The Silver Leash

The Silver Leash, Part 8

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:male #f/m #humiliation #multiple_partners #sub:female #mind_control

Story by All These Roadworks (2024).
Author's Note: I'm fully financially supported by my writing, and I depend on your support to keep the bills paid and the lights on.  If you enjoy this story - and want to see more like it - please consider the purchase of an e-book or membership at my creator site,!  (Click here to view the shop.)
The Parents and Teachers meeting was being held in the school auditorium, and a surprisingly large crowd was milling around outside when Jake and his mother arrived.
He spotted Madison on the outside of the throng, leaning against a wall, and made his way to her.
“Hey Jake,” she said.  “Nice turn-out.”
He nodded - but his mind was full of the thought of her breasts, which she had shown him on command earlier that day.  And the fact that she had done so in response to his command, no matter how playfully she had invited that command.
He cleared his throat, and tried out his “dom voice” on her again.
“Madison, be a good girl and… OW!”
She had swatted him on the arm, hard.  Perhaps hard enough to bruise.  It hurt.
“Cut it out,” she said, frowning.  “That was a one-time joke.”
Except that the expression she’d given him when he had first used the voice - blushing and flustered - hadn’t *seemed* like a joke.
“And by the way, you don’t need to make your voice low like that,” she said.  “You sound like a cartoon character; it’s ridiculous.  Just so you know, it’s not the pitch that does it - it’s the confidence.  Like you’re inside my head.  Like you know you’re going to be obeyed.”
“Oh,” said Jake, filing the advice away for later.  “Thanks.”
Jake’s mother had by this point made her way over to join them, putting an immediate stop to any further talk of “doms” or “good girls”.  
“Hello, Madison,” she said.  “I must say I’m surprised to see you here.”
“Hi Ms Niles,” said Madison.  “I’m just here because…” - and then she trailed off, realising that she didn’t have any good reason to be there.
“She’s here because I invited her,” said Jake, quickly.  “I really like Miss Weaver and I thought she could use a little more support in the audience.”
“That’s nice, Jake,” said his mother, smiling.  “But didn’t you just tell me the other day that you *hated* Madison?”
Jake blushed.  “Oh, uh… I guess she’s not all bad.  She’s pretty okay, sometimes.”
Madison rolled her eyes.  “Don’t overwhelm me with the compliments, Jake.”
Jake caught sight of a woman from across the crowd, and pointed her out to Madison.  “That’s Karen Weatherwill,” he said.  “Her daughter is Cat, who’s in my class.  She’s the head of the Church Auxiliary, and she’s on a bunch of other boards around town.”
Cat Weatherwill was a beautiful girl, but her mother was something else again.  Karen Weatherwill was tall, statuesque, and gorgeous, wearing a flattering white dress and white high heels, her perfect blonde hair cascading down her back.  At the age of 39, she was perfectly fit and in the prime of her life.  Her perfect tits bulged beneath her dress, her perfect lips were pursed in a disapproving pout, and her green eyes glittered with intelligence, cruelty, and malice.
“Wow,” breathed Madison.  “She’s like an evil Barbie doll.”
Jake tentatively reached out to Karen with his newfound power - but found only the hard, glittering wall of her unshakeable confidence, just like he had with her daughter.  Her mind was closed to him.
A moment later, Jake spotted Cat, by her mother’s side, looking her most deceptively innocent, with her blonde hair held back by a headband, and her generous tits concealed under a fluffy, huggable cardigan.  Cat was soon joined by her friends Gwen and Juno.
“That’s the girl from soccer today,” whispered Madison, pointing at Gwen.  “The red-haired bitch who was shouting at the girl you were… cheering for.”
“That’s right,” said Jake.  “Gwen Love.  The girl with the dark hair next to her is Juno South, and the blonde one is Cat Weatherwill.  They’re the girls I told you about.”
Madison looked around the crowd.  “What about your girlfriend?” she asked.  “Is she here?”
Jake’s mother’s eyes widened.  “You have a girlfriend, Jake?” she asked.
Jake blushed again.  “No, Madison’s just teasing me,” he said.  “She means Amy - but she’s not my girlfriend.  And no, I don’t think she’s here.  Her father doesn’t care much about school stuff - I don’t think he’d bother coming to something like this, and if he wasn’t going he probably wouldn’t let Amy go either.”
He remembered what he had seen in Amy’s mind on the night of his birthday party - how Amy’s father stared at Amy’s tits sometimes, with lust in his eyes - and he shivered.  But that was a problem for another time.
And then there was no time to think of anything - because people were beginning to file into the auditorium.
The meeting was starting.
Jake sensed that this was going to be bad from the moment he saw how the auditorium stage was set up.  A large raised bench was positioned to the left of the stage, and behind it sat the three heads of the Five Hills High PTA.  In the centre was the school principal, Mr Goines, a large man with a balding head, thick horn-rimmed glasses, and a bowtie, who wore a permanently befuddled expression.  
To his right was the Vice Principal, Mr Everett, whose thin, stern face was universally disliked among students.  Jake had also heard some of the girls in his class warn each other about Mr Everett’s “wandering hands”.
And on the other end of the bench was Karen Weatherwill - and it was clear from her posture and expression that she considered herself in charge of the proceedings.
Together, they looked like a trio of judges about to pronounce a life-sentence against a hardened criminal - and the impression was only reinforced by the tiny desk on the other side of the stage, behind which sat Natalie Weaver, the school librarian.  They hadn’t even bothered to get her a proper chair, and she was perched somewhat ridiculously on a classroom seat designed for younger students, her head nearly a full metre lower than the PTA heads on the far side of the stage.
When the assembled school community were seated, Principal Goines brought the meeting to order, and began to officiously read out the minutes from the last meeting.  The crowd were clearly not interested - they were here for the allegations against Miss Weaver, not a rehash of last month’s discussion of greenskeeping fees for the athletics field.
Finally the formalities were concluded.  The members of the PTA - including some present in the audience, who were apparently not granted a seat on the inquisitorial bench - voted to accept the minutes, and the meeting moved on.
Principal Goines looked like he might have raised some other triviality next, but instead Karen Weatherwill took the microphone from him and stood.
“People of Five Hills,” she declared.  “I know why you’re all here.  You’re here to join me in expressing our disgust and revulsion for the vile pervert who has been masquerading as this school’s librarian.”
To Jake’s surprise and horror, there was considerable applause for this statement - but he was less surprised when he realised that applause had originated with Cat Weatherwill and her friends, and had spread to their legion of admirers and hangers-on, and then to the families of those students.
“Miss Weaver,” said Karen.  “Do you deny that you stocked a book in our school library, available to young people, that described in graphic detail the insertion of a man’s penis in a woman’s vagina, ejaculation, and the release of semen?”
“It was a book about sex education!” objected Miss Weaver, from her tiny seat on the far side of the stage.  “It was teaching how impregnation happens - which is something every young person needs to know, to address our rate of teen pregnancy!”
“The book had illustrations, did it not?” said Karen.  “Showing the naked bodies of a man and a woman, with detail of the genitals?”
“Of course it did!” said Miss Weaver.  “Accurate anatomical diagrams.”
Karen Weatherwill sneered.  “Did those images make you *aroused*, Miss Weaver?”
Natalie Weaver blushed.  “Of course not!  They were clinical…”
There was muttering amongst the crowd.  Clearly many parents saw no problem with a factual text book about the mechanics of conception.  A lot of people were frowning, feeling that perhaps their time was being wasted.
Mrs Weatherwill sensed the mood of the crowd, and moved on.
“Let’s look at the more serious allegations, Miss Weaver,” she said.  “In the recent examination of the library stock, we found no less than thirty-four books that described sexual acts between couples of the same sex.  That is to say, explicit descriptions of homosexual behaviour.”
“Karen,” said Miss Weaver.  “Three percent of all people in this country identify as non-heterosexual, and that figure rises to nearly twenty-five percent among young people.  It’s important that they can find information relevant to them, and depictions in media that match their own lived experience.”
“That number is so high precisely because of people like you!” said Karen.  Her voice was rising, and she was almost trembling with fury.  “Homosexual behaviour is sinful and perverted, and THAT is the information that young people should be receiving!”
“There’s nothing sinful about loving the people you choose to love!” replied Natalie.
“Miss Weaver,” declared Karen, “do you really think that a woman sticking her tongue into another woman’s vagina is *natural* and *normal*?”
Before Jake had even realised it was happening, his mother Miriam had risen to her feet.
“Good heavens, Karen, this is ridiculous!” she said.  “Every library in the country carries books for gay teens.  It’s entirely appropriate.  Miss Weaver is a qualified librarian, and I think we should all be deferring to her judgement in this matter.”
Karen Weatherwill spun, to face the audience, and Jake was frightened for a moment by the fury in her eyes.  He thought she might actually hurl the microphone at his mother, so taut were her muscles, and so terrifying was her expression.
But before she could say anything, Principal Goines banged his hand on the table.
“I must ask the audience member to be seated,” he said.  “Ahem, yes.  Questions from the audience will not be permitted at this, er, stage.  Please refrain.”
“But this is absurd!” protested Jake’s mother.
Jake was fiercely proud of her.
The Vice Principal, Mr Everett, took the microphone.
“*Sit*, Ms Niles,” he said, in an ominous voice, “or you will be ejected.”
Unhappily, Jake’s mother sat.
“And then there’s the matter of your outfits,” said Karen Weatherwill.  “If you can call them that.  Do you deny that you’ve been slutting around the school in outfits that bared practically all of those oversized melons on your chest?”
Natalie’s mouth hung open, shocked.
“And in tiny skirts?” said Karen.  “Without underwear?”
Jake didn’t know what to think.  He was pretty sure he’d remember if Miss Weaver had ever “bared practically all” of her breasts - or if she had worn a scandalously short skirt.
“Do you enjoy dressing like a whore in front of students, Miss Weaver?” asked Miss Weatherwill.  “Do you enjoy showing your groin to them?”
“I’ve never…” protested Natalie.  “I mean, I wouldn’t…”
“My daughter’s friend saw it!” declared Karen.  She pointed into the audience, towards where Cat and her friends were sitting.
Juno stood up, beaming with wounded innocence.  “I saw it!” she said.  “Miss Weaver bent down to put some books away, and she had a short skirt and… and nothing underneath.  I think she *wanted* me to see!”
Natalie’s mouth hung open.
“She’s lying!” hissed Jake to his mother.  “That never happened, I bet!”
Jake’s mother said nothing, just held his hand tightly.
Now Gwen stood up, tossing her long red hair prettily. 
“One time she told me I had nice breasts,” she said.  “And then she asked if I wanted to see hers!”
“I didn’t…” protested Natalie.  “I don’t know why they’re saying this!”
“Oh, really?” asked Karen, up on stage.  “Then let’s come to the most damning thing of all.”  
She gestured towards a large TV screen installed at the back of the stage.  It came to life, showing low-resolution feed from some kind of camera - possibly a security camera.  It took the audience a moment to realise what it was - the inside of a toilet stall.
“This footage was just made available to us today,” said Karen.  “It shows the women’s toilets in the teacher’s lounge, shortly after the raid in which your inappropriate books were confiscated from the library.”
On the footage, a woman entered the toilet stall.  It was clearly Miss Weaver.  She turned to face the camera, and then pulled her skirt up to her waist, and then pulled her panties down to her ankles.
The entire auditorium had a clear view of her cunt.  There were gasps - including from Miss Weaver herself, whose face was turning bright red in her seat on the stage.
Principal Goines frowned.  “Karen, is it really appropriate to show something this explicit?  There are children present…”
“It’s no more explicit than what Miss Weaver had in the library,” said Karen.  “And I think it’s appropriate that the students see what a disgusting pervert their librarian is.”
On the video, Miss Weaver sat on the toilet seat, and spread her legs wide apart.  It became apparent now that her face was flushed.  Her hands dipped between her legs - and then, to the shock of all present, they watched as she began to rub her pussy.
“Oh, my,” whispered Jake’s mother.
“How did you get this footage?” asked the real Natalie, on stage, but everyone ignored her.
The Natalie on the video was using her free hand to pull open her blouse, and then pull down her lacy bra, allowing her large tits to pop into view - giving everyone in the auditorium an eyeful of her impressive melons.  She began to pull and pinch at one of her nipples.  There was no sound on the video, but her lips were parted, and she was breathing heavily.
They watched as she began to pump her fingers in and out of her fuckhole rhythmically, while squeezing and pinching at her tits.  She was practically doubled over on the toilet, lost in lust.
On stage, the real Natalie was beginning to quietly cry, as her humiliation was shown to the entire school community.
And then, without warning, the Natalie on-screen was orgasming, her body convulsing.  Her lips moved - she was saying something - but without sound there was no way of telling what it was.
“Slut!” called out someone in the audience.
“You’re disgusting!” shouted someone else.
And as if to affirm those insults, the Natalie on-screen, after recovering from her orgasm, pulled her fingers out of her pussy, and enthusiastically licked them clean.
After that, it was all over.  It didn’t matter what Miss Weaver said.  The whole school had just watched her masturbate.  She was a whore - the discussion was over.
Nobody asked why there was a camera in the teacher’s toilets.  Nobody asked who had provided the footage.  Nobody asked how somebody had apparently known that Miss Weaver was going to masturbate in exactly that toilet stall on exactly that day.
But Jake knew.  It was Cat.  Somehow it was Cat.  He didn’t quite know how she had done it, but he knew that she had.
A vote was called.  It passed.  Natalie Weaver was dismissed from the school, for reason of inappropriate sexual behaviour.  If she ever sought a reference to the school, it would refer to her “dressing like a slut” and masturbating in the toilets.
She fled the stage in tears.
Karen Weatherwill watched her go, with a cruel smile of triumph.
There was other business on the PTA agenda but Jake’s mother - along with much of the crowd - left after Miss Weaver’s matter had been resolved.  Miriam Niles looked calm, but Jake could tell by the tightness of her grip on his hand that she was shaking with fury.
“That woman,” she was muttering.  “That… that… I can’t believe her!  Oh, someone should… someone should DO something about her!”
And as they left the school grounds, Madison, walking on Jake’s other side, leaned in close, and whispered to him.
“Someone will,” she said, for Jake’s ears alone.  “Right, Jake?”

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