giggles and continues. “You are such a good and sweet girl, who deserves all the love and attention that we have to give. You are just the cutest, and most deserving little lizard in the whole wide universe, aren’t you! Yes you are, yes you are!” She leans down, bringing her eyes closer to Nix before rubbing her face against Nix’s.

Nix finally just melts under the pressure, openly pressing her body against Celosia as hard as she can. No matter how anxious and scared these changes made her, the overwhelming praise and affection she craves so deeply, simply couldn’t be resisted. “Mrrrr neaaaah.” She gently starts stimming on one of the vines that comprise Celosia’s chest. Her fingers tapping alongside the rhythm, adding herself to it in a relaxing way.

Celosia giggles, and begins to match Nix’s taps onto her arm. “You are such a cutie, oh I bet pictures of you and Pearl are going to be the most precious things we can get! Then Jason does add a charm to my idea of a group picture. When Pearl was on her M’s, he was so gentle with her. I can’t wait for them to get here so you can see the movie.”


Resin pauses outside of Nix’s hab unit, looking over Pearl one last time. She’s in a bright blue dress that has black and purple flowers dancing up its sides. Her hair is perfectly brushed to the left side, and most importantly of all, Pearl isn’t wearing her normal cloth cover for her arm. Allowing its wooden appearance to be prominently displayed. “Alright sweetie we’re here, and I doubt you want your precious girlfriend to see you all distant.” She gently injects Pearl, flushing out the class M’s she’d used for getting her dressed and the walk over, letting the fog clear right up, as she slowly puts Pearl down on the ground.

Pearl blinks a little bit, wiggling her fingers until everything feels normal again. “Thank you Mixtress Resin.” She hugs Resin’s leg a little, before taking a breath and looking at the door. “Just gotta knock, no big deal, just getting to see my pretty girlfriend again.” It takes about 10 seconds before she shakily raises her wooden hand to knock on the door to Nix’s hab.

After a moment the door slides open, revealing Sola standing there with a massive grin on her face. The affini quickly kneeling down in front of Pearl and putting a finger in front of her mouth. “Shhhh, I want you to get a peak at this before we wake her up.” She giggles to herself, taking Pearl’s wooden hand and leading her inside. “She was really anxious about today.”

She tilts Pearl’s head up, revealing Nix and Celosia on the couch. Nix’s curled up in a little ball, fast asleep and pressed against her owner’s side by a bundle of vines. While Celosia gently runs her fingers through Nix’s hair, brushing it both to keep her calm, and prepare her for Pearl’s visit. Clearly taking joy in every little shake and shiver the girl provides in response.

Pearl covers her mouth to suppress an ‘awww’ of affection before hugging Sola’s vines. “Miss Sola, please tell me you have some pictures I can have of this adorable sight?” She glances back at Resin and motions towards the cuteness, obviously wanting more pictures, even if Sola does have her own. “I almost can’t bring myself to wake her.”

“Oh I was taking pictures constantly for the last two days, you should have seen her. When she can’t speak she starts making these absolutely precious chirps and buzzes to call for help, it’s enough to make my vines untangle.” Sola whispers as she gently picks up Pearl. Walking over and very slowly putting her down to sit next to Nix.

Resin of course is just behind them, pulling out its datapad and starting to take pictures of the two florets. Not saying anything to avoid waking Nix, but enjoying the moment nevertheless.

Pearl wiggles a little into place, and once settled, slides her hand into Nix’s free hand and gives it a gentle squeeze. Noticing the pictures being taken, Pearl leans into Nix some more, curling along with her girlfriend and giving Nix a little hug. As she gets in place, Celosia’s vines curl around her as well.

As Pearl gets comfortable, Nix is very slowly leaned over into her side. Celosia giving her two little taps on her cheek to start the process of waking Nix up, after all if they all got to enjoy how adorable Nix is. Nix should also get to join in on the fun. “We are both really hoping that having you around will help with Nix’s confidence. This being her first morning not high as a star since submitting, she’s been having trouble trusting her choice.”

Resin nods slightly, walking over to sit down on the smaller of the two sofas. Almost taking up the entire thing as if it was a smaller chair. “I’m sure it will, and while we’re watching the movie, I’ll be more than happy to help you with the bite stimming issue.”

Sola smiles, and stands by Resin, giving her shoulder a little rub. "Thank you, I don't mind on my part, but neither of us want Nix hurting herself."

Pearl leans into Nix, and quietly whispers. "Hey sweetie, you are adorable, and I am really excited to watch the movie with you."

Nix’s eyes crack open slowly, a smile drifting onto her face as she flops forward. Nuzzling into the crook of Pearl's neck, giving her a massive hug. Her fingers tapping along Pearl's back.

"Of course, it would be awful for her to be in pain because of her needs." Resin starts looking over Sola, poking and prodding at the affini’s vines. Trying to find a good one that's more suited for bite stimming. 

Pearl giggles, and leans in to give Nix a quick kiss on the lips. “Hey, you are beautiful.” She begins tapping on Nix’s back, trying to match her girlfriend’s stimming. “How did you like your first time going that far under?”

Sola begins showing each of her vines, letting Resin check all of them pretty freely. “If I need to graft any specialty vines, I’ll get it done right away.”

"No no, I'd say Cel might but you've basically built your body for being as gentle as possible." Resin eventually reaches a vine that normally is part of the cubby. "Alright this one should be good for it, it's got enough give for her to safely chew on without hurting herself, or damaging the vine if the bites get too enthusiastic."

"I… I dunno, it was really…" Nix squirms around, thinking over what she can remember of the last two days. "Weird, I felt good. Like really really good, but I was so simple, all I could focus on was getting So-" there's a tap on her cheek from Celosia. "Mistress Sola, or Mistress Celosia’s attention." She blushes, shaking her head, getting several pets from Celosia as a reward.

Sola nods and makes a point to memorize the specific vine. “Thank you Resin, it means a lot to have this much support.” She hugs her friend and shudders happily, hearing Nix refer to her as ‘Mistress’.

Pearl playfully nuzzles into Nix. “I know it will take some getting used to, but once you are, saying ‘Mistress’ will be so natural. As for the simple feelings, honestly it can be really nice, especially if I have been overwhelmed to just have everything be simple.”

“I can’t argue with that, I still get overwhelmed but it’s much easier to calm down.” Nix looks over at Sola, only to find a vine placed in front of her mouth once she does. “Uhhhh… what’s this for?”

“Bite it.” Celosia slides her hand down Nix’s cheek, causing her mouth to drop open, taking her time pressing Nix’s head against the vine. Watching as the girl hesitantly bites down at first, before starting to quietly bite on and gnaw at it.

Nix narrows her eyes in the middle of the bite, trying to think of what could have caused Sola and Celosia to assume she needed to have something like this on hand regularly. But every time she’d start pulling her head back from the vine, Celosia’s hand would keep her in place on it. 

Sola pets Nix lightly. “This seems like the perfect one for stimming. That and you are super cute when doing it.” She giggles some more. “Celosia, I’ll help you find or graft one that is this softness, that way if she starts stimming, you will also have a good vine.”

Pearl claps, and coos. “Aww Nix, you bite stim too? That is cute and we match in more ways!” She hugs Nix, not caring that her girlfriend is currently being halted from speaking.

“Indeed, we found out about it when she was snuggling us, and started nipping at one of my vines.” Sola ruffles Nix’s hair lightly, her head tilting up as there’s a second chime at the door.

The hab door slides open, revealing Anthurium and Jason posed there. Jason is dressed in an actual suit that has a bright glowing heart on its chest, with stitched in wires running out from it to give the entire outfit a soft red and purple glow. 

“Oh my stars.” Jason bounces a bit as he comes inside, noticing Nix chewing on the vine. A crimson flush on her cheeks as they lock eyes, Nix quickly flings her head back out of shame. Falling down into Celosia’s waiting vines. “You all better have pictures of her being that cute!”

Sola giggles, and hands Jason her datapad with a whole folder of cute Nix pics. “Of course, we have so many from the past few days, and we will be getting so many more too.” She pets Jason a little bit. “And you look great, excited for showing Nix the movie?”

“Of course I am!” Jason nestles into the pets humming to himself while Anthurium walks up behind him. Sitting down, and making a spot for Jason to lay in during the movie. “I just hope Miss Cel didn’t overwork herself on the editing.”

“I will have you know, once I got back here I was too busy. Loving on our adorable floret, to stress myself out further.” Celosia’s vines ruffle slightly as she pulls out her datapad, starting to upload the movie onto the TV for them to watch. 

Anthurium laughs and nods, astounded that Sola had actually gotten Celosia to stand down. “Good, you needed it.” She relaxes as Sola and Resin sit down on the ground between the seats.

Pearl brushes Nix’s hair gently. “Alright Nix, to get the perfect movie to cover what we think you need, well, home movies for the win!”

“You made a home movie for me?” Nix chuckles a bit, getting a little overwhelmed at the prospect of all of her friends making her a movie, over the course of the two days while she was recovering from her surgery. “Well at least I’ll be able to see it well this time.”

Celosia nods, turning down the lighting in the hab, and turning the movie on. “Indeed we did, specifically Pearl and Jason. The rest of us were simply actors for their movie, and of course me doing the editing because we were on a bit of a time crunch.”

The movie starts with a shot of Pearl and Jason sitting on the couch in Resin’s hab. The massive lily plush on Pearl’s side, and a stack of board games on Jasons, clearly trying to evoke the idea of the pair being co-hosts. 

“Hello! And welcome to your introduction to being a floret!” Jason does little jazz hands, leaning into Pearl’s side. Very obviously on some class D’s to help him feel more comfortable. “I, Jason Syrium, alongside lovely co-host Pearl Wils, will be your guides today!”

“Hi Nix, we know this is going to be a big scary step.” Pearl nods, blushing to herself. “I know I was scared, so we’re going to be showing you how we were both domesticated, alongside interviews! That way you can see how we’re still us, just happier.”

Jason gently fist bumps with Pearl before leaning forward. “Alright, so, we will start off with me, leave your girlfriend to wrap things up. But with me, well…we have to get into some of my past.” Jason smiles sadly, before leaning into Pearl. As there’s a vine sliping effect across the screen, leaving Jason sitting alone, the spot where Pearl was now filled with miniatures of all shapes and sizes. 

“As you know, I always loved games. I treated life like one.” Jason leans back, looking up at the ceiling. “It didn’t really work out, my family wasn’t a fan of my… ‘delusions’ about being a man, and with my barely satisfactory grades in school, and the war with the affini, reaching the dustbowl of a planet I was born on. They saw no point in even pretending, kicking me onto the streets.”

Jason takes some of the minis, picking up one of a girl before putting it down in front. “Identifying as a man or not, I still had the body of a girl, and with the stress of the incoming affini… there were not any good people around to help in my time of need.” He shakily grabs 4 minis, 3 guys and a girl, surrounding the first girl. “I was… 'saved', from the streets, except all of them made me feel worthless. Treating me more like an object than a person.” He then takes a larger affini mini, using it to push away the four minis. “I was saved when the affini landed, they helped me get into housing, learn about the xenodrugs I wanted… all of that, but I insisted that I wanted to be alone.”

Jason sighs, clearing out all of the minis except for the girl, who Jason quickly swaps out for one that is a bit more androgyonous. “Everything started off alright, occasional wellness checks, I kept up a good outer face through it all. Eventually, as I was determined to be handling living alone alright, the checks slowed down.” He lets out a weak laugh. “Turns out, I only held up so well, because I always had someone around. After getting kicked out by my family, I was too afraid to venture outside of my hab. With no one around, my mental state…rapidly deteriorated. I stopped taking my meds, I stopped participating in online games of any kind… I started thinking… about how everyone would have an easier time if I just wasn’t around. I started thinking that I didn’t deserve any of the effort that had been spent on me.”

Jason squeezes his hands together. “When… I was sure that there would be no one coming by any time soon… I… went to the bathroom, to my tub. The next time I regained consciousness, I was in the hospital, Anthurium was there.”

“In my own despair, I didn’t even consider that given the size of the tubs, there are extensive safety precautions. If I hadn’t expressly started breathing in the water, it would have drained before I even ran out of air.” He grits his teeth, looking down slightly.

As this part of the movie ends, Nix blinks a few times. Looking down at Jason, unsure of what to even do. What to think about the fact this movie was made with the intent of giving her all their secrets. “I… Jason.” She bites her lip, shaking her head. “Thank you, for worrying about me.”

Jason smiles weakly, cuddling into Anthurium. “Mistress was my wellness caseworker, and as she puts it, she got a funny feeling after a message I sent her, and rushed over to check on me… only to get an automated alert from my hab on the way. You are very welcome for worrying about you Nix… but do you see why a lot of your behavior triggered these memories for me?”

“Honestly I’d be disappointed if it didn’t.” Nix laughs to herself. “I mean I basically, from your perspective at least, was on the exact track to repeat the mistake you made.” She leans a little more into Pearl’s side. “It also explains why you just blurted it out to me, the first time we met.”

Jason chuckles a little bit. “Yeah… Even with D’s, it was a bit much, but just…well, kindred spirits and all. Between how you were looking, and just a gut feeling I had… I couldn’t hold back… probably, definitely aided by the D’s at the very least.”

“You’re an open book petal, you always have been.” Anthurium smiles, patting Jason a few times. “But the good news is, the next part of this little movie. Is going to be recreating  a part of Jason’s domestication process isn’t that right Petal?”

Jason purrs, and grabs one of Anthurium’s vines to cuddle up against. “Yes it is, this was such a fun experience, even if at first I was scared and… well my self confidence and self importance were at all time lows, so I kept talking about how I wasn’t worth the effort, affection, the time… I’m sure you understand those feelings.”

Nix squeaks, almost jumping out of her seat. Her cheeks turning flush with embarrassment. Only being held down by Pearl who’s simply silently nuzzling into her. “Jason the blunt hammer of the point strikes yet again…” 

Sola gently pets Nix, starting to calm the girl down as the movie starts back up. 


Anthurium sits down next to the hospital bed, running her hand through Jason’s hair. Giving him a small injection, before pulling back. Continent to wait as long as she needs for the boy to wake back up. 

Jason groans, slowly cracking open his eyes, and looking around. “W-why am I here?” Jason looks up at Anthurium. “Miss Anthurium? You don’t need to be here, I’m… fine.” He looks away, his eyes almost blank, as his posture remains slumped, not even mustering the energy to be upset.

“You are here because of the first thing I ever told you.” Anthurium smiles softly, seeing the boy look so hopeless would not be something she’d tolerate for much longer. “No harm will ever come to you again, not even from yourself.” She gently places a hand on top of his own. “From this day forward you are Jason Syrium, first floret.”

Jason cringes, shaking his head. “I… you don’t need to bother yourself with me.” He can’t help but turn his hand to squeeze Anthurium’s. “Why would anyone, let alone you, want anything to do with me?” He lets out a shaky laugh, tears pooling in his eyes. “I’m worthless, you are too good to want me for anything at all. Just leave me to my fate.”

“I can not, and will not do anything of the sort. Jason this is not a request, this is a statement of fact.” Anthurium slowly moves to pull Jason into her side. “You are my responsibility, and I take that very seriously. You’re a very bright, and kind boy, you opened your heart to everyone, and have been hurt in return. I intend to help open that heart to the world once again, and make sure it’s provided nothing but love, and adoration, like it deserves.”

Jason pauses, unsure how to even process what he's being told. Wanting desperately for it to be, but doubting it is the actual truth. 

Anthurium gently runs her hand across Jason’s cheek. Flashing the boy a soft smile, not saying anything and just giving him time.

This single act tips the scales, causing the floodgates to burst as Jason flings his arms around Anthurium. Letting himself cry, and for even a fleeting second hope. 

After a little bit, Jason quiets down, just leaning his head into Anthurium. “I… don’t know what I want. I just… I want it to stop. I want the hurt to go away so badly. Even right now with what you have said… I, why, why didn't anyone want me.”

“Because they couldn’t appreciate you Petal, they couldn’t appreciate the wonderful person right there in front of them.” Anthurium gently leans in, picking Jason up out of the bed. “But what do you say we head back to my hab, then we can make sure you’re getting what you need.” 

Jason weakly nods, shuddering as he leans further into Anthurium. “I’m super behind on my G’s… and several others. I just want to feel better.” He quietly curls up into his new owner’s loving arms. “Please… help me. I don’t even know what I need. I stopped trying so long ago.”

“I will.” Anthurium turns, starting to slowly walk out of the hospital room. Heading down the halls back towards her hab unit. “I’m so happy to hear you welcoming my help, I was very concerned you’d… struggle with accepting it.” 

Jason weakly laughs. “I… there is a part of me that wants the help, and saying that took a lot of effort. I will say now while I am feeling like this… don’t plan on this lasting with me. I want to be loved, and I am a sucker for it… but accepting it… honestly I’m having a hard time accepting that I’m not dead right now. Once that sinks in, I have no idea where my stupid brain will take my emotions from there.”

“You are not dead, and by then we’ll have you on a nice blend of xenodrugs, to help with those silly doubts hiding in your head.” Anthurium puts a hand on the back of Jason’s head, holding him against her and making sure that at the very least he couldn’t see the busy ship they’re walking through. “You’re actually on one of them right now. It’s a very low dose of class D’s, you’re telling me your true unfiltered emotions, because you can’t hide them. I was never going to allow that.”

"That makes sense as to why I would say some of this. I want help, but I don't think I am worth it." Jason's shoulders slump, unable to repress a laugh. "So, what do you do for fun? If you don't mind me asking."

"Aside from helping cuties like yourself? Mostly I spend time with a few close friends of mine, as well as carving." Anthurium nods to herself, gently petting Jason on his back. "But what do you like to do? I want to create an environment that makes you happy after all."

"There are two things I really like. I like old terra tabletop games, and I feel like food is a good show of love. Everyone appreciates a good meal, especially breakfast." Jason weakly smiles. "I know some old games' premises wouldn't explicitly fly in the compact though, maybe we could… I don't know, take the base rules and rework a new premise around them?"

"I'm sure of that, but working together to make fun new versions of your favorite games, sounds like a wonderful way to bond with my new precious pet." After another minute of walking, Anthurium comes to a stop outside her hab. The door quickly sliding open as the pair head inside. 

Once inside she closes the door, setting Jason down on the ground, and turning him to look out into the hab. 

The first thing he noticed was just how unique every piece of furniture is. All of it being clearly hand carved, and even the mass produced models like the atomic compiler have decals of vines that emulate Anthurium’s own running up it. 

"Welcome home petal, I hope this isn't too overwhelming." Anthurium keeps a vine wrapped around Jason’s waist. Making sure that if he needed to be picked back up, or cared for, he wouldn't have a chance to try and run off. 

Jason gulped a little and looked around, shuffling closer to Anthurium. "Everything is very big." He soon finds himself drawn to one of the carved cabinets, gently tracing the details. "I like it, it is like, more special, everything has a bit more life to it."

“I’m glad you see it that way, to me sculpting this, and sculpting a floret is very similar.” Anthurium kneels down next to Jason. “Both start as something beautiful but not whole, then with the right care and pressure, all the damage is stripped away. Leaving something new, yet still intrinsically the same in its place.”

Jason blushes a little, and looks down. “Are you… even sure that there is something under this damage?” He looks at his hand. “I’m not even sure what is there, if anything.” He closes his eyes, and takes a deep breath. “I’m sorry, I know you will say there is something, but I just am having such a hard time seeing it, I don’t feel like there is anything left.”

“Jason, the damage is a part of you. I will fix it, I will take all of the old wounds that cause you pain, and transform them into something that shows how strong you are.” Anthurium nods to herself, gently redirecting Jason towards the kitchen. “But for now why don’t we go over to the kitchen, and I can make you something to eat.”

Jason nods, and follows his new mistress’s direction. Thinking about food, Jason’s stomach grumbles, drawing a blush from the boy. “Food, sounds really good right now actually. I don’t remember when I last ate… or how long I was in the hospital for that matter.”

"You were down for about a day while we made sure you were not in any danger, and I applied to become your owner." Anthurium picks Jason up, placing him down on the chair before starting to pull everything she needs to make Jason a burger. "I'm going to make your favorite tonight. After everything you've been through you deserve it."

“Thank you ma’am.” Jason leans back in the chair and closes his eyes. "I'll… just kinda sit here… I guess?" 

Anthurium nods, leaving a vine with Jason as she cooks. Draping it over his shoulders so he won't feel alone for a single second. "You will need to learn to call me Mistress Petal, but I will accept ma'am for now."

"O-oh right, I'm sorry." Jason chuckles, of course he'd messed up already. This was just going to be what it was, little mistakes adding up until he's thrown to the curb again. 

"It's okay darling, I don't mind being called ma'am, but it is something that you'll need to call me when we're out, so I want to work on it early." Anthurium’s vine that’s wrapped around Jason tightens slightly, feeling the boy start to shake. "I'm not upset with you." 

Jason simply nods, taking deep breaths as he grabs on to the vine. Gripping it simply for the sake of knowing that Anthurium is still there.


Nix smiles softly as the movie pauses again. Going back to one of the scenes of Pearl, and Jason, together on the couch. "Well I gotta say, this was quite the way to actually get to see the inside of you and Miss Anthurium’s hab unit for the first time." 

"Awwww is that really all you got out of my first day with Mistress? We would have recorded more, but we did it last and we were all super tiiiiired." Jason swoons into Anthurium’s waiting vines. Being immediately rewarded with them pulling him in, and starting to more intensely cuddle him.

"It's not that I didn't get anything out of it. It's just I find it funny that this was the first time! Your hab looks super cool." Nix shakes her head, nestling into Pearl's arms as much as possible. "I mean, if you have to know… I guess you in there vocalized some of my concerns."

“I’m glad, I knew we had some matching concerns. I knew my domestication would help ease a little bit at the very least.” Jason then grins, beaming with confidence. “However, our next gathering should be at our hab! That way we will have all the games we want, as well as getting to show off!” He cuddles back into Anthurium’s vines. Repressing his nerves about the next parts of the movie thanks to his owner’s attention. “However, Pearl’s section will get you in a way mine couldn’t, shared military trauma and all.”

"Yeah, I figured that the Pearl part is going to be more intense." Nix leans in, giving Pearl a kiss on the cheek, before quickly pulling back and blushing.

"Indeed, sadly we are going to need to have you hand Pearl over to me now." Resin leans in, gently peeling Pearl away from Nix. Getting ready to give Pearl an injection. "You'll get her back after, but there's some things in this part that are triggers for her."

Pearl whimpers, curling up against Resin, as she glances down and over at Jason. “J-Jason, would you mind, helping keep Nix cuddled up. I just, I can’t be mentally present for any of this.”

Jason gives a playful salute, and enjoys getting carried over by Anthurium, before getting deposited next to Nix. “Now I may not be your girlfriend, but we are still friends, and well, this is an intense part for Pearl.”

Nix gulps, watching as Pearl’s dosed with some class M’s, Resin quickly walks away holding her heading into Nix’s bedroom. “That’s understandable.” She slowly presses back into Celosia’s side, starting to stim on one of the provided vines. Everyone taking a minute break to make sure Nix is calm enough to continue.

So Nix is... adjusting, and the movie is really ramping up in intensity. 

Next time on Recovery, Chapter 25. Truth

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