16B.Sola’s Verse

by Cracked_Ruby

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This chapter is actually the reason I ended up giving Sola the last name verse, I'm extremely fond of puns. That is literally the best description I can give for this chapter. Fair warning this chapter has a lot of sad Sola content.

Anthurium walks up to Sola’s hab door, Jason still half asleep and resting against her chest. Given she’d gotten them both up early today in order to check on her friend. 

Sola’s hab door opens for her, as Sola had given her permission to come inside. Sola was completely unwound and collapsed on her couch, watching the show she and Nix would watch together while nursing a tea. Sola weakly looks over “Oh, hi Anthurium, how are you?”

“Worried about my best friend.” Anthurium slowly walks inside, watching as the plushy of Nix is gripped a little tighter into Sola’s core as she approaches. “So I’m here to try and cheer her up, Nix will come back to you after all.” She steps next to Sola, gently laying Jason down into her vines. Knowing it won't act as a full substitute, but will hopefully be better than nothing.

Sola wraps a few vines around Jason in a hug. “I know…I just…I know she wants some time to enjoy what she earned, and I will give her the time she needs…but this feeling, it's like my core has been ripped out, yet I am still ‘here’ if that makes sense.” Sola shudders, an almost ‘sob’ sound coming out. “I didn’t know having her gone would hurt this much.”

“I understand how you feel.” Anthurium frowns, placing a hand on her friends shoulder. “Honestly, I think it’s a good thing you’re experiencing this right now Sola.” She looks down at Jason, the boy simply absentmindedly nestling into the embrace. Unable to understand the dialect of affini they’re speaking in. “Because this is going to be how it feels when she passes away.”

Sola whimpers, and weakly nods. “Y-yeah…I get that it is important, but can we… not think about that right now?” She pets Jason lightly, trying to focus on Anthurium. “So what is on the plan for the day? All I have is moping and watching our favorite show.”

“Nix’s favorite show is a floret edit cartoon? That’s adorable.” Anthurium nods, sitting down and relaxing next to Sola. “I was going to invite you to come spend the day with Jason. He’s been wanting to ask Nix, or Pearl to come over, and play more board games with him, but both have been too busy. So I figured you could use some one on one time with any floret. Maybe come up with a new plan to help Nix see things your way?”

Sola giggles lightly and nods. “Yeah, it is. And I think that sounds nice. I’m…confident in my strategy with her, but some help to…refine it could be in the works.” She carefully puts her Nix plush in Jason’s arms, holding him close and petting him more. “Come on, being home… is not doing me favors right now.”

Anthurium nods, gently leading Sola out of her hab and down the hall. Making sure that their walk is slow and quiet enough for Jason to remain in his half asleep state, the hallways are still mostly empty due to how early it is onboard. “Maybe… no…”  She shakes her head, trying to come up with an idea. “Perhaps Pearl or Jason would have an idea that would make it more appealing to her?”

“Yeah, I’ll have to ask them their opinions. Right now… it really felt like Nix almost gave in, but she held out and asked for a week to get her head together and all. We are going on a date… I need to figure out water color painting.” Sola looks down at Jason. “I’ll ask Jason after we get to your place. I honestly… could use just about any ideas on this.”

“Well the good news is Jason paints all of the mini’s for our games, so he should be able to give you wonderful advice about painting.” After a few more minutes of walking, the group arrives at the cafe. Anthurium unlocking the front doors, and leading Sola over to the booth that her, and Nix had shared the first time they visited. “Just give him a few more minutes to wake up.” She gently pets the boy, watching him squirm around in Sola’s vines. 

Sola nods and clutches Jason, petting him at a steady pace. “Anthurium? Do you think Nix will be ok for a week without my direct oversight? I trust her to be ok, but I don’t trust… so many others. I laid a pretty big, and clear claim to Nix, but just how many may try to undercut that?”

“I don’t believe anyone will do anything to her, if you’re asking me she’s earned her independence, alongside simply being Nix. They will be interested, but the second that they realize that their strategies wont work on her. Most will simply distance themselves, and if they annoy her I’m sure you’ll hear about it before anyone else.” Anthurium nods, pulling back slightly as she starts going around the cafe to pull out chairs and prepare it for the days business.

“Thank you… I’ve been telling myself that, but I almost didn’t even believe it, especially with how interested most affini seemed in Nix.” Sola sighs, giving Jason a little squeeze. “I need to think of happier things for a while, just…focus on stuff to be happy with while waiting for our date.”

“That sounds like a plan to me, and really being interested in a floret like Nix, and being passively interested in them are two very different things. Many affini are interested in her, and find her to be a fascinating study, especially because she managed to live with you, and despite her needs still be so fervent about her own independence. But after one conversation, I feel like they would simply realize that they do not want a pet like her, and back off.” Anthurium flips the sign over to open, satisfied with the state of everything.

Sola fully relaxes and smiles. “Nix is a very unique individual. Not only do I love her so much, but honestly, I almost more need a floret that IS fine being that independent sometimes, especially when I am doing my work, and helping others with their issues. Mix in the fact that I really like just spending time with her, doing nothing… and well… I want her so desperately, but if she truly does not wish to be a floret, I would never force it upon her.”

“I don’t know, I feel like under all that tough loner behavior, she’s a big attention creek.” Anthurium walks over to the counter, starting to make both herself and Sola cups of tea. 

Jason yawns, stretching slightly as he finally starts to wake up. Rolling over in Sola’s lap, as he rubs his eyes. “Mistress…” He reaches out toward Anthurium, only then realizing that he’s being held by Sola. “Oh… hi Sola…” He yawns, giving up on escaping the rapidly tightening vines, and pulling the Nix plushy against his chest.

“Hey Jason, I’m glad you like my plush, but I have a question for you.” Sola turns Jason, so they can look at each other. “So far, what do you think would convince Nix to stop holding out on domestication? I’ve just… got this feeling that deep down she wants to, but is holding herself back from giving in.”

Jason grumbles a bit, nuzzling the plushy as he starts to slowly wake up. “I dunno… maybe, have it be a game? She’s really bad at winning them, so she’ll probably just get frustrated with losing like normal, and give into her deeper desires…” He shrugs, curling up around the plushy. “Soft…”

Sola smiles softly. Keeping a mostly quiet tone to allow the boy to rest. "Alright, I think that could be a fun way to do it. Thank you Jason, you may cuddle my Nix plush until I leave…some time later." She happily pets Jason, reluctant to let go now that she has someone in her vines.

Jason simply naps in Sola’s vines for a time, only being stopped by Anthurium’s arrival. The affini placing down a plate with eggs bacon and pancakes down in front of the pair, gently scratching under Jason’s chin. “Alright sweetie, time to wake up. I don’t want you missing a meal, and Sola could use some company, do you want a game?”

Jason nods, letting Sola reposition him in her lap, sitting the boy up as he blinks a few times. Trying not to simply nuzzle more into his owner's touch. “I wanna play Interstellar settlers… we never got to finish last time.”

Sola nods, looking over at the game shelf. "That sounds like fun to me. We can make way for a big affini domestication force." She lets Anthurium feed Jason, content to hold the boy while he ate. "Maybe when this is over, you can help me design the game for Nix?"

Jason is silent for the entirety of his meal, taking bites in rhythm with Anthurium. Thinking to himself about what would be the best game to get Nix to agree to domestication, eventually running out of bites to be fed and sighing. “I think a good game would be almost like the vines and flowers game, with each side being either her going towards or away from domestication. That way she’d have to admit that it’s something she wants, every step of the way.” He nods to himself a few times. “I could definitely make that, with Mistress’s help in a few days, if that sounds good Miss Sola?”

"Thank you Jason. I want it to in the end be her choice, but… seriously she is a seed if I remember the term right. You think so too?" Sola wiggles a little bit, her vines giving Jason a light tickle.

Jason starts giggling, wiggling around in Sola’s arms as she tickles him. "I've thought so ever since I met her! I… honestly was worried about this situation, I was scared she'd get released, and just…" he pauses, the giggling stopping as he pushes deeper into Sola’s vines. "End up like me…"

Sola quiets down, and nods. Wrapping her vines around Jason’s form, making him look her in the eyes. “I don’t know if she would go that far… but she is going to be under heavy watch all the same, and I refuse to let anything happen to her.” She tightens her grip a little bit tight enough to trap, but not enough to be uncomfortable. “Part of what my time working with her was, getting her happy with things in general, because honestly, it really felt like… deep down despite her insistence she'd be fine, she didn’t have a lot to live for. I don’t want her to ever reach the point where she even contemplates… that.”

Jason nods slightly, squirming into the vines and starting to cuddle Sola a little tighter. “I know… I just, given everything I’ve heard about her. It felt like she’d get her freedom, feel like her point was proven… and do something dumb.” He takes a slow shaky breath. “I guess I just see a lot of her, that’s like myself before Mistress saved me… and I don’t want her to go through that.”

“I understand, I may be giving her some time to… have her independence, but I maaay have signed the paperwork to put me as an emergency contact in her habs AI. So far it hasn’t contacted me, but you know like I do, it has good scanning capabilities. Then when she goes out, she is going to have too many eyes on her to do anything before her… time apart from me, is up.”

“Yeah, you’re right Miss Sola.” Jason nods, nuzzling the affini gently. “Thank you for taking care of my new friend.” 

After taking a minute to calm himself down, Jason places the Nix plushy down next to him, leaning it against his side, and turning around. Starting to set up the game, clearly trying to use it as a distraction from what they’d just talked about.

Sola smiles gently, getting a ‘ding’ from her data pad. Checking it, She squeaks and has a brief moment of fluster. “Oh I think I’m going to need the distraction of playing soon, cause somebody better give me a frost good explanation!” On her screen, was a very cute picture of Nix trying out outfits… sent from Celosia.

FloretFinder: Isn’t she just the cutest! Nix invited me out this morning, and has been letting me help her pick out some new outfits. I hope you’ve been having a nice morning yourself Sola!

Sola's form is rustling in agitation. Starting to quickly type back.

SolFlower: I’m doing alright, just with Anthurium and Jason, about to play a game. That outfit looks adorable… Send me more as you get them, and keep an eye on her, I worry!

Sola puts down her pad, and pets Jason, working to take her mind off of how nervous she was, hoping that Celosia wasn’t about to swipe her Nix out from under her.

Another few pings come out of the tablet right as Sola places it down. Both from EquaNix, and Floret Finder. 

EquaNix: Hey Sola, I’m out with Celosia. I wanted to tell you that she’s very openly attempting to get me to agree to be her floret. I think it’s silly and have declared it a game, so you are now official floret wanting rivals? Lol.

FloretFinder: I’ll definitely keep an eye on her, I mean who could help themselves! She’s just the cutest future floret anyone could ever imagine, I just wanna scoop her up in my vines!

Sola twitches her whole body, vines rustling as she quickly types out to Nix, her vine slipping and mashing a few icons at first.

SolFlower: hjhafdkj, WHAT!? I mean, alright! Rivals it is! I love and miss you by the way, but I’ll do my best to make our date day nice and relaxing. If this is what you want to do, I’m ok with it, but just remember, Celosia does ANYTHING you are uncomfortable with, say the word and I’ll come put a stop to it. As long as she doesn’t and you are ok, I’ll promise to wait and give you the space for us both to get our heads and hearts in the right place. Be safe, and remember, if glasses end up a thing, I want pictures!

She then messages Celosia, Jason staring at the red flakes dancing around the borders of her eyes curiously.

SolFlower: I trust you, but please be CAREFUL with Nix, I do not want her going backwards on her progress, and she is very different from other potential florets! I expect my Nix to not be forcibly put through anything, without her prior consent, so no xenos either. If she has any… intense moments, just calmly talk her down before resorting to anything.

FloretFinder: Sola I know, I’ve been very careful with my behavior around Nix. As in, I’ve been entirely honest with her, with both my intentions, and desires. She’s not seemed opposed to them, so I will continue with my strategy to make her mine, good luck my esteemed Rival~

Sola takes her Nix plush, and presses it to her face, suppressing a scream of confusion. “She knows I am after Nix, it feels like she is just stepping in to mess with me!” She then focuses on Jason. “Do you think Celosia is trying to mess with me?! I swear she is! That is entirely what this has to be!”

Jason puts his pieces down, sighing. Not having expected to wake up to giving dating advice to an affini. “I think it’s possible? I mean, this is Miss Celosia after all… either she’s really become interested in Nix. Or she thinks you’re not doing enough to convince her?” The boy barely squeaks the last words out, not wanting to see Sola get even more agitated.

“I have my strategy, going too hard now could push her away!” Sola flops down, and watches as Jason continues to set up the game. “So, we are preparing for the affini, in this case Anthurium, to come and domesticate the system, right? I think I remember from when you, Nix, and Pearl played.”

“Yup, we just have to compete, and work together, to set everything up the best we can, and whoever does the best gets… well they get the same as everyone else, but they get a nice sticker saying they were extra helpful.” Jason chuckles a bit to himself, finishing with the board. “Also… yes you have your strategy, but not doing anything could also push Nix away? I mean, knowing Nix, she could convince herself you don’t actually care, because you’re not being pushy. Stupid simple terran brains, and all that. So I think Miss Celosia is going with the opposite approach in order to try and ‘shoot her shot’ with Nix.”

Sola frowns, cursing her prior promises to the terran. “I promised Nix that I would give her a week to figure herself out, and enjoy her independence, and at the end of the week we are having a date… speaking of which, do you know much about watercolor painting? I mentioned I thought it looked neat, and Nix suggested I learn about it so we can give it a try on our date.”

“Not particularly? I know about painting miniatures, but I’d be lying if I said I knew how to paint on a canvas.” Jason starts taking his first turn, setting himself up next to the mountains. “I’d honestly just recommend trying it yourself. First hand experience, alongside maybe watching instructional videos?”

“Thank you for the answer, Anthurium suggested at least asking you, before going out from there.” Sola looks over the options, before setting up at the seaside. “I’ll probably watch a video when we finish up the game.” She looks at the space between herself, and Jason, on the map, before making note on what she wants to do in her next turn.

Jason starts taking his turn, making sure to build roads down to the fields to gather more food. “That’s smart, and anyway, if you find out you need more help with learning how to paint than the videos. I’m sure Nix wouldn’t mind working on it with you.”

Sola shakes her head. “The point of our date is I am gonna learn and then teach Nix. I promised her.” Sola builds some roads up next to a river, content to work on her infrastructure in their game. “Sorry, I’m just busy planning out what I want to do with Nix, how I can let her know that I’m thinking of her, while respecting her request as well.”

“Well then just try it! After all Nix really did just take a massive canvas and paint on it, there’s no reason that you can’t do the same, to show her how you feel.” Jason starts building towards the center of the map, intent on making trade routes with Sola, to get the resources from the ocean. 

Sola grins, working her own way closer to Jason’s road to get easy access to the plains he worked towards. “That is an excellent idea. Do you think she would be upset if I were to show up to see how she is doing, briefly after her appointment tomorrow?”

“I’d recommend telling her ahead of time, but she probably wouldn’t mind you stopping by.” Jason, seeing Sola start to use her resources on building the rest of the path, pivots to start collecting more resources from his half of the map. “But then again, I don’t think Nix ever minds you being around.”

Sola finally stops her passive rustling, nodding and taking a moment to fully compose herself. “Thank you, tomorrow I’ll send a message early to ask if she would mind, I just want an excuse to see her, and I want to make sure she is ok after it.” Sola chuckles a little amused by Jason’s change of strategy, continuing to work at connecting their roads.

A few more turns go by, before there’s another ping from FloretFinder on Sola’s data pad. Jason groans, and flops down on the table. Anthurium notices the boy’s pouting and walks over, starting to gently pet him, hoping to at least distract the boy while Sola is busy with the messages.

Sola winces. “Sorry Jason, just give me a moment.” She begins reading, blushing at several pictures, and steadily responding to Celosia. Sola soon gets very fidgety as she looks up. “So…things sound like they have…kind of gone differently than I expected, and not in a bad way.” Sola fidgets a little more looking up at Anthurium with an almost shy expression. “Umm, Anturium, do you know anything about…a pair of affini owning a single floret?”

Anthurium looks up, her face locking up in confusion. “I’ve heard of affini living together, and having a floret each? And I think there’s been a few cases of shared florets in the terran domestication project already. Does Nix want two owners?” 

Jason stretches, letting Anthurium pet him more thoroughly. Knowing that it was mostly to distract him from the conversation, but not minding given how nice it feels.

Sola bundles up some of her vine.  “Nix… may be taking an interest in Celosia… but also wants me. Celosia, by the messages Colosia has sent, may be… implying that she would not be against such an arrangement, although I haven’t heard of it before.” She leans her head back, her chest tightening as much as she can manage out of anxiety. “It gets even more complicated. I love Nix, but why do complications seem to surround her?”

“That's just how florets are. To you they all seemed like simple cuties, when you met them.” Anthurium gently rubs in circles around Jason’s back. Watching as the boy curls up on his half of the booth. “But they are all complex in their own rights, finding their needs, and wants is always a process, you simply seem to have picked a pet, that seemingly is determined to make things even more convoluted, for the sake of it being fun to her.”

Sola begins to laugh, and shakes her head, responding to another message. "I'm not adverse to it, I'm just afraid of making things weird between all of us. Whose implant would she get? Or is there some… combined options? How do I even begin any of this?"

"I'm unsure, I believe picking who's implant she gets will end up being on you and Cel unless there’s a way to do more than one." Anthurium shakes her head, gently running her finger across the scar on the back of Jason’s neck. "Needless to say. I do not envy your situation, the idea of having to share my precious flower with anyone sounds like agony to me."

Sola responds to another message, too distracted to look up. "I guess… I just need to talk directly with Celosia. I hate to defer to another on this, but I need to research this situation, and it sounds like she may know something about it." Realizing she'd just gone on a tangent, Sola looks over the board of the stalled game.

Anthurium nods, pulling back and gently guiding Jason to sit back up. Ruffling his hair lightly, before walking away to get back to running the cafe, leaving the pair to continue their game. 

Jason blinks a few time, his eyes starting to slowly clear up as he takes a very slow and clumsy turn. Clearly not quite out of his earlier relaxed stupor. 

Sola giggles and takes her own turn, reaching across with her vines to pet Jason a little. "I'm willing to do anything to make Nix happy, but getting to have her like this for me would be wonderful."

The game lasts another hour, Jason simply quietly enjoying the process. Managing to barely squeak out a victory against Sola. 

"Thanks for playing with me Sola." Jason smiles softly at the affini, starting to simply nuzzle into her side as his social energy fully runs out.

Sola nods, and smiles “Thank you for spending this time with me, it really helped out a lot.” She gently plucks her Nix plush, and brings it to her chest to contain it. “You’ve helped give me a lot to think about and what to do with Nix. I promise, she will be well taken care of.”

Jason nods, letting Sola help him out of the booth, before wandering off into the back room to curl up and wait for his owner to be ready to go home.

Anthurium gives him a few pets as he passes by, turning to look at Sola and walking over. Relieved to see her friend in a far better mood than this morning. “Doing better I see, got any plans you need my help for?”

“Yes, while I still am going to do some stuff my style, Nix is apparently responding well to a more… firm hand so to say. I am going to go study up on watercolor painting, and then I’m gonna let Nix know I would like to at least come by to see her after her appointment. Then for our date, I’m going to have a picture I painted to express my own feelings. Nix is looking at making this a bit of a game between herself, Celosia, and myself, so I would really appreciate it for you to make a literal game for us to play. Jason suggested the flower and vine one we played first. The goal is domesticating Nix.” She smiles “I know she wants to give in, but at the same time has something stopping her from doing so, which means I need to push past it right to her emotions on the matter.”

Anthurium nods a few times, pulling out her data pad and taking a few notes. “Alright, me and Jason will be able to make something for you by the end of the week… and I can assure you, this will be a game she has no chance of winning.” She grins slightly at Sola. “After all, you can always remind her it’s just a board game, and she can just stop playing it… although I doubt she would.”

Sola giggles. “Of course, Nix hates to lose, although I’d say this will be more of a ‘win-win’ for her.” She pauses, frowning back where Jason had walked off. “Jason shared with me one of his fears for Nix being independent. He is afraid she will feel like she has nothing left to accomplish and may… get into a bad spot that you saved him from. I don’t think Nix would do such a thing, but it being a non-zero chance means I have to make things right, no matter what.”

“I couldn’t agree more, while I do doubt she’d do it consciously, I do believe that she would push herself towards something that tragic, if not stopped.” Anthirum nods, guiding Sola towards the edge of the door. “I’m happy to see you realizing the importance of her domestication, aside from your own personal happiness that is.”

Sola smiles, and hugs Anthurium. “Thank you, I’ve been wanting to give her this chance on her own, and I am happy enough as her friend…but she is far too obviously wanting SOMETHING like domestication, even if she doesn’t vocalize it.” She takes a breath. “Have a nice day, I have work to do for Nix.”


Sola’s hab doors slowly slide open, the lights flicking back on as she walks inside. Being met with Nix’s painting yet again, the same awkward emptiness from this morning still pervading the entire hab.

Sola looks over the painting weakly, smiling and shaking her head. “Enough moping, time to learn to paint!” She sits down, and starts to look things up. “Simple enough, at least to get started.” She begins to order some materials to come in, as well as a smaller canvas to paint on.

After a few minutes, Sola feels a vibrating in her chest. Pulling the data pad out, and noticing a message from Nix. It contains a picture of Nix in her lizard pajamas, holding onto the massive Sola plushy, and nuzzling the salamander plush within.

EquaNix: I thought you’d find this cute, hope you’re having a nice day. I had a fun ‘date’ with Cel!

Sola smiles at the picture and begins to type out a response.

SolFlower: You are so adorable! I’ve had an alright day, played that game with Jason, I almost beat him, but he is really good at it. I’m glad you had fun, and I know she is going to be taking you to your appointment, but…would you mind if I popped by to see how it went for you at the end? I know you wanted us to have a little space before our date, but I really want to hear how it goes. If you would rather I wait, I’ll wait. Sorry if I am being pushy.

EquaNix: Well, Cel actually offered to take me there and back to keep the heat off. So as long as you two don’t mind hanging out together, then I don’t see any issue with it.

Nix then sends another picture of herself, this time having climbed deeper inside of the plushy. Having playfully wrapped a few of the vines around her wrists and ankles, in a clear attempt to tease Sola. 

EquaNix: Also this plushy is super soft. I love it.

Sola squeals out loud and uses her vines to take a good picture of herself, the Nix plushie poking out of her chest, with vines wrapped around its wrists and ankles in the same way. She then sends it along with her next message

SolFlower: I know, they are wonderfully cuddly! I also won’t mind being around Cel, we are gonna have a few things on some possibilities to discuss. I also just learned a bit about the basics of watercolor. I ordered the stuff so I can figure it out from there.

EquaNix: Good luck with it, I am still scratching my chin about how to do more complex paintings. I tried painting a tree tonight and it didn’t go well.

Nix sends another picture, this time of a smaller painting with something that vaguely resembles the tree that the show the pair watched together, had instructed her to paint. It wasn’t good in the slightest, but it was obvious she’d tried really hard on it.

EquaNix: I’m thinking of just sticking with more vague shapes and colors. Making actual things is haaaaaaard.

SolFlower: I think you did a good job for a first try, although I do really like your vague shapes and colors. I think there is so much of a story to tell with this style of work. I’m excited to see your next work, and get to FEEL the emotions and thoughts that went into it.

EquaNix: I’ll try to have something to show off for you by the time you come over then. Not tonight though, hanging out with Cel and trying to get that little bit of painting done, has worn me out. OH right! Do you know how to turn off the floret mode on my hab? It’s kinda always telling me to ask my owner even after I tried to fix it once. I have to assume this is a holdover in the paperwork for if I was going to be one.

SolFlower: Oh, it is really easy, and partially a hold over. I did put in that if you were not a floret to at least have me down as an emergency contacts. I know most sophonts prefer a modified version of the floret mode given it is more peppy and all. Just say ‘Modify Unit’, then ask for options. Give a couple tries and see what you like. I’d advise not using ‘Affini’ mode, because it will switch to the local dialect. However, I want you to honestly tell me if you end up wanting to go back to floret mode <3.

EquaNix: I’m sure that won’t happen, thanks for the advice though. I can only stomach so much condensation in one day, and having my literal home test my patience isn’t helping. 

SolFlower: Alright, all the same though. If you need any help, I’ll gladly give you a hand in dealing with it. Floret mode is more…playful, and other than getting you to ask politely, it is supposed to just be like that and not too forceful…without any locks put in place from an owner.

EquaNix: Yeah, it’s not tried to stop me or anything, just a lot of nudging to ask for permission before doing things, that and a lot of alarms in your voice to remind me to keep up my exercise. 

Nix sends another picture, this time with the plush being held against her side as she does a small victory pose. Throwing up a peace sign as she sticks her tongue out.

EquaNix: Hab unit defeated, another small step!

Sola giggles at his before responding

SolFlower: Very good Nix! I will say it will probably keep the ‘me’ exercise alerts, that is just a medical alert, but you can turn down the frequency, or set a preferred work out time, as long as you get them in, it will be fine.

EquaNix: I don’t mind your notifications, it helps keep me on top of everything. I think I’m just going to turn on some painting shows, and go to sleep, byeeeee! :3

SolFlower: Good night Nix, sleep well! I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow after your appointment. Meeting with Celosia outside of your trial is gonna be weird for me, but I want to do it for you!

Nix is going to be going to her first independant vet appointment, and Celosia and Sola are finally going to meet one another for the first time since the trial. How will all of this turn out? Find out next time on Recovery, Chapter 17. Eye For An Eye

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