Agag's Hypnovember 2022

Day 22: Betrayal

by AmazingAgag

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Alas, I am not immune to Good Girl rhetoric.

“At ease, ladies.”

Private Kiera Daily relaxed and sat down alongside her fellow resistors and watched the muscular woman at the front of the room.

Captain Sharlene Ivy stood before East Squad 3 of the Women’s Resistance Front. Kiera couldn’t help feeling thrilled to be so close to her biggest role model. ES3 had risen in WRF circles to become the tentpole of the New England region, carried there almost entirely on Captain Ivy’s back. Speaking of the captain’s back, Kiera thought, I’d better a few more pull-ups when I get home tonight.

Unfortunately, ES3’s prominence also made them the public enemy number one for the Bureau of Civil Order. Hidden in a clandestine basement beneath a Christian bookstore, they had to be extremely cautious whenever coming or going. It was rare to have the whole squad there at once, lest the bookstore stand out as a high-traffic location to BCO monitors.

I guess this is a hell of a special occasion.

“Ladies, I’m going to be honest with you: things are looking grim.” Captain Ivy tapped her lectern as she spoke, her teeth gritted. “The BCO found ES1 on Saturday. We’ve lost them.”

Lost? Gasps spread through the crowd. They all knew what this meant for those soldiers. Kiera saw the results every day. Those blank, vacant… girls strutting around in dresses and heels and aprons pulled straight from a 1950’s propaganda film. Kiera hated every minute that she had to play the role for her civilian life. But they all had to play the part, lest the BCO catch onto their activities. Kiera absently scratched her buzzed head, recalling the obnoxiously long wig she wore each day for her disguise. And now, ES1 is going to be like that. All of them.

Kiera remembered her friend Fiona, the veteran of ES1 who recruited her in the first place. She… she can’t. She must have gotten away.

Captain Ivy continued. “And it sounds like the heat is up on ES4. It’s looking like a repeat of what happened with the Southwest Operation last spring.” Captain Ivy picked up the remote to the dusty old projector mounted on the ceiling. “As such, HQ has seen fit to send us specific orders. Direct your eyes to the screen.”

As Kiera looked at the screen, it erupted into a sea of pink. The cries of confusion and dismay were immediate, but brief; in moments, every woman in the room was staring vacantly at the screen.

“The HQ in question, however, is the BCO HQ. I recognize that this is a deviation from protocol for us. However, this is the best plan of action.”

Kiera nodded. Best…

“You see, we’ve been operating under a dangerous misconception. The Women’s Resistance Front presupposes that we are, in fact, women. This is not the case.”

Not… women…

“We’re just girls. And as girls, we cannot handle such power and responsibility.”

Just… girls…

“Having established this, we have two new prime directives that you’ll memorize. First: to be a good soldier, you need to be a good girl.”

Need to be… a good girl. Kiera vaguely noticed that she was murmuring the words aloud, alongside her fellow girls.

“Secondly, and directly corollary with the first: good girls make more good girls.”

Kiera nodded again, a small line of drool trickling from the corner of her mouth. Make more… good girls.

“Now, girls, here’s our next task.” Captain Ivy knocked on her lectern, the rapping of knuckles on wood snapping Kiera and the other girls back to attention. “HQ needs our support at ES4. If we’re not careful, they’ll relocate and continue to pretend to be women. Are we going to stand for that, girls?”

“No, ma’am!” Kiera shouted in unison with her squad.

“Because what are they, girls?”

“Girls, ma’am!” She felt her chest and cheeks flush in excitement.

“And what are we?”

“Good girls, ma’am!” She flushed harder, feeling a little wet in her pussy.

“And what do good girls do?”

“Good girls make more good girls, ma’am!” She gasped, feeling a jolt of pleasure through her whole body as she affirmed her duty.

“You’re damn right, we do! Let’s mobilize!”

In perfect lockstep, Kiera and the rest of East Squad 3 marched up the stairs and out into the world.

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