17.Eye For An Eye

by Cracked_Ruby

Tags: #cw:gore #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #hypnosis #pov:bottom #scifi #sub:female #drug_play #Human_Domestication_Guide #memory_play #petplay #slow_burn #transgender_characters

It's the day of the eye appointment! Celosia and Sola face to face, sounds like a recipe for chaos!

Cw for: A lot of dysphoria. 

Nix yawns, starting to wiggle around in her bed after another actually restful night's sleep. Only to find herself accidentally bundled inside of the Sola plush, having to fight with it to drag herself out of the embrace. “You’re so soft, but so tight!” She squeaks, popping out of one of the knots in the vines she’d accidentally created in her sleep.

The plush sits there, blankly ‘looking’ at Nix. Soon the hab would pipe up with a more normal, if maybe a little boring voice in comparison to floret mode. “Good morning, you should get your breakfast and morning things taken care of so you can get to your appointment on time.”

“Thank you hab.” Nix yawns, slipping down out of bed, and starting to get dressed for the day. Picking out one of the outfits that she’d not had the chance to try on with Cel. A red flannel shirt, alongside a long red dress skirt that has buttons climbing up the left side. 

Once she’s dressed, Nix grabs her cane. Taking one last look back at the Sola plush. “No, now’s not the time to be thinking about her, you’ll just end up confusing yourself again.” She grumbles to herself, walking out into the living room where she grabs her bag off of the coffee table. 

“Breakfast… breakfast breakfast…” Nix looks over her options, eyeing the pizza a few times, before shaking her hand, and just having the overly perfect waffles made for her again. “Hab I’m expecting a friend today, can you alert me when they arrive.”

“Of course, I will assume it will be prior to your appointment, given the timeframe I have.” The hab turns on some nice ‘outdoorsy’ sounds to make things feel more natural. After about 20 minutes, the hab pipes up. “Your guest, Miss Celosia has arrived, shall I let her in?”

Nix looks up from her meal, shrugging, and starting to clean herself off. Tossing the plate and utensils back into the compiler, watching them disappear in front of her. “Yes please.” Once they’re gone, she starts filling up her water bottle for the day. 

The door opens and Celosia walks in, walking over and watching Nix get ready for the day. “Hello Nix, how was your night? Did you sleep well?” She smiles, and kneels down to be more on level with Nix. “I decided to take some time to watch some of those art shows last night, they are really interesting, I think I understand it more now.”

Nix pulls out her data pad, passing it up to Celosia with her DM’s to Sola open. “I had a bit of fun messing with Sola, she actually ended up asking to help walk me home after the appointment. Sooo I hope that you don’t mind her coming? I really didn’t wanna let her down, especially with how worried about you being around me, she must be now.” She chuckles a bit, rubbing her arm as she smiles at Celosia.

Celosia hums happily, nodding as she considers everything her and Sola have to talk about. “I think I would like that very much. I haven’t gotten to spend the most time with Sola, regardless of our jobs meeting up surprisingly frequently. I would like to really get to know the other affini that you are interested in more, and I am sure she could do with learning more about me as well.”

"Then there's no way this can go wrong! Well I guess you two could decide to work together to 'convince' me about domestication, but I doubt Sola would agree to that." Nix snickers, taking the data pad back, and leading Celosia out of the hab. Trying to think of this as nothing more than giving Sola someone to spend time, and distract herself with. "I wouldn't put it past you though Cel. You've got all of your insidious plans, and all that."

Celosia laughs to herself, enjoying how inadvertently Nix plays against herself. “Well, you may be deeming us rivals in this game, but who says that alliances cannot form to fulfill a shared goal.” She holds a hand out for Nix. “However, today is about your appointment, and finding out what you need for your eyes, not domestication… at the start at the very least. We may have a little fun, but seriously, your health is the most important in all of this.”

“I’m sure neither you, nor Sola would risk my health for anything, especially something as petty as my affection, while I don’t know much about you yet. I do know Sola, and I think she’d find a way to get me as far away from you as possible, if she believed you to be a risk to my health in any way.” Nix takes Celosia’s hand, walking down the hall towards the north west edge of the ship. “But I am looking forward to finding out my options when it comes to my eye. If I’m being honest, I’ve been a bit anxious about losing my flower.”

Celosia gives a small genuinely compassionate smile. Squeezing Nix’s hand lightly. “I was just trying to have a little fun, and tease you, before we get to the vet, but I promise, your health is above all else, the most important thing.” She waves to a few other affini, before quickly returning her attention to Nix. Making sure none of them came too close to her. “Well, I know this flower was designed purely to work on repairing your eye socket, as best as possible. If you want to keep it, I’m sure they have some modifications that can be done, as ideally your optic nerves should be receiving SOME form of input, however that is a discussion to have with your vet. As for your other eye, just do as they ask, and make your requests as it comes up. I would perhaps open with talking about the flower, get things in the open regarding your feelings.”

“Got it, start with my flower, move on to my remaining one.” Nix nods to herself. Going quiet for the remainder of their walk, feeling a bit awkward with all of the affini, and sophonts around them. Tightening her grip on Celosia’s hand, for small the sense of comfort it provides.  

Celosia gently drapes part of her cloak down around Nix, doing her best to keep the girl feeling secure. “I promise, it will probably be a bit awkward, but they will only want to help you the best they possibly can.”

After a few minutes, the pair arrive at the vet. Nix recognizes it as being in the same area as Dineae’s office. “Thanks…” She sighs, slowly pulling away as she walks inside the waiting room. Wanting to at least make it look like she’d not needed someone to escort her here. 

As she walks inside, Nix is greeted with the sight of the back of an affini. Bright blue petals running all the way down all the way to the ground, flowing slightly and emulating the appearance of a waterfall. 

Hearing the chime of Nix walking in, they turn around. Their bright blue eyes immediately barreled into Nix’s soul it seemed. “Oh hello! Nix Ave correct? It’s nice to finally meet you while conscious.” The affini walks over, putting a hand down for Nix to shake. “Nem Tinma, Sixth bloom, They/them.”

Nix blinks a few times, slowly reaching out and shaking the offered hand. Trying her best not to be disturbed by the ethereally perfect form of the affini. “It’s nice to finally meet you too. I’ve honestly had quite a few questions.”

“Well I’ll be more than happy to answer them, why don’t we just get you in back, and start examining everything while we talk?” Nem gently turns around, keeping a light grip on Nix’s hand and leading her into the back room.

“I guess that sounds good? My main concern is what my options are going to be in regards to replacement, because I’ve actually grown oddly fond of my flower.” Nix does her best to not start nervously laughing at herself, after all any external anxiety will probably be picked up on, and picked apart by the unfamiliar affini.

“Well it all depends on how well the healing has gone, while the one you have now isn’t appropriate for permanent replacement. I don’t see why I couldn’t make one, that would be able to more permanently act as your eye.” Nem opens up the door, showing off a few machines that Nix couldn’t recognize the purpose of in the slightest.

“That sounds good to me.” Nix walks behind Nem, letting herself be guided to lay down on a small bed that looks like it will slide up slightly into a machine. “I’m guessing this is going to scan everything?”

“Exactly petal!” Nem grins, giving Nix a little playful pet. “It’ll just be a few minutes, then I’ll need to look over it. But if everything has gone well, I’ll be able to remove this graft today, then give you a day to return to get a replacement.”

Nix almost starts growling, having to stop herself from biting at the hand that had pet her. “Y-yeah, that sounds great!” She speaks through gritted teeth, as the bed slides up slightly. The very quiet hum of the machine starting up all around her.

Luckily she’s left for a few minutes like this, given enough time to calm herself back down from the unwanted affection. The bed eventually sliding back into place, and allowing her to sit back up. “Soooo, how’s it look?”

Nem is simply sitting down, and looking at their data pad. Clearly thinking over what needs to be done in regards to the injury. “Well, the damage was very severe, I’m honestly glad you’ve requested something simple to maintain it, rather than trying to replace it. I doubt that it would be able to handle a full replacement, even with how well the repairs went. That is unless you’d want to be entirely digitized, and moved into a robotic body just for the eye.”

“Yeah, that figures and no I really don’t want to be whatever the hell ‘digitized’ is.” Nix rolls her eye, almost relieved to find out that her wishes wouldn’t be considered too little of a fix. “But one eye for being alive is hardly a bad trade in my eyes… eye… whatever, bad analogy.”

Nem chuckles to themselves, nodding slightly. “So the main thing I would like to ask is, this current graft has compatibility with your spine, in order to allow you to be given xenodrugs through the flower. Do you want to keep that, or would you rather that function be removed?”

“Not being jabbed with a needle when I need my meds, is a win enough. I’d rather just keep that if possible, while they don’t freak me out… I’m not a fan of pain.” Nix shrugs, running her fingers around the flower. 

“That will also make things easy, for any future owner as well!” Nem nods to themselves, tapping away on their tablet. “Now given this is going to be your new eye, any requests for the color?”

“I don’t plan on getting an owner, and I’d like to have it be blue with a red center if that is possible.” Nix narrows her eye at Nem, suddenly incredibly happy she’d let Sola come to walk with her home. Seeing a friendly face that wouldn’t bring up domestication sounded amazing right now.

“That can be very easily done, alright.” Nem turns the data pad around, showing off a flower that’s very similar to Nix’s description. “It will have very small movements that it will be able to make along with your emotions. It will hopefully come very easily.” She shows the flowers drooping slightly, or closing to emulate closing her eye. “While I’ve not made anything to this exact specification before, I always welcome a challenge!”

“Well that’s… neat, but aside from that. I think my vision in my remaining eye is a little weak, so I wanted to see if you could check that out too?” Nix taps the side of her head where her good eye is. “My friend Sola is really excited about the possibility. Apparently thinking I’d look cute in glasses.”

Nem nods slightly, starting to pull out a different set of tools. “Alright then dear, we should be able to get you set up with some nice glasses. Then when I put you under, for your flower eye, I will be able to correct your right eye as well. If that sounds fair?”

“Yeah that sounds good.” Nix hops off of the bed, following Nem over to the station in the other corner of the room. Going through the process of looking through several lenses. Nem eventually nods and pulls back, placing a lollipop in Nix’s hand.

“Alright, now we just need to remove the current graft! While I work on that though.” Nem places their data pad in Nix’s hands, an app very similar to the one she’d gotten her cane from open. “You just find a set that you like!”

Nix grumbles a bit, another overly bright app that hurts her eye great. She tosses the candy into her mouth, starting to idly suck on it, keeping her eye down on the tablet, while Nem works on removing her flower. Doing her best not to feel sad that something that had become part of herself is being removed, even only temporarily.

After a minute, part of the weight on Nix’s head drops off, Nem slowly stepping back and grabbing a box to put the flower in. Alongside a black eyepatch, which they slip onto Nix’s head, and carefully tighten to make sure it’s comfortable.

Nix simply continues to ignore this process, looking over all of the glasses. Eventually picking a pair of light blue, square framed glasses, that are painted to fade into a darker blue near the back. “Alright, I’ve got the one that I want.”

“Alright then, I’ll go grab those for you. Then you’ll be free to go!” Nem walks out of the room, going to go and get the glasses compiled. Noticing both Celosia, and Sola who’re waiting around out front, shaking her head as she continues on her way.

Nix leans back in her seat, placing a hand over the left side of her face. Feeling the thin soft eyepatch, rather than the large imposing flower that she’d become accustomed to. “Ugh… really? I’m feeling bad because I have less freaky plant junk in me now!” She kicks off the ground, spinning the chair around a few times as she waits. The lingering hole in her heart cracking wider once again, much to her own confusion and anger. 

Nem slowly walks back into the room, seeing Nix moping in the corner of the room. “Nix petal, do you need anything?” They slowly walk over to the girl, holding the glasses in a small case. 

“I’m fine.” Nix looks at the case, taking a deep breath and standing up. “My friends are waiting for me outside, so I’ll be better, once I’m talking to them.” She puts her hand out to be handed the case.

Nem frowns, gripping the case a little tighter. “Are you sure, you seem to be quite upset. I know you want to head out soon, but I need to make sure there’s nothing I can do to help you.”

“Trust me, unless you can give me that new eye today, there’s nothing to be done. I just… didn’t expect having it off to feel this wrong.” Nix looks down, shaking her head. “Like a piece of me is gone.”

Nem nods, turning around and grabbing the box she’d placed the flower in. “Well then I hope at the very least this will help you feel a bit better.” She slowly kneels down, careful not to get too close to the clearly agitated girl. Holding out both the box and the glasses case. “I know it’s not the same as having it in you, but you can keep the flower itself.”

Nix simply grabs the box, shoving it into her bag without a word. Then reaching out, and grabbing the glasses, slipping them on, and feeling slightly uncomfortable balancing something on her nose. “Thank you… I need to go now, can you message me my date?”

Nem nods slightly, slowly moving around Nix. Leading her out of the room, and down towards Sola and Celosia. “Of course petal, you just do your best to enjoy the rest of your day.” Once they arrive outside the vet. Nem looks up at both Sola, and Celosia giving them both a look that could only be read to the pair as ‘Do something about this, or else I will’ before nodding down at Nix.

“Heeey you two.” Nix chuckles nervously, slowly moving to hide behind Sola. Finally giving into the lack of comfort around a new affini, and with the new unwanted change to her appearance, she’s become all the more self conscious about it. With the flower at least that’s all that people would look at, but without it they’d see her they’d know just how hideous she is, and she hates it. “Can we go home now.”

Sola smiles, and kneels down, giving Nix a firm hug. "Sure, I brought some things to make sandwiches at home. Would you like to walk, or ride? Either option is fine, it is about what would make you comfortable."

Nix quietly mutters. "Walk…but try to hide me. I don’t feel like being seen.”

Sola nods and holds Nix’s hand, standing up as Celosia nestles close, using her cloak to ‘hug’ around Sola, subsequently mostly hiding Nix from view.

Sola smiles at Celosia. "Well then, let's go home, make sandwiches, and help Nix feel comfortable." Sola then entwined some vines with Celosia's, leading the group out.

Celosia nods, putting a hand down for Nix to hold. Starting to gently lead her back to the hab unit, carefully observing the girl to make sure that she didn't need to be carried.

Nix simply presses into Sola's side. Squeezing Celocia's hand as tight as she can manage, trying to avoid letting anyone see her face like this. One word looping in her mind with each step, pathetic, after everything, she needs two affini to take care of her after something as simple as a trip to the doctors.

Once back at Nix’s hab, Sola shifted a little, smiling at Nix. “So, did the doctor give the okay to get another flower more suited to long term use? Also I think your glasses are very pretty on you.” Sola began to lead Nix towards the kitchen, setting down her bag of sandwich supplies before letting Nix sit down, nodding to Celosia. “I’ll make the sandwiches for Nix, and some tea for us.”

Celosia smiles and nods, sitting down on the floor to be next to Nix’s terran sized table, and chairs. “How are you feeling, now that we are out of a public setting?”

Nix shakes her head, leaning into the side of her couch. Trying to fight off the compulsion to cry, her hand slowly drifting up her cheek, to rub the spot where her flower once was. “I don’t know… I feel wrong, and empty, and I want it… I want it back…”

She slowly reaches into her bag, pulling out the box her flower is in. Opening it up and looking over the blue and red, the emotions of seeing it from this perspective, stabbing her in the chest and causing tears to well up in her eye.

Celosia smiles sadly, looking down at the flower. “You still have this one which has done all it can to help you. The new one being prepared will fulfill a more long term purpose, for helping you. I wouldn’t be surprised, if they pull from the same base plant that this one came from, for making the new one.” Celosia reaches forward, gently rubbing some of the tears away. “This one now can be an inspiration for what you have already gone through. A symbol of a phase of your life.”

Nix starts shaking, more tears starting to fall from where they’d been wiped away. Biting back a sob and leaning in to hug Celosia, deciding to allow herself to be vulnerable while only Sola and Cel are there. “Thank you…”

Sola comes over, and puts down a plate of sandwiches and full water bottle, before giving Celosia her tea, and joining the other affini on the ground, spreading out her vines, and simply rubbing Nix’s back to keep unwanted contact to a minimum. “Nix, I think it is pretty safe to say we both care, regardless of our differences. I knew this would be… a big step for you, as if and when your nerves healed… this would have to happen, especially given our previous talks. I know it will not take them long, to help make you feel complete once again. In the meantime, I want you to enjoy lunch, then we can ‘chill’ and stay here. I’ll order something for dinner. We will stay with you, as long as you want.”

It takes a few minutes for Nix to pull the tears back, slowly letting go of Celosia. “I guess, I just didn’t expect it to hurt this much. With my hormones I’ve felt so much better about my appearance, but having this removed… It's digging at that part of me who hates my appearance.”

Sola nods “We understand Nix, I still think you are very beautiful, but I get it. That flower was very much a part of you, but you will look amazing when the new one is in.” She gently brushes Nix’s cheek near the eye patch. “You always look wonderful, but dysphoria is able to run deep into so many.” Sola sips her tea, and quietly leans close. “How about, while we are just relaxing, we should look up body mod options for you. Just have fun going over either wanted, fun, or even silly ones and see how they look?”

“Yes, that sounds perfect.” Nix shakes her head, looking over at the sandwiches that Sola had made for her. Grabbing a peanut butter one, and starting to quietly snack on it, looking down at the ground as the affini around her pull up the programs necessary for the project.

Celosia pulls out her datapad, and sets it up in front of them. “Alright, first, I believe that you have mentioned your desire for lizard stuff, so how about this.” She starts by uploading a picture of Nix, letting the model form before adding a few features, carefully adjusting the tail size. “And then for fun, I’m gonna add that neck fluff cause I wanna see how it would look anyway.” She grins and adds the feature before pulling back to let Nix play with the model.

Nix takes the pad, starting to adjust the almost character creator program. Reducing the height a solid six inches, adding on a pair of curved blue horns to wrap around the top half of her head. Adding scale patterns up each of her arms, while mostly maintaining the shape of her hands having them only slightly resemble claws. Her remaining eye being replaced with a scaled slit shape, to capture the lizard look better. “Soooo… what do you think?”

Both affini look at each other and grin, nodding in agreement that no matter who gets her. This is going to happen. “Nix you look adorable!” They say together, before giggling.

Celosia smiles and rubs Nix’s back. “I think what you want looks absolutely fantastic, Nix. I’ll be able to make so many new styles!”

Sola nods, brushing Nix’s hair gently. “It really does, I can’t wait to see it in person, beyond just a sim.” She sips a little more tea, just being supportive to the best of her ability.

“Yeah, even if it will take a while.” Nix looks over the image, adding the neck fluff back on, and turning it to face Celosia. “And here, this is what I’ll look like if by some miracle you win our little game, I guess.”

Celosia giggles clapping in joy. Absolutely certain she will get Nix to accept domestication, if only to see this precious girl, with that fluff. “Well, we have all the players here, and we all are going to treat this like that.” She playfully pulls Sola into a hug… with Nix being pulled in between them.

Sola squeaks, her vines squashing the girl as she tries to pull back slightly. “S-sorry Nix, I would have shifted if I knew she was gonna do that.”

Celosia laughs, pressing them all closer together. “Oh Nix is fine I’m sure, besides, we are her favorite affini, so I’m positive that it is at least pleasant to be in a hug sandwich.”

Nix squeaks, wiggling around in the vines. The sudden movement caused her to drop her drink, and the datapad, the cup rolling away from her. “Nooooo…” She tries to wiggle out of the massive hug, only to find herself more covered with vines with each moment. Trying to fight the warm comfort that the pair provided, a weird mix of their rhythms becoming immediately apparent.

Sola lashes out her vines to grab the cup, pulling it close. “Here you go Petal.” She bites back a shudder at just getting to be close to Nix again. 

Celosia catches her pad, clicking to save the settings. “Sorry for surprising you like that Nix, but I thought that just having an excuse to laugh, and have fun would be nice. If you are not of course, I do apologize.”

Nix grumbles a bit, grabbing her water bottle, and starting to sip it. “No you’re fine, I guess my emotions are being weird again.” She wiggles around, giving up on escape and simply starting to carve out a little nest made of vines, between the two affini. “And having one of you around at a time is easy to deal with, but your clashing rhythms are super confusing.”

Sola winces, and nods. “Sorry, I’ll try to pull mine back a bit.” She closes her eyes, bundling herself up slightly to try and quiet it down a bit. 

Celosia meanwhile reaches over to playfully pet both Sola and Nix. “If that is an issue, we can always try to align our rhythms, although it usually requires a good bit of practice, and a connection, I’ve heard the effects are astounding.”

“That sounds like you are trying to convince me, to let you do something, to make you more attractive.” Nix chews on her straw, making sure not to look Celosia in the eyes under any circumstances. The teasing game is normally fun, but while feeling this vulnerable, she can’t help but feel drawn to the promises of comfort that the affini provide.

Celosia grins, gently scratching under Nix’s chin. Unafraid of simply letting her rhythm continue its call. “Well, every affini, their rhythm is a part of them and who they are, basically, it does require both affini to meet in the middle, this could affect some of their…actions and attitudes mostly due to having an understanding of one another.” She smirks at Sola.  “Such as if we were to do it, Sola here might act a bit more towards her wants.”

Sola squeaks, shaking her head and pulling away slightly. “Nix knows what I want, but also that I am happy with being her friend.” She wiggles some of her vines together, several of her flowers open and blooming. Doing a very poor job of hiding how not okay with just being friends she is. 

"This sounds less like a question, and more like a statement of intent." Nix chuckles to herself, leaning back and looking up at the ceiling. "And who knows, Sola would also affect you, so it could work in my favor. So go for it I guess, I have to imagine it will be a process to achieve any cooperation between your rhythms."

Sola looks over at Celosia. Not knowing Celosia all that well, so the idea of trying to bond with her in order to lure Nix in is a little overwhelming. “I’ve…heard of it, it is supposedly kind of…intimate.”

Celosia nods, purring slightly as she slides up to Sola’s side. “Oh, but if we both want Nix, and I mean, she is adorable, we wouldn’t want one of us to win the game, and leave the other out. I think we should give it a try. And as Nix says, it will affect me too.” 

Sola covers her face with her vines, grabbing her datapad and starting to tap on it. “I… give me a minute, I don’t really know how to do it!”

Celosia tisks lightly, patting Sola's shoulder. “You practice dampening your own rhythm for others comfort, as you care for them, in theory it is a similar process, and you want to make Nix more comfortable don’t you?”

Sola peaks at Nix. Celosia’s promises sounding more than a little tempting. “I do…what would you like, Petal? I feel like this is focusing more on us, when so far we have been trying to help you.”

"I'd prefer the topic to be focusing on the two of you, right now." Nix shrugs, continuing to drink her water as she watches the affini plan. Treating it almost like an increasingly creepy TV show, where the goal was breaking the will of the main characters… they probably have shows like that around here don't they. Something to look up tomorrow night. 

Celosia nods, taking Sola and starting to pull her in. “It will be fun to try, and we will of course tend towards our natural rhythms when apart anyway. This will just be a fun experiment, and Nix can be the judge of our little fun game.”

Sola squeaks and nods, reaching out to give Nix a gentle pet. “I…Nix do you think this would make hugs like earlier easier on you?”

“I think if you two can do this, without forcing it. It would be interesting at the very least, so I’d welcome you to try… also do you have shows where you domesticate sophonts?” She snickers to herself. “Because I see the way you two are acting about this, and it just makes me think it’d be really funny reality tv.”

"Alright, I can do it." Sola unravels a bit more, letting herself fully unfurl as she weaves her vines with Celosia. 

Celosia is beaming with satisfaction. "Cute, and I wonder how you will like the end result Nix." She gives Nix one pet herself, before unraveling as much as Sola has, cuddling up to her, vines weaving with vines, and pressing her head against Sola's.

Both affini bring their vines up in tandem, and wrap around each other, holding themselves close. Starting to quietly speak to one another in affini, fully isolating Nix from the conversation. 

Nix turns from the pair pulling out her data pad, and starting to watch some floret dating shows, which to very little surprise, do actually exist. Not wanting to interrupt whatever the two affini are doing, and not finding it captivating enough to maintain her attention on its own. 

After about 20 minutes, the vines shudder and pull apart, both affini reforming, and while they still distinctly look like themselves, they carry their movement like a blend of the two, and identical. Celosia is quite a bit more naturally unwound, while Sola is keeping a bit more of a ‘form’. Both saunter up and hug to Nix’s sides again.

Sola grins, nuzzling Nix’s cheek. “Hey Nix, how is it now?” She rubs Nix’s back, her and Celosia’s rhythms now sounding like two accompanying pieces rather than clashing.

Nix’s eye widens, not at all having expected the pair to be successful in their endeavor. “Oh no.” She squeaks, as both affini slip around her, pulling her into an incredibly warm hug. The rhythm is much louder, and more tempting, than either had been to Nix alone, making the girl feel like a moth to a flame. Except this time, the flame is chasing her down, and not intending to let her go until she’d felt its blinding heat. “I- uh, Sola!?”

Sola’s sound gets quieter on instinct from her call. “Yes petal?” She shifts a little bit, bringing most of her mass internally further away from Nix. Celosia doing the same, obviously a bit more of Sola’s worry bleeding into her.

“Very very intense!” Nix squirms around in the hug, trying to reach the edges of the pair's mass. Only to be met with more foliage. “Like with each of you alone, it’s there, but able to be ignored, and I can do what I want, but this… it’s so much more it’s almost deafening!”

Both affini almost ‘purr’ as they in tandem bring their faces to Nix’s, whispering in her ears. “Is it good? Or are you uncomfortable? Our dear petal.” They giggle lightly, each giving her a kiss on the cheeks, before pulling back slightly.

Nix freezes, a mix of burning desire to dance to the pair’s tune, and anxiety of what that would bring, crashing up against one another. Causing her to simply start blinking, attempting to process what’s happening, her hands reaching out and starting to stim on the vines in front of her. Unsure who’s vines she’s playing with, simply wanting to get this energy out somehow. 

Both affini grin and wrap around Nix, their vines acting almost like a blanket. Their rhythm gets a little louder, but not quite as loud as when they initiated the hug.

Sola coos lightly for Nix. Taking immense pleasure from having Nix stim on her again. “This is a fun game, it makes me curious for later, as I have Anthurium and Jason making something for us to have fun with.”

Celosia weaves her vines lightly through Nix’s hair. “Oh I wonder what kind of a unique photoshoot we could do with all three of us together like this. I bet we could have a lot of fun.”

Nix looks between the heads, the rhythm lulling her to lay down. Let the vines take care of supporting her, after taking a deep breath Nix opens her mouth. Only to find her voice caught in her throat, getting out little more than an anxious squeak. Wanting to ask what game Sola is having made, but unable to get her mouth to cooperate.

Sola smiles lightly, seeing the confusion on Nix’s face, and tapping her on the lips. “I’m going to guess you were going to ask about the game? Well it is a surprise, and even partially to me. I want it to be very special, and you may even find it very helpful, but that is all I will say on it.” She kisses Nix’s cheek again.

Celosia grins, pulling her head to lean against Sola's. “Oh that sounds amazing, is it able to be played with 3?”

Sola hums, thinking to herself for a moment. “I’m sure they will think of that, buuuuut I’ll send them the request later.”

Nix simply nods, looking down at the blanket of vines, unable to get her data pad through them. Stupid psychic affini, she can’t even tell if it was her wanting to know about the game, or her following the rhythms guidance!

Slowly she tugs on one of the vines, looking at Sola and Celosia and forcing herself to despite how embarrassing it felt. Squeak at the pair, trying to convince them to let her go so she can regain her senses.

The rhythms stay in sync a little longer, before gradually flowing back to their normals.

Sola binks, noticing just how overestimated Nix looks. “Oh my dirt, Nix, I am so sorry! Are you ok?” She extracts Nix from the bundle before pulling back a little, trying to make sure that her rhythm is not affecting the girl any more.

Celosia giggles, and acts disappointed. “Awww, that was so comfy, you both are so cute. I suppose that was a decent time for a first attempt at sync.”

Nix grumbles a bit, pulling her data pad. Tapping away at it and turning the text to face the pair. 

EquaNix: I got really over stimulated, while it was relaxing. I couldn’t tell where you two stopped and I ended, it was freaky.

Celosia lets herself fall into a more… genuine smile. “I see, I will admit I didn’t take into account just how much stronger our rhythms would be on you like that. In the future, we should probably take it a little slower.”

Sola’s chest bundles up into knots, what Nix had learned to see as the affini blushing, and nods. “Nix is special because she is Nix, I don’t want her getting lost in it again.” She then turns towards Nix. “I am so sorry, I want when you do enjoy my or Celosia’s rhythm to be something comfortable… like a gentle guide, maybe going hard like that should be gradual.”

Nix rolls her eye at the pair, tapping away on her tablet again. One of her hands being fully dedicated to stimming, and helping her calm herself back down.

EquaNix: Ya think? I mean, you two clashing is confusing, but this is like having the speakers turned up twice as loud. You’d probably still have an effect by simply sitting across from me. Also, I totally bet that Cel is sitting there thinking to herself on how to use this against me in the future, isn’t that right?

Celosia laughs, nodding. Internally basking in how despite noting how she's acting to tempt Nix, the girl simply notes it, but does not request for it to stop. “Oh I most certainly am. I wouldn’t dare overtake Sola’s yearn to claim you, but if you were to… give in, I wouldn’t mind sharing you, especially given you don’t want either of us to be sad.” She straightens herself out a little more, while still maintaining her ‘looser’ self.

Sola quietly gives Nix a vine to stim on, making sure to keep enough distance for Nix to still come down from the overload the pair had given her. “I’m still very sorry Nix, if you ever were to want to change your mind on your situation, I wouldn’t want to have forced you.”

Nix nods slightly, putting down her data pad, and simply starting to tap away on Sola’s vines. Subconsciously replicating the rhythm that Sola and Cel had while they were working together. “I… may have gotten in over my head with the two of you.” She chuckles to herself. Speaking in barely over a whisper, but viewing it as progress.

Sola nods, gently running a hand through Nix’s hair. “Maybe, but, I really adore you, and I can tell that Celosia likes you as well. It may be a bit much, but… even moments where we just sit quietly like this make me happy.” She looks over at Celosia, and extends some vines to hold her a bit.

Celosia chuckles, and gives Nix her own vine while wrapping some of hers with Sola. “I may want to get to… potential domestication, but I know when it is time to quiet down, and enjoy company.”

“Good, because now that you’ve gotten that out of your system. We’re going to sit here, and watch some painting shows!” Nix looks over at the tv, using her tablet to turn it on, before starting to quietly stim on the provided vines.

Tag team activate! And next time, Sola and Nix's first date!

Next time on Recovery Ch18. Falling Petals

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