by Cracked_Ruby

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Time for a totally normal date with the dynamic duo Nix and Celosia! 

The door to Celosia’s hab slides open. Nix pulls herself back out of the compartment to actually look inside, being met with a living room that at the base seems very similar to Sola’s in its construction, but very much unlike her friend’s hab. This one screams Celosia, massive shelves filled with different books lining the far walls, several different pictures of florets wearing Celosia’s designs. Alongside this, everything is scaled to an affini living alone and not expecting guests. Making almost every option that would be available for Nix to sit down at, difficult to get up onto, or down from without help.

“You know what, I don’t know what I was expecting, but this is pretty cool. It’s massive and clearly intended for just you, but it all also just makes sense.” Nix slowly climbs out of the cubby, letting Celosia help her get onto the ground. 

“Well, one's home is part of fashion in my opinion, it is part of who you are.” Celosia heads over to her oven, turning it on and slipping the pizza in. “So, Nix, are you feeling better now that we are in a private setting, and away from public prying eyes?” Cel rubs Nix’s shoulder with her hand lightly “Do you need anything?”

Nix shakes her head, taking a few more steps into the hab. “I’m actually much better now, thanks for asking. It’s less people actually bothering me, and more the possibility of people bothering me that really gets to me.” She walks into the kitchen, looking up at the chair. “Um… can you pick me up? I know I can scramble up it, but with my body already acting up today, I don’t wanna push it.”

Celosia smiles, and reaches down to pick up Nix, setting her into the chair, and making sure her cane is next to her. “There we go, how are your legs doing? Spine ok? Just because you are healed and have been working on getting better, doesn’t mean that you can just go too hard of course.” She pulls back a little bit and relaxes.

“Yeah I’m fine, getting feeling back there back has been… an experience. Textures are so much more intense than they used to be with the nerve endings building back up.” Nix flops down onto the table to relax as she looks over at Celosia. “Now this is going to sound random… but it is important for me to know… Celosia, are you lonely?”

“Maybe a little bit, I get out a lot, and I am around others, but when I am home I do kind of just zone out, and think of designs. It is one of the benefits of having a floret, not only do we get to have someone to pour affection onto, but just getting to have someone excited to be around us outside of jobs or anything is very nice.”

“That’s more what I was curious about, you’re obviously someone who’s busy, having to deal with cases like mine alongside making fashion… but for me.” Nix rolls over, looking up at the ceiling. “I feel like I’m always lonely, like I have all these stupid walls up whenever I’m talking to anyone. Even you and Sola, and I kinda want to be around someone who can understand how that feels. To be in a room full of people, and still… be alone.”

“I see… I’ll admit, I feel like that a lot. It is hard to open up.” Celosia sighs, shaking her head. “It is part of the reason I believe Sola keeps her group of friends so small. Even with her work, she keeps very reserved with most affini and sophonts.” She looks at one of the flowers on her vines, a graft that she’s made sure to get after every single rebloom. “I do not know why Sola is as reserved as she is, I do know why I am the way I am… may as well ask, do you know why you keep those walls up?”

“Because it’s better than letting people hurt me again, you’ve seen the records about that ship.” Nix looks down slightly. “And even though I do trust everyone here, it’s hard to crack open something I’ve built as part of my foundation, and every time it starts to, the emotional pain makes it… well not worth it.” 

Celosia sits down across from Nix. Gently reaching out to brush the girl’s hair away from her face. “My reasons are… similar to yours, I have had two florets so far… My first was an adorable beeple I got right at the beginning of my second bloom.” She frowns slightly. “She was a kind hearted girl, and did her best to make every one of my days brighter… She’s actually the reason I got into floret fashion, she was with me when I was onboard a ship with a new sophont species, and every day all she wanted to do was buzz around with me, and see the sophonts happy. Which made letting go when she passed all the harder.”

Nix nods slightly, not making eye contact or even looking at Celosia, but simply letting the affini pet her. “Which I’m guessing is why you don’t take florets consistently?”

“Indeed, I adopted a second almost immediately in my perspective after she passed. It was… too soon, while I did love my… I believe their name translates into Akaa. I’ve always held the opinion that I could have done better for them. So I stopped after they passed, and went out to this front of the domestication project.” Celosia gently runs her fingers through Nix’s hair, careful not to disturb the vine that runs through it. 

“Determined to not take another floret unless I genuinely believe they need what I can provide them, and that I need what they have. While you’re not the first I’ve considered since then, you’re the first for me to actually… attempt to convince. Reading over everything I’ve seen with you, I genuinely believe that you will not allow yourself to… heal. Without domestication, and given you won your case, and are an independent, I have decided I am interested in you.”

Nix nods slightly, eye drifting to the side to try and read Celosia’s facial expression, and as to be expected it was held to the greatest level of neutrality that the affini could manage. Which in of itself was a sign for Nix who notices the fact the once loose vines around Celosia’s bodies are now tight together. 

“While I do not wish to hurt Sola, and I would be overjoyed with you choosing her as an owner.” Celosia’s form loosens air rushing out of it. “I selfishly desire to have a companion of my own, to connect with, more.”

“Hey, don’t worry.” Nix taps her fingers on the table. “We’re just selfish like that, no harm in it. I mean, I’m right here, going on a date with an affini I’ve met twice, while I know I have one on the other side of this ship who wishes I was there… I dragged everything out longer than needed, just to prove a point to myself that I was capable of doing it. I’m not out to hurt people, but I know myself better than to say I’m not horribly selfish.”

Celosia nods, and smiles lightly, relieved to see Nix holding this opinion. "Being selfish is a part of being alive. Even liking to help others, in a way, is selfish, as it makes you feel good." She sighs quietly. "Opening up is hard, and the longer you hold back, the more it will hurt when you open up." She looks down at Nix’s eye, doing her best to make a level of eye contact without forcing it. "I want to help you do this, Nix. If after opening up, your heart desires Sola, I'll rest easy knowing I helped you… but if you go with me, well I'll be thrilled of course. I am sorry if talking like domestication is an inevitability, but everything I see in you is someone who deep down wants companionship, a much deeper and dependable companionship than you have ever had before." She resumes petting Nix, running her hand behind Nix’s ear and gently scratching there. "Your walls, there are a few ways past them, and no matter what it will hurt, but living with those walls up is suffocating."

“Well I’m just thinking of it as a hypothetical outcome, but the thing I’m asking myself is. Yeah I do have to pick one of you, for the weird… okay not that weird, a vine is my spine right now, but… the implant needs to be from one of you, so that connection would obviously be a little bit more… but why couldn’t I just hang out with you both? Like yes, it would be my owners choice if that were to happen, but you two are friends right! Couldn’t you just share?”  Nix grins up at Celosia, reaching out and poking her on the face. 

Celosia thinks a little bit before shrugging. Growing ever more curious about how Nix’s mind works, thinking of options she’d never have even considered. “That may be a possibility. It is unprecedented, but I think you will need to decide if that is what you really want. If it is, I will see about making it happen, perhaps there is a method of dual implant creation that I have not been previously privy to. There are households with multiple affini, but if they get florets, usually it is one for each of them as they happen to live together as far as I’m aware.” She smiles a little. “I’ll look into it more deeply, but in the meantime, I do believe your pizza is almost done. Let me go check it. We can continue serious talks a little later.”

“We were meant to come here, and try on outfits! Not mope infinitely, even if I’m very good at moping.” Nix grabs her water bottle and starts sipping it as Celosia makes her a plate of pizza. Letting it start to cool off before digging in. “But if I ever do get domesticated, I plan to make it as CONVOLUTED AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE! After all, if I did it the easy way after all this time, it would feel anticlimactic, which is a crime.”

Celosia breaks down into giggles, shaking her head a little bit and sitting back down, carrying some tea from her kitchen. “You know, you are completely right. If you just… made it easy like that, it would almost feel like a waste. I will admit that Sola and I could be closer, but something… or in this case someone interesting to bond over, could change a lot.” Celosia drums her fingers together “In the meantime though, we did come here to enjoy food and try a multitude of outfits with some fun photo opportunities. I’ve gotta tease Sola at least a little bit with getting to dress you up.”

“Oh absolutely, while I wouldn’t have you give me any, we could pose me like I’m on those class M xenodrugs, and see how she reacts to it!” Nix grins, starting to eat the pizza as she snickers to herself. “Sola’s a massive softy, I swear if she thinks you gave me anything I wouldn’t want, I’d put good money… okay that term doesn’t work anymore… good… uh… vibes? Yeah good vibes, on her coming down here and trying to beat your hab door down. Maaaaybe not the class M prank then.”

“Indeed, drugging a sophont without their consent, without a medical necessity, is massively frowned upon, and could get anyone found doing it in serious trouble.” Celosia sips her tea, nodding slightly to herself. “Even if I do believe you would be absolutely precious to pose around while on some nice class M’s. Just a perfect model.”

“Yeah, good luck convincing me to try that.” Nix snorts, shaking her head. “Oh who am I kidding, if you convince me to try domestication. I’ll try anything once clearly.” She takes a few more bites out of her meal. Sighing and leaning back slightly in her chair. “And thank you for cooking me lunch. That was great.”

Celosia giggles, waving her hand in front of her face. Making her flattery be incredibly exaggerated. “Thank you for the compliment, though I mostly just followed directions with the oven. I’m glad you liked it though, I’ll remember it for the future.” She helps Nix down from the dining room chair and takes a moment to clean up, putting remaining pizza into her fridge, before leading Nix to her living room. “So, time to model a little bi,t and have fun!”

Nix follows Celosia into the affini’s bedroom. Doing a few stretches, and starting to strip down into her underwear. "So, what do ya wanna try first? I'm honestly clueless when it comes to any form of modeling."

Celosia pulls out a red skirt and a blue blouse, the blouse has a lizard design in red embroidered into it, while the skirt has the same design but in blue. “Here, we will start with some basics. Want you to feel confident in your own body when doing this.” She smiles a little bit, folding Nix’s discarded clothing and setting it to the side.

“Yeah, maybe after I’ve made some more modifications to it, gotta look up more about the body mods I want.” Nix slips into the outfit, looking at herself and doing a few light poses. “The outfit flows well at least, I’ll give it that.”

Celosia smiles, and takes a few pictures from each pose, occasionally using her vines to help Nix get into different poses, and even providing support for maintaining a few of them. “Oh, body mods? What have you been thinking about? I can tell you have already done a hair color change of course. But others would be a little more complex” She sends her pictures to Nix, showing just how good she looks.

“I want to get a tail and some horns, alongside maybe some scales? Sola actually has a plushy that Pearl made, that’s very similar to my desires.” Nix flops down into Celosia’s vines, while she waits for the next outfit to be provided. “But mostly I wanna look like a mix of a lizard, and myself.”

“Oh, that sounds super cute! Tell you what, I’ll see about pulling up a simulator so we can get an idea of how they will look. But first more modeling.” Celosia begins pulling out another outfit. This one looked much like the flower dress that Nix had seen Celosia wearing at their very first time meeting, but the petals are blue. “Here we go, try this on. I noticed you wearing blue a lot anyway, and I think it is a fantastic color on you.”

“It’s my favorite color, yeah.” Nix takes the dress, slowly slipping it on and looking over at a mirror. “But damn, now I really look like I’m your floret. You better not go around showing this off to anyone other than Sola, and our friends.” She chuckles, running her fingers through her hair to get it a little straighter.

“I may be taking advantage of it, that blue scale one looks so good, but it is much more of a you and Sola design. I wanted to have a brief moment of enjoying my own version.” Celosia giggles patting the outfit down. “These are for helping you feel better about yourself, and for personal private use between our friend group. No public postings at all. Even if you decide to do some modeling for the purposes of my design lines, I will have some that will be kept private.” She giggles a little bit and hands Nix a comb. “Here, though if you want me to do it, I would be happy to.”

“You can brush my hair, after all you’re just going to get the most boring hairstyle you can possibly imagine, if I do it.” Nix twirls the comb around, putting the handle out towards Celosia. “And I wanna see what you can do.”

Celosia squeals and sits down, pulling Nix into her lap and beginning to comb her hair. “Now I’m not going to go too complex. For this first bit of fun modeling, gonna stay relatively simple, but I might try to add a bit of a wave or slight curl.” She brings the comb through Nix’s hair, letting it run along her scalp. “Just relax, and tell me if it hurts at all. I’ll do my best with you.” She calmly keeps brushing, making sure Nix’s hair is nice and smooth, before starting to use slightly different strokes.

Nix simply relaxes into the embrace, closing her eye and letting little shivers of releaf out with each subsequent stroke. “Nah, this feels great. I’m just… gonna…” She lets out a small yawn, pressing herself deeper into the affini’s form. Simply letting herself enjoy the feeling, as she tries to regain the energy that the pair’s outing had taken.

Celosia, seeing this, simply slows down and keeps brushing, letting some of her vines wrap around loosely to support Nix as she continues. “You are such a good girl Nix. Just relax, and I will look after you, if you want to nap. We can continue with some modeling after you are well rested.” A vine runs along Nix’s side gently, before rubbing her legs.

“How dare you… how dare you be comfortable to rest on.” Nix wiggles her arm, not bothering with actually getting up despite her words. After getting a few more pets from Celosia, she groans and flops onto her side. Letting Celosia’s vines wrap around her. “Energy low… I’m going to nap, you better not use-” She yawns again. “Any of your tricks…”

“Oh I wouldn’t dream of it, Nix. Just a few pictures for how cute you are, and relaxing perfectly naturally. I’ve got some things to check up on, that I can do with my datapad. I won’t do anything at all.” Celosia giggles lightly, and pets Nix as if she were a cat. “I’ll start with a few pictures sent, before mentioning your little troublesome, yet fun idea to Sola… if either of us or both of us convince you.”

“Yeah, you have fun with that…” Nix curls up on Celosia’s lap, wiggling around slightly as she gets comfortable to actually sleep a bit. Still a little anxious about sleeping near an affini’s natural rhythm, but also too exhausted to complain.

As Nix falls asleep, Celosia takes a few pictures, maintaining the soft and gentle pets before she opens up a group chat with Sola, Anthurium, and Resin. From there she posts all the pictures she has taken so far.

FloretFinder: Hey, sorry if I am making you jealous, but beyond some fun rivalry for Nix’s affection, we actually got into a… philosophical debate on emotions, who we are, and domestication. And little Nix had a very interesting, if very troublesome idea that I am not entirely opposed to. How would you feel, if she decides to undergo domestication but cannot pick between us, looking into a shared unit of floret and owners?

SolFlower: Those pictures are absolutely adorable, and I… wouldn’t be opposed to that idea. It definitely seems like the kind of trouble that Nix would want to cause in exchange for being domesticated. I apologize if I was extra aggressive this morning, I was just worried about her. I’m happy she’s having a nice day with you.

FloretFinder: It’s alright, you spent a long time working one on one with her, and she somehow burrowed past your own walls about getting your own floret. I talked with her about my reasons for why I am picky, and why I feel she fits everything I want so badly… and she asked me if I was lonely. It really hit me in a special way, and it made me think of how you may be feeling.

SolFlower: So what you’re saying is, you’re going to start figuring out how we could properly share her, while pretending that it’s a competition so that she can enjoy herself? I’m sure Resin will be happy to brag about being right, yet again.

FloretFinder: Yes I am. Of course I am going with the choice that she ‘won’, but… let's be honest, we both know she is a total seed as I have heard other florets call it. She admitted that she… has these walls up, it makes her feel alone even in a full room. She said it hurts to let them down, and I think part of her nervousness is how easily we can worm under those walls. I’ll be taking advantage of this week to work on that with her, see if I can help her open up a little bit. Then after this week of you two spending some time apart, we honestly could spend our own time together, especially with how this is looking like it will turn out.

SolFlower: I can’t wait to see her again, and I feel as if those walls are the reason she’s forcing this space. I’m honestly glad she ended up hanging around you, instead of trying to meet a new affini who would almost definitely overwhelm her and cause her to shrink into those walls farther.

FloretFinder: Oh I know, however between your reports and my few times seeing her previously, I had a feeling she wasn’t going to go with anyone random. She was worried about getting held up by affini wanting her, so she wasn’t going to go out alone either, which is good, I could see several eyeing her up as we went out and about.

SolFlower: I do find it comical, that as a sophont who acts as if she hates direct attention. Nix seems to act in ways that will exclusively make her the center of it. 

FloretFinder: Well, I believe that she wants people to like her and want to be around her, but at the same time she wants to ‘show’ who she is without opening up, therefore getting people to back off. Problem is, with us it just draws us in further. She becomes flustered fairly easily, but I did notice that when Tina at the pizza place suggested Nix poke into a big group chat, she froze up really bad.

SolFlower: That’s why I never had anyone past Anthurium, Resin and their florets visit at the same time. I’ve noticed that Nix doesn’t respond well to large groups at all, and struggles with meeting new people in the first place. It’s why her standing up in front of you during her case was such a shock to me, I honestly wasn’t sure if she had it in her. Then for the rest of the day she was so drained she asked to be treated like a floret, I got to have a little cuddle time, then she ran out of the very little energy she had left entirely, and fell asleep. I wish I’d been able to do more.

FloretFinder: I get that, I believe that our bit of time around others is what drained her so much, though I think the pin that broke the horses back was just the mention of a chat room. As for her trial, I wonder if she was able to block out everyone else, because it did feel like she was talking a bit more at me than at the room, though it was a little hard to tell, kind of felt like she was looking past me.

SolFlower: Yes, that’s a trick she’s apparently always used to both avoid the effect our eyes have on their cute little minds, as well as avoid looking anyone in the eyes. Given it makes her very uncomfortable to actually do so. I agree that she was likely simply acting like you were the only person in the room to the best of her ability, I noticed several times where she’d gotten closer to me, just to block out some of the eyes on her.

FloretFinder: I noticed that too, it was very adorable, she trusts you a lot. I would like her to focus on our eyes, but really, not for the effect, but because I want her to be confident and trusting enough. That and her eye is such a beautiful blue hue, I would love to look into it some more.

SolFlower: Speaking of her eye, I don’t want to pester her again, but please remind her to be ready for her appointment tomorrow! I don’t want her forgetting her first independent appointment!

FloretFinder: Oh my, I’ll personally make sure she is up and ready for it! Though if she wants to do it ‘on her own’, I can just kind of subtly watch over her. Medical appointments are very important for good girls like Nix, especially with what happened to her other eye.

SolFlower: I’d say you should offer to walk her to the appointment, I know most times we’d come back from visiting anyone, especially you or Dinaea she’d ask to be held, and carried home. I don’t see this appointment going any differently.

FloretFinder: Alright, thank you for the advice. You saying that also matches with how vulnerable I think she really is. Nix does act tough, she will admit most of her faults, but it really seems like her true weakness is emotional support. Everything I was able to find on her past for the trial…There are a lot of terrans that I would personally put a high recommendation on for forced domestication, through my research into her past. I’ll make the offer, and even be around if she refuses at first.

SolFlower: I’d been worried about that, despite all the time together we’d had. She hadn’t ever mentioned her past before being dragged into the terran military. Oh, it seems I’ve gotten distracted and made Jason wait a little too long, to take his turn, I will talk to you later Cal. Have a nice night with Nix. 

FloretFinder: Sorry for distracting you, I hope you have a good week. I’ll keep you updated. I think once we get past her wall, Nix will just melt and tell us everything. It really felt like you have worn down that wall a lot already, and I think it is right on the verge of cracking.

After almost an hour of silence, Nix groans. Starting to roll around on top of Celosia. “Nooooo… no more poses, not pretty…” She reaches up, starting to rub her eye, slowly realizing that she’s awake again, and she’d just said that outloud.

Celosia giggles and pets Nix a little more. “We haven’t even done that many before you fell asleep. How are you feeling, Nix?” She helps Nix sit up, making sure she doesn't go too fast. “We do have a little more time, but after I texted with Sola a little bit, she let me know about your optometry appointment, so I do want you to be ready for it. Tomorrow would you like me to walk there and back with you?”

“Yeah, but I was dreaming about you doing it like… I was bound in vines and…” Nix blushes, shaking her head, best not to think of the dreams right now. Especially around an affini who clearly wants her. “Nevermind, but yeah I’d like to have someone walk with me there and back… ya know, so I can make sure that no affini bug me.”

Celosia smiles and nods, brushing Nix’s hair, having messed it up with all the petting she’d done while Nix was sleeping. “Alright, I’ll be there for you. Also, did you have fun in your dream?” She laughs lightly. “Or will I need to wait and hear you say it at a later time? Because I think you may have enjoyed it.” 

“It was very confusing, but definitely a major improvement over what my normal dreams without my class Z’s are like.” Nix pulls herself out of Celosia’s lap. Stretching slightly, as her entire body feels tense from sleeping in such an awkward position. “Note to self, don’t let anyone brush my hair while I’m tired, I will fall asleep apparently.”

“I’m sorry, I should have moved us to the bed, I just got absorbed in how cute you were.” Celosia gently uses her vines to help Nix stretch just enough without going overboard, before letting go and retracting her vines. “Sorry if that was a little too forward, it's been a while since I have had someone to do that with. How about we get ready, and I’ll walk you home. I’m sure doing a little movement will be nice.”

“It’s fine, I’m still not quite used to doing my stretches without help yet anyway.” Nix arches herself back, forcing out a long yawn as she wakes up. “But yeah, we should get back to my hab. Then I’m probably just going to make myself some snacks, and curl up in bed watching some painting shows. Even if I’m only ever able to find the ones meant for florets.”

“Well, it depends on what you are looking for. Most of the shows made by affini for sophonts will have more of a floret angle to the presentation. I’m sure there are one or two made by sophonts for sophonts. I can look around a bit and share what I find with you.” Celosia gets up and grins. “So, would you like to wear that dress back? Or would you like to change? Either way I would be happy.”

“I already am going to have to change once I get back to my hab after I bathe… so let’s just go with staying in this.” Nix snickers a bit, walking over to her bag and cane. Starting to look over all of her things to make sure she has everything she needs in order to head home. “As for the shows I guess that makes sense, I have found a few terran broadcasts, but I always have a hard time getting invested in them. It’s weird.”

“Well, it may be that you are starting to like the energy and investment affini made broadcasts have, even when sophonts are the stars. I know I’ve gotten bored trying to keep paying attention to a few shows. Like terran news… it’s like even with the compact working on replacing them to make things better, in all the recordings they’d just find one little thing of negativity, that maybe, MAYBE has 5-10 minutes worth of content to talk about, then they stretch it out into a 3 hour special.” Celosia huffs “I swear I try to get invested, to understand every sophont species’s pop culture and more, but at least half the terran shows I’ve seen are so horrifying in their purpose… they have no love in the production. And even when we do the modifications, it's like making an entirely new show! Just to get rid of the harmful things they constantly preach.”

“Or it could just be that I don’t like looking at terrans. They all make me feel… uncomfortable.” Nix shrugs, starting to walk back into the living room, and towards the front door to the hab. “It’s not that I am in love with affini’s energy after all, I do have a multitude of complaints, especially about the fact that I am technically independent, but that has actually put me more at risk of domestication, than when I was with Sola! And she was basically begging to domesticate me!”

Celosia winces frowning slightly, her form tensing up half out of shame. “Your independence trial did get a lot of attention, and I am sorry about that. Your situation was quite a bit of a gray zone in the domestication treaty. I do promise, things will calm down once the excitement of your trial leaves the general minds of everyone. They will find someone or something new to latch onto. As for Sola and how much she wants to domesticate you… I do think it may be good to just sit down, and talk with her about it. Find out her deeper reasoning.” She grabs Nix’s leftovers and follows her to the door, heading outside with the girl. “Honestly, I’d say the excitement will die down in a couple weeks. You shouldn’t draw that kind of attention anymore. For all we know, you will become the independent pursued by two of the most picky affini onboard, you could very well have an easy time by next week, only having to deal with Sola and myself, and we both respect you too much to force the issue beyond a little fun.”

"So most affini respect the dibs? Amazing." Nix walks ahead of Celosia slightly. Mostly to show off the fact that she's not following the affini around, given the very floral patterning of the dress she's in. "I guess it kinda makes sense, if you see a terran considering adopting a puppy, it's generally bad form to go and adopt it, until you know if the other is going to get it or not. Except the puppy is me, and the terrans are the two coolest affini on the ship."

"Thanks for the compliment, and yeah. There is a little bit of interest, but with how much time you have spent with Sola, and then spend time with me, they will realize that you are double off limits. It will just require a little time and everything." Celosia happily lets Nix lead the way, making sure to give her an appropriate amount of cover from the other affini. "We both may be overprotective until interest dies down, just a little bit of making sure you have your own interests focused will help on that." She sighs happily, "But in all seriousness, I want you to know that you can trust us when you need us." She flashes a thorny grin. "Though if I may say it, maybe you can get some bee body mod with your lizard, I think some neck fluff would be super cute."

"If you two convince me of domestication I'll do the neck fluff." Nix turns around winking at Celosia, before starting to rush the rest of the trip back to her hab. "Even if I do think you're doing a little bit of projecting with that recommendation Cel. Is there someone I remind you of?" She snickers slightly to herself, enjoying finally getting a chance to tease Celosia back.

Celosia laughs lightly, watching Nix run ahead and having to stop herself from running to catch up. “Well, maybe a little, but more than that, I am of the opinion that neck fluff is a strict upgrade.” She rolls her head. “I will not deny that I may be a little biased for my past experience, but I will always preach how wonderful neck fluff is.”

“Riiiiight, well I’m glad you’re capable of admitting it. I have one of the first appointments tomorrow in the morning, so are you just going to meet me at my place?” Nix stops as they get to the hall that her hab is in. Having to pull out her pad and double check the door number, before starting to walk again.

"Yeah, I think that will be the easiest way to ensure that nobody bothers you, and then after I can bring you home unless you want to do something after your appointment." Celosia smiles a little. "Here, let me set your leftover pizza inside, then I'll let you enjoy some time alone tonight." She waits for Nix to be out of the way before coming in, and quickly puts the pizza on one of the shelves in Nix's fridge. "There we go, I'll head on home now, unless you need anything from me?"

“Nah, I’m good.” Nix waves Celosia off, walking up the small staircase and flopping down on her massive couch. “I’m comfortable, I’m home, there’s nothing else I need… okay maybe a blanket for when I’m laying out here, but I can get that later.” 

Celosia casually walks to Nix's bedroom, returning with a blue blanket. "Here you go Nix, just promise me you will get to your bed before you fall asleep." She smiles and gives Nix a little pet. "Your health and safety is important. Also being well rested before your appointment will lead to an easier time overall." She slowly stands back up, and begins walking towards Nix's door, looking over her shoulder with a smile. "I had a lot of fun today, I hope you did too."

Nix gives a thumbs up, as she curls up inside the blanket. Waiting for her hab door to close, before exhaling and letting herself fully relax. "Hey hab, can you turn on something for me to watch… I don't really care what."

“You got it cutie!” The TV cycles through some channels before ending up on a similar show to what Nix and Sola watched together “Based on previous viewing habits this should resemble something you like, that you haven’t watched recently. Let me know if you need something else cutie!”

Nix is home for the night, having a nice time watching some cartoons, but have you been wondering... what's Sola been doing this whole time?

Next time on Recovery Chapter 16B. Sola's Verse!

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