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Greetings.  Thanks for dropping by my profile page.  Why are you here exactly...?

If you're trying to contact me you can do it here: - I'd love to hear from you and will happily enter into long conversations about why a given sentence didn't actually need that comma.  Or something more interesting, if you insist.

If you're after more of my stories you could try here - but they're not all Mind Control.

If you'd like to know whether I'm male or female, live in a certain country or identify with a certain age bracket, feel free to fill in these answers yourself in any way you like.  It's the internet; it'll do as much good coming from you as it will from me.

If you're curious what I write, then it's mostly reluctance, domination, submission, humiliation - you get the idea.  For clarity, all my submissive characters are female, but not all my female characters are submissive.  

Don't you just love it when someone starts a sentence with 'for clarity', and then writes something you have to stop and think about?  Yeah.  Fuck those people.  I'd never do that.






Featured Stories
The Mirror Made Me Do It
by Altissimus
(5 chapters, 73597 words)
#cw:noncon #corruption #D/s #f/m #humiliation #slut_transformation #sub:female (click to see all tags) #dom:male #domination #reluctance #spanking #submission

Girl’s gradual and reluctant descent into sexual depravity.

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