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Year 3 Day 21 The Day’s Final Duel

by Circleair

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #exhibitionism #f/f #f/m #furry #m/m #nb/nb #ritual_of_the_familiar #violence

Callie and Dav

Dav takes her first step into the circle and stops, as if something had clamped onto her left boot. Left foot held outside the circle. Dav spins to face outward, left foot held aloft as she balances on one foot. The challenge preventing her from leaving, and the dueling barrier blocking her foot from being pulled in. “What?”

Dav wildly looking around before spotting Master Collins, wand raised to the barrier. “You can’t do that!”

Master Collins steps closer, “Lose the boot. Outside weapons aren’t permitted.”

Balanced on one foot, left held up. Dav blurts out “What? Why?” 

“Someone brought a sword into a duel. We’re here.” Waving to indicate the gathered professors. “To make sure no one tampers with the circle.”  

Callie steps forward, grabs Dav’s boot and steadies her. Sniff ‘excitement’. Quickly unlacing the boot.

Dav “Can you. . .”

Slipping the boot from Davina. “Can I what?”

Dav, her wraps hiding the bright scarlet blush, pulls her stockinged foot back and awkwardly heads to the opposite side of the circle.

Callie quickly examines the boot, two inch souls with a slight heel, a bit of fumbling and out pops a hidden blade. Smiling, she replaces the blade and sets the boot outside the circle, slipping the empty vial inside. Stepping in, the dueling barrier hums to full power.

Dav, halfway to the other side, as the barrier flares. Turning to face Callie, she shakes both arms unraveling the wraps. As the cloth cascades down, Dav brings both arms up, grabs the ends of each with a shadow and yanks them across the circle. Leaving Dav standing, with bare arms at the bottom of a ‘V’ of enchanted cloth. As the yards of cloth float down, she slides her arms inside her body warps, hugging her chest. A twist of shoulders, a stirring of cloth and shadows burst out carrying the first layer of wraps. Pieces of enchanted cloth scatter down inside the arena.

As the rest crumples, Dav slides through . . .

Screeching, “Shit! I can see where I dropped it.” Realizing she’s spoken aloud, the pile of warps collapses inward.

Callie, excitement writ clear on her face. “Normally this is when a challenge is formally repeated.” Watching curiously, ready for an attack.

‘Need to get closer.’ A lump appears at the end of a roll of cloth, but all that emerges is another frustrated yell.

Cocking an eyebrow, “You know that once a challenge starts you can’t leave the circle?”

“Nooo, I had it all worked out. I managed it in a from a couple of the practice circles.”

Callie cautiously approaches the lump on the other side of the circle, lightly jumping over one of the outstretched cloth pieces. “The practice circles are different from the formal dueling ones. Haven’t you ever noticed the third ring and the different enchantments?”

Dav blurts out, “Yes. I could slide out from the one by Evon’s hut.” The lump spins around facing Master Collins. “Or someone’s stopping me from shadow jumping out!” 

The lump sinks as the cloth settles to the ground.

Spinning around, looking for a telltale rise of cloth.  – Stab! – “Ouch! What th’” Callie reaches down and pulls out two long straight wooden needles impaled in her calf.

Grabbing them with both hands and raising the needles.

“Don’t break them. Please.” Dav’s voice coming from under one of the larger pieces of cloth, a small lump the only thing visible. “They’re my favorite pair.” The cloth fills out as Dav emerges, crouching in the shadow under it. One hand clutching the cloth. “Please.”

Callie holding both needles in one hand, a slow release of breath and a furrowing of eyebrows. “OK, but how did you even get these in the circle? It stopped you from brining your knife in.” Slowly circulating her mana closing the light wound.

Dav puffs out, “That’s because they’re knitting needles, not weapons. And why aren’t you wearing panties?”

Blushing, legs slamming together. “What!? That’s not what we’re talking about!” Waving the needles about. “I don’t want to get stabbed again.”

“I promise not to.” Pulling the cloth up extending the shadow.

Hand on her hip, Callie points, “You’ve already stabbed me with them once.” Tapping her finger on her chin. “Your boot. Take off your boot, I’ll put the needles in it.”

Dav bring her booted foot around out from the cloth. “Wait!” Looking worried, quickly pulling her foot back.

Sighing, “Here, let me help.” Stepping over to a wide-eyed Dav and kneeling in front of her. Motioning for Dav to hold her foot out. Dav pulls the cloth back exposing her boot.

Callie reaches for the boot, quickly unlaces and removes it. The needles go in and a quick illuminate spell lights the boot. Gracefully standing, boot in one hand. Glancing around. “How long did it take you to make all these?”

“Um, I get the cloth and add the runes to these.” Fluttering the cloth. “If I knit one, it takes days.” The cloth settles on the ground as Dav shadow slides under Callie to another stretch of cloth.

Callie, frustration starting, “Would you quite doing that?” Shaking the boot. ‘Hmmm.’ Mana flowing through her as Callie goes low sliding a foot in a long sweep along the floor, lifting, weight shifting. One tap turns into two then a beat as Callie rises into a spin, arms extended as she flows through the dance. Slowing and finally stopping facing Davina as the entire arena floor begins to glow with a soft blue light.

Plunk, as Dav is expelled as the shadows vanish. Worriedly looking up, “That’s cheating.”

“You keep running away.”

Dav, grabbing cloth, fumbling as she attempt to wrap herself.

Callie stomps, “Stop that! How am I supposed to get a look at you when you’re always wrapped up?”

Letting the messy bundle drop, Dav, eyes downcast, finally stands in front of Callie. Muttering softly, “Sorry.”

Eyes running up Davina. Callie steps close and places a hand on Davina’s hood. Slowly stroking from the top of her head down her shoulder, easing Davina’s sudden tension. “I’m taking off the hood.” Callie, after setting the boot down, removes Davina’s hood and veil.

Callie smiles as she takes in Davina. Short, thin pale skin, liberally sprinkled with freckles topped by a bright orange messy head of hair. “You’re lovely.”

Dav, large green eyes blinking, “Um, thanks.”

Callie takes a half step back, motioning to Davina, “Lets see what the rest of you looks like.”

Dav folding her arms across her breast, “No.”

“You peaked up my skirt!”

Dav, mouth flopping, whines “Noooo. I was asking because. I mean. I’ve never.” Deep breath, “Can you be Calvin.” Vaguely gesturing down, “and Callie.” Bringing her arm up.

Gasp. A smile playing on the corner of her mouth, Callie leaning in, cupping a hand over Davnia’s ear and whispers. “They’re not a pattern its me. I can’t mix parts of myself. That’d be like purring your left hand in place of your foot.”

A fluttering in Dav’s lower abdomen, weight shifting as her thighs rub together, spreading the slick. “You mean I wouldn’t have to choose?“  Stuttering, “Not like I’d ever pick that or anything. I mean who’d want me?.”

The smile that had been threatening earlier, lights Callie’s face as if a ray of sunlight. She doesn’t even need canine olfactory sense as the smell of Davina’s need spreads.

Dav briefly stunned by the smile. “Um, Oh, I mean you keep sniffing, after the smoke, and all.”

“I can do animals, abilities and parts I mean.” Holding a hand up as it compresses into a paw.

Dav eyes widening, “Oh. OH! Does that mean?” Blushing. “I mean, just, you know, interested.”

Eyebrow cocked at Davina. “I’ve um. I’ve experimented, a few times.” Shrugging, “I mean wouldn’t you?” Waving her paw as it reverts.

Both break out in laughter as the tension finally bleeds away.

Sliding an arm around Davina,

“You really don’t want to fight.”

Dav replies with a headshake. “Nooo. I mean. You’d win. I’ve watched you fight.”

“What about being a familiar?”

Dav shrugs. “I know the familiars get all the attention. But I don’t want to be a familiar to someone like Victor. He’s vindictive and spiteful.” Breaking into a long list of what she’s seen Victor or some of the hawks do to Callie before being interrupted by Callie.

“Wait, you’ve been watching. Everyone?”

Shaking her head, “No, I mean, Victor and his group are bullies and someone needs to stop them but I don’t watch other people.” Softly, “Just you.” Gazing down.

“I mean, it’s gonna hurt, and I still want to be me, and I know the familiars get all the sex, and I like my shadows. And.”

Callie places a finger over Davina’s lips. Followed by a kiss, quick light. Then another, more inquisitive. And a third, more forceful. Tongue sliding along each other, Davina’s pushed back, yielding to Callies. A low moan escaping as the kiss continues. Callie’s, arms now wrapped around Davina, leaning her back.

Callie stands, drawing Davina fully upright in her embrace. Davina, mouth beginning to spout words without running them through her brain. Is brough up short by Callie planning a finger to Davina’s lips and sliding it in.

Davina sucks the finger, pacified for the moment, as she fully comes back to herself.

“Well, I can promise you a few things. One, you’ll stay yourself. Two I’ll worry about Victor.” Licking her bottom lip, watching Davina’s eyes follow the path of her tongue. “And three, I’ll let you use your shadows. Under supervision!”

Eyes wide, Davina nods in surrender.

And falls to the ground screaming. Bones crack as her foot extends taking a digitigrade form. Small claws emerging from her toes. Her back arches as fur flows down it like water, a soft orange coating covering her back. Another scream as the spine buds and a tail springs forth, a large bushy orange tail with a white tip matching her new ears.

Her front turns white as breasts jut forth, pert and high complementing her lean fit appearance.  

Nipples taking on the same hue as her lower lips in excitement as both flush with arousal.

Flopping over and examining herself, Davina, crying in relief, looks up at her new magus. Hugging Callie’s legs. “I’m still me.” Holding tightly, ”and yours.” Bounding up and stretching, twisting her head to look back and continuing to twist “I’ve got a tail.” Pulling it up and running her hands through it. “And it’s fluffy!” Squealing and spinning around causing her tail to whip about.

Callie, an inquisitive look on her face, smiles at Davina. “And I’ve.” A smile growing on her face as her skirt begins to tent. “Figured out how to add parts.”

Davina, seeing the skirt move, drops to all fours and scrambles to place her head under Callie’s skirt. Muffled, “Its red and pointy!” A long lick up the side of her thigh, collecting the slick almost dripping from Callie’s pussy. “And you’re still Callie!”

Laughing, Callie relies, “Watching you change, I figured out how. I even added a baculum to it.”

Kneeling and pulling back out from under the skirt. “What’s that?” Shrugging before Callie can answer, Davina dives back under her skirt. Reaching up and grabbing Callie’s ass, she sets about exploring.

Licking the trail of slick up to its origin. Tongue extending into the source. Brining one hand around she grasps the cock, pushes it to the side and slides her hand around it.

Davina tilts her head as Callie’s pointed cock keeps getting in the way, especially with the skit still on. A ‘ripping’ sound as familiar claws make short work of the skirt. A few seconds of fluttering cloth and Callie stands before the assembly, legs spread, naked from the waist down, grasping the top of Davina’s head.

With the skirt out of the way, Davina redoubles her efforts. Until, Callie, head leaning back, starting to shudder yells, “Stop!” Pulling back and away.

Davina stops, one hand grasping a cock, her tongue buried in a cunt and one hand buried between her own legs. “Huh?”

“Not like. I want.” A slow shuddering breath, “Present!”

“Oh!” in a flash Davina turns away, spreads her legs and raises her ass, tail held up invitingly.

Callie shuffles forward before kneeling behind and covering Davina. Thrusting, starting slow and building as Davina begins pushing back, welcoming. Callie stabs forward and holds bending down, a hand on either side of Davina. Nuzzling her neck and biting. Setting Davina off.

Releasing a high ‘keening’ as her orgasm stretches.

Callie rains kisses and light nips along the bite as she begins thrusting.

Leaning up and grabbing Davina’s hips as Callie increases the pace. Not giving Davina time to recover, Callie stops Davina’s descent from the edge and forces her back. Carrying her higher until they both reach the edge and jump.

Minutes later laying on the arena floor, Davina, facing her Magus, tail draped over them both. “I knew familiars get all the attention.” Extending her tongue and licking Callie’s ear, “and get to tease their magi for all the sex they want.”

Tapping Davina’s nose and shrugging. “Works for me. After all I finally caught my fox.”

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