Dunce Hat

by Hypnautical Nonsense

Tags: #cw:ageplay #brainwashing #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #age_difference #brain_drain #crying #foot_fetish #foot_kissing #gaslighting #intelligence_loss #roleplay #spiral_eyes #teacher_student_dynamic
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Sabrina and her older partner Hannah act out a student/teacher role-playing scenario involving a brainwashing dunce hat.

Sabrina, a young woman in her 20s, and her older partner Hannah had set up everything for their planned role-playing session in their living room. They had a small desk situated in the middle of the room, and a chair sitting right in front of the desk. After Sabrina sat down in the chair, she handed a small pile of papers to Hannah, containing a script of their role-playing session she had typed up over the past week.

Hannah quickly skimmed through the script and then looked towards her girlfriend. “Are you ready to start our session, sweetie?” Hannah asked Sabrina.

“I was born ready!” Sabrina was pumped to live out one of her erotic brainwashing fantasies.

After they discussed what their safe word would be, Hannah placed her hand on Sabrina’s shoulder and had her close her eyes.

“Alright, at the count of three, you will open your eyes to find yourself right in the middle of your fantasy.”


Sabrina was beginning to build out her fantasy in her imagination.


Sabrina was anxiously waiting for their session to finally start.


Sabrina opened her eyes to find herself in the middle of what looked like a classroom, still seated at her desk. She could imagine all the other students in the room around her. Hannah was playing the role of Sabrina’s imaginary teacher, Ms. Brooks.

In this scenario, Sabrina had gotten herself into big trouble when she had copied off of another student’s test. Upon seeing her leering over another student’s shoulder, Sabrina’s teacher Ms. Brooks told her that she would have to wear a dunce hat for the rest of the class.

Ms. Brooks brought out a hat from behind her desk and brought it over to Sabrina. The word “dunce” was printed across the hat in bold, blue letters. Sabrina tried to motion to Ms. Brooks to put it away, but she didn’t listen to her and placed the dunce hat on top of her head.

“You can’t make me wear this! I’m just gonna rip it off and stomp all over it!” Sabrina snapped at her teacher.

“Just for that, I’m sending you to detention after school today.” Ms. Brooks scolded her.

Sabrina felt completely humiliated, especially once other students were snickering at her, including the student she cheated off of. She wanted to complain to the teacher some more, but she hesitated since she was worried that she would make her situation worse. This was already the second day in a row that she had gotten detention.

This is ridiculous! Why do I have to wear this stupid thing? Besides, I thought these hats were banned decades ago. Is this even legal? Sabrina angrily thought to herself.

As Ms. Brooks was droning on and on to the class about today‘s lesson, Sabrina was still fuming in her mind over her situation, but something strange started happening to her.

She could feel a light volt traveling through her brain. She wasn’t sure if it was a volt of electricity or whatever, but it was some kind of volt. She had no idea where this volt of…something was coming from.

As her brain was tingling more and more, Sabrina was realizing with growing horror that she was beginning to forget several things she had learned the last couple of days at school. She was even starting to forget non-school things like what she ate for dinner the previous night. She could still remember most of what had happened today, although she was aware that she was starting to have a harder time understanding what Ms. Brooks was telling the whole classroom.

This fear was short lived though, as another light volt travelled through her brain, but this time the volt was making it so that her thoughts slipping away from her mind actually felt good.

Incredibly good.

So good, that the tingling in Sabrina’s brain was causing her to lean over her desk with an incredibly pleased smile on her face, drooling out of the corner of her mouth.

Sabrina was staring ahead at Ms. Brooks as the thoughts in her head were popping like bubbles one by one. She no longer felt angry at her teacher. Quite the opposite, she felt nothing but respect and reverence for her teacher. Even though she could no longer understand Ms. Brooks’ words as she lectured her classroom, she just felt happy staring at her with longing eyes, feeling butterflies in her stomach.

Another volt rang through her brain. This time, she could hear phantom voices in her mind that she was compelled to repeat.

“I love obeying Ms. Brooks.” Sabrina mouthed out, so that no one in the class could hear her.

“I want Ms. Brooks to drain my brain.” Sabrina was unable to entirely comprehend was she was mouthing out because of how relaxed she felt.

“Getting my mind melted by Ms. Brooks feels so good.” The small puddle of drool on Sabrina’s desk was getting slightly bigger, as she sagged more into her chair as if it were a bean bag.

“I want to bow in front of Ms. Brooks’ feet.” Sabrina was daydreaming about repeatedly kissing her teacher’s toes while on all fours, to show her how sorry she was for misbehaving earlier.

“You crave being humiliated by Ms. Brooks.” Sabrina was brainstorming what other ways her teacher could humiliate her with in the classroom.

“I love being a teacher’s pet. I want to be Ms. Brooks’ pet.” Sabrina nearly moaned out loud after softly repeating that phrase. She had to bite her lip to keep from moaning and getting the attention of the whole class.

“I am in love with my teacher Ms. Brooks.”

Sabrina’s heart was beating faster the longer she was staring at her teacher. She was imagining little pink hearts spinning around Ms. Brooks’ face.

In…lllloooovvvveeee Sabrina was thinking to herself as she relaxed more into her desk.

A couple minutes later, class was over. Everyone ran out as fast as possible to either briefly meet up with friends, or to get to their next class on time.

Everyone except for Sabrina, who was still lazing over her desk continuing to drool in pleasure, still wearing the dunce hat. It briefly crossed her mind that she was actually feeling like a dunce.

Ms. Brooks slowly walked over to Sabrina’s desk, her high heels clacking on the ground. She looked down at her completely dazed and stupefied student, who was still staring at the front of the class with glazed-over eyes.

Ms. Brooks took out a well-manicured hand and lightly gripped Sabrina’s chin, and lifted her face so that she was staring directly into her teacher’s eyes. Ms. Brooks was lightly and affectionately rubbing Sabrina’s chin with her fingers.

“Get up, honey. You’re going to be late for your next class.” Ms. Brooks put on a fake sweet tone.

Sabrina’s mind was so fuzzy, that she could barely react. “L-lll-lllllaaaatttteeee…” Sabrina mindlessly droned out.

“Oh, silly me! I forgot to take off this dunce hat!” Ms. Brooks laughed as she pulled the hat off of Sabrina’s head. Ms. Brooks pulled out Sabrina’s chair while she was still sitting in it, to give her room to get up.

Sabrina still felt the effects of her tingling brain as she was slowly slinking and slumping towards the ground, feeling like she was a snowman melting under the summer heat. She fell off her chair and landed with a light thud on the ground.

Sabrina felt far too relaxed and pleased to get off of the ground. Ms. Brooks giggled over this as she leaned down to where she was. “Here, this should perk you right up.”

Ms. Brooks left a little kiss on Sabrina’s cheek. She immediately jumped off of the ground wide awake as her heart jumped up so high, Sabrina thought it was going to shoot out of her throat.

“Thank you, Ms. Brooks. Before I leave, could I do something for you?” Sabrina asked her teacher.

“Sure, go ahead.”

“Ok, thanks.” Sabrina got on all fours in front of Ms. Brooks’ feet. She planted little kisses all over Ms. Brooks’ toes through her heels, kissing the toes on her left foot. She kissed all the way down to the toes on her right foot, and then kissed all the way back to her left foot.

Sabrina looked back up at her teacher with a pleading look on her face. “I hope that you can accept my apology.” Sabrina meekly said while planting a couple of kisses on the tops of her feet.

“I accept your apology, but you still have to go to detention after school today. Sorry, but rules are rules.” Ms. Brooks firmly explained to Sabrina.

“Yes, I will.” Sabrina looked down with a sad face. “I’m sorry I’ve been such a bad student.”

Ms. Brooks’ voice took on a sympathetic tone. “Oh sweetie, you’re not a bad student.” Ms. Brooks said as she sat down in a nearby chair and lifted up Sabrina’s head with her feet. “You just need someone to help lead you down the right path.”

She took off her heels and used her big toes to wipe away Sabrina’s tears, and then immediately wiggled her big toes around and around in front of Sabrina’s eyes in little hypnotic circles. Her eyes followed the movement of her toes as she fell into a light trance.

“Lead me down the right path.” Sabrina repeated in a hypnotized monotone, as her eyes spun round and round. She tried placing a few more kisses on her big toes before it was time to leave.

Ms. Brooks then started wiggling all of her toes in front of Sabrina’s face. “It’s time for you to get to your next class.” She was telling Sabrina. “Since you’re going to be a few minutes late to your next class, I’ll call your teacher to make sure you don’t get in trouble.”

“Yes Ms. Brooks, thank you Ms. Brooks.”

As Sabrina was about to walk out the door, Ms. Brooks called out to her.

“Don’t forget about detention.” Ms. Brooks reminded her.

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

Sabrina made it to her next class. Over time, she started forgetting about what had happened with Ms. Brooks as her thoughts turned to her current class, and her intelligence seemingly went back to normal.

For the most part. She could understand most of the questions her teacher was asking the students, and even responded correctly to a couple. But there were some things asked she couldn’t comprehend when she felt that she should know the answer.

The next couple classes afterwards were like this. She could understand most of the lesson, except for a couple random things that she couldn’t explain why she didn’t know.

After school, Sabrina made her way into the detention room, which was run by none other than Ms. Brooks. Sabrina sat down at a desk right away and stared forward to where Ms. Brooks was.

Her teacher was dangling a high heel off of one of her feet, and when the heel fell off, she was wiggling her red-painted toes. Watching Ms. Brooks wiggle and scrunch her toes was oddly captivating to Sabrina for reasons that she couldn’t really explain.

Ms. Brooks walked over to the desk Sabrina was sitting in and brought out the dunce hat she had worn earlier. “I’ve kept this hat safe and sound just for you.” She told Sabrina.

“Uh… why do I have to also wear this in detention? No one else is even in here to look at me. What’s the point?” Sabrina sounded confused.

“You’ll understand the ‘point’ when you start wearing this hat.” Ms. Brooks cryptically explained as she slowly lowered the dunce hat atop Sabrina’s head. As soon as the hat made contact with her head, Sabrina’s mind immediately started getting fuzzy again and everything that happened afterwards became a blur.

That night, Sabrina tried completing her homework. She was confused as to why Ms. Brooks didn’t make her finish her assignments during detention. Even worse, she could barely answer any of the questions that she thought she knew the answers to, so she wound up not completing most of her homework since her brain was hurting too hard from trying to think up all the answers.

She also had a weird taste in her mouth that she couldn’t decipher. She figured maybe something she ate during lunch had a weird aftertaste that lasted for too long.

The following day, all the students turned in their homework onto Ms. Brooks’ desk. Upon seeing that Sabrina had barely done anything with her homework, she forced Sabrina to wear the dunce hat again. Sabrina lowered her head in shame as nearby classmates giggled at her humiliation. Why couldn’t I do my homework? Sabrina frustratingly thought to herself.

Her shame was short lived as the wonderful-feeling volts started charging through her brain, making her feel extremely good again as she felt more thoughts being sucked out of her brain.

Sabrina stared ahead at Ms. Brooks, and Ms. Brooks’ words that she was lecturing to the class were putting her right to sleep.

Not because she was boring, but because her sweet, honey-dipped voice was gently massaging her mind, smoothing out any unwanted nooks and crannies that had been on her brain. She couldn’t understand a word she was saying, but that didn’t matter to her.

I could listen to Ms. Brooks speak for hoursSabrina happily sighed to herself.

Sabrina was paying closer attention to her teacher’s red, full lips. The source of her teacher’s mind-tickling voice that was filling her heart with pure joy.

Mmmm… I wonder what her deliciously red lips would feel like Sabrina started drooling out onto her desk again.

Ms. Brooks’ voice was sending Sabrina into a sleepy and pleased state of mind. She desperately tried keeping her eyes open as she didn’t want to lose sight of her teacher’s lips. Maybe if I stare at her lips long enough, I’ll finally start understanding what she’s saying. Sabrina thought to herself as she let out a little yawn.

The dream started as soon as she shut her eyes closed. She was standing in an empty black void, with only Ms. Brooks’ candy-coated voice to keep her company.

Even though Sabrina couldn’t see these words in the void, she could certainly feel them. She could feel Ms. Brooks’ words wrapping around her in a tight yet loving embrace.

She could feel Ms. Brooks’ words kissing her all over her body.

She could feel Ms. Brooks’ words whispering sweet sentences into her ears.

She could feel Ms. Brooks’ words undressing her, starting with taking off her pants, and then pulling off her shirt. Soon after, Ms. Brooks’ words slowly pulled off her bra and panties too.

She could feel Ms. Brooks’ words lightly turning her over onto her belly.

She could feel Ms. Brooks’ words lightly slap her butt, as the force of the slap caused Sabrina to glide down a slide made out of Ms. Brooks’ words, while completely naked.

Sliding down Ms. Brooks’ words felt like she was sliding down the coils of a snake.

After what felt like hours of pure bliss sliding down Ms. Brooks’ words, she eventually made it to the end of the slide and tumbled over to the front of her teacher’s desk. Except, in this dream, her teacher’s desk was massive and towered over Sabrina.

Sabrina looked up at her teacher’s face, and her heart started fluttering faster upon staring deeply into her dark, lush lips.

She wanted nothing more than to kiss her on her lips. She didn’t care if it was a small kiss, or the world’s longest kiss. She just wanted to kiss her.

Sabrina stood up on her tippy-toes as far as she could, lifting her head and puckering her lips to ensure a sweet kiss from her teacher. Luckily, Ms. Brooks’ desk was starting to shrink in size, so kissing her wouldn’t be as hard as it seemed.

Ms. Brooks applied a fresh coat of red lipstick to her beautiful lips, and puckered up, lowering her face down towards Sabrina’s face.

Sabrina’s heart was beating faster and faster. Finally, she would be able to feel the source of Ms. Brooks’ wonderful words.

Right before they could kiss, Sabrina woke up into reality to find her teacher scolding her for falling asleep during class. And she got another detention. GreatSabrina thought sarcastically as the entire class laughed at her.

Sabrina was embarrassed. I’ve never fallen asleep during Ms. Brooks’ class. Why the hell did that happen? It’s not like I find her boring or anything. Sabrina’s strange dream had already slipped out of her mind.

After the bell rang and all of the students got up to leave, Sabrina sat in her seat with her head in her hands, still wearing the dunce hat, still feeling the dunce hat making her brain feel all weird.

Ms. Brooks walked over to where Sabrina was, took out a chair, and sat down. She removed the dunce hat and lightly placed a hand over Sabrina’s head.

“Sweetie, I just wanted to apologize for scolding you like that today…and yesterday too.” Sabrina lifted her head upon hearing what sounded like genuine sincerity in her voice.

“I could’ve worded things a lot nicer to you.” Ms. Brooks admitted to Sabrina upon seeing the tears in her eyes. Sabrina was shocked to hear her say that. “I know that class has been pretty hard on you lately.”

“Does that mean-sniff-that I don’t have to-sniff-go to detention?” Sabrina struggled to ask.

“Unfortunately, I can’t change that. You still can’t fall asleep during class.”

Sabrina was about to bury her head again, but Ms. Brooks was quick to lighten the mood.

“Don’t worry, sweetie. During detention today, I’ll do something nice to help make up for the past couple days. Just for you.”

Sabrina sniffed again. “Really?”

“Yes, really.” Ms. Brooks reassured Sabrina as she sniffled again. “Now come on, why don’t you let me help you wipe away those tears?”

Sabrina smiled a little. “Th-thanks.”

Ms. Brooks took off her heels and brought a foot in front of Sabrina’s face. She used her big toe to wipe away Sabrina’s tears from one of her eyes. In one swift motion, she started rubbing her toe around and around her eye, never taking it off. Any more tears flowing down her eye were immediately wiped away with each circle, as her toe was also wiping her mind.

When Ms. Brooks brought her other big toe to Sabrina’s other eye to wipe away more of her tears, Sabrina realized that Ms. Brooks  now had her toenails painted in black, with a white spiral painted on top of each toenail.

Ms. Brooks kept alternating her big toes wiping away the tears from her eyes, as Sabrina’s eyes became filled with the same white spiral that was painted on her toes.

“Feeling better, honey?” Ms. Brooks sweetly asked her.

“Yes, Ms……tress Brooks…” The spirals in her eyes were spinning around to match up with the deft movement of Ms. Brooks’ toes, catching the last of her tears. “I feel much better, Ms……tress Brooks.”

“You better get going so you’re not late for your next class.” Ms. Brooks told Sabrina.

Ms. Brooks was just about to get up, but Sabrina piped up. “Wait! You haven’t even let me kiss your feet yet!”

“Oh, of course. I can’t believe I forgot that.” Ms. Brooks admonished herself. “Tell you what. I’ll call your teacher to let him know you’ll be a few minutes late, and you can kiss my feet while I talk to him.”

“Oh, thank you so much!” Sabrina happily exclaimed, her eyes now filled with tears of joy.

As Ms. Brooks talked to the teacher of her next class over the phone, Sabrina was repeatedly smothering her teacher’s feet and toes with the biggest kisses she could muster, profusely whispering thank you after every single kiss.

After she hung up, Ms. Brooks put her heels back on and Sabrina got up from her desk. She turned to leave, but Ms. Brooks stopped her.

“By the way, I want to give you one more thing before you leave.” Ms. Brooks told her.

Sabrina turned around only to be caught off guard by her teacher planting a light kiss on her lips.

“See you in detention, sweetie.” Ms. Brooks waved goodbye to Sabrina.

“See you…in detention…too…” Sabrina weakly waved back as she stumbled out of the classroom in a lovesick daze.

By the time she sat down in the detention room, Sabrina had already forgotten most of what happened in Ms. Brooks’ class the longer she went through the rest of the day without wearing the hat.

As soon as she sat down, Ms. Brooks walked over to where she was sitting and offered her the dunce hat without saying a word. Sabrina was confused by her actions. Doesn’t this kind of go against her apologizing to me earlier for how she had been treating me? She thought to herself.

Her brain was already feeling blurry just staring at the dunce hat that Ms. Brooks was holding in her outstretched hands, so when Ms. Brooks gently placed the hat over her head, she showed no resistance.

The rest of detention went by in a flash.

That night, she struggled to finish her homework. She felt that she was losing even more knowledge about subjects she thought she was knowledgeable about. She didn’t want a repeat of what happened earlier that day when she submitted an incomplete assignment, so she searched the internet to find the answers to the questions. Some of the questions were too specific for the internet to be much help, but she was able to fill out a surprising amount of the assignment using the internet.

For some odd reason, she had a different weird taste in her mouth; the taste of stinky feet. Well, I mean, it’s not like I’ve ever licked sweaty feet before, but the taste in my mouth is like what I would imagine stinky feet would taste like. Sabrina was trying to explain this all in her head to make sense of this confusing situation.

The next day, Sabrina turned her assignment in on top of Ms. Brooks’ desk along with the other students. Ms. Brooks took a brief look at her paper and gave her an approving smile. Sabrina smiled back and her heart jumped a little. She was glad that things were starting to improve between them, and she walked over to her desk so she could continue staring into her teacher’s red lips throughout the class.

Sabrina was startled to see the dunce hat casually sitting on her desk, pointing up high to the ceiling. She stared at the hat in confusion as she sat down in her chair, wondering why her teacher placed it there since they seemed to be on better terms now. This was yet another odd thing that seemed to contradict her apology the previous day.

The more she stared at the hat, the more compelled she felt to place it on her own head, even though Ms. Brooks never told her to put it on. The pleasurable volts surged through her brain as she leaned forward across her desk drooling, staring vacantly ahead at her gorgeous teacher, being gently soothed by her voice as she spoke words she couldn’t understand, but was in love with.

Ms. Brooks began class with a short recap of the previous day’s lesson, by asking her students to answer a few questions. She decided to start by calling on one of her classmates, Roger.

“So Roger, what is blah-blah-blah and why?” This is how Sabrina was hearing Ms. Brooks.

“Well teach, it’s yadda-yadda-yadda…” Sabrina didn’t really care that she didn’t understand Roger’s answer, all she cared about was getting lost in her beautiful teacher’s face.

“Great answer!” Ms. Brooks praised him. “You’re an incredibly smart student!” She then started muttering under her breath, quietly enough so most of the classroom couldn’t hear her, but Sabrina could hear her since she was standing close to her. “Much smarter than that ditzy Sabrina.”

This almost woke Sabrina out of her stupor. She was straight up insulting her in front of the whole class, even if most of the class didn’t know what she said. Why did she even apologize at all if she was going to be even crueler towards her? She was thinking about reporting her to the principal after school, but was distracted with one disturbing thing she couldn’t explain.

She realized with growing horror that she was soaking wet from getting insulted by her teacher. What the fuck?! Why am I getting turned on by this?! Sabrina was screaming at herself in her head. She couldn’t believe what was going on. And worst of all, the constant buzzing in her head from the volts was only making it harder to think for herself.

It didn’t end there. Every time Ms. Brooks asked a student a question and received an answer back, she would continue insulting Sabrina’s intelligence, a little louder every time. And every time she insulted her intelligence, Sabrina’s panties would get a little wetter and she would feel more turned on. She was mentally praying to herself that she would wake up from this horrible nightmare.

Ms. Brooks turned to another student, Beatrice, to ask her a question. “Can you explain excetera excetera about gobbledegook?” Sabrina was on the verge of orgasm, trying to desperately push back the inevitable by squeezing her thighs together as tightly as possible.

“That’s easy, Ms. Brooks!” Beatrice was boasting about her own intelligence. “The answer is so obviously bleeble-bloop.”

“Good job!” Ms. Brooks praised Beatrice. “At this point, it looks like every one of my students is far smarter than Sabrina!”

Sabrina came loudly, but everyone was laughing so hard over Ms. Brooks blatantly insulting her, that their laughter overshadowed her screams of ecstasy.

The bell rang and everyone raced each other out the door. Sabrina wanted to curl up into a ball and just vanish. Her face was buried onto her desk as she was sobbing her eyes out.

Without a word, Ms. Brooks slowly removed the dunce hat from her head, placed a chair in front of her, and sat down.

Sabrina could sense Ms. Brooks’ presence and lifted up her head to look at her through tear-soaked eyes, her thoughts a jumbled mess of anger and love for her teacher. “Well, go ahead. Give me detention again. There has to be a rule about not cumming in class that I’ve shattered into a million pieces.” Sabrina frustratingly strained out in-between sobs. Her eyes were now as wet as her soaked panties.

Ms. Brooks took off her heels and lifted a big toe in front of Sabrina’s lips to shush her. Thoughts of kissing her toe were already racing through her mind.

“No, I won’t do that.” Ms. Brooks was telling her in a serious voice. “This wasn’t your fault. You did nothing wrong.”

Sabrina was put off by Ms. Brooks’ behavior after everything she did to her that day. “Wh-what are you saying? Wh-why would you-“

Ms. Brooks silenced her again by bringing her big toe to one of her eyes to wipe away her tears, wiping around and around her eye. Sabrina shivered with lust.

“You don’t have to go to detention today,” Ms. Brooks was explaining to Sabrina as she continued wiping her toe around her eye. “but if you would like to visit me in detention today, I’ll fully explain everything to you.”

Ms. Brooks took her other big toe to Sabrina’s other eye to wipe away more tears. “This is entirely optional, sweetie. You only have to visit me if you’d really like to.”

Ms. Brooks was using both of her big toes to wipe the tears from both of her eyes. “What do you say, honey. Yes, or no?”

Despite being given a choice, Sabrina could feel Ms. Brooks’ hypnotic toes sucking her free will right out of her brain.

“Yyyyeeessss… Mistress Brooks…I would love to visit you in detention today…” Sabrina could feel her brain being wiped clean as Ms. Brooks’ toes wiped away the last of her tears.

“Great!” Ms. Brooks immediately exclaimed in a more chipper voice. “Good girl…”

Sabrina almost had another orgasm hearing Ms. Brooks call her that.

“Make sure you give my cute little feet a few kisses before you make your way to your next class.” Ms. Brooks teased. Sabrina tenderly kissed her feet and toes a few times before leaving, thanking her after every kiss.

Sabrina sat down in her designated seat in the detention room, noting that there were fewer lights on than normal. Huh, strange. Sabrina casually thought to herself.

Strange was right. She had no idea why she willingly came here after school, seeing as how Ms. Brooks didn’t even tell her she had to go to detention. Why would she willingly show up if she didn’t even have to?

She looked ahead at Ms. Brooks’ desk at the front, only to see that no one was there. She was surprised by her absence, as she was normally there at this time. She figured she must be running late.

She couldn’t detect Ms. Brooks sneaking up behind her, who slammed the dunce hat on top of Sabrina’s head in one quick motion.

Ms. Brooks stepped in front of Sabrina’s vision, wearing a sexy red dress with a slit for one of her long legs to show through. The shock and surprise of suddenly having the hat slammed down on her head combined with her teacher’s sexy appearance immediately had a big effect on Sabrina’s foggy mind. Her mouth was drooling out all over her desk as her panties were getting wetter.

“You like what you see?” Ms. Brooks teased Sabrina as she posed her leg.

Sabrina continued to mindlessly drool. She wanted to nod her head up and down, but couldn’t find the energy to nod, so Ms. Brooks used her hand to lift Sabrina’s head up and down for her.

“Gahhh…you’re…so…sexy…you make…my mind…so mushy…” Sabrina was drooling out her words too.

Ms. Brooks laughed out loud at her response. “Well, I did say I would explain everything that’s been happening to you lately, so…”

Ms. Brooks quickly removed the dunce hat. “Remember. Remember everything.

Sabrina felt like her life was flashing right before her eyes, or at least her life for the past couple of days.

On her first day of detention, Ms. Brooks had strapped a struggling Sabrina to a swivel chair. Sabrina saw that Ms. Brooks had taped up several large posters of hypnotic spirals on every wall of the room.

Ms. Brooks suddenly started spinning the swivel chair in circles. Sabrina could see all the spirals on the walls spinning around and around in her vision. Ms. Brooks was spinning the swivel chair so fast, that to Sabrina it looked like all the spirals had converged into one huge spiral, spinning right in front of her eyes.

Ms. Brooks suddenly stopped spinning the chair and looked right into Sabrina’s face. The spirals in her eyes were spinning so fast, that she couldn’t even see her teacher staring right at her.

“Listen up, Miss Spiral-Eyes,” Ms. Brooks began in a stern tone of voice, “there’s going to be some changes around here.”

Ms. Brooks removed the straps that were binding Sabrina’s hands to the arms of the swivel chair. She slumped towards the ground like a melting ice cream cone, drooling all over herself in a complete daze. The spirals had pounded her mind into complete mush.

Ms. Brooks placed the dunce hat on her head before she could get back up. “Every time you wear this dunce hat, you will go back to your current state; extremely relaxed, with the thought bubbles in your head popping one by one, leaving you my mindless student.”

“Yes, Ms. Brooks.” Sabrina brainlessly babbled out. “Your mindless student.”

Ms. Brooks leaned down to whisper more commands in Sabrina’s ear. Sabrina moaned out loud as she could sense her entire will being twisted into becoming her teacher’s puppet.

On her second day of detention, Ms. Brooks had Sabrina lick and worship her pussy while she wore the dunce hat, and commanded her to not be able to finish her homework, being unable to answer the questions.

The following day, Ms. Brooks had ordered Sabrina to lick and worship her stinky feet all over, even having her lick in between her toes. That would explain the weird tastes in her mouth the last couple of days. She then commanded Sabrina to get turned on by her insulting her in class the following day, as well as getting turned on by her compliments as well.

After the previously erased memories had played out in her mind, Sabrina stared at Ms. Brooks with a look of pure fury. “What the fuck is wrong with you?!” Sabrina screamed at her teacher. “When I’m through with you, I’m going to personally see to it that you get thrown behind bars for the rest of your-“

Ms. Brooks suddenly slammed the dunce hat right back on her head before she could finish, and she slumped down over her desk, completely mindless.

“You know, I did give you a choice.” Ms. Brooks calmly said while she was circling around Sabrina’s desk like a predator waiting to go in for the kill. “You could’ve chosen to not come here today, but you just couldn’t resist.” Ms. Brooks was chuckling over Sabrina’s predicament.

Ms. Brooks placed a chair right in front of Sabrina’s desk and sat down. She took off her heels to expose her bare feet. Sabrina’s face was buried into her desk.

“Sweetie, would you lift your pretty face for me? I’d love to see those lovely eyes of yours.” Ms. Brooks was tormenting her in a mock-sweet voice.

Sabrina let out a little, muffled sound.

“I know you want me to wipe those tears from your eyes. I am the only one who can do that for you.” Ms. Brooks told her.

Sabrina let out another little, muffled sound.

“What was that? I can’t hear you when you’re hiding your face in your desk.” Ms. Brooks teased.

“yes” Sabrina squeaked out.

Sabrina lifted up her head so Ms. Brooks could see the tears flowing down her face.

“That’s better, honey.” Ms. Brooks soothed to Sabrina. “Don’t worry, pet. I will make sure to wipe away all of those nasty memories for you, and leave you with only happy thoughts.”

Ms. Brooks brought her big toes to Sabrina’s eyes to wipe away her tears. Sabrina was following the hypnotic movements of her toes with her eyes, a new set of tears running down her face with every spin of her eyes. Ms. Brooks wiped away every new tear.

Sabrina screamed out loud in a mix of fear and arousal as she could feel what little remained of her independence being rubbed right out of her brain by Ms. Brooks’ toes.

“Nighty-night, Sabrina. You’re going to be under my control forever…”

Sabrina could hear Ms. Brooks maniacally laughing at her as she closed her eyes in hypnotic slumber.

Sabrina had been living her life as Mistress Brooks’ doggy-maid for the last few months at her house. Her former teacher had her wear a sexy french maid outfit she made just for her, while also having her wear a pair of fake dog ears over her head and a fake fluffy dog tail on her butt.

Sabrina spent most of her days being commanded by Mistress Brooks to perform various chores such as mopping the floor and shining her shoes on all fours, like a dog. Mopping the floor was difficult while acting like a dog, but it was worth it to eventually get to shining her shoes. As a doggy, she was allowed to lick all over her shoes to get them really shiny. Her incredibly worn, smelly shoes turned her on the most.

Upon first moving into her home, Sabrina discovered that Mistress Brooks had been keeping some other former students as slaves at her house, having collected them over a period of time. Sabrina even recognized some of these students, even though she hadn’t seen them in a long time.

All of Mistress Brooks’ other slaves had other daily tasks they had to maintain. One student mainly acted as Mistress Brooks’ masseuse, being able to constantly rub all over her naked body. As much as Sabrina liked her role as her former teacher’s doggy maid, she hoped that she could swap roles for a day so she could massage Mistress Brooks.

Another student mostly acted as Mistress Brooks’ foot stool, as she sat back in her favorite chair to watch her favorite shows.

And yet another student would provide Mistress Brooks with breakfast in bed every morning, displaying a large spread of delicious breakfast bites all over her naked back, acting like a table for Mistress Brooks.

When Mistress Brooks went off to high school to teach her class, she would often command her slaves to play with each other. Her slaves would often wind up in massive orgies by the time she returned from work.

Sabrina’s doggy thoughts were broken through by her mistress. “Sabrina, would you grab my pantyhose and bring them to me? I left them in the laundry room.”

Sabrina happily ran to the laundry room on all fours and picked up her pantyhose with her teeth. She ran up the stairs into her Mistress’ bedroom and dropped her pantyhose by her feet, who was getting dressed in front of her.

Mistress Brooks was petting Sabrina and stroking her hand through her hair. “Oh, what a good girl!” She praised her.

She had Sabrina go down onto her back. She pulled up her french maid outfit so she could start rubbing her belly. “Who’s a good girl? Who’s a good girl?” Mistress Brooks was teasing her. Sabrina stuck out her tongue and made a very pleased noise.

“Guess what,” Mistress Brooks started as she continued rubbing Sabrina’s belly. “I’ve almost got another helpless student under my permanent hypnotic control. You’re going to get a new playmate very soon. Doesn’t that sound exciting?”

Sabrina could only happily bark out loud.

After they got to the end of Sabrina’s fantasy script, she and Hannah were so turned on that they had intense sex in bed. Hannah was wearing a teacher outfit while Sabrina was wearing a schoolgirl outfit, and Hannah would frequently spank Sabrina’s bare ass with a ruler until Sabrina exploded in a huge orgasm. After calming down from her sexual high, Sabrina’s mind was racing with new ideas for erotic brainwashing role-playing scenarios that she could flesh out entire scripts for.


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