Agag's Hypnovember 2022

Day 12: Trigger

by AmazingAgag

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #microfiction #breath_play #clothing #comic_book #dom:capitalism #dom:female #dom:male #exhibitionism #f/f #f/m #fantasy #feminization #impregnation #intelligence_play #lactation #magic #memory_play #military #multiple_partners #petplay #pov:bottom #scifi #sex_toy #slutification #solo #sub:female #sub:male #superhero #tech_control #transformation #transgender_characters

Another semi-comedic one. Probably gonna try to write something a little sexier soon.

As he waited for the red light to turn green, Harry’s brain worked in overdrive. He had to figure out what absurd trigger Nikki installed in him last night before he caused a goddamn car accident.

Something – and he had no idea what – something was making him horny as hell on this drive home. Nikki’s plan was obvious, of course; get him all hot and bothered so that by the time he got home, he’d tear off both their clothes and fuck Nikki’s brains out. And her plan was working, damn it!

As soon as he noticed his cock perking up, he switched the radio to an instrumental music station. He’d learned his lesson about the radio last Friday, when some NPR story about student loans made him completely wild. But after five minutes of jazz-filled driving, his cock was straining against the zipper of his jeans, yearning to be free.

He managed to pull forward about two spaces before the light switched back to red. Of all the goddamn days to get stuck in a traffic jam, it had to be this one. He stared out into the sea of red brake lights ahead of him. He might be sitting at this one light for another ten minutes if this kept up.

Could the trigger be a musical instrument? NPR had that horn jingle it played, and jazz has a lot of horns. And making horns his “horny” trigger would be a stupid enough pun that Nikki would totally think of. He switched the radio off and sat in silence.

Only, it wasn’t silence! The goddamn cars were honking their horns! Either Nikki didn’t think this through at all, or she knew exactly what she was doing when she came up with this.

His cock strained, throbbing every time another horn sounded. That had to be it. It had to be horns. He gritted his teeth, pulled forward another few car lengths, and braced himself for another nine minutes of torture.

Meanwhile, at home, Nikki finished stringing up the icicle lights above their bed. She was proud of this Friday’s trigger; Harry always seemed to guess the sound-based ones, so she tried something a little different. She smiled as she flipped the switch, illuminating the room in a rose-red glow.

Red was such a romantic color, too!

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