Tuning Chloe

Part 18

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #D/s #ddlg #dom:male #f/m #humiliation #hypnosis #sub:female #spanking

Tuning Chloe, Part 18
Story by All These Roadworks (2021).
Author's Note: Every chapter of Tuning Chloe is coming to Read Only Mind in time...
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Michael had suggested to Sarah that she masturbate while he was out on his date with Chloe.  He had even allowed her out of her chastity belt for this exact purpose - a special treat.
And not just masturbate. Specifically, she was to lie in bed nude, fingering her cunt but not allowing herself to cum, while looking at naked images of Chloe and chanting, “I want to rape my daughter.”
“You need to accept this fetish you have,” he had told her.  “It’s the only way for you to be healthy.  You can’t just pretend that you don’t have this fantasy about raping Chloe while I watch.  I want you to admit it to yourself - and keep admitting it while you masturbate.  Otherwise I may have to find you professional help.”
The thought of going to a therapist and admitting to a stranger that she has masturbated to naked images of her daughter terrified Sarah, and in the drugged horny haze that occupied all of her days now, she couldn’t think clearly enough to disagree.  She did as Michael told her to do.  After all, playing with her pussy always felt good, even if Michael made her do weird things as she did it.
It felt good to lie there, her fingers buried in her wet snatch.  Chloe looked so pretty in all the nude photos that Michael had given her.  She knew how nice it felt to kiss her daughter - to finger her daughter’s pussy.  She fantasised about forcing Chloe to lick her pussy, even as she chanted over and over again how much she wanted to rape her daughter.
She was expecting that Michael would come home from his date with Chloe, and come into her bedroom, and kiss her, and tell her that she was a good girl for obeying his instructions.  And then he would fuck her, and she was looking forward to being allowed to orgasm around his cock.
But instead, shortly after she heard Michael’s car pulling into the driveway, and the front door opening, she heard Michael yell, “Sarah!  Get out here and see what your daughter has done!”
And when she stumbled out into the main hallway - completely nude, because remembering to put on clothes wasn’t something that Sarah was good at these days - she found her daughter was *also* nude.  And there were slap marks on her face.  And she had clearly been crying.   And there was - and this was the real shock - *cum* dripping from her pussy, running down her legs in sticky white trails. 
“Oh fuck,” she breathed.  “What happened?”
“Chloe, do you want to tell your mother what you did?” asked Michael.
Chloe took a deep, shuddering breath - the kind of breath that followed on from an extended session of crying.  “I fucked him,” she said.  “I’m sorry, mom.  I fucked my daddy.  I’m a little slut… I’ve been cockteasing him for so long.  And tonight I teased him and teased him and then I told him that if he didn’t fuck me I’d go to the police or run away or something - and he had no choice.  I made him fuck me.”
Sarah was aghast - but Chloe wasn’t done yet.
“And… I’ve been taking fertility drugs, because I’m such a slut,” whimpered Chloe.  “So I probably made Michael get me pregnant.”
It wasn’t clear what reaction Chloe expected - disbelief, support, condemnation, love - but she clearly didn’t anticipate what Sarah actually did.
Sarah’s eyes widened - and she flew at her daughter.
“You little SLUT!” she screamed, and slapped Chloe across the face.
Chloe fell back from the assault.  Michael made no move to intervene.  Sarah pinned her daughter against the wall and continued to slap her - both to her face, and to her tits.
“You little cockteasing BITCH,” she spat.  “It wasn’t enough that you have to be a complete brat all the time?  You have to steal my man as well?  You traitorous teenaged CUNT.”
She grabbed Chloe by the hair and began to drag her towards the kitchen.  Michael followed, enjoying the show, and stood by as Sarah threw Chloe bodily up onto the dining table.  She pulled Chloe’s legs apart and dug her fingers into her daughter’s snatch.  They came out dripping with Michael’s cum.  She showed it to Chloe - and then pushed her fingers against Chloe’s lips with brutal force.  Chloe had no choice but to open her mouth and suck her stepfather’s sperm off her mother’s fingers.
“You stupid little WHORE,” Sarah yelled.  “Your stepfather and I have been trying so hard to turn you into a nice, well-behaved girl, and you just keep on thinking with your cunt.  You just had to fuck Michael, didn’t you?”  She pulled another dollop of sperm out of Chloe’s pussy, and smeared it across Chloe’s face.
“Please, mom…” begged Chloe.  
“I don’t want to fucking hear it, you evil little twat,” Sarah snarled.  She climbed up on the table and straddled Chloe’s face with her knees, so that Chloe was looking up directly into her mother’s wet, puffy snatch.  Then she began to beat Chloe’s cunt with her hand, spanking it with painful force - WHACK!  WHACK!  WHACK!
“Please!” wailed Chloe.
“Shut up,” said Sarah - and, without thinking twice, she pushed her cunt down against her daughter’s face, so that Chloe could no longer talk.  “If you want to keep living in this house - instead of on the street, like a WHORE - you’d better start licking.”
She resumed spanking her daughter’s fuckhole, and after a moment the look on her face told Michael that Chloe had, in fact, begun to lick her mother’s snatch.
She kept punishing Chloe as she rode her daughter’s face - but in her hyper-aroused state it didn’t take her long to orgasm from her daughter’s tongue.  Her whole body trembled, and she slumped forward - but she didn’t move off her trapped daughter.
“Keep licking, sweetie,” she murmured, in a slurred voice.  “Mommy will just clean you up…”
And with that, Sarah began to lick her daughter’s pussy, her tongue digging out the last of Michael’s cum and swallowing it.  Soon it was Chloe who was cumming, shuddering through a humiliating incestuous orgasm.
Michael could resist no longer.  He took out his cock and moved to stand near Sarah’s face.  When she next looked up, he grabbed her hair, and pushed his dick into her mouth.
“There’s a good bitch,” he told her.  “Isn’t it nice to rape your daughter’s face?”
Sarah made a humiliated incoherent sound around her mouthful of cock.  Michael reached out and took her hand, and put it on her daughter’s groin, encouraging her to finger Chloe as she sucked his penis.
And soon after that he was ready to cum again.
He looked Sarah in the eye.  “I want you to keep this in your mouth, and then spit it back into your daughter’s cunt,” he told her.  “After all, she deserves it, doesn’t she?”
Sarah nodded - his cock still in her mouth - and the stimulation was enough to provoke his ejaculation.  He filled Sarah’s mouth with his cum - and then watched with delight as she lowered her face back to Chloe’s fuckhole, and pushed his sperm up into her daughter’s womb.
And the best bit was that, when Chloe realised what was happening, she orgasmed too.
Afterwards, they sat on the couch together, both women naked, their faces filled with guilt and humiliation, not knowing what this meant for them, for their family, and for their relationship with Michael.
“Mom,” asked Chloe, tentatively.  “If I’m really pregnant - do I have to keep it?”
Sarah’s answer was immediate - although she expressed in the same vague, horny voice that she used for everything these days.  “Oh, no, honey,” she said.  “It’s always the woman’s choice.”
The way that Chloe visibly relaxed was dramatic - as if a world’s worth of tension and fear had drained out of her, all at once.
But Michael had been looking at something else.
“Oh, hey, honey,” he said.  “It looks like we have a new choice on the Daughter Tuning app.”
Sarah tried to focus on Michael’s phone screen and read the words.
“What do you want your daughter to try and be?” she read out loud.  “Successful businesswoman?  Or wife and mother?”
Chloe’s eyes widened in horror.  “Mom…” she started.
Sarah was looking at Michael.  “Oh, honey,” she said. “I want what’s best for Chloe - but she’s such a slut and a brat.  She’ll never be successful as a businesswoman.”
“I agree, Sarah,” said Michael.  “So… this one, then?”
Sarah nodded, and Michael pressed the button on the screen.
Chloe’s phone chimed from a nearby side-table.
“Nooo….” moaned Chloe.  “Please, no….”
But it wasn’t Michael’s choice now.  Chloe *had* to look at her phone - and when she saw the choice they had made, it sunk into her deeply and permanently, as if it had always been a part of her identity.
Wife and mother.
She started to cry again.
“So which is it, Chloe?” Michael asked.  “Do you want to keep the baby?”
She looked at him - and a hand was already going to her belly, rubbing it in a speculative, protective kind of way.  Her choice had been made for her.
“Yes, daddy,” she said.  “I’m keeping the baby.”
He put the chastity belts back on both girls, and sent Sarah to bed, with a warning that he would think of some punishment for her tomorrow - a punishment worthy of the fact that she had once again raped her own daughter.
Then he took Chloe to her bedroom, to put her to bed.
“So - wife and mother?” he asked her speculatively as she pulled the covers up over her naked body.
“I hate you,” she snarled.
“It seems like only hours ago you were telling me you loved me,” he said.
“I hate you AND I love you,” said Chloe.  “I don’t know.  I’m so confused.  This daughter tuning has fucked me up so much - I don’t even understand myself.”
“What does ‘wife and mother’ mean to you?” he said.
“I guess I’m having a baby,” she said.  “I *want* to have the baby, and I hate that you made me want it.  Like I didn’t have a choice to want it.  And…”
She fell silent.  Michael poked her breast with one finger to make her talk.
“What?” he asked her.
She mumbled something under her breath.
“Louder, sweetie,” he told her.
“I want to marry you,” she said, between gritted teeth.  “I want to be a wife.  And like you said, no one else will want me, once they know what I did with you - what you made me do - whose baby it is I’m carrying.  I want to marry you.  And I know I can’t.  And I’m so fucking jealous of mom - and I *hate* that I’m jealous of her for something so *stupid* - so slutty and fucked up.”
He reached out and stroked her hair.
“Oh darling,” he said.  “Whoever said you couldn’t marry me?”
She looked at him in surprise.
“Your mother is very slutty and stupid,” he said, “whereas you’ve been trying your hardest to be a good little rapedoll for daddy.  Anything is possible, you know.”
But as he looked at  her face, he realised there was something else.  Something she hadn’t said.
“What is it, sweetie?” he asked . “Don’t keep things from daddy.”
She groaned in frustration.  “It’s that stupid secret rule,” she said.  “The one that makes me sexualise all the app choices.”
Michael had forgotten about that.  “Oh, yes?” he said.  “And what does that mean for wife and mother?”
She blushed and looked away.  
“Well?” he asked.
“Not just wife and mother,” she said, finally.  “Sex-slave and…” - she wrinkled her forehead - “I don’t know the word.  Like, pregnant all the time?”
“Breeder,” said Michael, smiling.
Chloe clearly hated the word.  She looked away from him, her face despairing.  “I’m never going to get away from you now - because I don’t want to.”  She looked back at him, her eyes glistening with tears.  “I want to be… your everything.  Your property.  Your pet.  And when I have the baby I’m going to want you to do it to me again.”
He looked at her.  “Are you crying, sweetie?” he said.  “Here, let me help you.”  He got out his phone, and entered some commands.  A moment later, the vibrator in her chastity belt began to buzz.  She squeaked in surprise.
“See?” he said.  “It’s got a little sound sensor.  Now it will vibrate whenever it hears you crying.  You look very sexy when you’re crying, Chloe, so it’s best that we train you to get aroused when you cry.”
It just made her cry louder - and made the vibrator buzz louder.
He took out his cock and pressed it against her lips.
“Now open up and suck on daddy’s cock.  I’ve probably cum enough times for one night, but it’s always nice to have my cock in a slut’s mouth.  Be a good girl and suckle on it, and daddy will read you the story of The Pregnant Slut Who Deserved To Be Raped.”
She did as she was told, and sucked on his cock, and it was everything Michael wanted.
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