by Cracked_Ruby

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It's time for a house tour! Yup that's just it, a house tour and then Nix will finally be alone! (I can see no way that could go wrong for her)

Nix and Sola look at the door to Nix’s new hab, the hallway far simpler than the one Sola lives in, no mural to dance over. Making Nix feel weirdly out of place, despite the in all reality normalcy of it lacking one. “Well… here we are… Do you wanna come look inside for a minute?”

Sola nods. “Yeah, I think I would like to.” She smiles gently. “I want to make sure you are all set up before I leave of course.” She nods down at Nix’s datapad. “However, the signal to open the door is on your pad, and it is your place, you should be the first person to enter it, see your home.”

Nix nods, pulling out her tablet and tapping on a symbol that appears similar to a front door. Her door sliding open in front of them, and revealing a hab that is the definition of multi layered. The kitchen both has a set up at the level of an affini, as well as a counter and duplicate that is Nix’s height.

The couch and everything else in the hab is designed similarly, the massive blue couch having a small set of stairs built into the side. And a smaller terran sized couch placed next to it. Alongside two doorways near the back, one that would lead into Nix’s bedroom, and the other that is her new art room. “Huh… neeto, I like this.”

Sola quietly looks inside, looking around the area. Doing her best to not seem too concerned, but internally relieved that the hab is built with safety in mind. “It is really nice, a lot of things that I think will work out well for you.” She takes the suitcase to nix’s bedroom, busying herself with putting away everything into Nix’s terran sized dresser and closet, finally tucking the suitcase away into a corner of the closet. “Your bedroom is very nice, and I see you got attached to affini sized beds, I’m glad you will have plenty of space.”

“What can I say? I've been adjusting to sleeping with you. So trying to go back to a small bed, would have been a nightmare.” Nix follows Sola into the bedroom, looking at the massive bed with blue sheets, a small stairway and handrail on each edge in order to make sure that Nix could get out of bed from either side easily. “And I’ll still have the massive Sola plushy to cuddle in bed, when the real thing isn’t here.”

Sola nods, and rests a vine across Nix’s shoulders. “That you will, just as I will have my Nix plush.” She trembles a little bit, the vine on Nix’s shoulder shaking slightly. “W-would you like anything…as long as I am here. It is getting…kind of late.” She tightens up some of her vines, making sure to keep the ones around Nix loose. “Do you have any questions? Need me to reach anything?”

“I don’t need you to reach anything, after all this entire hab seems like an accessibility haven.” Nix tosses her bag up onto the bed, leaning her cane against it as well. “But why don’t we check out my art room, and then I’ll sit down with you, and we can enjoy whatever snacks you made me before we left your hab.”

Sola nods and smiles, keeping a vine to where Nix can use it in place of her cane if she needed while they walked over to the art room. Inside, the floors were an easy to clean tile, with a tarp folded up on a little shelf to put on the ground. On the wall railing were several canvases of various sizes, and a rolling chair was against a corner at the moment. A small control panel embedded into the wall next to the canvases that would let her move them around. 

Sola playfully flops down and lets herself spread out, several vines weaving into a comfy looking place to sit while some others pulled out the snack bag. “Here we are, you have a few choices on where to sit, and I hope you like the sandwiches and chips I brought.”

“I’m sure I’ll love them.” Nix chuckles, walking past Sola and over to the chair. Sitting down before sliding back over and grabbing a sandwich and the chips out of the bag to start her dinner. “I’m going to need to thank them for making my hab, this place is great, and even though I haven’t seen the bathroom yet, I’m confident it will maintain the high standard the other rooms set.” 

Sola weakly pulls her extended mass back into her general mass, sipping some tea she had packed. “They do good work, always focused on making exactly what is requested. I’d expect it to be a high quality for your needs.” She weakly smiles, curling her vines up to kind of hold together better. “I can’t wait to see how this room will look when it is full of your paintings.”

“Well I hope it doesn’t get too full, while I’ll keep a collection of pictures of my paintings. I don’t really wanna… keep them?” Nix shrugs, tossing a few chips into her mouth. “Like if you work with a floret, who sees my paintings and wants it. I’d not be opposed to giving it to them, or just making them one!”

Sola smiles “Thank you Nix, I’m sure it would be appreciated.” She wraps a few vines around one, seemingly keeping herself from reaching up to pet Nix. “I wonder who my next patient will be. It will be strange not focusing on what we went so hard on.” She chuckles lightly to herself.

“You could always start working on more rescues? After all, being able to tell a scared, and likely very hurt, terran that they’re being cared for by an affini that actually has worked with a sophont who went on to be an independent despite her disability would probably help them a lot.” Nix looks down at the bundled up vine, starting to work her way through her peanut butter sandwich. 

Sola nods “That is a good idea, I think I may put in the paperwork that when not working on disability and recovery, rescues I am ok with.” She smiles a little bit more “You helped teach me how rewarding it is to ease a sophonts fears, thank you for that Nix.”

“If I didn’t know you’ve never interacted with a non floret terran, other than me. I would be surprised you didn’t know this.” Nix rolls her eye tossing the last bite up before catching it in her mouth. “Just don’t expect everyone to be like me, mostly because I was more stubborn than scared. While I didn’t trust you, I never believed what the terran government was shoveling down our throats, if you meet a rescue from another ship. Be ready for them to believe it, and you will have to prove to them it’s not true. When you think it’s safe for me to meet one like that, I will of course be willing to visit and give my perspective. I just don’t want you getting blindsided if this is something you’re going to do more.”

Sola nods “That may be a little time away, as I said earlier, I’ll be taking a week off to do some catch up and all. But I know that everyone is different, different needs and beliefs can shape so many. I imagine a full on fearlist would be the most difficult, but those ones are usually military, and subsequently assigned right to an affini in the domestication program, but if I could work with one at all, I’d then be able to help give advise and educate affini for how to work with them.”

Nix shrugs, looking around and grabbing a drink out of the snack bag. Cracking it open and chugging the orange liquid within. “Ahh, sorry my mouth got really dry, but yeah good luck with all that junk when you start up. I guess I’m just being a worry wart, because I know even if they physically can’t hurt you, you’re the softest affini I’ve ever met. And I don’t wanna see you hurt emotionally ya know?”

Sola makes an almost flustered sound as she becomes a writhing mass of activity, taking a moment to calm herself down again. “Th-thank you Nix, I feel the same way about you… The not wanting you hurt emotionally thing. In spite of your medical history, you are one of the toughest terrans I have seen. I really look up to what you accomplished, even if stubbornness had a part in it.” She chuckles a little bit “You are amazing.”

“Well that’s the thing, I really haven’t been all that stubborn. Honestly someone more stubborn than me would have had worse luck, I’ve been willing to just go with changes as long as it means my success. If I was too stubborn that’s how I would have lost my case, hard.” Nix shakes her head. “There’s really nothing amazing about what I did, and that’s kinda what makes it special. It’s not like no one else would ever be able to make this case again, if anything me existing in the paperwork might help people like me get better help. And if I’m for anything it’s for that.”

Sola nods "I'll admit, I didn't word it right, you have mastered stubbornness. And it is adorable, as are you." Her form writhes slightly as she smiles down at Nix. "I know we have had some stressful times and all, but I wouldn't change a moment of what we went through together for the world."

“Good, I wouldn’t either.” Nix finishes up her drink, taking a deep breath. “Well… I guess it’s finally that time of night.” She stands up walking over to place a hand where Sola’s head is resting. “It’s about time for you to head home.”

Sola flinches but nods. "Yeah…I guess so" She pulls herself back together. "Nix, don't forget to schedule an eye exam. And don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it." She slowly shuffles towards the door, looking back at Nix weakly. "Please, take care of yourself, I don't want my friend hurting at all."

“I promise, I’ll be keeping in touch online, and you’ll see me at the end of the week.” Nix rolls herself out of the art room, watching Sola walk through the living area, and towards the door. “And if anyone at all gives me trouble, you’ll be the first to know. After all, I’m stubborn, and no one’s going to get one over on me.”

Sola nods and smiles. "Alright, sleep well, don't forget your meds. I'll talk to you later." She shudders and takes a few steps out of the hab, walking back to her own. Once the door is closed, and she’s alone, Sola slows down and starts to drag herself back home, almost whimpering with every step taken away from Nix.

Nix exhales sharply, turning around and walking to her bedroom, climbing up into her bed and starting to work her way through her new data pad. Going over to her direct messaging app first, going over to SolFlower which she assumes is Sola’s and sends a small :3. Quickly closing that app, and going onto the overnet, looking up more art shows and starting to watch them. “Damn it… this isn’t as fun alone.”

After a few minutes, Nix gets a response 'I don't mean to push, but make sure you get that scheduled appointment, ideally before you go to bed Nix! I love and worry about you <3' Sola's message was very to the point, and as always, looking out for Nix, in her own way.

“I guess she does not, in fact, have an off switch.” Nix chuckles slightly, not responding and simply going over to look at the files on everything she needs to know that Sola sent.

Eventually finding the right vet for the job. Still feeling a little weird about the naming, but knowing that this like many other fights she could pick, would not be worth the trouble. Starting to slowly fill out all of her personal information, and describing what her desires are. Sending it in, and getting informed that she’s got an appointment in two days, along with directions from her hab to the vet.

Once she’s finished with that, Nix tosses her pad to the side. Starting to strip down, and head towards the bathroom. Simply hoping that it’d been filled with everything she’d need to get clean before her arrival.

Inside the bathroom, the tub is just as large as the one in Sola’s hab. With one major change, there’s a staircase on both sides similar to what she’d imagine a swimming pool at one of the old horrifically run terran resorts would be like.

Hopping up inside, Nix starts fiddling around trying to figure out how to actually fill the bath. Sola having done it every time for her, eventually getting frustrated and groaning. “How do I do this!?”

“Oh hello cutie!” Rings out from all around Nix, a clearly affini but entirely foren voice coming from the walls of the hab. “Would you like me to fill your tub up for bathtime?”

Nix’s head tilts to the side. “Um… what are you? Also yes…” She blinks a few times, trying to piece together what’s going on given the total lack of explanation she’d been given about all of this.

“I’m your hab unit petal! I’m here to take care of you while your mistress is away!” Nix raises her eyebrow, before starting to laugh. The water starting to raise up all around her at a comfortable enough warmth.

“Oh I’m gonna get them for this one. That or I need to look up how to change the settings? I guess Sola was helping this get set up with me being a floret in mind.” She face palms groaning at the fact Sola likely doesn’t realize she did this. 

“Soooo, Hab, what can you actually do?” Nix slots herself into the corner of the tub, even if this is just an AI with a bunch of pre-recorded messages, it’s certainly better than the silence from earlier.

“I can do many things, cutie! I can help you pick out what you want to watch, call your mistress! I can set alarms and remind you to take your xenodrugs, if you have any needs, I would recommend going to your Mistress first though!”

“Yeah, I’m finding a way to turn that off. Hab I’m good for now, I’ll… tell you when I need the tub drained?” Nix grumbles, letting herself slide deeper into the tub, so that her eyes and nose are the only things above water. 

“You got it cutie, be a good girl and stay safe!” And with that Nix is left yet again in silence. The only thing to distract her from her feelings being the soothing warmth of the water all around her.


Nix’s hab starts ringing all around her, alerting her that it’s time to wake up for the day and take her meds. “I’m so… happy… I…” She grumbles into her Sola plush, giving the salamander plush within a little nuzzle. The ringing continues and forces her the rest of the way to wakefulness. “Got rid of that stupid… floret mode…” She rubs her eye, sitting up fully looking up at the ceiling. “Alarm off!”

Silence, and yet again, Nix couldn’t tell if she’d preferred the constant ringing to this alternative. “Turn on the tv… please.” She rolls over to the edge of her bed, using the steps to get down more comfortably as she goes over to the dresser to pull out the clothes Sola had unpacked the previous day.

Going over all the options, Nix was met with a few she’d never actually bothered putting on. One a simple black dress with a white collar around the neck. “Yeah… this feels like this kinda day. Glad Sola…” She frowns, shaking her head. “Yeah I’m going to need to get clothes myself, or I’m just going to depress myself every morning… and apparently start talking to myself again at that… great.”

After quickly changing Nix grabs her cane and starts packing her bag for the day. Data pad, check, water bottle, needs to be refilled, meds… right.

She pulls the white and pink pills out, tossing them into her mouth and swallowing them dry. “Bleh… needs water.” She sighs, walking over to the kitchen and filling her water bottle up. Eyeing the compiler curiously, unsure exactly what it can make, and mentally putting that onto the list of things to try out when she needs a distraction.

Once she’s gotten her water bottle in its place Nix takes a deep breath. Almost yelling to Sola to ask what they’re doing today, and immediately being reminded that there’s nothing she’s doing today. Just walking around the ship… alone. “Yeah, not doing that.” 

Nix pulls her data pad out, looking over her options, eventually landing on FloretFinder. Double checking Sola’s notes for her to make sure that this is Celosia’s account, before sending a few messages.

EquaNix:Hey Celosia, this is Nix. I just woke up for the day, wanted to ask if you would want to go shop for clothes with me today? Trying to get used to being out without Sola.

FloretFinder: Of course Nix, I’m happy to catch up now in a more casual fashion. I’ll meet you at your hab as soon as I can.

EquaNix: Sounds good to me. I’ll just be eating breakfast.

She sighs, walking over to the compiler. “Um… can I have some waffles?” She watches as a plate and waffles are made in front of her. Along with a small thing of syrup. “Thanks hab.” She grabs the meal, walking over to the smaller of the tables and sitting down to start eating.

It was good, almost too much so, there weren’t any of the normal lumps or imperfections she’d grown accustomed to with Sola’s cooking. It just didn’t feel the same to eat it, whether it was because she was alone, or because the food was compiled, Nix didn’t particularly care. She just knew she was sitting there now full, but immensely disappointed.

After a few more minutes, there is a light ding from the hab unit. "Cutie, you have a visitor, shall I let them in? Or would you like me to inform your mistress?" The slightly teasing tone rings out.

Nix groans out "I don't have a mistress, and please let my guest in." She takes the plate to the compiler, curiously putting it in and watching as the plate decompile.

The door opens behind her, and Celosia walks in with a smile on her face. "Wow, this is a really nice place you have set up here Nix. Very accommodating for various guests." She beams an air of confidence in every one of her movements. "So, are you ready to leave for shopping? I can wait if you have more you would like to do."

Nix checks her water bottle and bag, making sure they are good, and her data pad secured, before smiling. "I think I have everything I need, let's get going." She grabs her cane and begins to lead Celosia out of her hab unit, only to stop a few feet from the door. "Uh, I could pull up some shops, but would you have any suggestions?"

Celosia's smile widens, her body tightening slightly out of excitement. "Of course, I've got a few, and they are fairly close to your new block, so walking should be a gust."

Nix giggles a little. "The saying is 'should be a breeze' as breezes are gentle and 'easy'."

Caletha laughs, looking down at Nix. "Really? But gusts are fast and get the job done more quickly."

"Well then be my gust and lead the way." Nix walks out of the hab unit, looking up at Celosia again. Surprised by the fact that instead of looking exactly like a massive floret, Celosia is more unwound in comparison to her normal. Vines drooping off of her sides, and the flowers that comprise her hair, appear far more rustled up, giving a more casual bed head appearance. "Also I like your outfit? Form? Whatever it is, it looks good! Less overwhelmingly perfect ya know."

"Thank you, on the job I try to keep the very together look up most of the time, but I remember one of the reports about you loosely mentioning you not liking the overly perfect look. I still like going full arms and legs, but figured I would give this a try, see how it felt and all." Celosia nods to herself, her form seeming to ripple in waves as she makes little adjustments to her deliberately casual appearance. "It is a very different style, but I think I'm gonna have fun experimenting with it."

"Well flattery will get you everywhere, and I like the look." Nix takes her water bottle out, starting to sip from it as they head down the street towards an edge of the ship she’d never been to before. "Soooo, just because I'm curious, what do you actually think about me after the case? I know this was a massive project for you, and I can see anyone who was put on my case, getting frustrated."

"Well, I think you are fascinating. To put together your own end of the case as well as you did, to have an affini who clearly is interested in you go into that trial voting for your independence, honestly for as complex as it was, I enjoyed the challenge." Celosia grins, not reaching out to touch Nix, and simply watching how she walks. "I am actually glad you asked me out today, reading reports is one thing, but I have been curious about the girl under the paperwork."

"Yeaaah, and the first times you saw me I was still reeling from the trauma, so I wasn't in a place to really open up." Nix puts her drink back, starting to look around the streets. "I'm doing better now, the xenodrugs have been helping. Even if there's a long way to go on that front, my issue most of the time is what we're doing right now." She gestures out across the ship, pointing out a few affini who are sitting in a park and relaxing. "I get really anxious when I feel like there's too many eyes on me, and after the case… Well, my brain is telling me every affini there is now hunting for me to become their floret, and Sola has not been helping with that line of thought, given how worried she seems about it!"

“To be fair, Sola is right to worry, you are a very unique individual, and many affini would love to have someone like you. They will calm down with time, but for a little while, just act casual, and maybe only come outside with those you trust. Nobody will approach you unless you are alone.” Celosia hums to herself, looking away from Nix slightly. “I’ll even admit that I am interested, but I would like to see how we feel together before I pursue further than that. So as it is, let's just have fun as a couple of friends, going out shopping.” She stops and motions towards a store across from them. “Here is one of my favorite clothing stores, I wonder how many cute outfits we can throw together.”

Nix sighs, smiling softly and shaking her head as they walk inside the shop. "I'm not trying to do floret fashion, for a multitude of reasons that should be obvious to you… so let's try to find some clothes that will have me stopped in the streets less rather than more, yea?" 

Nix walks over to one of the smaller sections of the shop. Laughing to herself as she sees Celosia’s name on an entire section of companion dresses. "Did you just bring me here to have an excuse to beg me to try on your designs?!"

“I won’t lie, I would like to see you in a few of them, but I think we can have you looking great without going full floret fashion. That fits with part of the challenge with you, my specialty is florets, so I want to work on good designs for independents.” Celosia grabs a few skirts and blouses, holding them together and thinking before setting them to the side, and making a little pile of clothes to try. “So, gonna be honest, I am very surprised that you are not with Sola, beyond gaining your independence, and making for a legendary case in the compact, we all were positive that you would probably relax with her for a bit, before going the domestication route anyway with her. If this is prying too much I can think of some other topic to talk about.”

“Oh yeah that.” Nix starts rooting around the types of jackets, sticking her head into the mass of clothing to avoid Celosia getting a look at her face. “Well you’re not entirely off base, Sola really really wants me to go down that route with her. After we got home, it was also the first day it’d be safe to give me the more ‘fun’ xenodrugs… I let her try and convince me, it didn’t work, and now everything between us feels awkward, like I’m hurting her by being around… so I’m just not going to be for a while.”

Celosia shakes her head a bit, tisking at Nix’s comment. “Oh I think it is more complicated than that. Sola is a good girl, but she is picky with her friends, and very obviously pickier with florets. I’ve had two before, but it has been a while. She however has not had any. I happen to know that she won’t want to ruin being with you in any way, and after helping you with your case, she won’t force you to become her floret, so you can rest easy on that front. However, who knows how you will feel over time.” She finishes with the outfits, grabbing one of her companion dresses and smiling. “There, I think we have a collection for you to try. Aside from the one companion dress, I will perfectly admit that I am using you as a bit of a dress up doll for some of these. You feel free to speak up if something is too much or whatever.”

“Wow, you’re either the worst pick up artist I’ve ever met, or a really good friend.” Nix grabs a long duster, with a gray exterior and blue inner lining. “And I’m definitely taking this, not to wear as is, but as my next project.” She snickers, placing the jacket down next to Celosia’s collection of outfits.

Looking over the companion dress it’s a blue base, with multicolored flowers tracing up and down the entire thing. “I’ll try this one on first, but when I do. I want to know what you want from this, Sola’s too nice to be tricky, but I’d not put it past you… or Dinaea to be fair.” She shakes her head, going into one of the changing booths, popping back out after a minute.

“Well, I am aiming to get a new floret, but who knows, lets just say I am ‘feeling you out’ if I know my terran sayings right. The reports do talk about you liking honesty, and being direct, so that is my base intention. Now this could all end up where the feeling isn’t there, and this evolves to just friendship of course, BUT-” Celosia snaps a picture of Nix, with a grin. “You can at least trust that I will not lie to you. Speaking of, you look great, ever think of doing some modeling?”

“No I haven’t, I’ve never actually liked how I look before.” Nix chuckles, looking over her body. “Honestly I know very little about how I actually look, I tend to avoid my reflection for the most part, but on the whole I know I do look… not horrible these days.” She sits down, looking over the other options. “And how are you feeling about me now that we’re talking, because if I’m being honest. I’m very entertained, if you’d not just told me your intent outright. It would be both annoying, and paranoia inducing, but this way… it’s almost like a game.”

Celosia grins leaning down next to Nix, looking over the outfits with her. “Well, how could I potentially build up the trust to go the floret route if you were paranoid? But also you are really beautiful Nix. You have this… allure to how you hold yourself. And going further on this game, unless more join it, intentionally or not, I currently see three outcomes. Either you stick to your choice and keep full independent status, just staying friends. You decide to become Sola’s floret, or my own. I know that Sola has likely done all the… pushing, she will do with you. I however plan on having fun with our game.”

“Yeah, those three options honestly do sound the most reasonable. I’m just curious how she’ll react to finding out you’re playing this game with me.” Nix picks up a red striped button up shirt, and black pants. Heading back into the changing room, and switching into the new set. Taking a minute before walking out and adjusting the collar slightly, unbuttoning the top one as it felt a little tight. “Much better, best not let too many see me dressed like that. Unless you want to set our little game into super hard difficulty where you’re beating affini away with a stick.”

“Oh I’m pretty sure nobody else aside from Sola or myself would know how to properly approach you, who want you to be theirs.” She snaps a couple pictures of this new outfit. “As for Sola, well, who knows. Maybe it will kick her into gear, I have no idea. And that right there is the fun in all this. If I get a new floret, great. If I get a new friend, great! If I get a pretty model, fantastic.” Celosia grins wide, laughing to herself as she takes a few more pictures. “I happen to enjoy teasing here and there. Oh, if you end up as a floret, no matter to who, I wonder if we could get some sort of reverse ownership picture line!”

Nix simply shakes her head, laughing at Celosia’s behavior. “Yeah, I like you…” She leans back in her seat slightly. “Honestly I invited you today, because I didn’t wanna be alone, and I’m glad I did. None of this would have been nearly as fun without someone to share it with.” She pulls out her data pad, pulling up Sola’s contact.

EquaNix: Hey Sola, I’m out with Celosia. I wanted to tell you that she’s very openly attempting to get me to agree to be her floret. I think it’s silly and have declared it a game, so you are now official floret wanting rivals? Lol.

SolFlower: hjhafdkj, WHAT!? I mean, alright! Rivals it is! I love and miss you by the way, but I’ll do my best to make our date day nice and relaxing. If this is what you want to do, I’m ok with it, but just remember, Celosia does ANYTHING you are uncomfortable with, say the word and I’ll come put a stop to it. As long as she doesn’t and you are ok, I’ll promise to wait and give you the space for us both to get our heads and hearts in the right place. Be safe, and remember, if glasses end up a thing, I want pictures!

EquaNix: I promise that I’ll send pictures, my appointment is tomorrow. And this isn’t that big of a deal, I just thought it was silly. It seems like she just wants me to model for her mostly, which I suspect she’s currently sending you pictures of if my eyes don’t deceive me. Try not to freak out too much, have a nice day Sola :3

SolFlower: Alright, I think I am getting them now. I won’t give up, but also, please let me know how the appointment goes, glasses or no. It will do a lot to put my heart at ease. Have fun, and be safe!

EquaNix: I will, have a nice day. :3

Nix slides the data pad back into her bag, before looking up at Celosia who’s rapidly tapping on her own. “Sooooo, on a scale of one to infinity how freaked out is she towards you? After all, she seemed like she was ready to storm across this ship if I got even a little uncomfortable… also I think she has a thing for glasses.”

“Well, she is protective of you, very much so actually. As for the scale, I’m gonna say…putting a cap on this scale of 10 as I typically think terrans do, she is a 7.” Celosia grins “I do however, want to take plenty of pictures with you as well as of you.” She smirks a bit “Now then, do you see anything else you want to try on? If not we can figure out what to do next.”

“Well I was actually going to ask if you wanted to show off what your hab looks like? I mean, I’ve seen mine, which is super accessible, and then I’ve seen Sola’s who… no offense to her, but it barely feels like she lives there, there’s nothing that reminds me of her there. Just a bunch of tools to help with physical therapy, and now my painting! I wanna see what a custom hab looks like for someone other than myself!” Nix starts folding up the other outfits. “And bonus, while we’re there I can very easily model some outfits for you. Ya know, get pictures that look good, instead of just snapping them when you think I won’t stop you.” 

Celosia hums nodding a few times. “Well, hilariously Sola’s hab being so sparse kind of speaks about how devoted to her chosen job she is. I do bet that she will start personalizing it more, but who knows. She likes to personalize herself more than others. And visiting mine sounds great, I’ll order us something to eat for lunch!” She guides Nix with her chosen clothes up to the front, where the affini at the front desk prints off a form with the chosen items, then kneels down to begin showing Nix where she has to sign. Once done the affini smiles and files it away. Swapping out the outfits that she’d picked with compiled duplicates.

“Sounds good, I’m hungry anyway. I tried compiled food for the first time this morning, not a fan.” Nix chuckles, letting Celosia take the lead, and hold the collection of the new outfits. “While yes, it was perfect, it felt hollow? I finally think I’m starting to get why Sola refused to use it, despite the fact that she sucked at cooking. Maybe we can grab some pizza and bake it while we’re there?”

Celosia nods “The compiler… is good for making bases. Making a datapad, perfectly alright. Plates, fantastic. Making the raw ingredients, that is how you want to prepare food! It will make the atomically perfect food you ask for, but all affini I know talk about how food is special because of the imperfections, not the perfections. I know a good take and bake place near where I live, it should work out well for our purposes. What kind of pizza is your favorite? I can have them get it put together while we are on our way.”

“Pepperoni sounds good, and I’ll take any leftovers back home with me.” Nix groans as they get a few streets down, pausing to start shaking her left leg. “Owe, ya see this is what I always worry about when I’m going to go out. While I can walk long distances, my legs will just get kinda numb sometimes.” She grumbles a bit, leaning into Celosia’s side as she looks around them, clearly anxious about being seen having difficulty with her body.

Celosia smiles and reaches down, picking Nix up and putting her on a hastily fashioned vine pouch on her back. “There we go, you don’t look helpless, so much as you look like you are casually getting a ride.” She begins walking, carrying the bag from the clothing shop, making sure to go slow enough that Nix can hang on easily enough, giving her quite a bit of ‘control’ over this little bit of help.

Nix loops her cane in with Celosia’s vines. Using it as almost a steering wheel and grip, smiling softly as they make their way through the ship. Celosia clearly not speeding up, only to show off for Nix, rather than actually traveling efficiently. “Yeah now instead of helpless I look like I’m driving around, the affini who just two days ago I was being judged by.” She snickers a bit, leaning up against Celosia’s head to relax.

Celosia laughs a bit at the thought, waving at a few affini as they pass by. “True, but also you already passed your trial, it is behind you.” She grins. “As for me, even if I was ‘against’ you, I make a point to be fair.”

“Or this is your master plan! Let me go, just to get me to willingly domesticate myself later! Thus reaffirming your personal ideology!” Nix gives a haughty purposely sinister joke laugh. 

Celosia laughs at Nix’s inherent instincts about her surroundings. “Oh nooooo, you have discovered my evil plan. Whatever will I dooooo?” She breaks down in a giggle fit before coming back out of it. “Seriously though, it was a fair vote, and I do believe it set a very important precedent for future cases like that. Sure I voted for domestication, but my vote lost, oh well. Just because you won, if you end up choosing domestication, it won’t take away the fact that you won that trial. You convinced enough affini who I can assure you, all walked into that room with the intention of voting for domestication, to vote for even provisional independence.” Celosia walks into a pizza place, looking around. “And here we are, time to pick up your pizza.”

“Honestly I knew that going in, I really didn’t expect to win at all. I just wanted to do it for my own satisfaction, and you helped a lot in all honesty, bringing up details that I wouldn’t have known, or wanted to talk about. Especially about the onboard abuse preventing me from taking shore leave…” Nix sighs, pressing her body tight against Celosia’s back. “If you’d not brought it up, it’s very likely I wouldn’t have ever spoken about what happened there… thank you.”

As they are talking, a terran girl with red hair and in an orange baker’s uniform comes out from the back room. Holding the pair’s prepared pizza, smiling up at Celosia as she walks over. “It’s rare to see you actually come around Cel.” She looks up at Nix. “Oh and with a new friend, I’m Tina nice ta meet ya.”

Celosia grins, taking the pizza from Tina and giving her a few light pets. “Yeah, Nix here won her independence case, and I am showing her around a bit. Also just wanting to support how the case went, I’m making sure Nix is left alone while attention on her is still fairly hot. I’d really appreciate it if you and your owner could watch out for her.”

Nix nods, climbing up a bit higher on Celosia’s back in order to start talking to Tina. “Also don’t let her fool you, she’s been flirting with me all day.”

“Wow, Cel is flirting with you? yeah you really must be her alright.” Tina laughs to herself, handing the pizza over to Celosia. “We’ll keep an eye out for you Nix! Feel free to stop by anytime that you're hungry, if you like the meal, while we do take out. I also like to bake here sometimes.” She gives Nix a thumbs up.

Celosia grins, leaning down to let Nix get on eye level with Tina. “Well Nix, easy friends for you. Tina here is really nice. Deliveries should be fairly fast if you want them to your hab, and it is not the furthest for a straight walk.”

Tina nods, getting a closer look at Nix. “Oh, what is your screen name? I’m PizzaTopper, and I spend a fair bit of time in chatrooms on my breaks, and then I just kinda chill with my master after work. I’ve been trying to recreate some old terran pizza styles in a better homemade style.”

Nix blushes a bit, looking to the side. “Mine is EquaNix, my friend Pearl set it up before giving me my pad, and I can’t really bring myself to change it.” She chuckles a bit nervously, pulling her pad out and sending a quick dm of a :3. “There, now you can message me if you ever wanna talk… I’m not a big fan of chat rooms, too many people.” She shudders.

Tina giggles and sends a ;3 back. “Of course, I’m up for PMs too, though I do have to say, maybe try giving a smaller chatroom a try. There are some pretty interesting people online. We can share links and everything. Sometimes it is even fun just to quietly lurk around, see what comes up.”

“I’ll… consider it, if you ever see PearlLilly around on one say hi. She’s really nice.” Nix leans down into her small area on Celosia’s back, visibly getting drained from the conversation. “Thank you for talking to me Tina, I’ll make sure to text you more later.”

Tina gives a thumbs up taking a step away to give Nix some space. “Alright, have a good rest of your day Nix!” She goes back to go and get some more pizzas for other sophonts and affini coming inside.

Celosia, now carrying the at home bake pizza as well, begins walking to her hab unit. “My hab is very close to here Nix, just relax, we can avoid public gatherings for the rest of the day easily enough.”

Nix nods slightly, curling up inside of the small compartment on Celosia’s back. Taking deep breaths to calm herself back down, having enjoyed the conversation, up to the point of being invited into a chatroom. 

So Celosia and Nix are getting along amazingly, and even going to her hab?! Spicy 

Find out what happens next time on Recovery Chapter 16. Together!

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