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Year 3 Day 21 The Day’s Second Duel

by Circleair

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #exhibitionism #f/f #f/m #furry #m/m #nb/nb #ritual_of_the_familiar #violence

The Second Duel: Emma and Ramona, Take Two

Ramona, melting in emotional relief against Emma. “Mistress we did it. We actually did it.”

Emma cups Ramona’s cheek before laying a kiss on her forehead. “We’re next.” Standing and facing Ramona, “Naked, on your knees.” Turning Emma ascends the steps.

Ramona discards the last of her clothes as Emma steps inside the circle. Hurrying to the stairs, dropping to her knees on the first one. Going to all fours on the second, Ramona crawls into the circle to Emma. Arms outstretched she prostrates herself to Emma.

Not a word is spoken as the change hits.

Emma kneels, brushing a hand down Ramona’s back. “Shhh. It’ll all be over soon.”

The change is still horrific, screaming, bone changing, flesh melding but Emma never leaves her side. A strong, calming presence throughout the change.

Skeletal structure becoming denser, allowing stronger muscles. Definition of which takes place across Ramona’s back. Muscles strengthened to easily support her much enlarged tits, now capped by crimson areola and large knuckle length nipples. Fingers merging and ending in short blunt nails, leaving her with two long thick fingers and a thumb. Lips fill and her nose widens, perfect for a septum ring. And over it all Ramona’s skin forming a unique pattern spelled out in a mix of black and white.   

While her new legs and hooves give her additional height, she’s still shorter than Emma. Unless you include the horns rising up from behind her ears, slightly curving over her head and ending in blunt tips. A cow’s tail emerging from her lower back ending in a bushy switch.

A gasp and a last shudder and Ramona ‘mooans’ as the change completes.

Tits wobbling and tail swishing as she stands and takes a few steps. Getting used to her new center of balance. Her tail swishing against the beat of her hips swinging.

“Moo-stress?” Quickly using a hand to cover her mouth. Not yet used to the long tongue.

Emma reaches out, running a hand through her hair. Caressing a horn, causing an unexpected wave of pleasure to spike.

With effort, “Missse-stress.”

Laughing, “The first was fine. Mona.”

“Yess Moo-stress.” Happy at pleasing her mistress and her new name, ‘Mona’.

Emma reaches into a fold of her dress and pulls out a large ‘U’ ring. Stroking Mona’s head, she slips the ring into the septum, connects the ends, and activates the enchantment with a flow of mana.

“Now you’re perfect.” As Emma leans down and kisses Mona. Connecting a leash to the ring, Emma leads Mona out of the arena.

Emma pauses as she passes Calvin. “Understanding not force.” Nodding to the dueling circle, “Some require a more delicate approach.”

Continuing to her seat, Emma directs Mona to kneel. Hiking her skirt up and spreading her knees she takes a seat. Grabbing a horn causes Mona to swoons as the new pleasurable sensation hits. Eyes fluttering, Emma directs Mona’s attention to her spread lower lips.

Settling in as Mona starts, Emma comments. “The last duel should be enlightening.”

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