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Cast of Characters

by Circleair

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #exhibitionism #f/f #f/m #furry #m/m #nb/nb #ritual_of_the_familiar #violence

Character List

I'll put this as the last chapter as there may be spoilers for later chapters.

I didn’t realize how many characters there were until someone ask for a list. The minor characters may show up one or twice or be mentioned

Main Characters

  1. Dav (Davina)
    1. Manifestation: Shadow magic
    2. Bottom ranking due to deliberately avoiding (or throwing) duels
  2. Alberta Digby
    1. Manifestation: Binding – create and control
    2. Mid-level rank
  3. Cal (Callie/Calvin)
    1. Can switch between Callie and Calvin at will
    2. Manifestation: Animal shapeshifting
    3. High ranked (varies between 5 and 15), dueling obsessed
  4. Victor Hawks
    1. Magically protective aura, aura can be manipulated to form tendrils or tentacles
    2. Mid-level rank
    3. Son of Earl Hawks; knighted by Earl Hawks

Supporting Characters

  1. Mansel
    1. Elementalist
    2. One of Victor’s cohorts
    3. High rank (top ten)
  2. Galvin
    1. One of Victor’s cohorts
    2. Mid to Upper rank
  3. Lewis
    1. One of Victor’s cohorts
    2. Mid-ranked
  4. Ramona
    1. Manifestation: Foretelling
    2. One of Victor’s inner circle but left (driven away) on the first day
    3. Low ranked
  5. Emma
    1. Mind mage
    2. Low rank

Minor Characters:

  1. Nora – initially Ramona’s promised
  2. Alicia – former promised, Nora’s familiar
  3. Brute – catboy; Mansel’s familiar
  4. The two Graces
    1. Grace – magus: Elementalist
      1. Initially promised to Victor
      2. Challenged by Gretchen and won
      3. High rank (top ten)
    2. grace – (formerly Gretchen) familiar to Grace, remade as a familiar and looks exactly like Grace
      1. pre-familiar High-ran (top ten)
  5. Solona (magus – healer) and Lara (marilith familiar – formerly elementalist (top ten) – in group at assembly
  6. Mei (magus transference healer) and Kazz (familiar – lizardman) – in group at assembly
  7. Deiman (magus: mind magic) and Princess (familiar – cat-woman) – in group at assembly
  8. Wynter (magus) and Rayne (Familiar)

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